i just think this is really pretty

also if you ever feel alone and like you cant get anything right, even if you think taylor isnt paying attention to you…you know she will never count you out. i havent confirmed with her yet but im pretty sure taylor swift would shrink herself down and body slam every negative thought in your brain about yourself if she could. sometimes you dont need taylor to say she’s there for you as long as you can put on That Song™️ and just FORGET………sometimes that’s almost as good.

I think people really do underestimate Chloe’s feelings for Adrien: In the Collector she was genuinely upset when Adrien got pulled out of school, in Despair Bear she really did try in her own way to become a better person to not lose Adrien’s friendship.

Sometimes I see stuff like she wants to keep him around because he’s pretty or a famous model and that’s just wrong, they’re childhood friends, probably the only one each other had for a while, Despair Bear showed us a little bit of their friendship and how they care about each other and I think it was pretty cool.

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I've seen everyone talking about how the team would be upset with worry if they learned what Keith almost did. But... what if The clone twisted that. Kuron just glares at Keith and tells him he expected more from him or something like that. Lotor notices and smirks slowly. A rift between the Paladins. He can work with that.

I mean, knowing Lotor–I fully expect him to hold that over Keith. Try to make it feel like Keith owed him. Or downplaying it enough that Keith starts to feel more paranoid about his motivates. Either way, I think Lotor will be the one who really uses it to manipulate Keith. 

The thing about everyone else being angry is–that’s gonna happen. Regardless of Operation Kuron and possible clone status or anything else, the team’s going to be mad. And yeah, Keith will likely feel more isolated because of that. But like, he nearly died. He was going to sacrifice himself for the team. He might not call it suicide–maybe duty or dedication or some other pretty word. And I realize it’s not the same as just plain wanting to die, but you know. It’s still throwing your life away. People are going to take personal offense to that. 

They’re going to lash out. They’re going to be incredibly angry, upset, disappointed, hurt, something. And you don’t think about any of that at the time because you won’t have to. Bracing yourself for that end and then waking up and having to face the consequences? It’s a real fucking nasty surprise. Keith won’t be prepared for that. And having to face the team afterwards? That’s going to be very painful. 

And I hope to hell Kuron isn’t going to be one of those people that holds it against him without offering some sort of comfort. I really hope he’ll at least pull Keith into another hug and tell him how much they all need him, how much he matters. Because not everyone does that. And there’s very few things in the world worse than being rejected by the person you care about most after something like that. 

I’m sorry, you guys, but remixed pop songs absolutely count as Latin and it’s not a cop out.

As Tim Koleto said, “SD is almost always modeled intentionally after ballroom trends, and actually, the current trend for Latin is mostly remixed pop songs”

This is absolutely true.

I’ve competed samba to Sorry by Justin Bieber. We’re using Shape of You by Ed Sheeran in our formation number- this was chosen by a professional Latin dancer. I’ve competed rumba to remixed versions of All Of Me by John Legend and Gravity by Sara Bareilles, and at my last competition, there was a rumba to a remix of THE JURASSIC PARK THEME. My ballroom club likes Cake by the Ocean, Billie Jean, and the Ghostbusters theme as cha chas. Just the Way You Are by Bruno Mars, Thinking Out Loud, and I Want It That Way by the Backstreet Boys are club favorite rumbas. Sorry, Shape of You, and Cheap Thrills are great sambas.

I’m always surprised at the number of people who are VEHEMENTLY OPPOSED to remixed pop songs as SDs, because that’s literally just how Latin works right now.

Personally, I’m happy about the diversity. Would you rather have 5000 Historia de un Amors and Batucadas in a row? No? I didn’t think so.

This is a rumba playlist by DJ Ice. It’s a bunch of remixed pop songs, for the most part, and these songs have been used at the majority of my competitions. They’re completely acceptable and often-used rumbas and I’ve never heard anyone complain about it.

Christmas Break at Finn’s//Wyatt Oleff x Reader ~ Part Six

The treehouse you were all staying in was the most amazing thing you had ever seen. It was so modern and had a very cosy atmosphere. Your parents and little sister along with Finn’s family were in the treehouse next door. You ran inside with your bags and into the main room. There were sofas and armchairs and a big oak coffee table facing the huge windows/doors that opened out onto the veranda which held the hot tub and outdoor seating. There was also a kitchen area joined onto the living room. It was all open plan and Sophia was already fussing over the hamper that was in the middle of the breakfast bar. It was a complimentary gift from the company. Full to the brim with little gifts and sweets.

