i just think its moving too fast with them

Thank you

#loveyourartist week is at its end, and i got mentioned in so many lists with so  many awesome amazing people, i just wanted to thank you all for thinking of me…  

I don’t think I even answered all of them, and if I didn’t answer, then I am so sorry.  My tumblr dash and also activities has been moving crazy fast, and it was hard to keep up with all the mentions..  :(

I also decided not to make a list of my own, because honestly i follow so many amazing people and it was too daunting to make a list..  What I will do, instead, i will try to message them, and/or reblog their posts to express how I feel in the tags.  

Thank you again.. I have the BEST followers and I appreciate each and every likes/reblogs.  If you like to chat about anything (specially about art or OCs) please visit my inbox.  :)