i just think it's such a lovely and refreshing film

the Montage of Heck was fucking brilliant.
so many feels right now.
the home videos and numerous journal entires & art by Kurt just made it that much more personal along with his parents actually being interviewed as well.
my heart aches for all that happened in his life & I mean while other documentaries covered his home life, I just felt more connected to the way it was presented in this film.
I think a big chunk of ache comes from the scenes with Kurt & Frances, these are scenes you’ve probably never seen before & its just something to watch how much he fucking adored her.

a big thing that I loved was the fact his death wasn’t really covered. no press releases or news reports like other docs, just a simple “after coming back from Rome, kurt took his life. he was 27.” & that was it.
that was the most refreshing thing out of the whole film because it leaves you more focused on his LIFE in the home movies & such.

truly a bittersweet film.

'Suicide Squad' Review - From a DC fan's perspective

Soooooo, I watched DC’s Suicide Squad and…

I really enjoyed it! The movie was so fun to watch! There were some scenes that had weird writing but other than that, I absolutely enjoyed it! I loved the main characters, especially Deadshot and Harley, because they’re the ones to puts this all together.

I really recommend you guys to watch it if you are looking for fun in a movie, instead of too much seriousness like BvS. Don’t let the negative critics deter you, if you are looking forward to watching it, from wanting to watch it, since most of them took the movie too seriously. This movie was filled with jokes and sort-of-sad scenes with Deadshot and his daughter and Diablo and his family.

The characters were great! Though, some of them need to be put in the spotlight more like Captain Boomerang and Killer Croc. Killer Croc’s scenes were hilarious, in my opinion.

The only problems I have with this movie was the lack of focus on the main villain, Enchantress, and the lack of Joker.

First off, Enchantress was a weak villain; not in a physical way but it’s her backstory. She had no character arc and the audience wasn’t able to sympathize with her, like all good villains are able to do.

Secondly, Joker was only in the movie for like five minutes, seriously. Jared Leto’s performance was great! Though he’s not the best, there are some elements that make him a great Joker with potential. Though, that’s just my opinion.

There were a lot of scenes that were cut out in the movie. There wasn’t any Joker with half of his face burnt off, there wasn’t any Joker and Harley abuse, mostly because it’s PG13. There wasn’t even the scene with him and Harley talking outside the purple Lamborghini, the one where he slaps her.

And, in this film, Joker is absolutely in love with Harley. He’s mad about her, and she thinks she’s in love with him. It’s very very different from the abusive Joker he is usually portrayed as. It’s actually quite refreshing, to see him actually show some compassion for her unlike in the comics and shows.

This is all of my opinions, but don’t take my word for it. If you don’t like it, it’s fine, if you do, it’s fine too. Though, I would recommend you to buy or at least download the film once its out on DVD or Blu-ray. It’s a great film to watch with your friends and family, or even just by yourself.

And no, I’m not sugar-coating any of this.