i just think its bc i have that ship with absolutely rational


@bellaarke okay

1. liar. i unblocked you after i replied so you could reply to me. (i had blocked you earlier when you made those anti cl gifsets and kept posting anti edits in the edit tags.)

2. i do not give a shit. you cant tag with pro tags because you think ~everyone need to see this~ like that’s not how it works and if you pull that shit you will get called out for it. you do not get to spread negativity in safe spaces for oppressed people. (these are gay and poc ships for fucks sake)

3. your entire gifset was a thinly veiled attempt to justify the abusive aspects of bellarke by likening it to ships that threatened each other because they had just met and had never hurt each other since. 

justify the behaviour?? you are so quick to demonize (mostly) clexa tbh and braven, but justify up and down every terrible thing bellamy and clarke have done to each other. minimizing the manipulation. like do you know how many times i’ve seen them romanticizing him handcuffing her or her pointing a gun at him romantic angst where they ~*~make up and flirt~*~. and it’s complete bullshit for you to try to make them all the same amount of bad- which you clearly did in the edit, your little tag rant made it clear- to heighten and exaggerate things from like clexa and braven and emori, for the sake of minimizing blarke.

clexa never went as far as SHOOTING AT THE OTHER OR CHAINING THEM. i made no mention here of bellamy threatening to cut off her hand/letting her fall, but while that had happened when they had first met, clarke manipulating him, telling him his death was worth it, lying to him about trying to kill octavia so he continued on his suicide mission, drugging him, shooting at him and chaining him happened long after they had been ~friends and soulmates for a while lmao

and on top of that, bellarke gets a pass for one of their many earlier problematic scenes since they literally just met, but when it comes to braven or memori, that’s not the case. them just meeting doesn’t justify their scenes?? strange

4. you posted negative content worded in the most disgusting manner in a tag for wlw, and have the gall to tell me ~its a public forum uwu~??? you know how lexa died, you guys fucking won and you still have to shit on queer girls and tag this kNOWING THEY’LL SEE IT, WHICH WAS YOUR INTENTION IN THE FIRST PLACE, and are now acting like some calm and rational discourser after upsetting qwoc with your homophobia and racism. which is textbook tone policing and condescension. damn right i called you racist and lesbophobic because newsflash you are. and everything you pulled is bitter and cruel. and subjecting oppressed people to negative content and thinking youre doing gods work fo ir is self righteous and makes you an asshole. and you can rot for that. and you are obtuse for repeatedly speaking over qwoc and calling them racist/homophobic for disliking racist/homophobic media to prop up your awful otp.

5. lol what the fuck

qwoc: this is racist and homophobic and cruel

you: You don’t know a damn thing about me as a person, not simply as a shipper, and cannot actually make any of those claims.


me: can you not ship racist/homophobic/sexist/abusive stuff? or at the very least not tag it with the edit tag which is basic decency?

you: How is it your business what anyone other than you ships? It isn’t you shipping it, so maybe mind your own fucking business. Because no matter how often or how loudly you scream about how problematic something is, it won’t actually stop the shippers from shipping it. And, yes, I get the irony of my statement, although I will defend myself by saying that I’ve never once told anyone that they can’t/shouldn’t ship something.

6. I said that you calling me lesbophobic for making a post about the things I didn’t like about the CL relationship (without actually knowing a damn thing about me as a person, and therefore really can’t make those kinds of accusations) would be the same thing as calling someone racist or biphobic for making a post about the things they don’t like about the BC relationship (without actually knowing a damn thing about them as a person, and therefore being unable to make those kinds of accusations)

sweetie bellarke is racist and homophobic. and upsets many poc and wlw. spin it literally however you want, this line of reasoning is obtuse as fuck. hating something for being racist/homohpibc… does not make people affected by that racist/homophobic…

7.  I was simply pointing out that you are throwing around the word ‘lesbophobic’ without any more proof then that I don’t like everything about the CL relationship.

you openly admitted to doing this because you were upset a bi woc was calling out racism. im not even going to bother explaining because you’re a troll who purposely keeps pulling this shit and then pretends not to understand to upset woc and wlw and then plays the ~calm and rational debater~. its an extremely common tactic and youre disgusting. here’s what i said last time

also i dont see you make the multiple gifsets of how Abusive these other ships are. nope, just the wlw ship between the lesbian and bi girl, right?

youre bitter and cruel and have this unbelievable need to justify your racism, homophobia and putting negative content in tags of GAY AND POC SHIPS (again, fuck off. you dont get to do this shit to oppressed people because of your sense of righteousness that stems from your need to present your racism and homophobia as something other than what it is) has crossed the line. not to mention ~ship what you want no matter how problematic uwu~ is the weakest, most disturbing excuse ever which has led to people shipping the most fucked up and bigoted shit. like gay men with straight girls, women with men who tried to murder them or have sex with them without their consent, woc with nazis, predatory pedophiles with underage girls, women with men who pursued and assaulted them for years knowing they were genuinely uninterested, abuse victims with their abusers, rape victims with their rapists, poc with white supremacists and so on. given that you ship some of these, i cant help but notice you once again trying to justify it. your interpretation of lexa as abusive and evil is absolutely rooted in your lesbophobia

8. Also, it’s kind of funny that you attacked me for pretending CL is the only ship with problematic parts and the rest are fluffy sitcom ships, but once I openly acknowledged the other ships problematic parts, you attacked me for ‘putting CL on the same level’. Like?

you must really hate context. that was my old post criticising your multiple anti clexa gifsets tagged with #lexaedit and whatnot. you did not “only acknowledge other ships problematic parts”, you tried to minimise how abusive bellarke is by stripping all context, picking up only 2 scenes out of the dozen problematic ones, and comparing it to braven and memori who have had 1 problematic scene when they didnt even KNOW EACH OTHER. nice try lol

9. ALSO hilarious tags.

#don’t feed the trolls - because upset poc and wlw are trolls now, not the person posting anti gifsets in pro tags 

#im out - because not only did you “”“feed the trolls”“ by like instigating this whole mess by making the gifset, tagging the ships, and replying to a ”“"troll”“”, youre fucking #i’m out just to like explain why you are taking the high road (despite creating the gifset and replying) meanwhile the truth is that your weak ass can’t stand an actual confrontation without victimizing yourself.

fun facts about rey

so i did a finn post and a poe post and now it’s time for a rey post!!!!!

the rey story in BTA honestly gives us less information than the others - it’s still full of Good Shit but i think so much of her stuff is yet to come???? like we learn some really baller stuff but idk So Much To Learn …

so instead of just summarizing and pondering greg rucka’s before the awakening, i’m also going to pull some hilarious shit from the TFA novelization because oh my god rey lmao.  where the book sharply veers left from movie canon, i will make a note of it, but boy howdy does that ever happen at one point. okay anyway lets go

- she built her own speeder

- she built her own speeder literally like… she designed and built it from scrap. she assembled it herself. (richard dawkins would say using scrap was cheating and then have a twitter meltdown; this is irrelevant but it cracks me up to think about so you get to think about it too)

- she also built a computer for herself by piecing together more parts and getting a display up and running

- one of the datachips she found had a really in-depth flight sim on it so she just. started doing that. 

- she learned how to pilot a spaceship by playing computer games for hours on end. like she’d seriously just. she started out barely being able to take off, but she’s a fast learner and after years and years of vidya games she’d start just artifically introducing wilder and wilder problems, just to make it more challenging for her

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