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“im sorry, the old david can’t come to the phone right now. why? oh, cause he’s dead!”


轟 焦Todoroki Shouto

Happy birthday, Kei!! // @blurobolobo

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Adventure Start: What class did you pick at the start of the game, and why?

Sealed: What other two classes did you pick when you were forced to change?

Companionship: Who was the first mii you chose to join you on your quest?

Bond: Favorite friendship trait / feature?

Personality: Favorite player mii character personality?

NPCs: Favorite NPC?

Tug In: Favorite food item?

Jobs: Favorite class / job?

Fashionable: Favorite armor ( any class )?

Attack: Favorite weapon ( any class )?

Skill / Magic: Favorite skill or spell?

Book it: Least favorite enemy?

Combat: Favorite enemy?

Boss 1: Favorite mini-boss?

Boss 2: Favorite boss?

Boss 3: Least favorite boss?

Victory: Your characters warcry?

Defeat: Any enemy or boss which got the better of you?

Sweet Tunes: Favorite music track?

Scenery: Favorite area?

Quiz Time: Which quiz was the easiest to you?

Chest Collector: Do you open all chests you come across?

Safety Spot: Least favorite condition / status effect?

jane sloan is the ultimate bff cause you can tell her you like girls and she’ll still get undressed/change in front of you without a second thought and won’t make any off hand comments that make you feel weird about your sexuality or like you’re being predatory and making her uncomfortable anyway guys watch the bold type

Guys..I’m gonna say it…yoi was really overhyped..

All soaps go through good and bad times, Emmerdale included. At the minute I don’t think it’s the worst it’s been but that’s just me, I can remember it being worse.

Personally, I’m losing interest in Corrie at the moment but a while ago it was my favourite. I loathe Eastenders with a passion right now (admittedly can’t see that one changing any time soon).

It’s the nature of the beast and the sheer amount of material they have to produce. Just have to wait it out.

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Any fics where they meet at the supermarket? I just think it's supercute

Captain Fantastic and the Pineapple King by buckyfuckybarnes

In which Steve is saved from his ex in a grocery store, Bucky Barnes is Way Too Chill about absolutely everything, and Sam has had enough of all of these goddamn pineapples in his fucking house.

Or: The five times Steve received a pineapple (and one Piña Colada) and the one time he didn’t

I Was Sleepwalking Until I Met You by perfect_plan

Bucky can’t help but notice the tall blond guy who seems to frequent the 24-hour supermarket that he visits at 3am when his insomnia is at it’s worst…

Out of Place and Lost in Time by Queerily_kai

Steve is lost in the supermarket, talking to himself as he makes his way through the aisles. James thinks its adorable, and not so stealthily stalks him. And then Steve is in James’ house, brought by a mutual friend, carrying pie.

A tale of rediscovery, reinvention, and transformations. Of an author and an artist. Of train rides to the beach in winter and pie like Ma used to make. And of course, a tale of idiots in love.

The Great Turkey Tussle of 2016 by emphasisonem

In which the boys meet trying to buy the last turkey in their local grocery store.

Clean Up in Aisle 14 by hisfirstnameisagent

The au where Steve Rogers works in the local grocery store and is tormented by an—rather attractive—asshole who insists on sitting heads of lettuce in random places throughout the store.

Super!Assassin Sterek AU: Derek’s been following a trail of death & destruction, trying in vain to locate the source of all the chaos. The world seems to come to screeching halt when he finally discovers who’s responsible.


It’s been years since they last spoke let alone saw he each other. Eyes that once shone like embers now darkened by void; playful smirk now just a wisp of memory replaced by a merciless mask.  The driving force behind Stiles’ actions leaves him chilled to the marrow. Although he understands Stiles’ path of vengeance, that doesn’t thwart Derek’s attempts to do everything he can to stop him. To save Stiles one last time; not from external dangers, but from himself.

