i just think that thomas is more interesting

Patton isn’t coping and no one is listening.

This post is a bit long and goes through the video, analyzing Patton and his various behaviors and reactions. SPOILERS cuz I do talk about every part of the video. Enjoy! 

P.S. I do love Logan. This was written entirely from Patton’s perspective and I feel like it might seem as though I dislike the logical side and i do not. If anyone wants me to do something like this from his perspective, please lmk!

- Patton appears and says “Hi frustrated, I’m sad” as opposed to Dad. He tries to make his typical silly pun and slips up, letting us know his emotional state.

- Logan forces Patton to take off the cat suit, even though Patton clearly likes it. This is the first time in this video that Logan ignores and writes off Patton’s wishes.

- When Guys and Dolls is first mentioned, Patton immediately tries to distract them by talking about the Harry Potter play.

- When Logan refocuses him, Patton claims that he would know if Thomas wasn’t ok, but then makes song puns instead of addressing the issue.

- Patton then makes a bad pun, something he normally doesn’t do

- Logan suggests nostalgia. “But what if looking at the past makes him feel kinda iffy about the present?” Patton knows that he/Thomas haven’t healthily processed their feelings and that reflecting on the past is not a good idea.

- Logan says that circumstances can improve. Virgil AND Patton said “Can they?” SIMULTANEOUSLY. Patton is Thomas’s emotion, this tells us exactly what headspace Thomas/Pat is in. He doesn’t feel hopeful for the future, at all. Going back to the past and relishing in the good times is only gonna make the current moment seem more dismal. Patton knows this.

- Also, after he says “Can they?” Patton immediately perks up and smiles cheerfully. He’s repressing all of the sadness he just showed a moment ago, and it can be implied by this that he’s used to hiding and just pretending to be the happy side.

- Patton is extremely uncomfortable when talking about his room. He says its “not quite like that” when Thomas compares it to sunshine and rainbows, and says its “Messy.” Emotions are messy and not clear cut like Logan would like. He doesn’t want anyone seeing it because he knows what they expect it to be like, and he knows its not that. Patton is hiding.

- “I’m at the core of a lot of your feelings.” Thomas and the others ignore this statement, but Patton is fully aware of the fact that he is not the pure happiness Thomas is expecting.

- Roman says, “Patton holds onto everything in the past that you cherished.” This is says positively, but its not necessarily a good thing. Patton can’t let go, and he lives in the past. Thomas is his “kiddo,” even though Thomas is an adult. That’s why he’s afraid of the future.

- Logan blows him off AGAIN. When Patton tries to protest people coming in his room, Logan says “Patton don’t you want to help Thomas move on?” which is a guilt trip. Of course Patton agrees, but is still clearly hesitant, and Logan says “Good, then it’s decided.” Logan makes the decision for everyone to go into Patton’s room, without his consent. Remember this for later.

- As soon as he’s in his room, these hesitant feelings disappear. Of course they do, he’s comfortable now. He’s surrounded by the past and things that make him happy. More importantly, this room is emotion, meaning that judgement is clouded. This is where he represses his feelings, this is the core of the problem. The room isn’t full of stuff from now, its stuff from Thomas’ past. Patton, his emotion, feels happy and content now in his room because he’s literally living in Thomas’s past. And as we know, memories and glorified and romanticized, which makes the past seem much better than now.

- Logan mentions that he abandoned chemical engineering and science, and that he could abandon his current lifestyle to pursue it. Its brief, but Patton looks uncomfortable and says “fun memories.” This is Patton’s room and space, and its always been safe to him. As said before, when we reflect on the past we see it in a positive light, hence the shiny filter in the room. Logan bringing up not so nice memories makes Patton uncomfortable because it breaks the charade he’s made for himself.

- Logan makes fun of acting, and again we see Patton get upset. It comes off as excitement, but he forgets Thomas’ name for a moment.  He’s disoriented, there is a person messing up his happy memory world. He keeps handing Thomas’ items to remind him of good times, and is completely ignoring everything Logan says about the future. Again, this shows how he’s ignoring his problems.

- “And sweet and good and and pure happy and wholesome and-” I find this part interesting. I think it’s both Patton just repeating what the past is, but also it sounds almost like a mantra? In a way, I think Patton is talking to himself, reminding himself what he has to be. Just keep being good, and happy, and wholesome. Just keep showing more memories, don’t let Thomas think about the future or be sad.

- Patton doesn’t have an answer to Thomas saying “I don’t know why you’d wanna leave it ever.” Because he doesn’t.

- Thomas says, “Logan, shh its fine. It’s fine.” Now we see Thomas displaying the same repressing behaviors as Patton has this entire video. Ignoring logical thought, not thinking about the future, and relishing in the past.

- “All of this because Patton can’t let go of one person?” That is a direct attack against Patton. In his own space. Which Logan forced them all to be in.

“Logan can you stop? Please?” Finally. Remember when I said to remember from earlier? How Logan has not listened to Patton this whole time, even when Patton had clear reservations about letting people into his room?
    Here we finally see Patton stand up for himself. Logan has forced him to let people into his space. Told him to reminisce and relive his happiest memories with Thomas and the others. And then? From Patton’s perspective, Logan takes it away. He gives Patton the thing he craves most, reliving the past with people he loves, and then tells him they need to stop and it’s illogical. 

- Patton should have been listened to way sooner than this. His thoughts and feelings are important. He is more than just sunshine and happiness and adorableness. He is just as vital and serious as the other sides, and should be treated as such. He’s been forced to bury his feelings, and no one listens when he does speak his mind. Let Patton be heard.

So I’ve seen a lot of posts about Virgil and/or Logan being asexual, and while I love the ace inclusivity in the fandom, I had a thought:

Ace Patton.

I don’t really have any headcanons about this except the fact that he probably didn’t even realize it until he mentions he’s never really thought about it and that he’d always been more interested in cuddles and little kisses and holding hands than sex. Roman, who is the most knowledgeable about LGBTQA+ identities and the community (even Lo will admit that), is the one who tells him.

But just think about how that would destroy any misconceptions about “you can’t have love without sex” because Patton is just so full of love. Thomas even says it himself (”He’s just got a lot of love to give”)! 

So. Yeah. Ace Patton.

Thoughts about Chloé

her character, the influence of her mother and her future role

I am sure you all looked up when this came on in the second episode of the new season. It tells us a little bit about Chloés mother and a lot about why Chloé is how she is.

This obviously contains SPOILERS from the second episode. More than just the picture above~

This is going to be a small analysis focusing on Chloés character, her behaviour and the connection to her mother. You can always skip a part because there will be a bit of text to read. I will also discuss what’s with her being a future miraculous holder. Enjoy!

Let’s start with the screenshot.

It seems like she gets the bear from her father. It would be just another gift for his precious daughter and looks logical to me. Like every other child she does everything with Mr. Cuddles and he is her dearest friend. I assume that because of the huge impact he has on her in the second episode. Not everyone would hear to what a butler and an old bear say. Not if he wouldn’t share important memories and emotions with Chloé.

But let’s move through the three illustrations on the right. They spend a good time together. The teddy comforts her and is there when she is sad. He takes away her loneliness and is always by her side. She proudly shows her friend to little Adrien (wearing the same outfit he does in the present XD) who seems interested. Something everyone with a dear stuffed animal from the childhood can realte to.

However most important is the picture on the left. I guess the woman who faces Chloé with her back is her mother. (Honestly I am not super sure if there is any more information in another episode on her mother. Please let me now, I will edit the post then^^) Her mother looks like a model or a rich woman. Trendy, expensive and chic. If she is a model she might have traveled a lot in Chloés childhood. Even if she just married rich she could have also been traveling a lot just for fun. She might have been ignorant since we know nothing about her character. That would underline the guess that Chloés mother gave her little attention leaving her mostly alone with a stack of toys or whatever. Her father trying to fill the empty side of her with gifts. Another option would be that her mother and father are divorced. It would lead to the same conclusion about her getting even more spoiled from her father. Nothing special for a divorced couple right?

