i just think it's funny that she was making it a point to tell harry that she's a liam girl

BBQ and Sangria

Harry Styles - 1475 words


She wasn’t sure if it was his shirt clinging to his upper body, coated in sweat after being behind the barbecue for almost an hour already. The sun was scorching down on Niall’s open garden, making it probably even more unbearable behind the smoking, coal filled steel barbecue. It could also be that she woke up this morning with that tingle, joy overtaking her from waking up next to her - now almost three year old - crush after a night out.  

He look good. No. He looked great, amazing and breathtaking even. She couldn’t help but lick her lips when he decided it had become too hot, discarding his shirt and banishing it to the dry grass only a few meters further. Everyone was occupying their selves. Louis was footballing with Zayn, their loud hollers echoing through the otherwise quiet neighborhood while Tina and Annie cheered them on.

Linda was off somewhere inside, getting the drinks - more like a giant bucket of sangria filled with chopped bits of fruit - ready to accompany the meat Harry was currently grilling on the barbecue. I on the other hand, had settled in one of the lounge chairs scattered along the perimeter, Stephen King’s Dr. Sleep resting on my lap. I had been engrossed in the life of Daniel Torrance and his paranormal abilities until Harry decided he would sacrifice himself to an evening stuck behind the barbecue - but I knew he actually liked toying with fire and preparing a decent meal, he had proved it to my small form more than on one occasion.

“Wipe the drool off of your lip, it’s disgusting.” Linda chuckles darkly as she holds a glass filled with pieces of fruit and the deep red colored alcoholic fluid in front of my nose. My hand curls around the glass and I give her a scolding glare, closing my book without a second glance towards it. “Because your fascination with Niall isn’t overall disturbing.”

“At least he knows I am more than into him.” She grants me with a pointed look, one I have received all too many times before, but I always brushed off. “You fuck like rabbits.” I scoff, a look of utter disgust laced through my features as the tip of my tongue sees the daylight.

“At least I get laid. I understand you’re not interested in just a quick fuck with the love of your life, God forbid. But at least do something.” Instead of answering, I bring the glass to my lips and chug half of it down, the coolness calming my overheated body just the slightest. My eyes find Harry again and he gives me a small wave, other hand shielding his eyes from the harsh sun. I reciprocate by lifting my glass towards him, a small grin making its way onto my lips. “This is sickening.” Linda groans and settles on to the lounge chair besides me, sunglasses covering her for once, makeup free  eyes.

“Oh shut up.” I laugh as I push myself up into a sitting position, the book, long forgotten, sliding  from my lap to land on the terrace with a loud thud. I decide he could use a glass of himself, and maybe even his sunglasses. And to be honest I wanted to see if the droplets of sweat rolled off of his toned chest like I had fantasized about oh too many times.

Louis and Zayn are fighting over if it was a goal or not, their loud arguing resonating through the open space. while I spill some of the fruity liquid on my fingers. I walk over to Harry, feverishly licking my fingers to get the stickiness off before wiping my now wet hands against my jeans shorts. “Oh thanks, I really needed a drink.” Harry grins gratefully my way and before I can say anything, the whole glass is empty and a contented sigh leaves his lips. I grab his glasses by one ear and lift it from its spot on the front of my shirt, holding it out for him to grab. “You’re a life saver.”

“Without me you’d be a helpless puppy, moron.” I grin and leaning over the barbecue to eye our bacon. “It’s starting to look great. Marinated?” Harry nods his head and without a second thought I lick my lips, mouthwatering at the foresight of the delicious bacon.

“I don’t know why you sacrificed yourself again. You could be chilling beside me with a drink in your hand.” I lean against him and a shudder takes my body when he throws an arm lazily over my shoulder. “I do have to remind you dear I am not your gay best friend.”

“Oh but that doesn’t mean I can’t treat you like one.” I grab the wrist that’s dangling near my shoulder, my fingers ghosting over his already tanned skin. “She asked me out, you know.”

“Who?” I suppress the pang of hurt that curls around me like a dark shadow, settling with a surprised, yet confused pointed look shot his way. “That girl, Lucy.”

“Oh.” I’m not sure what to respond without yelling at him he shouldn’t even be thinking about any girl when there was a fucking willing volunteer right here in front of him. “I subtly said no thanks.” The grin is too quick to hide immediately but as soon as it broke through I try to get my stoic appearance back in check.

“I have someone a bit more close by that sparks my interest.”

“Who?” Harry just grins as he shakes his head and grabs the fork to poke the meat that was still sizzling on the barbecue. I can’t help but the frown that takes over my face. Who could he be possibly interested in? Linda? She is sort of exclusive with Niall, at least that is what I presume, Tina had her eye on Louis and Annie was with Liam who had a football match and might pop by later.

There was no girl in our friend group that was actually available. Unless he liked that the girl was sort of taken, when I speak of Tina that is. Maybe he meant Beverly. She wasn’t part of our solid friend group, but tagged along on multiple occasions when we went out.

Fucking hell if he chose Beverly I might actually be physically sick. That girl was a walking STD. I step out of his embrace and he drops his sunglasses to shoot me a pointed look which I ignore. “I’m going back to Linda.” I walk away before he can question my motives and my legs take me as fast and I can without breaking out into a jog. Linda grunts when I drop down next to her again, grabbing my book and glass again, pretending there was nothing wrong.

“What crawled up your ass? Lover boy said something wrong?” Linda quirks one eyebrow up, dropping her sunglasses just the tiniest bit that she can show me the look she’s throwing my way. “Nothing. Shut up.”

