i just think they would make a nice couple

Sitting next to a couple of folks studying for their anatomy final on campus today. This is what I overhear:

“if it could be anywhere on your body, where would you want your butthole to be?”

“um… I think I like it where it is”

“are you kidding me??”

“that way it’s nice and hidden”

“why would you want it hidden? Just makes things more difficult. The correct answer is for your butthole to be on the bottom of your foot. Easy in, easy out, easy clean up”

“hmm… Okay, but which foot?”

imagine Grog and Pike growing up in Westruun but in a Disney Jr kinda way, where they get into shenanigans but there’s always a Lesson to be learned and Wilhand is their kind but scatterbrained guardian and there’s a rotating cast of characters that includes That Nice Old Woman Down The Street and Those Neighborhood Kids who get outsmarted by Pike and Grog every couple of episodes and the Temple Cleric with words of wisdom about particularly difficult problems and moments

and they deal with like, adoption and families of choice and loyalty and Doing The Right Thing and all that jazz

Ship shaming

I always love to see people shaming a ship tbh. Like, people taking things so seriously makes me crack tf up, because its just like, what? I’m being respectful. I’m not forcing it on them, or you, or anybody, I’m just over here, thinking these two would be a cute couple. What am I doing to disrespect you, honestly?

I especially thing it’s funny as fuck when people from similar ships shit all over each other. Let’s say, septiplier, for example.

Septiplier is a nice ship. I ship them, alot of other people ship them. And then some people will either take it too far, or over generalize and think I’m some kinda demon septiplier shipper, just because I think they’d be a good couple?

Shipping, for me, doesn’t mean I believe they should be together, it just means, I think they’d be a cool couple. Shipping ALSO doesn’t mean sexualizing, you fuckin pricks. Of course there are people who sexualize ships. That’s not evedybody though, and isn’t a direct attatchment to a relationship anyway.


However, gimme some otp, and im suddenly this guy 👇

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Can you make a Henry X Joey headcanons, PLEASE???

(Here you go! Sorry that it took longer than I thought…)

Henry X Joey

  • They are a couple that you think wouldn’t work out, but can and will try too.
  • In the end it doesn’t, but it was nice while it lasted.
  • They were definitely the high school sweet hearts.
  • If anyone were to dare lay a hand on Henry, Joey would chase them down to the ends of the earth.
  • When they went to college, Henry would make sure that they had time for dates/time for each other.
  • Henry would cuddle up to Joey when he is scared, feeling lonely, or just wants attention.
  • When they open the animation studio, they are so excited.
  • Boris was the first one they created together, then Bendy.
  • Both of them were like their own children in Henry and Joey’s eyes.
  • They played, danced, sung, did anything they could as a family.

(Moving away from lore type stuff and random shit)

  • Joey is the more stern person while Henry is relaxed.
  • Henry gives the most PDA out of both of them, but is also the most flustered.
  • Joey will definitely pick Henry up at random times and just carry him around. Especially when he is tired.
  • Henry is the little spoon, while Joey is the big spoon.
  • Sometimes it’s the other way around because Joey just needs to be held at times.
  • Joey was definitely the first one to say ‘I love you’ and initiate the first kiss.
  • Henry is the one to almost never get sick and take care of the other.
  • Couple Goals™
  • So damn adorable.

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hi! I really loved your Gruvia sketch that you did it felt like they were a couple 😄 Do you think that in the film they willl be in a relationship? I really hope so! 😁 Sorry about your art getting deleted I would say to save every so often just to make sure😊

Hiya! 💚

This is a very nice scene, because you can tell that Juvia knows his answer is going to be positive, going by the lil smile on her face with the blushies. He’s basically telling her that he can’t be in a relationship right now bc all the BS with E.N.D and zeref but once all that’s all done and dusted…. 😉

Note that, when Gray had thought Juvia died while begging and pleading her to opened her eyes, he has said that he would take her feelings more seriously if she were to survive-SURPRISE MOTHER FUCKER THE BITCH LIVED  😂💚

Nah but in all seriousness, safe to say all the zeref drama is history by the time Dragon Cry takes place, so at this point in time, in theory, gray would’ve given Juvia her answer which is 99.999999999% guaranteed to be a positive one. I don’t think it’ll really focus on their relationship but I think it might just be implied, who knows? 💁🏻 only time will tell x

P.s yeah I know I usually save my art every 15 minutes or so, but the one time I forget to is when it all goes south 😭💀 cheers for the kind words! 💚

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i mostly ship them in red and black. others are cool too but they would make a badass couple tbh. for the too hot hot damn part requires some thought. i can see karkat going im too hot just from u know the weather and youll have vriska bursting in from nowhere shouting hot damn at the top of her lungs and then i can also see vriska looking at herself in a mirror at one point dressed nicely and saying im too hot while karkat is either there or walks in and says hot damn. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I love you VrisKat anon 

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I mean, would it be amazing if it was Natasha ? Sure. But it's not and some people (I'm not talking about you) need to realize that just because both like girls and have great chemistry doesn't mean they will date. If they liked each other like that they would've done it long time ago and now would be a power couple. But clearly it's just an amazing friendship and people need to get used to it. Especially that Elise is dating for MONTHS this James guy.

