i just think its pretty funny


ive drawn myself 6 times from july 2016-march 2017 and its pretty funny how wildly all of them differ hahah


 NCT’s reaction to one of the hardest/fastest girlgroup choreography😂😂

ya know, sometimes when i wanna laugh i think about stan and ford in phineas and ferb like scenarios

more specifically i think of ford accidentally causing stan harm and being the most oblivious doof about it

and to be even more specific i always think of two very particular scenes from the haunted house ep and the chronicles of meap


northern downpour // panic! at the disco

things cis people say

“wait ur nonbinary? I thought you were trans!”
“But using your pronouns are hard!!”
“Cis is a slur!!!”
“I hate those trans people who always make a fuss!”
“Is that a man or a woman? *uses it/its*”
“I’m alright with trans people, I just hate those fake genders”
*Insert 500 transphobic jokes*
“They’re just jokes oh my god! You’re so sensitive”
“Lmao men in dresses are so funny”
“But what if a man says he’s a woman and sneaks into the bathroom to assault people”
“you’re pretty cute for a trans man/woman”
“which bathroom do you use”
“what’s in your pants”
“are u pre op?”
“How do you have sex?”
“so technically you’re a (insert assigned gender)”
“So she- well, she thinks she’s a boy but I’ve known her for a long time so it’s okay”
“I’ve never met a trans before !!”
"i can misgender you cos you’re a cunt”
“you’re not even trans”
“But you don’t look trans!”
“I wouldn’t date a trans, I’m just not attracted to them”
“i identify as a dog LOL !!!”
“down with trans”
“Cisphobia is just as bad as transphobia”
“how can you hate someone just for being transphobic?”
“down with cis is harmful”
“dysphoria cant be that bad”
“down with hate”
“I’m not transphobic my sister’s friend’s cousin’s nephew is trans!”
“You transgenders will say anything’s transphobic”
“im not transphobic i thought i was trans 
"are you sure you’re not just butch?”
“you’re too young to know your’re trans!”
“you’re too old to know you’re trans!”
“why is being trans suddenly a trend?”
"i can say that i have a trans friend”
“this is (birthname) she thinks she’s a boy!”
“oh she’s playing dress up”
“i’ve never dated a trans but i’m up for experimenting”
“i can say that i have a trans friend”

So @samiemack and i noticed stuff with some of the leafs players:

Frederik Andersen - Tintin

Connor Brown - that kid from Rocketstar’s Bully

Matt Martin - the villain from Titanic

William Nylander - Joffrey

Auston Matthews - Jack White

i feel like conor is the type of person 

who lays in bed at night by himself and thinks of something really funny 

and just starts laughing out loud 

at nothing in particular except his own sense of humor

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Do ya think when it comes along that the king crimson reveal might look fucked up bc i mean, davidpros track record at this point

I’m looking forward to people making memes with King Quality all over them.

Honestly though I’d be impressed if they managed to make KC look even more fucked up than it already does. I’d applaud them, honestly.

“Good lord, evolution, what is that?”

“It’s a flannel moth caterpillar I just finished. Funny little guy, huh?”

“It’s sort of… terrifying.”

“What? Nah. Look, it’s mostly hair. Pretty irritating, maybe, but there’s not much room for brains under there. It can’t actually do anything.”

“Okay, if you say so. But then where are you going to put it? Like, what is its ecological niche going to be?”

“Oh, I don’t know. Do I have to think of everything? I mean, I guess it could run for president of the United States.”

Source: Olly Boon / YouTube

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I'm thinking reverse anon?Like Michaels and Gavins relationship is pretty much yelling and cussing based and Gavin its okay with It,that is How they work and its funny most of the time but every once in a while Michael hits to close to home and Gavin has to lock himself away sothe others wont see him cry.Its fine when he says bad shit about himself bc he knows its Just some dumb part of him who doesnt think he is good enough but hearing the others say It can be heartbreaking sometimes-rockfriend

oh yes, michael has been known to say somethings that hurt the others when he’s angry or when he’s just running his mouth without thinking. It’s not the first time he’s hurt someone with his words in a rage, probably won’t be the last.