This is a huge thing because it pretty much explains why Chloé is such a brat. I couldn’t really understand why she would get a miraculous! She was just such an annoying character causing mostly the akuma attacs in season 1… Even Thomas Astruc twittered in 2016 that mean people (like Chloé) would never be holding a miraculous.

It was really interesting to think about it and I am looking forward to a huge character deveopment in season 2. Maybe what happend in the second episode is the start.

But lets get back to the explaination of her behavior. She needs the attention she never got when she was little. A lack of trust and little experience with relationships leading to her finding it the easiest to get bad attention. She might not even see the bad attention just looking over it.

It’s obvious that she is still a child in heart. Still a little lonely, still with a lack of confidence (only getting it through expensive brands and other people like her father, Sabrina or ladybug. Even through Adrien. And through showing her power by mocking others). Look at the way she acts when she was upset about Adrien not wanting to be her friend anymore. Suddenly she is a little child eating chocolate and sticking her finger in her mouth. No confidence, just sadness and not knowing what to do. She really is helpless sometimes. Also she snapped back to her childish behaviour in the episode of antibug. She plays with Sabrina like every child would do. Running around in (now well made) costumes and having a good time but keeping it a secret since she isn’t a real child anymore.

Furthermore she was very upset with her butler when her classmates saw Mr. Cuddles. So she is embarrassed about her childish side. Loosing all confidence in the moment and getting strength back through showing her power by fireing her butler. (Or acting impulsive because she is angry…)

So what do we overlook about Chloé?

  • She is very childish
  • She has no real confidence
  • She needs attention because of her busy parents

A solution for these “problems” would be her getting good and strong friends. Together she could overcome her bratty characteristics making her suitable for a miraculous holder. Sabrina sure is a good friend but she agrees with everything Chloé says and that does not help her. Adrien helped her in the second episode by telling her the truth. She is mean to others. So what if she gets less and less mean in every episode? If we consider what Thomas said she can’t be mean anymore when she gets her miraculous.

Guys there is a lot I could talk about! Like why hawkmoth has a miraculous when he is mean? What does he value more: his son or his power and what the hell does he want to archive when he has all the power he wants? If it’s okay to compare Marinette and Chloé, what’s with the relationship of her and Adrien, her having ladybug as a role model? I have sooo many thoughts and please let me know what you think!! I spend a few evenings working in this XD Oh man… I really could do stuff with more sense…

Fan Submission: Meeting Dylan O'Brien - My Experience

Okay so on Wednesday 26th April I was able to visit the set of the death cure because I won a short film competition last year! And I was able to chat with Dylan on set.

The first thing that happened was Dyl waving at me.
I was walking up an area of set & he was filming a scene. I was just there and I smiled at him because I saw him looking at me. I wasn’t really expecting him to smile back since he was filming but then he did! And the next thing I know is that he’s there WAVING HIS GOOFY WAVE AT ME. I wave back (blushing and totally in shock) and Dyl just keeps waving at me.
When I have to walk away from watching the filming I can’t help but continue grinning, heart pounding, because Dylan waved at me without any prompt or anything. I can’t describe how wonderful that was.

So we were about to leave set (I’m still smiling from Dylan’s dorkiness) when he arrives through the door! First of all, all I see is his hair because he’s actually so small & fragile looking like I just melted.

The first thing Dyl did was shake everyone by the hand and introduce himself to them like we didn’t know who he was - I mean he is so humble. I was really nervous and I think he could tell that but he was so sweet and caring, my
mum came to the set with me and when he shook her hand he was just like “Is this mom?!”
He was asking us where we were all from & started putting on accents (Italian, Irish) and he was so funny and sweet! We chatted a bit more & he was so genuinely interested about the competition. I was so happy to see him so happy and healthy.

I then plucked up enough courage to give Dyl the drawing I drew him of Thomas (the character!) and his reaction was the cutest thing:
“Woah! You drew this? This is insane!”
I then told him that it was for him and he said, “This is for me? Oh my god, you’re super sweet!” I literally just melted I mean being called super sweet by DOB is the most heartwarming feeling ever, his smile just radiates me. He even knew it was from the first movie and was so kind. I thanked him again for taking the time to meet us and he replied “No problem - I really wanted to meet you guys, I just hope you guys like the movie. I can’t wait for you guys to see it!”

After that, he hugged everyone and wow his hug was so warm and strong and safe.
He thanked me again for the drawing and could see how nervous I still was so just made me laugh by saying “Thanks again for the drawing of my face!” Then Dyl did that laugh with his dimples and his eyes were so bright and happy. When he walked off he was showing another guy who worked on set the drawing and was looking at it. I was just beaming, my whole body was so light and my heart was so whole but then… Dylan came back again!

He wanted to wave us all off but ended up having another conversation before that, just chatting about Cape Town and being so casual and cool whilst I’m just internally melting. When he says goodbye this time he shouts “Enjoy your time on the party bus!” and I couldn’t help but laugh because he was being so normal and chill with us.

When I was walking towards the bus I turned back again and smiled at Dylan and he looked at me straight in the eyes and gave me the most beautiful, reassuring smile that I have ever seen. When we were driving away he waved at us with two hands again.

Honestly, Dylan is such a genuine, honest, beautiful human being and I am so grateful.

Reasons Why (Thomas Jefferson x Reader)

Words: 3480
Warnings: Cursing, mobile formatting
A/N: Here’s something while I’m on the plane :)


Your unique attitude .

Thomas walked into the room, holding a book in his hands. It was Finals week, and everyone was stressed out. The library was filled, students cramming, crying, and regretting their life choices. But not Thomas, of course. He took everything with a grain of salt. He didn’t have to strain himself like the others. He knew that he would pass. Some say that he was cocky, but he dismissed those comments as jealousy. Confidence is what they needed, and Thomas had it.

He noticed a woman sitting in the corner of the room, headphones on and hair a mess. He usually would ignore someone concentrating, but, there was something different. You were wearing an old college hoodie, holes in your sleeves. You were chewing on a straw, flipping through pages. You looked, strange. You were smiling.

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anonymous asked:

What about a hc single parent phan! Either one of them, and they're kid runs into the other out in public and wants something?

* Dan went out to see a movie by himself. Yes, by himself. He was a loner with no friends, but he had to leave the house sometimes, so here he is now, standing in the arcade of the theater, waiting for the lines to go down so he can buy some popcorn.

* He lazily presses the button on the claw machine repeatedly, watching the lights inside change colors, when a small voice says, “Excuse me, Sir, but can I play this one?”

* “Oh yeah, sure,” Dan says, stepping away so the boy with bright, ginger hair could play it and hopefully win a stuffy.

* The boy inserted his bill, and the game played a different tune and the colors changed. His tongue poked out between his lips in concentration, eyeing the blue dragon near the back. When he was sure he had it, he pressed the button and watched the claw drop, scooping up the dragon and carrying it to the prize box. “Oh my gosh!” he squealed. “I’m gonna win!”

* Dan was surprised to see the boy actually win something, considering half these machines were rigged to just take money. The machine proved him right when the blue dragon was released from the claw, but a little too soon. The tag on the dragon’s ear got caught on the side, and it dangled just above the bottom of the prize box.

* “No!” the boy wailed, his lower lip quivering. “That’s not fair! Daddy said I only get one chance to play it!”

