i just stumbled upon this video on youtube


I just stumbled upon this video on Youtube. It’s a compilation of interviews where Karlie talks about Taylor and it’s awesome and cute and also sort of heartbreaking seeing Karlie struggle. She’s gotten better at masking her feelings but her eyes and blush give her away.

Especially interesting is the Good Morning America part promoting the Vogue cover. The bit starting at minute 5:55 should be put in a museum or something. Poor Karlie fails so hard on live national TV it’s endearing!!


Title: Unraveling
Summary:  Dan knew he was different from other children very early on. He never lost his ‘imaginary friends’, they only became a more integral part of his life. Living with his illness is never easy and with a secret as large as his, cracks are bound to appear. While he isn’t ashamed of his DID, he knows the consequences of telling the wrong people. 
Word Count: 21k
Warnings: Smoking, mention of drug use, drinking, mentions of past trauma, anxiety

A/N: I’m really sorry to everyone on mobile because read mores don’t work and this is long af. This fic is my actual child and I’m so happy with how it turned out. So much time and research went into this fic. I wanted it to be as medically accurate as possible. 
I got the inspiration of this fic when I stumbled upon a youtuber named Jess who posts videos about her DID. She and all of her alters are amazing and I just want everyone to know their story and learn that DID isn’t scary like the media makes it out to be. 
Also huge shout out to @phansdick and @theinsanityplays for listening to me complain about my inability to do this topic justice and for giving me ideas when I was in a rut. And I can’t forget the amazing @moonlitdan for being a lovely beta. 
If there are any inaccuracies with this fic, please let me know so I can change them! 
That was a really long author’s note. Okay. Enjoy!

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I just stumbled upon this YouTube channel My Haunted Dolls and it is beyond creepy.

Please do not remember Christina Grimmie as the singer who got tragically killed at her own show. Remember her personality, how loving and caring she was, how talented she was. She’s so much more than the way she was taken. Remember how she lived. If you’ve never heard of her until after what happened (or not at all and you just stumbled upon this post), I encourage you to go and watch some of her YouTube videos and you will instantly fall in love with her and her voice. She deserves way more recognition for all the hard work she put into her music. Please, just take a moment and research her. It’s so worth it, I promise you.

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Hello~☆first of all may I say that I really love your blog~♡can I ask for hcs for chūya, aku & dazais reactions upon knowing that their s/o is a popular gaming youtuber (like markiplier & jacksepticeye) .. thank you (=^-ω-^=)


• He stumbles across your YouTube channel after deciding to look up a few of your games he knows you’ve been playing for a while just so he can know what the hell you’re talking about and actually do something other than nod his head. At first he thinks it’s just one cute video of you fangirling over your game and then he checks that subscriber number and chokes on his wine.

• He spends the next two hours watching every single one of your videos with the cheesiest smile on his face. Not to mention the bottle of wine he goes through but still he can’t believe how damn charismatic and funny you are on top of looking absolutely adorable.  All of a sudden things start adding up like how you afford all the gifts you spoil him with—not that he ever cared—but now he’s a bit upset you never told him about this.

• Instead of bringing it up the next day he waits for a few days when you’re out and converts a spare room into a gaming and filming room. There’s a brand new Mac waiting for you for editing purposes and an upgraded gaming desktop as well as professional lighting and a few things he bought that matched your original filming aesthetic.  He does give you a little shit for not telling him how great you are on camera and acts hurt until you give him the kisses he wants.

• Chuuya usually watches from behind the scenes and doesn’t want to be on camera with you solely because of his position in the mafia, but if you pout for .002 seconds he’ll agree to voice over some horror game play through videos. Of course if you don’t warn him he ends up cussing a lot and his reactions are pure amusement and hilarity. He’ll try and keep his composure but after he gets done with the voice over he tackles you onto the bed and tickles you mercilessly for payback.


• Got curious and ended up snooping through your computer room when he was ditching work and decided to come surprise you only to find you out of the house. Boredom and Dazai-ness got the best of him so he strolled to your computer hoping to ~maybe~ find something he could tease you for (innocently of course) and viola your newest video edit popped up after he input your password.

