i just think the back is one of the sexiest parts of the body

All It Takes (two)

Bucky x Reader

Summary: It’s not just Bucky who is miserably lusting after you.

Word Count: 1349 | Rating: R 

Warnings: SMUT. Masturbation, one nsfw gif

A/N: okay, that’s a crappy summary. but I hope the content is good enough for y’all 

also sorry for any typos, i’m on the phone.

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All It Takes Part One

(*gifs are not mine!)

From the moment he stepped into your life, you were aware of what all he could do to you. Bucky Barnes was a walking warning himself, a constant reminder for why you cannot be anyone else’s but his. You are head over heels for him and all he has to do is look at you and throw that sexy smirk along with those twinkling blue orbs and you were done for good.

You find yourself daydreaming about him – a lot, often about his lips, how he would roam them all over your body, pressing gentle feather light kisses on your sensitive skin, leaving goosebumps in his wake. How his perfect lips would mould with yours, sucking all the air from your lungs, leaving them red and swollen. How he’d graze the tip of his nose along the underside of your jawline, breathing you in. He’d connect lips on the column of your throat, biting and sucking bruises and it would take him little to no time in discovering that sensitive spot on your neck which makes you release that sweet harmonious noise.

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a friend like mine [2]

Summary: A discussion about a break up leads to….interesting revelations. || Sebastian x Reader || part 2 of 2 || part one is here

Warnings: smut and all that entails, thigh riding, choking, spanking, seb being a dirty lil shit, swearing, and i think that’s it?

Note: I’m going to hell and you’re all coming with me

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Joker imagine: Daddy kink

ifindyourlipssokisssable said:

Could you do an imagine where the reader is J’s girlfriend & she’s cute & needy & heavily into the Daddy kink & it drives him crazy (not able to focus on work) then rough smut happens thxx

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Your P.O.V.

Oh how boring a day could be. J was stuck in his office trying to work as I wandered around the penthouse with absolutely nothing to do. The tv was on, but I gave up trying to find something interesting to watch. Maybe I could talk him through and so we could go out for a drive around the city or something? Being alone was the worst.

‘’Daddy!’’ I whined as soon as I opened his office door.He was sitting on his big leather chair and facing down to some papers. Didn’t even raise his eyes. ‘’Daddy I’m bored’’I told him and walked further into the room. I was wearing his purple button up shirt as my only clothing right now which was something he usually liked.

‘’Go bother Frost or something, I’m busy’’ He mumbled and then grabbed a new paper. I crossed my arms and decided to give this man a break from planning so many crimes. ‘’Come on..We could do something else daddy’’ I winked and leaned against his desk. I knew this was risky, but man I had nothing else to do either. J looked up to me and saw what I was wearing. ‘’Baby girl, daddy is working. I’m coming later’’ He tried to say calmly, but I knew I was getting onto something. 

‘’Ooh that’s a pretty pen’’ I chirped and took his pen from his hand. It was a normal black pen, but I had to get it away from him. ‘’Give it back’’ He demanded and reached out his palm for me. ‘’I don’t think so. You should take a break ‘’ I smiled and then put the pen in the pocket of his shirt that I was wearing. His eyes grew darker and I knew I was pissing him off. 

‘’Y/N I swear to god I need it’’He growled and stood up. Yes. ‘’Come and get it daddy’’ I encouraged him and walked backwards as he came closer. He clenched his jaw and his breathing got husky. He gave me a dark look and then saw a wall nearby. Before I knew it, I was pinned against the wall and J was in front of me. Our eyes met and I saw how full of lust his were. ‘’That’s a start. At least you got your bum off of that chair’’ I chirped happily. He put a finger on my lips and took a deep breath.

‘’I’m really trying to work baby, but you’re making it hard for me’’ J growled with a very serious tone. Just what I wanted to hear. ‘’Sorry. There’s nothing to do so I wanted to come and see you daddy’’ I pouted and then used that one word that always drove him insane. ‘’You know you shouldn’t interrupt me’’ the corners of his mouth curved into a smile. I nodded to let him know that I knew I was breaking the rules.

‘’Such a bad bad girl’’ He whispered darkly and licked his lips. ‘’Sorry daddy’’ I apologized, but I didn’t mean it at all. I knew I was about to get him over the edge. ‘’Careful’’ He warned me and pointed at me with his long finger. ‘’For what?’’  I grinned and then he murmured something under his breath. He was trying to stay calm, but I wasn’t allowing that to happen. ‘’Let’s do something’’ I sighed and pulled his shirt. ‘’You keep misbehaving over and over again. I think someone needs to be punished’’ He suddenly noted and grabbed my wrist. 

Goal achieved.

His eyes darkened and I knew he was angry that I got him away from work. Suddenly he started walking back to the desk and pulled my wrist and forced me to follow him. I tried to contain my excitement as he finally decided to do something. J pushed me against the flat surface and then lifted the hem of the shirt I was wearing so my bum was visible for him.

‘’How many do you think that you deserve, hm?’’ He nearly growled and put his other hand on my back. ‘’I don’t know daddy.. 3?’’ I suggested innocently and fluttered my eyelashes at him. He just chuckled and my suggestion. ‘’You haven’t been that good. I think it’s more like 10′’ He thought out loud and rubbed the skin softly. I knew that his spanks were hard, but I had a weird pain kink, just like the daddy kink that turned us both on.

Then out of the blue he slapped his palm against my ass, making me gasp in surprise. A stinging pain took over, but it was replaced my pleasure. ‘’Count’’ J demanded and then spanked me again. ‘’2′’ I moaned out and held onto the edge of the desk. ‘’Oh..you like this don’t you?’’ He questioned me with a husky voice and slapped my bum cheeks. ‘’3..’’ I whimpered and ignored his question. He was making me extremely wet now. 4..5..6..7..8, all in a row and it made me yell out. My eyes got teary, but I still kept a smile on my face.

‘’Oh you’re such a bad girl Y/N’’ He let me know. ‘’I can’t help it daddy’’ I defended myself and deserved a harder spank, making me groan. ‘’9′’ I muttered and prepared myself for one more. J knew that i got impatient easily. So he waited just to be a damn tease. ‘’You won’t be able to walk tomorrow so you can’t walk in and distract me’’ He warned me with a low voice. Just as I opened my mouth to speak, he spanked me one last time time and caused me to yell out his name.

‘’10′’ I added quickly and then let out a big breath. I heard as he unbuckled his belt, but I didn’t turn to look because I didn’t want to misbehave more. Suddenly he ripped off the shirt from me and threw it somewhere on the floor. ‘’You’re so naughty baby girl..’’ He whispered and then pushed himself into me with no warning. My lips parted and my eyes nearly rolled out of my head from the sudden pleasure.

He put his hands on my waist and then started to pound in and out of my soft wet walls. J held onto me so tightly that I was sure it would leave visible marks. ‘’Yes Daddy!’’ I cried out and gritted my teeth. His movements were rough and harsh, showing no mercy at all. The sudden roughness hurt, but it also felt so good that I wished this bittersweet pleasure would stay forever. 

J grunted in pleasure and thrusted his length so deep I could nearly feel him in my tummy. I could nearly see stars. His hand found my hair and he tugged it a little so I had to lean closer to him with my back, supporting my weigh with my arms. He kept fucking me hard from behind, but soon I felt his lips on my neck. ‘’Are you still bored?’’ he breathed out and smled dirtily. I could barely breathe because I kept moaning and crying out in raw pleasure. My heart was beating faster as adrenaline pumped through my body. ‘’N-No..’’ I stuttered quietly. 

‘’No ,what?’’ He growled and gave me a hard thrust, making my body jump a little and I cursed out a few curse words. ‘’No daddy’’ I let him know and then gulped. It pleased his dirty mind to hear that. An orgasm was forming rapidly and I knew that he wouldn’t stop until he came, not caring about my orgasm. This was my punishment. I’d either be lucky and come at the same time, or then he’d make me come and keep thrusting his big cock in my sensitive cunt, making the pleasure way more intense and overwhelming.