* Dan felt bad for the boy, digging around in his wallet for an extra bill, but came up short. He used his card for everything. He rarely had cash on him. But when the boy started to cry softly, Dan couldn’t help but offer him something. “I can try to get it out for you.”

* “Please! I was gonna give it to my daddy since he took me to the movies to reward me, but now it’s stuck and not fair.” He crossed his arms and pouted, looking quite cute. Dan was just glad he didn’t start throwing a tantrum like most of the kids he came across.

* Dan got down on the floor and pushed open the small door on the bottom, sticking his hand up it. “I have long arms, so this should work.” He pressed his body closer to the machine, his fingertips grazing the plush toy. “All most … Have it,” he grunted, knocking the dragon down and going to pull out his arm when all he did was be met with a wave of pain in his shoulder, and he couldn’t get his arm out. “Uh oh.”

* Are you okay?“ the boy asked, looking at Dan with a weird expression.

* “Um, maybe not,” Dan admitted truthfully. Great. He had his arm stuck in some toy machine with a few hundred people standing on just the other side of the wall. He hoped to God that not too many people would see him, but he couldn’t help but wonder how he was going to get unstuck.

* “Do I need to get my daddy?” he asked Dan, turning his head to one side.

* “Please don’t.” How was he going to explain this to some boy’s father? oh, I was just trying to help your son get this toy out when I did something stupid and got my arm stuck. That was too embarrassing.

* “Thomas?” a man asked, rounding the corner and stopping short when he saw the little boy standing not too far from a man who had his arm stuck up the claw machine. “Um, aren’t you a little old to be trying to snag toys from the claw machine?” He stepped a little closer to Thomas, pushing the boy behind him.

* “Yeah, but-”

* “Daddy, it was me! He was going to help me get the toy that the machine didn’t give me but it was supposed to.” He clung onto the man’s leg, looking at him with big, blue eyes. “It’s my fault, daddy.”

* Dan looked at the boy’s father, finding him to be rather attractive. He had dark, black hair, which didn’t match his son’s at all, but he did have the same blue eyes as him. “No, no, I did this to try and help him. He didn’t ask me to do it.”

* The man looked down at his boy, waiting for confirmation. “That’s the truth, Daddy.” The man nodded, looking back at Dan. “Do you want me to go get one of the workers?”

* “Please don’t!” Dan said, panicked. “This is embarrassing.”

* The man smiled, laughing lightly. “Then what do you want me to do?”

* “Quit laughing, it’s not funny.” Now it was Dan’s turn to pout.

* “I can try to get you out, if you want,” the man offered, crouching down and inspecting the scene. “It might hurt a little.”

* “I don’t care, please just hurry before more people see.” Dan did care, actually. A lot. His pain tolerance was practically nonexistent.

* The man gripped Dan’s upper arm, getting quite close to his face. “Not a fan of public humiliation, huh?” Dan’s face heated up, and the man chuckled softly. “Alright, just try to pull when I say go, yeah?” When Dan nodded, the man said, “One, two, go!” He pulled on Dan’s arm, which caused Dan to cry out in pain, but when the side of his body collided with the floor, he let out a sigh of relief.

* “Yay!” Thomas squealed, reaching in the prize box for his blue dragon. “You got it! Thank you!” He hugged it to his chest, smiling widely.

* The man huffed, rolling his eyes but smiling at his son. “Are you good?”

* Dan was rubbing his shoulder and rotating it, making sure it all still worked. “I’m fine, thank you.”

* “It was really nice of you, you know,” he said, looking at Thomas. “But also very stupid. People have had to call the fire department in order to get others unstuck from those.”

* Dan blushed sheepishly. “Guess I got lucky. I’m sorry, you’re probably missing your movie because of me.”

* The man shrugged. “I’m sure it’ll be fine. Thomas has the attention span of a fish. He won’t even remember the movie by bath time.”

* Dan laughed, unsure of what to say. He was going to make it awkward, he just knew it. So instead of lingering in silence, he said, “My name is Dan.”

* The man smiled, holding out his hand for Dan to take. “I’m Phil, and I would actually like to know if maybe you would be interested in joining us for this movie. For being nice to Thomas and all.”

* “Shouldn’t it be the other way around? You helped me.”

* “You helped my boy. And now I’m showing thanks. Besides, we can consider this … a predate. I think I’d like to see more of you, Dan.”

* Dan couldn’t believe it. A predate? With a guy he just met? Who also happened to be extremely attractive and now single? This really was his lucky day. All because of some stupid, blue dragon. “I think I’d like that, too.”

* Phil helped him off the ground, and waited in line with Dan again so he could buy a ticket for the same movie. They ended up sharing a popcorn, and by the end of the movie, Thomas was asleep. “I told you,” Phil murmured into Dan’s ear. “But maybe next time this could happen at my place?”

* Dan took that as an invitation and nodded with a smile. Yeah, maybe he wouldn’t stick his arm up another claw machine again, but if this was the result of it, he just might have to rethink doing stupid things. That is, only if it were to get the attention of Phil.

The last hours theories (2) - LGTB+ characters

As I said on my previous post (http://awakeunafraidandhungry.tumblr.com/post/162448845908/the-last-hours-theories-and-questions-about-the), I’m reading all the material we already have about TLH in order to develop some theories about what might happen in the books. I’m aware that it’s still very soon, there is still more than a year to go until book 1 and I’ll probably change my mind a thousand times during that time, but whatever. 

Today I wanna talk about who I think are the four LGTB+ significant characters Cassandra promised us, and among them, who I think will end up with who, who will be endgame and who won’t. 

Let’s start with LGTB+ issues:

-First let’s point at what we already know: Anna Lightwood is lesbian and non binary, confirmed by Miss Cassandra, so that’s one left to go. 

-Second, I think that by now pretty much everyone in this fandom is assuming that Matthew is gay and I won’t be the one to contradict that. Matthew is a fan of Oscar Wilde and has been often portrayed in official art with green carnations, a symbol that gay men used to wear back in that time in order to recognize each other. I see this one almost as confirmed as Anna. 

-Third, we’ve been told that Matthew is in love by the beginning of the series. Considering that, according to the info we have, his social circle is limited to the children of the London Enclave and that among them he almost exclusively spends his time with the S4 (Thomas, James and Christopher) I think his love interest is gonna be one of them, and I think is gonna be reciprocated and we’ll have our third gay or bisexual character there. Since I doubt Cassandra is gonna come up with the same story twice, I think it’s safe to discard James (though I must admit I ship them with passion). So that leaves us with Thomas or Christopher. According to the family tree, Thomas is gonna die unmarried while Christopher is set to marry Grace Blackthorn. But again, the family tree is misleading. Also, according to a snippet leaked by Cassie, Matthew is the only one who uses the nickname “Chris” to refer to Christopher (besides his sister Anna). Right now I haven’t quite made my mind and my bets are even between Chris and Thomas, but I’m pretty certain it will be one of them. 

-Fourth,according to some pictures from Cassie’s pinterest, it looks like we are gonna have a significant lesbian ship. I’m betting on Anna + someone else here. I’ve seen a lot of people convinced that it is Cordelia, but I don’t think so. It could perfectly be that, but I think James is gonna remain Cordelia’s love interest through the series. She has enough going on with him (the love triangle with Grace, the marriage for that strange, mysterious reason) to suddenly hook up with his cousin. I don’t know, I just don’t see it. I still think Anna and Cordelia are gonna be remarkable friends/allies though. Also, we can discard Lucie because she is Anna’s cousin and she also has enough going on with Jesse. Grace is Anna’s cousin’s love interest (at least at first) and allegedly her future sister-in-law, but still my bets are more on GracexAnna than CordeliaxAnna. This is just an intuition, I have nothing to prove it but I think it would be an awesome plot twist. BUT still is not the only option: my main theory is that the fourth LGTB+ character and Anna’s love interest will be someone that we still don’t know or we think it’s irrelevant. 