• Immediately Dazai is scouring your entire YouTube page with a fine-toothed comb. He is absolutely ecstatic about this hidden part of your life that he accidently stumbled upon; it was on the internet so of course it was an accident! The part of you that shines through in your videos makes his heart swell up, and he mentally pats himself on the back for finding such an intriguing person to be with. He saves a few of his favorite videos on his phone for when he feels lonely and ends up scrolling through the comments until you get home.

• If there happen to be any negative, sexist, derogatory, or perverted comments posted he writes down each of their names and secretly finds them through their IP address (if they live within driving distance) and mafia Dazai gives them a little visit and lesson on internet etiquette. They may end up a bit bruised, but they all end up scared and pissing themselves as he flounces off with a warning smirk never to comment on your channel in such a way again.

• The moment you get home Dazai dramatically falls to your feet with big, fake crocodile tears asking why you hid such a thing from him and never invited him to your show or mentioned him by name and how could he possibly go on knowing his lover was such a mega-star and keeping it from him. After his dramatics and a few reassuring kisses from you, Dazai accepts your apology and asks very sweetly if you would give him the honor of being a guest on your channel even if it’s something silly like a couples challenge.


• Catches one of the faceless guards roaming the Port Mafia HQ watching a video on his phone. He pays no attention until he hears a very familiar laugh and practically slams the poor soul through the wall because why the hell would he have a video of your laugh on his phone? The video is shaky (because he’s literally strangling the man) but there you are bubbly and sarcastic while playing through one of your many games with that damn headset you spent so much money on. Akutagawa drops the guard and stalks off to find you without saying a word.

• Akutagawa doesn’t entirely get what exactly he saw but with a quick search he realizes there are a ton of videos of you and a ton of people following, commenting, and subscribing to your channel. It more than irks him that you’d been leading this double life under his nose and he’s pretty snappy the minute he finds you and confronts you. Once you explain to him what exactly is you’re doing and that he was never interested in your games to begin with so why tell him about the channel he feels pretty stupid, but of course won’t admit it. Instead he clips at you not to hide anything from him again then seals it with a very deep kiss.

• Over the next few weeks Akutagawa finds himself enthralled in watching you record the game-play to voice over and even laughs at your commentary especially when you surprise die or get scared shitless by a random enemy popping up out of seemingly nowhere. While Akutagawa can enjoy a good horror game he is terrible at it and refuses to play, but he likes having you sit on his lap while you record your videos.

• Akutagawa watches your weekly uploads religiously and usually when he’s bored at work and missing your voice or your smile. During the days that you edit Akutagawa lays on the couch near the computer and reads or naps even if you’re up till three am editing because he doesn’t want to feel that separation again, even if that means a few neck cramps from sleeping awkwardly on a pillow.

Calling all antis, and anti-MAP’s, anti Pro-contacts, Shi* all of tumblr

You don’t like me and thats fine, i don’t like a lot of you either. But some do share something with me and I with them. A lets protect kids from harm mentality. Their is this Youtuber called Omnipolitics16. He is a pro-contact, pro-child & adult sex Pedophile who believes that if children are taught enough about sex then they can consent. Myself and a few of my anti-contact/non-offending MAP peers have written long responses about the effects and harm of CSA and how he is just completely wrong. Yet he rebuttals with answers filled with the benefits of adult on child sex. Along with how CSA victims are brainwashed and that in “most cases sexual interactions with children bring them pleasure”. 

Im calling to you guys to blacklist him hard and if you can do your thing. Get them scratched off of youtube. His influence is dangerous. What if a child stumbles upon his videos and thinks its okay to have “consensual” sex with an adult. We all know its rape. I know you don’t like us MAPs (to the antis) but some of us really despise Pro-contacts and that guy is dangerous to children. I don’t want a young MAP finding him and thinking this same mentality. I fear for the safety of children. I fear for the future teen MAPs. Please help and get that guy and his horrible influence out of youtube. I know its just one speck of dust cleaned off of the shelf. But its one speck down. Don’t do it for me, or even for the future MAPs. Do it for the sake of children. Please 

I told him i was happy Offenders were put in jail and that law and society looked down hard upon them and he said that 

He said that about kids being able to feel sexual pleasure even though we are clearly talking about rape here. 

he said a “A child can indeed consent to sex” and i couldn’t stop crying for hours. 

the he talked about how kids play Doctor??? because kids being them is related to raping them?? 

