i just stop caring and let them do what they want

IT RATHER PAINS ME BUT WE MUST STOP THERE. I got four whole minutes in. I’m not sure I’m even surprised.

Perhaps when I figure out how I want to schedule things, we can have an X-Men day once a month or something. Part of my problem is that I just love them so much, and it’s like “FINALLY AN AUDIENCE LET ME TELL YOU EVERYTHING” and well. Four minutes, and an hour long detour into a thirty year old comic book I doubt most of you knew or cared existed.

Tomorrow will be my second take at ‘Fic’n’Doodles, and we have Yuri Hell’s Kitchen on Saturday and Sunday. All liveblogs for THE GIFTENING 2016 are now complete, and while we’re not done talking about shit, or getting your feedback for what worked for you or didn’t this time around, I hope you all enjoyed them. Even when they took too long and moved too slow and went on tangents and did whatever they do.

I won’t get too mushy. We’ll talk more later. I love you guys, though.


For no other reason than I can, I’m going to recommend a couple of very short fics I found to be fantastic beyond expression, (nearly). 

@izumiicurtis - Apple Cider  on AO3.  This is a wonderful example of the art of storytelling. It’s just a seemingly commonplace moment, but the storytelling is so wonderfully crafted. It whisked me away, and than sat me straight back into canon.

@rizahawkstang cafuné  - Stopped in my tracks by this angsty delight. How do you create such pain and gentle care in so few words? I want to know how this happened. And what happens next. (hint hint.. )

@bleedingcoffee42  - Before you decide to murder me, let me explain…” - Roy Mustang and Maria Ross. A conversation that never was…… I absolutely love this sort of work that just slides into the canon narrative and adds a little extra insight and goodness, without bending anything out of shape. #extrapolationfic

Cassandra: She’s caught somewhat off-guard, and she considers the matter for a moment before she speaks. Perhaps they wanted to keep it private for some reason, or they just didn’t care? “Happy Birthday.” she finally says with a little smile. “If you’d like to do anything, within reason, feel free to ask. Why don’t you go ask the kitchen to make a cake? We could have a little party in the tavern, if you’d like.”

Blackwall: He stops what he’s doing and looks at them in surprise. “Your birthday? Maker, I didn’t know! Happy Birthday, then. How about you go ask Cassandra if I can buy you a drink tonight? You’re becoming an adult faster than ever.”

Iron Bull: He grins widely, excited. “Happy Birthday, Boss! Come on, let’s have a party later in the tavern! I’ll get a cake for you and everything!” He and the Chargers sing a birthday song to a (somewhat embarrassed) Herald, along with everyone else there, as they wait to blow out their candles.

Sera: Her eyes widen, and she stares in surprise before grinning. “What? It is? Well, shite, Happy Birthday!” She says this as she pulls them in for a birthday noogie, and they laugh. She giggles mischievously as they pull away. “Come on, let’s go do something fun! Like… lizards! In Solas’s bedroll! No, wait, I’ve done that one already… or… go make a cake or something? We can, but I’m shite at cooking.” She says this but surprises them later with a surprisingly good, not-burnt cake.

Varric: He grins at them cheerfully. “Happy Birthday, kid! I wish you had told me ahead of time; I would have gotten you a gift! Eh, no matter, it’ll just come a bit late.” He lifts his deck of cards and waves them along. “Come on, let’s go tell the kitchen staff, and we’ll have a party later.” A few weeks later, a brightly wrapped present is delivered to them, its contents something the Herald wanted but wouldn’t ask Josephine for.

Cole: “Why are you so shy about telling the others it’s your birthday?” he asks curiously, popping up beside the Herald. He happens to say this in earshot of several of the others, and a big fuss is raised. They’re decidedly uncomfortable, and he realizes that they didn’t want a big fuss at all, and he tries to make those who heard forget, though the Herald tells him to let it go and that it’s alright. He’s not sure how to help, so he asks Varric, who tells him to just be calm and have fun at the party– and so he does, and presents to them a gift that means something, surprising them.

Dorian: He’s surprised, of course, but he smiles. “It is? Already? Maker’s breath, you’re going to be an adult in no time at all! Do you want to do anything fun? Have a party? It’s a day worth celebrating!” he urges. “I’m sure Josephine would shit her small-clothes if she heard that we didn’t do anything to celebrate.” He starts looking for the good wine for later.

Solas: He’s so old that birthdays have little meaning to him, and he just shrugs. “Oh. Happy Birthday, then.” he says with little care.

