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The Pilot (a wholock meta)

[I wrote these thoughts after watching Doctor Who ‘The Pilot’ last week and meant to post this. This is really just for myself so sorry in advance if I don’t make tons of sense here. I would say I’’m gonna write something about each ep but I usually don’t stick to what I say I’m gonna do haha so anything could happen]

Oh jeez where do even I start? The Pilot (!). Called as much supposedly because this DW episode can be watched by people new to the show. But me thinks that’s not all there is to it. There’s the flight of the dead and Girl on the Plane from TFP, the “Landing” as johnlock going canon …and there’s also a Sherlock Pilot. Planes are ships. Pilots are the ones in control of that ship. It crashes, or it lands safely. There’s no planes in this DW episode (there are spaceships tho). But there’s a ‘ship’.

So Bill and Heather are John and Sherlock, obviously yes? But the mirroring works so both Bill and Heather are constantly both John and Sherlock for different sort of threads of the subtext. Heather even has a black coat and scarf in the pic above but then shortish blond hair like John. 

Like @jenna221b said the “defect” in the eye that Heather wants to “fix” is sentiment (nice one), while Bill thinks it’s beautiful (“it looks like a star”). Sherlock thinks this is his weakness that needs to be fixed. But John sees that in him and loves him for it. 

But were you not also reminded of Ben C’s eyes and his heterochromia?? I was. Her eyes were blue and green and gold. It would reinforce the Sherlock mirror. I wouldn’t put it past them because I’ve seen other character mirrors in other DW episodes given the names and traits of ben, martin and amanda because Moffat uses johnlock mirrors in SO many episodes that he must run out of ways to code them.

Heather was coded as suicidal - she in fact DID take her own life. I didn’t see this the first time. DUH! “Everywhere I go I just want to leave”. Then the puddle gets her and she does “leave”, because the puddle gives you what you want. 

I have a feeling that the episode name is a sherlock clue on an extra level. What if it’s also about the Gay Pilot?? I think we’re seeing John and Sherlock where they were at the beginning of their journeys 

(what if this doctor who season somehow takes us through a johnlock romance arc somehow with different mirrors every time?? Might not happen but would be neat. Bonus for any clues about what the heck sherlock s4 was). 

Sherlock in ASiP wants to “leave” like Heather does in this “Pilot”, taking the cabbie’s pill gambling his life on a 50/50 chance. And John with his gun in his drawer, contemplating it for a moment at the beginning of ASiP. By TLD Sherlock’s gotten to the point where he realises, possibly even surprising himself, that he doesn’t want to die. That’s the end of his character arc though. But here we see Heather willingly let the puddle invite her in, just as Sherlock brings the pill up to his mouth in ASiP.

Maybe this is the significance of the chips. In TLD Sherlock gets chips for Faith because she’s suicidal, and Bill “Serves chips”. She keeps people from taking their lives. Sort of foreshadowing John’s arc, and how John saves Sherlock from that by giving him a reason to live (thats what boyfriends do, they feed you up).

We also have the “can I show you something?” “God, yes!” between Heather and Bill. Another pilot reference.

Heather’s last thought was of Bill, so once this evil alien puddle thingy had taken her, she pursued Bill to the farthest reaches of the universe (please stop me thinking of that johnlock fanvid and the song lyric “anywhere I would have followed you”).

And what the hell happens next is confusing but there’s a little metaphor in there and maybe a HLV and a TRF reference too (the Fall and Fall 2.0).

Bill: Oh my god, I understand.
Doctor: You what?
Bill: The last thing she said to me. She promised she wouldn’t leave without me.

In T6t we hear all this business about Sherlock’s vow. That it was apparently to protect Mary. It’s a TRICK! Word play. And Sherlock never actually said that before T6T began. T6T was Mary as storyteller, twisting Sherlock’s words to fit her own evil narrative. What he did say that I talked about here , was that he would always “be there”. Just that, that’s it. He promised he wouldn’t leave

(this gets cooler if you think about EMP starting when Mary shot Sherlock because Sherlock’s vow he made at the wedding was ONE OF THE LAST things he ever said to John before the day of CAM tower) Bill about Heather: “The last thing she said to me. She promised she wouldn’t leave”

The Doctor tells Bill that she needs to release Heather from her promise, to let her go. So she does. They sort of…break up? 

You have to let me go.
You have to let me go.
I will.
I will.
I really liked you.
I really liked you.

In TRF Sherlock sort of breaks up with John before he jumps from the roof by telling John he was a fake. To maybe somehow attempt to release John from what was between them. But of course it didn’t work very well. And then there’s this parallel too…

Then Bill and Heather grab onto each other.

Doctor: Don’t, don’t! Bill, let go! Bill, listen to me. Whatever she’s showing you, whatever she’s letting you see. It’s a lure, it’s a trap. She’s making you part of her, and you can never come back.

So what the hell happens here exactly? I have one idea that’s a bit trippy.

This brief kind of random scene is full metaphor for queerness, and the two opposing ways it is viewed: from the outside in, and from the inside out.

It’s also about John’s fear and internalized homophobia.

From the outside, those who fear it and are against it see it as something dangerous and terrifying, something that spreads and infects and marks you forever. 

From the inside queerness is beautiful, good, and human.

Bill hesitates then grabs a hold of Heather, subconsciously drawn to this “danger” in front of her. We think she’s in danger because in that moment we the audience are seeing queerness from the outside in. But Bill isn’t in danger at all as we find out a moment later. Heather transports her to another world and Bill is sort of filled with a feeling of ecstasy. She doesn’t look scared, she looks happy.

Bill: I see what you see. It’s beautiful. 

But on the outside the Doctor is terrified and thinks she’s in danger. 