You and Wyatt were looking around together smiling like crazy.
It was time to choose bedrooms and to get to the other section of the treehouse you had to go through a glass hallway that was carpeted. Everything was so beautiful and smelled like cinnamon. You and Sophia were sharing the massive suite. The queen-sized bed was facing the big windows. You could see the trees. The rooms were amazing and had en-suite bathrooms with claw-footed tubs, massive showers, and two sinks, one for each person. 

“Your’s and Finn’s parents have really outdone themselves, Y/N. I can’t believe they let all of us come! And got us our own treehouse!”
“I know right. It’s a shame we won’t be here on Christmas day.”
“But still! This place is phenomenal. Shame your mum said that there was no way in hell you were sharing with Wyatt…”
“Sophia, we’ve been over this! Nothing like that is going to happen for ages yet!”
“I know! But it would have been so cute!”

The two of you were hanging your clothes in the big closet and making yourselves at home. Before the conversation could go any further, Finn and Jaeden came in and announced that you were going out to have a look around the complex. Everyone slipped back into their coats and boots and headed out to meet your families. But not before you ran back and grabbed your camera.
The place really was beautiful. Usually, when you spent time here with Finn you stayed in the log cabins on the other side, but this was even better. Somehow the trees were bigger and the paths were wider and the snow was whiter. You walked along through the woods hand in hand with Wyatt, letting go every now and then to take a picture. Sophia was saying how you should all head swimming later on. You and Finn agreed as the pool was amazing. There were water slides, rapids, jacuzzis, and a huge pool. You and Finn used to spend hours there when you came for Christmasses. You had spent more of them here than at home. 

“We’re going to head back now,” Wyatt said to you, “It’s time to hit the pool. We want to see what all the fuss is about. Finn won’t shut up about it.”
“You’ll love it, Wyatt, trust me. Are we going back to get our stuff?”
“Yeah. Finn says we’re all meeting up with the parents later on for dinner.”
“Okay. Let’s go then.”
You were currently having the time of your life. You, Sophia, Finn and Wyatt were all going down a massive water slide. Sophia was screaming along with Wyatt, but you and Finn were just laughing at their reactions because you knew how to react. You both looked at each other and grinned because you knew that an eighty-five-degree drop was coming up and when you went down, you had to hold onto the sides of the inflatable you were in as though your life depended on it. You couldn’t go down this slide without an inflatable because it was so huge. The drop was approaching and you braced yourself for the feeling in your belly when it came.

You couldn’t help but scream. It only lasted a few seconds but then you were in a huge cyclone. It was like a cave. You went up the walls getting soaked. This was your favourite part, but it was really scary. It’s hard to describe it unless you’ve been on it. Before you knew it you were going down the last drop and coming out of the bottom, still dying of laughter. Jack and Jaeden wanted a go next so you and Wyatt went on again with them while Finn took Sophia down the other slides. Jack was hilarious, honestly. You couldn’t breathe because of the laughter, and neither could Jaeden and Wyatt. Jack was swearing so loudly as you went down the big drops and up through the tunnels. He was worse than Sophia. 

When Jack was over shitting himself of the water slide you all went down the rapids, your’s and Finn’s favourite. You always held on to Finn’s hand and pushed yourself off at the start so you could go really fast, and it always worked. You both sped around the corners and under the tunnels, knowing it so well that you knew when to shut your eyes to stop the water from getting in. The smile didn’t come off your face the whole time.
Once you were out of the pool and back in your clothes you realised the time. It was about six pm and it was time to go for dinner. You and Finn knew where you were going of course. Wyatt had his arm around your waist as you told him stories of you and Finn as kids and what everything meant to you. With a smile on his face, he listened. The others were behind you taking pictures and putting them on their social media captioned, ‘the sickening happy couple’.
When you arrived at the restaurant, your little sister Alice came and jumped into Wyatt’s arms. The sight made you so happy. 