So, to sum everything up:

-Anna (lesbian and non-binary), Matthew (gay), Christopher or Thomas (bisexual/gay) and Grace/Character we don’t know (bisexual/lesbian).

And the ships: 

-Matthew x Christopher or Thomas

-Anna x Grace or Character we don’t know 

About the future of said ships if my theories happen to be correct: I honestly don’t see any of them being endgame. I just think Anna is not the type of person to have a life-long romantic relationship, and since the other day I’m pretty convinced Matthew has a lot of chances to die (you can see the reasoning behind this on my previous post about TLH). BUT that would be too cruel even for Cassandra Clare, so I believe that again if this theories happen to be right, at least one of the two ships must be endgame: since my conviction in Matthew’s death is strong, my bets are on the lesbian couple. 


Friendly reminder that wolverine’s older-half brother John probably had similar/the same powers and very well may still be alive somewhere (and if his death was not faked, he was probably killed either by his mother Elizabeth Howlett or her boyfriend and wolverine’s biological father Thomas Logan)

John has showed up in one alternate future/au but other a few cryptic hints has not made an appearance in the main 616 canon

Headcanon: Peruvian!Craig

This will be a long ass ride, because I re-watched the Pandemic episodes (s12e10+11) and read the whole wikia fandom entry of Craig. I love this man.

[Excuse grammar or spelling mistakes.]

Everyone who knows Craig and his family, is aware of the hair colours from them. His mother has blonde hair, his dad red and his sister also. Craig’s is black. It’s normal that kids have different hair colours than their parents, but in South Park not. Look at Stan’s family. His mother has the same… pink-beige? shade like his daughter and his dad and himself have both black hair. And this counts for like every other family in South Park? (Exept for Kenny, but he isn’t a normal kid anyway) You could say, his mother changed her hair colour, but you have 1st. no proofs and 2nd. let me be. But his skin is white. In South Park, a lot of, nearly every, Peruvian has a caramel-like color. But his mother is American so he doesn’t have to be light caramel.

I mean, he was written in a Peruvian temple. He’s the only person who is able to stop the guinea pigs which were about to destroy the world; and he has his own guinea pig which he’s obsessed with. This SCREAMS that Craig is (half) Peruvian. And in SP, everyone from Peru is in a pan flute group, that means they have a sense of rhythm and like music generally: who is the one who sang in Put It Down? (s21e2) (Ps. for stupids: Cartman rapped most of the time, I mean Craig. So that nobody misunderstands me, jk)

In The End Of Serialization As We Know It (s20e10), Craig’s mom saw that his dad Thomas was accessing online. But he chatted with other women. That means, that cheating is (maybe) a common topic between his parents.
Maybe, his mom cheated on him? I think she’s actually nice, maybe a bit strange but nice. His dad is really… impulsive. Before Craig was born, I think they were in a relationship for years and Thomas broke up with her, because idk. In that time, her being a single, she had an one night stand with another man, a Peruvian man. After some time, Thomas noticed that he still loved her and made her a proposal, as apology. She couldn’t refuse and they married. But she was afraid to confess. She was afraid to confess that the condom broke when she had that ONS and that she was pregnant, from another man. She said it pretty late, that’s why he believes that she cheated on him.
After that, they told it Craig’s real dad, but he was back in Peru and wasn’t able to come to the birth. That’s why Thomas disallowed him to see his son. And because he has no solid home, like no house or a job, he’s just in a pan flute band and travels through the whole country. Craig has his black, full hair.

Craig’s real dad was back in Colorado, South Park, because of his band. They played in the mall, and suddenly he saw Laura, Craig’s mom. He remembers every ONS, because he’s a good man. And, ofc, he remembers that she’s the mother of his son, the son he never saw. He went to the family and confronted them, Thomas was jealous af but they talked in a café about that. With Craig, who finally knows that he isn’t the son of his ginger dad and that he isn’t the real brother of his sister. His real dad wanted to spend some time with his son, and Craig wanted it also so they can’t refuse.

I think, his dad is a good dad. His English is pretty good, not perfect and he still does some mistakes, but he’s able to talk normally in English. I bet Craig learns a lot about himself and about the world from him. His dad shows him how to play instruments, how to repair a car, how to speak (= sing) in Spanish and so on. He notices that he’s interested in books and meditation. And he accepts Tweek instantly, not like Thomas. Craig’s real dad LOVES Tweek, he thinks the blonde is just cute and pure, and he loves Craig’s guinea pig. So Craig loves him. Craig and his Peruvian dad is the perfect father/son dynamic.

I’m so soft and whipped for that hc don’t touch me.

I wanted to add some points real quick:

I want everyone to know, that Craig is tall! It bothers me so long, some people (not much, but enough to notice) say, that Craig is more the uke-small-type. But he isn’t. I think he’s one of the tallest, maybe the tallest in town.
His parents (Linda and Thomas) are drawn as the tallest parents.
You were able to see in episode T.M.I. (s15e4) that Craig (and Kyle and Kenny too) grew 2.4 inches in one year. This is the highest height you were able to see.
Plus he’s drawn tall, e.g in episode South Park Is Gay (s7e8) his legs look a lot longer than Tweeks, Tokens or Jason.
“The fact that his legs are longer is clearly visible in “South Park is Gay!”, where he and three other boys from his class wear identical clothes, because Craig’s pants appear much longer than the others.“ - fandom wikia entry about Craig.

In The List (s11e14) was Craig (in the real list) the first place in “cutest boys”.

And in episode Tweek Vs Craig (s3e5) was said that Craig is fairly thin. That means, that Tweek is heavier than him. I love thicc Tweek (and stick-like Craig) btw, this is my religion. But I write another hc about that.

Two Sides to Every Story

Author: @redstringlovers

Characters: Thomas x reader

Prompt: “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”

Warnings: man whore Thomas (jokes), mentions of cheating, some angst and swearing

Word count: 2,015

A/N: A big thank you once again to @susybird for proofreading this and continually telling me my writing is great even if I don’t think so lol! Hope you guys enjoy, let me know what you think :)

Originally posted by dylanholyhellobrien

Being one of the few girls here in the glade was stressful and exhausting. The first girl to the group, Teresa, was one of the few people I trusted here, along with Thomas and Minho.

When I first came to the glade, I got nothing but stares. No one talked to me for a week straight until Teresa came up to me, telling me this was normal when new people came in. She offered to help me with my job that I had, which was finding wood to make fires, along with weapons in case the Grievers ever came back. I wasn’t here when it happened, but Teresa had filled me in on everything that had happened since she joined the group a couple months ago. Since then, she’s been my closest confidant.

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Idk how active the Downton Abbey fandom still is, but would anyone be interested in some utterly self-indulgent after-the-end fixit-fic where:

  1. Thomas Barrow finds true love with someone who is just as heartbroken and scarred as he is.
  2. Addresses the lukewarm reaction to his suicide attempt.
  3. People appreciate Barrow’s genuine attempts to be a better person.
  4. Carson really takes him under his wing in training him to become butler.
  5. And Henry Talbot has a more interesting backstory than just “car racing” bc imo that was pretty boring.

Because I’ve got like 3000+ words of this and I think it’s gonna be pretty long if I actually complete it and I would really appreciate some feedback. Send me a message If you’d like to see what I’ve got so far, and I’ll send you the google doc.

10 reasons why I love Logan Sanders

August is a Sanders Sides appreciation month! Maybe it’s 31th of July but week for Logic already begun! I decided to share with you my list of things why I love Logic.

