i just think it'd be really cute

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Hey!! I don't know if HCs are open yet buuut I'm moving soon (ahh!!) and it got me thinking what if you moved in with Sugardaddy!Thomas?! 🙊 (How would that go down?? Like unpacking and actually living together!!! I think it'd be hella cute)

good luck with moving! i hope it all goes smoothly. i remember when i first moved. it was such a hassle :( 

i got carried away with these headcanons, but oh well! enjoy!

  • thomas has been hinting at it for a long time but you’re always like “lol yeah right”
    • thomas: “you could just keep your stuff here you know…we’ve been dating for a while and you’re over here a lot”
    • you, shrugging: “i guess yeah”
  • he has to flat out ask you and you’re like “OH YOU WERE SERIOUS” 
  • you’re really hesitant at first
    • you: “what if we break up or what if i get on your nerves? i do this thing, peggy says it’s so annoying but -”  
    • thomas, laughing: “i could never get tired of you”
    • you: “but…peggy. she’ll be alone and -”
    • thomas: “peggy already started to pack up your room and sent me a text that said ‘you can have her…never liked her anyway lmao’”
    • you, laughing: “ugh i hate her”
  • he helps you clean out your apartment
    • he’s the muscle of the operation–he does whatever you say
    • he’ll pack up things in boxes and stick them in his car
    • it’s cute seeing his handwriting along the white boxes when he labels things for you
  • he gets to know peggy a little better which is also nice
    • peggy: “yo, t. jeffs, do you know what you’re getting into?”
    • thomas: “no, p. schuyler you gotta give me a breakdown”
    • peggy: “okAY SO (Y/N) DOES THIS THING -”
    • you: “PEGGY SHUT UP”
    • peggy’s only joking of course but it lightens up the mood
  • you know you’re still going to see peggy a ton but you cry anyway
    • you: “you were m-my first friend out here and i’m gonna miss you so much”
    • peggy, also crying: “shut up, i-i’m coming over for dinner”
  • you don’t have a lot of stuff so moving into thomas’ place is easy
    • thomas’ house is beautiful on its own so you feel weird about bringing your own stuff in
    • you and peggy decorated your apartment a certain way so your decor feels a little out of place
  • it’s kind of nice though–you’re adding your own little personal touch to the place
  • as you pull out stuff thomas is like “ooh, what’s that?” 
  • some personal stuff comes into his view but you’re open to share
    • there’s lots of photos of you when you were younger and you with family
    • you spend a couple of hours just going through your stack of papers, letters, pictures from home
    • you’re sitting in thomas’ lap and he’s just happy to hear you talk about things/people you love
  • he gets you picture frames so you can put them on your bedside table
    • there’s this one photo of you when you were little and you’re hair is crazy but you’re smiling so big 
    • thomas loves it and he insists on getting it framed
  • he’s already cleared out a lot of stuff so there’s space for you
  • thomas’ house is big and he’s been alone until you came so it doesn’t take long
    • your clothes take the most space but thomas helps you sort through things
    • you have your own side of the closet and a couple of drawers in the master bedroom
    • it’s really exciting actually–you kind of feel like a married couple 
    • except you’re not
    • …but it’s still nice to pretend
  • you use a little space in the guest bedroom too
    • you tend to study/do homework when you’re in there
    • you’re still a little private–you’re just making sure you don’t overstep your boundaries
    • it still feels like his house, but he insists it’s yours too
    • you, jokingly: “i’ll be a good roommate. i promise”
    • thomas: “(y/n), i want you here. i’ll say it over and over again until you believe it”
  • once you have all your stuff in, he gives you a key of your own
    • it makes it official and you’re so happy!
    • you kiss him a ton bc you’re just so excited
    • you stick it on your key ring and you just smile at it
  • thomas does the cliche thing of picking you up and carrying you over the threshold
    • you’re both laughing a ton but it’s nice to celebrate
    • dolly and james send you a bottle of champagne with a cute little congrats! note
  • you make him dinner the night you’re completely settled in
    • it’s your way of saying thank you
    • he’s just happy you’re here
    • everything feels complete 
  • it’s the little things that get him like seeing your toothbrush near his or finding a bobby pin near the sink
    • little traces of you around the house makes him happy
  • his favorite thing is waking up next to you
    • he never liked saying goodbye to you so he’s glad he doesn’t have to
    • yeah,, you’ve been late to class a couple of times bc he doesn’t always let you go right away
    • peggy’s smiling smugly at you when you rush into your class
    • you’re a blushing mess but it’s cute