Vivienne: “It’s your birthday and you didn’t tell me until now?” she asks, exasperated. “I do wish you had told us, we could have thrown a ball in time worthy of the Inquisitor’s birthday!” She tsks. “We could do something belated on another day, but for at least today, we have business to attend to.” She spends some time organizing dinner and a cake for them, and does her best with the time constraints, but she finds something she thinks they might like as a gift in the market. When they come to the party later, she smiles warmly at them. “Happy Birthday, Darling. You’re growing up so fast…”

She stops, briefly, and turns to look at them calmly. “Happy Birthday.” she bids calmly. They talk for a little while, and if they don’t seem like they’re trying to hide their birthday for peace and quiet, she informs Josephine at once to organize something. They deserve it.

“Oh! Happy birthday, then.” he says politely. “Would you like anything special? I’m sure the kitchen wouldn’t mind throwing together a cake for the occasion. It’s the least we can manage.” He understands not wanting it to be a big deal; his own preferred birthday present is not being told happy birthday at all.

Josephine: She stops short and stares forward for a moment, processing what the Herald just said to her. She blinks. “Your birthday is today?” They nod sheepishly, starting to think it was a bad idea to mention. “H-happy birthday, Inquisitor!” she squawks as she rifles through her paper and begins writing furiously. “Go have fun, do what you like, come back to the hall around seven.” They leave as she summons several runners frantically. When they reach the Great Hall at seven, it is immaculately decorated and a tall cake stands in the center of the room by a feast of their favorite foods. A pile of gifts lie near the throne, and she greets them, smiling widely, though her eyes are tired. "Welcome to your birthday party, Inquisitor. Please, enjoy yourself! Everyone’s been invited and there’s so much to do, so much to do…”

Her Walking in on Them Singing While Showering: BTS


11/10 would ask you to join him in the shower. He ain’t the most perverted hyung for nothing, you know?


Since you heard him sing I the shower you knew this was your chance to tease him. After so many times where he made you flustered, now was your time to shine.

“Hey, Yoongz, do you want me to put on some music and bring you the mic, too? You should totally record this for your next mixtape.”

“Shut up you ungrateful brat. Let me shine. You know my vocals are breath-taking.”


Wouldn’t even stop and just start to sing louder, making you laugh and cringe all the more. The boy didn’t have any shame at all.

Rap Monster:

He would quickly peak his head out through the shower-curtain thingy and look at you all embarrassed cause he heard you laugh.

“Why are you laughing?!”

“You were so bad…”


You wouldn’t even care what song he was singing cause he was killing them high-notes. Gladly, he didn’t see you either coming in or leaving.


“Oh, hey there, (Y/N). Didn’t see you there~!”


Would probably start yelling a fucking murder, tbh. Like: “Did she just see me naked?!”


What’s with all this Sansa vs Dany shit? Who’s gonna get Jon? Who cares!

Dont get me wrong, I love Jon. The things I would do to him, but…

Dany and Sansa are two badass female characters who have risen from the ashes to create their own destinies. Which is pretty incredible for a show notorious for rape and violence against women. Dany and Sansa could have any man they wanted, or none at all.

And reducing them to, “Lets fight over who ends up with Jon” is just insulting to them both.

What the signs say

Just some goofy stuff for you

Aries: not touching you, can’t get mad!

Taurus: I don’t care about the evidence, I am right!

Gemini: What were you saying?

Cancer: I feel sooo great!! … AH!!! ASDK@JK Fuck you! (sobbing)  I’m fine.

Leo: Leo is the best sign

Virgo: You looked so beautiful in that photo, I BARELY recognized you. (virgo compliments)

Libra: I will not talk to them again! (sees them) oh, hi!

Scorpio: I have people skills, asshole

Sagittarius: I’m not defensive, STOP SAYING I’M DEFENSIVE!

Capricorn: … …

Aquarius: Are you crying? Let me comfort you by touching you from a safe distance with this stick

Pisces: why do people think I’m sweet? I really just want to kill everyone

can everyone just stop with the “rowan is shading sabrina” thing please?

look, i’m not picking sides because it is pretty fucking ridiculous that we should or to feel like we have to pick sides.
remember, sabrina has a lot of management behind her career. yes, i do think she could speak up about issues a little more but looking at her as a person, not just an artist, if she decides to not speak up about political issues on social media platforms, then, so let her be. it’s not like she isn’t aware of them. she’s an extremely smart and mature young woman and she’s best friends with 2015’s feminist of the year for fuck’s sakes. i have people close to me that because of their position in what they work have to be extremely careful about what they say and how they say it if they do.
i am more than sure that if rowan wanted to say something to sabrina, she would say it straight to her face considering the level of maturity those girls have.

both of these young women are extremely smart and great people to look up to. they are both talented in their very own ways and the level of respect i have for both of them is off the roof.

overall, rowan stans that don’t like sabrina, stop targeting sabrina and talking down about her because it’s not worth spending your time talking about something that you don’t really like. same exact thing goes to sabrina stans that talk badly about rowan. i know that most of us love both girls and respect them a lot but there’s still people who do this.

rowan’s tweets could be about any celebrity or social media personality. stop assuming and let people be. live and let live.