‘’You’re close’’ You whispered and felt my walls pulsing on him. I gritted my teeth and tried to hold back the orgasm that was building up. Knowing J, he’d do anything to make me come now. I wasn’t wrong either. His other hand touched my clit and he started rubbing it roughly, making my legs shake. ‘’Daddy..please I-I can’t-’’ I whimpered quietly ,but it was useless. He was so rough that it brought me over the edge quickly.

My orgasm came without a warning, sending a wave of pleasure through my body. I shut my eyes for a while as I tried to gather myself, but I could feel my juices leaking down my leg. 


My legs kept shaking wildly as J fucked my tightened walls. He was moaning deeply and soon I felt his teeth sinking into my shoulder as he bit me. The pleasure was too much. I was moaning uncontrollably and I could barely hold onto the table anymore. 

His thrusts got sloppier and I knew he was close now. ‘’Cum inside me’’ I encouraged him even tho I could barely talk. Only seconds later I felt his cum filling me up, as he came. I breathed out shakily and was allowed to breathe for a moment. J moaned my name which was the sexiest thing I have ever heard. It made me so happy that I was able to make him feel good.

Even tho he was punishing me for being so misbehaving.

J pulled out and I felt how his warm cum ran down my leg along with my arousal. I bit my bottom lip and tried to calm down from the rough sex. I knew for sure that I would be sore tomorrow. ‘’Are you happy now?’’ J asked me and walked in front of me, taking a seat on his chair. His green hair was a mess and his skin was sweaty from fucking me like there was no limit.The after sex-glow suited him. 

‘’Mmhm’’ I mumbled a yes and then tried to stand up, being completely naked in front of him. J had pulled up his pants and he was obviously going to continue working. ‘’How about you take a bath? I’ll join you in five’’ He promised and then grabbed a new pen from his desk. A bath sounded amazing. Ooh especially with a bathbomb.

 ‘’See you then’’ I smiled tiredly and then tried to walk out of his office. I felt his eyes on me as I struggled to walk in a straight line. All I could hear was him laughing at me, but I didn’t mind. It was kinda amusing.

Stoned On You

A/N: Hiii. This is a collaboration with me and @minhosmeanhoe . We figured out  that we’re the same person with the same dirty mind and this was the outcome. This is the longest and most smut I’m sure either of us has ever written in our lives and I hope you guys love reading as much as we loved writing it ! The song that goes with this fic is Stoned On You by Jaymes Young

Warnings: smut; smoking (weed), drinking, mentions of violence, hair pulling; I’m sure there is more but idk rn

Word Count: 12,529

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warnings: graphic smut, dirty talk, spanking, oral sex, masturbation, sub!hoseok + dom!reader, dom!hoseok + sub!reader

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masterlist | ask | song

Sitting on the brilliant white fabric sofa in the sexiest, most shameless silky robe and matching lingerie you possessed you waited impatiently for your boyfriend Hoseok. The two of you had been together for almost three years, your relationship was absolutely perfect but you couldn’t deny how much you missed him each time he worked away for promotions. Hoseok was the lead dancer of the famous Kpop group BTS, and ever since you laid eyes on him in an overcrowded humid nightclub in Hongdae, you knew he was the one.

It was the way his body moved rhythmically to the music as he danced, thankfully alcohol provided him with enough courage to steal you away from your friends and show you a good time. Your bodies were hot, sweaty and fuelled entirely by an unquenchable thirst for each other; you didn’t remember much else about that night, mostly just the feel of Hoseok’s glistening back muscles beneath your desperate fingernails. Who knew that wouldn’t be the last time your bodies were lost beneath his bed sheets. 
Three years later here you were, the same desire for him circuiting your body.

He would be home soon.

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The Sexy, Bearded ‘We’

Pairing: Jared x Reader x Jensen

Summary: Jared says something at a con that really gets you going.

Word Count: 1,795

Warnings: threesome, oral sex (male and female receiving), smut

A/N: AU where Jensen is single, remember this is fiction! If you’re a die-hard Jensen girl and don’t want to read Jared smut, stop now. If you’re a die-hard Jared girl and don’t want to read Jensen smut, also stop now. If you’re a j2 girl, you’re in for a treat. Also I’m going to church to confess my sins after writing this.

You sat backstage, listening to your boyfriend and his costar answer a question about the beards he and Jensen had grown over their break from filming.

“We like to call ourselves - Jensen and I - the sexy, bearded ‘we’.” He grinned.

You’d always had a thing for Jared’s beard. The way it scratched at your face when he kissed you, the way it felt between your legs, just scruffy enough to leave red patches between your thighs. And there was no denying how unbelievably sexy Jensen was as well. When they both grew their beards out, good Lord.

After the panel, you met Jared in the green room, Jensen following closely behind him. 

“Oh, the sexy, bearded ‘we’ is gracing my presence.” You swooned jokingly.

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Where y/n is Harry’s assistant and they are both secretly in love with each other.

warnings: a lot of smut

It’s my first time writing a Harry one shot. I’ve been dreaming about being Harry’s assistant a couple of times now and I wanted to write about it. I’m so sorry if this is shit,, English is my third language so yeah but I hope you’ll be able to enjoy it :). xo ML

also shout out to my bub @17-blackaf for proof reading it :) you’re the best. 💕

Harry’s been staring at her for a while now.

He watched her as she was putting the last groceries in his fridge. She was in a hurry, as always. Y/N has been known to be a very stressed out person; always wanting to finish things as fast as she could.

But today, it was a bit different than usual.

Ever since Harry finished the last bits of his album, the level of her stress became unbearable. Harry was on promo tour in London, and though everything was going well (as they both hoped), she couldn’t help that she was anxious about every little thing.

Even after a year of being Harry’s assistant and him reassuring her every time that everything she does for him is amazing, she still doubts herself.

He wished that she wasn’t so hard on herself.

Harry admired Y/N a lot. He loved how she could speak three different languages (especially French, he loved French), while he struggled with repeating the same French phrase. Y/N always teased him when he tried to speak the language, but always helped him improve it. Y/N hated that English wasn’t her native language and struggled with it sometimes. Harry thought it was cute, and would always help her out. Just like she helped him with his French.

He was also amazed by her beautiful eyes and how they would sparkle when she smiled. He thought that she had the most extravagant smile in the world. Harry also thought Y/N was adorable, especially when she would giggle when he told her a silly joke.

Harry loved how much she loved his jokes as he adored her sense of humor. He always thought that they were very similar when it came down to corny jokes. She would tell the weirdest thing in the world and then laugh at herself. Harry thought she was a hilarious precious woman.

Harry loved the way she loved singing and dancing along to her favourite songs. It was entertaining to he catch her dancing around his house while listening to music. She would always scream and cuss, running away from him. Y/N loved all kinds of music, just like he does.

He adored how small she was compared to his height. Whenever she would let him hug her, she would always stand on her tiptoes. Which would always make him chuckle and hold her tighter to his chest.

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genre: smut

word count: 2.7k

warning: voyeurism, choking kink, degrading names, jk’s pov

“Close your eyes for me,” She takes a step closer to me and I feel her cold, small hands touch my skin. I look up to her as I place my hands on her hips, knowing already it will bother her, but I can’t help myself.

“Jungkookie…” I hear her soft voice complain in a whisper, maybe a groan, but she is so quiet that I can’t tell for sure. We did have company in the room, but in all honesty, I am not concerned by it.

“Noona?” I say back slowly letting go of her, as if I did not know already what she meant. She looks around to grab another one of her brushes, but I know she is also ascertaining whether someone had seen me or she is just being paranoid. Then, she starts dabbing it smoothly over my face and her touch is fairly gentle, almost as if she were afraid to hurt me.