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I feel like if you gave Niall a lap dance (not as a stripper but like as a gf) in lingerie and stuff it'd start off with him just constantly giggling and thinking it's so cute and funny with his face all red and him running his hands through his hair and over his face kinda embarrassed then when you really started grinding on him and teasing him he'd get so flustered and stuttery telling you how hot you were until you could finally feel him hard in his jeans and you'd stop and take care of him

i feel like you’re trying to kill me

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Just a silly lil' bunnyribbit headcanon that I have been dying to share. While most people headcanon that Lucio pops up in Dva's streams, I feel like somewhere in Lucio's albums, there would at least be one song that has (feat. Hana "Dva" Song) on it after they met and exchanged autographs. It'd be cool to have her sing a few verses here and there or say a few lines, and I feel it would be very fitting as well!

Oh I love it! I headcannon her more though as being able to hum/whistle really well. Just think about Lucio adding her whistle into his own track and making music of it!

Gosh bunnyribbit is gonna overload me with cuteness

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I have an idea for your dragon au. Since dragons love treasure and jewels and gold I was thinking it'd be cute to replace those with medals and I thought a cute picture, if you want to draw it but you don't have to, would be of Victor in a pile of his gold medals. I'm sorry if you thought it was a stupid idea... but I just really like the idea and thought you might want to draw it. It's okay if you don't (>人<;)

Here you are! Just doodle, don`t consider it like a serious work, naaagh~

Just imagine HOW MUCH their could be, if he takes a part of this events…mm..during 280 years, pfh :DD

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If 13rw decides to film a second season, I think it'd be really heckin' nice and cute to cannon Clay as bisexual. It'd be nice if they showed the story of him questioning and discovering his sexuality, as well as the struggles that go along with that (like the ~subtle biphobia~ like "if you've been with a girl/guy i won't date you" & "just pick a side n quit being greedy" & "make up your mind jfc" & "u just want attention" kinda gross things that bi ppl experience).

Yeah I’d love to see that! And also just dealing with the whole fact that Clay had those gay rumors when he was younger and learning not to feel bad about the fact that he actually does like guys too.

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I have to say that I really love your starco art and I was wondering if you could maybe draw a starco kiss but Marco is a lot taller than star (maybe she goes up to his shoulder or something idk) just I really love your style and I think it'd be cute ❤️❤️❤️❤️

I honestly should practice drawing more kisses but I hope this does well to answer your request. They’re so adorable together haha! 

Thank you again for the suggestion and I hope you like it! 

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Gerald A5, Helga B2, Arnold A1 please! X3

I’m not sure how they ended up thinking of swapping clothes or why but let’s just say that while Arnold’s changing in his room, Helga’s waiting outside his door already in a extra set of his clothes (she changed in the bathroom) when Gerald comes and is just like ‘??? what are you doing in Arnold’s clothes???’ and Helga’s just kind of trying not to crack up at the situation but before she can give him an answer Arnold says it’s ok to come in so Gerald opens the door and there he is in that pose saying it’s actually kind of comfortable and Gerald is just speechless b/c he has NO IDEA what’s going on and Helga finally cracks and can’t stop laughing, there’s tears in her eyes b/c they both look ridiculous. his clothes are too small for her and her dress is too big for him and Gerald’s expression is priceless and Arnold kind of puts his head in his hands ‘cause he knows he’s never gonna hear the end of it from Gerald later but also kind of wants to laugh about how cute and silly Helga looks in his clothes and Gerald’s just slowly backing out the door and saying he’ll talk to them later once they’re done being weird.