Really messed up feelings:

• When you’re surrounded by people and still feel completely alone
• When the people who tell you they care about you leave, just like everybody else
• When you really want a hug, just so you don’t feel so alone, but feel too needy to ask for one
• When the one person in the whole world you thought you could rely on leaves you when you need them most
• When the person you trusted with your whole life lets you down
• And then makes you believe it’s your own fault
• And you’re left sitting there, crying in your room, trying so damn hard to muffle your sobs into your pillow so you won’t wake your family in the next room, wondering what the hell you did wrong… what the hell you always do wrong…

I love you’ means that I accept you for the person that you are, and that I do not wish to change you into someone else. It means that I will love you and stand by you even through the worst of times. It means loving you even when you’re in a bad mood, or too tired to do the things I want to do. It means loving you when you’re down, not just when you’re fun to be with. ‘I love you’ means that I know your deepest secrets and do not judge you for them, asking in return that you do not judge me for mine. It means that I care enough to fight for what we have and that I love you enough not to let go. It means thinking of you, dreaming of you, wanting and needing you constantly, and hoping you feel the same way for me.
I Want to Care About Your Protagonist

The number one reason I stop reading a story is because I just don’t care. I don’t care if your protagonist lives or dies. I don’t care about the stakes. I don’t even really understand who they are. I’m sure a lot of readers are like me in that way. They want to feel emotionally connected to the characters in some way. They want a reason to keep reading.

If you’re finding your protagonist isn’t that interesting or you don’t know how to improve the way you’re writing them, try these tips:

Start Right Away

Don’t make your readers wait to find something to care about. Get your message across as quickly as possible. Who is your protagonist? What do they want? What’s threatening what they want? There are subtle ways to let readers in on your protagonist’s life without giving away everything at once, so don’t info-dump. Most people will stop reading if there’s nothing something interesting happening within the first chapter. This doesn’t mean there needs to be tons of explosions and death—we just need to understand what the deal is.

Make the Stakes Reasonable

The stakes can’t be too low or too high. I know this sounds confusing, but it needs to be something the reader can fully grasp. The stakes should directly impact the protagonist in some way. In other words, readers aren’t going to care too much about your protagonist being 5 minutes late to work. They’re also going to have trouble caring about a fictional planet light-years away being destroyed. You need to give us a reason to care and have the stakes match the tone of the story.

Give us a Reason to Like Them

Protagonists need to be likeable in some way. I’m sure some writers would argue with me on that, but I need a reason to root for the main character. Sure, there’s such thing as an anti-hero, but they usually have some redeeming qualities. Let your readers know why your protagonist is a decent person. Do they have family they care about? Are they protecting something? Why should we like them? Take some time to focus on these questions.

But Don’t Make Them Too Good

Flaws are very important if you want readers to care about your protagonist. A “too perfect” protagonist is very annoying and won’t feel real. Give them some flaws that explain their sometimes less-than-perfect reactions to situations. Are they too quick to act? Are they sometimes a little selfish? Do they crave power in some way? No one in this world is flawless, so your characters shouldn’t be either.

-Kris Noel

For this week’s interview on Afterbuzz Voltron, they do… discuss ship discourse and Shaladin. Just a heads up for those who want to avoid that topic or don’t like to hear about sh//aladins (discourse wise). (I muted my video the second they brought it up. I just didn’t want to hear anymore of the discourse that I already read on Tumblr.)

Josh Keaton does share his thoughts about it, which I think should be listened to. It gets brought up near the end and thankfully doesn’t last too long. I personally don’t care what you ship if it helps you enjoy the fandom, but please guys let’s chill. We all watch this wonderful show and love it for our own reasons, let’s not ruin it.


While I believe this part is important for the fandom to hear, I’m also extremely tired of hearing this discourse and so are many others. I just have little energy for the arguments and I don’t think we should sh*t on the people who work on the show. So I applaud Josh for attempting to bring peace to the fandom. He deserves respect.