1. He is part of Thomas. I believe I don’t must explain that point.
2. He has the best music theme when he pop up. Subjective.
3. He is elegant, intelligent, funny… Handsome, smart, comic… Good-looking, clever, amusing… This is why he is SEXY (did you know I’m attracted to the intelligence? You know now.)
4. His favourite book is Agatha Christie’s crime with Hercule Poirot - my fav author of crimes stories and my fav detective.
5. He love poetry. I understand why; poetry is like puzzles because has it’s own rules (not just rhymes), rhythm, you need to find out what the author meant exactly like in puzzle and Logan like puzzles. And I think he is sensitive <3
6. He love dogs. Love to dogs is logical (yes, I’ll repeat it to the end of the world).
7. He likes to dress-up! This is adorable! I want to more dress up Logic!
8. Thanks to him I know more long, pretty, interesting English words.
9. He takes almost everything literally and this is as adorable as funny. (headcanon time - I believe he usually ignores when someone uses metaphores. But when he really likes someone - this is when he is confused and takes things literally. I never seen Logan who takes Princey’s words literally (and Roman uses metaphores) but Thomas (My NEGATIVE Thinking), Anxiety (Growing Up) and Patton (Accepting Anxiety ½). I don’t want to say he don’t like Princey - I just think their conflict is growing for now and they will compromise in their own Sanders Sides video soon. Logan will begin to take the Prince’s word literally too!
10. I love his interactions with Patton.

Some of this things are in my anthems for Logan Sanders! Part 1 and Part 2

I can’t be the only one who thinks Maven was in love with Thomas???
  • Ok so this is when Maven first mentions Thomas, while he was still lying to Mare:  “There was a boy, just seventeen, a Red from the frozen north. He didn’t know me on sight, not like everyone else, but he treated me just fine. He treated me like a person. I think he was my first real friend.” Maybe it’s a trick of the moonlight, but something like tears glimmer in his eyes. “His name was Thomas, and I watched him die.” 
  • So when I first read this I was like omg I ship this and I got all excited but then the whole mare/cal/maven thing started and I thought they where never even mentioning thomas again and it was all in my head.
  • BUT THEN the plot twist came and we found out that he was faking his feelings for Mare all along AND THEN THIS CAME ALONG: “Was anything true?”
    When he shakes his head, I know that is also a lie.
    “Even Thomas?”
    The boy at the war front, the boy who died fighting someone else’s war. His name was Thomas and I saw him die. The name punches through his mask, cracking the facade of cool indifference
  • And honestly that was it for me, it totally sounded like Thomas was the only person for whom Maven ever cared about and I think that it’s because he was in love with him
  • And in case you think it stops here, in Glass Sword, Victoria made me certain of what I already suspected when Mare said: As much
    as Maven lied to me, I still know a small piece of his heart. I remember him grabbing me through the bars of a cell, holding on with shaking fingers. And I remember the name he carries, the name that reminds me a heart still beats inside him. His name was Thomas and I watched him die.
  • THOMAS IS THE ONLY REASON WHY MARE THINKS MAVEN STILL HAS A HEART!!! MAVEN’S HEART BEATS FOR THOMAS!!! I totally freaked out when I read this it was so cute but also kinda sad idk
  • So I’m probably gonna sound totally crazy for some of you and maybe you’ll feel like I’m reaching and trying to force something that isn’t really there and maybe I am but I honestly just felt like sharing this theory with you guys because I feel like this would be such an interesting plot to be explored on the book and also because I think King’s Cage is gonna get the answers for these questions cause we’re probably gonna know more about Maven’s true self. This turned out waaaaay longer than I planned but I needed to put all those quotes for you guys to understand what I think. If anyone wants to talk about the theory please answer to the post cause I really wanna know what you guys think
The bite of night- Jeffmads- Chapter one

James laughed as he ran through the forest, Aaron next to him, already shifted into a white wolf. Now, don’t get it wrong, James and Aaron were not some prissy little werewolves, they were shifters, they could shift into any animal they wanted, as long as it wasn’t extinct. So James settled for a ocelot, running next to Aaron, as usual smaller than him, even in the animals they shifted into. After hours of shifting into animals they decided to shift into their human form and walk back to their pack’s territory, they were currently on neutral territory.  As they walked back to the town, they talked about anything and everything, really just being themselves.

They had been best friends since they were children, and most of the other shifters in the pack suspected they were mates.

When James reached his home, he kissed Aaron’s cheek as a goodbye, then headed into his home, starting to cook dinner.

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I'm Sorry, What?

* Jefferson × Reader
* 2-139: Hi, I’m Y/N, and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me.
* Modern

A/N: I know it’s been a few days but like I said, those pain killers make me insanely tired and it’s hard to focus. Plus I had some trouble getting this story started. Anyway, enjoy!


“Angelica, you can’t be serious.” You groaned.

“Y/N, come on! You haven’t had a boyfriend in quite some time. Take a risk for once.” She shot back.

“By aimlessly flirting with random men in a bar?” You inquired. The Schuyler daughters and you went out for drinks. As they started talking about their latest relationships they asked you about yours. They learned that you still haven’t had another boyfriend for a while and told you to go and flirt with someone.

“Why not?” Peggy asked you.

“I just don’t see the point.” You shrugged. The girls all shared a glance.

“You’re worried about being shot down.” Eliza said, it wasn’t a question.

“What? No!” You argued, your pride made it impossible to let them know that was indeed the case.

“Then prove it.” Angelica challenged.

“Fine.” Damn your pride. You were going to prove to them that you were confident and that you wouldn’t be shot down. You scanned the bar looking for a man to take a risk with. Up at the bar there was the very man.

He had wild and fluffy curls surrounding his face. He was wearing gray slacks with a magenta suit coat and white shirt. His facial hair was neatly trimmed and added greatly to his physical appeal.

You confidentially stood. You did a quick once over of yourself, then you approached the bar. You stepped right up next to him so he’d acknowledge you. He looked you up and down with an intrigued smile. “Can I help you?” You asked. He took a sip of his drink.

“Hi, I’m Y/N, and I have no idea who you are, but I need you to kiss me.” You said, getting straight to the point.

He almost spit out the drink he took. “I’m sorry what?!” He asked appalled.

“I need you to kiss me.” You said. “Now preferably.” You added.

“Can I ask why?”

“To prove a point.” You told him.

“I do enjoy proving people wrong.” He said with a slight smirk. “Alright, but I have one condition.”

“What?” You asked suddenly wary.

“I get to take you out on a date.” He said. You almost laughed.

“Alright.” You said. With that he leaned in and pressed his lips to yours. His arms found their way around your waist. You arms went around his neck and one of your hands buried itself in his hair. Your hand tightened around the curls and he groaned against your lips.

He pulled back, both of you breathless. He had a satisfied smirk of his face. “Did that prove your point or would you like to drive it home a bit more?” He asked.

You laughed lightly at his boldness. “I believe that did the trick.”

“Well, I can say I’m excited for our date.” He said. His hand slid down and slipped your phone from your pocket. He pressed a few buttons and handed it back to you. “Thomas, by the way.” You checked and saw he had sent himself a text from your phone.

“Well Y/N, you’ll be hearing from me.” He downed his drink and turned to leave. You stood dumbstruck for a few more seconds before shaking yourself and returning to the girls.

“What was that?!” Angelica asked.

“Told you I wouldn’t get shot down.” You said triumphantly.

“Clearly not!” Peggy said. They were all looking at you astonished.

“Guys honestly it’s no big deal.” You told them.

“Please at least tell us you’re going out with him!” Eliza said.

“Of course!” You assured them.