“Noodles!” Your little sister squealed with joy, “Sit next to me! Sit next to me!”
“Of course I will, Alice. Why don’t you come and sit in between me and Jack?”

It was honestly the happiest you had ever seen her. She was telling Jack all about how she’d seen his movie, even though her mother said she was too young. To be fair, six probably was a bit young to be watching IT, but she had insisted since it had Finn in it. Surprisingly, it didn’t bother her.

“You’re Eddie,” She said to Jack, “Guess what?”
“What?” Jack was in his element
“They’re gazebos and they’re b-”
“ALICE!” You hissed before she could get the rest of the word out. Jack burst out laughing along with everyone else at the table who was listening. After a second, you joined in too. 

Everyone ordered their food and made conversation while they waited. Jack insisted that we go swimming again at some point tomorrow and take Alice with them. You couldn’t believe how well they were all getting along with her.
You couldn’t help but notice Jaeden and Sophia. They were sitting next to each other on the opposite side of the table talking and laughing in their own little world. Jaeden had his arm on the back of her seat and she was leaning into him slightly. You nudged Wyatt who looked over at them and rolled his eyes.

“They both like each other and have for ages, they just won’t do anything about it.”
You thought for a moment. “I’m going to change that.”

Everybody was in their pyjamas and wrapped in blankets on the sofas. Sophia had made delicious hot chocolate and Jaeden had insisted that somebody put a Christmas movie on. That’s how you ended up watching The Grinch. You were snuggled into Wyatt’s side wondering if you would be allowed to stay in this perfect moment forever.

When The Grinch was finished, everyone went to bed except for you and Wyatt. The both of you got changed and decided to go in the hot tub out on the balcony. It was freezing outside, but once you were submerged in the water it was much better. Wyatt was looking out at the view with a troubled look on his face.

“What’s wrong?” Your worry now mirrored his
“It’s just, what’s going to happen when all of this is over, Y/N? We’re going to leave Finn’s and I’m going home to America. America, Y/N.”
You felt sick.
“We’ll make this work. Do you really think that the universe is so fucking cruel that it would bring us together for the best few weeks of our lives and then rip us apart?”
“I don’t know.”
“Well, you want to know what I think?”
“I think we were crafted from the same star. I think that our destiny is to be one. You might not agree with me, but I believe that we’re supposed to be together.”
“Maybe seriously will be our always.” Wyatt looked into your eyes and saw everything he needed to see. “Whenever we get the chance, we’ll fly over and see each other. You can come and stay with me in Chicago, I can come to Ontario, and we can all stay at Finn’s during the summer. Or we could go to Pennsylvania and stay with Jaeden.”
“We can do this, Wyatt. We need to at least try because…”
“Because what?”
You couldn’t believe you were admitting this.
“Because I think I might be falling in love with you, Wyatt Oleff.”
“Me too.”

You put your hands on Wyatt’s cheeks and kissed him. You were determined not to let that boy go. Not now, not ever.
When you woke up you were a little bit confused. The last thing remembered was watching American Horror Story with Wyatt. You were now in bed next to Sophia who was scrolling through Instagram on her phone. Wyatt must have brought you to bed when you fell asleep. The thought made you smile.

“What time did you and Wyatt get to bed last night?” Sophia asked you
“I honestly don’t know. We went in the hot tub for a little while, came in and got dry and into our pyjamas again, and then ended up watching Netflix for a bit. I must have fallen asleep and then he bought me into bed.”
“He’s such a cutie.”
“We were talking about if our relationship was going to last when we went home and it actually turned out to be a pretty deep conversation. I think we’re really going to make this work.”
“I’m so happy for you, honestly. I just wish I could have that with someone.”
“How did you know?!”
I sat up and looked at her, shocked. “Really?! You were practically in his lap at dinner last night, and if he moved his hand any lower it would have been on your ass.”
“Was it really that obvious?”
“Yes. It was.”
“Well then.”
“You should just make your move!”
“But what if he pulls away, Y/N!”

Sophia was looking at the door with a face as white as a sheet. You turned around to see Jaeden standing there with a blanket wrapped around his shoulders. 