But it’s different when it’s Gavin. it’s worse. Gavin always takes insults in stride, always just laughs it all off. So when Michael says something that hurts, that actually upsets him, Michael becomes determined to make it up to him in anyway he can

When your talented Artist friend redraws your work

Artist Friend: “Dude, this is pretty solid”

Artist Friend: “But I’m just gonna leave this here for you”

Its funny to think that One Punch Man started off as a jokey Web Comic and the Mangaka saw it and was like “BRUH I’m gonna make this look SOOOOOO DOPE for you”

now its blowin up but ya know whats Great, the guy who does the webcomic didnt get disheartened. HE’s Still making it cause without it Yusuke wouldnt have a series xD  

Watch the American version of the cartoon be his style

@raburine suggested I draw Fukawa! I just finished Ultra Despair girls too, so the timing was pretty funny.

I think it’d be cute for her and komaru to do a uniform swap! Fukawa probably wouldn’t know what to do with such a short skirt ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

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I know in they're triplets in your AU, but I can't help but think Reiju and Yonji would fit right in with them. Reiju cause she's such an awesome big sis, and Yonji cause... Well every family has to have that one brat, I guess. I just think Niji and Yonji's interactions would be pretty funny, and then Ichiji and Reiju being the cool-headed oldest siblings.

I know I already got so many requests and asks about adding Yonji and Reiju in this AU but there are several reasons why I can’t do this.

First it would mean I have to rewrite the story or at least lots of parts of it and that would be too much work (I’m already struggling with all the things I have to draw right now…).
This would also mean I have to come up with new designs and ideas how to involve the new characters in this whole AU + having 5 main characters for an ask blog is also too much for me.

Taylor: Stay Stay Stay on Tumblr

I’m pretty sure you were lurking last night, so I threw my phone across my bed-room, I really want you to see what I have to say, but youuuuuuu went away.

This morning I want you to think about it cause I read you should never let go of your dreams. That’s when you came online lurking other blogs and said okay that’s cute.

And I said stay stay stay, I’ve been loving you for quite some time time time, you think that its funny to like a post pic or vid, but I just want you to see this one day.

-i feel good when i can talk to a million friends and folks in one night and not even panic!
-i dont wanna date anyone i dont wanna do anything too romancey i just think its nice sometimes a boy will pay 4 yr drank and that’s it.
-i think its pretty and beautyful how sometimes ppl grow up and are nice and kind despite their rocky pasts.
-i feel good when my former idol and current friend thinks im very funny and “emo goddess” and just is very sweet.


i gotta say i think its pretty funny how all of the loz fans were like “ooh in the next game ganondorf should be link’s MENTOR and he should be his SEXY BARA ABUSIVE DAD” and in botw ganon is just a big horrible slime pig monster 

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Have you ever thought about what people who have never seen AOS, but see all of our Fitzsimmons gifts pop up on their dash or something think about the show!? They must be so confused. Like, what the heck is wrong with this show!!?? Why is that person stabbing that person, and what are lmds!!? I just think that would be pretty funny if nobody has seen AOS. If there's no context to go with it... It does seem pretty crazy. Lol.

Hi Anon!

Have to say you totally made me smile with this one.  

That is the beauty of Tumblr and think that everyone has a moment where you look at another Fandom or Ship and wonder what on earth happened in that fandom that night to blow it up and looking in from the outside its a lot like…

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**Though we made some proper waves after 15 aired.  

And there are times where I go visit a Fandom I’m not in anymore or don’t really follow on Tumblr just to check out what’s going on, especially after a major plot twist.

What I honestly really wonder is what my blog looks like to someone who just found me or is just coming into the fandom. Because in my head I’m pretty sure its something like this.

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I really should make that my header.

And all the theories! 

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Poor teenage Jules being horrendously publicly ill, and Alistair chewing out anyone who even thinks about looking at him funny

Haha, I loved this request! I love an excuse to write about these two as teenagers, I’m a sucker for childhood friendships. Just as a warning, there’s mentioning of dissecting sheep hearts in this (cause I needed Julius to freak out) and that’s what i dissected in high school. But if you don’t like that, don’t read this. On a nicer note, Alistair is actually pretty sweet in this one, when he’s not acting like a little creep about the dissection. Swearing in this, cause Alistair. I hope you enjoy it.

