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Red & Blue Connection Theory

Be warned there’s gonna be Voltron s3 spoilers in here!! So if you don’t want to see that, look elsewhere. (Also this is super fucking long, I’m sorry.) 

Anyway so I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and what with (at least temporary) Red Paladin!Lance being confirmed, now is probably the time to post this.

Coincidentally, I’ve been spending the past couple weeks looking for foreshadow of the Red and Blue Lions have some kind of Special Connection and there is quite a bit, so I thought I’d share some of what I’ve found.

The gist of it is that I think Red and Blue have some kind of connection that the other lions don’t seem to have with each other. Of course all the lions have a special bond, but there seem to be a lot of hints that the connection between Red and Blue *coughs* and their pilots is something a little different––basically, that Lance and Keith have shown a lot more interest in/connection to each other’s lions than any of the other paladins have.

(And before everyone jumps down my throat, I’m NOT proposing a permanent lion switch so jot that down lol. But I do think temporary lion switches are Good so uhhhh fight me.)

I’m not sure how to go about explaining this, but I’m just gonna break it down to:

- Keith’s connection with Blue

- Lance’s connection with Red

- What Does It Mean

Here we go!!!

Keith & Blue

- I’m still caught up on this whole “Keith sensed the Blue Lion” thing. Granted, it could have something to do with his alien abilities™ (I’m still rooting for Keith with Altean ancestry, y’all) but I still question the choice of having Keith sense Blue, of all the lions. He only detects the location of two lions in canon, and they’re––you guessed it––Blue and Red. 

First we have some kinda vague “energy” that attracts Keith to Blue:

Then we have this part where Keith just … closes his eyes and senses Red somehow??

(These both happen in the first episode, I might add.)

Like I said, this could be some kinda sixth alien sense. But, I do also wonder if it was Blue trusting & calling out to Keith specifically, which is interesting considering he’s not even her paladin.

- Also in the first episode, when they find Blue, Keith & Lance are the first ones to approach her. Keith even reaches Blue before Lance does!

And then they’re both standing right in front of Blue, side-by-side, when she wakes up.

There is still a close-up on Lance when Blue awakens––but even so, everyone else has much more of a one-on-one first interaction with their lion, so this scene in particular stands out to me.

- Other than in the first episode we don’t get much of Keith interacting with Blue in s1 (except for him saving Blue for Lance in s1e06, which is cute!)

But then there’s also this moment in s2 where he starts asking Coran about whether there might have been Galra on earth before, and whether that could have something to do with Blue being on Earth:

Which is especially interesting now that we know that Keith is part Galra. So …. is it possible the previous Blue Paladin might’ve been Galra?? or even could have been an ancestor of Keith’s?

Then of course we have Lance emerging from his room at the mention of Blue, and accusing Keith of “having his eye on the Blue Lion since day one”:

This is … kinda odd considering Keith hasn’t outwardly shown any desire to pilot Blue as far as I can remember. So, obviously this is a throwback to the very first episode in which Keith first sensed Blue––and the fact that it was brought up again out of nowhere makes me suspicious that there’s Something there that hasn’t quite been addressed yet.

Lance & Red

- *rubs hands together* Now this is Extra Fun because now I know for a fact Lance is gonna fly the Red Lion at some point in s3 because it was in the trailer and all …


Unfortunately I don’t get to say “I told you so” because I didn’t publish this post before then, but anyway! I’ve been looking for foreshadow of this and honestly?? If you ask me, there are hints of Red Paladin!Lance since the very first episode. (Again, I’m not suggesting Lance becomes Red Paladin forever, so please don’t kill me. But I do think Lance having some kind of connection with Red has been foreshadowed.)

- So!! In the first episode I noticed that when Allura assigns each of them a lion, she doesn’t technically assign Blue to Lance (because he interrupts her, lol). It’s just kind of assumed that he’s Blue Paladin since, well, he’s flown Blue. Now, I’m not saying he’s not the Blue Paladin––he is! Buuut I also find a couple things about this scene Intriguing:

1) Lance looks like he almost expects to be assigned the lion as Allura describes it (even though he already has a lion), and then seems a bit shocked/upset when it gets assigned to Keith instead.

2) Not only that, but you may notice the Red Lion hovers between BOTH of them, which is noteworthy because this doesn’t happen to anyone else when they get their lion assigned to them. Hmmmmmm…

- This may be an unpopular opinion but I actually … also think Lance shows some Red Paladin traits. Once again, that’s not to say that Lance doesn’t also fit into the role of Blue Paladin because of course he does, but I do think he shows traces of being capable of being Red Paladin as well.

Like listen, when Allura is assigning Red, these are her exact words: “The Red Lion is temperamental and the most difficult to master. … Its pilot needs to be someone who relies more on instincts than skill alone.”

So really the only qualifications here are: 1) Be skilled. 2) Have good instincts.

And Lance?? Fits those qualifications pretty damn well. He’s a skilled pilot, sharpshooter, and strategist. And he has very strong awareness/instincts as well (i.e. being able to identify the Rover clone super fast, being able to come up with a plan on the Balmera on the fly, etc.). There’s no reason why he can’t fly Red if you ask me.

- Also, when the Red Lion gets fire power for the first time Lance is like, “I want that!!” which is interesting … especially because (at least as far as I can remember) no one else expresses jealousy for another paladin’s lion that way.

And generally I just find it kinda funny that Lance accuses Keith of having his eye on the Blue Lion when Lance has like…canonically had his eye on the Red Lion from pretty early on. 

- In addition to all of the above, there does seem to be some foreshadow about Keith getting separated from Red (at least temporarily). i.e. he has that dream about Red rejecting him.

And there’s also that vision he has in BoM where Red is far away from him.

(Tag yourself I’m the people screaming.)

Could be coincidental …. or could be intentional to foreshadow something about a certain someone else temporarily taking over as Red Paladin.

- And lastly: it may not mean anything, but in GoLion (the original anime) Isamu/Lance was Red Paladin … So, could be a nod to the original!

And yes, he wore a blue outfit but piloted the Red Lion, don’t question it. Color coordination hadn’t been invented yet. 

What Does It Mean?!

- In general, there seems to be a lot of subtle foreshadow that there is Some kind of connection between the Red and Blue lions––or at least, to an extent, Keith and Lance have connections to each other’s lions as well as their own.

- It could mean they are both capable of piloting each other’s lions. I’ll say it again––I’m not suggesting a permanent lion swap or anything along those lines, because both paladins also have very strong connections to their own lions. (Also, I’m not sure about Blue Paladin!Keith at this point, although it’s hard to say since we don’t really know what the quintessence of the Blue Lion is yet.)

However, I think in certain situations their lions could be accepting of the other’s paladin (which of course we know is possible since Keith has piloted Black before, and in the s3 trailer it appears he does so again, as well as Lance piloting Red). So, I feel like that could be important.

- As for the reason behind this connection: It could be because their elements balance each other out (you know, the whole fire-and-ice thing), but what I’m really hoping is that there is some significance in the relationship between the previous Red & Blue Paladins (interpret that however you want––but yeah like, maybe they were good friends??? or …. more than that????) and their lions built up a strong connection because of that (or vice versa).

- TL;DR: I think it’s pretty much inevitable that Red & Blue/Keith & Lance have some kind of special connection (space ranger partners™ amiright) and if you ask me there are a lot of signs pointing in that direction. That’s all, bye.

BTS as Roommates


  • ”hey, Third Guy From The Left, pass the remote”
  • cleans up after you, cooks for you, nags a lot; he’s basically your second mom
  • your friends coming over to hit on him
  • which he’s totally down with; “I’m worldwide handsome, what do you expect?”
  • your parents wishing you two would get together
  • you two cuddle sometimes and it’s fine, it’s nothing romantic. just two friends chilling in each others arms,, move along ppl, nothing to see here
  • you’re his taste tester
  • so he often makes you stand by while he cooks, so he can spoon boiling hot sauce from the pot into your mouth to ask if he needs more salt
  • buys you BTS merch
  • “I better be your ultimate bias” “look at me, I’m everyone’s bias and bias wrecker” “the real visual of BTS taehyung better back off”

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  • you joke that he’s basically a ghost
  • he’s usually not there, since he’s at the studio or doing promotions, concerts, etc. and when he is there, he’s sleeping
  • whenever he’s there and actually awake you’re like “who are you? I didn’t know you lived here” “shut up and tell me what there is to eat in this house. are there any lamb skewers?”
  • like I said, he’s mostly not there but when he is, he wants to spend some time hanging with you. the boys are fine but he’s so Tired of their antics that time with you is like a breath of fresh air
  • you don’t do much, just watch tv and order take out but it suites you both just fine. he usually shit talks other celebs during that time, so you know all the inside gossip
  • “wait, he’s cheating on her with the model??” you gasp
  • “yeah, I caught them fucking backstage”
  • “well, damn :( he was my bias”

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  • so f*cking loud omg u wonder why you still live with him
  • he’s energetic and loud (I can’t stress the loud part) for the most part, even waking you up with pans banging or singing in your ear
  • insists on “roommate bonding time” which is just an excuse to go out, get drunk & bring back f*ck buddies
  • has the LOUDEST sex
  • and walls are thin
  • but he apologizes w pizza so,, there’s perks to that
  • walks around half naked
  • flirts w your hot friends/family members but always asks you if it’s okay to make a serious move on any of them. he doesn’t want to cross any lines that would leave tension between you two
  • keeps trynna hook you up with one of the boys “except Joonie he’s gross” “he’s exactly like you” “exactly”
  • always texts & snaps you, sometimes about roommate stuff (”did I leave the stove on?” “which brand of popcorn should I pick up?” “did I leave my keys in the apartment?”) and sometimes just to chat
  • he likes to send you updates about BTS
  • he facetimed you at the BBMAS and does so just in general, so you get to see what idol life is really like … lots of sitting backstage, tired but running on adreneline, being hungry, etc

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Rap Monster:

  • your place is the hangout spot. the guys always come over whether it’s to chill or hold house parties where you’re like “let’s not get twisted and ruin the furniture” but uh,, let’s just say you two aren’t getting your deposits back
  • refuses to let the guys even hit on you; “you’re too good for them. I’d rather hook you up with someone better. do you like Jackson? wait, nvm he’s worse than us”
  • totally cool w you bringing back one night stands
  • hell, he slips you protection too if you need it
  • is also very aware of you when you’re both out, that no one tries to slip you something or take advantage of you
  • takes you home if you’re too drunk
  • nurses you as you throw up but gives you hell for it the next day
  • he’s basically more like your chill cousin than a roommate

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  • proTECT PROTECT Protect at ALL Costs
  • he denies this but he loves having you dote on him
  • it’s a nice feeling, to come back after a long day to your food, a warm home and just chill on the couch with you
  • he feels comfortable around you, talking about his worries or about his day
  • turns into Big Brother mode if you’re going to a party or if you start dating. no guy/gal even sets foot into that apartment unless they’re 100% Jimin approved
  • you’re both protective of each other, like siblings, so living together is a joy

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  • super touchy,, everyone thinks you’re dating but nah man it’s just friends kissing friends, how’s that not normal?
  • will crawl into your bed quite often
  • brings home food
  • insists on late night “adventures” to the convenience store, where you just buy junk food and movies on sale
  • jungkook practically lives there
  • you keep “joking” that he needs to pay rent but it’s not a joke anymore like seriously u use up all our hot water give us money
  • he loves having ppl over, not just jungkook lol, but your friends and his other friends,, your place is usually busy and always a warm environment
  • buys you matching “friendship” outfits and bracelets that legit are just friendship stuff, no dating
  • he tells you about his crushes (even before jungkook but don’t tell him)
  • and you two stay up some nights, stalking yours and his crushes, on their social media accounts, having panic attacks when you accidentally like shit from 38 weeks ago

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  • watching anime 25/8
  • offering him protection when jimin stays over; “but we’re just friends” “yeah right sure. just hmu if you need them”
  • it took him a whole year to warm up to you though
  • he was so awkward and shy, often keeping his distance
  • he walked in on you pooping once and it took two months for him to walk back into the apartment (he’d been sleeping on jin’s couch lol)
  • now he farts around you
  • you two rank the fart based on sound, funniness and smell
  • *choking* *tearing up* “good one (y/n) that’s a solid 11/10″
  • will blush himself to death if you bring home someone
  • doesn’t really bring anyone over himself. he’s too uncomfortable w the fact that you’re there to try anything.
  • doing childish shit like pranks and eating each others sweets
  • “kook did u eat my green sweets?”
  • jk, with green tongue: “no, how could u accuse me??”

