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13/10/17 (aka THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFE)

okay so where do I begin…WOW.
okay so… on Monday October 3rd at 10:25pm, I was sitting on my phone in my room listening to holy ground and I was on twitter and BOOM. “TAYLOR NATION SENT YOU A DIRECT MESSAGE” I STARTED SHAKING AND CRYING WHEN I READ THE CONFIDENTIAL MESSAGE I WAS SO CONFUSED BECAUSE THEY DONT EVEN FOLLOW ME (yes I’m still trying to work out technology ok) AND I FLIPPED OUT AND I RAN INTO MY MOMS ROOM SOBBING AND I TRIPPED OVER THE HOOVER BUT ITS OKAY. MY MOM WAS SAYING ALL SORTS OF THINGS LIKE SOMEONE MAY HAVE HACKED INTO TAYLOR NATIONS ACCOUNT (?????? idk). Anyway I died and my mind was a mess and I couldn’t control myself at all, I had knew what it usually meant when people got these messages and I explained everything to my mom ( she is genuinely worst-case-scenario-Christine ) and she started crying with happiness for me. THAT DAY WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED.

The next day October 4th at 5:27pm, I was (trying) to study when BOOM. I RECEIVED THE CALL. Ali phoned and told me about a special secret event on Friday the 13th of October and I was shaking so so much and could barely even talk but she was honestly the nicest ever (I noticed she said “wonderful” about a million times and I’m now so in love with that word). Side note: My mom still wasn’t really convinced this wasn’t a set up to get me kid napped but SHE FINALLY CALMED DOWN A LITTLE AND MEANWHILE I WAS SHAKING, CRYING AND BASICALLY DEAD.

Okay so then it was the waiting game…the days DRAGGED in as I found out a whole 10 DAYS before the event and I saw Taylor lurk people on tumblr/Instagram AND she liked the post about me and my best friend Eve. PEOPLE WERE ALSO TALKING ABOUT WHAT COULD HAPPEN ON THE 13TH AND I WAS JUST SITTING THERE LIKE HELP ME WHATS GON HAPPEN.

Fast forward to Friday…so because I live in Glasgow I had to fly to London… I COULDNT SLEEP AT ALL AND I ONLY GOT 4 HOURS SLEEP LOL BECAUSE I GOT UP AT 4AM. We went to the airport and I was genuinely so nervous and excited about what could possibly be happening. We then got a bus and then a tube and wandered about Covent Garden and EVERYTHING kept reminding me of Taylor. We then got a tube and another bus ( NUMBER 13 ) to our hotel. I got really stressed out because I opened up my case and there was makeup spilt on my dress BUT MY MOM CAME TO THE RESCUE AND FIXED IT FOR ME. I curled my hair and fixed myself up then I went to out to the secret meeting point and recognized so many people from tumblr/twitter etc and it was SO surreal. ALSO A FEW PEOPLE CAME UP TO ME AND WERE LIKE OMG ABBIE I KNOW YOU AND THAT MADE ME FEEL SO SO SPECIAL SO I LOVE YOU FOR THAT IF THAT WAS YOU. We checked in and got really cool wristbands saying United Kingdom (IN THE REPUTATION FONT) I WAS ALREADY DEAD.

We went to drop off our bags and me and I met 2 beautiful, amazing girls called Emma ( @taylorsmusic ) and Flora ( @spoookyswift ) and we were FREAKING OUT TOGETHER. We just couldn’t comprehend that we could potentially meet our idol. We talked about everything and I genuinely think I have 2 new best friends for life. I LOVE YOU GUYS. We were on the last bus to leave so we waited foreverrrr and my nerves were building up so much and I was FULL ON ALL OVER SHOOK.

Everyone on the bus was SO EXCITED and we were all dying together. It was such a combination of nerves and excitement like I can’t even describe it. So we FINALLY arrived at our secret destination and were escorted to the entrance to be searched etc (there was a big box of socks for some reason and it made us laugh so just thought I’d add that in and also a few half finished smart water bottles👀).

Okay so then we went through to TAYLORS HOUSE. It was beautiful and there was so much food laid out and I had a REPUTATION COOKIE and CUSTOMIZED REPUTATION M&MS and CHICKEN TENDERS. Taylors playlist of the songs she loves was playing in the background and we were LOVING LIFE. (Side note: my mom loved the olives you put out taylor so thanks for that) So basically me, Emma and Flora were chilling together (we were not chill at all tho) and everything was fine THEN Flora goes “oh my god, that’s Scott” AND IM LIKE WTF AND WE ALL LOOK OVER AND DIE LIKE WHAT WAS HAPPENING BEFORE OUR VERY EYES THE KING OF GUITAR PICS WAS HERE. We went and spoke to more amazing people and life was good…THEN TREE COMES THROUGH AND IM LIKE WHATATSTSS THATS A LEGEND THEN NOT LONG AFTER THAT WE SEE ANDREA AND WE ALL DIED. I CRIED WHEN I SEEN ANDREA IDK WHY IT JUST GOT TOO MUCH AND SHES MY QUEEN. IT GENUINELY FELT LIKE A DREAM LIKE SURELY THIS WAS NOT REAL.