With my sight, I follow her every move as she gives her final touches. She is not wearing anything fancy today, just a plain white t-shirt and a high-waisted pink skirt, but for some reason I find myself more attracted to her than usual. It is her scent, perhaps, the lazy waves at the ends of her hair, or that innocent tone she speaks with as she smiles and informs me that she is done, I don’t know.

“Are you okay?” I look at her curiously, raising a brow. “You seem a bit off today.”

“I’m good,” She replies instantly, “Just a bit thoughtful.”

“Hmm,” I tilt my head, wondering what to say. “What—”

I interrupt my own self as I see that the boys going out distract her. As they leave, I look at them too, and I get up to close the door behind them. She just stands quiet, but when I turn around, I see her lips part slightly with a small smile. God, if only she knew how good she looked like that, standing there and doing absolutely nothing but staring at me with those pretty and playful eyes…

“Noona, what were you thinking about?” I continue as I walk back to her. “I want to know what is distracting you so much that you won’t even look at me.” My words came off a bit harsh even though I didn’t really mean them to, so I rub my thumb against her cheek delicately, hoping it will smooth my image.

“But I do look at you, Kookie,” She finally speaks confidently, “And I notice how you look at me, how you mentally undress me, and how you practically devour me with your eyes.”

“I won’t deny that.”

She crosses her arms and walks over the window, I stand a few steps behind, watching her. I can see through the reflection that she’s looking at me too, like she is expecting me to come closer.

“Do you think about me too, Noona?” I question, though I know the answer already.

And I know she does think about me, I didn’t need her to say it. From the way that I catch her staring at my lips momentarily, to the way she would take extra time to do my makeup, I just…know that she wants me. Maybe not as fervently as I want her, as I’ve wanted her this whole time, but the slightest bit of desire is enough to me.

My eyes are on her, but her stare doesn’t move from the street. It is still early from what we can see outside, and the weather is so nice, I’m certain she is enjoying the view that the big glass is allowing her. I stand behind her and slide a hand down the back of her neck, slowly, traveling through it and finally landing on her shoulder. Her shirt is so loose I can easily push it away so a bit of her skin is exposed, and as I stare at her carefully, I suddenly notice she has freckles on her shoulder.

For a moment, I find myself genuinely thinking about her. I’m thinking about how delicate she is, and how delightful she is to my sight. She turns her head from the glass, probably wondering why I stopped moving for a second, so I place a warm kiss in her cold skin and I feel her shiver under my touch instantly, but she isn’t complaining.

“I really don’t,” She suddenly says. “And you shouldn’t either.”

She exhales as if what she had just said took her a lot of effort to admit, and I’m too caught in my own lustful thoughts that I don’t bother myself to contradict her. Instead, I lower my hand to her waist, wrapping her completely because she is so small, and I stroke her earlobe with my lips. Gently, I am barely even touching her, but I still earn one of those soft whimpers of hers.

“Then why aren’t you stopping me?” I tease, enchanted by the goosebumps running through her skin. To see how she reacts to me with such vague touch is arousing, but I can’t say that I am enjoying this to its fullest, considering her body is pressed to mine so painfully…to me, at least.

“Noona, do you even want me to touch you?”

“Kookie, I…”

“Stop calling me that,” I cut her off, slowly turning her around so she is facing me and I feel her legs shaking a little. “It’s such a turn off.”

She knows — we both know that anyone could come back to the room and catch us. Although I can tell she is quite nervous, she is handling the situation better than I could wish for her to do so, looking straight and playfully into my eyes, as if she knew what she is doing.

“Jungkook,” I hear her whisper. “What if someone chimes in?”

“You wouldn’t mind,” I touch the hem of her skirt, it’s so short that I don’t even have to lean one bit to do it, and she likes it. Maybe she wears them on purpose; maybe she wears them because she knows it drives me crazy. “Noona, you just wouldn’t mind at all. Would you? I could bend you over that table and pound into your little pussy like an animal, and you’d love it too much to care if someone did catch us.” I chuckle in her ear, grabbing the back of her neck and pulling her closer.

“But I can’t do that, Noona, not unless you ask me to.”

My hand tangles itself in her hair, bringing her lips close to mine. I kiss her and I feel her body tense for a second, but she slowly gives in as she loses control of her own lips, and teasingly, I bring my hands down to her hips. She is incredibly close to me, kissing me so passionately I can barely describe such exquisite action, the temptation to touch her ass is agonizing.

“Jungkook,” she finally speaks loud, almost moaning. “Touch me.”

She speaks and I don’t hesitate to kiss her again, this time touching her properly. I bring my hands underneath her skirt as I touch her beautiful body and she can’t help but free the sexiest sounds into my mouth and I love absolutely everything about it, but the fabric of her lingerie irritates me.

I wonder how many times she has thought of this exact moment; us, kissing like there’s no tomorrow, right before I fuck her. Because I think of it quite often, her petite body in front of mine, slowly bending over as she waits for me to pound right into her, merciless, just the way I know she’d like it.

Therefore, I do justice to our fantasy, now that I know she wants me too. I break the kiss to spin her body harshly, holding her arms pressed to her back. She whines a little, like she is about to complain, but she saves it because she knows very well that I won’t hurt her. Instead, she moans when my body hovers hers, and I slowly start leaving a wet trail of kisses from her neck down to her shoulders. I kneel down suddenly, lifting up her skirt up to her waist and slowly pulling down her pink panties, caressing her thighs and cheeks, right before I spank her hard.

“Fuck,” she moans, and I smile to myself. “P-please,”

“Noona, you’re already begging?” I tease her, as I flatten my tongue against her pussy. “I see why. You’re dripping down your thighs, baby.”

She looks at me over her shoulder as I wait for her response, but then turns around to face me and takes her shirt off without even me asking her to do it. I’m on my knees, only staring at her to catch on what she is trying to do, and I see her tossing her bra out of the way too.

“Look at you,” I smirk as I stand up, taking off her skirt and exposing her completely to me. “Undressing yourself when no one asked you to… are you that hungry for dick?”

Moaning softly, she attempts to answer but I see her hesitate. I kiss her desperately, and she tries to undo my pants, but I stop her. “Uh-uh, slow down noona. I’m not undressing today. You’ll get fucked like the dirty slut you are, exposed and humiliated.”

“Now, I don’t know where I should take your little cunt. Should I bend you over this table or fuck you against the glass?” I slowly push two fingers inside of her and she immediately moans, holding onto my neck as she throws her head back and starts to lose control. “You’ve been good to me so far, so I’ll let you choose.”

“A-anywhere,” she tries to speak and I curl my fingers inside of her. “Take me anywhere.”

I think of teasing her a little longer just because I think she enjoys it even more than I do, but I’ve had a hard-on for too long now my balls are starting to hurt. I need to fill her as much as she needs me to fill her, but I’m conscious that it won’t be long until someone walks in on us. I place the back of my hand on her cheek and I lean in as if I were to kiss her, but instead, I roughly grab her hair pulling her head backwards and she laughs maniacally, enjoying the pain.

Then, I spin her body around, pushing her naked body into the glass. She moves fast and quickly places both hands right in front of her chest, to prevent her face hitting the window. I stand behind her and she smiles again, the sound of my zipper going down exciting her. With the tip of my cock, I tease her entrance for a while before I push myself deep inside her. She feels so tight around me I can’t help but groan against her body, playfully biting her torso as I wait a little for her to adjust, then I hear her begging me to move.

“Ahh fuck,” I grab her hips to hold her body against me and I thrust hard into her, all the way in, and then slowly pull out just to do the same. She moans again. God, nothing can compare to this feeling. She’s so covered in her arousal that I slide right in and out, and her walls clench tight around me I know she’s close to soon. Slowing my thrusts, I see her face is pressed against the window and her hands continue to support her body, so I reach for them and I pin them behind her back once again.

“Yes, yes, Jungkook!” She gasps out, her tits flat against the glass. For a moment I wonder what this would look like from outside this room, what it would look like if I were walking outside the building and I saw her beautiful, nude silhouette bouncing up and down as someone buries into her from behind. “Harder!”