“I’m just going to go and see if Wyatt is awake…”
You closed the door behind you as you left feeling a little sorry for Sophia. You had left her in quite an awkward situation, but hopefully, it would encourage her to go for Jaeden. Jack was in the kitchen making toast.

“Morning, Jack.”
“Oh hey, Y/N. Toast?”
“Sure. Where are Wyatt and Finn?”
“Well, Finn is taking a shower and Wyatt is still asleep.”
You checked the time on your phone. It was almost nine am. “I suppose we did have a really late night. I’m going to go wake him up.”
“Okay. I’ll make coffee.”
“Thanks, Jack.”

Wyatt was still sound asleep when you went into his and Finn’s room. You got on top of the bed and kissed him lightly on the nose. He scrunched his nose up and slowly opened his eyes. 

“No, it’s me, Jack.”
“Oh sorry, my bad Jack. Don’t tell Y/N you were in here or she might get jealous.” The sarcasm in both your tones was imminent.
“What time did we go to sleep last night?”
“You fell asleep at around two, and I went to bed when I took you.”
“Thanks by the way.”
“For taking you to your room? You don’t need to thank me for that.”
You kissed Wyatt and pulled him up out of bed.
“Jack’s making coffee and some toast if you want some.”
“Sure. Let’s go.”
Sophia and Jaeden were the only ones who didn’t surface for breakfast. You knew that they were probably talking right now and would kill anyone who disturbed them. 

“So what are we doing today?” Jack asked
“I don’t know. We’re meeting the adults for lunch at one, but aside from that, we’ve got today to ourselves.”
“Can we go swimming again at some point? I said I’d take Alice.” Jack smiled
“Of course we can. I know that mine and Finn’s mothers are taking Sophia and I to the spa tomorrow because they think we should have a day away from you boys.”
“Rude.” Finn put a hand on his chest in fake shock
“They may have a point. But about today…”
“I don’t really know about this morning but we could go swimming after lunch.”
Jaeden came into the living area holding hands. Everyone stood up and cheered.
“FINALLY!” Finn shouted

You winked at Sophia who winked back. You knew that this would happen at some point on this trip. But what else was in store? Only time would tell.

I don’t know what will happen in part seven but I can’t wait to write it! Hope everyone enjoys!













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“I had figured out the perfect way for the protag to defeat the Big Bad using True Names and silent casting” OOH tell us, please! (You don’t have to reply to this if you don’t want to, I’m just really curious now!)

Okay, but just warning people about potential spoilers - I don’t think I’m going to reveal anything major, but y’know, just in case. There’s also the fact that I haven’t read these books since I was a teen, and I may misremember some details.

Consider yourself warned.

Okay, so pretty early on, Eragon learns about True Names. Mainly he learns that a person’s True Name relates to their inmost being and is the revelation of Who They Really Are. Furthermore, if you know someone’s True Name, you can make them do whatever you want. Literally.

At some point Eragon runs into a Massive Jerk from his past, and while sitting by the fireside contemplating said Massive Jerk, he somehow…figures out his True Name. Like, he literally just thinks, “Hmmm, what three words in the Secret Magic Language best describe Massive Jerk?” and then once he thinks of them, Massive Jerk starts acting uncomfortable. So he tells Massive Jerk to go to the Elves’ magic forest and Massive Jerk get up and walks until his feet are bleeding and he’s half naked and he almost dies of exhaustion.

(This is not the most messed up thing Eragon accidentally does, btw. He has a tendency to ruin people’s lives without meaning to.)

Anyway, later on, the Super Judgmental Hippie Mentor teaches Eragon how to properly use his magical abilities because Eragon is a total N00b. Along the way, SJHM instructs Eragon in the art of silent casting. See, all of the magicians Eragon had met until this point (except for one jerk elf - a lot of the elves were jerks, actually) had always cast by speaking out loud. It turns out that you can cast by just thinking the words in your head, but it’s a lot more dangerous. I don’t know why more people don’t know about this, but whatever. Silent casting is officially a Thing.

So we have True Names and silent casting. Now to the major obstacle of the books.

At one point, Eragon asks someone (I can’t remember who, but let’s just say it was SJHM) why they can’t just learn the Big Bad’s True Name and use it. It turns out that Big Bad thought of that and cast a protective spell. If anyone speaks his True Name, they will die.