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The talk about the infamous, “You’re like a brother to me” starts at 1:07:01, and the ship discourse discussion ends at around 1:13:47.

anonymous asked:

I have some pretty significant self awareness signals that my anxiety is building and I could have a panic attack soon. When I feel these I don't know what to do to minimize them or stop them from getting bigger, and they stay for days before me hitting my breaking point. Any ideas or tips to help relieve these feelings, stress and anxieties?

Ah I gotcha. I think everyone is different and will have different ways to calm themselves. But I’m really proud of you for recognizing it and wanting to minimize it. You’re on the right track. I would just recommend continuing on with your normal life but also doing a little extra self care (whether that’s treating yourself to a movie you like or calling a friend or something… it’s anything that makes u feel calm and happy.

Also something kind of important is to let your body relax. There is a huge mind-body connection. And when anxiety builds, so does tension. So whenever you remember, let the tension drain from your muscles, drop your shoulders, and deepen your breathing. Maybe say loving things to yourself as you do this :)

Good luck! I love you and stay strong 💕💕

The past week I’ve come to face the reality I don’t try enough. I don’t do enough and I give up as soon as it gets hard. It’s how I protect myself. I used to be full with rage and I attacked before being attacked. I stayed cold and uninterested so that I could never lose anything. Then I found this world of positivity and became even more of a coward. I used this way of life to hide behind the fact that I am afraid of myself. My true self that knows what she wants, who she wants to be, and how to get there. I have spent the last few years just coasting because I’m afraid to try. Afraid that I will never succeed and that I will be the words others have given me. I’ve realized that I care too much about what other people think of me. I let them label me and I am afraid that they will one day be able to say, “I told you so.” I live for others and for my coward self. I don’t live for me. I don’t love for me. I don’t succeed for me. I want to be loved and liked and it has caused me nothing but years of eating disorders and depression. Today after leaving the toughest city in the world, I have had enough of it. People will talk regardless. I don’t have to put up with anyone’s shit. The only person I have to blame for not being where I want to be is myself. I have found my rage again, and I have found my happiness. Both live in me and they are what makes me who I am. I am a fighter and I’m going to fight myself until I get what I want. No more cowardliness. No more people pleasing. I live for the real me. No one else.

why cant people just let others enjoy things

Wearing My Heart on My Sleeve: Confessions of a First-Timer

Give me the strength not just to wait patiently, because I know I can do that, but to stay positive in times of uncertainty. Let me love not too hard or too fast even though there is a lot to give. I need freedom to escape from this prison-like environment where stress, worry, and negativity are always-present factors; and the knowledge and wisdom to prevent myself from being too naive and making too many mistakes. But I have grown and improved so much, worked my hardest to be even better for all of us; How many people notice them or will stay with me long enough to see them more, I cannot say. But what I can say is this: I do love you and care a lot more than I ever knew I would. And I do trust you, even though at times I get a little curious and scared. I do understand you; but being pulled apart and stuck here for so long, please me hear from you again. Thinking back to your first anything should help you to understand me, too. You said you love me, and I can only believe that this is true; when I say it, you can bet that it is, too. I’m not sure what you’ve heard from other people, but sometimes their opinions don’t matter since it’s not their relationship and they don’t have such emotions attached. No matter what they may have said – we’re different people, yes perhaps that comes with age and experience. But that doesn’t mean they overshadow what we share in common; after all, we can teach each other and learn from both. If love and care are still there, why shouldn’t other things fall into place? There’s no need to blame another for not being 100% perfect all the time. No one is; in fact, a relationship is oftentimes just that: two imperfect people existing together and loving each other. Sometimes there is beauty in that, adding depth to a person, character even – like covering cracks with gold like the Japanese did with handmade pots. I think back to the beginning often, the budding of our relationship learning new things about life – that we should treasure moments, not things – and learning new things about you – like your love of cheesy French fries and poetry, of night markets and crab rolls on the pier, of trying new things like soba noodles and okonomiyaki paired with tea and sake – and new things about myself, as you told me, and I loved a lot of the same things you did, too. As new and exciting, I would be so glad to create more memories that can last even longer, even if it means this time reaching out more to you. But for now I will wait until I have your permission, and hope for the best – that we can create something even better, to be even stronger and calmer and happier together than ever before.