Person: You can’t shade like that because-
Person: You can’t lineart that way because-
Person: You can’t use those colors together because-
Person: You can’t draw bodies like that because-
Person: You can’t use that brush because-
Person: You can’t draw like that because-



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1 I've read the comments you have posted about your mother, and your relationship with her. Sometimes you seem to be mad at her. I don't mean to be rude or anything, I have no idea how your relationship with her really is, or how your childhood was like, but may I ask, do you have any resentment towards her? I mean, I had the same problem with my mother, she was the kind of mother who'd yell at me "Yes, eat more, get fatter," when we'd had an argument and I went to the store to get some chips

2 Because the way I have to cope with feelings was by eating. Really, saying that to your own teen daughter, who had an inexistent self-esteem and was overweight was awful. We had a horrible relationship when I was growing up, and I did blame her for many things, there’s a part of me that still thinks I could’ve turned out a better person if he had known how to raised me. The point being, now that I’m an adult, I’ve talked to her, like woman to woman

3 And I’ve realized she had a pretty tough time too. She’s told me she had no idea how to deal with me, that she was from a generation who respected their parents no matter what, and when it was her turn to be a mother, the trend was “be a friend to your children”, which now I know it sucks. She’s even told me what I already thought, that she knows my brother and I would’ve been better if we had had another mother.

4  I don’t know, maybe what I mean to say is that, sometimes we expect our parents to be perfect, to be parents, when they’re just human beings, who screw up as much as we do. I remember reading a quote that say something like you reach a point where you can’t blame your parents anymore for your problems, and that kind of opened my eyes. Again, I don’t really know if you have a bad relationship with your mother or not, or if she’s really a bad mother, but I guess it does help when you start seei

5 seeing your parents as human beings. But again, I don’t really know your situation, so ignore this if I’m somehow insulting you or something.

I mean?? I’ve known my parents weren’t perfect since I was like sixteen. That was made pretty clear to me the day I found out my dad was cheating on my mom, and my mom kicked him out (and had my sister take me out of the house before that went down to ~protect me~, which is infuriating for reasons I won’t get into).

Yeah of course I have some resentment towards my parents. I think most children do. But I think that’s something different entirely from being mad at my mother. Acknowledging that she’s not a perfect person doesn’t mean I can’t be pissed she was 25 minutes late???

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Hey, so I just found your blog and I think it's fantastic! I'm a huge Ryden shipper since their beginning but I kinda got lost in their history a while ago and so, seeing your blog and your amazing knowledge of this ship, I was wondering if you could maybe write a Ryden history from the beginning? Like, you can write as little or as much as possible with details and links and sources or not? Up to you,but I'd kinda really wanna know what happened and expecially understand why the split happened?

*cracks knuckles*

*cracks wrists*

*cracks arms*

*cracks spine*

*drinks some whiskey*

Yeah, why the hell not?

Buckle up kids: this is gonna be a long ride

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Hi! I just found this blog and I think it's a fantastic idea! I've been scrolling through all the answers and I realize that writscrib has a stronger rule enforcement compared to Tumblr. I'm wondering if having such strict rules and regulations takes away from the autonomy of a creator. I'm genuinely curious and I mean no disrespect at all. Thank you!

For creative work, our rule is “if it’s fictional, it’s fine”. We want to encourage creativity as much as possible!

The reason why some of our rules are much stricter and more enforced is because of a desire to protect creators. We’ve seen what happens when there’s zero restrictions on harassment: creators are harassed, bullied, doxxed, SWATed, sent death threats, and ridiculed for creating, often with their work being reposted as well. Creators who are intimidated don’t do much creating!

@feynites #they’re one of the most notorious couples in the territory exactly because of shit like this #the spymaster won’t let most people get within five feet of them if they don’t want them there #but they’ll drape themselves all over thenerassan like a happy cat 

a shy kiss for notorious idiots who’ve seen and done pretty much everything <3