Now, this is where I saw a solution. Take a moment to see if you spot it.


The instant-death spell is triggered if someone speaks Big Bad’s True Name.

Eragon knows how to silent cast.

It has also been established that he, on virtue of being the protagonist, has a talent for figuring out people’s True Names. He also knows more of the Secret Magic Language than most people, because protagonist.


Eragon and the Big Bad face off. They battle, not just with dragons and weapons and magic, but with their wits. Eragon scrutinizes his enemy. It’s difficult, but due to the insight others have given him and his own abilities, he unlocks the secret’s of the Big Bad’s soul and learns his True Name. He then uses silent casting to force the Big Bad to…anything. Fly into a volcano. Spend the rest of his life running in circles. Or, for a poignant ending, force him to seek redemption or something.

What really draws me to this ending, beyond the fact that I felt very clever when I came up with it, is the theme/metaphor. In this, the key to the Big Bad’s defeat lies in his soul. Eragon would win, not just because he was stronger in some way, but because he was good at understanding people. For all the series’ faults, Paolini did a good job presenting Eragon as a compassionate person. He makes some major mistakes and hurts a lot of people, but it’s pretty much always because he was trying to help. He tries to be culturally sensitive. He shows a lot of mercy to his enemies, so I could see him bestowing a redemptive fate upon the Big Bad. Eragon would win the battle due to compassion and emotional intelligence, and that’s not a solution you often see.

Even if silent casting isn’t a loophole, I would still prefer an ending where Eragon uses the True Name. Once again, he would win due to his empathy and insight, and sacrificing himself to save the world would be a powerful end to his journey.

Okay let me just say something about Salem

She’s an incredibly refreshing antagonist because unlike all the boring angsty cryptic villains of other anime (or media in general) she understands the usefulness of other people. That’s something we can see when she tells Cinder not to underestimate how important other people can be in plans. 

Cinder wants to kill Ruby and not work with anyone but Salem isn’t that impulsive or stupid. She’s a really, really cool neutral evil antagonist who’s starting to grow on me a lot.  

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I can't believe that people can be so disrespectful, really. I am not sure if I would even approach him to say "hi", if I happen to randomly spot him, forget touching him. I'm truly disappointed in this fandom.

the entitlement of some people is just straight up disgusting

harry and any other celeb are just as much their own person as we are and they are not objects for you to play with!!! 

you met him and ask to take a pic with him? great. does he have to do as you say? no. 
you spent traveled to see him? great. does that give you the right not only touch him but also touch him in a way that’s sexual assault? no.
you waited for hours for harry to come out of his hotel? great. does that mean he has to stop for you? no. 
you spent money buying his music, merch, movies? great. does that mean he owes you anything? no.

you, as a fan and total stranger to harry, will never have the right to touch him or demand anything from him and just because harry doesn’t speak up about the way he’s treated doesn’t mean it will ever be okay!!!!!!

I went to sleep last night thinking about this photograph, and how it really emulates dark energy. Like I know we say “oh that’s a cursed image” at pretty much anything nowadays but this is really the only one. Just jam packed with evil

I feel gross all the time, I feel bad because I’m never dressed girly, or have my hair done or my makeup, or wear pretty things, I hardly ever want to go out anymore. I stay at home with my face bare and listen to records while I play playstation, or read or whatever shit it is I’m doing. Then I feel bad about myself and how I look especially when I see girls always looking their best and done up in a nice outfit and their hair done and everything looks nice and pretty n I feel like a potato

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Hi! So I started following you bc of the bartender posts (congrats on that btw) and I loved the Stucky ficlets you wrote! I was wondering what your AO3 was so I could read more of your work?

hahaha I can’t believe how much attention that post has gotten, tbh!! But yay, welcome! ^^

And oh gosh thank you so much??? I’m so happy to hear you’ve enjoyed my silly writing!! I’m on Ao3 as ViperSeven, though tbh you won’t find much there yet. I keep meaning to post stuff over there but I keep putting it back because Ao3 coding/formatting gives me an ulcer every single time *tired sigh*.