“I would like you all to be mature and adult about this. Remember, you’re in year nine, not primary school,” Mrs Devril drawled in her low, slow voice, drawing her icy blue eyes over every teenager in the class. Her eyes lingered on Alistair a little longer than necessary. The red-head flashed her a smirk, which she ignored.

“Work in pairs or threes,” she went on. “Be sensible. Anybody caught messing around will be removed from the class. Dissection isn’t a game - it can be very dangerous if you don’t take it seriously. I’ll hand out the hearts in a moment. Make you sure you have your gloves on before you touch them.”

Julius ducked his head queasily, trying to stay calm. He was never a massive fan of biology in general - most of it was dull, and he always ended up getting stuck doing some sort of awkward sexual health related activity with Alistair, and that boy seemed incapable of staying out of trouble during those situations - but he had been dreading this day in particular for months.

Dissection day. This was the only opportunity their school had to do any dissection, and the lesson was eagerly anticipated by most students, satisfying their ghoulish teenage curiosity. But Julius had always been a bit freaked out by blood - seeing a good deal of it made him nauseous and dizzy. He was sure he would struggle to stay composed as his classmates hacked at a dozen sheep’s hearts, their cloying meaty smell filling the room unpleasantly.

Julius hadn’t mentioned his phobia to Alistair. The boy had been looking forward to the dissection to a degree that was almost unnerving. He looked like a kid on Christmas morning as he snapped on rubber gloves purposefully. Julius didn’t want to dampen this macabre experience for Alistair.

Julius tried not to look as Mrs Devril began handing out hearts, ignoring the awed gasps and disgusted squeals of the teenagers. She paused as she placed a heart in front of Julius and Alistair. Perhaps she’d have noticed that Julius was looking rather pale, had she not been distracted and unnerved by Alistair’s eager face and bright eyes.

“Remember, anyone caught doing anything silly will be asked to leave,” she warned, looking only at Alistair. The teenager scowled as she moved away.

“Bitch. What does she think I’m going to do, throw it across the room?” he muttered angrily. Julius gave him a weak smile, swallowing convulsively.

Julius and Alistair stared solemnly at the heart, eyes wide. It was red as a poppy, cold and slick to the touch, and about the size of a man’s clenched fist. Alistair poked at it curiously with a finger - his glove came back slick with blood. Julius wrapped his hands around his stomach, trying to combat the uneasy churning.

“Wow… At one point this was the most important part of a sheep’s body. Couldn’t survive without it,” Alistair said quietly, as if thinking out loud. Julius shuddered, the nausea steadily becoming more painful.

“You want to hold it, Jules?” Alistair laughed. He had the heart in his hands now, offering it to Julius like a gruesomely literal Valentines gift. Julius backed away rapidly, his head spinning. The room felt boiling hot, his curls were sticking to his sweaty forehead. The rank smell of meat filled the room, and Julius choked back a heave.

“What’s up?” Alistair asked cluelessly, casually tossing the heart from hand to hand. Then he blinked, suddenly realising. 

“Oh. Is this freaking you out?” Julius nodded dizzily. 

“Yes, and you’re not really helping, Alistair,” he mumbled. Alistair grinned.

“Hey, it’s okay, you don’t have to touch it. Though it isn’t bad, it just feels like the inside of your cheek. There’s nothing to worry about, you’ve got a heart just like this pumping away in your chest,” he said, and Julius’s face bleached even whiter.

“Alistair, please don’t…” Julius pressed a hand over his mouth, swaying on his feet. Alistair snapped off his gloves quickly, looking concerned now.

“Julius? You’ve gone white. Look, if it’s really bothering you we’ll ask Devril if we can wait outside, okay?”

As if in answer, Julius retched deeply, vomiting violently over the desk and the floor, making Alistair leap back in alarm. Their classmates began crowing, some scornful, some disgusted. Only Alistair stayed beside Julius, moving towards him tentatively.