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NU’EST Ballad/ Slower songs that need to be appreciated!

Making this because I’m seeing a lot of people say they don’t like slower songs/ballads in regards to nu’est comeback and I don’t understand why (but respect your opinion), as I think some of NU’ESTs best composed songs and best lyrics are in their slow emotional songs. I don’t think nu’est will comeback with a slow song, but heres a list to try and make the ballad haters into lovers, as 50% of NU’ESTs discography is slower songs! All their ballads hit you hard and aren’t boring at all with their own distinct beats

I’m Sorry


NU’ESTs first ever slower song. Despite being an eternal meme because of the er . . “interesting” outfits, the beat of the song is actually really good. I still hate the bit of autotune they used on Minhyun’s voice (even as a 16 yr old kid he didn’t need it) but it’s still a nu’classic and doesn’t feel outdated after 5 years.

 Love You More


For most ㄴㅇㅅㅌ’s this song might bring back painful memories, because it’s the song they performed after JR’s infamous letter to the members in Japan, where he cried, causing all the members to cry (even Baekho got a teary eyed) and poured his heart out- he said the members endured it all because they had each other, and how he thought he failed as leader. Minhyun cried so much he couldn’t sing. Even now I struggle to listen to this beautiful song because of the memories.

Baekho’s high note gives me chills. The song lyrics can both me interpreted as a tragic love story or a plea to leaving fans to stay.

Love without Love


They performed this one on a song for you and SLAYED. All four vocalists shine but Minhyun’s high note is especially impressive.

I’m Bad

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Warning: Try not to get distracted by how ridiculously good looking the boys look in this MV. This song was released as a 3rd anniversary special single, the only thing released in Korea in 2015 (fuk u pledis). Baekho was recovering from the removal of nodules in his throat so this is the only time the group promoted as 4 members (well you know, until the whole Wanna One and NU’EST W thing).

The lyrics are about treating your lover badly and feeling guilty, but it sounds really relaxing. THE CHORUS IS SO CATCHY, I especially love the way Aron sings it, with Baekho’s absence, he also does the high note and it’s amazing- Aron really proved he was a vocalist here. Also Minhyun’s face will make you cry. PLEASE LOVE THIS SONG IT’S SO UNDERRATED 



This isn’t really a ballad but whatever. THEIR BEST JAPANESE TITLE TRACK, now lemme tell you kids this song is THE SONG. The umbrella dance is on point, but the song like damnnnn.

The beat/violin at the end you will never forget, the chorus makes my heart beat fast. Baekho kills the vocal game. It gets INTENSE at the end, with the violin getting rapid paced with the combo of Minhyun and Baekho vocal harmonisation…. also Ren is shirtless.

Ame Nochi Eien


From the ‘Bridge the world’ Japanese album, another song with the theme of rain lmao. This is honestly one the best Nu’est songs ever made. Although Baekho and Minhyun sing 60% of the song, Minhyun’s voice on the chorus is soft and delicate, which goes so well with Baekho’s powerful vocal, with the high-note of the end being the most impressive he’s ever done.

One Kiss

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A fan favourite that got re-discovered after Produce 101 and killed the charts? wow I LOVE A REVERSAL STORY. JR’s rap got super famous online during pd101, NU’EST W performed it very nervously (but did amazing) in their mini concert v live, and the most memorable moment with this song was when loves sang it back to them at their recent fan meeting <3

Daybreak (JR + Minhyun)


This one is actually known, it has a beautiful aesthetic stunning marvellous MV. Following the concept of the Canvas album, you are meant to listen to this song in the morning and it fits perfectly. Super relaxing and beautiful, “From the moon to the stars” is one of my fave Minhyun lines now ICONIC

Thank You

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One of many songs given to loves as a thank you gift. This one is special is because Minhyun wrote it for loves- it also rose on the charts after Produce 101, as Baekho posted the lyrics to the song after the final, tagging all the members. So fans made it rise to say Thank You to the members for working so hard on Produce 101, and as a goodbye memento to Minhyun who would promote in Wanna One for 1.5 years. Equal line distribution and all members shine. 

 Hello (2017 ver.)

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Just like “If you” the 2017 version oF Hello was dedicated to Minhyun. I don’t consider a ballad but this version really is. NU’ESTs most famous song. THE SONG OF ALL SONGS. THE MOST EMOTIONAL. THE MOST BITTERSWEET. Nu’est performed this ver. on V-live, I was shocked because I didn’t expect all the members to like.. breakdown and start crying while they performed it. This song is NU’ESTs anthem, a representation of their iconic reversal, never done before in a boygroup. It was the most emotional thing they ever recorded. I expect a 2019 ver. when Minhyun gets back.

And thats it! Please don’t assume a song is boring just because it’s a ballad! Yes NU’ESTs recent rnb electro high like Look and Overcome are unique, powerful and high energy. But slower deep emotional songs where their talents also seriously shine need to be appreciated as well.

soulmate! park jihoon
  • okay in this au you have the “you see color once you meet your soulmate”
  • and gOD do you hate this method you have because what the heck you’re a fashion and design major
  • your whole life you’ve been working with clothes in black and white and shades of gray and you had to bust your ass to get into the top university in seoul for fashion
  • whatever mythical being it was that gave you this curse basically said a massive fuck you to your hopes and dreams like rip
  • in middle and high school you would literally people-watch in different areas and different cities to meet your soulmate 
  • actually you didn’t give a fuck about who your soulmate was you just wanted to see color and work with it to produce high quality works
  • and end the shitty friend moments when you’re shopping with your pals and they go “hey should i get the blue shirt or the red one”
  • you: oh i don’t know andrea i think the slightly darker shade of fucking gray looks nicer
  • andrea: :DD
  • SO one weekend you’re looking around some stores in this mall and searching for inspiration for your next piece
  • and everything’s okay and in black and white as usual when suddenly you saw this??? strange shade???????? not in black or white???????
  • you’re SHOOK and immediately just start darting your eyes everywhere
  • and finally when your eyes land on a person at the men’s section of the store a burst of saturation and color splashes in front of you
  • and everything seems to have just…come to LIFE
  • you’re shaking because everything you see now feels like a new experience….colors that you can’t identify are everywhere you turn and you’re so EXCITED to learn the names of each
  • you turn to your “soulmate” person with tears ready to fall but suddenly
  • you: oh my sweet baby jesus
  • you: can his fashion sense be aNY SH I TT I E R
  • your jaw is like on the FLOOR and you’re absolutely appalled by the young man looking through some sweatshirts
  • in your mind you’re furiously criticizing all the choices he’s made and making 
  • you: why in the world would he pair that shirt with that vest
  • you: sweetheart that is one hell of a stupid hat you’re staring at
  • you: is he actually serious about picking that vest
  • you: what in the world did i ever do to deserve this
  • you’re fuming at this point and you’re ready to either stomp over and hit him on the head to get his senses back into place or walk away and pretend the meeting never happened
  • but then he turns around and sees you and when his eyes widen you know there’s no turning back
  • also you realize he’s really cute so
  • he walks over all shy with a hand rubbing the back of his neck and a suppressed smile to hide how excited he really is
  • he says “so….i guess…..we’re soulmates?” with pink steaming cheeks
  • it takes you like a few seconds to get over how utterly cute that was and the you’re like “yes. and your outfit is a disaster. how dare you.”
  • and that snaps jihoon out of his bashfulness and he’s just?? excUSE ME???? what the heck do you mean my shirt is suPER cute thank you very much
  • and you’re like SWEETHEART the design on that thing is utterly atrocious it doesn’t match your face at ALL
  • and that’s how you and your soulmate got into a huge argument in the middle of the store with ppl staring and taking pics
  • a few minutes later a middle aged man comes over and taps jihoon’s shoulder and says hey we gotta go you can’t stay here and act like this
  • jihoon glares at you before he turns around and leaves and you’re just HUFFS i hope i don’t see that kid ever again……..
  • literally two hours later you friends spam your phone with articles about “Wanna One’s Park Jihoon’s Intense Argument With Mysterious Person”
  • you’re on the verge of crying after realizing you bickered with a massively popular idol and your friends are like “what kind of flowers do you want us to leave at your grave”
  • you couldn’t focus on anything for a week straight and you’re so scared of stepping outside and having people recognize you so you started wearing masks and sunglasses all the time
  • it hurt your fashion common sense to wear sunglasses while it was raining but you were too terrified
  • but good thing was!!! you learned the names of all the colors you could and developed this habit of differentiating even the slightest shade like “that’s not just bLUE that’s cornflower blue with a tint of turquoise on the lower right”
  • it would only be a matter of time before you start addressing colors by their html code name lmfao
  • anyways your friends are recognize that your works are becoming a lot better and the color mixing seem smoother and more elegant than before
  • they ask you if it’s because you met your soulmate and beg you to introduce him but you know that they’d lose their shit and fall on their ass laughing if you tell them it’s actually the park jihoon you accused of having disgusting taste
  • you actually feel really sorry….like however much you hated the way he dressed you shouldn’t have criticized him like that man
  • you start researching him online and you get really interested because damn he has such a nice face
  • in your head you could conjure so many different combinations of outfits that could work fantastically with him
  • a few weeks later wanna one is doing a fansign meet and greet thing and jihoon is smiling at every fan and holding their hands and thanking them for their gifts and doing his aegyo
  • and suddenly…..he sees YOU right in front of him with your deep blue hat and heavy trench coat to avoid being seen
  • he flinches at first but he can’t be rude so he fakes a smile and just goes…”hi”
  • and you’re like listen….i’m like seriously sorry for that fiasco back at the store….. and you proceed to apologize several times before he’s like okay!!! i got it you’re sorry
  • and then you take out the bag you’ve been holding and hand it to him
  • “here,” you say. “i included a booklet inside.”
  • and then you just rAN OUT OF THERE like you didn’t even talk to the rest of the members who’re looking at your back like wtf was that????
  • after their schedules end and they’re at their dorms jihoon takes out the bag you gave him and sees the booklet that read “ok i know i said sorry but please take a look at the clothes i picked out for u” 
  • he’s so ready to get pissed to see you STILL criticizing his choices but then he sees all the clothes inside and the different outfit combinations drawn and written in the booklet….and he’s sOLD like these are so pretty and cute???????
  • and he tries everything on and woojin is like whoa and guanlin probably gets gayer
  • jihoon wears one set for his airport fashion the next day and all his fansites basically explode bc he reached another level of stunning
  • and his stylists and managers are like????? what the heckie HECK
  • jihoon’s all smiles and stuff and he’s….really grateful to you…..
  • like when he met you and found out that you were his soulmate he never felt more crestfallen because the relationship already looked darker than woojin’s past
  • but now…he just really wants to meet you again and thank you….and maybe talk over a cup of coffee….and just be……..a soft couple that he’s always wanted to be in……….
  • jihoon became the top search on naver for the whole week and became the reason for your smile
  • it’s the first time that your work has ever been “publicized” in any shape or form and you’re so glad it’s receiving such positive feedback
  • a while later you get an email during your lunch break 
  • and the sender is…..CJ E&M entertainment
  • they somehow figured out that you were the one who gave jihoon his clothes and discovered more of your works from blogs and stuff and now they want to hire you as a stylist for wanna one and the meeting date is….in three hours
  • you drop your cup of coffee and spRINT out of your university to catch a taxi cab
  • when you get to the meeting place at the company you realize that frick frack botta bing botta boom your hair’s a mess and you’re sweaty and you haven’t showered in three days due to your schedule and you’re in no way appropriate looking to be hired to be a person who’s in charge of making people look good 
  • but a staff sees you and is like!! come in!!!!! and you’re like welp it’s do or die
  • and the company manager and wanna one members are all in a private room waiting for you and the manager starts this speech about how he adores your sense of style and how all the members would be happy to have you as their stylist and how much they’re willing to pay you but the whole time you’re mostly sneaking glances at jihoon
  • you know how sometimes you would sneak glances at someone who just so happens to look at you at the exact same time and it gets awkward and then both of you would look away really fast
  • that happens so many time with you and jihoon but…the fourth time that it happens he stares back just three seconds longer than before
  • he blushes SO hard because of how daring of a move that was and starts fanning himself and beside him jisung is like??? it’s like 20 degrees in here what are you doing
  • and then the company manager says to you “usually we hire stylists who are married to prevent any kind of special relationship between them and the members…you’ll be an exception to our rule. but the second that we see something suspicious or that you’re violating that rule, then….well, you can guess what might happen.”
  • and you’re like wow what the heck so i’ll lose my job for getting together with my soulmate
  • and then the meeting is done and the manager goes to get you your id card and all the paperwork and everyone pre much disperses except for you and jihoon
  • it’s a bit awkward with both of you staring at the floor….and then you try to break the silence with “this sucks”
  • and jihoon laughs and just says “it’ll be fine” and he looks up at you and takes a deep breath and goes “give me your number before they come back”
  • his heart’s racing and he’s almost afraid that you’ll say no
  • and when you say yes and take out your phone he feels six weights being lifted off his shoulder
  • and his head jihoon imagines all the possibilities for you two…snuggling besides you as he watches you draw ideas into your notebooks, holding your hand and telling you to pay a bit more attention to him, and smiling when you toss your notebook away, giving in, and leaning closer to him
  • you have to shake his shoulders to wake him from his daydream lol
  • you’re like listen bud ur cute i gUESS but we ain’t gonna kiss or anything until i organize your closet
  • and that’s probably when jihoon realizes this relationship will be anything but the perfect manhwa couple he’s always dreamed of
  • and suddenly he finds himself swiftly pecking your cheek and going “yeah well i just dID”
  • you:
  • you: 
  • the other 10 members watching from a crack of the door: OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOH
  • he saved u in his heart real fast