Finally, after a while, we went through to THE LIVING ROOM. YES. A CHAIR. A SPEAKER. WE ALL KNEW WHAT THIS WAS. ME, EMMA AND FLORA HAD A LITTLE SUPPORT NETWORK GOING ON BECAUSE WE WERE ALL HOLDING HANDS BECAUSE WE WERE NOT PREPARED AT ALL. I cried - yeah she wasn’t even here yet and I cried. So anyway THEN I’m like I can’t even do this and my heart is beating abnormally fast. And that’s when she appeared…

I COULDNT BELIEVE MY EYES. MY ANGEL. MY EVERYTHING. GENUINELY LIKE A METER AWAY. NO WAY. Okay so then I SOBBED even more and I was uncontrollable (I finally did calm down but omg it was so hard I couldn’t stop crying) - thank you Emma and Flora for helping me LOL. Side note: her hair was so curly and pretty and she wore this camo dress thing and SNAKE BOOOOOOTS and a snake ring and yeah I was like GO GURLLL. IN THAT MOMENT I DIED IT WAS ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

On to the album, obviously you guys understand I can’t say much at all BUT REPUTATION IS MY FAVOURITE ALBUM BY FARRRRR. Like it’s genuinely so different but so genius - it’s incredible. She’s so talented and you can tell she’s worked so super hard for it and I can tell she’s happier than ever through the way she talks and she just seems so content with life and it makes me so proud and happy of how far she’s came. It’s so emotionally complex and THE LYRICS (she’s a genius okay). But there was one song that made me full on SOB and everyone in that room felt something…ANYWAY Taylor herself, during the whole of the session, she was so funny and she’s just so genuine…it was unreal. UNREAL. Some highlights that stand out to me include when during one of the songs she looked right at me for about 20 seconds or so and we just danced and smiled at each other. IVE NEVER FELT SO LOVED IN MY LIFE. To say I’m proud of her for this album is an understatement.

okay so then….IT WAS MEET AND GREET TIME. We were all sitting reading the magazines and talking to each other and it was adorable and even though I was a nervous wreck, everyone was so nice and amazing towards me. When it was time for the picture I was at the waiting point I can’t tell you how I felt. It was indescribable. I seen the 2 girls before me hug Taylor goodbye and it was my turn. I ran up to her and hugged her so hard and she looked at me and went “ITS ABBIE ISNT IT?” AND I WAS NODDING AND I WAS LIKE YEAH ITS ME and she was like “NO WAY I CHOSE YOU LIKE A YEAH AGO LIKE SOOOO LONG AGO” and I was like NO WAY and then I was like “THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR EVERYTHING YOUVE HELPED ME THROUGH, YOU’VE HONESTLY GOT ME THROUGH SO MUCH” and she was listening so intently and she smiled at me and hugged me and we held hands for a few seconds which was BEAUTIFUL and she was like “you are SO beautiful like SO beautiful and you are SO funny like you’re posts are hilarious” and I started shaking and I told her she was like a big sister to me and then we got a really cute huggy picture and then we got one with my mom which was cute and THEN (THIS WAS THE FUNNIEST MOMENT) the camera guy said to my mom “do you want a pic alone with her” and my mom was like “oh it’s okay I’m just her mom” and TAYLOR WAS LIKE" OH WELL THANKS" IT WAS SO FUNNY. THEN I told her I loved her and she was like I LOVE YOU BUDDY and I gave her one final hug before I left which was MAGICAL (I swear we hugged about 27468273 times).

As soon as I left the room, I BURST INTO TEARS I COULDN’T BELIEVE I HAD JUST MET MY IDOL AFTER LIKE 6 YEARS OF LOVING HER AND FANGIRLING OVER HER. My mom went to talk to mama swift and she said to her “thank you so much for making a beautiful, amazing role model for my daughter” and mama swift was like AWWW THANK YOU SO MUCH THEN MY MOM GAVE HER A HUG AND THEN I GAVE HER A HUGE HUG AND MAMA SWIFT WAS LIKE THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING HER AND DOING THE CRAZY THINGS SHE MAKES YOU DO AND I CRIED MORE.


Thank you so so so much for inviting me to your London Secret Session - it was an HONOR to be there. I can’t believe I was given such a beautiful, amazing opportunity and I meant everything I said to you in there and it truly came from the heart. I love you so much and I can’t wait to hopefully see you on tour. You mean the world to me and I can’t wait to hear reputation again and DIE ANOTHER MILLION DEATHS.
I love you so much girl.

Abbie x @taylorswift

Positivity about the signs

My gemini sun is taking over and so I’m feeling filled with positive things to say!!

Aries: These individuals are so fiery and fun to be around. They’re the friends that’ll volunteer you to do something you would have never done otherwise but have fun doing anyway. They give off these lovely energetic vibes and are some of the most outgoing people you’ll ever meet. Even if they are shy, they still show their amazing lively personalities in one way or another.

Taurus: These people are so down-to-earth and are actually secretly so caring and sweet it’s fantastic. Their the person you want to go out to a movie with and yes they actually will share their popcorn, stop with the stereotyping guys. Their also so level headed they’re just the right people to talk to when you need advice.

Gemini: These guys are so much fun to be around omg they’re always so humorous and playful it’s just great. They’re the best people to hang out with when you need a good distraction from life. They give off such optimistic vibes it’s just great. Even if they’re a shy Gemini you can just tell by their laugh that they are full of fun. And they always have the best topics to chat about! They’re great at keeping awkward silence away. 

Cancer: These people are so sweet and pure omg I love them. I swear they’re even cute when they’re pissed. Sure they can be a bit emotional but that just means you’ll never have to worry about them hiding something from you. They’re some of the most kind people I have ever meet and honestly I really hope my next girlfriend is a Cancer!

Leo: You are so kind and generous and yes you are a bit prideful but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! It’s lovely to have people around who like themselves, it brings positive vibes. I always find that there is something magnetic about a Leo’s personality which makes everyone just love them which I am super jealous of, you guys are so lucky!