“Shit, Jules! You should have said something sooner,” he cried, as the dark haired boy coughed and spluttered. Julius whimpered, stumbling into Alistair, and would have fallen if Alistair hadn’t grabbed him tightly, holding him up. His head fell against Alistair’s chest limply, his face white.

“Shit shit shit, don’t pass out on me! What the hell am I supposed to do?” Alistair yelled, panicking. Julius gave a choked sob, squeezing his eyes shut.

“The b-blood… Don’t like it. P-please, Alistair, get me out, get me out,” he whimpered, and then suddenly pitched forward again, bringing up another wave of vomit onto his and Alistair’s legs and shoes. Alistair sighed a little.

“Jesus…” he muttered irritably, but he rubbed Julius’s back nonetheless. “Yeah, alright, Jules. I’ll take you to the nurse.” Mrs Devril was doing her best to placate the rowdy class, but Alistair could hear several of the boys sniggering and jeering. He heard their scornful remarks.

“What a baby!”

“Getting sick over a little bit of blood! How old is he?”

“Hey, Alistair, you should take your girlfriend home before she pukes again.”

This last comment prompted a wave of laughter. Alistair clenched his fists angrily, glaring at them fiercely.

“You shut the fuck up! He can’t help it. Make fun of him again and I’ll-” Alistair paused momentarily, thinking of an adequate threat. It usually infuriated him that it was widely believed that he’d deliberately set fire to his old school, but he took advantage of this now.

“I’ll burn down your fucking houses!” he finished menacingly, and the boys shut their mouths sharpish. Mrs Devril fixed angry eyes on Alistair.

“Alistair Renfrew, you watch your language! And don’t go making silly threats. Take Julius to the nurse right now,” she snapped, her lips pressed in a firm line. Alistair obeyed after sticking his middle finger up at the group of boys, lugging Julius out of the room with difficulty, bearing most of his weight.

Both boys were exhausted by the time they’d navigated the long corridors to the nurse’s office. The nurse eased Julius gently onto the one small bed, pressing a cold cloth to his clammy forehead. Alistair perched on the bed by Julius’s feet, rubbing at his sick stained shoes with a paper towel. He watched Julius wearily as the boy heaved deep breaths, trying to calm down.

“So. Blood makes you sick. That would have been nice to know, we could have just skipped the lesson. Could’ve saved our shoes,” Alistair said, giving Julius a nudge. Julius blushed.

“But you were looking forward to it.” Alistair sighed a little.

“Jules, I really wouldn’t have lost too much sleep if I never got to hack away at a sheep’s heart.” He paused. “It doesn’t matter now. You couldn’t help it. Everyone is scared of something,” he finished listlessly. Julius perked up a little, lifting his head off the pillow.

“What’re you scared of then? Disappointing your family?” he asked. Alistair scoffed.

“That ship sailed long ago.”

“The dark?”

“No more than most people. You better not tell anybody this! I’m scared of heights,” he mumbled, looking embarrassed. Julius blinked.

“Why?” he asked. Alistair slumped back against the wall, squashing Julius’s legs. 

“How should I know? Why is anyone scared of anything? Why are you scared of blood, when you need it running inside you to live? Oh, sorry,” Alistair added as Julius winced again, his face paling at the word blood. Alistair ran a hand through his hair.

“I’m no good at looking after people.” Julius chuckled softly.

“No,” he agreed, but then he paused. “But you stuck up for me. Thanks for that.”

Alistair was silent for a while, turning his head so Julius couldn’t see the expression on his face. It was quiet enough in the nurse’s room to hear the clock ticking. Alistair cleared his throat a little awkwardly.

“Of course I did. Those assholes needed to be put in their place. I can’t stand those boys, i wouldn’t piss on them if they were on fire. They mean nothing to me,” Alistair said darkly. Julius watched him carefully, wondering if Alistair had deliberately avoided talking about their own camaraderie.

“So…what about me? What am I to you?” he whispered nervously, a little afraid of the answer. Alistair finally looked at Julius properly, meeting his eyes. He flashed him a small, rare smile.

“You’re a friend.”