“Good.” Angelica said. You gave her a confused look. “There was a hell of a lot of sexual tension in that kiss.”

Thomas wanted to meet for dinner a few days later. Of course you had to ask the Schuylers for their opinion on what you should wear.

“Are you ever gonna tell us what the two of you said at the bar?” Peggy asked.

“Does it matter?” You asked as you ran a brush through your hair.

“Yes.” Angelica said. She was flipping through the outfits in your closet.

“I walked up and asked him to kiss me.” You said with a blank face.

“No, seriously.” Eliza said, taking your confession as a joke.

“It was just a bit of flirting.” You tried instead.

“That was quite an outcome for a bit of flirting.” Angelica observed. You only smiled in reaponse.

About an hour later you had the girls leave. You checked yourself over one last time in a mirror. You put a bit more effort into your appearance then you had when you went out for drinks. Angelica had helped you put together a great outfit that was both beautiful and enticing.

You got in your car and drove to the restaurant that Thomas wanted to take you to. You took a deep breath before exiting the car. This really was your first date in a while and it came from an impulse decision.

You walked in and scanned the place. It was nice enough for a first date, no hostess to seat you but a relatively pleasant air. You saw Thomas stand at a table across the room and offer a small wave. You smiled and walked over. He pulled your chair out for you, ever the gentleman apparently.

“Pleasure to see you again.” He said with he flirty smile. “You look lovely.” He complimented.

“Thank you.” You said with a blush. “I see you’re still pulling off the magenta suit coat.” You told him.

“I make it work.” He said with a smile, a wide genuine one. It pulled a smile from you too. The two of you fell easily into conversation. While talking you noticed someone behind him.

“No way!” You said with a slight laugh. Eliza had been raving about having a date with Alexander tonight, and here they were. “Hang on a minute.” You told Thomas and stood to go see them.

“Y/N!” Alexander exclaimed happily when he saw you. He pulled you into a hug.

“I’m glad Eliza pulled you away from your desk.” You joked. You and Alexander had grown closer when he started dating your friend. In the first few months they were inseparable so you got to know him fairly well.

“Well I’m just working to get a new idea incorporated in the company.” He explained.

“And apparently someone relentlessly fights against everything he suggests.” Eliza said.

“I’m serious. Jefferson doesn’t rest, his own goal is to see me destroyed.” He complained. They walked to get a table and went by your own. “Speak if the devil.” Alexander groaned.

“Hamilton.” Thomas said coldly.

“Jefferson.” Alexander spat back.

“Wait. This is the Jefferson you always complain about?” Eliza asked. “Oh boy…”

“Yeah. Why?” He asked, noticing the awkward air that descended.

“Because Y/N, is my date for the evening.” Thomas said coldly, standing and facing Alexander.

“Seriously?!” Alexander exclaimed. “Y/N, you can do better!” He told you.

“Watch it Hamilton.” Thomas growled.

“Why should I?” He argued. “Face it Thomas, you’re all talk and no action.”

“Oh and you would know all about action wouldn’t you Alexander?” He sneered.

“What do you mean by that?” He shot back.

“I mean the action you had taken with Maria Reynolds.” He spat out.

“Thomas!” You shouted at him appalled. Maria was a drunken mistake that Eliza had graciously forgiven him for. Still, it was a sore memory for both of them. “That was out of line!” You shouted.

“Come on, this bastard deserved that!” He retorted.

“Well the only bastard here is you!” You fought back. “You’ll excuse me if I leave this date early.” You snarled at him.

“Oh because that was the impression you gave a few minutes ago.” He said sarcastically.

“That was before I realized what an ass you were.” You shot back. “So goodnight and goodbye Thomas.” You grabbed tour purse and walked out.

“Y/N!” Eliza called after you as you crossed the parking lot.

“Hm?” You asked, turning to face her. Alexander was behind her as well.

“I’m so sorry.” She apologized.

“Sorry that Thomas was an ass?” You asked incredulously. “It’s not your fault.” You told her.

“But he was out of line and it completely ruined your night.” Alexander said apologetically.

“Guys, it’s fine really. At least now I know he’s not worth my time.” You shrugged and left. You laid in your bed that night thinking. Thomas was in fact horrible. But was attractive and interesting as well. Maybe you were thinking too much into everything. It was your first date in a some time and you were just struck by appearances.

But if that’s the case, why were you so upset by how the date ended?

The girls dragged you out for drinks once more. You would’ve preferred to stay in, seeing what happened last time. Peggy was talking about a man that had flirted with her at a coffee shop a few days ago. Angelica raved about an attractive man she was talking to. Eliza was quiet.

She knew if she mentioned Alexander then everything about your failed date would be dredged up. You laughed lightly at Angelica’s story and continued toying with your half empty glass. You took a drink and paused. Thomas was once again at the bar.

The night you met he was drinking a bar but now it was whiskey. You wondered if he was as upset as you were lately, as a result of your failed date. Or maybe you were just over analyzing everything. You sighed and took another long gulp from your glass. Eliza glanced over at you then followed your gaze to the bar.

“Y/N…” She tried.

“Stop Eliza. Really its fine.” You said holding up a hand. You know she must have informed her sister of the outcome of that night or they would’ve asked about it by now. Still, the other two glanced between you and the man at the bar with a curious look.

“Look, I’m just gonna head home.” You said. If you didn’t leave now, there was every possibility you’d get drunk. You weren’t crazy about that idea right now. You got up and left the bar.

“Guys do you think there’s anyway we can help her?” Eliza asked.

“You’re the one who knows the specifics of that night.” Angelica said.

“Thomas was rude to Alexander so Y/N was rude to him.” She explained. “She doesn’t act it, but I know she’s upset about how the date ended.”

“And Thomas?” Peggy asked. “How does he feel?”

“If his whiskey intake is anything to go on, then pretty bad.” Angelica said, watching him from where she sat at the table.

“We have to try anything.” Eliza said determinedly.

Thomas glanced up at a knock on his office door. “Angelica Schuyler. To what do I owe this pleasure?” He asked.

“I’m here about something rather personal Thomas.” She explained.

“Oh really?” He leaned forward, his flirtatious smirk on his lips.

“Nothing like that.” She rolled her eyes. “It’s about Y/N.”

“Leave.” He said, his eyes growing cold. “I don’t need told again how I acted was out of line. She did that well enough herself.”

“Actually, I was hoping I could help you two resolve your argument.” She said.

Thomas looked at her with renewed interest. “Go on.”

“Look. I want to help, but you need to agree to one thing first.”


You were in much better spirits tonight, it may or may not have been from a few drinks. You went out with the girls and Alexander came along too. It was rare he spent time with you, always working and unwilling to take a break.

Someone walked up to your table and cleared their throat. You looked up and glared at Thomas. “Look I came to apologize.” Everyone stared at him in astonishment. “May I sit?” He asked, gesturing to an empty chair. Every one turned to you for your answer. You curtly nodded.

He took a deep breath. “I was put of line that night.” He began. “So I need to apologize. Alexander, I’m truly sorry for what I said. Not only was it rude but it was also uncalled for.”

Alexander sat stunned. “Uh I accept your apology.” He finally said.

Thomas turned to you. “Y/N, I’m sorry for how horrible I was. I give you my word that I will never act out again if you are kind enough to give me a second chance.” He looked nervous, he kept his eyes down in his lap, daring only a few peeks at you through his bushy curls. “I also can promise to not be as rude to Alexander. I can’t promise to be his best friend but I can promise to be more civil.”

“Oh please Y/N, for the sake of peace, consider this.” Peggy jokingly pleaded.

You laughed lightly before looking back at Thomas. He was finally looking at you steadily, waiting for your response. “Alexander, do you really forgive him?” You asked.