Virgo: Ahhh you guys are so kind and organized I LOVE YOU. I love that while you can be super kind and caring you also can be real and serious and just get to the damn point it’s awesome of you. You’re also such hard workers and I can really appreciate that! 

Libra: I love how kind you guys are and omg may I just say that you are all so pretty! You make such fun, nice, and funny friends. You may not be my favorite sign but I can still find plenty of things I love about you guys. Like you give off such great vibes <333

Scorpio: You guys are so hot and yet so cool and that is awesome. I love your sarcastic sense of humor and your powerful presence. Sure you intimidate me a bit but hey I still think you guys are wicked cool. You’re always like that badass friend that people are always just aspire to be!

Sagittarius: YOU ARE SO MUCH FUN TO BE AROUND OMG. I love adventuring you you guys you are so exciting and yet so chill and omfg I just love how accepting you are of everything. Idk why but I just love your good vibes and your explorative attitude and how you take initiative.

Capricorn: I absolutely love the energy you put towards your work. I mean I absolutely aspire to be like you in that aspect! Sure you can be a bit serious at times but I’ve seen that you can still be really nice! You’re also just so much more level headed than the rest of us plebeian non-Capricorns that like honestly I bow down to you.

Aquarius: Ahh I love how unique you guys are! You groove to your own beat and that is just fantastic, I really wish I could be more like that! You’re also so smart like that is so great. I also always have so much fun when i with you guys like I really appreciate your presence.

Pisces: Oh my you sweet little thing I know you’re really sensitive but you’re so kind and empathetic it’s just so lovable. You’re so caring and your smiles are always just the most heartwarming things. Ah I may not get along with some of you due to your sensitivity but I still really love this sign and your cheerful, calm, caring vibe.

Shipper problem 101

Do you ever find that when you’re talking to someone about a series for the first time, you really need to downplay your ship?

So on the outside you’re just like “Yeah, I like these characters. I think they’re pretty cool”.

While on the inside you’re just like “OMG I love them sooooo much! They are my babies! They must be protected and are totally MEANT TO BE! And I can name a bunch of reasons why! But, I don’t want to freak you out, so I’ll just play it cool…“

remember when you were like 12 and you watched pretty little liars for the first time and 16 year old aria was dating her grown ass adult english teacher and you were just like ‘omg okay cool!’ bc 16 years old seemed Really grown to you, a 12 year old kid in middle school, but then you got a little older, surpassed 16 and realized: LITERALLY What The Fuck Was That??? ???????? 

good girl » myg » m

» request: nopeee

» genre: mostly smut

» author’s note: i write too many bts scenarios omg,,,,,,, i guess they’ve really just been inspiring me a lot lately so oh well. also i’m v proud of this edit bc i photoshopped yoongi’s tattoos and i think it looks pretty cool if i do say so myself ^-^ anyways, i hope you all enjoy and feel free to request ! 

» word count: 3.4k+

» warnings: au, asphyxiation kink, daddy kink, light bondage, a little bit of degradation, alcohol use, smoking, etc.

[nsfw under the cut]

A quick sigh fell from your lips as you pushed through the crowd, searching desperately for any sign of Namjoon. The sweaty bodies of your peers shoved and jostled you, making it difficult for you to navigate the room in search for your friend, but you managed. Pushing your way into the front room, you catch sight of his disheveled hair, and sweat-glistening skin, “Yah, Kim Namjoon!” You call, catching his attention.

He turns on his heels to face you and grins, waving you over to where he stands with Seokjin and some girl you’ve never seen before. You wrestle your way through the last bit of the crowd, and finally you reach where they stand in front of the window. Namjoon drapes an arm over your shoulder, and you lean into the comfort of his sweaty, but strangely comfortable embrace. “I was looking for you,” Namjoon says, a smile playing on his lips as you laugh at his lie. 

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“ “I trust you,” Lance said honestly. Because he did, bizarrely enough, even though Keith’s mouth was opening wider and his teeth were sharp, sharp, sharp, twin knives of ivory, and Lance knew it was going to hurt like a bitch. “

[The Hurricane In His Veins, chapter 9]

O-ho-hoooo-boy! I started drawing this as soon as I finished chapter nine, which was just about two weeks ago. I had to re-work this one so many times, you have no idea! 

And @saltyshiro, your fic is really cool and I like it so so much!!:’) 

Isn’t She Lovely?

Pairings: Slight Stony, ScarletVision, Avengers x Songs older than Pietro, Peter x Confusion.

Tony has created a chatroom: isn’t she lovely

Tony has added Steve, Thor, Bruce, Natasha, Vision, Peter, Clint.

Tony: Isn’t she lovely?

Peter: Who, Mr. Stark?

Clint: It’s definitely not Tasha.

Tony: Isn’t she wonderful?

Natasha: It better not be me.

Tony: Isn’t she pretty?

Steve: Is it Thor?

Thor: Oh… my…

Tony has added You.

You: ummm what


Thor: I agree wholeheartedly with Stark’s questioning statement!

You: thanks, t-bby and thot

You: damn

You: Thor**** this typo happens every time. sorry Thor.

Peter: omg

Loki has joined the chat.


Loki has been disconnected.

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Okay listen.

I want more fics of Bitty meeting the Falconers. Specifically the dinner party!

I want to see Jack’s new teammates blown away at how Jack goes from hockey robot to endearing dork around Bitty. It doesn’t have to be all lovey dovey gooey, but it is pretty canon that Jack is all or nothing when it comes to Bitty.