But I did intend to force myself to post some things there, so I might actually use this ask as a push :P thank you! hahaha <3

October 21, 2017

7:55 pm

You changed your name

Pretty sure you changed your number too

Nothing really is the same

It’s like everything we were you outgrew

I think about you everyday

I type your name in the search bar

After admitting that I don’t know what to say

I’m the most embarrassed person on earth by far

I feel like part of you wants us again

And I know that’s selfish to think

But if you would just talk to me and explain

Why you let our relationship sink

Then maybe thoughts of you wouldn’t drive me insane

But I have to write more honestly

And the truth is you’ll always be a part of me

These thoughts are a beautiful insanity

I just hate that this feels like a tragedy

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i can just see johnny w a chubby s/o so much like i imagine he is a grabby person who loves thighs and stomach and literally everything he can get his hands on, and i bet he's into body worship as well and won't sleep until his baby knows they're perfect and wonderful,,, just thinking abt it makes me weak 😭

(I immediately thought of my johnny anon when i read this)See like I don’t like to say that a person is exclusive to chubby people,,,, but johnny gives me that vibe lol. He seems like the kind of guy to like some nice curves and hips to hold and hang onto while he is fucking you. I know I talk about johnny being a really sexual and almost fuck boyish kind of guy, but I think that he is probably a pretty romantic guy whom acts like your standard boyfriend- not overly clingy, not extremely horny constantly. He seems to be the kind of guy who really likes to compliment people? And when I say compliment i don’t mean stuff like “Oh I like your shirt” I mean compliments where he has told his best friend that she is incredibly gorgeous and amazing and everyone is pretty sure that he has a crush on her but he doesn’t bc he just loves complimenting people and making sure that they know that they are Just Fine the way they are. I also def think that all of his friends were girls when he was growing up js dont ask why i just know. But anyway back to the actual ask at hand. I feel like he is into chubby girls more bc he is so tol!!! I feel like he would enjoy the size difference being a little more balanced??? Like he’s six foot tall and to me that is huge bc im only 5′3″ and thats what im basing this on so im sorry if he isn’t that much bigger than you. But anyway, he would still be able to wrap his body around yours but you wouldn’t feel as fragile to him. I think he would like being taller than you for the sake of cuddling but it wouldn’t be for him to feel like he’s protecting you like some other guys wonho He is also totes into body worship but not always in a sexual way. Like he would love complimenting you and telling you that you are sexy and that he is a lucky guy for having a girl like you that loves him and all of that fun stuff. He love love loves grabbing hips and your ass and basically anything else that he can get his hands on like you said. I dont think he likes ass over boobs or anything like that (probably prefers thighs over it all) and I don’t think he is that into oral? I guarantee that he likes fingering way more. Same for him; he prefers handjobs over oral any day. He is a dominant person, there is no doubt about it in my mind. He would really want to take care of you and steer you right from wrong. If you were to say something mean about your body, I believe that would be cause for a punishment in his eyes. He would gather your naked form up into his arms and slowly slip his hand inbetween your legs and gently rubbing your clit and talking about how good you feel in his arms and how freaking beautiful your noises are and how much of a good girl you always are. He would squeeze your plush thigh and make sure that you are as close to him as possible and he would edge you until you could believably say something nice about your body. He would be really taunting about it too, saying stuff like “come on baby, is that the best you can do? I can think of hundreds of things that I like about you and you can’t even tell me one? I don’t think you’re trying hard enough.” and “you don’t sound like you want to cum.Should I stop because you look so tired.”and he would be saying all of that shit in such a sing-song voice it would be maddening but he would eventually let you cum after you compliment something cheesy like your eyes or hands bc he’s a romantic at heart and he’s a sucker for things that aren’t immediately related to sexuality if that makes sense? Like he likes the purity i guess. If there is anything else that you would like my opinion on let me know bc i have opinions on almost everyone lol

princess-of-the-corner replied to your post: Y’know, I’m a big proponent of just lettin’ people…

Tbh…… the mlp fandom doesn’t really need much to make a *grimdark* reimagining. Like, the show provides plenty of starting points but doesn’t follow through because ratings, but a lot of its pretty fucked if you stop and think about it and it’s easy to imagine how *grimdark* said situations would be irl.

Okay but you missed the point here, too.

What makes MLP MLP rather than friggin Edgar Allen Poe?