Guys please 

Thats his channel. I don’t want him near children, sadly i don’t know how to prevent that as to him being so stubborn about his pro-contact views. And yes he shows his face. Get him off of youtube please! Please! Do your thing! Spam him! Report him! Spread the word! please! He is spreading information that can result in more possible outcomes and i cant have a child be hurt by him or by his beliefs or by others influenced by him. 

Drag him

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I know I might be late, but what are your thoughts on the fans of anti-sjw channels that go and leave 100 downvotes and pretty much repeat what their idol said, but now with 10x more vitriol. I noticed that on your pay gap video, people called you an sjw-cuck-black supremacist-feminist- everything else. Does that get to you in any way?

I don’t think a person is strictly responsible for what their audience does, however these channels breed this kind of behavior by making mean-spirited and cynical videos that are often targeted at specific people, and they encourage this kind of behavior by never admonishing or attempting to stop it. I think if you have an audience and you’re okay with them harassing and bullying people in your name, that makes me think that you’re an asshole yourself. Some of them even directly and purposefully “sic” their audiences on people.

As for me, I’m very good at ignoring haters and trolls. Although I’ve had to change my YouTube strategy to avoiding reading the comments after the video has been up for a few days, as there are far more trolls these days, especially when I talk about certain topics. I get much better discussions on social media and email so I tend to focus on that. But when someone becomes trollish or rude or condescending I Immediately ignore them.

The downvotes are the most unfortunate part though. Having a bunch of downvotes just makes your video and your channel look bad to people that stumble upon it, and it’s worse because it’s almost certainly the case that 90% of the people who downvoted it didn’t even watch it. So it’s basically YouTube vandalism. You can of course disable ratings, but to me that looks just as bad. 

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I don't understand why you're so upset about the YouTube situation. I feel like I may be missing something because as a gay woman who works with children, I totally understand YouTube sensoring some of the videos in the LGBT section. I wouldn't want a child to be able to stumble upon a video, LGBT or otherwise, that has sexual connotations. I'm really not trying to attack you I'm just genuinely curious if there's more to it.

It’s because YouTube isn’t just censoring gay videos about sex. They’re censoring gay videos that have nothing to do with sex because they talk about gay people/being gay. Tumblr actually did a similar thing a while ago and marked anything tagged “lesbian” as “explicit.” We all yelled at them and they undid it fairly quickly. 

The issue isn’t YouTube censoring explicit gay content, it’s YouTube censoring all kinds of gay content under the assumption that gay=obscene. That assumption is deeply ingrained in mainstream society and deeply insulting to all of us. 

Same-sex relationships aren’t dirty and talking about LGBTQ issues is not automatically unfit for young ears. Does that make sense? 

you know how sometimes you think like… all these fanfics are so unrealistic, no one would ever get together like this, real life isn’t that romantic… but then you stumble upon some videos on youtube and it’s just:

… two people who didn’t like each other that much become roommates then slowly grow closer and closer and turn into best friends THEN after spending the night in the same bed they kiss and realize their feelings for each other and NOW six years later they live in Brooklyn together …I mean that’s basically a fic prompt (also those two are incredibly cute and make very sweet videos so check out their channel)

… or this one:

… two people despise each other for a year, constantly bickering, but somehow they still become friends over time then a bit of a one-sided crush which turns into a “why aren’t we dating? we kind of are a couple already?” followed by some complications and ending with a romantic finally-getting-together moment in New York and now opening a café together…(their bickering reminds me a bit of nurseydex for example)

…real life love stories

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Hello, I am very new in the fandom, I've discovered BTS less than a week ago and I immediately started to ship JiKook, I don't know why, they just so cute I don't even.... I'd like to know if there are some other good active JiKook tumblr here you can recommend to me? (pictures, video, analysis etc) Sorry for the odd question but I can't get enough of them ^^ thank you I looooove your page <3


As I receive this question often, I do have a blogs rec tag which I always refer people to. My favs are all on there with full description of what they do and why they’re my favs :)

I also have a rather self-proclaimed well compiled list of favourite YouTube channels where you can go for analyses, fmvs and just a bunch of cute adorable clips and what not.