Originally posted by seong-wu

Laundry Date

Summary: (Roommate!AU) Bucky helps you do the laundry and considers the evening a first date.

Word Count: 2,215.

A/N: Inspired by a Friends episode, “The One with the East German Laundry Detergent”, I couldn’t help but get major Bucky vibes from the way Ross was acting around with Rachel. Hope you guys like! :D Feedback would be greatly appreciated.

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Originally posted by wonnhao

  • nobody asked for this but i for real think about this everyday
  • jeonghan?? is a really good boyfriend when he’s not being a demon
  • it was pretty funny how you two got to know each other actually
  • you’re a stylist for seventeen so u already know your job is like,,, literal hell

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey ♡ I have a little request for you since I fell in love with your writings. How would the RFA, Searan and V react if fem!MC would call them "master" ? I'd love a NSFW version :)

okay so the context for this is basically MC works at a maid cafe and ‘accidentally’ says that to them 

also NSFW lmao i can try but- y’all know i’m bad at sin xD


  • he walked through the door expecting the more than normal “hello” from MC but
  • instead it was “Good day, Master~”
  • one of those big anime “EHHHH?!” things
  • he can’t even form words like omfg what the heck just happened? 
  • he immediately starts blushing because he’s really turned on and he just covers his mouth in embarrassment 
  • Knees weak and slightly shaking he makes his way over to MC and just literally f a l l s into her arms cuz he’s so. damn. lightheaded from MC’s simple, less than provocative words
  • “M-MC.. please give me a heads up before you do something like that, my heart can’t go from doki doki to heart ATTACK.”
  • MC: ??? did i do something do i need to call ambulance


  • He just came back from a run
  • Nice and sweaty… steamin’ hot, really.
  • Anyway he’s like taking a sip from his water bottle when he opens the door 
  • “Welcome, Master!”
  • he just cHOKES 
  • he’s over there like coughing cuz water almost got into his lungs all the while MC is still pouncing around in her fricken (work) clothes
    • which is hella kawaii btw 
  • and he’s feeling it man
  • it’s now or never 
  • so he promptly recovers from his coughing fit and picks up MC bridal style 
  • “EW you’re getting my costume all sweaty and gross”
  • “How can you say that to your “Master”?“
  • *MC’s face turns flush red when she realizes what her slip up has now caused
  • weoo not complaining for what’s to happen next though ;))


  • I thought we promised to keep it PG 
  • but not today honey, not today
  • Jaehee was working (the usual) 
  • MC brought in some coffee so she could stay alive awake
  • and as she sets down the cup, MC just asks as if it were natural
  • “Master, would you like me to draw a cat on top of your latte?”
  • The only thing Jaehee could see atm was MC in a freaking a kitty lingerie outfit
  • she’d never liked cats more before
  • snapping back into reality she saw MC’s face staring at her dumbfounded
  • cuz she ain’t a perv like u baehee 
  • And she gives Jaehee a peck on the lips before she gets pulled under by Jaehee’s naughty, naughty thoughts


  • it was Sunday morning and he was playing with Elly as usual
  • MC was in the kitchen making some kitty shaped pancakes for the two of them but what Jumin didn’t know was that MC dressed up as a maid for the fun of it (since he never got to see her in it)
  • “Master~ breakfast is served” she announced as she left the kitchen looking SUPER ADORABLE in her outfit 
  • Jumin just stares at her and a sly smile begins to form on his lips
  • “Did you wear that for me?”
  • MC gives him a little wink and
  • He snickers a little and leaves Elly to play alone
  • *kabedon MC against the wall*
  • you can choose a pose (but tbh i think pose #4 is just perfect)
  • “would i get in trouble for ripping this?” he says has he tugs roughly at her skirt


  • so he was just playing on his computer and suddenly MC just spins his chair around
  • his eyes widen at the sight of her in a maid outfit
  • “How do I look, Master?”
  • then he starts getting r e a l e x c i t e d
  • to MC’s dismay, he decides to hold a maid outfit challenge
  • and they literally have to Skype call all of the RFA to get votes
  • also did i mention Zen voted for Seven lmfao
  • sorry MC, no sexy time for you - Seven’s just… being Seven


  • He was just tryna get some new socks okay
  • little cinnamon bun innocent as hell but
  • he accidentally walked in on MC changing out of her work clothes
  • “M-MC?”
  • unconsciously she answers “Yes, master?”
  • whoop 
  • there he goes, red as a tomato
  • “M-master?”
  • MC looks at him kinda confused like why is he so red-
  • ohhhh
  • so she decides to play with this cute bby a little more
  • she leans in real close man so close he can feel her hot breath on his neck
  • “Or should I say… my saviour?”


  • MC just came back from work and he can’t see her outfit because he’s freaking blind ok
  • but he can smell her perfume
  • “MC, you’re home!”
  • he walks over to give her a hug
  • “Yes, Master~”
  • he kinda stiffens like 
  • what did she just say?
  • MC goes in for a tight hug and he can feel all the frilly fabric 
  • and his breath hitches a bit because she smells like cotton candy and 
  • he’s suddenly a little choked man he’s gotta loosen the non-existent tie around his neck to calm the f down
  • and he like clears his throat a little
  • BUT THEN MC goes in for a kiss and he just cannot anymore 
  • “MC let’s go to the room to finish this”

LOL i wanted to add pics cuz it’s more fun lmao 

also sorry this is very SFW

~Cherry L.

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anonymous asked:

could you do a full version of the model un!au with nct? i really love your stuff and i’d love to see a longer version! thank you!

i don’t know enough about MUN to write much an au,,,but i thought of some fun little things for nct,,,,,


  • voted best looking delegate at like. every conference he’s ever been to (obviously this isn’t an official prize, but even the committee agrees he deserves it if it were)
  • gets super nervous on the ride there and keeps shuffling around his note cards and trying to remember how to address the room ,,,,, calls sicheng whose like ??? and taeyong is like please i need someone to count off my breathing to calm me down ok start-
  • jumps slightly when he hears the gavel 


  • is the king of the GA - will blab till his mouth falls off 
  • people dread getting small countries most of the time, but doyoung rocks it - and he stays in character till the very end
  • did i mention his characters can sometimes be ,,,,,,,,,,,,ahem,,,,,,,annoying
  • the kid who says model un is his life


  • “what the hell is a tuvalu. is that country even in the UN?”
  • once wore jeans to a conference and taeyong nearly had a heart attack
  • is the easiest delegate to approach for a sponsor because like,,,,,he’ll just smile and go “let me think about it” which usually means he’ll do it - if you sneak good ass snacks for him out in the hall
  • of there’s a crisis, he’s out sick


  • is here for one thing and one thing only: the MUN hosted dance 
  • about to cha-cha slide into some cute delegates arms tonight ;)
  • once turned to ten during a mediation and whispered “yeah, so, does making out with the enemy count as “fraternizing” ,,,,,,,,,,,cuz me and france well-”
  • lost his research binder on day 3 of the conference 


  • for someone who probably skidded past in geography, people are surprised he can even name the capital of his representative country 
  • loVES being in the crisis committee and having people scatter to make alliances and he’s just like “my alliance is with these brand new gucci shades. all of yall better watch out.”
  • somewhere in the distance haechan whispers that those gucci shades are fake
  • has never been on a winning team, but he claims this year is his year


  • just wants everyone to work on resolutions together and thinks world peace is actually possible
  • every year, doyoung crushes this dream for him 
  • his biggest fear is having his committee assassinated - apparently that can happen in MUN 
  • his position papers are always really well written, but when people compliment him he gets all shy and out-of-character


  • always suggests that doyoung be chairperson because when that’s the case,,,,it’s a real hoot and sicheng just sits back and enjoys
  • hates when delegates use MUN pick up lines on him and they almost always do
  • when in doubt, sneak out into the hallway and google it - dong sicheng, every conference he’s ever been to
  • hopes he finally gets China 


  • works super hard and brings highlighters to research meetings 
  • his suit always looks a little too big on him
  • popular during unmoderated caucuses because everyone wants to be his ally 
  • when in doubt,,,,,talk about education,,,,,,mark is just like WELL the CHILDREN are the FUTURE


  • loves tearing apart shitty resolutions, but will actually lose his mind if his committee’s resolution fails and believe me. not pretty
  • debate king. him and doyoung got into it once and god knows how long they were all in there - mark thinks their voices are permanently locked in his ears
  • “im not,,,,SAYING,,,,there might be an assassination,,,,im just SAYING you should be careful”
  • favorite part of MUN is watching rival countries fight for his alliance and in the end, he picks neither
  • (also he won best delegate once and blew a kiss right @ doyoung because ,,,, why not LOL) 


  • likes working with newbies because he likes being faux leader,,,,but also because he’s a kind soul 
  • almost broke his leg at the last committee dance 
  • someone tried to bring up his countries problematic past and ten was like “excuse me but im about to discredit everything you just said and,,,,,,,,,,,,,discredit that horrendous thing you thought was a good outfit baby”
  • mark looking at ten with wide eyes: what does,,,,that mean 
Taking Action

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Request: “Could u do a bucky x reader where he flirts with you and you blush like hell but then one time u flirt back and he’s a blushing mess. THANKS <3″ - @reyofscarlet

Warnings: Sexual innuendos. That’s it (I think???) 