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could you do another youtuber au but this time for michael??? Maybe the guess the body part game (like the one Zoella and PointlessBlog did) idk I just think it'd be super cute, full of innuendoes, and just really funny. Lol sorry I just really need this in my life

“Michael say hi.” You giggled, poking his side and gesturing to the camera.

“Hi!” He said loudly, standing up out of his chair and running off screen dramatically.

You just sighed and rolled your eyes, carrying on your introduction.

“Hi guys! Today I am filming with a very special guest! Michael!” You called, seeing him saunter back in the room with a slice of pizza in hand.

He grinned at you, plopping down on the chair next to you, in shot and waving at the lens.

“Hello! I am Michael.” He stated.

“Where did you get pizza from?” You looked at him, honestly wondering if he could conjure food from thin air.

Michael just elusively shrugged and took another bite, chomping away as you watched him.

“Are you gonna continue?”

“Can I have some?”

You both spoke at the same time.

“No it’s mine.”

“Please?” You pouted.

He gave in, but was determined to make it difficult for you, waving the slice around your open mouth so it was near impossible for you to capture it between your teeth. You eventually grabbed a chunk, chewing proudly and introducing the video.

“Today we’re going to be playing the ‘Guess the Body Part Challenge’!”

“Woooo!” Michael cheered enthusiastically and flung his arms around.

“Who’s gonna start?” You turned to Michael.

“You ate my pizza so you’re getting blindfolded first.”

You suddenly began to wonder if being blind around Michael was a good idea.

“Don’t try anything!” You warned before he covered your eyes with a sleeping mask.

You heard a zipper the ruffling of material when Michael called for your hand.

“Remember this is PG Michael!” You squealed as he led your finger to his body.

“I know, I know.” You heard him sigh as your finger touched something sticky.

“Oh my god!” You squealed, retracting your arm immediately, “Was that your ear?!”

You heard Michael laugh loudly and you took off the mask, seeing him reeling over in laughter at your disgust.

“You are so gross!” You slapped his arm playfully, but you couldn’t stop smiling at his laughter.

“My turn!” He called out, strapping the eye mask around his head.

You pondered for a moment before deciding on where to put his hand. You grinned knowing you’d always be able to edit this bit out. You quickly pulled your shirt over your head as Michael became antsy. Silently unclipping your bra you let it fall to the floor.

“I’m ready.”

“I’m not.” Michael chuckled.

You took his hand and ran it over the smooth swell of your breast, letting his fingers just brush over your nipple before speaking.

“Have you guessed yet?”

“I’m not sure, maybe I need two hands?” He cheekily suggested, pulling the blindfold off so he could see you.

“Naughty, naughty!” He tutted, cupping your breasts and dipping his head to tenderly suck on your nipple.

“M-michael,” You stuttered out, throwing your head back, “The camera’s still rolling.”

“Good.” He growled, pulling you down onto his lap and capturing your lips in a heated kiss.

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I just found your blog and your art is amazing!!! I was thinking while looking at your Fairy Tail x Fairy Tales/ Disney art that if you were to do Nali, they'd be really cute as Ariel and Eric. It'd fit too hahaha uwu

I almost forgot about my Fairy Tail Disney crossovers! xD I spent a little longer on this one so that it was up there in quality with the other Disney ones. Idk, I just really wanted to practice water :3 Thanks for your request, I hope you like it!

DeviantArt link: http://fav.me/d8ublzu

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I've been really studying your heads, picking out all the shapes that help make different expressions and how it'd be built up and I think I've got it now, it's really helped :) also, how hard was it to make Telephone seeing as she was the first DAD?

I am glad to be inspiring new artists! As long as you are doing your own thing style wise that is perfectly ok. I learned by looking at other fursuit makers as well.