Anyways, I’m glad you fell for the jikook on first sight and I hope you will have more happy otp moments to come. I assure you you’ll never be bored and it’s only gotten better and better…at least for me. I always hear of people hopping ship to join our armada or just falling in love at first sight, but never abandoning the luxury cruise that is jikook, so you’re in for a good time. I promise ;P

Thank you for all the loveliness and I hope I’ll see you around ^^ 

Thanks To The Internet

Hi you all! Hope you are enjoying your day! I recieved an anon prompt yesterday and I decided to write this oneshot, so, for the anon who asked for this hope I did it justice! Enjoy!


summary: “Tell me again why we thought that finishing our show with a musical number was a good idea…” Dan mumbled.

or how Dan and Phil wrote the verse ‘’without the internet we never would have met’’ for The Internet Is Here.

words: 1.1k

no trigger warnings

“Tell me again why we thought that finishing our show with a musical number was a good idea…” Dan mumbled, sitting on the office sofa, his laptop open resting on his thights an annoying cursor flickering in the open Word document.

“Because,” Phil started, sitting beside Dan, picking up the laptop from his friend’s legs and resting it on his so he could read what they had written to this point, “we wanted to finish with something nobody expected us to do, and singing and dancing seemed like the best option for us.”

They both laughed at that. Two uncoordinated guys like them trying to perform? Yeah, it wasn’t going to end well.

“Let me see what we have till now…” Phil mused, concentrating his gaze on the document.

They both had written a lot of the song already but it still wasn’t finished. Till now they had managed to create a catchy song, and the melody that their management had proposed for it was really good.

“Okay, so we have a chorus already, why don’t we repeat it again here?” Phil suggested, pointing out the verses Dan had typed a few minutes ago Who cares if you procrastinate
Your one shot at existence!”

“Um yeah, that could work…” Dan said, rereading the chorus and realizing something. “Wait!”

Phil stopped typing leaving the last sentence of the chorus in a half, now an unfinished It might be antisocial, but thes” almost at the end of the document.

“What? Did you have another idea?” Phil questioned, curious about what his friend was going to say.

“I know it’s taking us ages to write but that last sentence doesn’t seem right. I mean, we have talked about the internet enough already, it is relatable to all of our followers but… what about us?” Dan finished, looking at Phil, who was now deep in thought so he continued, “We can also relate to it, I know it, but the internet literally changed our lives Phil.”

Dan let that though sink in. The Internet was what made them meet on the first place. Without the Internet they both would have different lives now.

“I was a click away from you. If I hadn’t clicked on one of your videos back then I cannot imagine where I would be now…” Dan whispered, remembering all those times that Phil had helped him, mostly emotionally.

“Dan, I think one way or another we would have met, I think the unierse would have wanted that” Phil let out a chuckle, he was completely sure he would have met Dan in another point of his life if they hadn’t met through the Internet.

“Wait a minute…” the brown haired seemed deep in thought with this topic, “you were already an Internet personality back then, Phil. Okay, you didn’t have 3 million subscribers but you were kind of famous, how did you even notice me? Of all your subscribers why did you establish a friendship with me? You could have chosen anyone to be your best friend, but you somehow noticed me? How? What made you chose me?”

Dan was right. Phil was already kind of famous when Dan started watching him. He practically stated that he was “Phil Trash Nº1”, but he realized that Phil hadn’t really spoken about why he started talking to Dan. He could have ignored his comments and tweets and forget about him at any time but he didn’t. Why?

Phil took a deep sigh before answering. He didn’t really think this was a conversation they were going to have.

“At first, when I read my YouTube comments I noticed your username and it made me laugh. It was different and original. Anyways, I always checked the comments, and I can tell you that 95% of those weren’t good, they were mean and somedays they made me question why I kept making videos. But, sometimes I stumbled upon your comments and they made me realize why I did what I did.”

Dan then spoke, he couldn’t contain himself anymore “but I just left comments telling you that your videos made me smile today, I’m sure plenty of people did that!”

Phil let out a short laugh, Dan didn’t really read the other comments for sure. “Dan, no, you are wrong. You were the only one that left those comments, some other good comments were there, but most were about the good editing I did or something, never about making them smile after a rough day…”

“Oh,” Dan muttered, but Phil didn’t give him time to say anything more.