“Oh princess don’t be like that. What did he say?” She leans back into her chair as if nothing’s wrong and I follow her lead so no one would get any suspicions and I prop the book back up on my lap.

“Apparently Lucy asked him out.” A snort leaves Linda’s lips almost instantly and she covers it up with a cough, afterwards shooting a thumbs up to Annie and Tina who were staring our way. “Almost choked on a piece of apple, nothing wrong!”

She turns her head towards me and her voice drops to a whisper, but it only holds for the first few words of her sentence.

“Don’t tell me he said yes to that bitch. She is horrible and I’m sure she slept with half of town.” I nod my head, taking a sip from my glass and pretending to flip the page.

“Everyone knows that. But he didn’t say yes.”

“Then what’s the problem?”

I scoff as if that wasn’t horrible enough to hear he maybe would have considered saying yes to that blonde. “He apparently has interest in someone else.”

Linda perks up at my words and turns on her side to grant me her undivided attention.


“Someone close by. I think he meant like in our group. Beverly?” I ponder out loud, setting the now empty glass to the side and flipping another page of the book, this time a bit harsher than before.

“Oh sweetheart you are a complete retard.” Linda laughs but before I can ask her what’s so fucking god damn funny about my misery Harry yells out that we’re ready for dinner. Without another word Linda raises to her feet, shaking her head one more time while she glances at me before sauntering over to the table.

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Preference #98: Pretty Hurts (Requested)...

Pretty Hurts- Beyoncé

(Prompt - “you’re overweight and a fan calls you fat and he doesn’t defend you’ll you take diet pills and get sick”)

Louis: You were backstage during a meet and greet, just trying to stay out of the way in your designated area when a couple of fans went up to the bodyguard blocking off your area. “I’m sorry, but we’re big fans of y/n,” one of them said. “Do you think we could just give her a gift,” the other begged with a smile. He checked the bag then looked back to you, “It’s safe if it’s okay with you.” You nodded, “Yeah, of course,“ you agreed moving closer. “I didn’t know I had any fans. I’m going to be honest with you. I don’t really know what I did that’s fan worthy.” “You’re an inspiration to all of us,” one of them explained, “Here,” she handed you the gift bag and you took it. “Go ahead, open it,” the other added. You took out a card that you assumed was a gift card, but there was a name of a fitness center on it. You looked at it confused trying to figure it out. “We thought you could use it,” one of them laughed. You felt blood rush to your cheeks in embarrassment. “Yeah, we could tell you don’t own one, but there’s a first time for everyone,” the other backed her up. “Ladies you need to leave,” your bodyguard stepped in to lead them away from your area then came back to you. “I’m sorry, I should have looked closer. Are you okay” You shook your head, “No don’t feel bad, you couldn’t have know. I’m fine, just a little shocked. Is there anyway I could talk to Louis, for a second,” you asked wanting to warn him about them. “I’ll ask,” he responded before picking up his radio. It didn’t take long for him to get an answer, “He’ll be over soon.” “Thank you,” you said gratefully before going back to your seat. After a few minutes he was there. “What is it,” he asked. Those girls gave me this,” you handed him the membership card. “That’s nice,” he didn’t look at it closely. “They’re making fun of me. I just wanted to warn that they have bad intentions.” He rolled his eyes, “Why does that matter? No matter what kind of people they are, they still get the same treatment as everyone else. I don’t want to know this stuff.” He got up angrily, ready to go back.  You followed, “So you’re just going to ignore it?” “Yes, and I suggest you do the same. Take the high road, and it won’t be a problem,” he advised you before walking away. You thought about the diet pill advertisement you saw that morning. “Oh, it won’t be a problem,” you whispered before placing the order on your phone…One month later…You were losing a lot of weight quickly, and you were happy with the progress you made. Your clothing was fitting loosely for the first time, and you felt like you could finally start taking pride in your body. However, you did deal with a constant headache. Louis was in the kitchen, making as much noise as possible, and it was really starting to frustrate you. “Can you please be quiet,” you stormed in, annoyed. “What the heck do you want me to do? I need to make noise to finish this meal.” You put your hands on the side of your head, “Just slow down. I have a headache, and you’re amplifying it with ever crunch, and clang.” He set down the mixer. “You’ve been in a pissy mood this whole week. When did you get so sensitive to everything.” “Sensitive,” you questioned surprised, “No I take the high road. I don’t let anything bother me. Not even the diet pills that are fixing everything, but my stupid ability to think clearly without pain,” you started smacking your hands against your head as you spoke, starting to have a meltdown. “Please, I just want it to stop hurting,” you looked down, hiding the tears that were beginning to fall. He walked over to put his hands over yours, so he could lift your head up. “You’re taking diet pills,” he asked looking into your eyes. You sighed and nodded. “Why,“ he asked concerned. “I can’t take the high road like you. I know what everyone thinks of me, and I want to change that. I want to be better.” He shook his head, “This is not better. Being in pain, being unhappy is not better. It’s no way to live.” “But I just need them until I’m pretty, then I’ll stop,” you explained you plan. “You’re already pretty, do you know how many of my fans send compliments about you everyday? You can’t base people’s opinions off of what two awful girls said.” You rolled your eyes, “You’re lying.” “Nope, I looked it up today just to prove it to you,” he said reaching in his back pocket for his phone, “Five comments down here’s one already.” He held it in front of your face for you to see, then read it out loud, “Y/N has given me the confidence to feel comfortable with my clothing size. I was always afraid people would find out, but now I figure let them look. Please thank her for me.” He took his phone out and kept scrolling and telling the comments to you like it was an argument. Even so each complement warmed you inside, and you could feel you heart softening. “Why didn’t you ever tell me this,” you interrupted him. “ I didn’t think you needed it. I thought my opinion trumped all, but apparently not,” he half joked, sensing you were calming down. “It does, but sometimes I just need reassurance from people who are not obligated to say nice things to me,” you poked his chest softly. “I guess I can understand that, but you have to stop with the diet pills, okay? They’re not healthy.” You nodded, a little ashamed, “No arguments there,” you surrendered putting your hands up then quickly grabbed your head because of the pain. “Let’s take care of that,” he squinted empathizing with your pain.