It wasnt hard making Telephone because she was made in my normal style. I sort of took a spooky/creepy character and turned her super cute because thats just how my style is. When I made her she was just labeled a dragon, so her shape is more so just what I imagined a dragon to be. So when drawing/ making a fursuit of a DAD I would more so look at Telephone’s anatomy references for the species and not so much her fursuit!  You can see both heads that I made, the first one was closer to the reference I was given at the time. The newer one I more so did a cute interpretation! I’m very happy and proud to have taken part in the start of something so many people enjoy :)

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For your latest doodle, you could have it be Patroclus putting Achilles' helmet on for him. I know you'd have to change the direction of the hands but I think it'd be really cute! Just a suggestion. :)

Thanks anon for the idea!in this quick sketch patroclus is putting Achilles’ helmet on for him…and he tell achilles in a whisper:”please come back to me“

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Rules: Tag 9 people you want to get to know better Nah, just answer it if ya want to. :o

  • Relationship status: Polyamorous relationship with a lot of cute girls
  • Lipstick or chapstick: Neither, if I can help it. Having anything on my lips just feels too weird to me. ‘^^
  • Last movie I watched: Ohh jeez this is a tough one, but I think Arrietty? And WOW what a good g/t movie that was. Lovely art, neat characters, really good sense of scale!
  • Last song I listened to: Rick Astley’s “Dance” (would not recommend, not his best work)
  • Top 3 shows: Steven Universe, Battlestar Galactica, Gravity Falls
  • Top 3 ships: Urbosa/Zelda (Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), Amy/Blaze (Sonic the Hedgehog), and can I just put Pearl, Lapis, Peridot, and Amethyst in a polyamorous combo here?? (Steven Universe)

do you ever get that feeling where you see a really pretty girl and you just wanna stare at her forever but you can’t bc that’d be weird bUT SHES JUST REALLY FUCKING BEAUTIFUL

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Hi! Do you know of any fics with a crossover with Legally Blonde, I just watched it for the first time and I think that it'd be really cute with sterek as Elle and Emmett. Thanku:)))

i found one

Legally Stiles by redhoodedwolf (7/7 | 15,393 | PG13)

Stiles took a moment to think this over. If he got into Harvard, he could win Lydia back. He’d show her how smart he really was, and that he was willing to go that extra mile for her to win her love back.
“Okay,” he breathed, feeling a large weight settle on his shoulders. “Let’s do it.”
Scott cheered. “Awesome, dude. Let’s go make the LSATs your bitch.”

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It's probably just me but I think it looks like Jake in the upd8 recognizes the felt or at least sees something familiar in them. Then I remembered Dirks bed sheets. Probably not what's really going on but it'd be hella cute :3

I actually got the same feeling too!

well both the MC and the Felt were part of a webcomic Dave used to read, right? and if his bedsheets were a callback to the MC maybe Dirk’s are to the Felt, maybe he also reads it and it just wasn’t stated anywhere

(but yeah if they read it together or something that would be cute haha)

Jake is an intermission fan pass it on

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Would you ever consider drawing Mark laughing? I just really like your art style and I think it'd be cute. :3

OH, OF COURSE!! ;D What a lovely request, thank you so much!! I constantly smile whenever I draw someone who’s happy, so maybe that’ll cheer me up a bit, haha ;>

I’m so glad you like my art style, that warms my heart!<3 c’: If you have a specific photo you would like me to draw, feel free to show it to me in one way or another!

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I think... I'm dumbfounded by how good your art is... I just really really love it. Your cousins au sounds like it'd be really really cute too... do you... have more on it? owo (I love all of your au's though!! > w<)

I wish I could draw rn lmao but hands aren’t cooperating very well so I’ll just put some HCs

-Muse is in college
-Aquors is in HighSchool
-Eli is a part time model
-Eli always tries to keep Nozomi from meddling too much, distracts her with dates.
-Nozomi is a shitlord and teases kanamari consTANTLY
-Rin and Kanan and Umi go for morning jogs
-Sometimes Eli joins them
-They stop by Eli’s place one time in the morning and Mari had just gotten up
-Kanan looks away because damn mari looks too good in her night gown
-Mari asks Eli to convince her parents to let her go to school in Japan because she find Kanan super interesting

i got nothing else other than those broken ones for now :’D