A/N: MY FIRST ONE SNDJSNFJSF YASSS THANKS FOR REQUESTING!! LOVE U. PS: Raise your hand if you love Confident!Bucky, because I know I do. 

You paced around Nat’s room, listening to her rant about Bruce. 

“I just can’t believe him. One minute, we’re alone in the lab and I think he’s going to make a move, and then the next, it’s like I have a huge pimple on my forehead and he can’t stand to look at me,” she rambled. 

You nodded your head, chiming in when necessary, when she asked you about you and the infamous Bucky Barnes. 

“Well,” you started. “We’re fine, I guess. He’s been pretty flirty the past few weeks but he’s never taken it any farther. It’s like we’re moving in circles: he flirts,  I stumble over my words, he laughs, and it repeats.”

You thought back to the week before, when you sat in the kitchen and ate your breakfast. 

“Hey, Y/N,” you heard Bucky say from the doorway. “What are you up to?” 

You motioned down to your bowl of Lucky Charmes. “What does it look like, Barnes?” you laughed slightly. 

He walked up to you and sat beside you, eyeing your bowl. “Is there something you want?” you asked. 

He chuckled to himself, biting back his tongue. His blue eyes scanned yours, a smirk evident on his face. 


And just as quickly as he appeared in the kitchen, he was gone, leaving you flustered with a bowl of soggy cereal. 

Your mind wandered to another time, several weeks before, when you trained with Steve. 

“Come on, Y/N, focus,” Steve said, sweat dripping from his blonde hair. 

You swallowed and nodded, almost immediately going back to sparring with him. Within seconds, he was on the floor with his waist between your legs and his arm in your hands. 

Just then, the door opened and Steve tapped out. As you released Steve’s arm, you heard clapping behind you. 

“Good job, Y/N” Steve said, turning to Bucky, who stood in the back of the room, his eyes watching you. 

“Buck?” he asked. “What are you doing here?” 

“I’m just here to watch my favorite girl do what she does best,” he smiled sweetly at you. 

“And what is that?” Steve asked, not giving you a chance to respond. 

“Taking men down, one at a time,” Bucky smirked. “I just wish she could do the same to me. Only, it would be better if she did it in the bedroom,” he winked in my direction. 


I felt the color in my face drain as his words dawned on me. 

“That’s enough, Buck,” Steve sighed. 

Bucky only laughed, though. “Close your mouth, Y/N, you’ll catch flies.” 


Nat laughed as you told her the memory. 

“You know what it sounds like, Y/N? It sounds like it’s time for you to take action and even the score,” she said, getting up from the bed. 

“How?” you asked, already having a feeling about what she would say next. 

“What you need to do is go down to the main room right now and do what he’s been doing to you. Here,” she said, walking into my closet and picking out a sports bra and a pair of skinny jeans. “Put these on and meet me down stairs in 10 minutes. I have a plan.”

You slipped on the clothes and in no time, you were in the elevator making your way down to where you knew Natalia would be. 

Sure enough, there she was, sitting between Steve and Bucky. You cleared your throat, half-uncomfortable and half-confident with the amount of skin you were showing. The three of them turned around, the two boys with their jaws on the ground and Natasha with a smile on her face. 

“Oh hey, Y/N,” Natasha smiled. “Nice outfit.”

“Thanks,” you said, still confused about what the plan was.

“Hey, doll,” Bucky said, getting up and making his way toward you. “What’s up with the new outfit?” he asked, his eyes raking up and down your body. 

You glanced behind him to see Natasha nodding, urging you to continue. 

You smiled and raised your eyebrows, “What do you think of it?” 

He smirked and leaned on the side of the table between you two. “You look great, doll. I do think you’d look ten times better without it, though.”

You saw your friends leaving the room and a surge of confidence began to flow through your veins. 

You walked around the table and stood closer to him. “Well, Buck. Are you going to do anything about it?” 

You saw him do a double take. 

This is the plan? To flirt with him until he feels the way I’ve been feeling for months?

He stumbled over his words, never expecting you to take part in his flirting. “Uh- you can, uh-” he began, a crimson tone making its way to his cheeks. 

“What’s wrong, Buck? And close your mouth, you’ll catch flies.” 


Audacious~ Brett Talbot

Anon: Can you write a Brett Imagine where the reader really likes him but she’s really shy so she ends up doing something bold like sitting on his lap and kissing him (while at Sinema) to finally get his attention?

A/N: I’d be happy too- here it is! Sorry it took so long!



warnings: kinda smutty?

word count: 1.6k longish..



Oh God, there it was. The voice that can make you go from calamity, to something akin to ten million butterflies fluttering around your stomach. The voice that can make all words you ever want to or even could speak evaporate like water on a hot stove, and there’s nothing you can do about it- or want to do about it. Because while that voice causes tens of thousands of ways to self destruct, it also brightens even your most sour mood, and makes the long days feel a even a little better.

“H-hey Brett..”

Oh God, that was another thing that voice does. It makes your stutter come out full throttle, and you can’t seem to stop.

Not that he appears to mind as he smiles down at you- man, that guy is a tree.

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jackbitty lush-worker au

this is borne of me going to lush today and the workers being super interactive and talkative to me and then hitting @asexualwhiskey​ going “WHAT ABOUT A JACKBITTY LUSH AU” k here we go (also we are in no way affiliated with lush we just happen to enjoy their products so)

  • background info: bitty is a senior at samwell and jack never overdosed and instead got a bunch of help for his mental health and had a healthy breakup with kent who is now dating Cute Basketball Boy™ (swoops?)
    • jack is already out and proud in this au, he never got hate and is awesome and super gr8 at hockey ok
  • bitty works at lush because he really likes creating makeup and lotions (its similar to baking, right?) and he’s like. super good at this job, like he’s assistant manager and hes awesome and perfect
    • “but bri!” you cry “bitty is an assistant manager, he wouldn’t be working the floor!”
    • “fuck off” i say “its my au”
  • so jacky boy is a professional hockey player for the providence falconers and its may and mothers day is coming up and he needs to get a gift for his mother
  • he has a series in boston and wont have any free time after the series ends so he goes to a local mall that (hopefully) wont have too many hockey fans there because he needs to get a gift for his mom
  • so little ol’ jacky walks into the mall and is in his typical Burger King Robber™ outfit mainly so that he doesn’t get mobbed by fans
  • he and bad bob talked about it and they figured that jack could go to lush and get one of those like, idk $50 dollar moisturizers that are super-overpriced or a bath bomb or a face mask or st (not that alicia needs it like goddamn amiright)
  • so zimmsy walks into lush and is immediately just completely overwhelmed and there’s only two workers (bc its a slow day and also its just a small mall so not many visitors yeah?) and the store is p empty (there’s like.. 2 people in there. v slow day)
  • 2.5k of words under the cut lmao why does this always happen

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Put All These Pieces Back Together

// requested by anonymous:  HI U R SUCH A GOOD WRITER I CRY okay could u possibly do a Peter Parker x reader where the reader has a crush on Peter but she doesn’t know if he likes her and she used to have an eating disorder & one day they’re @ a party and her drunk friend says something about her not eating today or something and Peter overhears and takes her aside and asks if she’s okay and like comforts her idkIDK like maybe angst at first but then super cute by the end IDK THANKS SO MUCH ILY

// a/n: oml i feel so loved, thank you so much for the praise!! i’m so, so sorry this took so long to get up, i had a massive, unshakable case of writer’s block. i hope i did okay… it’s sort of cheesy but hopefully you’ll like it anyway. thanks for the request and the love <3 enjoy!!

// character: peter parker/spiderman

// pairing: peter x reader

// summary: “your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.”

It’s past curfew on a Friday night, and this is exactly the sort of situation you’ve been told to stay away from.

The party seems like something straight out of a cliche high school romance flick, with red solo cups littering the floor and hormonal teenagers pressed against each other in the corners, lips locked together and hands roaming each others’ bodies.

Your senses feel dulled by the constant, heavy thrum of the bass blasting through the speakers and the strong reek of alcohol that seems to have settled into the air. Still, you haven’t been to a party since–well, since before everything that happened last year, and Becca has vehemently assured you that the awkwardly clingy black top you dug out of her closet makes you look “like a total catch”.

So part of you thinks that having a little fun might not be such a bad idea.

You destroy your opponents through a few rounds of beer pong, expertly avoid a game of seven minutes in heaven before one of your friends can drag you in, fail fantastically at pool and spend a lot of the night mingling and swaying to the music.

It’s a little past midnight when Becca stumbles into you, a ditsy smile plastered on her face and her eyes clouded with insobriety.

“Hi,” she mumbles giddily as she pitches forward and you hastily grab her shoulders to keep her from spilling to the ground in a heap.

You chuckle a little. “How much did you have to drink?” you say loudly, trying to make your voice heard over the pounding music.

A crease forms between her brows and she shrugs. “I dunno,” she grins. “A lot.”

With a mixture of exasperation and fondness, you sigh and set her on the couch. “God, you are going to have such a hangover tomorrow. Promise me you’ll let me drive you home?”

She nods, but you know she’s not really listening when her eyes glance in the other direction and she says in what you think is supposed to be a quiet voice, “He’s staring at you.”

Your eyes follow her gaze to a familiar brown-haired boy in a Star Wars t-shirt, who quickly looks away to observe a nearby game of pool. “Who, Peter?” You laugh a little, but a hot blush creeps up on your cheeks and you duck your head. “Yeah right. Like he’d be staring at me.”

Your best friend’s gaze swivels from him to you and back. “You should tell him,” she declares.

“Say it a little louder, would you?” you hiss sarcastically. “I don’t think they heard you in Jersey.”

She laughs. “I’m serious,” she says, though it’s in a hushed whisper this time as she pulls you closer by the arm. “You’ve liked him for forever. And judging by the way he’s looking at you in that outfit,” her voice dips into a sing-song tone as she slurs, “he likes you too.

Rolling your eyes, you shove her shoulder gently. “Shut up, Bea, you know he doesn’t think of me that way.” you huff, and a smirk crosses her face as she stands abruptly.

“Whatever you say. I’m gonna grab some food,” she says, stretching. “You want anything?”

You shake your head, but she pouts. “Y/N, you skipped lunch, too,” she protests.

“Yeah, because I had to make up that test for Mr. Dewar. I ate after school,” you explain. You’re not lying; you don’t do that anymore. You’re better now. Or at least, you’re trying.