And I’d also like to see Bitty ratting Jack out to Falconers of how he’s actually very petty and childish, he’s just so good at his press face that he can hide it.

I’ve literally only read a small handful of introductions but most of them are short “This is Eric” “okay” and its done. But coming out was such a big moment for both of them. It established how much they were willing to go through for each other. And how much they were going to fight not for, but what they were going to fight together as a team.

I really think fleshing out that moment of revelation from diffrent players could be so cool. And the moment where both Jack and Bitty are like “We’re accepted here, we’re safe here.”.

I don’t know, I just feel that this moment is severly overlooked considering how it was the main topic for so many chapters.


Sooooo… It seems like my previous post got a lots of notes… OMG I think I must say “thanks” to all of you for that :3 it’s REALLY cool) 
So, after some embrrassment I decidede to post that after all *//////* Actually I’m still a bit embrrassed about that cuz, u know, THIS IS TOO CUTE. And yeah i ship them hard)))
Got even an idea for fanfic: David still has a lot of pain about his hands which was pierced through and through by Nurf. Gwen helping him when his wound opened again and trying to cheer him up. And then he just deside to kiss her to express his gratitude…

Reita: I basically think, a band is something you give your everything to, so I guess people who think too much bout unnecessary things will just go down and fade away. 

dealyamashita: my thoughts exactly! that goes for all professions that create and produce something, doesn’t it?(^.^) I’m not in a band but I was really pissed at that blog!
Reita: the other day I saw the skills of a professional magician right before my eyes, I was suuuuper excited 🎩
Reita: also, I immediately went out and bought some playing cards…♠️ perhaps I’m the one who thinks too much bout unnecessary stuff? 🤔👎
Reita: that feeling of “OMG! so cool! I wanna learn iiiit!” when you see it in front of you. that’s my driving force for the band 🤘🏻
Note: The first two tweets refer to something Ryuusei (of the band Kyogetsu) posted on his blog. I didn’t read the whole text but from what I gathered he talked about how hard it is to make a living from being a V-Kei artist, how expensive everything is and how much other bands make. In that post, he didn’t directly mention the GazettE by name but he did say something like “a certain band that recently did a show at conifer forest” and I think he just compared how much major bands make in contrast to smaller bands (like his own). He also tweeted something along the lines of “everybody is so sad bout all these bands breaking up or going on hiatus but you might wanna think about that one of the reasons for that is the fact that less and less bandgirls are willing to spend their money on LIVES” which seems to have been the final straw for a lot of people (A LOT of GazettE fans) who commented on both his blog entry and his tweet. They basically told him not to blame fans for his failures, that bandgirls are not his ATMs and that, if he’s only in it for the money, he might wanna consider quitting music and finding another, more secure job. I think, that’s also Reita’s main point, that if he’s not gonna give it his best he might as well just stop cause he’s gonna fail and disappear. 
However, he did post an apology on his twitter regarding his thoughts and comments. 


- “wait I thought these shoes were black”
- “Is daehyun flirting with someone? wow good thing I can’t see”
-“oh lord the girl I kidnapped better be his girlfriend”
- “Invisible ink was a bad idea but then again I’d probably not be able to see what I write anyway”
-“why the fuck did I call him to a dark alley”
-“okay is the gun on his head? I’ll just linger a little longer than I have to to make sure”
-“I hope he appreciates the photos. All pics are poor lighting pics for me”
-“Are those teddy bears on Yongguk’s sweater”
-“Me? And reading a book? if Daehyun was smart enough he’d have figured it out”
-“well I really can’t see where my bullets are going let me just shoot the guy 200 times”
-“how close am I to Himchan’s face”
-“did I just jump over a crate or was it Junhong”
-“I want to shoot Yongguk but I can’t tell where he is someone help”
-“is this youngjae’s hand or leg around me”
-“is everyone dead? it’s silent? i can’t see? I’ll just wait a little”
-“gosh I hope they think my staggering is dramatic effect”
-“Daehyun’s still alive? Well I gotta kneel down I really can’t see”
-“oKAY THIS TIME I’ll just use his own hand to guide the gun”
-“fuck where’s the trigger let me just smile at him”
-“Jongup, you’re cool, play it cool, don’t trip over a body”
-“where the hell are these buttons I need to show off my bulletproof jacket do you understand how long it took me to wear it”
i don’t know what this is guys, but you can blame @roses-for-jongup for inspiring me and @zeloswaffles for furthering my thoughts. bless.

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First time sex as headcanons

Hello anon! Thanks for your request. LET ME JUST TELL YOU, ALL OF THESE BABIES WOULD BE SO BLUSHY THE FIRST TIME. This was fun to write, and I hope you enjoyed! NSFW warning (duh lolol).