Harry: On you’re way to dinner Harry was stopping to take a few pictures with fans so you stepped off to the side giving them space. There was a group of girls that were really animated, and flirty. Even though you tried to ignore them, you couldn’t stand how entitled they were, like they always got whatever they wanted in life. With how pretty they were, they could probably manipulate most guys to cater to their needs. Eventually Harry had to move on, which put you at ease until they started drifting your way. You smiled at them, knowing any other emotion could get you into trouble. One fake smiled back, almost looking like she was taking pity on you. “You know he doesn’t belong with someone like you,” she flashed her perfect teeth, probably trying not to cause any suspicion from Harry. Even though you were caught off guard by how forward she was, you quickly responded, “Well who does he belong with, then?” “I’m just saying that a guy like him has a lot of options, he can do a lot better than someone of your size.” Harry was with another group now, getting close enough to make you pretty sure he could hear your conversation. “There’s a lot more to a person than the way they look.” She glanced over your shoulder right before you felt Harry’s hand on your back, awaring you of his presence. “But it will be the reason he leaves you. Call me when you wise up,” she bit her lip handing him a card that he took, before they all walked away smoothly. He let out a laugh, “What was that about?” You looked back at him annoyed, “Why would you take that?” He shrugged, “I don’t know. It’s kind of funny, like a blinged out dating card,” he held it up to show you the silver, professionally made paper. “You shouldn’t humor people who try to make others feel bad about the way they look,” you explained before walking forward, too mad to stand next to him. “Come on, don’t be like that,” he caught up, “You know you can’t let that stuff get to you. People are going to talk, I can’t stop that.” It felt like your heart dropped out of its place, as you wondered if the girl’s words were right. You could try you wanted to say, but realized looking into his eyes that he didn’t have the same feelings on the issue. You nodded trying to hold back tears, “You’re right. I over reacted,” you lied. He smiled and put out his out his hand for you to hold. You took it, and for the first time since you started dating you noted how chubby it was compared to his. You looked down ashamed only to find more blemishes you couldn’t push out of your mind. You couldn’t lose him, you hand to change, and you knew how…Month Later… The diet pills were finally showing some big results, and so much faster than anything else you tried in the past. You were feeling great, well, except for one problem. You developed a slight case of insomnia. You just couldn’t sit still anymore, so you gave up on trying to sleep a week ago. “You coming to bed,” Harry asked, not forcing you, but he seemed concerned. “I’m sorry, I wish I could, but I’m really busy with work. I’ll just sleep on the couch again when I get worn out,” you lied. “Could you wake me up again?” He nodded his head, but his eye showed disappointment, before he walked away. That was normally the end of it, but this time he came back, “What’s going on” he asked annoyed. You kept typing, “What do you mean? I told you I’m working.” “That’s never stopped you from going to bed before,” he sat down next to you and looked at your screen. “That’s not work,” he pointed out. “Doesn’t matter I’m not tired,” you angled it away from him. “You should be, you haven’t slept for a week. I know I’ve been checking down here every night.”  “Well don’t. I can take care of myself.” “Clearly, not,” he forced the computer out of your hands and set it behind him. You fought to take it back, but he restrained your arms. “Tell me what’s going on, why are you acting like this,” he demanded. “I’m solving the problem,” you shouted shanking yourself free, out of control from lack of sleep and other things you deprived yourself of.  “What problem” he shouted back not letting go. “No one will talk if I look like I belong with you, no one will make fun of me,” you eyes started to tear up. He lowered your hands to reexamine your body, “What did you do,” he asked, finally realizing the change. “I’ve been taking pills. They’re working,” you smiled. He pulled you in for a hug. “Please don’t do that.” “But I want things to change.” He backed away to look into your eyes. “You don’t need to change. They need to change if they can’t see how beautiful you are.” “That’s not what you said before,” you let the tears fall now. He hugged you again, “Then I’m an idiot, and I’m sorry for not making it clear that I want you just the way you are. I want you to be okay, and I want you to come to bed with me at night. That’s what’s important, none of that other bullshit. Sleep in the bed tonight, please,” he begged, as you heard his voice crack. “Okay,” you whispered snuggling deeper into his shoulder feeling a little more reassured by its comfort. “I might not sleep,” you warned him. “That’s okay, we can lay together and talk about this some more. As much as you want,” he held you tighter. You nodded, knowing that was a good idea.  