But Becca, drunk, doesn’t seem to see it that way. “Are you trying to stop eating again?” She makes a poor attempt at a whisper. “Because you know it’s not good for you.” She sounds like a scolding parent, and a few pairs of eyes around the room drift over to you.

Stop staring, you plead mentally, your insides squirming under their gazes. “Bea,” you say through gritted teeth, “I’m fine, okay? Drop it.”

“You can’t keep doing this to yourself!” She’s loud. Too loud. Heads swivel in your direction.

People are looking at you. Everyone’s looking at you. I’m fine, you want to scream. It’s over. Nothing’s wrong with me.

But their eyes linger.

You feel like it’s freshman year all over again, and you’re collapsing on the gym floor and the nurse is bending over you and saying something about malnourishment and everyone is staring at you and you can’t breathe. And suddenly, you’re back to being the object of gossip and stolen glances and whispers in the hallway when they think you aren’t listening– she’s that anorexic girl, the one who was fat until she starved herself.

You have to remind yourself that you’re here and not there, that this is a party and you’re supposed to be having fun but instead you’re trying to remember how you’re supposed to breathe.

In, out. In, out.

Right. Easy.

So why can’t you seem to catch a breath?

It takes you a minute to realize that your hands are shaking and that Becca’s still talking, although you aren’t really listening anymore.

You mutter some excuse and slip out of the room; she tries to call out to you but you can’t seem to get to the back door fast enough.

The grass is wet. The air is humid and cool and heavy with the smell of rain, the sharp contrast to the heat inside hitting you as you step into the yard, tugging at the sleeves of your jacket and trying to shove the taste of bile back down your throat.

The smell of alcohol lingers on your clothes and you can still feel the bass from inside; you wonder for a moment what you’re doing here, when a book and a warm blanket seems like such a nice alternative.

Oh right, you think to yourself. I was trying to be normal, for one night.

Normal. You’ve spent the last eight months trying to get back there. Talking to doctors, therapists, guidance counselors, anyone who thinks they can help. You remember the before picture of it all, when you were scared and angry and you hated yourself, and now you feel the exact same way and you think that maybe you haven’t come all that far.

“Why did you do it?” the counselor asks, sincere concern lacing her words. “You have such a beautiful body, can’t you see that?”

You try to laugh, but think you might cry instead as you looked up at her. “Have you ever been to high school?”

She gives you the look, the one you’ve come to know all-too-well, that mixture of pity and disappointment that seems to be etched on everyone’s faces these days. You want to tell her to stop, that you don’t want her pity, that you might feel a lot better if everyone would just quit looking at you that way–

“–re you okay?”

Surprised, your head snaps towards him immediately. You didn’t even notice him come out. But Peter’s standing there, concern in those deep brown eyes and one hand running through his brown hair nervously.

You open your mouth, tempted to say you’re fine, that there’s nothing for him to worry about. But as you look at him, you feel a bit of your resolve wear away. At first, you’re not sure why, but then, you think, it’s Peter, the geeky science nerd you’ve known for years, exchanging study guides and making cheesy science jokes from the back of the classroom and maybe falling a little in love along the way. It’s Peter, so instead of lying you shake your head. “Not really, no,” you breathe.

“You’re not…are you still…” he trails, like he doesn’t quite know how to phrase the question.

Your choice of words, however, is more blunt. “I’m not starving myself anymore, if that’s what you mean. I haven’t done that in a long time.”

Peter looks at you for a long time, as though trying to figure out whether or not you’re lying, and then gives you a slow nod as he leans against the wall next to you. “What happened in there?” he asks quietly, shoving his hands into the pockets of his hoodie.

“Nothing.” You drop your gaze, refusing to meet his eyes. If you do, you think you might break into tears.

“Y/N, you can talk to me.”

Sighing slowly, you glare at the ground. “I just…I couldn’t breathe. I–everyone was staring at us. I didn’t want to-to stay in there and let them gawk at me like I was some animal in a zoo. Like I was some…” you grit your teeth, voice shaking, “some beast that they were looking at through glass.”

He hesitates, and then, sounding shocked, “Is that how you feel?”

Part of you wishes he would leave, so he wouldn’t see you cry. “That’s how I’ve always felt, Peter. Why–” You shudder as your voice breaks. “Why do you think I did this?” You look up at him, blinking tears out of bloodshot eyes. Slowly, you sink into the grass, ignoring the fact that the rainwater is seeping through your tights, and draw your knees to your chest.

He doesn’t say anything, just kneels next to you and holds you in his arms when you finally break into shaking sobs, your breath stuttering as you try to hold them back. But you don’t think there’s any part of you that can fight it anymore, and the tears just fall in a torrent of frustration that you haven’t let go of in far too long. The saltwater streaks down your face and soaks his hoodie, and he runs his fingers through your hair, hugging you against his chest and resting his chin on your forehead.

“I’m sorry,” you hiccup when the sobs finally slow, your voice muffled by his body.

Peter shakes his head. “Don’t be sorry,” he murmurs. “You don’t deserve to feel this way.”

“Maybe I do.”

“You don’t.” His voice is insistent as he cups your cheek with his hands. “You don’t deserve this. You’re beautiful.”

He sounds…honest. You meet his eyes, and sincerity is all you can see. Something inside of you swells. “I haven’t…no one’s ever said that to me.”

“They should.” A smile tugs at the corner of his mouth. “I don’t hold just anyone as their tears totally soak my favorite shirt, you know,” he teases.

A watery chuckle escapes your lips, and he grins, looking a little proud of himself.

“I guess it’s a good thing I wore waterproof mascara,” you joke, wiping the wet tracks away from your face with a sleeve and sniffling. It earns you a laugh.

“Do you…want me to walk you home?” he offers as you pick yourself off the ground.

You shake your head. “I think I’ll stay a while. Someone’s got to keep Becca from making a total fool out of herself,” you say, taking a deep breath to compose yourself and then starting to walk towards the party.

He chuckles. “I’ll stay for a while, too, then. But, uh, Y/N? One more thing.”

“Yeah?” You turn around.

A flash of nerves crosses his face before his hand wraps around your waist, the other one resting in your hair, and he kisses you. It’s soft and sweet and his lips taste better than anything you’ve ever forced yourself not to eat, and it’s Peter and your heart’s never soared this high and you think he might just be the person to fix you.

spidergirlwanab  asked:

hcs of fratboy!tom asking you for help in a tough subject even tho he's good at it bc his past attempts to approach you have failed

  • homeboy here feels like he’s tried everything to get your attention
  • and when you still haven’t made any signs of being into him, or realizing he existed, he tries to think of a more direct approach 
    • even though you did notice the hot brunette in a few of your classes who practically ran the campus from his fraternity 
  • he’d catch you outside of your shared ‘philosophy of law’ class and gently grab you by your arm since you had your headphones in
  • you’d be very confused as to why he wanted to talk to you 
  • “uh, can i help you?” 
  • you tried not to sound rude but were just very curious 
  • “hey, yeah, um, can you u-uh, tutor me?”
  • “wait what?”
  • in all honesty, tom was easily at the top of that class, but no one knew since he barely participated in lectures and often messed around with the other guys in there 
  • he’d clear his throat and mentally kick himself for sounding so awkward 
  • “well you’re just the smartest i-in our class and i think, uh, you’d be a good person to ask so…”
  • you both would realize he was still holding onto your elbow and he’d mutter an apology before dropping it softly 
  • “yeah, i’d love to help out” 
  • and you’d give him a small smile, which sent him into overdrive 
  • “really? sweet-ok yeah cool, uh, my place, tonight?”
  • “totally, here let me give you my number” 
  • internally tom is very !!!!!!!!
  • but on the outside he’s trying to keep a neutral face 
  • after exchanging numbers, it’d be about an hour before tom texted you 
  • “hey :) it’s tom”
  • getting a little giddy when his name popped up
  • flash forward to actually getting to the frat house
  • he’d spent the rest of the day straightening up his room, fixing his hair, and yelling at his frat brothers to stay chill when you got there
  • you’d be welcomed into the house by one of the other boys and led to tom’s room
  • after knocking softly, tom would already be there within two seconds opening the door
  • “hEy, y/n, you look uh, great” 
  • “thanks…i’m still wearing the same outfit..” 
  • he’s already hating himself before it even started
  • setting up on his twin sized bed, but neither of you really complaining about the close proximity to one another 
  • “ok, so do you understand natural law theory?” 
  • “no not all please explain” 
  • he’d ask basic questions, just in order to hear you explain them
  • he loved watching the way you used your hands to talk, how you’d get super into the topic and have your eyebrows slightly furrowed and how you looked at him often for confirmation 
  • while you browsed through the textbook for different concepts to review, you felt his eyes stuck on you
  • he didn’t mean to, but he couldn’t help himself 
  • “is everything ok?”
  • “yeah, you’re just..really, really, pretty…” 
  • these study dates became a natural occurrence 
  • both of you making them a priority 
  • and beginning to sit next to each other in class 
  • one day at the end of class, you were packing up your things and heard the professor pulling tom aside 
  • “congratulations mr. holland, with your grades and scores you’re officially first in the class, not to mention you passed Y/N. keep up the good work” 
  • your eyes going wide and whipping your head up to look at tom who looked flustered and was now locking eyes with you
  • he’d slowly make his way over to you, head slightly dropped 
  • “but…i thought you needed help? and what the hell you took my top spot?” 
  • “honestly, i just needed a chance to talk to you” 
  • “you could’ve done that without taking my ranking, which i now take full credit for” 
  • “sorry, doll, maybe i can tutor you now” 
  • not a lot of tutoring every really happened more during those study dates