“You want it harder, baby? Hmm….” I whisper, thrusting as hard as I can, making her scream. “Shut up, you fucking slut. You’re already putting on a show through this window, and you want everyone in the building to hear you?”

I stop thrusting and cup her breast, moving my hand down to toy with her clit, rubbing her softly, but I still don’t lose my grip on her hands. “You wanna cum, huh? I’ll make you cum, baby… but you better be good and quiet, take it like a big girl, okay?”

She nods her head and I let go of her hands to start thrusting again, my fist swirling to take her hair into a ponytail, pulling it hard. I watch her as she opens her mouth in a choked moan, breathing heavily and closing her eyes shut. At this point it seems she is chasing her high so desperately, she doesn’t even care what I do to her anymore, and just lets me take complete control over her.

“You love getting fucked like this, don’t you, Noona?” I speak since I feel her tighten so deliciously I fear I won’t last any longer, but I continue focusing on her. “You love having random people watch you getting pounded like the dirty slut you are… ah, fuck! Your cunt feels so good clenching around my hard cock like this, you’re close now, aren’t you?”

“Yes Jungkook, f-fuck, I’m so fucking close, ah…”

“You’ll come so good you’ll think about this every night,” Clutching her hips in my hands, I make sure I leave her all pretty and bruised. “You’ll finger your sweet cunt and pretend it’s my cock filling you up, hmm, but your cute little hands won’t do. Only I make you cum like this, huh?”

“Y-yes, yes! Ah, hmmm, I…”

I spank her ass hard and slow down my pace until I stop completely. “You keep screaming nonsense like a bitch, talk to me like a big girl if you want to cum.”

“Jungkook,” She manages, pushing herself back into my cock. “Make me cum, only you make me cum so hard I forget my own name.”

That’s all I need to hear. I pick up my pace again, thrusting harder and deeper I feel her shaking, and I know she’s so sensitive she’ll cum all over me in seconds. I reach down for her clit again, rubbing her fast as I try to bring her to an intense orgasm, and she holds onto my thigh to keep balance as she finally lets the wave of pleasure hit her. Tighter than ever, her moans mix with mine as I feel myself begin to collapse too, slowing down to help her ride out.

“Ah, shit, I’ll come too,” I groan quietly, trying to sound composed but it’s almost impossible. I pull out of her and start stroking myself a bit slower. “On your knees, now.”

She’s so good to me she obeys as soon as I speak, and I watch her kneel down in front of me all fucked out, her face red and her eyes teary, half smiling with an open mouth. I can’t help but smile too. Tightening my grip, I stroke myself fast, so fast I’m on that pain but blissful edge soon. “I’m coming…ah fuck, I’ll come all over my slut’s mouth…”

“Hmm that’s right Jungkook, I am your little slut.” She starts moaning, the sounds come out so sensual it only encourages me to chase my high. “Come on baby, give it to me, I’ll swallow it all…”

I’m so fucking close I feel as if my whole body were to explode right in front of her. She’s still on her knees, playing with her tits and looking straight into my eyes. I fail to look back at her as I close my eyes shut, my orgasm hitting me hard. “Tongue out, fuck,” I warn, spilling my semen into her dirty little mouth while her tongue swirls around the head, getting every single drop out of me.

“Look at all that cum,” I whisper playfully, caressing her hair. “Take it all baby.”

She opens her eyes and looks up at me once again, opening her mouth to show me she had swallowed everything I gave her just like she promised. “You’re a dime,” I smile, grabbing her chin with my finger to pull her back on her feet. 

“I’m keeping ya.”

Special Instructions (3/?)

Summary: Drunk Emma really likes pizza. She also really happens to like the cute delivery guy who seems content to carry out all of her wishes via the “Special Instructions” box on the website. (AO3)
Rating: M
Word Count: ~3800 (why do they keep getting longer?)
Chapters: One Two

hope u like crazy hot mess emma 😝 🍺🍻🍷🍸🍹🍾🍕 😵

remember a few months ago when i asked everyone to tell me stories of stupid/funny shit y’all did when drunk? thanks for the inspiration ;))

reader requested tags: @lenfaz @ilovemesomekillianjones @like-waves-on-the-beach 


Special instructions: pls send cute delivry guy, i missss himm   

One of the benefits of having a job with odd hours was that Emma could get completely trashed on a Tuesday evening and not give a single fuck as to how it would affect her the next morning. She’d started her own private party several hours earlier when all of her friends had turned her down for one reason or another. (Because they had jobs, mostly. Fucking party pooping productive members of society.)

She was giggling so hard she snorted when she clicked ‘order’ on the website, so beyond caring about anything that she felt no shyness or shame whatsoever.

Drunk did not even begin to cover it. Drunk was several homemade cocktails earlier. She was mixing a bunch of things she really shouldn’t be mixing. She couldn’t remember everything she ingested, but she did recall the two straight shots of tequila that she started off with (and what a way to start), as well as the few gulps of red wine that she took straight from the bottle because she was a respectable, refined adult. She vaguely recalled an almost-daiquiri of questionable flavor, as well as one particularly horrible concoction of Red Bull, triple sec, vodka, gin, and Gatorade because apparently she was trying to liquefy her internal organs.

(It didn’t help that she’d pulled out the entire contents of her alcohol cabinet and placed everything on her kitchen counter, giving her a wide selection of self-destructive options.)

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anonymous asked:

I think it would be super cool to read a fanfic about Bughead meeting at like a support group for depression/self harm. Maybe they were friends when they were little and Jughead transferred schools and they haven't talked since and they catch up and then support each other through their issues :)

Ooohhh I love this idea! You’re so awesome anonymouse 🐭

“Are you sure you want to do this Elizabeth, you understand this is your choice correct?” Alice Cooper was gripping the steering wheel so tight Betty was sure she was going to rip into the leather.

“Yes mom. This is.. I have to.. if this works..I’m running out of options.” The beautiful blonde passenger whispered, voice closing with unrestrained anxiety.

Alice barely spared her a glance
“If you feel this is a positive thing then go on, why you can’t just stop that nasty habit of cutting yourself up I’ll never understand but since this is what the family counselor suggested I suppose I have no option. Go on and spread our dirty laundry to the world.” She hissed out bitterly.

Sighing silently, Betty reached over and pressed a kiss to her moms cheek.
“I’ll see you in an hour.” She stepped out of the car, her shoulders releasing pent up tension. She would definitely be driving herself here from now on.

“Had to hitch a ride with the slave driver too huh?”

Turning around at the unfamiliar voice, Betty came face to face with a beautiful African American girl, short brown hair and dark eyes, the gorgeous stranger stuck her hand out

“I’m maya, it’s nice to meet you.”

As soon as Betty reached for her hand Maya snapped it back, her whole body jerking forward causing Betty to stiffen instinctually.

“I’m so sorry! I have Tourette’s, I probably should have told you that first. Really I’m so sorry!” She shoved her hands in her pockets and made to scurry forward, but not before Betty’s hand reached out and gripped her forearm.

“I’m Betty Cooper. it’s nice to meet you too.” She gently smiled and began walking in sync with her new friend.

“You’re new here, first days can be a little intimidating but stick by me in group and I won’t let anyone mess with you.” The taller girl smiled proudly, yelping on a twitch before she draped an arm over Betty’s shoulders and pulled her into the building.

As soon as the two girls walked in Betty felt her panic rise, there were chairs set up in a circle around a desk, almost all were taken except a scattered few, teenagers her age were all talking to each other and all Betty wanted to do was run right back out the front door, maybe her mother was right, maybe this wasn’t a good idea, there were way too many people, too much judgment.

“Hi! Elizabeth right?” A middle aged woman with a short pixie cut and see through blue eyes approached her, gripping her hand and shaking it aggressively “we are so excited to have you at Helping Hearts Rehabilitation Therapy Class, my name is Rosa and I run the therapy sessions here! I think you’ll fit in just fine, Why don’t you take a seat with Maya right up front, were about to start group therapy.” The frantic older woman squeezed Betty in a jug before rushing off somewhere else.