  • Mother: What are you going to pout all day?
  • Me: Sorry, I'm just sick of you being mean to me.
  • Mother: Oh and you're not mean to me?
  • Words I wish I had the courage to say: I am sick of your abuse all the fucking time. You yell at me over nothing or when you're mad at someone else, and then you try to justify it rather than apologising. You never let me talk about things I am passionate for. You're allowed to aim rude "sarcastic" comments at me, but heaven for bid I do the same to you. You tell me to "get over" my anxiety, you make fun of me for things I constantly tell you to stop talking about because I want to forget them. You tell super embarrassing moments to your friends and my friends, and you insist I make friends when you don't even have friends of your own. You threaten to kick me out of the house or put me in foster care, you call me names, and no matter how much I tell you I don't like it, you don't stop or apologise or take back what you said. Yes, I'm mean to you. I am so fucking tired of your abuse, but I can't leave because you raised me to be completely dependent on you so you're not lonely.
  • Me: *pouts*

anonymous asked:

Yo, listen, I just saw that drama post and wanted to let you know that it doesn't matter if people think you trace or not; your art is good, and fuck 'em if they think you do. I'm just some anon, but you do good work. Just keep that up and you have no reason to not be proud.

Awww thank you! You’re a great anon :D

And tbh I don’t really care about what they say and I would have just deleted that ask but this is the second time they asked me, so I guess they must be eager to get a reply from me. That last ask was 2-3 months ago and wow jsut give them their reply instead of letting them go through the suffering of checking my blog daily for months lol I mean we all do that at some point check blogs of people we don’t like but we stop after some time, seems like this person doesn’t

And it’s just as you say, people like seeing my art so I’m trying my best to give you guys content to enjoy. Those who commissioned me at least once know how I work and hey some of you guys even sent me pose refs and do they look traced to you? If you think yes, I say this again: feel free to overlay this. 

I know my art is not perfect, I also see the flaws but it takes time to change certain things especially if it has something to do with your style. But I’ll be doing my best to improve!

Thanks again anon and have a wonderful day! ♥

Harry James Potter was a great dad.
He used to tell Teddy stories about great witches and wizards and muggles and house elves and giants. But mostly he just let the child dream and do what liked, and stop him when he was about to hurt himself.

Harry James Potter loved giving hugs, and James never felt abashed for receiving them. He took his son to all the haunted spots in Britain, because the boy loved adventures. But he had a dad to catch him should he fall, and Harry wanted him to remember that. Always.

Harry James Potter found time out his work to borrow some of Mrs. Weasley’s cooking books and learn. He would gather up his two eager sons, and they would make a full meal for their mother, who would be returning with her team any minute now.

Harry James Potter kept his sons from clashing heads by instigating an impromptu food fight. In the end, they had to order from Fran’s. But Ginny couldn’t care less. “You have icing on your cheeks,” she said. “I’ll get it.” Albus and James secretly loved to see their parents kiss, because their fights, though rare, were pretty intense.

Harry James Potter laughed when Lily said her first word, “won won,” to the dismay of her uncle. Harry liked to braid her hair and let her tie ribbons on his.

Harry James Potter agreed to take dancing lessons with Hermione when Lily and Rose started taking lessons. “I need someone to practice with,” his daughter said to him. Harry disliked dancing, but it was nice to hang out with Hermione and their daughters. They were both so busy these days.

Harry James Potter kissed his children goodnight every night. In the end, he had something that was perhaps greater than magic after all.

Okay let me tell you a story on just how fucking stupid old people can be about lesbians
So my now friend and I started dating in 6th grade. We were young and passionate, so of course we were hugging and holding hands and all that couple jazz. The kids in our class, since we were the ACC classes, didn’t give a flying fuck and mostly just wanted the PDA to stop regardless of our gender.
The teachers, on the other hand.
They were obviously hesitant and didn’t know what to do with our current relationship that was (quite inappropriately, looking back since it was in the middle of class) obviously displayed. The younger teachers cared as much as the students did. BUT THE OLDER ONES. One of them approached me one day and asked if I was in a romantic relationship with my girlfriend. Seeing as my mom is a middle school teacher, I know how fast news can spread between teachers. So I said, “No, she’s just my best friend. We’re gal pals for life! You know how best friends are, she’s like my sister!” Looking back, it wasn’t my best choice and wasn’t very progressive, but I was scared and didnt want the news to go around and also I was literally 11 and in my emo phase. So the teacher says, “ oh, of course! Its nice to see girls have such good friendships! Good for you!” And she just walks away. To this day, it has been one of the funniest experiences I’ve ever had with a teacher concerning my sexual preference and goes to show how much someone can believe something when they don’t like something else.

Could you do a preference that involves team free will, archangels, gadreel, and chuck. What would they do if they found out you were in an abusive relationship?

Requested by Anon~

Obvious trigger warnings. But it doesn’t go past “you were abused.” I don’t even specify what kind of abuse.

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