frat boy!tom friday 

Sleepovers w/ Jeno
  • our no jam jeno got a request <3<3<3<33<
  • actually, the anon requested “sleeping w jeno” but i love doing these series so ;))) i combinated them
  • ugh, i’m super soft for jeno this is going to be so adorable i can tell
  • but let’s just start this already
  • okay so,,,,
  • this baby boy would probably invite you to the dorms 24/7
  • and today was one of those day actually hehe
  • y’all spend the whole day together, you had a little date outside and the continued it in the dorms
  • and because of all the stuff you did together you were super tired
  • because dates with jeno would be probably idk walks trought the park that always ends up in you bpushing him and then star running for your life
  • because both of you are small kids filled with energy after all <3<3
  • unless when it’s time to sleep, then both of you became babies
  • the thing is that he noticed how sleepy and tired you were
  • so he was like
  • “do wanna sleep here tonight, princess?”
  • and your eyes shined when he proposed this
  • ofc you agreed and then both you called your tutors aka your parents and mark to ask for permission
  • lmao
  • and then both of you started to organize everything
  • both of you changed the bedsheets for new ones and tied the room a little
  • even tho he did most of the things bc you seem so tired that he didn’t want you to even move
  • so he was like
  • and then it hit him
  • “oh, right, do you have your pjs here?”
  • and ofc you didn’t have them because it wasn’t on your plans to have a sleepover any time soon
  • but you didn’t want to make him feel worried about something so silly
  • “well, this outfit is not that uncomfort-”
  • but jeno being the perfect bf he is ofc didn’t allow you that
  • “no, i’ll give you something”
  • “you can sleep with the sweats you’re wearing now but i’ll give you one of my t-shirts”
  • he made sure to choose the softest material and one of the biggest he had because he knows how much you love baggy cloths
  • and both of you were super blushy in that moment fdjkslñ aw
  • and you were like okay!!!! :))) sure!!!! :))) what a pity that i didn’t brought my pjs right???!! :)))
  • but, tbh, he was just as happy as you, specially when he saw you
  • you went to the bathroom so you could chang and wash up while jeno kept organizing
  • and when you came back you were like
  • “oh, did you finish already?”
  • he literally put his hand of his chest as he took like two good seconds to calm himself down
  • you looked adorable whitout makeup and with his t-shirt that looked gigantic on your body
  • my boy wasn’t prepared to see such a cute image, his heart melted and after being able to breath again he showed you the widest smile ever
  • “yeah, lets go to sleep y/n”
  • both of you layed on bed and couldn’t stop giggling and smiling because of how awkward everything was
  • he moved his hand under the bedsheets to grab yours and tried to make the situation more comfortable while talking as he caressed your hand
  • and his soft voice and touches were so relaxing and everytime you were getting more and more sleepy
  • and the more sleepy you are the more clingy you get
  • suddenly you had you arms around his waist and you were comfortably laying your head in his shoulder
  • and you were trying your best to keep you eyes open so your butterfly kisses were making him more cuddly and giggly and aww
  • “y/n, you don’t need to keep awake for me, if you’re tired just sleep”
  • and his words really helped you to sleep
  • that and the little peck he stealed, making you fall asleep with a little smile on your lips
  • but jeno feel asleep like 20 or 30 mins later
  • your presence itself was somehow really distracting to him and he couldn’t think of nothing but how much he loves you
  • you seem so peaceful and angelic while sleeping and he couldn’t help but feel all this butterflies inside his stomach
  • he stealed a few kisses more but you never noticed a few seconds later he would fall in a deep sleep, feeling warm and secure in your arms
  • and when he wakes up because of your kisses and caresses he would have the same stupid smile on his pretty face
  • “oh? i woke you up? i’m sorry”
  • he just felt so happy the whole time, even once you came back home he couldn’t stop daydreaming about you
  • the other dreamies were disturbed, lmao
  • okay and the end
  • i’ll go to sleep myself now
  • and alone because i don’t have this kind here to make me company <l3
  • lmao, bye
lee daehwi first meeting! AU

summary: in which you are somi’s best friend and you find out that she has a hidden twin brother who you are a fan of 

length: 1.3k

a/n: HIHI so i decided to start a new series which is gonna be a sweet and short one called first meeting! AU with the wanna one members. since it’s really only going to cover your first meeting with the particular member, it’s up to you whether you want to interpret it as romantically or platonic friendship, maybe if the context suits and i get enough requests i could do a part 2 for some in the future? we’ll see but i will be prioritising getting each member done first. but anyways i hope you guys enjoy this first one of my precious baby lee daehwi and look forward to the rest of the members :) 

Originally posted by hitoritabi

  • so you’re in high school 
  • and ever since high school started you became best friends with a girl called somi 
  • you guys had different personalities, you were more on the shy side and she was more outgoing 
  • but somehow you guys clicked and found that you guys had a lot of things to talk about and common interests 
  • also during this time produce 101 is airing and you’re absolutely addicted to the show 
  • and lee daehwi, the first centre literally swooped you off your feet 
  • he was no doubt your bias and you’d been voting for him like crazy everyday 
  • and ofc since somi was your best friend you’d always rant about how cute and talented lee daehwi was and somi would just sigh and roll her eyes sometimes 
  • well one day at school your class is given a project to be completed in pairs and obviously you and somi are a pair 
  • usually you two would complete your work at the library but since the weather was really horrible 
  • you guys decided to head to your place over the weekend 
  • and you guys do that except you dont get the work done 
  • so you guys decide to go to somi’s place sometime after school next week to finish it 
  • and tbh you’ve been very curious about where somi lives
  • even though you guys are best friends you guys always met either in public or at your place
  • you were just super curious as to what her house was like and why she was lowkey secretive about where she lived
  • so the day before going to somi’s place
  • you guys are having lunch at school and somi is suddenly like: “oh y/n when you come tomorrow, my twin brother will most likely be home visiting” 
  • and u r like
  • “WAIT HANG ON A SECNOD U HAVE A TWIN BROTHER?? SINCE WHEN???” you semi yell when you stand up from your seat 
  • you are surprised and shocked bc ur friend has a twin brother and she never told you 
  • “ssHHHHH be quiet” says somi gesturing you to sit back down 
  • and so you do and say
  • “how come you didnt tell me somi?” while pouting 
  • “well…i guess you never asked whether i had siblings or not” replies somi nervously 
  • “hmm yeah fair enough, well what its like having a twin brother? what’s he like” you ask excitedly
  • you’d  never met anyone that had a twin before and u suddenly find out that your best friend in fact has a twin brother which makes you feel kinda weird and excited 
  • “it’s alright, we’re just like any other sibling pair, he can be slightly annoying sometimes but he’s a good brother overall. i miss him” replies somi looking down 
  • “ohhhhh where is he? does he go to high school here?” you asked wondering if somi’s twin was actually at your school and completely hidden from u 
  • “no he doesn’t”
  • “where does he go then? and what’s his name? what does he look like?” you asked bombarding somi with questions as you were super curious now
  • since somi was one of the prettiest girls in the school you were lowkey thinking maybe somi’s twin is really hot HAHA
  • “i actually can’t say his name but he’s really ugly” says somi laughing
  • “why not????” you ask somi, “is he a spy or something?? with a hidden identity???” 
  • somi shook her head laughing at you as you continued to pester her about her twin 
  • “you’ll see tomorrow when you come over” says somi “i think things might change when you see who it is” as she sighs
  • now you were C U R I O U S as to why somi kept it so secret 
  • and for some odd reason, who somi’s twin brother was was all you thought about for the rest of the day 
  • your thoughts went wild as you thought, what if he’s actually a spy? or illegal? a criminal? someone dangerous? what if he’s the youngest ceo in our country?
  • and for some seriously odd reason you were excited to meet somi’s twin brother 
  • the next day you head to somi’s house with the address typed in google maps 
  • you rang the doorbell and somi opened the door
  • as you stepped in you saw how the house wasn’t too big nor was it too small it was quite spacious and clean and very cozy 
  • you saw some baby pictures placed up on a shelf of somi and her twin; you recognised somi easily and the twin brother was really cute too 
  • you guys take a seat on the big couch and start working on the project when suddenly you hear footsteps come down the stairs 
  • you were super focused on your work tbh so you didn’t look up 
  • until a voice says 
  • “hey sis is this your friend that always talks about me?” 
  • and the voice is SO FAMILIAR 
  • and you’re suddenly afraid to look up 
  • you do recognise that voice but no way it just couldn’t be 
  • silence 
  • “yep it is” says somi, “look at the state she is in now” 
  • your entire body was frozen and wouldn’t react and you were looking at the ground
  • “she’s so cute like that” says the voice
  • you feel your cheeks go bright red and your heart suddenly beating extraordinarily fast 
  • you close your eyes and tell yourself you are dreaming 
  • you take a deep breath and look up 
  • and you are met with a pair of the most gorgeous eyes you have ever seen; one eye was monolid and the other was double lidded but honestly that was what was attractive about him 
  • it was truly lee daehwi lmao sorry i made it so so dramatic haha
  • he was smiling down at your with the sweetest and cutest smile 
  • “hello y/n! it’s nice to finally meet you!” says daehwi cheerfully 
  • “u-h-h hello– daehwi-ssi” you stutter nervously as you die internally 
  • daehwi laughed and his laughter was like a beautiful melody
  • “no need to be formal y/n, we’re the same age! you don’t look great right now, i’ll grab a glass of water for you” says daehwi as he heads to the kitchen 
  • when he’s gone you turn to somi straight away 
  • “DUDE WHY DIDNT U TELL ME DAEHWI WAS UR BROTHER?? i wouldn’t have fangirled over him to you and its sooooo embarrassing” 
  • “chill y/n it was actually pretty funny, you totally have a crush on my twin, look at ur face” says somi laughing 
  • “sTOP omg this is all ur fault im so embarrassed, i embarrassed myself in front of my bias” you say as your bury your face in your hands
  • “seriously y/n this is your chance to talk to him and i don’t usually say this about that idiot but he’s actually a very nice guy, so don’t be nervous anymore” 
  • you take deep breaths and try to collect yourself before daehwi comes back 
  • when he does you’re much calmer even though you still feel like you are living in a dream 
  • “here’s your water” says daehwi as he hands over the glass of water
  • both your finger trips lightly made contact and you felt your heart racing again 
  • “thanks daehwi” you say giving him a shy smile 
  • he asks what the project is about and starts helping you guys and in no time you guys are done 
  • and daehwi is super friendly and outgoing so in no time you get really comfortable around him
  • and realise that HES JUST A REALLY NICE AND KIND HUMAN like any human and not some “far unreachable star that’s like a god” 
  • you find out he has cute habits and loves cleaning and fashion and wants to make people happier through his music
  • you guys talk for the next two hours getting to know each other and you tell him that you’ll continue to support him on produce 101 and he’s super thankful 
  • at this rate somi had literally fallen asleep and is taking a nap on the sofa 
  • he opens up about how it’s hard to meet people’s expectations and that he doesn’t want to disappoint others and you guys have really deep conversations 
  • and in no time it’s already dark outside 
  • and daehwi even offers to walk you to the bus stop 
  • and he puts on a black hoodie with the hood up just in case ppl recognise him anyone watching school 2017 bc i love x’s outfit hehe
  • you guys reach the bus stop
  • “y/n it was nice meeting you and i was able to get my mind off things thanks to you” 
  • “no worries daehwi, i’m so glad to have met you and you’re just as wonderful and kind as i’d imagined you to be” you reply cringing at your own cheesiness
  • daehwi laughs again as he ruffles your hair “you’re so kind too” 
  • “anyways y/n will you do me a favour and not tell anyone that i am somi’s twin? i dont want things to get hard for her if people know about our sibling relationship” 
  • you swoon, he was even so nice to his sister 
  • you nod “of course”
  • the bus comes and you guys wave goodbye 
  • you couldn’t believe that you met daehwi and got so close to him 
  • he was so nice and down to earth 
  • you lowkey wondered if you’d ever be able to see him again since he was already famous and busy with filming 
  • you convinced yourself that he was probably this nice to everyone and you were really lucky because you were his sister’s best friend 
  • suddenly your phone buzzed and you received a message from an unknown number 
  • “hello y/n, it’s daehwi - i got your number from somi. that’s okay right? next week i’ll be back in town again, so do you wanna hang out? just the two of us this time ;)”

efgqkejfhfjhjf i hope you guys liked this?? i have no idea what the response is gonna be like and lmao i made somi and daehwi twins bc they could totally be siblings :) i realised i probably rant too much lmaooo so let me know what you guys think as i’m always open to feedback and thoughts about my work :) please also look forward to my next one in this series! 

i remember really liking the couple shots in wonder woman where she climbs up the stairs and they have The Outfit Reveal and that Stuck with me and i wasn’t sure entirely why because it’s simple really, there’s closeups on the shield and her bracers and boots as she climbs the ladder and we don’t see her at all until shes standing up and i just?? why is this so cool to me

then i realized that there’s no “sexy pan-up”

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star blossom - lai guanlin


▹ word count: 1523 words
▹ summary: lai guanlin, your biggest fan, just landed an internship at your entertainment company, and you hate to admit it, but he’s kind of cute… filling this request for (reverse) idol!guanlin.

