i just think that thomas is more interesting

opalsunrise said: My only reason for disliking it is because I sort of liked her being nasty. I wanted to know her reasoning behind why she is that way other than just being spoiled brat but I definitely liked her being sort of the anti-hero type character. She creates lots of drama and what have you and gives marinette someone to stick up against. I trust Thomas and the team will make her redemption if she is the bee worthy of our love though 100%

I think it’s interesting that everyone thinks her redemption means she’s going to quit being nasty. Not like she’s suddenly going to be Rose or something. She’s still going to be a stuck up brat, more than likely, but she probably just needs to take control of her more aggressively nasty actions (what she did to Kim, for example). She can still be snippy and nasty without being a total bitch. And it’s not like her redemption is going to happen overnight. I honestly bet she’ll be a terrible hero at first, screaming and getting in the way. But, as has been shown in canon (anti-bug, for example), when pushed for the right reasons, Chloe WILL MAKE brave and courageous choices. Being a hero might be the PERFECT thing for her, especially since she already has so much adoration for Ladybug. 

I don’t want Chloe to change her base temperament, I just want her to direct it elsewhere.  

I am in love with the fact that in ftwd we have a gay character who’s entire character doesn’t revolve around being gay. When Madison found out she didn’t even mention it, she just accepted it and moved on. That’s the type of representation tv shows need. Not the stereotypical funny gay best friend who always seems to work in the fact that they are gay to every conversation it seems. There needs to be way more to these characters. Strand is such a great character, he’s complex and interesting. Him being gay isn’t even discussed or brought up. The group instantly accepts it and that’s the end. I hope he gets a love interest some time in the future after he grieves over Thomas. I hope he is treated like any other character on the show. Love interests, sex scenes, flirting, crushes, loss, everything, just like ANY straight character would be portrayed on fear. I for one think they have done a good job so far with strands character and I can’t wait to see more from him.