I agree. It’s a nice fantasy, but it should be left at that and if Elise is dating someone else, hopefully all the crazy negovanman stuff will start settling down. I think the two of them (Nat and Elise) make for really great friends and with the roles they play, their ship seems to have naturally emerged from that as well. But boundaries are much more important when it’s a real life ship and people need to respect the fact that if their fantasies don’t play out the way they want, they shouldn’t be surprised. Elise is a human being and has a life outside of Carmilla.

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Half your asks always make me want to run face first into a glass door. No offense, but I think I have to stop reading here.

Everyone had been so calm that last couple of days! It was nice!

I would rather post videos and pictures of Gwen and Blake!

May just need to go back to that!

I kind of enjoy this one!

Do I hate Eve?

When I go on Elsword, people wonder if I hate Eve or hate AddxEve. I do not. I don’t like Eve but I don’t hate her. She just exists. I have seen characters like Kos-Mos and Nu-13 so she feels generic, though Add is a generic lunatic I suppose XD. 

Ship whatever you please, it doesn’t bother me. Boring , generic, weird, gross, or just down right what the hell, I don’t care. XD I just ship mostly boy love because well I fancy men. I can appreciate a straight or lesbian couple though, strangely I don’t see a lot of girl love in Elsword. Honestly my pairings make no sense since one of them would technically be one-sided but it is called a fantasy for  a reason. I think Ain and Ciel would be nice though as well as Add (LP) and Raven (RF).

I don’t fancy hardcore yaoi, yaoi is technically porn from what I have heard, rather soft love. I know some yaoi shippers want it hardcore, rainbows everywhere, bang bang all night. XD Whatever you like, you do you.


I actually cannot believe that ship hate is still a problem on tumblr for the Pretty Little Liars community. I thought we were all more mature than this? But if we truly was, I wouldn’t feel the need to make this post. Because I just want to make a few key points. 

#1: Actions = Consequences

Now, whether you like it or not - ALL COUPLES WILL HAVE SHIPPERS! And I honestly don’t understand why people are finding that such a hard concept to grasp onto. And when you decide to unleash your hate onto a ship that you don’t like, it is guaranteed that one of their shippers will see it and get hurt. How would that make you feel? To know that you’ve hurt somebody completely innocent by crapping all over something they’ve made a connection with? And how would that make you feel if it happened to you too? It’s not nice, is it? Just think about that when you want to post an angry rant about one of the couples. 

#2: ‘If I go down, you’re all going down with me’

That seems to be a method of ship hate that I see quite a lot, and this point is sort of connected to the last. If you are not happy with the way that your ship is being treated by the writers/producers, you do not have to bring down those around you who’s ships may actually be okay for once. All of the couples have had their ups and downs (some more than others) and one of the main couples has never been at official dating status (but the passion of emison fans is fucking brilliant, I love it. You guys fought to make your voices heard and it’s working. It may not have worked that much with 6b but I have a feeling something special is coming your way in s7 ☺️) - but you cannot justify your hate towards another ship with the fact that they may be getting more screen time than yours. 

I’ll use Ezria as my example here. Over the past 6 years, ezria has received a lot of screen time. But that’s not down to Marlene favouring them or anything - because she doesn’t. Ian Harding is registered as a Main Actor on the show. Ezra is one of the main characters. If it weren’t for ezria, one of the main actors would have pretty much NOTHING to do on the show. He’d just be the teacher that knows the business with A and owns a coffee shop. That’s it - how boring is that? Think about how much Ezra has done over the past 6 years that had nothing to do with Aria or his relationship with her? Exactly. That’s not a reason to crap on ezria or their shippers. 

#3: Equality for all

I need to make this clear that my example is not my personal opinion, it is genuinely just an example. 

But say I made a post saying:

‘Ezria, Emison and Spoby is endgame, haleb can blah blah blah’ 

That would be COMPLETELY UNFAIR of me. All of the couples has equal rights to be endgame. It’s as simple as that. If you excluded one couple and all of their shippers from the possibility of a happy ending, that would not go down well at all - in fact, it would do the opposite. It would hurt the feelings of a massive group of people saying that they don’t deserve to see their favourite characters be happy in the end of the show. 

#4: Think of the cast

Now just take a moment to remember how the cast of PLL feel about the couples.

  • Ashley and Tyler are complete 100000% Haleb support
  • Lucy and Ian are complete trash for Ezria (lucy especially)
  • Sasha and Shay are Emison obsessed
  • Troian loves Spoby. 
  • Keegan = Spooby. 

Now just know that all of these cast members I listed above are all POSITIVE INFLUENCES to the fandom. I am certain that they would want their fans to do the same which would mean not hating on other ships. Some of the cast may not be happy about some events that have happened spaleb but they still tried to encourage positivity to their fans. I think we need to follow their example.