♥ When he first hears that you want to have sex with him, he has to do a double take.
♥ “S.. sex? With.. me?!”
♥ He’s so surprised and blushy, he’s definitely not the type to sleep around so he’s not experienced at all. He’s still a virgin, in fact.
♥ Your first time is realllllly awkward, but it’s kinda cute. He’s really trying his best to act sexy but he keeps apologizing if he goes too far.
♥ “God, you are so sexy, I just want to stare at your body all night, babe ~ o.. oh, I’m sorry that… was a bit too much.”
♥ He goes really slow tbh. He doesn’t really know what he’s doing and he doesn’t want to hurt you. He constantly asks if you’re okay and gently kissing you.
♥ Once stuff gets heated and you both are actually enjoying yourselves, Yoosung is screaming. he cannot hold in moans for the life of him he’s just fucking screaming
♥ You both enjoy yourselves though, he didn’t think something so sinful could pleasure him.
♥ “Hey, MC, if I win the LOLOL tournament tomorrow on my server, will you reward me again…?” (yes)

♥ He’s such a perv omg. He constantly dreams of you in your purest, most vulnerable form and it just gets him going.
♥ When you ask to have sex with him, he is like reALLY EXCITED? But he doesn’t show his excitement. He plays it super cool.
♥ The first time is so romantic, he wants to make it really special. There are flower petals on the bed, dim candles around the room, and sensual violin music playing on his stereo.
♥ He’s so gentle and sweet, he doesn’t want to set the beast loose for your first time with him.
♥ Small neck kisses and love bites. He only nibbles on your skin a little. It drives you crazy for his touch.
♥ PERFECT ORGASM FACE. He’s beautiful already but when he’s at the peak of his pleasure, oh boy
♥ “That was amazing, we should do that before all my shows. It can be our dirty little secret~”

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Heyyy Im probably going to ask this to everyone, but do you know some good mysme au-s- (for example: vampire au or somethin like that) that i could read? I want to like have variety on what I read... And you're such an amazing writer so... yeah

i don’t actually know that many, but i’ll tell you the ones i can think of right now?? (also thank you sm omg)

@promiscuous-jalapeno mafia au

@fromthedeskofelizabeththird victorian au

idk if you’re into yo/oran but there’s a mermaid au and my, uh, pornstar au lol

oh and my sheep au which is a work of art btw

alien invasion au (they’re currently working on a part 2 and it’s so?? good??)

this isn’t a fic (yet?), but @godd707 has a really cool coven au and also a bunch more au’s honestly just check out her masterlist there’s so much cool stuff on there

i feel there’s loads more i’m forgetting but it’s getting pretty late so my brain is like ssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

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after reading your rules + about me page, I thought maybe it would be a cool idea to see what you think each member of a boygroup would like to have as a fantasy creature as a pet/familiar? Like a dragon, or griffin, or something. Or just a regular animal for their familiars, idk how fantasy genre works much!!!! I would request got7 bc they're my current fave, but feel free to write for ur group of choice!!

omg ,,, i think about fantasy aus all the time and i really like the concept of familiars and im not even gonna hide the fact that ive thought about this before,,,but since you wanted got7!!! here u go~

JB: his familiars are cats, specifically javanese cats that are breed by his family. he also has the ability to shapeshift and can take on the form of any feline creature, his go to is the panther. is known as a wizard from a pure blood family, most likely covered in cat scratches all the time - which he could easily heal with a spell, but chooses not to.

Jinyoung: his familiars are basilisks, even though he wouldn’t call himself evil. he’s kind of a scientist that dabbles in magic and alchemy and took the time to learn the language to the basilisks and therefore is able to befriend them.

Jackson: his familiars are dragons, because he’s been training them since he was a kid. is a part of a magical defense fleet that rides dragons and uses them for patrol purposes, the dragons are usually tamed and grow up with the solider that rides them. jackson’s dragon is a feilong because it uses the clouds and mist to fly. 

Mark: his familiars are gray wolves that are native to his home state. He’s able to understand their thoughts even when he’s not in his own werewolf form and the full moon makes him shape shift. because they change based on the moon, mark’s communication with the wolves is strongest at night. 

Youngjae: his familiars are sylphs, better known as air spirits. since he is an oracle that has to constantly hide from people who want to use his power for bad the sylphs come out and help him turn invisible or shroud him in fog. most sylphs are invisible, but youngjae can see and speak with them. 

Bambam: his familiars are bats because he’s a vampire. unlike a normal human, bambam can communicate through echolocation just like the bats. he, himself cannot transform into one but he can summon them when he needs to. 

Yugyeom: his familiars are pixies!! he’s a woodland spirit that guards the forest where pixies live, and since he’s a little childish and always having fun the pixies love to follow him around. like the pixies, he has freckles on his cheeks and very light - almost transparent wings. 

[PAX South] Dauntless Hands-On Impressions

My excitement for the game is NOT just “wishful thinking”! I was given a special opportunity to try the PAX South build of Dauntless; it’s currently in pre-alpha with open beta in the Fall and a closed alpha demo sometime before that. The game was a blast to play despite still being in an early stage.

In the demo I got to slay 2 monsters: Shrike (the owl bear) and Pangar. Both were unique and fun.

Weapon impressions:

I really loved all 3 weapons, despite thinking I was going to gravitate to one of them. The sword was fast and furious and had at least 2 major combos (triggered by a different button so the controls were not complicated at all), so it was nice to choose which one depending on the situation. You charge up energy as you hit the behemoth and once your gauge is full you can activate it and for a limited period of time you are super-powered. It’s nice to have these elements of big chance and it’s great you can choose when to activate it, so you can wait until someone knocks over the monsters first then go ham on it. Very fun!

For Hammer, I really like the interpretation of the weapon they have. It’s quite agile and has nice wide strikes. Best of all, and I’m sure you’ve seen video of this, is the super jump you can do. Basically it’s a Gun Hammer and you have a few ammo slots of aether energy. You can activate a jump by pressing a button then do an air attack. It’s satisfying to jump in and smash the head of a behemoth when it turns around. Very different than how you think of hammer in a game like Monster Hunter. Another thing worth noting is once you run out of aether shots, you can reload the weapon and currently they use a system like Gears of War with the “perfect reload” which felt super satisfying to pull off.

