i just think i translated this a bit wrong

one of my favorite parts in Power Rangers was when Trini just went and jumped over the cliff and the boys were so stunned with their mouths hanging open and all and then we have Kim who just sighed and went “what is wrong with you?”

which roughly translates to “how do i have a crush on you, a small, reckless, and cute ball of angst that won’t even talk to me?” and i think that’s beautiful.

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Can you explain what the lines meant in the most recent chapter: never doing anything concrete because he always wanted to see Hide? I feel like I'm not really grasping it.

Let’s start by saying that I think that makyun did a better translation of that bit. I haven’t seen the japanese text so of course this is just my (possibly wrong) opinion, but it just makes more sense than whatever MS went with (at least, from a grammar pov). 

So, what do we have here:

Touka: …Hey.
Touka: …You had that one friend didn’t you?

Kaneki: Are you talking about Hide…?

Touka: …What did you do when you felt like you wanted to meet him?
Kaneki: …

Kaneki: There was never a time where I felt that ‘I was barely able to do something’.
Kaneki: And whenever that happened…
Kaneki: I wanted to meet him so badly that I couldn’t help myself…

Touka: …

is Kaneki basically being his usual Kaneki self. Having a will of his own and doing absolutely nothing about it. 

We already know that he left Hide behind because he didn’t want to expose him to danger, same way as Touka, but even more so because he was human and too perceptive and smart for his own good. 

But we also know that Kaneki secretly wanted nothing more than having Hide walk at his side: 

So basically what happened was that he had two opposing desires battling against each other, and the result was that he was left unable to do anything at all. Not only that, but his feelings were also complicated by the belief he had at the time that Hide wouldn’t accept him, once he found out that he’d become an half ghoul, so here’s why: 

There was never a time where I felt that ‘I was barely able to do something’.

he never felt like he could do anything concrete about his wish to see Hide again.

Everything makes a lot of sense when you also realize that back then his mantra was: “Instead of hurting others, be the one who gets hurt.” >> Instead of hurting Hide, be the one who suffers alone and keep away from him. 

I hope this makes sense! If anyone wants to add up, feel free to!

Does Sangwoo love Bum?

So, I’ve been wondering this for a while now and figured asking the community would give me some pretty decent answers. For a long time, I assumed the answer was yes, yes he does love Bum. But now, I think Sangwoo just thinks he’s in love with him. He loves the idea of being in love with Bum. He wants to be in love with him, but hasn’t actually fallen. Don’t get me wrong, I think he cares about Bum more than he’s probably cared about anyone in a long time (perhaps ever), and Bum is special to him, but he’s not in love with him. 

Now I know a lot has changed since chapter 15, but the way Sangwoo phrases this always seemed a bit off to me. I wrote it down to either translation or Sangwoo muttering nonsensically to himself, but there are three ways this can be interpreted. 1. Sangwoo is saying he loves Bum back, or 2. Sangwoo is thinking about someone else here. It could be he means ‘so you love me, too…just like’ or ‘as well as’ someone else. Probably his mother considering what we know of their relationship. 

Or 3. Both- Sangwoo is saying he loves Bum, but is also thinking about his mother in the same context. We already know that a lot of his thoughts about Bum are linked with his mother, and that Bum seems to remind him of her. So is he saying this because he wants to love Bum, because he actually loves Bum or because he’s thinking about his mother and her love?


(Translation) Rouge et Noir vol. 3 + Tokuten

(R18!! Please proceed only if you’re above 18!)

CV. Furukawa Makoto

T/N: commissioned!! ok to be honest this cd is such a Ride, like i hate it at first?? but then i like it?? and when the Good Engrish comes i hate it again?? and then there comes the parts in the cd when the plot finally uncovers and im like!! wow i love this cd, everything about this series makes sense now!! like bruh, im so conflicted, should i love it or hate it? the whole cd just makes me feel like:

I mean voice-wise he’s not my type since it’s so…daddy lmao but ngl this is one of the best-crafted smutty cd series, except for the fact that mc is always a rookie… like why. WHY would you send a NEWBIE…for an undercover operation…. against a highly dangerous man, to boot. chief suou what the heckie r u thinking!? lmao.

wait was that a spoiler?? ………

ok just…listen to the cd first then… i’ll…meet y’all at the end of the post.

(also, there are a lot of literature/history/medical/alcohol names references that i might have mistaken so feel free to correct me.)

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I believe that the correct translation, for what Yuuki says in the scene where Rima asks,“Wait just a minute. What about what happened with the other Prefect now that you’re starting over from the beginning?”, is Yuuki saying something along the lines of, “To tell the truth, recently we’ve been living at each other’s houses.” Which is why right after that Rima asks. “And?” And Yuuki goes on to tell her that Zero is weaker than herself to alcohol. But it frustrates Rima because she is really trying to pry into whether zeki living in each other’s houses means that they are “sleeping” together.  

