i just think it's a neat idea

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What is more likely to have survived the KT event in Antarctica: a non-avian dinosaur or an enantiornithe?

I don’t think we currently have any evidence of enantiornitheans in Antarctica. Although they are known from pretty much the entire rest of the world, so they probably were present there and we just haven’t found any fossils yet.

As for which could have made it through the extinction event? Enantiornitheans would probably be the better option, being birdy enough to potentially survive in the same way that a few of their avian relatives did. (Assuming avian-birds survived for reasons other than just pure luck, of course.)

But since the Cretaceous Antarctic (and southeast Australian) fauna was already well-adapted to surviving long periods of dark and cold during the polar winters, it would be the most likely place for non-avian dinosaurs to persist into the Cenozoic. This is actually a real hypothesis proposed at least as far back as 1993.

So, basically, if we’re already speculating… why not both?

its weird how language works culturally. i dont just mean like words and their implied meaning (like saying large vs big vs huge and how they all give you a different mental image), though thats something else i think is rad. i mean like how some things can only be understood through shared cultural experience.

like if i wanted to describe my boss, id tell you that his name is brian, that hes from new england and that people call him “bry-bry the tie guy” and he loves it. that he is perpetually cheery in a way that makes me think of the manager of an olive garden or red lobster. not the asshole manager, the manager who is weirdly passionate about his job.

id say that, and i feel like itd give you a very specific mental image that would fit him pretty accurately. and its weird bc like without the shared culture those words would mean nothing.

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Aren't you upset that imjustalazycat stole your comic and made their own comic and now they are more popular than you? They didn't even credit you, how lame. I know I'd hate their guts if they stole my comic. But maybe you'd be more popular if you actually uploaded more content and comics... just saying :/

First off anon, fuck off. How dare you insult my wonderful friend!! Second of all, maybe if you actually paid any attention, you’d see that I actually love @imjustalazycat ’s comics!! I can never give them enough love. I have even given them several fanarts from the comic they “"stole”“. Personally, I don’t mind that they borrowed my idea, I think its pretty neat that they continued where I could not. Third off, you went pretty damn low to insult not only my beautiful friend, but also me. I know I haven’t been making many comics or art recently but I am in need for commissions /donations so I can not do free art as much as I used to! I also haven’t had much motivation to do comics recently either anon. I’m sure if you were an art person, you would surely understand this. However, because of your comments I presume that you don’t know the struggle. So please anon, stop saying either me Lazycat stole anything from the other because that is not how it went. Please have a good day and don’t bother me with this bullcrap again.

It’s still Christmas in my timezone, so I’m not late!

Aaaand I accidentally made this another group picture of all the MCQ skellies, WHOOPS. It was originally going to be just the three bros, but then I felt Deccy and Fresh cuddles were necessary, and the others wormed their way in. They were also meant to be chibis, but they ended up just being smol? So, this ended up taking longer than I planned, hence the almost/kind of lateness.

I designed the sweaters for Geno, Error and Ink. I have mixed feelings about the results, but I don’t wanna mess around with them anymore.

I have more ideas for Christmas pictures, so I might draw and post them late!

I hope everyone has/had a very merry Christmas, or whichever holiday you celebrate, or just a great day in general!

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hi! i love your wc drawings-- i just wanted to ask, would you be bothered if other people did the "canon vs personal designs" kind of drawings you're doing? i think it's a really great idea and its neat to see the differences! [[uhh im shy so id appreciate if you answered this privately if its not any trouble!!]]

No, I wouldn’t be bothered at all!! I’d love to see other people’s takes on the designs - that’s what got me into making this blog!

It’s 2017 and people still think bisexuality means a 50/50 attraction to only two genders lmao. It’s different for every individual bisexual person. And they’re still bisexual even if they have a preference. They’re still valid. Sexuality isn’t always as black and white as a lot of you think. Perhaps we could, you know….mind our own sexuality? Maybe stop trying to put everyone in tiny, neat boxes? Idk, it’s just a wild idea I thought of.