Maya grabbed her hand, rolling her eyes
“Rosa can be a little much but she’s all heart, you’ll get to know her better in individual sessions.” She dropped down on a plastic, blue seat and patted the one beside her as Betty delicately sat down.

Betty took a moment to glance around the room, it was an eclectic mix, people covered in scars, people crying on their own, others texting on their phones angrily while some looked about as nervous as she felt, suddenly she felt an itch on the side of her head, it slowly turned into a burning and she glanced to her right, her eyes going wide at what she saw.

A beautiful boy, something right out of a 1950s greaser catalogue. He had thick, wavy black hair, slightly covered by a crooked beanie, he wore a worn in leather jacket and combat boots, his skin tanned and dirty, he had pouty lips with a natural red Betty would have killed for, the most surprising part about him though? His piercing stormy blue eyes, eyes that were currently burning into her as he stared openly.

“That’s Jughead Jones, he doesn’t talk much all we know is that he has to be here, mandatory from his therapist, rumor has it he tried to run his motorcycle off a cliff… on purpose.” Maya whispered close to her, making Betty shudder.

The boy didn’t look away not even when Betty caught his eyes, he must think she was the absolute definition of lame.

Betty had on a soft long sleeved cardigan covering up the scars littering her arms, the cotton baby blue dress she wore underneath had a peter pan collar and it matched her tiny blue ballet flats, her hair was pulled back into an exceptionally tight ponytail and her light pink lips were painted the familiar shade of “perfectly pink.”

“Okay everyone! I want to introduce you all to our newest member, Elizabeth Cooper.”
Rosa spoke from the front of the room, drawing Betty’s eyes away from the staring contest she and this Jughead Jones seemed to be having. She snapped forward, Maya nudged her with a grin as a particularly vicious twitch shook her body.

Betty smiled softly
“Hello, I actually go by Betty.” She offered gently, her honey sweet voice was soothing and like always everyone was instantly taken by the blonde haired angel.

“Well Betty, we usually start by asking, now I know this may seem a little invasive but it’s good to break it down immediately, do you mind telling us what brought you here today?”

Betty’s eyes widened as her fingers dug into her palms, searching frantically for a way out.

“NO.” She shouted, louder than she had planned
“No, no I can’t.. I can’t talk about it. I don’t.. I don’t talk about that!” She begged, moving to stand as Maya placed a comforting hand to her shoulder. Betty’s eyes were still looking around, their had to be a way out!

Suddenly her sea green eyes landed on Jugheads rainy blue ones, he gazed deeply into her face a meaningful look playing on his features, and just like that her heart stopped racing, she was able to find air and she slowly settled into the seat

“I’m sorry… I’m so sorry, I’m just.. I’m not quite ready to talk about that yet, maybe next week.” She plastered on her award winning smile as she patted Maya’s hand in gratitude, Rosa fell for the picture perfect smile and she nodded reassuringly

“Of course, our past does tend to get most of us riled up. Perhaps next time.” With that the older woman went on with the session, an hour later Betty had learned about the multiple different struggles some of her peers had gone through, while she was sure that by having them share she was supposed to feel better but now she felt even more weighed down by the burden. These people had been through so much, she carried their pain on her back as if it was her own, that’s who Betty Cooper was, unapologetically selfless.

Maya was putting her number in Betty’s phone and swinging her backpack over her shoulder
“I’ll text you tonight, set up plans, catch ya after doll.” She blew a dramatic kiss towards Betty before skipping out the room.

Betty smiled with a shake of her head as she continued packing up her backpack, it had taken her longer than she expected and by the time she was done the entire room was empty even Rosa had left.

“You okay?”

The low timber of an unfamiliar voice had Betty nearly jumping out of her skin, she whipped around to see Jughead standing behind her, a smirk on his face, leaning against a chair with crossed arms, he looked like the sexiest Rebel Without A Cause Betty had ever seen.

“Me? Oh yeah, of course! I’m fine.” The blonde shifted uncomfortably in her shoes as he continued to stare at her “a little stressful sure, I lost my cool in here today, it won’t happen again.” She wasn’t sure who she was assuring, the boy in front of her or herself.

“Why not? You didn’t wanna talk about. You don’t have to do anything you don’t want too.” He shrugged lazily, his eyes drifting to her arms.

Betty smiled a soft tilt of her lips
“Sometimes though, you have to talk about it.. or it never goes away.”

Taking a step towards her Jughead lifted her hands in his her palms flat up as he stared at the moon shaped scars littering her soft skin.

Betty gasped and ripped her hands free, laying them flat on her sides

Jughead smiled again, this time a sad, understanding smile

“It never goes away. No matter what we do.” He whispered, his face dangerously close to hers.

“But we try anyway” betty responded “so we beat on, boats against the current.” She quoted.

Jughead smirked
“I didn’t take you for a F. Scott Fitzgerald fan, although you look the part.. daisy.”

Betty rolled her eyes taking a step away from him and turning her back to him, heading for the door, a mysterious smile on her lips.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me Jughead Jones.” The door closed shut, leaving Jughead alone in the dark warehouse. Running a hand over his face he couldn’t shake the smile from his lips

“Shit” he mumbled

He was in deep trouble.

In The Movies (Evan Hansen x Reader)


WORDS: 1,397

Requested: yes!

Friday nights in the Hansen house were dedicated to movies and cuddling. Heidi always had evening shifts at the hospital. Both you and Evan hated the thought of him being alone, so you started a tradition. The weekly ritual began with dinner (courtesy of the leftovers in Evan’s fridge), and continued into watching whatever movie ABC was broadcasting. Usually, movies like Frozen, Hoodwinked, or How To Train Your Dragon were what was played. But this faithful Friday evening, the broadcasters of ABC decided to play a movie that was rated R. 

           The movie started out fine. It was about two undercover cops. One was nerdy and played by the rules, and the other was ‘a wild card’. It was a standard action-comedy film. There were a few odd sex jokes here and there, but for the most part it was just explosives and a lot of boobs. As youou finally started to understand the plotline, the movie began to get a little… risky. Risky turned into PG-13, then PG-13 turned into a full-blown sex scene. The man in the movie was making out with his damsel in distress. His hands flown up to her top, flashing her boob-job bosoms. 

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“Troop Leader” Part 4

Summary: How will your father react when James Buchanan Barnes is the one to mend your broken heart?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: papa tony, fluff

Word Count: 1175

A/N: cliffhangers baby! taglists are open!

Troop Leader Masterlist

Originally posted by archieaddict

You didn’t sleep at all. The bed might have felt like clouds, but your thoughts are what kept you awake.

Would she be there? Would he be there? What if he moved her in right after you left. What if he threw away your things? You couldn’t stop thinking about the possible ‘what ifs’ that were going to come with tomorrow. It weighed on your conscious like a brick.

You were beginning to feel the heartbreak again, so you got out of bed. It was 4:30 in the morning and you knew exactly where you were going to go. The roof had been your solace ever since you were a little girl. You did your best thinking under the stars and moon. It calmed you. You felt all your worries wash away with the sounds of the city. It was safe.

You pulled on your comfy boots and brought a blanket with you. Your first stop was the kitchen. Of course, you were going to get a tub of ice cream. It was ritualistic after a break-up. You dragged your cocooned self into the elevator and clicked the button to the roof. It was cold when you arrived, and you were glad you brought the fluffiest blanket you owned (or Tony owned).

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The Dice Game

Summery: Valentine’s Day Fun Times

Triggers: Smut, oral (receiving and giving), penetrative sex

Word Count: 1600+

A/N: Happy Valentine’s Day guys. This year I didn’t think I would get a card, but my mystery man turned up once again. I hope i find out who he is at some point. Kinda based off this game.