“You know, I really do.” He said with a small smile. “Never thought I’d live to see the day Thomas Jefferson apologized though.”

“And you Eliza?” You asked. “You were hurt by his words too.”

“Y/N, you’ve been out of sorts since that night. I know this guy can fix that so of course I forgive him.” She told you.

You turned back to Thomas. “Then I forgive you too.” He smiled that bright smile that you’d thought of endlessly. The one that brought your own smile out. “However, apologizing was definitely not your idea.” You said and his smile fell. “OK fess up. Who at this table planned this?” You asked.

Angelica shamelessly raised her hand. “I knew you wanted him, so all he needed to do was apologize and I told him that.”

“You couldn’t possible know that I wanted him. At least not that badly.” You told her.

“Oh please. I told you, a lot of sexual tension in that one kiss.” She said dismissively, causing a bit of laughter. You and Thomas shared a bashful look. Which shifted into something more affectionate. “Oh just kiss her already.” Angelica groaned.

Thomas wasted no time in leaning forward and capturing your lips with his. While that first kiss was impulsive and infatuatous, this one was more passionate. It was as if he was securing his promises with this kiss. You gripped his curls again, grinning against his lips as it pulled a groan from him again. You forgot where you were until Alexander loudly cleared his thoat.

You pulled back and wouldn’t look at your friends. You knew your face was pure red. “Please Angelica,” Alexander began. “Never ask him to kiss her again.” The group laughed while Thomas just looked at you with his smile, not his smirk. You grinned up at him. While your friends teased you, you were really glad they helped fix this. You were even more happy that they were willing to look past Thomas’ actions in the past so that you were happy.

“You know Alexander.” Thomas said, getting the attention of the table. “I don’t need to be told.”

“Well then please tell me before you do so I can leave next time.” He joked. You were surprised to see them joking already.

“Oh you know I only live to make you suffer Alexander.” He said before kissing you soundly again. You felt Thomas’ lips quirk up in a smile when Alexander let out an exaggerated groan.

[ Imagine #6 ] The second girl ~ Newt ( TMR )

Fandom: The Maze Runner

Pairing: Newt x reader

Word count: 2174 words

A/N: I know it’s been a few days (maybe weeks, idk) since i posted the last time, and i’m really, really sorry♡ I was just so busy, we had a lot of tests at school, my best friend came back from australia after 6 months and i was ill for a few days. But i’m back and i try to post more regular, in a few days we have christmas holidays so i have a little bit more time for writing!

Hope you enjoy this imagine and i would be happy about a request xx



I stood next to my two best friends Thomas and Newt right in front of the box hole, the other boys gathering behind us. Today was the arrival day of the new greenie and the box should be here at any moment. After a few minutes the metal covering of the box hole opened with a loud screech and revealed the box full with new supplies and in the middle laid a motionless person. Newt jumped down and hissed painfully as he landed on his bad leg. He bent down and tried to wake the person. It was a girl. He turned around and smiled up to me. “Y/N, could you come down? I guess she’ll be bloody frightened when she wakes up and maybe you could calm her down.” I nodded in agreement. I could remember very well how it was to wake up at the glade, with a completely empty mind and sourrounded by fifty boys, it would had been so much easier with another girl. I jumped down and landed without problems, but i could see Newt reaching his arms out to hold me and quickly pulled back when he saw me standing safe. I could feel my cheeks heating up and kneeled down, lightly shaking the girl at her shoulders. She had beautiful black hair and her fine features seemed oddly familiar to me, but i really couldn’t put a finger on it. Suddenly she gasped and her eyes fluttered open. She had bright blue eyes and stared directly at me. “Y/N” Her voice was barely audible and she sat up, clearing her throat. “Y/N” she repeated louder “where are we here?” I was utterly confused. Why did she knew my name? “Who are you?” i asked carefully. The girl was still looking at me, and her eyes widened slowly. “Don’t you remember? I’m Teresa! Your best friend?” I stared at her, trying to understand what she just said. My best friend? Teresa? I didn’t remember her. Desperately i tried to find a hint of her in my head, but there was nothing. I just wanted to give up, when suddenly memories flooded my head and i drew a sharp breath, pressing my hands at my temples. I remembered her! I ignored Newts concerned look and pulled Teresa into a tight hug. “I remember you” i wisphered, “and i’m so happy you’re here” I could feel her relaxing and hugging me back, until a very confused Newt tapped lightly on my shoulder. “I really don’t want to disturb you two, but it would be great to know what you’re bloody doing?” We parted and i helped Teresa to stand up. “This is Teresa, she’s my best friend and i remember her!” i said enthusiastically. Newt gave Teresa a smile and shook her hand. “Name’s Newt” he said friendly and turned to me. “Did you remember anything else?” “No, there are just some memories of me and Teresa, nothing that could help us” i replied and shrugged. “But i’ll tell you when i remember something, ok? I’ll just gibe Teresa the tour.” He agreed,  climbed out of the box and then bent down to help Teresa and me. I ignored the staring boys and dragged her through the croud. “So this is the glade, over there is the homestead, and…”


The next days i barely spoke to Newt. He was always working together in the garden with Teresa, laughing and making jokes with her. Teresa seemed to enjoy Newts company pretty much, a little bit too much in my opinion. Every evening, when we were sitting together at the campfire, she told me how funny Newt was, how much she liked him and that he was her best friend beside me in the glade. Every evening, i listened to her and pretended to be utterly happy for her making new friends so fast, even if i actually didn’t wanted to hear anything about it because it made me just sad. One evening, she asked me: “Do you think Newt likes me?” “Of course, i mean you’re always hanging out together, i’m sure he likes you” i said and tried to sound normal. “No, i mean, do you think he likes me?” My stomach twisted, but i pretended to think. Teresa didn’t seemed to realize something is wrong, and just gave me a questioning look. “I don’t know. But could be, i guess. He’s always laughing when you’re around and seems happy.” Teresa nodded thoughtfully and stared into the flickering flames. I cleared my throat. “I’m going to sleep now. I’m tired.” I forced a smile on my face, even if it felt more like a grimace, quickly got up and walked to the little room i shared with Teresa. I could felt her bewildered gaze at my back but ignored it.

▪ ▪ ▪

As i layed in my hammock, eyes open, staring at the wooden ceiling, i suddenly felt the urge to cry. It’s terrible if your crush likes another person, but it’s even worse if this person is your best friend. I was sure if i’d tell Teresa that i liked Newt, she wouldn’t want to hurt me and would stay away from him. But i wouldn’t do that. They are both my best friends, and if they are happy together, i would’t destroy that. I wasn’t that selfish. Besides, i knew

Teresa was better than me. She was a lot prettier, kindhearted and friendly and everybody liked her. Newt deserved someone like her, but it hurted anyway.

Soon after i closed my eyes, the door opened and Teresa carefully walked over to her bed and layed down. The dim moonlight illuminated her face as she turned to me and asked quietly: “Are you ok, Y/N?” I swallowed and somehow managed to anwser with a normal voice: “Of course, why shouldn’t i?” It was obvious that Teresa didn’t believed me, but she dicided to drop the subject and smiled at me. “Well, then good night, Y/N” “Good night, Teresa”, i wispered.

▪ ▪ ▪

When i woke up the next day, Teresa wasn’t in her bed anymore. I quickly put on my hoodie and my pants, tied up my hair in a loose ponytail and headed out to get some breakfast before working. The moment i entered to homestead, i saw Newt and Teresa, sitting together, really close to each other. They were talking animatedly, laughing and smiling. I forced a grin on my face, walked over and sat down. Teresa flashed me a bright smile, Newt barely seemed to notice me, he just gave me a small nod before he turned his attention back to his food. I felt a pang of hurt in my chest and got up again. “I’m going to work” i said tersely and left the homestead. Even if i’d promised myself myself last night to be happy for them, i wouldn’t just sit there and watch Newt ignoring me and flirting with Teresa.