  • this is sort of based off of the sm station song but not really
  • okay so in this au, you are the idol and guanlin is your fan!!!
  • you’re a member of a well known girl group
  • and you are managed by sm entertainment
  • which… well, you know how it goes

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anonymous asked:

Hi! Can I request a thug/gang Jung Taekwoon AU? Thank you 💓

here u go angel!!! hope this is ok!!! i also incorporated @mamamochi‘s req for secret flowers, it is a really small part of this but i hope that’s alright! 🌸💐🌹🌺🌷


  • taekwoon is the right hand man in the gang, but honestly he’s even more scary than the leader hakyeon. because at least hakyeon smiles……….. taekwoon does not smile. ever. at least not in public
  • when the gang started out it was really about money because they needed money but once it picked up taekwoon kinda fell into the role and became a lot stonier whereas hakyeon and jaehwan (the other main man) stayed mostly the same
  • he’s only ever seen wearing black and usually wears a white face mask and has dark circles from not sleeping well everyone (who isn’t vixx) in the gang is petrified of him, it’s been said that once a rival gang member heard the name “jung taekwoon” and that was all it took to get info out of them
  • hyuk is still sort of scared of him. he pretends that he’s over it but one time taekwoon tapped hyuk’s shoulder and he shrieked
  • his role in the gang is a lot of planning w/ hakyeon but he’s also really strong and tall and yknow terrifying so he’s been known to interrogate rivals and also sometimes do some physical damage to them
  • but you don’t know any of this!!! you only know the jung taekwoon who comes into your bakery with his niece and sister once every couple of weeks
  • because taekwoon may be a big scary gang member but he loves his family and he especially loves his little niece minyul, so he and his sister and niece spend a lot of time together and it just so happens that you run a bakery right by his sister’s apartment and minyul loves it
  • and he doesn’t talk to you other than ordering their food but you’ve sort of been entranced by this mysterious man since he first came in
  • because at first….. he looks scary, in his steel toed boots and heavy black wool coat and dark eyes, but when he talks to minyul (you know her and her mom because they’re regulars) his face gets soft and it’s like his whole persona shifts
  • and you can’t help but think that it would be nice to be on the receiving end of that sweet stare, plus it doesn’t help that he’s so handsome and has such a nice voice and carries himself like a prince
  • you feel silly, but whenever he comes in your heart picks up a little….. you tell yourself that it’s not like he knows so who cares
  • but he knows!!! because he has to notice when people are staring at him he can’t miss that sort of thing, it might get him killed
  • at first taekwoon is pretty sure that you’re a rival spy and are undercover to kill him because why else would you be staring like that??? but when he tells hakyeon about it hakyeon is like, “idk why they must be crazy but it sounds like they think you’re cute”
  • taekwoon is like: sounds fake but ok