Zayn: Zayn was meeting some fans outside of the concert stadium before the show, and he wanted you to come with him, so you could spend a little more time together. You weren’t going to this one, so you wouldn’t see him again until you woke up in the morning. You had a little time so he gave you a small tour, even showing you what it was like to be on the stage. “Everything is so huge, and empty,” you observed out loud as you looked around. “I don’t mind empty,” Zayn added, “Sometimes being in a place when it’s empty make you feel like you see a side of it that many people never get the chance to.” You smiled at that, “Kind of like people, right?” He tugged on your shirt to pull you closer to him, “Exactly like people, always better when you get them alone.” He pecked your lips. You wanted to stay there with him a little bit longer, but he was already late. He led you outside right where the group of fans was waiting. Sometimes you wished he’d sneak you out somewhere else. It’s wasn’t because you didn’t like seeing them, but the exact opposite. They didn’t like seeing you, and you could understand that. You tried to sneak away from him peacefully, but a few got your attention by calling your name. “I’m sorry, but we were just talking about your outfit, and we have a question,” on spoke sweetly, but you thought it was a little strange. You nodded, letting them know you were listening. “Have you ever heard of spanks,” she continued, “because that outfit does not look good honey.” The one next to her started laughing. You froze, not sure how to handle the situation. Suddenly you heard Zayn behind you. He must have heard everything. “What are you still doing here,” he asked, “Go be free,” he motioned his head. The he started talking to the fans that had just insulted you. Maybe he didn’t hear, you thought to yourself as you walked away. But when you were in the car you started changing your mind. He always paid attention to even the smallest details. He couldn’t have missed that, he probably couldn’t argue with the girls because they were right. Maybe he wanted you to wear spanks, or more than that. He always kept in really good shape, why didn’t you ever try harder for him? As you sat alone that night you placed an order for diet pills, and went to bed knowing eventually he would love every aspect of your body…One month later…You looked at yourself in the mirror admiring the progress you had made. Your clothing was fitting better than ever before, no spanks necessary. Zayn wanted to go on a walk, and you were happy to tag along. You talked when you felt like it and enjoyed the fresh air when you didn’t. Suddenly you felt a pain stabbing your stomach. “You okay,” he put his hand on your back concerned. “I don’t know…I…uh,” you headed over to a nearby bench. “What’s wrong,” he asked, trying to get a good look at your face. “I don’t know,” you admitted, a little scared. “Do you want to go to the hospital.” You shook your head, “No it just feels like cramps, but it’s odd that I’m getting them right now. Can you get me my medicine,” you asked, still trying to rub away the pain. He quickly obliged, but you forgot you left your diet pill in there too until it was too late. “What are these,” he held them up after giving you the pain medication. You took them with a drink from your water bottle. “It’s not illegal,” you argued. “It’s not good for you either. Is that why your getting cramps?” He started reading the side effects on the bottle. “Everyone does stuff that’s not good for them,” you swiped it away, “You should understand. “That stuff makes me happy. This just gives you body image problems.” “This stuff makes me happy too. It makes me skinny, and I don’t know one skinny person who isn’t happy,” you looked the other way. “I know a few,” Zayn turned your head. “This is just a quick fix. It’s not a solution, not that you need one. You’re so beautiful. Who told you your not?” You shrugged, “I thought you did, not out loud, but in your mind.” He smiled, “Really, you can read my mind now.” You shook your head ashamed. “No you can’t, because if you could you’d know all the dirty things I do to you, and you’d be way too cocky.” You giggled at that, but then grabbed your stomach in pain, making him crack up too. 

Liam: You were at a concert sitting in a designated area for close friends and family of the band. It was really close to the stage, and it was the first concert you’d ever gone to, so you were enjoying yourself. You looked over to the fans, because seeing them happy made you really proud of Liam, and how much he could bring to them. However you were surprised to see some pointing at you, so you quickly glanced away not wanting to make things awkward. But you couldn’t help yourself you wanted to figure out what they were doing, so you looked back. They were puffing out their cheeks and holding their hands in front of their stomachs, and then they burst out in laugher together. Your heart started racing and you just stared mortified that they were making fun of you. Once you realized what you were doing you quickly looked up, hurt, to land your eyes on Liam who was staring back. He saw your expression then looked back to where you were staring. He saw the girls and shook his head at you; like he was disappointed then kept on singing like nothing happened. Later that night when you got home he didn’t talk about it, so you got to thinking maybe it really was your fault he was disappointed. Maybe he got sick of always having to defend his relationship with you. What if he didn’t want to put up with it anymore? What if you weren’t worth the hassle? You turned around in bed and tested to make sure he was asleep, and then you snuck out, quietly, and grabbed your laptop before leaving the room. You did some research for diet pills and picked the ones that seemed to have the quickest result. You didn’t have time to waste, no matter what the side effects were. After you were done, you decided it wouldn’t hurt to do a short workout on his treadmill in the basement, and maybe tomorrow you could cut some portions out of your diet. This wouldn’t be hard at all, and you definitely had great motivation…One month later…It turned out that cutting back on your diet was a lot easier said than done, so along with the pills you also became bulimic. You couldn’t control what was going in, because everyone would bug you if you weren’t eating enough. Soon you found out that no one cared if you got rid of it in private. How could they know? One day right after eating a dinner at home with Liam he told you he had a surprise boat trip set up for the two of two of you. It would have been great news, but thoughts instantly started flooding your mind about how bad you would still look in a swimsuit, and that paparazzi were going to be catching your worst possible angles. You couldn’t say no, that would hurt his feeling. You did have a cover up that might work, no one could complain about that. Liam was waving his hand in front of your face, “Hey, y/n. Earth to y/n, did you hear me,” he questioned with a laugh. You let out a pity laugh, “Yeah, I’m sorry. You just kind of sprung it on me. I really like when you give me time to prepare, but this is fine, thank you,” you got up to kiss his cheek before leaving the room. Feeling disgusting from all you had just eaten you quickly ran to the bathroom, shutting the door but not taking the time to lock it. You knelled next to the toilet and began gaging yourself. Only a little came up, so you tried harder, and still no progress. You started squeezing at your fat still clinging to your body, wishing that there was a place you could hide it, wishing that Liam didn’t have to be seen with a blob like you. Pushing yourself against the wall you started to have a nervous breakdown, unable to stop the sobs and tears from consuming you. Liam came in with out knocking, “I thought you liked surprises. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you,” he explained before realizing what was going on. You tried to look away, but it was too late. “Hey, what’s going on what’s wrong,” he asked getting down next to you. “I don’t want to go on the boat,” you were barely able to explain audibly. “Why not, what’s wrong?” he asked putting his hand on your shoulder. You looked down, “I’m a whale,” your voice shook before you started sobbing harder. “No you’re not. Who said that,” he question angrily. “Nobody needed to say anything. I know what you think. You got so excited when I lost a little weight. I’m just stuck right now, but I’ll get past this. I promise. I’m doing everything I can. I won’t always look like this,” you explained hysterically. “What do you mean everything you can?” You went silent, so he looked around and by the disappointment on his face you could tell he knew one of your solutions. Then he got up to start looking through your drawers, and even though you hid them he still found the pill bottle. As he looked it over tears began to fall from his eyes, “I didn’t know,” he looked down at you apologetically. “I wouldn’t have said anything if I knew you were hurting yourself like this. It’s not worth it.” You got up to take the pills from him, “But I’m finally starting to feel good about myself. I’m almost there. These pills are helping,” you cradled them close. “Did you ever feel bad about yourself before you started this crash diet,” he asked. “I used to feel bad when your fans made fun of me, because I know I make you look bad.” He shook his head, “I don’t care what I look like to people who think it’s okay to make fun of others for things they can’t easily change. Being completely honest, I’ve always been proud to say you’re my girlfriend.” He wiped a tear from your eye, “Maybe you don’t know this, but I brag about you all the time, looks included. The only time I’d be ashamed to call you mine is if you keep hurting yourself like this, or if you started acting like the girls who made fun of you. Promise you’ll stop, or at least get help,” he asked holding out his hand. Finally calmed down from his kind words, you placed the container in his hand. “I think I’m going to need a little help,” you admitting knowing you were a little addicted to your routine. “That’s just fine. Whatever it takes,” he added. You smiled, finally letting it sink into your heart that Liam really did love you. 