“After those comments I decided to check your Twitter and I’m so glad I did. I didn’t know you felt like that, I couldn’t even imagine what you were going through. I promised myself that I would try to be closer to you, so you could be happier. You stated how happy my videos made you feel, so I wanted to help you so you could always be cheerful, even if it was just for a few hours. That’s why I started talking to you…”

He was now more than glad that he had commented Phil’s videos. Thanks to the kindness of this man he managed to have the best life he could have ever imagined. Phil took his time to make sure he smiled, that he was happy. He couldn’t thank him enough for this.

“Then, I noticed that we both have so many things in common I wanted to be your friend and… Here we are. Once we started gaining fame, I wanted to do the same with everyone that posted similar things to yours back them, but I cannot help everyone out, it’s impossible, but if my videos and tweets help I will keep doing that” Phil finished his speech with an exhale, which made Dan look at him like he was the best person in the whole planet. Okay, for Dan probably he was.

“What?” the blue eyed looked at him when he noticed Dan wasn’t speaking.

“Phil Lester, you deserve the world, the moon, the planets, the sun and the universe.” Dan said, which made Phil laugh a bit and duck his head in embarrassement, his cheeks blushing.

A moment of silence passed before Dan spoke again, “I just realized what a lucky person I am. Lucky to have found eachother through the Internet…”

Phil suddenly looked back at the laptop and started rapidly typing, not even giving Dan a moment to question him.

“What do you think?” Phil showed him what he had typed, lifting the laptop to position it back into Dan’s lap.  

“Without the Internet, we never would have met” Dan read quietly. It was perfect for the song. It was perfect for them.

“It’s perfect, Phil. It really is.”

A few months later, while performing their musical number they would look at eachother while singing that verse, both remembering that moment in the office sofa.

And all, thanks to the internet.  

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In regards to the example of your practice work from the previous ask you answered, do you have some sort of reference or study resource you use for that? I find that I get frustrated if I try to pose limbs and figures and draw them from my mind. Any tips? Thanks.

I dont have a specific resource. A lot of that practice work was taken from a number of different reference studies ive stumbled upon. (If you’re gonna do studies out of other’s studies, make sure at least they arent just outline drawings. you’re trying to understand the shape and volume. Its often recommended to use photo references instead)

 There’s also a plenty of timed life drawing videos on youtube, you may want to check that out as it’ll help with actual quick gesture drawing. I also keep a folder with hundreds of my favourite works from other artists so i can study their poses/style/colouring/composition. If you want nice nsfw-specific tutorials, I’ve seen Doxy has a few of them in their FA, tho you may only want to check them once you’ve got a nice grasp of realistic anatomy. 

Good luck!


I was browsing through youtube and i stumbled upon this gem! Needless to say I’m still laughing. If you need some cheering or you just want to spare a few minutes laughing, then watch this!! It’s hillarious! 


Look at our Ichibans @kentojun so lovey dovey hahaha.. I just stumbled upon this video and thought it was really cute! I also remembered you haha!

Credits to Youtube user: Yama- chan

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So Jello, I was just browsing the web as you do, when I stumbled upon a film company which only seems to make Disney knockoffs, "Golden Films" or "Enchanted Films" as their website suggests. Couldn't help noticing that you are subscribed to their youtube channel: a mixture of film clips and bizarre live action raps about peace and America. Future video maybe? Anyway, stay cool, Prince of Egypt is a masterpiece, and good night

Golden Films is completely amazing but I would never marathon their whole catalogue. Everything on their list is in the negative 1-10 range.

My personal favorite is The Jungle King, which is like a -8.