Originally posted by fvckmxk

It was Valentine’s Day and, finally, you weren’t alone. You and Bucky had been dating since you first went to the compound as an intern. He was always very shy and left the room when you would enter. Since you had a thing for him, he was very visually stimulating, you’d ask Steve why. Usually he would just pass it off as a coincidence.

But one day you heard them talking. Bucky then revealed that he also had a crush on you and - after running into you and finding out you had overheard the conversation - you had been dating ever since.

At first, Bucky didn’t like too much physical contact. It was understandable. He said he didn’t want to hurt you. But after weeks of getting more and more comfortable with each other, you finally spent the night together. Even after 70 years without a relationship he was the best you ever had.

Now it was Valentine’s Day. Bucky had just taken you out for a fancy dinner, he told you to get all dolled up for him. And, from the look on his face, he liked it. The thing he didn’t know about was the red lingerie you wore underneath. All throughout dinner you wore a sly smile knowing the night was going to be eventful.

‘I can’t get the keys in the door’ Bucky moaned against your lips. After dinner things had heated up in the taxi home. Right now, your legs were wrapped around his waist, hiking up the dress you hid your underwear with. You stopped kissing him and attacked his neck, trying to suck a dark red patch. His new found freedom allowed him to open the door and you fell though. The door shut behind you and he began stripping you down.

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Don’t make Daddy jealous

I’m going to hell because of this…and I need to bath in holy water

Reader x Christian Yu

Type: smut

Warnings: swearing, rough play, daddy kink

Words count: 2966

Summary: You had to go to your bff bday party instead of spending time with your boyfriend, but the night won’t be as boring as you thought when you’re noticing Christian stalking you in the distance [cannot believe that his pic is totally fitting into this story]

- Christian I can’t go today I told you I have to go to Silvia’s birthday party, I promised her last week.

- Ahh I cannot believe this, finally I’m free a bit but I can’t see you, I really miss you baby girl… - he was whining in the phone and it seems he was grumpy too.

- I promise I will call you after I get back home, okay? I miss you too Christian so so much but I can’t skip this party.

- Okay, you promised me, don’t forget what you said! There will be guys too? – yes, he was definitely whining.

- Of course there will be, we’re going to a club, so …

- Jesus…to where? Fuck… don’t you dare to flirt with someone or let some fucktards to dance with you or or anything… ha?!

- Christian please chill a bit, it’s a lil’ party nothing serious and why would I flirt or dance with another guy when I’ve a smokin’ hot boyfriend?

- Smokin’ hot? Aye babe… he’s definitely lucky for having such a great girl like you!

- Honey I gotta go, I’ll call you when the party is over!

- Take care of yourself or I’m gonna kick your sexy butt!

- You idjit, I will, I love you!

To be honest the last thing you wanted to do is to go to a party, getting drunk and whoosh dumbass guys away, but it was your best friend’s party and you had no other choice. The club was pretty fancy and the VIP section was all your crew’s for tonight. Your bestie was mega-happy and already drunk after half an hour. Not to be a partypooper you also cheered for yourself in your mind and you went to get some drinks. After four gintonics you definitely started to feel the party. However your phone started to buzz and you saw the worried texts from Christian. Trying not to mess up you txted back that you’re fine and stop worrying about you. But it turned out you misspelled your sentences and of course Christian noticed that you’re drunk.

- Y/N, put the fuck down that phone you bitch and come dance with me – Silvia, your bestie yelled at you and rushed you to the dance floor.

After an exhausting hour you two were still dancing and felt like there’s no tomorrow. Especially when you started to dance on the table and singing like true party-queens. Your hair was a mess, your tight black mini-dress was way too up as it should be and also your black lace bra showing a little. Then there was the moment when you noticed Christian in a dark corner with his friends and with a glass of whiskey in his hands. You got caught, you fuckin’ got caught…

- Silv, Christian is here, and I think he’s gonna kill me, don’t look there but he’s sitting in the corner with a couple of his friends and he saw me – you yelled into your friend’s ear.

- Goddammit honey, then we should put on a more heated show than before, you should play with him and I guarantee your night will be hotter than this party – she shouted back to you.

- Are you crazy?! He’s gonna kill me, you can’t imagine how pissed off he will be…

- That’s more fun, trust me and show him that you are the sexiest hoe in this club, shake that booty honey!!!

So you decided to play. You got off of the table and poured another shot. And went to a more crowded area, but you still saw Christian in this distance. From this point the game finally began. There were two guys who were watching you all night with hungry eyes and when you smiled at them they got closer in an instant. They looked really good and they weren’t bad dancers. Now all you had to do was wait to Christian noticing this whole mess. But you knew he was watching you from the start and had to control himself. The bad thing is that you wanted him to lose control and make a move. So you let the two hottie to get closer than should be. When one of them put his hands on your waist and the other was definitely wanted to kiss you here and there, you caught Christian’s death glare and saw him rushing towards you in the crowd.

- You think it’s funny? What the fuck are you doing? Are you playing a game? You two get the fuck outta here until I beat your asses – he was way too mad, but also way too sexy.

He grabbed your wrist and walked you out from the club. When you stared back you saw Silvia sending thumbs-up in the air.

- This silly idiot… tomorrow I have to tell her everything… - you giggled.

While you were waiting for the taxi, you tried to save your ass a bit.

- Christian, I’m sorry, I didn’t want to make you mad, I drank too much and wasn’t in the right mind.

He turned his head, still grabbing your wrist strong, and whispered in you ear:

- You did this on purpose baby girl, both of us know this and pray for God to be gracious with you from now on, coz when we finally get home I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up.

You got chills. And your whole body got goosebumps too. Plus you felt that guilty pleasure climbing up in your core.

- Christian this is bullshit I didn’t…

- Shut up, just shut up baby girl don’t make the things worse, no fuckin’ words until we get home!

So you didn’t say anything until you two got home…

The stairway was dark and quiet, you barely see anything but somehow you managed to get into your apartment. The second part of the game started.

- Christian are you still mad? Please don’t misunderstand this whole situation I was just… partying, those guys didn’t mean anything to me, I didn’t even know them… - you started innocently when he pushed you to the wall, grabbed your wrists and put them above your head.

- Oh stop talking nonsense Y/N, and better stop with this fairytale story too, now you should start thinking how you gonna redeem this mess… - his gaze was no joke that lustfilled eyes didn’t guarantee mercy and he was close. Too close to you, pushing to the wall with all of his weight. And he smelt so good. His fragrance always killed you and you could differentiate this smell from thousands of other parfums. It was his, only his. You decided to play another card.

- Please don’t be mad at me, I will do anything daddy… - you bited your lips and looked into his eyes.

- You lil’ shit… - he kissed you roughly, grabbing your hair with one hand while with the another he was still holding your wrists firmly.

- Daddy is fuckin’ so pissed right now baby, you teased me a lot… - his mouth was all over on you, started from your neck, down to your collarbones and now between your breasts. He let go your wrists, squeezing your butt with both of his hands. You can’t help but let out a moan.

- Christian, please… I want you so badly.

- Oh really? Those two can’t fuck you that good like me, ha? – he didn’t wait for your response when he kissed you again and pulled down the zip on your dress. You were also in a rush unbuttoning his shirt, touching his bare chest, his tattoos, his arms down to his abs until you found his belt and unbuckled it. After that you unbuttoned his pants too, letting it fall while he took off your bra and your panties, a nipple went straight into his mouth, sucking it passionately and caresses the other with his hand, drawing circles and pulling it until both of them were hard. You were a moaning mess, your fingers were digging in his hair wanting more and more.

- Daaad enough, please it’s too much, I can’t… I can’t… - you whined.

- Enough?! Oh honey look, we’re still in the hall, and I didn’t even touch you there yet… hands up like before! – he ordered and you put up your arms. He grabbed your wrists again with one hand, and the another started to wondering between your thights. He kissed you again, biting and sucking on your bottom lip, his tongue twirling everywhere until you moaned into his mouth.