Niall: Niall was taking pictures for a movie premiere, and they wanted you with him every once and while, so you had to stay at a good distance so you were ready for them. Niall called you over and the cameras stared flashing. “Wow, you weren’t kidding about the lights. I think I’m already going blind,” you looked up at him, partially covered in black dots that your eyes had created. He laughed and wrapped his arm around your waist. “I’m going to coach you through this, okay,” he spoke into your ear, gently grazing your hair with is forehead. “Yes, please save me,” you begged. “Alright start by looking in the direction of the flashing lights,” he looked down with a silly face, calling you out for something obvious. “Ops,” you looked forward, embarrassed. “Better,” he added, “Now I’ll tell you which direction to look in, and hopefully these pictures won’t look like complete shit.”  You giggled, “I’m not that bad am I?” “No, not you. It’s just the whole system. We look at all these lights with no real target. Not one camera out there gets the perfect picture, but they all get adequate one of us all looking in different directions. Left,” he ordered. You took that in, as you turned your head. “Alright y/n that’s enough. Lets get the whole band,” their manager informed. Niall released you, so you headed off to the side. “Please move over here,” an assistant informed you to stand closer to the fan barriers. You felt a little uncomfortable there, but you didn’t have many other options. “Moo, moo,” you could swear you heard. You turned around, “I’m sorry I’m everyone’s way, but I really can’t move,” you cringed. “Moo. Moo,” some more joined in. “If you were skinner maybe some of us could actually see,” one added. The cow chanting got louder, so you turned around and tried to ignore it. No one was helping you so you looked up, hoping he would hear, but when he looked back at you he just started laughing and turned back around. “Do you really need me anymore, or can I leave,” you asked the assistant. “I think that would be fine,” she made a judgment call, seeming to empathize with you. They all cheered as you walked away. When you were in the theater Niall asked why you left. “Didn’t you hear them,” you questioned. “Yeah, they can get crazy sometimes,” he shook his head, not taking it seriously. “Doesn’t it upset you?” you questioned. “No, they just don’t understand that it’s out of your control. Oh, look the movie is starting,” he pointed ahead. Out of your control, is that the only reason why he never said anything before? Did your weight actually matter to him?” As you sat through the movie it started mattering to you and you made a decision to change…One month later…You had been taking diets pill, along with starting a stricter workout routine. Today Niall asked you to come to the gym with him, and get some tips from his trainer. When you got there you started warming up on an elliptical machine. It started out fine, but suddenly your chest started to hurt, forcing you to hunch over in pain, “Ow,” you quietly whispered. “You okay,” the trainer asked, coming closer. You calmed your breathing, until you could actually stand. “I’m fine,” you lied and started moving again hoping it would go away. “Is something wrong,” Niall came over, worried. “It’s okay, false alarm,” you explained, but then the pain got worse. Your knees started to feel weak and you stumbled backwards. Both the trainer and Niall grabbed your arms to steady you, and you quickly stepped down. They lead you over to a bench to rest. “What’s wrong,” the trainer asked. “My chest hurts,” you explained, a little scared. “I can see her heart beat from here,” Niall added. “I think you may have a racing heart. Have you started taking any new medications? Sometimes that can cause it,” the trainer asked. You looked up at Niall, who you hadn’t told yet, then back at him, “Yeah. I’ve been taking diet pills,” you admitted. “That will do it,” he nodded, “Let’s get you to the hospital.” You tried to avoid Niall’s eyes, but when you actually did a get a few glances you could tell he didn’t know what to say. Once they got your heart rate back to normal the doctor explained that you had to stop taking the pills because of your body’s reaction to them. He also explained that you would be staying the night just as a precaution. After he left Niall entered the room, and sat down on your bed. He intertwined his fingers with yours, looking genuinely concerned. “Diet pills,” he questioned upset. “I know,” you responded ashamed. “No you don’t know. You are so important to me. Seeing you in a hospital bed is reserved for my worse nightmare. Not for some stupid reason like losing weight,” he was getting frustrated. You shrugged, “It wasn’t just about losing weight. I just wanted to take control of something again, and stop getting laughed at.” He looked confused, “Who’s laughing?” “Don’t you remembered me getting mooed at during the movie premiere?” “No they were saying move,” he informed you, oblivious. “No it was moo,” you corrected him. His jaw clenched, “That changes things. Know what? I should tell those jerks where their comments put you,” he pulled out his phone in anger. “No, Niall stop,” you took it. “I put myself here. I didn’t have to listen.” “You shouldn’t have had hear it,” he growled. “No one should,” you added. “I want to say something about this.” You smirked, thinking, “Maybe you could tweet a body love song. I think some girls would really appreciate that.” He smiled satisfied with that answer. “Got any in mind?” You nodded, relieved “Quite a few.” 