The set of Japanese text used is  ジツ は 最近 お互い の 家 を 行き来 し て 生活 し て ます which is Jitsuwa saikin otagai no ie o ikiki shite seikatsu shitemasu.

Anyway I could be wrong but that is what I and a few others think the closer to correct translation is. But we will have to wait and see what our translator and our translation proofreader comes up with. I just wanted to put it out there because this totally changes the scene and to me makes a bit more sense.

Eunki Instagram live translations~

for everyone who is even worse at Korean than I am, here are some very, very basic translations of what Eunki was talking about during his livestream today!

  • said he likes taking walks and he bought chocolate milk to accompany him
  • i think moonbok commented? he said hi moonbok
  • he was talking about how he wanted to dye his hair pink, but he failed, so now only a few strands are pink
  • ‘thank you so much to all the people from overseas who are giving me their love’
  • ‘ah the pink is pretty? thank you’
  • said he might try do dye it entirely pink
  • ‘bc there are so many people from overseas I will say hello in another language’
  • literally only said ‘hello’ and ‘hi’ then said he doesn’t know english
  • the fans have apparently gifted him with so much candy he hasn’t finished it yet
  • ‘you can’t live if you don’t eat’
  • ‘drinking coffee at night is not healthy’
  • he said Kenta has taught him some Jpanaese but he doesn’t remember much
  • the dance style he is the worst at is popping
  • someone asked what his favourite song is and he said currently it’s Mamamoo’s ‘aze gag’ (especially the ‘put your hands up’ part)
  • he likes Mamamoo bc their songs and choreos are always fun
  • he also likes aze gags (t/n: dad jokes, or old people jokes)
  • Kenta commented and Eunki got very excited, ‘Kentaaaa, Kenta i mised you, ahhh Kenta’
  • Kenta asked him to sing and Eunki was like ‘I can’t sing’ (t/n: he’s lying, he sings well)
  • Kenta asked him to sing ‘nayana’ and Eunki said the song he is the worst at singing is that song and Kenta knows that, ‘Kenta why are you doing this to me’
  • this one hashtag he sometimes uses, this, artist who saves people, thingy, he explained a little about it, something about how that’s what he wants to become and he wants to like, make people happy? sth similar to that
  • ‘it’s perfect’ bc He, Kenta and Insoo are together now (Insoo also commented before that)
  • ‘you have to careful in the dark night’
  • sth about him and Kenta and meeting parents??? or he wants to meet Kenta’s mom??? sth like that
  • ‘when I go to Japan I will take lots of pictures with Kenta but I don’t know when that will happen yet’
  • he said Kenta taught him a lot of Japanese but he can’t remember much, he knows ‘goobye’ and ‘see you soon’
  • he likes ‘see you soon’ more, because the goobye is so permanent and he doesn’t like saying goodbye or sth
  • someone asked him to say sth to his japanese fans so he said ‘thank you very much’ and ‘i love you’
  • ‘ah the words i wanted to say the most i forgot’ (t/n: he means ‘i love you’)
  • ‘aren’t i good at japanese?’ *laughs at himself*
  • someone asked him to speak in Chinese, he said he really really doesn’t know Chinese
  • he only remembers ‘hello’, ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’
  • he said the tones are very hard
  • ‘is Kenta asleep? sleep well Kenta’
  • his older brother commented and Eunki was like ‘yes I’m coming back home now’
  • he was talking about Hwanwoong a little bit as well
  • then had a little cheer up talk like, if bad things happen now good things will happen in the future, don’t think you’re alone, smile every day etc.
  • ‘I’ll be here to listen to you’
  • said fighting for tomorrow
  • then said thank you in four languages (t/n: Korean, Japanese, Chinese and English)
  • ‘sleep well’
  • ‘I love you’

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BLUE I READ YOUR TAGS THANK GOD IM NOT THE ONLY ONE WHO THINKS THIS IS WRONG In all honesty, I'm not liking these new chapters. I wanna know your thoughts as well??? Everyone seems to hate elias but I feel like chise is the big issue. Idk I'm so troubled ;-; no punching the husbando

Aaah, I totally feel ya~  This next chapter is gonna be hella rough D:  I hope the translation comes out soon though because I really need context XD  But just going by this one little bit we’ve seen…really not liking it.  Most people seem to be into it in the comments/tags, cheering Chise on and stuff…and I’m just sitting here like ‘ummm….this feels…not ok.’  Judging by Chise’s expression it looks like she might be lashing out in the heat of the moment or something but it’s hard to be sure without the rest of the chapter. Hopefully the context will explain more but….I just really don’t like the idea of resorting to violence like that. Granted, Elias is attempting to do something horrible in his desperation to save Chise, but I still don’t feel like it’s right to just…hit someone like that.  Elias may not be human, but he is still a person and I feel like it would be better to just…talk to him???  I dunno maybe I’m just biased because I adore Elias but…I dunno, this makes me sad. I just want them all to be happy dammit! 

Tattletale took it in stride, grinning, “Sure, fibbed about the reading minds bit.  Not about your weapon and power.