▪ ▪ ▪

I walked over to the medjack hut when i saw Thomas. As soon as he saw me, he came over to me. “Hey Y/N, do you know where Teresa is?” he asked me with a smile. “Teresa? Oh she’s in the homestead, but she’s busy ” i spat out and kept walking. I really don’t wanted to talk right now, but before i could escape to the empty medjack hut, Thomas reached out, grabbed my wrist and stopped me. “Ok ok, sorry for asking”, he chuckled, “what is she doing?” I rolled my eyes. “She’s flirting with Newt, ok? Can i go now?” To my big surprise, Thomas started laughing. “Oh, i really doubt she’s doing that! But you look slightly annoyed.” He bent down, nugded the tip of my nose and asked in a high pitched voice, as if he was talking to a little child: “Is little Y/N jelly?” I crossed my arms over my chest and scoffed contemptuously. “Definitely not! And how could you doubt that? Have you even seen them?” He shrugged. “No, i haven’t, but i really doubt it because Teresa is my girlfriend.”

▪ ▪ ▪

I choked. “She’s what?” He smiled proudly. “My girlfriend. I know she has been here for only a few days, but she seemed so familiar to me and two days ago we figured out we’ve been together before the maze.” “Oh Thomas, that’s great!” I hugged him enthusiastically. Of course i was happy about to of my best friends being together, and even more because Teresa wasn’t interested in a romantic relationship with Newt. But then hit me. Even if Theresa wasn’t interested in Newt, doesn’t mean he isn’t interested in her

. I dropped my arms and Thomas asked immediately: “Are you alright, Y/N? ” I nodded and tried once again to leave to my workplace, but after a few steps i heard Thomas asked: “You think Newt likes her, right?” I froze and turned around slowly. “He does. I mean, i’m not blind. I see it.” Thomas just stared at me, then shook his head. “You see it?! You see nothing, Y/N, nothing! You’re so blind! Didn’t you noticed how nervous Newt is always around you? Didn’t you noticed how he looks at you, how he always tries to protect you?!” I was stunned. Newt liked me? “Newt… Newt likes me?” i stuttered. “No, he don’t likes you, he loves you! And you’re too blind to see it!” Thomas practically yelled at me. “I really have no idea how you can be so oblivious. I mean, you basically stare at him the whole day” he snickered. I could feel my cheeks heating up, and i couldn’t stop smiling like an absolut idiot. I felt… i didn’t know, it was just indescribable. Like i could hug the whole world, or was just overflowed by happiness. I could even say something nice to Gally right now.

▪ ▪ ▪

After this conversation with Thomas i decided to talk to Newt. After dinner, i walked over to him. He chatted with Teresa, of course, but i just ignored that and asked: “Could i talk to you for a minute, Newt?” He seemed surprised, but looked at me espectantly. “Not here. Maybe.. in my room?” He nodded and ran his hand nervously through his blonde hair, before he followed me to my room.

I had my doubts. Even if Thomas had told me more than once, that he liked me, what if he was wrong? Then i would ruin our friendship and would be utterly heartbroken. But i shook my head to get rid of this thoughts and took a deep breath. I would do that. When we reached the little room, i closed the door behind us and sat down on the bed, just to get up again a moment later and paced around nervously. Newt stood awkwardly next to the door and his eyes followed my every step, when i apruptly stopped and turned to him. “Do you like Teresa?” He startled and looked up. “Of course i like her” he said confused, clearly didn’t get my intention. I rolled my eyes in response. “No, do you like her?” Realization hit him and he quickly shook his head. “No! Why do think that?” I felt tears welling up in my eyes, but i tried to hold them back. “Because you always spent time with her, and you seemed so… happy” i wispered and a single tear rolled down my cheek. I removed it with my hand. “Sorry” i sobbed. Newt shifted uncomfortably, i clearly didn’t know what to do. Eventually, walked over to me and pulled me into a thight hug. As i felt his strong arms wrapped around my back and my head laid on his chest, so i could hear his fast heartbeat, i started to cry. I cried and cried, and Newt just held me until i calmed down.

“I don’t like Teresa. I like you. I like your laugh, how your eyes sparkling every time you’re happy, how you’re always caring for everyone. Whenever you’re near me, i get so…so nervous and all flustered and have no idea what to do or say and whenever one of the boys is flirting with you, i just get so jealous. Just thinking about you makes me happy and smiling and i’m so glad you’re here. Y/N, i - i love you.” I looked up to him, and without thinking, i laid my arms around his neck and pressed my lips on his. He immediately kissed back, pulling me even closer to him. I kissed him with all the feelings i held back for so long and we had to stop for breathing, wispered: “I love you, too.”

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Request: could you write a fic based on the song Baby It’s Cold Outside with Thomas?

Pairing: Thomas Jefferson x Reader

Time period: Modern

Word count: 1,316

Warning: A bit of smooching? Is that in need of a warning? Oh, and Thomas curses once.

A/N: Happy holidays, loves. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! And if you don’t celebrate that, then I hope whatever holiday you do celebrate goes/went just as well. Anyways, I know this is late but I had a sudden spark of inspiration last night. I meant to post it this morning but, like always, my dad didn’t tell me our plans until last minute and we had to leave sooner than I thought. But anyways, I hope you like it!

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‘Other’ Sanders Sides Theory

When the Sides mentioned something about ‘others’, obviously everyone is freaking out. I’m freaking out, you’re probably freaking out, and the fandom probably screamed in unison. But what exactly are the others?

Well, I have a theory. That the ‘others’ are simply parts of Thomas’s personality that are more 2-Dimensional than the Sides. All of them are composed of their main purpose, sure, but they all have their own personalities and control other assets that make up Thomas. Think about it like this:

Logan: represents not only logic, but Thomas’s passion for learning and desiring more knowledge. Is also his curiosity, considering how he is genuinely interested in learning slang while most logical characters would berate it. 

Patton: isn’t just Thomas’s sense of right and wrong, but is his Heart. He embodies all of Thomas’s feelings (typically positive ones, but I’m sure Virgil isn’t the only one dealing with negative emotions). He is also a symbol of maturity and what it means to grow up, as well as to be tender and loving. 

Roman: is more than just Thomas’s creativity. He also embodies Thomas’s hope for the future, his goals in life. He is also Thomas’s courage, and lends him the passion he needs to help Thomas continue to improve. He’s a source of inspiration.

Virgil: obviously he’s Thomas’s anxiety, but as we’ve seen in Accepting Anxiety, he is also more than that. Sure, Roman helps Thomas to achieve his dreams (even if some of them are quite unrealistic), but Virgil forces Thomas to actually care about it. So, Virgil embodies his fears along with his motivation.

Which reminds me of a point Logan made; that Anxiety may not have had a physical form, but he was always present. Let that sink in. 

Perhaps the ‘others’ may not be as well developed as the Sides; they could just be flat characterizations of Thomas (perhaps his confusion, joy, whichever trait the other Sides don’t control). Perhaps they can’t form a physical form because they are simply doing their job, and nothing outside of it.

Or maybe there can only be four Sides at a time. What if every trait is constantly fighting inside of Thomas to be able to express themselves in a human body? It would explain why even Roman look disconcerted at their mention, who’s brave enough to fight dragon witches. 

If there’s a theory already like this out there… whoops sorry!! This was just a bit of a ramble after watching Accepting Anxiety for like the 15th time. I’m not sure if this really makes sense, but I thought it was an interesting concept!