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Opinions on leaders being unable to get all their nine lives due to the negligence of their predecessors?

i think its a cool plot point, it gives us more story conflict than just cats fighting lol

like what would happen to a clan if a newly made leader with all 9 lives intact left? who would lead them? the deputy couldn’t take the -star suffix because their predecessor was still alive. would the other clans attack? would they lie to the other other clans and say the deputy was made leader even though they only have one life? idk its a cool idea that would be neat to use in fan fiction o:

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I was wondering if you might be interested in writing something with an older reader character? Cause millennials are gonna be in our 70s and 80s when overwatch is recalled and it's kinda fun to think about a bunch of nerds living through the transformation of their reality into the kind of sci fi world they used to read about, getting really excited about robot limbs and moon colonies and etc. like, romantic/platonic/whatev I think it's neat and would be really excited to read your take on it

Oh god I have so many feelings about our generation in the Overwatch timeline. Like, I could ramble for hours about the good and the bad stuff and all the headcanons I have and yeah … just really excited about this topic. 
It took me a while to manage to get something semi-coherent out of all those random ideas I had. Hope you enjoy :)

Requests are open!

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The Cruel Winter's Flower is Falling down

More Info about the translation


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the best advice i can give you for photoshop as it applies to tumblr graphics.
  • DO sharpen gifs. DON’T sharpen caps for picspam.
  • when making picspam, cap choice is just as important as coloring. 
  • when you color, enhance what is already there. don’t take a yellow cap and try to turn it purple. it’s going to look ridiculous. 
  • it’s better to under saturate that over saturate.
  • that tumblr trend with the chopped words lazy minimalism scratched out face etc that you think looks neat and everyone is doing seems like a good idea now, but its not. its not a good idea.
  • start an inspiration folder and use it when you want to start something new. that doesn’t mean  ”copy other people work” but break other graphics down and do your best to try to mimic the effect for your own knowledge. everybody learns by imitation. you can make it your own. i’ve had mine for 5-6 years now and its the best thing i ever did..
  • if the typography looks questionable, it probably is. that goes for most things. trust your instincts.
  • don’t stress about the fact that you “don’t have your own style”. some people take years to develop a recognizable look to their work. its okay. you will.
  • ANYBODY can be good at photoshop. ANYBODY. theres no creative gene that makes you pre disposed to photoshop superpowers, and its insulting to assume that some people are naturally better because it invalidates the years of suffering they went through to be as good as they are. Your favorite graphic makers didn’t get out of bed and master PS. YOU DON’T NEED ANY ARTISTIC EXPERIENCE TO START PHOTOSHOP. photoshop is something that takes practice, but you aren’t broken. you aren’t hopeless. 
  • arial bold italic with a +1 or 2 stroke for dialogue text.
  • when applying textures, soft light and screen are your best friends, and (probably) lower the opacity.
  • if you use a popular texture, always try to make it unrecognizable.
  • put your textures under your color layers always. 
  • even if you screw up a lot, never stop experimenting. you don’t have to post every failure, but screwing up is part of learning. 
  • idk or just ignore me
Naya Rivera Explains Why She Decided to Share Her Abortion Story
"I want to try to make a change and impact other people's lives."

You probably know Naya Rivera from her brilliant work on Glee as Santana Lopez, the Cheerio most likely to give Rachel Berry a run for her money, then insult everybody in the room with a smile. Now she’s adding author to her résumé with the publication of Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams, Mistakes, and Growing Up, a memoir that covers everything from her days as a child actress to the phenomenal success of Glee and her 2014 marriage to Ryan Dorsey. Naya recently talked to Cosmopolitan.com about why she decided to open up about her eating disorder and her abortion, and what she really thinks about dating her coworkers.