I may have been wrong about Armsmaster’s response being evidence for it, but I still do think Armsmaster is the type who might want to pretend his power is cooler for the sake of gaining and maintaining respect.

Let’s see… to deal with my buddy Grue, you’ve made that thing a fancy tuning stick.  Sensing vibrations in the air, translating them into images with that fancy helm of yours?”

Now hang on just a moment!

That’s sound.

We know the darkness stops sound.

Unless it just stops hearing. In that case this would be fine. But the evidence so far points to the darkness affecting the light and sound directly, and if it were to be different between the two of them, that would go against the Manton effect by affecting both light (not living) and the sense of hearing (part of something living).

We know some heroes can circumvent the Manton effect, but I don’t think Grue is one of them.

Dead Language

This definitely isn’t the best thing I’ve written lol
The prompt was really good 
I’m just trash lololol
Requested by huntingal5568

Title: Dead Language
Pairing: Steve Rogers x reader…kinda
Summary: “The avengers think youre innocent and always safe but when you are found in a coma they hear you start to rapidly speak different languages on how a mission went wrong and nat picks up on the russian parts of it” 
Word Count: 1,077
Warnings: Tony swears like once lmao
Note: Some of the languages I wrote, some of them I used Google Translate. Translations are all at the end (most is explained in context though). Also, a lot of the Avengers are multi-lingual (it’s canon), so I had to change the prompt a bit. Sorry about that!

Your name: submit What is this?

           It was quite a sight to see all the Avengers packed into a waiting room. 

           They were bruised and dirtied up, but none of them really cared. They were all desperate to see you and sprinted as soon as they got the chance. 

           The team walked in silently, staring at you. Your face was ghostly pale. Eyes shut and body still, you looked dead, if not for your chest which moved slowly. The doctor cleared his throat, unnerved by his superhero guests. 

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Hi, I am a big fan, I am actually mexican but I wanna ask you this in english due to the fact I think this is important for the Touhou fandom in general I wanted to know what you think of Clownpiece and the fact that I've seen people form the Latinamerican touhou fandom to just like, dont accept this character for the USA themed thing, and that they are just so upset about it even with the American fandom, it really makes me sad to see this, so I wanted you to give an opinion if you want and can

Hello there! Thanks for the message! Alright this is an interesting question so I’ll try to answer it the best I can.
First of all we all have to remember that ZUN takes no shit from his fandom. He makes his games for himself, but this doen’t mean he adds something that makes no sense to his series. He has reasons and ideas for the character he creates, even for hideous and debatable designs like  Clownpiece, Hecatia or Sumireko (yes, her). The designs make them stand out and give them an “out of place” feeling. Maaaayyyybe he has reasons of why he does this, ZUN takes his time in choosing references for existing stories and myths to add to their characters. I understand that people will rush to conclusions like “I don’t like her because she has the USA flag on her dress” or “Really ZUN?, you dissapointed us!” a lot of people will think that and it’s ok if you don’t like it, but if you start a debate of why  you don’t like those characters just because of that, it’s just plain wrong. We still don’t have translation of the games, or 100% accurate ones, so we need to wait a bit until we get to know all about them before we start to hate ZUN and his characters.
In Clownpiece’s case we sorta know now that she’s a fairy from hell with the power to annoy people and drive them mad (if the lore’s thats been going around is right). So we can work an idea for her design  with that in mind, also don’t forget about Apollo 11 mission and  the landing of the moon. Which flag was first raised in the moon at that time? Zun does this kind of things from time to time in his designs. (see Utsuho for example).
TL;DR If you don’t like certain character for  their looks, it’s fine, it’s a natural thing, however don’t act like a 9 year old and bash on them for pathetic reasons. ZUN couldn’t care less about you and your likings.
If you want to come to like a character or get to know them better, read about their stories and think a little about the meaning of their designs or actions.

Sorry for my english mistakes!

I don’t know why this bit is very important, but this interaction feels very important for me. Because it’s like Genos telling Saitama: “It’s enough.” not in a scolding way – like a mother would do to their kid – but more like as if he understands. I’m not entirely sure what he understood, but this bit feels like Genos just knows and understands Saitama so much, to a whole different level; despite the fact that he got married to Saitama moved in to Saitama’s house not long ago.

I also feel like Saitama also shares that equal connection with Genos because if he didn’t, I don’t think he’d oblige to Genos’ request to be honest. I don’t think he’d have that look. And don’t get me started on that “Kaerimashou (Let’s go home)”, it implies sooooo much things on their developed relationship, I’m dead.

After reading the manga, I thought the anime wouldn’t affect me so much. But man, I have never been so wrong in my entire life. The anime is just golden, and I am not over the fact that this thing exists.

P.S: It’s just the sub on that last bit bugged me, because if you read it without the Japanese voice-over, the context made it seemed like Saitama is asking Genos for a fight, lmao. I think it would’ve been better if the sub translation had been: “Ah, right.” But hey, that’s just my personal preference.