i just think its moving too fast with them


…I wonder if that was actually a good decision to make there, Kuroo

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persephone .one.

bughead fanfiction - unbeta’d - angsty - post breakup - ½


“If we aren’t capable of hurt,
we aren’t capable of joy.”
—Madeleine L’Engle

Her name is Sabrina.

The new girl at Riverdale High, walking through the halls of their senior year with an air of confidence Betty only dreams of having one day. With short ashy blonde hair and eyes sharper than even that of her gorgeous best friend Veronica Lodge, Sabrina Spellman has, and is, everything Betty isn’t— mysterious, sultry, and unnaturally ethereal.

The worst part is, Betty can’t hate her.

Sure, she’s dating her ex-boyfriend, but she’s also her lab partner. Betty comes to find Sabrina is actually incredibly nice and infuriatingly easy to talk to. She also notices that enigmatic glint in the other girl’s eyes and thinks, maybe this is what Jughead wanted all along.

Someone who wears her individuality with pride and isn’t afraid of making mistakes.

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i’m deeply uncomfortable about the whole tiffany/coates storyline; i was already upset about her forgiving him and moving on in season four, but everything that’s happening in season five is pissing me off. like…can we stop pretending that a relationship between them is romantic in any way?

Celebrity Crush

Prompt: “Hey! Can I request JJ/Reader or Blaine/Reader (its up to you!) where Reader is a contestant on a competition show (Like Top Chef or Cupcake Wars or Project Runway or something, I don’t care!) and secretly considers JJ or Blaine her celebrity crush, then on Screen Play they end up talking about that show and how Reader is their favorite. It could end with them actually meeting each other or its just this weird coincidence that the reader gets far too excited over, its up to you!”
Pairing: Blaine Gibson/Reader
Rating: PG (-13?? I used the work fuck like once I think)
W/C: 1,089

Notes: This moves like really fast I think and I’m sorry about that but I had a lot of content to cover and I didn’t want it to get too wordy.

Home. Your own bed. Internet.

After months of isolation from the outside world (save for the other contestants and a few camera men), two nights of redeye flights, and a very close competition, you’re more than excited to flop onto your bed and catch up on some well deserved rest (and youtube videos).

You bring up your subscription box, and you honestly shouldn’t be surprised at the mountain of Rooster Teeth and Achievement Hunter videos there, but somehow you still are. Social Disorder, Screen Play, Happy Hour…clearly they’d introduced some new shows since you were last able to watch.

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Unexpected Ghost Hunt: The Chatlogs pt 2

sammichtastic and I were not done with this ridiculous unasked for stupid hikinks Ghost Hunters AU no we were not.

In this episode, there are screaming loops and a poltergeist finally gets Bilbo and Thorin together

part 1 is here

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