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Sorry what evidence? Please show me what evidence there is to show that they are in a relationship or that they're gay? If you can't even say why you assume they're gay then you know you're just stereotyping and being offensive. Being touchy and friendly with another man does not mean they're gay. Louis has had a gf for years, but somehow you discount that and think he's gay. Why? It's very rude to him but you don't care obv. And this is an open ask box? So ppl are gonna ask you shit duh

Let’s take an adventure from 2010 to now. And I’m going to show you the pertinent information, the strong bones of their relationship, not the “touchy and friendly” moments you mentioned.

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Preference #16: It Girl (Jason Derulo)


Harry: Your POV Tell them other guys they can loose your number, your done…

Lately Harry has been especially irritated when you hung out with other guys. It’s not like your dating, he has girls over all the time. But tonight was different. You had decided to hang out with him. After you had been there for a few hours, you got a text. ‘Wanna hang out’ Harry was even acknowledging you as he idly channel surfed, ‘Sure, be rite over’ you sent back. When Harry saw that you were getting ready to leave something snapped. “Where are you going?” His asked watching you as you gathered your things. “To hang out with some friends…” you studied your reflection in the front facing camera of your phone. He ran a hand through his messy brown hair. He turned off the TV and slammed the remote on the table. Grumbling to himself as he walked down the hallway. “Harry,” You shouted from the door. When he didn’t respond you knew he was angry. “Harry you repeated walking down the short hallway to his room. “What do you want Y/N?” His words stung, and a twinge of guilt flashed somewhere inside you stomach. “I just don’t want you to be mad at me every time I leave your flat. He was on the other side of the room, back to you. He pulled his shirt over his head, exposing his muscular back. There is no doubt in you mind that your crazy attracted to him, but he just doesn’t  like you like that? “Well I thought we were going to hang out but, you’re leaving so bye.” He snapped turning to face you. The tears stung in your eyes. “That’s not even fair Styles. You don’t know how long I’ve waited for you to just one day decide to like me, the way I like you. Its not fair that you have girls here all the time, and there’s nothing I can do to make it stop. Its not fair that you walk around tattooed and shirtless and I cant touch. Its not fair. You cant be mad at me for wanting some one who actually wants me back.” You confession must have stunned him, because he didn’t speak until you turned to walk away. “You have no idea how much I want you. I thought that you didn’t want that, and when you started to hangout with other guys I got crazy. I’m so sorry Y/N. I just never knew what to say or how you would react. I want to be with you… Just you” He was standing in front of you now, hand on your check. Without saying anything you dropped your things and kissed him. When the long kiss broke he smiled, the cheeky smile you love and said “You should tell that guy to loose your number, your with me now,”

Liam: Your POVTell them other girls they can hit the exit, check please. Cause I finally found the girl of my dreams…

Recantly Liam has been making sure that everyone know how much he cares and loves you. He cut ties to ex girlfriends, told interviewers, and even got a palace for the two of you to share. From the get go the bays knew he is head over heels for you. So when he preposed to you in the empty living room of your new house it wasn’’t a surprise to everyone but you. He was crazy excited, tweeting and calling every member of his family to tell them you said yes. When you went into public and anyone noticed the rock on your finger. He made sure to tell the whole story.

Niall: I’ve been lookin under rocks and breakin locks, just tryna find ya…

When ever your out with Niall, wither it was a restaurant, movie, or shopping he spoiled you. Of he saw that you liked something he would get it for you. “Ni,” I really don’t need it,” you argued, but it effort was futile. He gave you everything, but he didn’t know that tabloids were pegging you as a gold digger because of it. During a press conference, an interviewer asked, “why do you buy so much for your girlfriend Y/N?” He was confused. “She got new clothes, a new car, you got a house, don’t you think she’s gold digging you?” When they said that Niall sat up straight in his chair. ” Firstly she dosnt ask for those things, that are gifts from me. Secondly, I have been waiting for a long time for someone who makes me feel as happy as she does. Now that I found her I want to spoil her, and give her everything she could ever need. Is that a crime?!”

Louis: His POV Can’t seem to stop you from running, through my mind… It’s crazy how much I think about her. Even now sitting on the plane he thinks of you. The memory of her first time on a plane, she was so happy, looking out the window, squeezing my hand with excitement. I don’t know how I will last 4 months without waking up next to her. Niall’s loud laugh brought me out of my day dream. “What’s so funny?” I asked. But he couldn’t stop laughing, he grabbed his stomach crunching over. Thee other guys were just as confused as I was. He pointed a shaky finger at me. “Me?! What did I do?”. Sitting up he tried his best to speak. “You got that look bro. When your with Y/N you have that look. I was just talking to you for like who minutes and you didn’t hear anything I said. You wer to busy in dream land with Y/N” he birdied out In laughter again. “Why is that funny?” “Because even in your dreams your whipped.