Doctor: Whatever she’s showing you, whatever she’s letting you see. It’s a lure, it’s a trap. She’s making you part of her, and you can never come back.

Bill mirrors John here, wanting to enter this world with Sherlock but feeling afraid, with the voice of his internalized homophobia telling him he’s being lured and trapped. That’s why Bill lets go, because she’s afraid. It’s suddenly Sherlock and John reaching for each other again, but that distance between them coming into focus and ripping their hands apart.

Bill: I saw it all for a moment … everything out there. She was going to let me fly with her. She was inviting me. - But I was too scared.

Check out Moffat’s specific and meaningful word choice bolded above. Out there (out of the closet). Fly (because falling’s just like flying). And a reminder that John’s afraid

So often with villains or monsters in DW, they simultaneously mirror something beautiful and something threatening. It’s the danger of those things that we long for but which could also hurt us. It’s a truth that will either kill you in trying to uncover it, or will set you free.

(there’s loads more i know. @jenna221b covered a lot of it. i just wanted to add these few details. thanks for reading. Here’s a Bill x Heather fanvid I found)

anonymous asked:

Do you think Alice purposely tried to keep Betty and Polly in young-ish looking clothes and pastel make-up to keep them from making her own mistakes as a teenager? I know that she didn't want Betty wearing Polly's Scarlet Seduction lipstick because it made her look too grown up and Polly "grew up too fast" (code for got pregnant). I just wonder how she's going to feel about Bughead having sex since every Cooper woman besides Betty became a teenage mother?

Well as a mom, I can guarantee you, your 16 year old being sexually active is a bit uncomfortable, without the consideration of her getting pergeranoote with a dude’s Luigi Board—so I don’t see Alice as being terribly please about it. However, I do think Bughead would be responsible (I mean, LBR, Paulie doesn’t across as the sharpest knife in the drawer, if you will).

However, without question, Alice wanted to keep them innocent and controlled for as long as possible—-as well as conveying the perfect family image

MBTI as things that have happened to/around me at school this week
  • INTJ: My friend tipped over a table and on the bottom it said, in black texta, "Fuck U"
  • INTP: I was forced to be soccer goalie in sport and I got hit in the nose with the ball. It really hurt.
  • ENTJ: The teachers have this program that allows them to see our screens and it's really creepy.
  • ENTP: Someone giving a presentation about gay rights asked the audience for questions and got asked what TPG stands for.
  • INFJ: My friends and I were reminiscing over our OTPs among the teachers last year and then one of them walked past together.
  • INFP: This substitute teacher was telling us about how she lost her sandwich while eating it.
  • ENFJ: We had to give 30 second instead of 2 minute long speeches in debate club because the teacher was planning (I think gossiping) with another teacher for the entire session and forgot about us.
  • ENFP: This 7th grader claims to be my "asian grandmother" (her own words)
  • ISTJ: I went to coding club and learnt how to make this lil cute moving square thing.
  • ISFJ: My friend agreed to go to a meeting with my other friend about a proposal to do with our uniform and now she's obliged to become a spokesperson for the issue despite the fact that she doesn't care about it.
  • ESTJ: We found out that we now have to get teachers' signatures just to go to the toilet because there have been multiple graffiti incidents.
  • ESFJ: Someone ran over the soccer goals on the oval.
  • ISTP: I accidentally got kicked out of a classroom because I was neatening it up and I pushed a table over and it made a super loud noise.
  • ISFP: We've also had permanent markers banned from us because of the graffiti.
  • ESTP: My maths teacher, when asked by one of my friends what he has a PHD in, said that he has a PHD in being annoyed by this friend.
  • ESFP: The same maths teacher forgot to give me a test and didn't realise for five minutes.

deducingreality  asked:

I just wanted to say thank you for providing so much wisdom and thoughtfulness to those following you on this particular debate. There is a God-given sanctity to human life, and 1 second old fetuses are no exception. It makes me weep to think people could see it differently. This concept of women having "rights" to do what they want with "their body" is so twisted.

I love that Matt Chandler quote you just posted:

“It has its own DNA. It has its own genetic code. It has its own blood type. It has its own functioning brain, its own functioning kidneys, its own functioning lungs, its own dreams. It’s not the woman’s body. It’s in the woman’s body. That’s not the same. The argument is a woman should get to choose what she does with her body. Bull. Go prostitute yourself. See if you get arrested. You don’t [have the right to do whatever you want]! I don’t have the right to do whatever I want with my body. No one does!”

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why do you dislike maya ?

I don’t dislike Maya, I just don’t like the stuff that she does.

I don’t post about my personal life here, but I was/am more broken than she is. From my experience as someone who’s gone through hell and back, Maya’s life is good. She has a loving mom, a best friend, another family that welcome her, an amazing group of friends, teachers who like her, and a person who is like a father figure to her that spends his money on her but he didn’t have to, (the matthews bought her a phone for fuck’s sake, who does that ?)

I dislike that she doesn’t treat Riley in a good way. Whenever Riley talks about something that’s important to her (feminism, STEM) or acts like herself (when Riley reveals the award ceremony thing, Rileytown),(sees a bird, GM Pluto), she’s always either glaring or rolling her eyes. 

I dislike that she thinks she didn’t break girl code when she started liking Lucas out of the blue.

I dislike that she made up the whole “she likes him like a brother” just so she can feel better and not have a guilty conscience.

I dislike that she can’t be herself and starts to behave like Riley because “Riley Matthews is the best person i can be”

I dislike that instead of going to her OWN mother, she goes to the matthews and expects them to console her instead.

I dislike that she doesn’t give a flying fuck about Riley’s feelings

Yeah i don’t dislike her at all.