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I was always too lazy to google got7 until i recently stumbled upon the vid of got6 pranking yugyeom and then it was love at first sight. Yugyeom melted my heart and i dont think ive ever been so whipped for a boy as i am for this pouty faced baby. When i joined the fandom i couldnt understand why ppl say hes underrated? I thought hed be one of the more popular members

omg!!! pleasE!!! that video changed me … seeing yugs cry broke my heart open and my unending love and support for him just burst out :’( …even when i didnt stan him he always stuck out to me tbh? i never understood why he was always one of the less popular members ….. ajskdfa welcome to the yugyeom fanclub we can suffer together now :’) 

To one of my all time favorite Youtubers; Jacksepticeye!

I really love Jack. He’s funny, bombastic, cute, silly, and really open with just anyone in general. I love the community he’s built and I am so proud of him and everyone else, cause he’s almost at 5 Million Subs! WOW! 

I stumbled upon falling for Jack and for his channel thanks to my best friend about 5ish months ago. When I first watched his Happy Wheels vids, I couldn’t stop laughing. Later on, I’ve come to realize Jack really made my days when they were really low. Just pulling up a new vid and listening to him always brings a smile on my face, whether it be because of the jokes he’s making, the reactions he does, or just simply Jack being Jack.

Please never stop being you, Jack. Never stop doing what you love doing most. You really are a unique individual that has touched the hearts of literally millions.

It’s an honor to watch you and be a fan <3