Zayn: You cant help be turn them heads, knocking em dead…

“Why would you wear that” he hissed under his breath. You looked down at the little black dress you were wearing. He usually likes it. “What’s wrong with my dress?” You yelled over the loud music in the club. He looked furious standing close to you. His eyebrows furrowed, and his usual light hazel eyes are now black. “It’s so short you look like a slut” his words stung. You pushed away from him and through the sea of people. How could he say that, he knows how much you hate that. The air outside was cool. He has never been mean to you like that, you could feel tears forming on your eyes. A strong hand grabbed your arm tightly, “I’m sorry.” You tried to pull away but his tight was to tight. “I’m sorry, Y/N I didn’t mean that.” You didn’t want to listen. “Just leave me alone.” You turned to walk away. “LISTEN TO ME” his loud voice stopped you in your tracks. “I should have never said that, I was so jealous. You look beautiful, and every guy in that club was staring at you. I’m sorry. You really know how to turn heads. I was so distracted all day while writing this:( sorry


Harry: “Brielle?” you asked praying he’d say yes to one he liked. He shook his head for the hundredth time. “None of these sound right” he sighed. “Well, you haven’t given many suggestions.” He shrugged his shoulders and looked through the baby book. “Alright well I want you to say the first three names that come to your head right now” you told him. “Wait what-“ “GO!” He stammered trying to sort his thoughts out. “Lillian, Anabeth and Amelia!” he said quickly. I giggled and threw my hands in the air. “Yayyy! He finally said something!” He laughed and poked your stomach lightly. “So which one do you like the most? Which two?” you continued. “Umm-“ “Hurry!” “Amelia and Anabeth!” You cheered again making him laugh. “Now which one shall we choose. Amelia or-“ you cut your sentence short when you felt a movement in your stomach. “What’s wrong?” he asked concerned but you motioned for him to be quiet. “Amelia?” you repeated questioningly. The little girl in your belly started kicking again and that’s when you know. “I think she liked Amelia” you said to him smiling. “How about…Amelia Anne?” he asked placing his hand on your tummy feeling her kick again. “I think she loves that.”

Niall: “How are my little men doin?” he asked coming up behind you and rubbing your belly. You giggled and turned around to kiss him which was getting harder because of my big stomach growing. “Making me hungry that’s what they’re doing.” He laughed as he grabbed a piece of toast from the large plate I made. “Have you thought about what we’re gonna call the little guys?” he asked while fixing himself a plate for breakfast. “Funny you mentioned that” you said grabbing the Irish baby book from its spot on the table. “I was looking at a bunch of names in this book your mother sent me and a bookmarked a few that I liked.” “You want them to have Irish names?” he asked. “Well, I wasn’t looking for them but I started flipping through the book and I really like these two” you said pointing to the names in the book. “Deaglan and Bradan.” You looked at his face waiting to see what he would say. “Whatcha think?” He looked over at you and grinned. “Gotta nice sound to it. Deaglan and Bradan Horan.” “What about middle names?” you asked. “Deaglan Bobby and Bradan Gregory?” I smiled. “Sounds perfect.”

The names in Niall’s are pronounced “Deck-lan and Bray-den*

Liam: “Something that sounds…pretty” he said staring off at the ceiling. “Not something like….Brittney or Diamond. Something…classy.” You had a name in mind that you’ve wanted to give your daughter since you were little but didn’t tell Liam because you didn’t think he’d like it. “Whatcha thinking babe?” he asked finally looking over at you. “Well…there’s a name I really like…but it’s kinda…odd” I began. He turned over so he was facing you. “What is it, love?” he asked. “You see…when I was little I had a doll named Charlee” I explained. “And for some reason I always thought it was a boy doll but then my mum told me it was really a girl doll but I kept the name.” “So you want to name our daughter Charlie?” he asked questioningly. You nodded shyly. “Like C-h-a-r-l-e-e” you spelled for him. “We could always name her Charlotte but I’d like to call her Charlee for short.” He mumbled the name a few times to himself before he smile and looked back at you. “I like it.” Your eyes widened. “Really?!” “Yeah, I really like that. And can her middle name be Ruth?” “Like your sister?” He nodded. I smiled and leaned down to kiss him. “I love that.”

Louis: “How about-“ “Not Tommy!” you warned him. He pretended to make a pouty face. “But imagine! Tommy Tomlinson? That’s so cool” he tried convincing you. “You are a manchild and I will not let my son suffer because of that” you teased him. He reached over the couch poking you in the sides a few times making you laugh. “Louis! Stop!” you squealed. “What about…Prescott?” you asked as you both continued brainstorming. You wanted to get the names picked out soon because Louis was planning on painting the nursery room next weekend and you wanted his name spelled on the wall. “Sounds too proper” he said shaking his head. “Rather boring. Wait how about Tristan?” he asked. You shook your head. “I still think Prescott is nice” you challenged. “Well I like Tristan” he retorted. That just started a match of shouting the name back and forth seeing who would win. “What about Preston?!” You both stopped and stared at each other after you said that. “Preston Tomlinson” you repeated. “Preston Thomas Tomlinson?” he suggested. You rolled your eyes but eventually gave in to his odd name.

