i just think its moving too fast with them


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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I love your stories! But can you do a imagines with Algee and Keith with it being their first time telling a girl they love her? Or like moving into their first place with their gf?

Gifs & pictures are not mine as usual.

A/N: Thank you so much for your support! Sorry its so late, but I hope you enjoy them I did both boys with the 2 different scenarios!

Pair of Keys:

Keith Powers:

“(Y/N) are you sure, it’s just a suggestion… I mean you know you could always say no or tell me to shut up if you think we’re moving too fast..” Keith said stuttering with his words as he looked at the floor in shame. You and Keith had been dating for about 2 years and he finally brought it to your attention that maybe it was time for you both to move in together so there would no longer be distance between you both but ever since he mentioned it he’s been getting jittery and nervous at the mere idea. “Babe, do you not want to move in with me?” you asked holding his hands, you were honestly hurt as his reaction not because you thought it was too fast to want such things but because he was so for the idea and now it seems like he’s regretting ever mentioning it to you “Are you ashamed of me?” you ask quietly feeling the tears begin to form in your eyes.

You and Keith have been dating in secret all thanks to management not wanting to ruin Keith’s image and instead of him defending you he just simply agreed without a single thought about you and your feeling “Baby, you know that’s not true, I just never thought I’d be moving into my first house with the women I love more than anything else in this entire world. Now what were you saying about the color of the kitchen?” Keith said lifting your chin up with his finger looking into each other’s eyes feeling a sweet smile appear on your face.

Weeks of planning, last minute shopping, stressing, and cold feet had come and gone until it was officially move in day. Keith drove to your apartment collecting the last of your things “You’re still nervous about this aren’t you?” you said looking at Keith who was shaking, he nodded “It’s just I never imagined this day would come… You know moving in with someone you see a genuine happy future with, someone who doesn’t give a damn about your fame or money, someone who understands you inside and out, how about someone whos your best friend and significant other? Did you honestly see us here two years ago because I didn’t honestly but I’m so damn happy it is and did.” Keith said putting down the last box near your door kissing your forehead “Damn i love you women.” he said picking up the box and making his way downstairs to the car.

“Are you ready to go home?” He said swirling the keys around his finger before tossing them in your direction “Baby , I’ve been more than ready.” You said perfectly catching them while hopping into the passenger’s seat buckling up waiting for the new beginning in your life, a new home, but the same love.

“I’m sorry what did you just say?”

Warning: One curse word, not a big deal but still just incase.

Algee Smith:

You and Algee had been taking couple dance class for a few weeks now all because he had invited you to a banquet with his family and very important people who would be attending you had to look the part. Only issue was you had two left feet, so he signed you both up so you wouldn’t be alone and suffer the horrible fate on your own “Pay attention Ms.(Y/L/N)!” The dance instructor snapped once again, he had been snapping at you all day but you couldn’t help your clumsiness it was in your nature “Sweetie just breathe.” Algee said quietly which gave you the strength to relax and ease into the dance.

4 months since you and Algee had started dating yet he always knew what to say and when to say it as if he was a mind reader. “Thank you.” You said dipping your head down slightly feeling a long ruler under your chin lifting it up “We look at our partner Ms. (Y/L/N).” The instructor said lowly which frightened you a little, he was a very intense man but he knew what he was doing even though he made you both work to the extreme. “Today’s a special day.” Algee said dipping you which brought your dance to an end “What do you mean?” You asked regaining balance after the dip “You’ll see.” He said holding out his hand which you took and then began the start of another dance for the next 2 hours.

When you and Algee had entered the building it was always morning but every time you both left it was night. “Am I that bad of a dancer that we end up staying all day?” You asked holding the flaps of your coat closer together trying to shield your body away from the cold “Honestly, you are, but you have been getting better.” Algee said wrapping his arm around you pulling you closer to give you warmth while laughing at your pouting face “You know that’s the part where you’re supposed to lie to me.” You said looking straight at the empty road “What kind of boyfriend would lie to his girlfriend? I’ll answer that for you. A terrible one.” He said laughing kissing your cheek to stop your pouting. You smiled and shook your head “Hungry?” He asked nodding to a little unknown 60’s themed diner, you nodded as you both walked to the diner and out of the cold.

Once you arrived at the diner you both slid into the back booth away from the people who were eating in case of any New Edition fans on the loose. You saw Algee grab a menu and raise his hand which made you raise an eyebrow at his gesture “What can I get y'all fine folk?” The waitress asked with a southern accent “I’ll have black coffee, pancakes with blueberries and eggs, scrambled and she’ll have fruity Belgian waffles with sausage and eggs, sunny side up and some Orange juice. Thank you.” He said not even looking at the menu or waitress he was giving you his full and undivided attention “Alright then , comin right up.” She said walking away from the booth “How did you know what I wanted?” You asked as you saw him hold out his hands toward you, which made you lace your hands within his.

 "Well umm I told you tonight would be special because it is going to be… I know your order because I know you, what you like, what you hate, what’s your favorite, what’s your style, why you cry, why you laugh, why you smile , sing , dance, act a fool, how you make me happy, how you make me feel the luckiest guy on the world… I’m babbling because I don’t know how to form the words correctly because you make my heart skip a beat , you make it sing, jump, drown you name it you do it to me… because you make me… you make me… I .. I’m .. I.. Fuck this is a lot harder than I thought … what I’m trying to say is … iminlovewithyou…“ he said pushing the last bit out rapidly causing you to hear an important line but not being hundred percent sure it’s what you had heard.

“I’m sorry what did you say?” You asked as you saw the food being placed on the table in front of you “Well darlin’ I think this young man just said he loves you.” The waitress said before walking away from your table causing you to look at Algee in shock “You love me?” The words were so quiet you weren’t even sure you truly said them until Algee nodded slowly “I’ve loved you since the day I met you (Y/N)..” he said looking down at the food “You don’t have to say it back if you-”“I love you too Algee.” You said cutting him mid sentence because you knew you would never have the courage to say it again. “I’ve loved you since I saw you. I knew I would love you… my goof ball, even if you do make fun of my dancing skills, I do love you.” You said causing Algee to smile widely “Today is special and unforgettable night.” He said before eating his feed “It truly was.” You reply before eating your food.