i just think it's interesting to think about

lmao i love all those posts that are like ‘’what are the future anthropologists/linguistics majors gonna think unearthing this stuff’’ as if people interested in linguistic anthropology are these super straight-laced normal people with no sense of humor 

Talking with writers online

Their stories: Amazing grammar, soaring vocabulary, beautiful imagery and prose which flows like a river.

In chats: no capitalisation or punctuation, swears like a sailor, misspellings everywhere, acronyms and abbreviations every five words, idek



People talk a lot about how Harry Potter taught them about friendship and bravery and love overcoming evil etc and of course I think that’s very important but like…

Harry Potter also taught an entire generation of kids that the news media can’t always be trusted to tell the truth, that the government can often be corrupt or incompetent, that the legal system isn’t always right, that the people in power don’t always have your best interests at heart. That bad things sometimes happen to good people, that your heroes aren’t always as perfect as you think they are, that even those with the best intentions can be wrong, that everyone can make mistakes and that often in order to make things right it takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice.

…and I think in a way that’s every bit as important as the more positive messages.

reading that kara and lena will “grow closer” worries me because what if they are tricking us and make lena evil?? and i think in a lot of ways that would make the show lose a lot of validity because it’s not interesting or surprising to make a luthor evil.  instead have lena stay good. keep her as this amazing ceo who continually proves people wrong about her family’s reputation.

regardless of ships and whether or not kara and lena become canon, lena luthor should not become evil or be revealed as a villain for shock value.  a luthor/supergirl dynamic (even just as friends) is so interesting and wasting it would be a shame

so @ supergirl writers: DON’T MAKE LENA LUTHOR A VILLAIN 

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Even though Harry is my favorite actor from the cast, I think his acting is a little over the top in the sneak peek from next episode. I mean I know Magnus is dramatic, but he is sort of coming across as a caricature of who Magnus actually is in that scene.

You know, it’s interesting you point this out because I personally don’t believe this is a misstep on Harry’s part; I think this is a deliberate choice in terms of how Magnus behaves with various people. The reason I say this is because I’ve noticed it’s been a very consistent trait Harry has given Magnus when he’s around those he doesn’t fully trust or know.

I think in S1 and throughout most of 2x01, we see him largely around Alec, someone he’s willing to be more genuine with (Clary, too). But watch him in 1x04 (with Elias where he twirls like 3x in the scene, but also when he’s flirting with Alec while Jace is watching – when he flips that table with his foot, please), 1x07 where Jace and Luke are both present (Jace’s presence is usually the main factor because Magnus isn’t especially fond of Jace), 1x12 during the Institute meeting and when they’re going to find Ragnor (again, Jace (and Hodge) are present). Even the way he approaches Jace and Clary in 1x12 after the kiss is over, there’s a swagger you don’t see when his focus had been Alec.

You’re right, it’s an exaggeration and it’s not representative of who Magnus actually is. But I think that’s the point: it’s a deliberate front he puts up, a way of deflecting people from seeing the real him. Magnus does not like to be seen as who he really is. He’s an extremely guarded individual, and the hair, the makeup, the clothes, the gestures, even his speech patterns – that’s all there to shield him. The real Magnus is a privilege reserved for the rare few who have managed to sneak their way into his heart. At the time of that scene, Simon isn’t one of those people.

Tattoos in Moana [Possibly spoiler-y??]

okay but really tho one of my favorite things about Moana is the way they represent tattoos-especially Maui’s

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like, in Dwayne Johnson’s song “You’re Welcome” he says “and the tapestry here on my skin?/ it’s a map of the victories I win!”

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tapestry. map.

then later in the song “Shiny” the giant crab-dude (did he even have a name?) Tamatoa says “yet I have to give you credit for my start/and your tattoos on the outside/ for just like you I made myself a work of art"

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I just think its really interesting to think about their word-choices in some of the songs, take it as you will


“When I take something from a man - his ship, his money, his life - I don’t hide behind a clerk. I don’t hide behind the law. I don’t hide behind anything. I look him in his eye and I give him every chance to deny me. That is legitimate.”

They leave Omelas, they walk ahead into the darkness, and they do not come back. The place they go towards is a place even less imaginable to most of us than the city of happiness. I cannot describe it at all. It is possible that it does not exist. But they seem to know where they are going, the ones who walk away from Omelas.

Ursula K. Le Guin, The Ones Who Walk Away From Omelas.

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I think what annoys me most about the ‘Hermione deserves better than Ron’ argument (aside from the obvious and blatant vilification of Ron, of course) is the fact that it completely disregards Hermione’s right to choose.

Hermione chose to start a relationship with Ron. She chose to date him, she chose to marry him, and she chose to have kids with him. She may not have chosen to fall in love with him, but she definitely chose everything that happened after.

By saying ‘she deserves better’ you’re implying that she made the wrong choice. That she doesn’t know what’s best for her. She doesn’t know what she wants. (Alternatively, you could just be saying you don’t really care for her choice, which is- well.) And aside from being just a tad misogynistic, it also takes her character’s agency away.

TL;DR Hermione doesn’t deserve ‘better’ than Ron. You know what Hermione does deserve? She deserves the right to choose. And she chose Ron.

HTTYD is another example of something that just set itself in my heart and refused to leave. There were movies i thought i liked as much as HTTYD when i first saw them, but the interest faded. 