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prince jungkook

Originally posted by jengkook

  • okay everyone i have requests piling on up but good old clinical mental health problems™ are kind of yikes
  • but royalty au is my FAVORITE you have no idea like it’s my fave au besides ouran but like au ohdaibljarh i love it
  • jungkook is leo lmao jk
  • so this kingdom is going to be a total rip off of nohr because i love my emo son leo and his dumb retainers
  • jungkook is the baby of his family, the youngest lil prince in the castle
  • he’s kind of spoiled rotten honestly because his older brothers absolutely adore him, and they shower him in more attention than he knows what to do with
  • like he could bat an eyelash and hoseok would be at his side, asking if he needed anything
  • whenever he wants to practice his sparring, yoongi immediately stops whatever they’re doing to help with bow and arrow practice or sword skills
  • jimin ALWAYS sneaks him pastries and buns from the kitchen
  • speaking of which pineapple buns?? ten out of ten would recommend
  • and while the princes are beautiful and kind and soft the kingdom itself is not
  • it’s a dark kingdom, a rainy kingdom, where the sun rarely seems to shine
  • the main focus of the kingdom is agriculture, even though that’s always a bust because of the terrible climate
  • they really make more money through weapon sales and trade all that good stuff
  • even though the kingdom is kind of tight on money yikes
  • but it’s not like falling to shambles, not at all
  • the king runs a very tight schedule, and things are very organized, very controlled, very well run
  • yoongi is next in line for the throne, but the king totally favors jungkook and low key tries to give him more power than the other princes
  • but jungkook doesn’t want that!! he just wants to chill with all his brothers and have a good time!!
  • okay let’s get on with the story because i had a quality idea and boy howdy i sure forget things fast
  • alright, so the princes are making one of their daily visits to the town
  • but disguised, because things are no fun when everyone is bowing and trying to kiss your feet
  • cliche— but i love it— they have the really large cloaks and they just keep the cowls up because that would totally work
  • lol it does in this scenario
  • they love to look at the local produce, drink cheap ale at the local tavern, play tag with the local kids, and just interact with their people
  • not something the king does everyday lmao
  • today, it’s rather cold, and jungkook can see that winter is coming by the way frost crawls up the trunks of trees, the way the birds have already started flying south, the way more and more shops close their doors to ward off the wintery winds
  • the boys still like to visit around town though
  • jungkook especially loves seeing the transformed landscape
  • as the youngest prince, he’s usually cooped up indoors, listening to his tutor drone on about the influence of naval power upon the world, or balancing books on his head to maintain great posture or some other bs
  • so he loves being outside to see the pond freeze over, or the dirt start to be painted white due to the little snowflakes
  • he doesn’t like seeing so many people so worried about their futures though
  • like i said, poorer kingdom, so most of the people suffer through the cold months with one blanket for a family of five, and half a loaf of bread amongst them
  • jungkook always tries to give people money, but yoongi tells him that’s only temporary aid and he will make changes once he’s in power
  • that doesn’t ease the hurt in jungkook’s heart though
  • anyway they’re in town right, and the middle two boys have gone off to god knows where, leaving yoongi and jungkook to themselves
  • they’re in the middle of town, strolling amongst the various vendors, examining all the goods made available to them
  • out of the corner of his eye, he watches someone dart towards the bakers cart
  • there’s a loud crash and jungkook spins around to see you on the ground, loaf of bread tucked under your arm
  • someone starts shouting and you push yourself off the ground, trying to desperately run for your life
  • a few soldiers start chasing after you and you’re running fast, so fast, you don’t pay attention to your surroundings and completely slam into jungkook, causing you to once again fall on your butt
  • one of the soldiers grabs your a and yanks you to your feet
  • “common filth like you ought to spend the rest of your days in prison, rotting away until the rats-”
  • “that’s enough.” jungkook snaps
  • “and who are you to tell me what to do?” the guard laughs
  • jungkook throws off his hood and the guards immediately fall to their knees, begging mercy
  • jungkook gives you a soft smile, then devotes his attention to the guards
  • “how DARE you touch my servant like that.”
  • “your highness, you must be mistaken, this is a common criminal-”
  • “no, they are my servant, chosen by me to trust the security of this place. you know our enemies could attack whenever and wherever, and i need you to be on your best watch. clearly, you passed my simple test, and you shall be rewarded for it.” jungkook says, haughty tone to his voice.
  • he pulls a few coins from his change purse and tosses them to the baker
  • yoongi watches on silently, thinking of all the various ways he’s going to beat jungkook’s insolent little ass tonight
  • you’re shaking, badly, and you can’t believe you were just saved by one of the princes, let alone the cutest one
  • jungkook turns on his heel to leave, and you’re like oh gods i need to thank him–
  • he turns his head “why are you just standing there? no servant of mine should be wasting time, gaping like a complete idiot.”
  • yoongi: boy what the f u c k
  • and that’s where you find yourself later that evening, standing in jungkook’s room, freshly washed up and dressed in an outfit finer than anything you’ve seen, let alone worn in your entire life
  • “i’ve never had a servant close to my age.” jungkook is sitting on the edge of his bed, kicking his legs back and forth. “this will be fun i think. you’re bound to be infinitely better than the boring old ladies that watch over me.”
  • you’re too frightened to speak, so you stand there silently, shoulders tensed, eyes wide, hands clasped in front of you, trying to look anywhere but jungkook
  • “well come on, aren’t you going to tell me your name?”
  • and so you do, sheepishly, so quiet that jungkook has to ask again
  • he nods when he finally hears you and then he kinda gets silent because yes he’s the prince but he’s kind of shy when it actually comes down to talking to people close to him in age
  • he starts kicking his legs again and then he gives you a quick look over
  • “well i guess i’ll have to find someone to train you…” he says with a sigh
  • and you’re like excuse me what you’re the one who picked me off the street honey
  • but you can’t actually say that to him because like that shiz could get you beheaded or something and that is not what you need in life oh no
  • so you just kind of follow behind silently as he leads you off to where all the royal butlers and maids hang out and do their training mm hmmm
  • and when jungkook leads you in everyone is like ooh what’s up with the prince ooh look at the lil cutie he’s brought in
  • and they’re all like old so they can tease him like that because they practically raised this boy??
  • jungkook gets all red and he starts to stammer how it’s not like that and how he just wanted someone closer in age to serve him
  • and he just is like gotta blast sorry everyone
  • and so he leaves right away, not even giving you a good bye
  • you blink and all the servants swarm you, asking how you got jungkook to fall in love with you so quickly and you’re like in love what does that meaN
  • after all their inspecting and gossip about you, they actually get down to business about what you gotta do for jungkook as his new personal maid/butler
  • it seems simple
  • you have to accompany him to all his meetings, whether they be negotiations, tutoring lessons, or even dinner
  • you’re supposed to stay back and be like a shadow, just keeping an eye in case the dearest prince should ever need something
  • you also have to serve him tea in the afternoons, or at least, know how to
  • you need to help him dress in the morning and at first you’re like red in the face, sweating nervously, stuttering because what???
  • but the servants tell you that this job is only for really formal occasions, like when foreign princes and princesses come to visit and jungkook is too impatient to figure out how to wear his sash smh
  • basically you have to attend to his every need and you’re like great, i cannot wait, i’m ecstatic
  • or maybe, every time you touch, you feel the static (w/jungkook) and that’s why you’re so excited mm hmm
  • rijijaijajirt anyway
  • you’re super nervous especially since you just came off the streets, literally, like you have no social status or skills or ability to actually serve jungkook well
  • you’re like i will be beheaded within five days
  • you get the rundown on the whole thing, the whole job thing
  • and then the servants take you down to the servants’ quarters so you can set up a bed and sleep early so you’re well rested for the big day tomorrow
  • you set up a little spot in the corner of your room, and you’re like alright, i just need to sleep and maybe i’ll realize this is all a dream
  • nah fam
  • it’s not
  • because in burst jungkook, forlorn and confused look on his face
  • the servants are all rushing to bow and like ask what the deal is because royalty are so above entering the servants’ quarters (save hoseok who likes to come down every morning and say hi)
  • and jungkook points at you all accusing “aren’t you coming back? it’s been like three hours, you’re supposed to be back”
  • you look around at all the servants because “y’all just said i could sleep”
  • but they shrug and start to shoot each other looks and you realize that it’s ‘me against the world’
  • wow getting all the iconic songs in here tonight
  • you try to hide yourself in the corner but jungkook has obviously spotted you and he gives you this look
  • “i need your assistance, isn’t that your job? to assist me?”
  • you inwardly groan but give a nod of the head because this boy did save your life, you kinda owe him big time
  • “come on then!”
  • jungkook turns on his heel and you follow close behind, the other servants giving you winks and grins as you walk by
  • jungkook takes you back to his room and you’re like what it is late and i am tired and-
  • he just plops down on his bed and crosses his legs criss cross apple sauce and smiles all cute and you feel your heart start to stir at the innocence of him
  • “i want you to read to me.”
  • “you what now.”
  • “are you questioning me?”
  • “i mean, of course. which book your highness?”
  • jungkook points to one over on his night stand and you pick it up and inwardly stab yourself because it’s a history book about famous battles of lost kingdoms
  • jungkook looks so excited though and his eyes light up and you’re like oh my god fine…
  • you don’t know where to stand though and you kind of stand there awkwardly and open the book but it feels like you’re preaching to him or something
  • jungkook rolls his eyes and scoots over on the huge canopy bed and pats the now empty space beside him
  • “when i was little, my brothers would always read to me. yoongi was the worst. he always spoke all monotone and he would tell me horror stories and i would cry and then jimin would have to calm me down. yoongi is mean.”
  • when you don’t take the seat, he turns his head “i command you sit next to me.”
  • so you take a reluctant seat beside him with the heavy book still in your arms, doing your best not to look over at jungkook because you know that it’s wrong to look royalty in the eye let alone touch them
  • or like, idk, sit on their bed
  • while they are also sitting on the said bed
  • “hoseok was the best at reading. whenever he would read me fairy tales, he would change voices for all the characters!! he would always make them so exciting and give everything a happy ending…”
  • “so you have three brothers then?” you ask slowly, knowing that you’re not supposed to address jungkook so… familiarly
  • “three. i’m the baby. me and hoseok have the same mom, so maybe that’s why he likes me the most.” jungkook turns to face you. “but yoongi is the only son of the actual queen. so he’s the one who’s next in line obviously. he’s the one who was out with me! he likes me a lot too. jimin likes me too.”
  • “everyone likes you it seems.”
  • “i hope so.”
  • you two fall silent but it’s not really uncomfortable, just wary, because you two are in very distinct and separate roles that should never ever be more than a prince and servant, like they shouldn’t ever grow beyond that
  • but jungkook seems so… genuine? he saved your life and he treats you like an equal already, going as far to talk to you so openly about his family and everything? amazing, what a hero
  • anyway monsta x hero japanese version actually flows very nicely and you can tell they put a lot in time into making the japanese work with the music and beat so check it out my dudes
  • also anyone trying to go their concert…
  • okay anyway you start reading and it’s the most boring and dry thing you have ever read in your entire freaking life and you just wanna fall asleep but jungkook seems pretty fascinated so you keep going for his sake
  • it’s really pretty bad like you have no idea what pineapples have to do with warfare but they’re a pretty key role in this book
  • jungkook is practically leaning on your shoulder now because he wants to see all twenty seven of the pictures and he’s so excited by them
  • “it’s because, since i won’t have to get married because our kingdom pisses everyone off, i’ll probably be commander of the army or something. when yoongi steps down i mean. because he’s the one who has to be married, because he’s the only non-bastard son, ya know?”
  • you glance over at him “but aren’t you scared?”
  • “no. i live on adrenaline.”
  • and as you serve jungkook more and more you find that to be true
  • jungkook does whatever he wants whenever he wants
  • like one day you’re bringing him the afternoon tea and he’s busy messing around with his loyal doggy that you have to be like “yO YOUR HIGHNESS”
  • “you can just call me jungkook you know”
  • he’s bored and wants someone to spar? well it’s time to hop on yoongi’s bed and smash him until he can’t breathe
  • it’s cold in the castle? time to go and steal all of hoseok’s clothes? (which often end up having to be mended because hoseok is so thin and jungkook is so muscular that… rip (get it because he’s ripped, and the clothes rip…)
  • where did all of jimin’s dessert pastries go? oh wait they’re stuffed in jungkook’s cheeks
  • most of your days are spent trying to keep jungkook out of trouble rather than actually helping him do anything
  • jungkook doesn’t do it to be mischievous or anything, it’s mostly because he wants the attention of his older brothers who are all suddenly too busy to pay much attention to him anymore
  • he doesn’t actually say that but you can tell
  • he keeps interrupting literally anything they do and yes they love jungkook but it’s hard to work when he’s disrupting everything
  • jungkook ends up being such a disturbance that he ends up in solitary confinement
  • seriously
  • the king has done had it with jungkook, which is rare, and he tells him he needs to stay in his room until he learns how to behave
  • jungkook whines and complains but then he figures out you’re basically trapped with him so he’s pretty okay
  • “chess?’ is the first thing he suggests
  • “is the purpose to get rid of the king?”
  • and instead of screaming nOOoOOoooOOooooooOOOoo like casey, the resident asshole of my math class, he offers to teach you how to play since you two have like all the time in the world
  • all the time in the world being until dinner later that evening
  • you two sit down in the spacious room and he sets up the chess board
  • the pieces are glass, and they’re so intricate and beautifully carved and you’re so scared that you might break them or something but jungkook reassures you that everything will be okay and that they would want to be used
  • he tosses you your queen or king and with a wink goes “wow look the chess piece that represents you”
  • “wow, did jimin teach you that one?”
  • “yoongi actually”
  • “wow, impressive”
  • you can’t help but blush as you set up your pieces though
  • you still have no idea how to play though, and you sit there kind of dumbly as jungkook poises, ready to move his first piece
  • “oh, how could i forget?”
  • he starts going over all the pieces, and how many spaces they can move and how, and how the game actually works and i’m not actually sure because nobody would answer me in math today smh
  • but then
  • then he grabs your hand and delicately guides your fingers to move your first piece and now your heart is racing and your face must be red as the draping over his bed but you try to keep it cook because servants can’t just up and fall in love with their princes, that’s not allowed
  • oops too late i guess…
  • jungkook is bad at chess because he’s impatient and he doesn’t really like to take much time planning his moves
  • which is okay in your book because he likes it’s cute to see him get worked up and puff his cheeks out when you take out one of his pieces
  • i have the ap language exam tomorrow wait a second
  • he complains and whines and tells you that you’re cheating by distracting him but he just doesn’t like to lose
  • but he wants you to win because your eyes light up and you get all smiley when you take another one of his pieces and wow he is in love
  • he is in like, love is a big commitment and hoseok already warned him that their father would be furious if jungkook fell for you, even if he is the favorite son
  • jungkook told hoseok that nothing like that would ever happen but lol here we are my dudes, here we are
  • after you crush jungkook in chess, he decides that the next best thing to do to win his honor back is play you in dice
  • which he also loses at because he likes seeing your smile too much and his honor is something he’s willing to sacrifice if you’re happy in the end
  • “i’m so sad that i lost, maybe you should make it up to me.” jungkook pouts, flinging himself onto his bed dramatically soon afterward
  • “well what did you have in mind?”
  • “tell me a story.”
  • so you walk over to his bookcase, the one full of tales of old, and reach out to grab the history of war for what has to be the millionth time
  • but jungkook stops you with a soft, “no, from your head.”
  • like so many times before he pats the empty seat beside him, and you take your seat, snuggling you back up to the fluffy pillows
  • you take a deep breath and begin
  • “there once was a prince in a far away kingdom, with dragons and warlocks and pegauss knights. he was youthful and bright, with eyes like a deer and the curiosity of one too. he had the sweetest smile and the chubbiest cheeks and his nose was too big for his face, but in an endearing, adorable sort of way. the prince was adored by everyone, from his father, to his brothers, to the townspeople. everyone had heard of his skill with a sword, his knowledge of the worlds around him, but mostly his kindness that stretched even to the most lowly of people.”
  • you expect jungkook to say something saucy in remark but he listens with rapt attention, his gaze focused on you and you alone
  • “the prince loved everyone, but he couldn’t seem to ever find it in his heart to believe in himself.”
  • you know this to be true about jungkook
  • you’ve watched him spend countless hours sparring, and then beating himself up about messing up one move out of seven million, then pick his sword back up to practice once again
  • you see him as he preens and preps to dress more like yoongi, to walk more like hoseok, to converse more like jimin in the most subtle ways possible
  • he constantly finds things about himself to pick apart, and it breaks your heart
  • “the prince was always so busy caring for others, that he forgot to care for himself.”
  • jungkook rests his head on your shoulder and inhales slowly
  • you take a deep breath
  • you close your eyes
  • and then you take your hand in his, intertwining your fingers
  • jungkook gives your hand a tight squeeze
  • the story continues, and then the story soon ends, though jungkook has fallen asleep on your shoulder and will not hear of how the prince and his ever loyal servant end up with the happiest of endings
  • “and they lived happily ever after.” you whisper, leaning down and kissing the top of his head
  • you don’t remember drifting off but you sure as heck do, because the next thing you hear is hoseok’s shrieking
  • like shrieking as in he probably get stabbed and the castle is under attack
  • you go to get up but there is an arm around your torso and a face buried in your back and you’re finally piecing everything together
  • “jungkook, you gotta let go-”
  • another horrified shriek from hoseok
  • “i mean your highness——”
  • hoseok runs over to the two of you and shakes jungkook awake
  • “hurry up, if you two are in love which by the looks of it, you are, there’s only a limited amount of time that i can marry you before father finds out. i may not be ordained, but i could bullshit my way through it”
  • jungkook pushes himself up groggily and stares down at you because what are you doing here??
  • oh wait a second
  • hoseok is pulling at both of your arms but it’s too late, in walks the king, with jimin and yoongi pulling at his arms to try and stop him
  • the king stares at the scene, at hoseok trying to block to you, at jungkook yawning with his arm still around your waist, at your absolutely horrified face
  • “jungkook”
  • “father no, wait-”
  • “this isn’t your battle to fight hoseok, now leave”
  • “father, pl-”
  • “i said LEAVE”
  • the other three princes scurry out and now it’s just you, jungkook, and the king
  • he’s an intimidating man, muscular as jungkook, but with a hard face and sharp features
  • you and jungkook rush to stand up and bow, you avoiding his gaze at all costs
  • the king walks over and commands you both to stand
  • you’re trembling now and jungkook holds onto your hand in an attempt to somehow reassure you, but it’s not happening because you feel like you’re about to break down in tears now
  • the king won’t say anything and it seems like time has frozen completely
  • but then he pulls jungkook into his arms and hugs him tightly
  • you’re both in shock to say the least
  • the king hugs jungkook tighter “my precious son, how you’ve grown”
  • and then the king pulls you into his arms and now it’s a family hug and you’re wondering why this is happening and how he is okay with this but then you remember that jungkook’s mother was a maid
  • and suddenly things are starting to make more sense
  • “father, i… i love them”
  • “as i’ve noticed my boy.”
  • jungkook nods and you can see the tears in his eyes, and you can see the tears in his father’s eyes
  • “i remember when you were first born… you were so small, so helpless… now look at you, pulling the same tricks i did when i first met your mother.”
  • he ruffles jungkook’s hair and now all of you are laughing softly, at ease at the way the situation played out
  • hoseok pokes his head in the door “so when’s the wedding?”
  • yes, there is a wedding
  • a grand and beautiful wedding to which the entire kingdom is invited to attend
  • complete with thousands and thousands of flowers
  • with a giant cake that jimin keeps trying to swipe icing off of
  • with hoseok sobbing his eyes out and continually trying to pull jungkook into a tight and bone-crushing hug
  • with yoongi being the one who volunteers to walk you down the aisle
  • and yes, jungkook is too impatient to figure out just how to put his suit on correctly, sash and all
  • your hands are shaking as you fix the crown atop his head
  • and your hands are shaking hours later when he slips the silver band onto your finger
  • and yes, they are still shaking when you cup his face in your hands and lean in for your first kiss with the boy you are going to spend the rest of your life with