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Man, I've been thinking of how the Reapertale underworld might work, and what if it drains the magic of the reaped souls to constantly expand itself? When it was first created, it was just a single castle floating in the abyss, but eventually it's filled with landscapes both beautiful and horrible? That way there's always room for more souls, and it weakens those who may actually be powerful enough to escape. I feel like this especially works with being created by the god of magic.

Oooooh, this is actually a very neat idea! ;A;

The underworld is definitely a very colourful place, with a variety of different areas both beautiful and terrifying. I imagine that there are different areas/levels to it, like Dante’s Nine Circles of Hell, but there’s also peaceful places where the good souls go for eternal rest and peace. 

I like the expansion idea a lot though ;A; Maybe instead of it being created due to the draining of souls however, @blackaerin and I discussed how some of the souls who need to work off their sins etc. are “workers” there, and they help build and maintain the underworld until their debt is paid and they can rest in peace. Also, some souls just volunteer bwahaha xD

There’s been some shenanigans amongst the Solas Crew, so I think everyone deserves to have a picture of Solas returning. Please feel free to imagine he’s coming back to your Lavellan after the end credits.

Maybe he’s come to confess his identity and ask your Lavellan to join him in freeing his friends, in saving the world from the Blight, or activating all the eluvians to escape to a new world to start afresh?

Whatever makes you happy. Just be happy. (◕‿◕✿) (U‿U✿)

Late night doodle.  I wanted to draw a pokemon I hadn’t ever drawn before, but I also wanted to draw Mouse. But the great thing about him having a ditto is I can literally draw Mouse with any pokemon I want. Aww yeah.  So Goop gets to be a shiny doublade for this image. Which, doublade is my favorite from the X/Y gen (and really, just one of my favorites in general now. I never evolved mine because I like this middle evo so much better). I just think the idea of possessed ghost swords is super cool (for when Mouse ain’t got time to stab people himself I guess).

Except I had this neat idea that maybe doublade and its other line members, instead of all looking identical, might resemble blades from their area of origin.  Like, one in Japan might resemble katanas, while a doublade from the Middle-East might resemble scimitars, etc.  So for this image, since Mouse is of Irish heritage, I decided to go with Celtic style longswords. I also imagine that when the eyes on the swords close and they aren’t levitating, they just look like normal, everyday swords. Since I figure the spectral “ribbon” ghost arm can appear and disappear at will. Sneaky sneaky.

I like the idea of Gems having really reflective eyes like a cat so when its really dark it just looks like there’s just glowing orbs floating in the dark. I think that would be really neat and alien

I think it’d be really cool with fusions because, it’s like, you’re travelling in the wilderness in the middle of the night and you’re trying to navigate by the moon but suddenly there’s like 6 moons and they’re moving and the ground is shaking and its like oh god what’s happening and this enormous something passes by you, barely avoiding crushing you, and then the thunderous steps fade away and you’re just left with this impossible story you can’t really describe

Colourwheel idea!

There’s so many people posting in the tags saying “Hey if you hatch an x/y/z g1 please ping me!” And that’s really neat but there’s no way I’m going to remember even one of those.

I propose we tag those posts in the format of xyz so people can look up combinations on tumblr if they like, and make a directory out of it!

For example I’ll tag this as swampwhiterose because I’ve never been known to not insta-buy that combo…
You can then find that by searching https://www.tumblr.com/tagged/swampwhiterose
Important note: I did a little testing and using slashes to separate the colours  doesn’t work as a searchable tag so make sure to omit them, just have it all one word.

guys what do you think of me making a map with everyone from the fandom’s country highlighted or something??

so its kind like this

i mean i just think it’d be neat to see how scattered about our fandom really is. So if you like the idea, just comment on this with your country (and if its a big ass country like the US or canada, give me a ballpark so if you live near the Pacific or something i dont put you in Iowa)

idk how popular this wouldbe i just think its a cool idea :P