- Baby girl, you’re so wet for me, you’re dripping – he said it teasingly while his fingers went up and down on your folds at a really slow pace. His eyes never lost contact with yours and seeing his wanting-gaze turned you on more.

- Tell me how much you want me baby girl, tell daddy how much you want his cock inside your dripping pussy – his voice was deep and raspy, and his fingers started to move faster and faster on your clit.

- Fuck Christian… I want you, please… I want you inside me, please daddy fuck me I’ll be a good girl just fuck me for the fuck’s sake… - you were in daze, your whole body was about to explode.

- Mmm… my baby you want me this badly? Well, I told you I’m gonna fuck you until the sun comes up… - he inserted a finger into you, and you just moaned into his neck grabbing his hair.

- Ah Y/N you’re so fuckin’ wet – he pumped his finger in and out at a slow pace, adding another digit and catching up a quick speed.

- Maybe I should taste why are you this wet? Am I this good babe? Tell me… - he purred into your ear sending chills down your body.

- Christian please… I can’t take this anymore, it feels good, it feels sooo good – you mewled.

- Oh no no, the morning is still a bit far away darlin’ you have to bare with me a little more – he smirked at you, letting go of your hands and kneeled down in front of you closing his mouth on your wetness. He was licking your folds up and down, finding your clit and sucking on it while his fingers were pumping in and out. He was always eating you out like a dessert, enjoying it so much.

- Daaad I really can’t take it anymore I’m gonna cum… - you arched your back and moaning loudly.

- Then cum for me babe, moan for me until the neighbors will come over.

This pushed you over the edge, your orgasm washed everything away, you screamed out his name, cursing out loud, while he was still fingering you and licking your pussy until your last pleasure wave ended.

- That’s my baby girl – he kissed you with his plumped lips letting you taste yourself. You hooked your legs around his hips and he took you in the bedroom and dropped you on the bed. You sat up immediately, watching him taking off his boxers. He was so hard and sexy as fuck, you gulped and licked your lips while he started to jerk himself up more, his fingers running slowly on his length, looking deeply into your eyes. Without any words he moved closer to you, touching your lips with his throbbing cock. You wanted to suck him badly, you were literally drooling.

- Aye, babe you want me this much? – he let his tip into your mouth. You started to lick him, twirling your tongue around him, earning a hiss.

- Christian, please I want you in my mouth… don’t do this to me – you begged him with no shame.

- Mm you were so so bad to me today babe, what should I do with you, ha? – he kissed you with passion, gathering your hair into a ponytail. And he put his cock in your mouth. He started to roll his hips, moving his member in and out while his hand was holding your hair. He tasted so good, your mouth was full with him. You had no control in your movements he was harsh, fucking your mouth mercilessly almost choking on him but you didn’t mind, you were still burning for him, your pussy aching for some skinship. Also his deep moans turned you on more, seeing his wavering abs, his sweaty chest and arms made your womanhood even more wet.

- Fuck, baby girl you’re so good, but I can’t take this anymore – he clenched his teeth, moving out quickly, really close to cum but he didn’t… he was testing his limits.

- Turn around honey, turn around for daddy – he said, and you did as he told.

His cock was eager to find your entrance, pushing it deeply into your core, stretching you out and fill you completely.

- Shit, babe you’re so tight and wet for me, you feel so good – he was pounding into you roughly, one hand on your waist and one hand pulling your hair. You can’t help but moan with all your heart, shouting out his name over and over.

- Fuck Y/N, if you continue this loud mess I can’t hold myself back for too long – but you also couldn’t hold back yourself, his thrusts were getting deeper and deeper bringing your next orgasm close. You arched your back, grabbing his thights, while he was covering your mouth and started to rub your clit.

- Ah babe I’m so close, fuck I can’t hold back, you’re so wet, I wanna cum all over on your tits baby girl – his husky voice filled your ear pushing towards your edge, when he took out himself, turned you around and came on your breasts. He spreaded his cum with his cock on your nipples, putting his thumb into your mouth and you sucked it while watched his rosy and sweaty face.

- I’m sorry baby, I didn’t plan this way, maybe I need some fuel to refill my energy – he went to your drawer getting some wet tissues.

- You know Y/N, you look utterly sexy like this – he was wiping up the mess, after that he kissed you softly, carressing your hair.

- But my girl didn’t get everything before because of me, come on princess spread those legs for daddy – he went down on you but he was much more softer and sensual this time.

You put your feet on his shoulders, spreading your legs allowing him to eat you out again. He loved licking your pussy in every way possible, your moans fuelled him as his tongue got faster on your clit.

- Cum for me honey, I wanna hear you scream – you didn’t know how you always managed to cum to his order but with Christian everything was possible. He held your waist in place, still sucking on your wetness until you ride out your high.

- Good girl, but I’m afraid I can’t let you sleep yet – you looked down and it seemed he refilled that energy somewhere already.

He moved you to the center of the bed, laying you down and hovering over you. He kissed your lips, and slipped into you slowly. You bit your lips from the overpowering sensation, your womanhood was totally destroyed by him. However you loved the feeling when you were full with him, feeling every inch of him inside of you.

He looked into your eyes with love, quiet moans coming from his mouth. His forehead was on yours, when you kissed him and dig in his hair. He was moving at a stable pace, adding deep thrusts frequently. You were so in love with this sensual Christian, the only goal of his was to please you no matter what. He started to massage your clit, giving sloppy kisses on your neck and you felt you’re getting closer and closer again. You were holding onto his shoulders tight, your nails digging into his skin probably causing bruises because of the overhelming stimulation. He quickened his movements to catch up with you.

- Christian, I’m… I’m coming… oh God you feel so good…, fuck Christian… - you tightened your walls around him, pushing him over the edge, while you also felt your pulsating orgasm giving you nothing but trembling thighs and body. You screamed out his name, your hand clenched with his until he collapsed on you breathing heavily and pulled himself out of you. You kissed his head, carressing his back and he tried to catch his breath rolling to the side.

- Y/N this was so fuckin’ good, I love you baby girl.

- I love you too Christian. But to be honest you destroyed my pussy, so no woohoo at least for a week.

- Are you serious?! – he popped up from the bed quickly and looked at you with puppy eyes.

- You bastard I only mean sex to you, ha?! – you kicked towards him jokingly.

- Slow down, lil’ girl I’m gonna hug you to death and cuddle you until you fall asleep, but before lemme close the curtains it’s already too bright outside – he raised his eyebrow and winked at you.

With your last drop of energy you threw a pillow towards him.

Artificial Love

A/N: I’ve finally managed to post a smut after so long! I’m terribly so sorry to everyone who’s been waiting for their requests to be fulfilled! This smut is dedicated to the lovely anon who requested a long time ago. On a side note, thank you to everyone for the lovely feedback and support I’ve been receiving for my moodboards. Look forward to more in the future ;) As of now, enjoy some Sub! Jongdae x

Pairing(s): Chen/Jongdae x Reader

Warnings: Light bondage, Submissive Chen

Genre: Smut

Requested: Yes

Summary: Jongdae teases you with videos of his cane-grinding skills in ‘Artificial Love’ so you decide to teach him a lesson when he comes home.

Word Count: 3445

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It’s been weeks since you last saw your boyfriend Jongdae due to the touring he’s been undergoing with his band members. However, despite the never-ending distance between the two of you and the time zone differences, Jongdae never failed to drop you at least one call or text message a day. Even if it is to complain about how exhausted he feels or a ‘Hey baby, miss you lots’ message, your heart swells up with unconditional love whenever you catch a glimpse of his contact name popping up on the screen of your phone.

It’s no easy feat to live your life normally when Jongdae always plays at the back of your mind, teasing you with the promise of his return. You could be washing dishes and the thought of him would invade your mind, reminding you of the playful memories of when the two of you would flick liquid detergent at each other while doing the dishes after a meal.