Or movies that I thought/think are BETTER but I’ll never carry them with me the way I carry HTTYD with me.

Its that perfect storm. 

I think HTTYD really has me in its world, and I love Hiccup and Toothless so much. I love the designs and environment. Its a second home I wish I could go to. Like Harry Potter was. 

While I can even MORE easily gush about what a great fuckin movie, say, Kung Fu Panda 2 is, I’m happy to leave it at “Holy shit this thing is amazing”. 

I dont need fanfic or fan characters or think about that world all the time. 

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I'm crying I love to see you ramble about shalluratt; it gives me so much life... honestly....? bless you

*ding ding ding* CONGRATULATIONS!!! you’ve just unlocked me rambling about Shalluratt bein DORKS about history!!!

  • Matt especially loves talking about science, but he thinks all these subjects are pretty much connected in the grand scheme of things and Shiro and Allura thinks it’s pretty interesting to hear about what he’s passionate about in science (remember Matt on Kerberos? That mf loved ice…)
  • Allura obviously would love to try to keep as much of Altean culture alive as possible. As a princess, she was educated on the traditions, cultures and etiquette of Altean Society. If the Castle of Lions has a library, I bet in her free time she’d be trawling through piles and piles of books, re-educating and re-informing herself of Altean life. Of COURSE Matt and Shiro are helping her out, if they aren’t training.
    • This, sometimes makes Allura really sad of course- thinking about her dead planet and everything she’s lost and can never recover. Shiro and Matt do whatever they can to share the burden- whether that’s listening her to ramble, help her out with Altean ceremonies, or just being a shoulder to cry on.
  • Shiro LOVES talking about culture!!! HE constantly talks about how diverse Earth is- different countries, religions, foods, etc.
    • I bet before training the Kerberos mission, he took some time off for himself to see the planet he’s spent his whole life on. He’s been to every continent on Earth.
    • Needless to say, it surprises Allura how much is actually ON Earth, considering most planets have some sort of uniform culture throughout the entire planet, rather than the diversity on Earth
      • Allura: So… you’re planet is separated into sections called continents.
      • Matt and Shiro: Yes
      • Allura: And those continents are split into smaller sections called countries…
      • Matt: Yup
      • Allura: And each country? Has thousands upon millions of differences in culture, appearances, languages just to name a few?
      • Shiro: Essentially
      • Allura: *starry-eyed and quietly* what the quiznak…

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Kyle + Cartman + Heidi Parallels

Opinion Here ⬇⬇⬇⬇⬇

When it comes to Kyle, Eric acts almost on impulse, not stopping to think about what the other may think. That is to say, forcefully wants to express their feelings or that they are correspondences, as in the case of imagination land. But also we are witnesses of its conduct in season 19.

Although Kyle did not want to make peace. Cartman is no longer frustrated at stopping him, just lets him go.

When it comes to Heidi, he is a little more focused on how he should show her his interest. As it makes note of qualities rather than defects. As he does with Kyle, because she gives him trust and affection.

Both Broflovski and Heidi do not hate him, but the problem with Kyle is that he is always in a dilemma, he finds it hard to accept that he does not hate as much as everyone thinks.  

But the circumstances and their position are somewhat reasonable.

In short, both give him something he appreciates. And it is very interesting to see, as he reacts when it comes to any of them.

The way he tries to get Kyle’s attention, and then the way he puts all of his attention on Turner. As he tries to keep Nicole away from Kyle and then do the same with Butters, but curiously Heidi never lets him go.

okay i think its really interesting how in the day trip ep how in clarkes hallucination her dad says the line “forgiveness isnt about what people deserve” talking about her mom and then later on she gives bellamy the whole speech about giving him forgiveness. she didnt really know bell, all she knew about him was he sometimes did bad things in the interest of saving his sister and how he was her co-leader whether she really wanted him to be or not. i think its really important that she forgives him like 10 mins after she realizes: forgiveness isnt about what people deserve, but rather if you can find it in yourself to see past their bad qualities and trust that their more than just their worst choices and lowest points. it makes me think of this quote about how “there is no forgiveness without love”. ofc clarke doesnt love bellamy in this episode but i think she sees his love for octavia. she sees how he wants to be better than he is. she sees how if he could go back and never steal that radio killing over 300 people he would. i think she can see his heart, his love for his family, and i think she realized forgiving bellamy isnt about what he deserves, its about what she sees in him and if she can see he has room to grow, to be a better person and a better leader, then she can forgive him. and she does. idk it just fills my heart with joy and warmth that clarke was one of the first people (even before octavia who in my opinion has never truly seen and appreciated the depth of bellamy’s love) to see past bellamys facade and really see his heart and forgive him

The more I think about it the more emotional I get about Titus Drautos and his character and how Glauca was an antagonist not a villain and how tragic his story really was.

The big thing is this line:

“Abandon your prayers, the gods do not listen.”

The first few times I watched Kingsglaive I dismissed this line as General Glauca’s extra flare for the dramatics. But the more I think about it, and the more I take from keeping a closer eye on Titus/Glauca through the film the more I realize that line is just sad.

When the Empire took his home did Titus pray? Did he beg for the king’s aid? For the gods to have mercy?

Obviously there was no answer and no aid.

Idk its just interesting to think about.