i just take a look at what people are laughing at this movie

1D as people I’ve sold tickets to at my movie theater job

Harry Styles: good looking guy who comes up with his equally good looking girlfriend. stares up at the movie times and cant decide what they want. without taking his eyes off the board, he grabs his girlfriend’s hand and makes her start rubbing his belly. his girlfriend also just continues to stare up at the board, unfazed, as if it’s totally normal in their relationship to rub his belly. they buy tickets to a rom com.

Liam Payne: tries to make me, the cashier, laugh at his bad jokes. comes up with his wife. you can tell they have kids, but they must be with grandma and grandpa that night— theyre having a date night. so pure. when he asks for two tickets he says “one adult, one child..” and winks and nudges his wife who also laughs. when he looks at me, I give him a pity laugh (after already having heard that joke 3 times that night, alone) when I tell him how much it is, he grabs his chest and says “HOOO you are an expensive date!” and giggles with his wife, walking into the latest superhero movie.

Louis Tomlinson: the 13 year old who goes to the movie theater on Friday night with the other middle schoolers, stands outside and shares a single drink between three guys and one girl. comes up to my window and looks at my name tag and calls me, a 24 year old stranger, by my first name. turns around to giggle with his little friends at the joke. buys a ticket to Florence Foster Jenkins, but goes into Sausage Party. gets kicked out.

Niall Horan: teenager who cockily tries to climb over the ropes in the queuing area. his foot catches and he falls, landing hard on his shoulder and right side of his face, and to add insult to injury, his pants even slide down. he lays on the ground for a bit…just….letting it happen because it might as well. his friends laugh at him. he stands and pulls up his pants looking around to see everyone else staring too. he laughs the loudest walking up to the window in order to drown out the screaming i can see in his eyes.

I’m not the kind of person who’s really very good at forming her own opinions on things. It takes me a while to kind of ponder and crystallize how I feel about most topics, and pretty much everything winds up having elements where it looks different from different angles, so I never have like, A Solid Feeling I Always Feel About This Thing.

(I used to worry about it a lot, when I was a kid. There are still some songs/bands/albums I listen to and remember my deep anxiety: how could I tell if this was Good? Other people seemed to always know– that music’s shit and we’ll laugh at you, this music’s Great but only right now, that music there is Classic and no matter what will always be Good. How do you know which is which.)

Anyway. So, I don’t really have An Opinion Of My Own about Rogue One.

What I do have, after reading many reviews, is an interesting observation to make:

Every person of color I’ve read a review from loved it. I don’t know that my sample is representative, but for so many people, it fulfilled such a deep-seated need inside them that, several reviewers independently said, they hadn’t realized they still had, to see someone who looked like them in this context. And that’s incredibly touching, to me. I know I cried to see a lady pilot among the 70s-moustached dudes! My only tears of the movie. So I get that, I do, and I’m so excited for it.

The critical reviews I’ve read have mostly not been from people of color. And they’ve made excellent points– how terrible is it, for one, that the only way the powers that be could see their way to putting so many men of color into a Star Wars film was to kill them all in the end? The hope, and eventual success, of the Rebellion is literally built on the ashes and bones of women and people of color, who were expressly not included in the glorious success at the end of the original trilogy.

(And also: where are the women of color. Where are the women, period. What the fuck, racists and misogynists were already going to protest your movie; you could have done whatever you wanted at this point, so why was this all you wanted??)

I feel like the critical points are good to make. And I feel like that’s maybe who should be making them. Sure, there are valid points to be argued about structural or thematic weaknesses, sure there are still complaints to be made. But. 

If you got to have representation for the first time in this movie, you should feel free to enjoy it uncritically. 


Requested Imagine: peter REALLY awkwardly asking you out to prom. Anonymous

You’re not really sure why Tony Stark has just parked in a limousine outside, but you’ve learned not to question these people. A couple of months ago Peter introduced you to the Avengers and they always do weird things. From time to time those weird things includes you. 

“Where are we going?” you ask closing the door to the car. He looks at you before laughing. 

“Don’t even ask,” he says. It doesn’t take long before you reach your destination. When you step out of the car you’re at an airport. You look around trying to figure out what you’re doing here. 

“Behold, I have something to declare!” someone yells and you notice Peter on the top of the building in his Spiderman suit. You already know this is going to end horrible. He swings his way down but what he fails to notice is the truck driving out. He slams right in to it and falls right down. 

“It’s okay. I’m okay,” he says standing up right before one of those small planes hits him as it drives into the hangar. 

“Okay, I think we’re done,” Tony says leading you back to the car. While you’re worried about Peter, you can’t help but laugh. He’s always been such an awkward kid and you have no idea what he was trying to do with all this. 

“Mr. Stark, wait. I’m not done, I’m not,” he yells after us trying to get up but he falls down again. “Okay, I’m done. I’m done.” You get in the car and soon enough Tony throws Peter inside with you as well. 

“What the hell was that about?” The thing is you’ve learned not to worry too much about Peter, because his body is so strong. So you’re mostly laughing at this. 

“I wanted to ask you something,” Peter says taking his mask off. You raise an eyebrow and smirk at him. 

“Really? I never would’ve guessed,” you reply causing the both of you to laugh. He takes your hand in his and looks you in the eyes. 

“Will you go to prom with me?” he asks and you realise he was doing all of this to make it special. Your heart literally melts, because even though it failed, he tried and it’s the sweetest thing any guy has ever done for you. 

“Of course I will.”


I hate when people say “everyone is beautiful.”

Because its a crock of shit. Everyone is NOT considered beautiful and people seems to think that phrase is a magical band-aid that takes away years of bullying, insecurity, crying, and constantly being exposed to and compared to a very specific standard of beauty not everyone can, will, or should achieve. 

Its such an annoying thing to hear. You’re gonna tell this stranger that “everyone is beautiful :B” meanwhile everyone is sharing memes and having a good laugh at people who look JUST like they do? As if they dont wake up everyday and see magazines, commercials, TV shows, movies, videos, billboards, ads, books, video games, and even  HASHTAGS showing them that no- everyone is not considered beautiful.

What you need to do is start telling that to your friends and family and co-workers next time they say some ignorant shit about how somebody else looks. 

Everyone might have something beautiful about them, but no- not “Everyone” will be considered beautiful. 

Peace & Blessings.