i just suddenly remember this vid

Me thinking about AC3 and Connor: hehehehe yeah….

*Suddenly remembers that one video Epic Meal Time did to celebrate him and the game*


*I just remembered the channel and the vid so I thought you’d like this too if you haven’t seen this before

things that still got me Shook from the livestream last week:

  • not one, not two, not three, but FOUR @geekenders portal musical cast members joining us in total
  • lots of lovin’ on everything about everything. appreciating all of the great work that the geekenders do
  • feeling slightly out of place among a sea of wheatley fans. sorry y’all, my big wheatley phase was in the early days of 2011 and left long behind. i think he is okay.
  • fairlith, jd, greg, and chris tellin us lil details about the show and their characters and stuff
  • the stream itself Noping tf out at Suddenly Wheatley
  • tHE THINGS FAIRLITH TELLS US LIKE “In the last show Greg said ‘Caroline would you please listen to me for once’ and the audience turned on him so hard” AND “Caroline can’t have her own song because Cave doesn’t even let her finish sentences”
  • he/ath/ers references. so many h/ea/the//rs references. it was alex’s fault
  • H E R C U L E S
  • we are….all of us…..Musical Theatre Nerds
  • “Caroline we have to talk about your future with….the company.”
  • Greg: “By company, Caroline, I mean, murder you”
  • the whole h//ea/th/ers au that i really wanna write at some point.
  • my aesthetic is still caroline threatening the black mesa girls wi/ the portal gun bc they got too close to cave and she is Jealous
  • Everybody Loves Rickline & #let rickline be okay 2k17 makes a reappearance
  • kourt: “fucK OFF CAVE” greg: “But kourt, how am I supposed to murder him?”
  • caroline absolutely did not get her neckerchief/ascot back before rick was shuffled off to his death he Died with it in his pocket
  • Fairlith: “Rick and GLaDOS have some moments in the early part of the musical. he catches her! He sort of remembers”
  • C O N S E N T      LEARN IT
  • Chris: “Fun fact: Cave does not actually understand her objection.”
  • me: “i’m emotionally preparing myself for when the stream crashes again during the Suddenly Wheatley Reprise”
  • for some reason i can’t remember what happened but i think the stream did Not crash again at that song
  • Chell deserves a Hug 2k17
  • that last little betrayal where i played everybody out with haley’s mmm whatcha say vids for rickline and c/he/lle/y and reminded everybody of han’s death in the force is shakin’

I wanted to talk about that tbbt finale because it really was enjoyable. 

I just adored the scene where all the friends were trying to separate Sheldon and Ramona. They were so concerned for shamy, it was sweet. Not to mention hilarious, I love how they all readily accepted Penny volunteering them to walk one person to her car as a group., and then shoved Ramona to the back lol.

But I really wanna talk about the shamy aspect. I do think it was odd how the proposal was sparked, but I’m not terribly mad about it. I have a lot of thoughts, and it’s a struggle to organize them. Let me start of by saying I love how the episode didn’t let you forget that Sheldon loves Amy. You miiight think he has developed an attraction to Ramona (I don’t) and you might even think that the kiss from her encouraged that attraction and scared him into proposing (once again, I don’t) but even so, you have to acknowledge that Sheldon loves Amy. 

I’ll admit, I haven’t rewatched the full episode so my memory might not be perfect. But off the top of my head, there was that initial scene with shamy video-chatting all flirty. I almost thought Sheldon was being literal, but I think he knew it was a flirt game. Then there’s the last skype session - he was so happy and all “I miss you~~” and he had no shame or fear about introducing Ramona (because he didn’t deem it inappropriate since he had no feelings for her and he didn’t know about hers). Then there’s his jealousy over Leonard. Leonard! Lmao it was kind of random. Just because it was kind of late when he called Amy, that means it’s inappropriate? And even though he doesn’t know the full details (Leonard was calling to warn her about Ramona and Penny - his wife - was the one who told him to do it) it still should have been obvious that it was innocent. Amy was snapping “Little late!” and he knew Leonard was in an apartment fulll of others, including his wife. But it’s so funny because he apparently couldn’t stop thinking about it, assuming Penny wanted to talk to him about it - “I don’t like it either *side-eyes Leonard*” It reminded me of “She is not for you. Not! For you!”

Anyway, I really appreciated all that. His problem was being oblivious, but I can’t questions his actual feelings for Amy. And the ep in general was such a show of Sheldon’s growth. Being more accepting of physical contact, and more forward with his feelings. Because of this episode being so shamy heavy, I suddenly had a desire to go through the old shamy vids I “liked” on youtube. I saw the scene where he asked her to be his girlfriend - he had such a ‘tsundere’ type attitude, not wanting to fully admit he wanted to date her. He had such a problem with expressing or even just admitting his feelings (and I wanna go into a post later about how this relates to why I don’t think he was ever actually asexual and therefore, none of this relationship advancement is a retcon). Then I remembered that time he went to Texas to help with his sister’s birth. Amy asked him if he missed her and iirc, he said something like “I would prefer it if you were here” - something not straightforward. Now here he is finally answering honestly, completely, “I miss you too”. Just, aww. 

Just when I think I don’t care, I really really do. 

Jikook own it

So, my trashy ass was watching Jikook own it video and suddenly i had this thought!

That video definitely doesn’t look like a 3rd person was recording it. It looks like a camera has been placed on the ground, adjusted to catch the two of em. 

So what if its Jungkook/Jimin who recorded, edited and uploaded it, just like the vlog and not a staff??? My brain definitely sides more towards Jk, cause he was the one who has been going towards the camera whenever they break at a point. It can easily be to restart the music but from previous vids i remember, the music system was towards the left!!! 

ANYWAYS, this absolutely means nothing but just the thought of either of em recording, editing and uploading( decent pg-13 parts, lmoa) of the entire practice that day, does things to my jikook feels.

This is weird - 2 (sfw)

So I’ve realized that this story is very… all over the place, a bit frantic if you will. But that is actually the way my brain communicates with me, so I thought it was fitting. Hope you enjoy, and leave me a message!!

The door chimes when she pushes it open. Hannah hates when that happens, it makes her feel watched. But the noise does make Grace notice her.

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Just Jensen acting like Dean and suddenly remembering he’s not really that kinda guy i guess xD

Btw bts of Jared up next. I thought it was super cute ^_^

#Supernatural season 11 BTS

UPDATE: Jared’s BTS vid is up. Enjoy ^_^

I suddenly just remembered Niall and Harry’s brilliant advice on how to say no to drugs.