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Insistence (Finn Balor x Reader drabble)

A/N: Hey lovelies! This was a drabble request from this prompt list with the line “16. Where are your clothes?” by anon! In all fairness, this is smut for the sake of smut, it’s really not as fluffy as my other drabbles, but I have a feeling y’all will forgive me! I turned myself on writing this, no lies. 

Warnings: Smut, smut without plot, oral sex, secret relationship.

Word count: 1566

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Can u write a smut where ur playing spin the bottle with Mingyu and Minghao after u guys left a boring party and it leads to a threesome sex? (Sorry if its too much!🙈)


Genre: Smut

Word Count: 2506

Summary: A simple game escalates quickly when alcohol is involved.

(A/N): THIS KILLED ME Minghao is my bias and Mingyu is right up there with him so basically I’m biased af through this whole thing. But it was super fun to write and I’m really happy with how it turned out, I hope you like it~

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mssawyerdanvers  asked:

We need an entire fanfic starring Alex and her glasses (ok maybe maggie and a bed too but details...) (referring to the adrian's one when they're studying! Alex would totally help out a college student).

(Prompt referencing this fic – http://archiveofourown.org/works/9122290/chapters/21498746 )

When she first found out she needed them, she cried.

Eliza had gone on about how smart her little girl looked in glasses, and Alex just wanted to cry.

Because she got made fun of enough – she was enough of a nerd, it was hard enough for her to get through lunch without wisecracks or someone spilling a drink on her or general laughter sent in her direction – and glasses? Glasses would just make it worse.

It was Jeremiah that knew. It was Jeremiah that ordered her contacts. It was Jeremiah that fought with Eliza to get Alex to be able to use them, instead of her glasses, when she went out.

Vicky Donahue caught her in her glasses once. She’d dropped by unannounced and Eliza had let her up to Alex’s room without a second thought. It was nice that Alex had such a good friend now, after all.

Alex was laying on her bed, her nose stuck in an astrophysics book, trying to puzzle out the contradictions between the stories Kara told her about Kryptonian physics versus the Earth physics whose math she was scribbling into the margins.

“You wear glasses?” Vicky had asked, and Alex had jumped a mile high, moving to take them off immediately.

Vicky strode across the room quick enough to still her hands, quick enough to push the rectangular frames back onto her face, a small smile tugging at her lips.

“They’re cute,” she said, and Alex felt her face, her entire body, getting hot, felt an odd tugging sensation just underneath her belly, and she adjusted them like Kara did when she was nervous.

“You think?” she asked, and she’d never heard her own voice go that high.

“Yeah! You should wear them more often,” Vicky told her as she pulled Alex’s textbook into her lap before declaring it gibberish and that they should go grab some ice cream.

It was that, more than anything, that made Alex wear them a little more often at Stanford. In her dorm, at least. In her sweater and fuzzy socks and basketball shorts, one pen sticking out of her mouth and one pushed into her hair behind her ear.

They were replaced almost entirely by her contacts, though, when Eliza’s railing on her got too much. When I don’t understand how you could choose your own prestige over Kara’s safety, she’s languishing in Midvale without you, Alexandra became their every phone call, and the alcohol and the clubs and the attention from men with rough hands and cocky smiles at least made her feel… something. Sort of. Not really. But it was worth a try.

So her glasses, then, became standbys only for her worst hangovers, when dragging herself to the bathroom to slip in fresh lenses was just too much to ask.

And then there was J’onn, and then there was the DEO, and the days were so long her eyes would sting, but she would refuse to complain, and she would refuse to put on her glasses – or even acknowledge that she had them – until J’onn showed up, somehow, with her under-used glasses case and insisted that she take a minute to replace her contacts with her frames, because how could she expect to continue training when her eyes were that red, that painful?

He got her improved lenses after that, but he always made sure he kept a pair of glasses for her in storage, for those nights she insisted on working extra late, extra hard, extra, extra, extra.

But for the most part, still, her glasses still only come on at night, when she’s alone, when she’s huddled in her old Stanford sweater and sweatpants and no bra and a single bobby pin keeping her hair off her forehead as she loses herself in reading.

But then there’s Maggie Sawyer.

Because the first time Maggie sees Alex in her glasses – it’s late and they’re settling in for a night of snuggling, of reading, by the fireplace – Alex pads out of her bedroom tentatively, eyes wide, eyes nervous, pajama pants and gray long-sleeved shirt, biting her bottom lip slightly, because what if Maggie thinks she looks weird, what if Maggie thinks she looks ridiculous, what if Maggie thinks her glasses are stupid, that they make her less… perfect?

But when Maggie looks up, her breath hitches and her jaw nearly smacks onto the floor, and she gulps, and she splutters, and Alex reddens, because she’s still just getting used to being this vulnerable, still just getting used to being this… worshipped.

Because Maggie is rasping her name and padding across the floor to her and sweeping her hair away from her face and staring, staring, staring, because “Alex, you… you’re the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

“You don’t think they look silly?”

Maggie gulps and Maggie takes a long, slow breath. “I think they look like the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen.”

Alex’s heart flutters and heat pools between her legs. “Really?”

Maggie pulls back to take in the whole picture of Alex looking that domestic, that vulnerable, that trusting, that smart, that sexy, that perfect.

“Oh yeah.”

So she starts wearing them at night, to cuddle, to read, to talk by the fireplace, to have tickle fights and laugh, and she even starts wearing them to some game nights, and god is it a relief to not have to always have her contacts in, to always have her guard up.

She starts wearing them while Maggie fucks her, slow and steady and harsh and ragged; starts wearing them when she gives Maggie lap dances wearing nothing but her glasses and a slip; starts wearing them when she puts on a tight-fitting suit and takes Maggie out to dinner, and Maggie can barely speak the entire time, and they don’t even make it fully back into the apartment before she slams Maggie into the wall and gives her exactly what she knows she’s been wanting all night; she starts wearing them and nothing else on lazy Sunday mornings while Maggie makes breakfast and coffee and sweet, desperate love to her.

She starts wearing them to tutor Adrian – and, as it turns out as the term progresses, the small handful of friends he starts bringing by every other week, because our professor doesn’t make physics half as cool as you do, Agent Danvers – and she starts wearing them to brunch on weekends and to the park on evening strolls and to the grocery store with Kara, Adrian, and the woman she swears she’s going to marry one day.

Because glasses?

Glasses don’t make her less perfect.

Glasses make her her, and if it’s good enough for Maggie Sawyer, then dammit, it’s good enough for her.

Black and White (Part 2)

Dean is a mechanic, running an illegal chop shop on the side to pay for his baby brother’s college tuition. Castiel is a local photojournalist who just so happens to catch Dean on film stealing a car.

Dean convinces Cas not to turn him in, and sparks fly.

But what happens when Cas appears to be involved with a rival group?

Can Dean trust him at all? Or does Cas already know enough to ruin him?

Read Part 1

Word Count: 2550

Warnings: None yet

A/N: Feedback appreciated! This is an AU that’s a little different, so I hope y’all enjoy this one!

“Not much to explain,” Dean shrugs.

“Who are you?” Cas blurts out, eyes widening like he didn’t mean to say it quite so loudly. “I mean, what do you do? Why were you stealing that car?”

Dean should stop this right now. Should make up some lie, or threaten Cas into silence. But he can’t find the heart to do either. Somehow, he finds a vague version of the actual truth coming out of his own mouth. “I told you already. I’m a mechanic. You saw my garage. And I was…uh, I was taking that car because I needed it.”

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do something strange

Title: Do Something Strange (Hourglass Pt. II)
Pairing: Josh/Reader/Tyler
Rating: Very Mature
Warnings: Threesome, daddy kink, dirty talk, name calling, anal, very very slight slash (idk not really but kinda, I’m just saying in case), jealousy, lap dances, all kinds of good stuff.
A/N: Here’s part two of Hourglass, I know you guys have been waiting for it. I hope you enjoy it because I tried to make it raunchier than the last one. I’m so nervous about this one like???? idkI hope it’s awesome

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