Axe is the big hitter that is slow but does massive damage. Stamina management is really crucial but numerous times I was able to get the behemoth to flinch with a well-timed hit. I like that there is a walking charge attack so you aren’t necessarily committed to a position (which there was a fixed position strong charge as well). After doing enough damage you can unleash a super slam that raises your base attack power, think of it like a great sword in Monster Hunter that has the Long Sword spirit system.

Overall I like the way aether plays a big roll in this game, from the weapons and how they deal out bigger damage, health pools you can heal from on the field, and elemental attacks the Behemoths do especially when enraged.

Behemoth Impressions:

Shrike was fun - I think it’s going to be an earlier monster but that doesn’t mean it was easy. It’s one of those fights where you can find yourself getting greedy and are punished for it. There are generous i-frames for evasion if you can time it well but even that won’t help you if the behemoth is in your face!

Pangar is really a good example of where this game shines and proved to me they know what they are doing when it comes to monsters design. Its moves had personality and it felt very different from the Shrike hunt. It also had a good variety of attacks: clawing, tail swipes, charging at you, ice attacks, you name it. In my demo I was able to utilize one of the sword combos that ends in a nice upward slice to sever its tail, which felt good! Some media had some gameplay footage but it doesn’t really do it justice - when you are in there close and fighting it, the action is well-paced and exciting.

Gameplay Notes:
When an fellow slayer is down you can run over to revive them (not at full health or anything) and you really want to since the longer they are down and out the closer you get to a quest fail. It’s really well implemented and will be something you just have to try out, but I found it kept the team really thinking about each other, and once we ran out of heal items it really raised the stakes. Absolutely love this idea. Not being sent back to camp keeps the action heavy and makes you move as a team but is never a pain in the butt. Lots of “omg dude I’m down quick someone help” “thanks!” and accidentally dying as you try to revive a fellow slayer is funny.

I also think the flare system is cool. Since there are no loading times, if you run and spot the behemoth you can throw a flare into the air to signal other slayers in a way that is integrated into the game world.

The game is really showing promise and I can see and most importantly *feel* what its going to be like later and it’s exciting. It takes from Monster Hunter some of the core things we like but doesn’t feel like a clone–it feels different and in a good way.

The developer is super open, funny, and interacts with the community. Also worth noting is while we don’t know the details, they are adamant that the F2P will not be pay-to-win. These are a bunch of guys who love the same games we do and are trying to do this right—they have my support not only because they are cool but the game is also frankly just shaping up to be a lot of fun.

Can’t wait to see more as the game development continues. I knew that I wanted to cover this game closely but after having a hands-on demo with the game, I am now fully committed to covering it. It’s going to be free to play so if you have a PC it won’t cost a thing to give it a try. I really think you guys will enjoy this game so put it on your radar!

Until next time…happy slaying!

GOT7 REACT: To you getting your webbing pierced

Anonymous said to kpopgroupsreact:
can i please request a got7 reacting to you getting your webbing (under tounge) pierced? thankyou xx

I will not lie and say that I don’t think they’re super cool looking but I will never get one because GASP NEEDLES OMG GASPING FOR BREATH.

JB: He’s trying to figure out why he tasted metal when he kissed you.

“Y/N…what was in your mouth?”

Originally posted by got7official

Mark: He would just be really surprised.

Y/N: “Look what I got!” showing him your piercing.

“Whoa, when did you get that Y/N?”

Originally posted by markscutie

Jackson: He didn’t even know you could pierce the webbing under your tongue.

“DIdn’t that like…hurt?”

Originally posted by whaaaalep


“Y/N…you didn’t…that’s…what is that?”

She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that, She did not get that x100000000000000000

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“Yeah it looks cool Y/N, but how are you gonna eat with that?”

Originally posted by yjarssunshine

BamBam: Would be half shocked and half impressed.

“Oh my god y/n, you actually got it pierced!”

Originally posted by jaybleep

Yugyeom: He honestly thinks it’s so cool and super sexy. But he’d never let YOU know that.

“I didn’t think you’d actually get one Y/N, doesn’t it feel weird?”

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Love Your Writer Day!

Day 5! Give it up for day five of the SnK no hate awareness week by @snkartists! Once again, I’m making a list for all the beautiful writers I know in this fandom, whether they make fics, drabbles, headcanons or meta, we all write and today is the day we are celebrated! THIS IS A LONG POST, PLEASE BARE WITH ME LMAO. Here I go:

@shulkie( @perksofbeingawaifu): Okay, I’ve always loved your fics and we just recently started talking but like you’re so great??? I love you??? You’re extremely nice and really funny, and your fics are Grade A+++, “Halocline” may be ending but your talent isn’t and honestly??? Honestly??? Shulkie you’re a blessing to us all, thank you for existing and putting up with me on discord pfft.

@erensjaegerbombs: Heidiiiiii, you’re so great??? I sob?????? You not only write, “The bartender is A+ by the way, but you beta, do awesome edits, make meta and headcanons and… you are so nice?? One of the best bloggers in our fandom, we truly don’t deserve her help me

@perfectfearsomebeauty: Okay… Amy.. Amy… Amy, my love I?? You’re wonderful and your headcanons are amazing. You’re nsfw headcanons always have me gasping for air but your sad headcanons fuck with me in the best way? Amazing person right here

@corporalmizuki: STELLA, girl. Okay, her fics are?? Beautiful, like.. she has the best characterizations and ideas, like.. beautiful beautiful ideas??? Help me I’ve fallen and I can’t get up

@ereri( @aurieackerman): I’m crying, she’s a blessing to us all?????? She always has the best metas and answers all her asks with class and kindness. Like, she just walked into the fandom, threw some magic and rose petals around and had me fucking swoon, like??? A literal sweetheart and she just joined discord and is someone I would really like to talk to, beautiful person right here I sob, what did we do to deserve????? Nothing, that’s it, I cry thank you for existing.