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Hi Del! I stumbled upon your Youtube channel today and I love your videos and your blog. I was just wondering how you figured out what you wanted to study in school? Did you debate on taking other majors other than the one you are in now?

well its a pretty long story which starts during my last year of lycée, months before starting uni. there were a few programs that seemed interesting to me (business, law, philosophy, polisci) and i decided to apply to a fantastic program called ‘international relations & international law’. i loved politics, so i thought studying polisci was a great idea, and my mom always said i’d make a great lawyer so the law part of the program was interesting.

i stayed for about three weeks.

i really hated it, i knew instantly (like in the first hour of the first class) that there was no way i’d ever enjoy studying this (still love politics tho, but the academic aspect just wasnt for me) 

i spent about two months crying in bed every night because i had no idea what i wanted to study, what i liked, what i could be go at. i even started thinking of dropping out entirely and just not going to college. obviously my parents weren’t very happy about it (not that they think college is a must, but i’m a huge nerd who loved school so it didnt make much sense). they made a deal with me that i had to apply to a new program for the winter semester and if i really didnt like it, i would be ‘allowed’ to take a year off. 

i thought i sounded like a fair deal. i decided to apply to a random program to please them and decided that i not only would take a year off but i would never return to university.

one of the programs i had applied to when i was still in highschool was ‘polisci & philosophy’. i started looking into it, found the ‘classics & philosophy’ program, which brought me to ‘classics & anthropology’. i had been interested in anthropology as a teen, especially the archaeology part of it. i thought it sounded like a great program, lowkey thought it would piss off my parents (it did not, i was being a stupid teen) and i got in very easily. 

i ended up falling completely and absolutely in love with it, especially classical studies, and completed my bachelors in basically 2 and a half years. 

now for the masters. to be honest, i spent most of my teen years telling everyone id never go to grad school. my dad is a professor, a lot of my parent’s friends are in academia, so i knew (or thought i knew) i wasnt interested.

but i loved my bachelors so much and loved being in uni so much that i kind of wanted to stay. i also was very aware that in quebec, in 2016, only having a bachelors in classical studies & anthropology might not be the best way to land a job. (not impossible, i know a lot of people who did it, but im not really a risk taker). 

during my second year, i started looking into different options. i decided on two programs: a masters in anthropology or a certificate in journalism. the anthropology route didnt excite me too much, although i had picked a topic and found a research director who was fantastic and very supportive. the journalism certificate (which lasts about a year), which i got in, was also not really exciting me. 

i kinda fell back into my whole ‘what will i do with my life’ routine. 

and then i spoke with a classics professor i had, one of my favourite teachers ever, who really helped me out. we talked about my interests, my passions, my ambitions, my dreams. and every thing always came back to books. i liked to read, i wanted to write a book, my favourite thing to do when i’m sad/happy/angry is to hang out in a bookstore, i spent 85% of my academic career in the library.

and thats when it clicked. library. i could be a librarian ! 

we talked about the information science programs in quebec, he referred me to a professor he knew who taught info sci at my uni and offered to write me a recommandation letter. i applied, got in and now i’m halfway through the program (aka half a librarian !)

for me, picking my programs meant a lot of stumbling around, changing my mind at every turn, spending hours on websites trying to figure out what programs could work for me but most importantly, talking to people. i talked to my parents, to their friends, to my friends, to my professors, my old high school teachers, my employers and even sometimes to strangers. 

i 100% think i’ve made the right choices and don’t regret any part of my academic career so far. i have no doubts im in the right place. 

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How did you discover RWBY and get into it?

one day I saw it on my youtube reccs and thought “lol this looks dumb and goofy- but i do like trying new things, sure lets watch it”

but then kinda broke off cause it was like, only 2 episodes in to vol.1?- mannn, i remember watching ep.1 and 2 over and over again just cause i was like “I NEED MOREEE”

so when vol.1 ended and hiatus came around - I started to pick up drawing again because school had me mopey and sad and stuff and remembered that RWBY was a thing. So i picked up the show again, got hooked, and thats been the basis for me ever since lol

(Inbox me (1) thing you want to know about me)

Ask MagicPrincess! (spirit)

This is the spirit I’ve referred to in the past as LittleGirl, but I didn’t want to put that in the title and have people confuse it as asking someone from a niche in the BDSM community x_D So! MagicPrincess is the nickname she adopted.

MagicPrincess just stumbled upon a video on youtube called AskHERNAMEHERE, and she thinks it’s the most cool thing ever and now wants to reply to asks. Any kinds of questions are fine, even questions about her but she’s more looking forward to giving advice, specially matters of the heart. 

Keep in mind this is a younger spirit, so her advice might not be the most mature thing ever xD Tagging some people that might want to ask or reblog so people will send in asks: @howl-wind-sing @lorelei-of-the-rhein @witchtarts @dovewithscales @wiccanery