Zayn: You were watching TV in your bedroom one night waiting for Zayn to get out of the shower. When he finally walked in the room, you waited until he threw on a pair of sweats and crawled into bed next to you. “Sooo…” you began sitting up cross legged. “I’ve been thinking a lot the past few days about baby names.” He propped himself up on his elbow turning on his side so he was looking up at you. “Yeah?” You nodded your head. “Anything you liked come to mind?” he asked curiously. You shook your head and smiled. “No because I was thinking maybe you’d like it if we went with an Arabic name. Like yours and your sisters. I think that’d be nice.” A wide grin spread across his face. “Really? You sure?” “Yeah, and I called your mom up and we were listening a few we liked…” you trailed off as you grabbed the piece of paper from the bedside table. “Just stop when you hear one you like” you told him. “Aliyah, Iba, Jalilah, Leila, Mya-“ “Mya…” he whispered almost inaudibly. “You like Mya?” He smiled and nodded. “Mya Malik” he said leaning back on his arms. “Got a nice ring to it don’tcha think?”

Preference 18 ~ Laughing

Liam: You had been getting ready for your date with Liam all day but you still didn’t approve of how you looked. It didn’t matter though since Liam was knocking on the door not more than ten minutes later. You sucked it up and walked towards the door to let him in before heading out on your date. “I got you some roses. Although I wasn’t sure which ones you liked so I just got daisies. I’m sorry…” You just smiled and assured him that it was ok before heading out on your date. In the car, Liam decided to turn on the radio and pretend to be an awful singer even though that was very far from true. At one point in time, Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton came on the radio and Liam started to sing it with a serious face, which made you finally crack and burst into laughter. You sometimes hated your laugh but the look on Liam’s was one out of pure enjoyment. “Wow. Your laugh is amazing. I’m definitely gonna take advantage of that.” You just blushed before looking out the window and continuing to laugh.  

Harry: “Hey. Hey Y/N. Hey. Look. Listen. Y/N.” Harry had been doing this all day but whenever you would ask him what he wanted he would just give you a sexual grin so you got to the point where you would just stop listening to him. You heard a thud and then you quickly turned around to see Harry lying on the ground with his leg hung over the chair that was also tipped on its side. You didn’t know whether to laugh or worry about him but then you realize that it was too funny not to laugh so your laughing took over. “Yes! I did it! I made you laugh!” You tried to calm your laughing before asking him if his sexual smirk was supposed to make you smile and he nodded. “That was the worst idea I think you’ve ever had.” As Harry started to get up, he shook his head. “Oh no. The worst idea I’ve ever had was trying to get your attention while climbing over the back of the chair.” This just sent you into another fit of laughter while Harry pouted.

Louis: You hadn’t had the best day because you had to stay home because of the big snow storm that was going on that day and you had been a grump all day. You hated the snow and everyone knew it. You were from one of those states that have constant sun all the time but when you had to move all of that changed and you hated that. The cold wasn’t your thing but Louis knew that so he was planning a day full of fun things for both of you to do although all of his plans were interrupted when you heard the heater shut off. Louis stood up to go fix the problem. “Whoops, I’ll go turn it back on. Just stay cuddled up.” You weren’t going to debate that so you stayed where you were. He came back though without the sound of the heater. “Um… So there’s a small problem… Our heating broke…” You just stared at him and then screamed before hiding yourself in the blankets. You were so not up for being cold. “Hey. Hey, it’ll be ok I promise. You want to hear a joke?” You shook your head no but he continued anyway. “Why was the sand wet? Because the seaweed! Get it? The Sea! Weed!” It wasn’t even that funny but because he was so excited about it you started to chuckle. “Hey! There’s my Y/N!” Louis didn’t stop telling you jokes for the rest of the night which put you in a much better mood.

Zayn: Both you and Zayn had decided that you would go with him when he got his next tattoo so that you could get one too. The next day, you both headed to the tattoo parlor to get your new tattoo. Zayn was getting another heart with your initials in the middle of it and you were going to get a small bird right below your ear. When you walked into the parlor there were three people sitting at the front desk chatting. One of the girls looked from you to Zayn and slightly squealed. “Oh my god you’re Zayn Malik! I can’t believe it!” Zayn just awkwardly smiled and then looked to you. “My girlfriend and I were planning to get tattoos could we do it at the same time so that it goes quicker?” The girls face dropped a bit but she nodded. “I’ll take you.” She pointed her finger at you, which scared you a bit. You then went to the back room and got started on your tattoo. When it was done, you went to go show Zayn and he burst out laughing. “Oh my god Y/N look!” He snapped a picture of it and showed it to you. Instead of a bird, you had ‘bitch’ on your neck. Your jaw dropped and Zayn told you it would be fine. He took you to the man that tattooed him and had him add an ‘in’ to it so that it read ‘bitchin’. You were both cracking up by the end of the night but you both realized that you were pretty bitchin.

Niall: Niall wasn’t even that funny when it came to you two being at home but you just loved to watch him be a dork on the stage and in his interviews or videos. Niall had brought you along so that you could see the filming of their new perfume You & I. When you saw that Niall had come out of the dressing rooms in a ninja like suit you got confused but you just sat down and kept quiet while the filming began. You soon saw all of the boys swoop down on cords suspending them in the air and you got scared for all of them. Although once you saw that they were attacking each other you burst into laughter and accidentally snorted. Loudly. Everyone looked at you and all of the boys erupted into laughter but Harry’s laughter cause him to swing his arm out and shove the bottle of perfume off the stand and shatter. It got dead silent before all of the other boys started to laugh at Harry for being a klutz. You started to laugh too but at least now all of the laughing wasn’t on you.