@eren–gayger: I’m crying, BERRY, my beautiful strawberry, beautiful person, you’re so sweet and all you’re fics are????? That mechanic Levi I wanted to cry was so so good like… yes. You’re precious thank you

@erenbaegerr: Nada, Noddie, hun, you bless me like??? Beautiful person you are like how. Great fics, great fic ideas, beautiful contributions like??? What did we do to deserve this angel, A+ Bagel right here, thank you for being among us.

@synstruck: I sob?? Syn is really cool, he was on my list yesterday too! Because his art is amazing that’s why. He writes, under the same url on ao3, also I recently found out he wrote one of my fave ereri fics, called “ten kisses” and like?????? Omg?? Amazing, he’s amazing, his talents are amazing, he does amazing and I think I just broke, what are words.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Kayuuu, you’re so great, they are so great tbh?? They write and draw as well, another extremely talented bean. Sweet like honey and they are just wonderful, as well as their fics I sob. Go check them out please, just please, go, shoo, they are so great I cry.

@icecat45: WHAT ARE WORDS????? They go by the same url on ao3, they wrote this fic called “To trust an alpha”, it’s an a/b/o fic BUT LIKE????? It’s amazing??? Is2g it breaks all usual tropes that you see in abo and the fic is 100% cute, fluffy and best part all consensual, and they have the best fic ideas and when we talk I just feel so blessed like? They like talking to me? Me? Oh hunny, blessed.

@sciencefictioness: I???? They go by the same url on ao3, they write “Lunacy” and rip me to pieces it’s so good???? Like what.. how.. they also wrote “Red Heat” and like ever? Best person ever tbh, they are extremely talented and tbh we don’t deserve them, ahhh

@agent-2-6: CHEZZA, my guaco.. my chezire.. amazing???? She writes so many good fics and she also cosplays because she’s talented like that. When I see her on the chat, I always smile because?? So cute and sweet?? Yet also full of smut I can’t with her, she’s the best. She’s A26 on ao3 go check her out, also she started “ The Great EreRi Melon Discourse of 2k17” lmao, Chezza 🍈 it’s a honeydew

@dont–you–heichou–me: Chris, Christian, boy, he’s great tbh??? He has also the best headcanons and he’s really fun to talk to, like omg help, his ao3 is Christian_Rose_99384 and he makes the best ideas??? He’s amazing please check him out

@pinkheichou: LIN, SWEETHEART, ?????? Best person ever??? YOU RARE PAIR FIEND, I’m kidding more like friend, you’re so lovely???? Best fic ideas tbh, got a rare pair? P sure they ship it, like… the best, just best, you’re the best Lin

@gray-x-natsus-matching-hip-scars: I cry they write so good???? Best writing?? I weep, they have amazing headcanons and the ereris.. the soft, tender, beautiful ereris, I cry thank you for writing such beauty

@raindrop-rouge: addwjcdhdeiedbddwksn what are words??? I don’t know her?? Is it a food?? I’m kidding but BOY, beautiful writer over here blessing the fandom more and more each day??? I don’t know how they do it but they do??? Like exsqueeze me?? Same url on ao3 and I’m sorry I CAN’T pick a fav all the fics are so lovely??? Thank you for existing, wtf are words, thank you ahhhh

@sugarplum-senpai: best canon verse fics ever I weep??? I love canonverse and they fill all my needs for Canon fics??? Beautiful canon ereris???? It’s so great?? I wanna cry, also they are a sweetheart like.. best person tbh???? We need more people like them in the fandom ahhhh

@raefill: RAE, Rae is so great, great person, great writing, great to talk to, the epitome of greatness like slay my life already will you? I don’t deserve such goodness

@milleandra-nebula: I’m cryinf, okay, best fics.. I’ve followed them for so long I forgot what made me follow but I’m constantly blessed??? Best decision ever, their fics are soo good. Whenever I see something written by them on my dash I wanna keyboard smash in the tags, I’m a mess and all those beautiful people keep enabling me to be so ah

@im-eren-jaeger-sexual: I saw a fic by them on my dash and????? Omg?????? Yes, I had to follow, and so should you. CUTE PERSON ALERT, this is not a drill, cute person plus great fics equal one hell of a time!?? Thank you for existing ah

@mongoose-bite: crunchy is… he’s a blessing??? I’ve followed him for so long and he’s so chill, his works are amazing??? Seriously he when he writes

@monsoondownpour: Three words. Beautiful. Amazing. Ethereal???? Her ao3 is just monsoon and she??? Wrote “street brat” I die??? That fic watered my crops and fed my five children??? It saved my marriage and brought my country out of a drought???? Bless her I cry, I cry so hard, where are my tissues

@bfketh: How long have we been blessed with them???? The world may never know, they are beautiful, with beautiful fics and ideas. Like.. how?? Yeah idk either but I’m crying lord help

@fuzzyporcupine: I’m dead, I’m ghost typing this, but I’m blessed, they are thespazzbot on ao3 and wrote “what’s eating you” and “be good for me” two beautiful fics??? Great writer I just don’t understand, great person too, help

@cinnamonskull: DILF EREN, good shit????? Beautiful writer, things just.. flow??? Like I don’t know how to form my thanks but they seem amazing, with amazing fics and prose, beautiful just beautiful