It’s about cute, goofy, cartoon ponies in a lighthearted setting.

You want grimdark fucked up situations that only ever present themselves as such, go read some Poe.  But turning ponies into Poe… that defeats the purpose of ponies.

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I’ve been out for a while and sorry to bother but is there any update on onew and shinee?

No, not really. And I’m sure there won’t be any news on Jinki, not while Taemin is promoting. I’m pretty darn sure if the prosecutor came out with a decision tomorrow that SM would keep it under wraps to keep the attention positive and on Taemin right now, and understandably so. So we will have to wait until the 24th of November for the Shilla Beauty Concert to have our OT5 back again.

I was REALLY wishing for an OT5 Halloween this year, especially when I saw that Jonghyun said that he was going to the SM party, but I really doubt Jinki will be there. I just don’t think we are going to see him until they have cleared his case.

WHY IS THIS TAKING SO LONG???? GOD, I miss him so much!

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Okay this is probably really weird but in the s4 scene where lance was milking kaltenecker, it looked like he was wearing eyeliner and it literally just made me think of your sdm au bc he looked really pretty ^.^ well I mean he looks pretty all the time but the way you draw lance with make up is good shit and idk it just looked like he had on eyeliner so I was like !!!! lmao

!!!!!!!! omg i didnt even notice this ahh this made me smile

Guys My Age | Jin

Wow this is dirty? Like I don’t know I listened to the song with the same title (which you can listen to here), and I just thought about how guys are just really…immature…and Jin is older and might still act childish but like…he’s pretty mature if you know what I mean. ANYWAY, I hope you enjoy this sin and let me know what you think! Request stuff here and read my other stuff here! :)

 “Who taught you to dance like that?” Eyes wide, she spun around to see him standing there, the low lights highlighting his cheekbones in a way that stole her coherent thoughts for a moment. As her hips stopped moving, his hands made their way to her waist and pulled her flush against his body. “I didn’t say to stop. Keep dancing like that, darling.”

 “Why does it matter where I learned to dance like this?” Her response made him chuckle and his fingers dug into her hips the slightest bit as the bass still boomed in her chest, or was that her heart? When she looked up at him, his eyes were dark with a kind of lust she hadn’t seen in a long time. “I’ve grown up since high school, Jin. I’ve learned lots.”

Keep reading

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I just recently started losing my hearing, and as Junior in high school who hasn't had to learn ASL, its really daunting thinking about starting. Do you have any advice on how to start learning ASL if I can't take any classes, and I can't talk to my Deaf friend everyday? (Also, love your comics. You're really talented)

Hi! It’s never too late to start learning ASL. :) 

- Use apps like The ASL App (my friends made this app and I can verify that it’s really accurate and awesome)

- Go to sites like lifeprint.com and aslpro.com Both are pretty hella accurate. Of course, there’s regional differences and you can pick that up by checking in with your deaf friend. 

Have fun! (and thank you re: my comics!)

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Pretty sure it's ALIE not Lexa.

Could be..could not be. Tbh, it being Lexa’s voice makes more sense storywise, plus….it really sounded like the way Lexa says ‘ClarKe’. 

Now, the reason why I think it was Lexa’s voice is because the Flame is still protecting her (”the flame will protect me”) while she is trying to find the kill switch. At the moment that she hears the voice she just came across Jasper and was being distracted by him. We then hear the voice and she looks up and see’s the infinity symbol; the symbol on the Flame. Now, it makes sense that it would be Lexa’s voice and not Becca’s because Clarke doesn’t know Becca and Lexa’s voice would be the one that she would be drawn too. That then snaps her back to her task at had – find the kill switch. She walks towards it and it turn to a stop sign and Clarke stops and is confused for a second. Then, a women walks past her with a hairstyle that has the infinity sign in it and she follows her.  

The Flame uses Clarke’s emotions as well as stored “spirits” to guide her to the kill switch and protect her before ALIE can start to see Clarke. It is when Clarke’s nose starts to bleed that ALIE can finally see her, that is another reason why I don’t think it is ALIE – up to this point, she didn’t know she was in the COL. A little bit later, we see Lexa manifest when Clarke is being attacked – the “flame” protecting her.