We all know for a fact that Troian has a tumblr herself. Now imagine if she saw one of her die-hard fans shitting all over a group of innocent fans that were simply minding their own business? I doubt she’d be happy about that. 

Final note:

Look, guys and gals, we only have until March 2017 left of this series. Why would you want to spend the remainder of this time hating on a ship that you can literally just ignore? It’s as easy as that. 

If you have to give an overall opinion on a ship, you don’t have to be rude about it. Say some thing like ‘I’m not the biggest shipper of (____)’ or something along those lines. 

At the end of the day, it is just a show. These are just fictional characters. It proves that these actors are doing a wonderful job to make them all seem realistic, but like I said before it is a fictional show. Now is it worth bullying someone over? Causing them to get upset emotionally, mentally or even physically? It’s really not. 

You really don’t have any right to bully somebody over their choice of ship. Because if you’re a Haleb fan that gives hate on Emison (or any other variation of that example) then there is a possibility that you could even hurt a friend without even realising it. 

I know I have made some private negative comments in the past myself, I’ll own up to that and I am genuinely not proud of it, but I would never say it to any of their shippers because I would never want to hurt their feelings. 

It takes a lot more effort to make a long ass post about hating on a ship than it would to just keep it to yourself. Nobody likes extra effort

Ok, rant over 😂

Swan Queen and why I just don’t get it

The more I read on this Swan Queen ship, the less I understand it. 

Don’t get me wrong. I LOVE a good gay couple. But Regina + Emma? Really? If you’re telling me there’s actual sexual tension between them, I must ask whether you’re watching the same show as I am. I agree that queer romance is not present in OUaT, and it would be a nice thing to have, but it’s just not there. 

It’s one thing to root for an unconventional ship (for example, Mulan+Aurora, which I think are cuties and should have been together forever) and another to completely make it up. The only thing Emma and Regina have in common and agree on is their wish to protect Henry. How does that make them potential love interests to one another?

To put a simple example: My hair is dyed blue, and I often complain that no main characters EVER have fantasy hair. But just because I want to feel represented I can’t say “Look, see this blond girl on screen? Well, I know for a fact that her hair is blue. I know you don’t see it and it seems blond, but I’m 100% sure that her hair is blue, and you’re just not looking hard enough.”

It’s okay to complain if you don’t feel represented. I do it too. But saying that two people who are obviously not in love are endgame and accusing the rest of the shippers of being homophobic and heteronormative (which I have seen) is not fair and not logical.

So let me be very blunt here:

This is happening. ⇧

This is happening. ⇧

This is not. ⇧

That said, all my love for any LGTBQ+ people out there. You’re wonderful and I wish you all the best.

Edit: Seeing as some people got pissed and called tag invasion on the post, I’m removing the ‘Swan Queen’ tag. Sorry if anyone was offended. I was just expressing an opinion, I hope that in a polite manner. Also, I find tag invasion in the Captain Swan tag, but I didn’t intend to make anyone feel bad. You’re free to have and express your own opinion, of course. I’m not vetoing it if Swan Queen is your ship.


I built a twitter bot named @encouragetxt that will randomly send its followers little compliments and notes of encouragement every couple of hours. I was in a shitty mood yesterday and thought about how nice it’d be to just have a little app that would send unexpected, random texts to cheer me up, and realized I could build a system that’d let other people get in on the positive vibes as well.

I was inspired by @jeffreymarsh to make this thing – their random tweets of hyper positivity always cheer me right the hell up and I wanted there to be even more beacons of just pure positive vibes around. I dunno, I think carving out little internet spaces where it’s okay to take a sec to breathe and remember that you’re doing better than you think you are is nice, and I just wanted to see more of that, so I built it, lmao.

All you’ve gotta do to start getting messages is follow @encouragetxt on twitter, and it’ll automatically add you to the list of possible recipients. And if you have suggestions for positive notes or little tweet-sized pep talks, you can send them in an @ mention and it’ll add them to a spreadsheet for me to review.

I’ll be able to adjust the frequency of messages as more people join (the 2 hour window I currently use is nice for the 10 or so users it has at the moment, but I can tweak it as needed – the idea is that I’d like every user to have about a 1/7 chance of getting a message on a given day so you get an average of 1 message a week, or so), and I’ll have to figure out how to make IFTTT work for me after a certain follower threshold, but generally this thing should be good to go and ready to follow, so check it out if that’s something you’re interested in!

(And if you want to unfollow, send a DM to either me (@herrashmoo both on twitter and tumblr) or the bot itself and aks to be removed from the list – I haven’t figured out a way to automate that with the system I’m using, so I have to do it manually for the time being.)

I think everyone have the right to ship any couple and to think anything about others ships, but it would be really nice if they don’t express their hate tagging the ships. It doesn’t matter if you ship clintasha, romanogers, brutasha or buckynat, just focus on what you like and want, and leave others do the same.
It always makes me sad to see the hate in the brutasha tag and I know it would feel the same to you if it was you to see hate in your’s ship tag, so, it’s really simple… Just don’t do unto others what you don’t want others to do unto you .
It worths for all shippers.