@wishingsebastianstanwasmyman: BEAUTIFUL, JUST BEAUTIFUL, their fics are????? Amazing?????????? Can I just keep adding question marks??? Because I don’t know how they do it??? Omg their ao3 is the same and all their fics are amazing???? I’m dying go read them all, do a binge read, put them on read later, bookmark all the fics I don’t care just read their fics plz

@dallyingdivergent: Gaby is so amazing like?? I recently read one of her fics and I had to read it again, I felt so blessed, help me, plus she’s a total sweetheart I just.. I cry, that’s what I do, I cry, ty Gaby

@kahleniel: Kahl is great like?,??? Same url on ao3, her fics will end you, and you will cry and be happy they did. They are so sweet tbh like it’s not fair just.. such a well rounded person with amazing writes, I cry

@glassesgirl0401: Frau! Ahhh, I cry, her ao3 is Arlene0401 and you need of go look at it right now, no excuses, it’s all great, she great too, what more could you want ahhh

@captain-cleanliness: guy… GUY, he is???? Himself??? I can say that much, he is guy and guy is unique. All he does is write smut pfft, now I’m just kidding but he’s so great???? His headcanons are amazing like omg, he’s the best ahh

@mastia: cutest ereri fics I weep, like why and how and what???? I can’t form phrases like a person, but this person is beautiful I weep

@mikannnie: Cas is great, beautiful headcanons and loves yumikuri and the Warriors alike. Like.. really good headcanons, go check out their blog, beautiful I tell you!!

@foreverautumnblog: CAN I CRY???? IS IT ALLOWED? I love her fics sooo????? Much????? I cry, she’s Foreverautumn on ao3 and she’s written the EreRi fic “half light”??? Amazing, I loved that fic but, /but/ she wrote “words are trivial” and??????? Do you know how much that fic blessed me??????? Do any of you??? No???? Well it blessed the living fuck outta me like dear sweet baby Jesus, I???? It’s amazing beautiful fic??? I’m cryinf help me, also she’s so sweet and funny and we don’t deserve her, thank you for existing as well, you are a blessing to all your fandoms

@julystorms: what are words. Great meta!!! Like is2g all their meta has me weak, like… they interpret everything so beautifully, I agree with them so much???? Great person, awesome meta, you can’t go wrong, I screm

@dirtylevi: Beauuuutifffffulllll person. Like Grade A plus plus meta and answers, their blog reminds me of target, I go ifor one thing and come out blessed af. Like bless them, just donit, and go follow, I cry

@l-e-v-i-ackerman: HE IS GREAT. He is loveatfirstsight one ao3 and he wrote “3am” like?????? That fic was the shit??? He’s grest,funny and really grey, amazing headcanons, treasured blogger, what did we do to deserve

@crying-abt-fictional-people: WORDS, writer, this person?????? Great tbh?? Hey are elliewritesthings on ao3 and ???? Omg they wrote “show me how much you love me” and i?? I have no words?? Plz go read it it’s A+ ereri goodness I weep, an Angel I tell you

@baegerbombtastic: Best BEST, like??? They are driedupwishes on ao3 and like???? They have the best fics, omg they wrote “summertime and butterflies all belong to your creation” and… it’s so cute??? Like I read I once and I had to go to the dentist because it gave me a shit ton of cavities??? Like what.. what.. thank you for existing I’m deceased

@appleapplepeach: I cry, OKAY okay… they are appleapple on ao3 and they make the best fics???? Like I love. They wrote the EreRi fic “Grounded” I loveeee that fic???? It’s so amazing like shit, shit shit, some good shit, it’s beau, please check out their works, I’m crying as I type, beautiful

@assistent-official: BLESS YOU?????? I’m constantly graced with long thought out headcanons on my dash and I love them all??? Bless don’t ever stop being amazing with your amazing headcanons

@nutella-and-ereri: Best blogger right here, like all her headcanons bless me?? Like how can you agree with someone so much.. just omg, plus a really see the person, we are unworthy. You are great yo

@margri3t: They are a cute, a living cute, same url on ao3 and they have cute fics?? Please go check them out, I’m swooning

End of my long ass list and like… all those people are just *shakes fist* so lovely??? Our writers are just so talented, we don’t deserve them I cry so hard, thank you for being you and this blogger love yall and hopes you get all the respect you deserve!!!! 💕❤😇

anonymous asked:

i know you said that in your fic that jeremy is 100% human, but maybe if he did have some connection to a deity of the moon or the water, he would have powers (sorta)? maybe he could control tides (or just water in general) and inspire dreams? i also imagine that he would have a really nice singing voice that could put you to sleep because the moon is really calming? sorry i'm just rambling now but i think moon!jeremy would be pretty cool

omg anon wtf these r so cool!! now i cant stop thinking about this either!! moon!jeremy can control the water but only a lil bit. im so so so in love with the dream powers. nobody notices, but their dreams are always calm and bright when jeremy is around. the possibilities for this are endless, and i kinda love the concept of this esp if jeremy himself doesnt know.

an idea i just got is what if jeremy just…subtly attracted moon-related supernaturals. rich is a werewolf and he has no idea why he always feels safe with jeremy around, but hes been friends with jeremy long enough not to question it. michael, of course, just has his head in his hands all the time because his best friend is funny and caring and sincere, but theres also something else inside of him, an age old voice that sounds like it’s speaking through time and teeth and water that keeps saying very unhelpful things like gorgeous beautiful stunning

concept: local werewolves give jeremy secret admirer gifts. in the background, local bakunawa boy resists urge to growl.