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Early Morning Tease (Seth Rollins) - the reader is home with her boyfriend Seth for the holidays. Seth goes out with his friends for a few drinks, but not before being teased as he leaves. fluff/smut

y'all, this is my first time posting my writing on this blog so let me know what you think.

WARNINGS: language/smut(ish)


“That’s such BULLSHIT,” Seth yelled from the living room. I rolled my eyes, assuming he was just pissed that he was losing his video game. Every morning Seth ate his breakfast while he played Madden. It was like a tradition in our house. And almost every morning, Seth lost.

I grabbed my mug and made way into the living, finding that my assumptions were true when I saw an angry Seth standing right in front of the TV, thumbs furiously pushing at the buttons on his controller. I plopped myself down onto the couch and brought my knees to my chest, watching him with intrigue. Whenever he got worked up, his back muscles involuntarily tensed and flexed. I like to think it’s the universe’s little gift to me.

About ten minutes passed and Seth had officially lost to the Minnesota Vikings, 24-0, with a defeated and angry, “Fuck!” He turned around and looked me in eyes, smiling softly before climbing over the coffee table so he was standing in front of me. He leaned down and gave me a lingering kiss on the lips, before pulling back and gently kissing my forehead.

“Bet you had no idea was even sitting here, huh?” I asked, playfully poking his face as he sat down next to me, curling up into my side like a child.

“No, I knew,” he said, matter-of-fact.

“Seth there’s no way you knew. You were so engrossed in your video game.”

“You’re wrong. I always know when you’re around me. I have like, spidey senses that only work for you,” he looked up at me for his place on my hip and smirked.

I rolled my eyes at him again, for the second time this morning. “You’re an idiot.”

“But I’m your idiot. That’s the beauty of it,” he sighed into my skin.

I was really thankful for the time we had together at home in Davenport this Christmas. It originally wasn’t looking like we were going to be able to make it home until the 23rd and then in turn have to be back in Tampa by the 27th, but Carrano pulled some strings for us at the very last minute. Now we had about 2 and a half weeks off together. No obligations, no responsibilities (other than Kevin), and no work. Us both being professional wrestlers on the main roster for WWE, it was hard to get time like this. Time where we could lounge on the couch at our home and enjoy each other’s company.

“I’d be so lost without you, babe,” I muttered into my cup.

“Likewise, princess.” He placed a kiss on the outer part of my thigh before sitting up. “Speaking of that actually….” he trailed off, looking sheepish.

I gave him my best stern look, anticipating my annoyance at whatever was going to come out of his mouth in the next 30 seconds. “What did you do?”

He stood up and started backing away from me and into the kitchen, out of my smacking range, but I just picked myself up and followed him. “Okay, baby. You can’t be mad because it’s… i-it’s something you told me to do.” He raised his hands in defense.

I crossed my arms over my chest and leaned against the kitchen counter. “Take out the trash? Do the dishes? Put your disgusting socks into the washer and not leave them on the bathroom floor?” I questioned, gaining an eye roll from him.

“Okay, not exactly. But I promise that I’ll start getting better about that stuff.” He trailed off, not sure how to read my body language. “Remember how you told me to take time to relax and indulge in the small moments in life?”

I vaguely recalled being wine-drunk a couple nights before and telling him those things. I groaned inwardly. I should’ve known those words would come back and potentially bite me in the ass. I nodded tightly, too annoyed with myself to actually speak.

“Wellllllll,” he began, putting his hands on his hips and looking at me with that stupid, cute ass face that made me agree to anything he wanted. “The guys invited me to go over the lodge today and shoot some pool and drink some beer and I said I’d come.” He backtracked and raised his hands defensively when he saw my eyebrow raise. “I said I could ONLY go if it was alright with you.”

His big, brown bambi eyes pleaded with me and of course, my weak heart couldn’t stand here and say no when he looked so goddamn cute. But that didn’t mean I would let it look like I surrendered too easily.

“Oh? What time were you thinking?”

“Like 10? Only if that’s okay with you, princess,” he smiled nervously at me.

“And you’re going to the Moose Lodge here in town?”

“Yes. Just 10 minutes down the road. Close enough to be home incase of an emergency.”

I pursed my lips and pretended to contemplate before pointing a finger at him, commanding his attention. “I promise not to be a needy, mopey baby when you go hang out with your friends as long as you bring me some fried pickles when you come home.”

A big wide, award-winning smile spread across his face and he came around the kitchen island to envelope me in a warm hug. I squeezed him tightly, breathing in his scent. He felt like home and I loved it.

Seth pulled back just slightly to kiss me on the lips and then again and again. “Thanks, babe. I just didn’t want to leave you hanging while we had the chance to be home together.”

Eye roll count for today: 3.

“Seth, your friends deserve to see you too. They get to see you even less I do,” I smacked his chest playfully and went across the kitchen to get another cup of tea.

“I know, but you’re my number one priority in life,” he replied. I looked over my shoulder to see him staring at me from across the kitchen, adoration in all his features.

“Don’t you forget it, big guy,” I joked.

“With a woman like you, I couldn’t.”

“Good.” I turned in place and stared at his stupid, perfect face. He was too irresistible to not look at whenever I had the chance. We’d been together for 3 years and I still took every opportunity I admire him. I took and sip and suddenly remembered something. “Oh and can you pick up some milk?”

He furrowed his eyebrows at me and turned to open the fridge next to him. He grabbed the milk off the top shelf and held it up. “Yeah?”

I shook my head at the joker standing in front of me. “I meant at the store, Seth.”

He rolled his eyes at me this time and put the milk back where it belonged before closing the fridge and mocking my faux-annoyed pose. “Babe, I assume it weighs the same whether it’s in our fridge or at the store.”

“Seth Rollins, I hate you” I laughed.

He bounded over to me, pulling me into another tight hug. “You’re in love with me,” he muttered into my neck as he kissed his way down.

“Yeah, very true. I’m in love with you,” I whispered. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the closeness. He has just made his way to my t-shirt neckline when his hands snaked up and grabbed my breasts. His head popped up and by the darkening look in his eyes, I knew he was quickly getting turned on.

I smirked and shifted my position against the counter so my bare thigh rubbed against the bulge in his jeans. He groaned and brought his forehead down to touch mine.

“Are you not wearing a bra?” He mustered out between his clenched teeth.

“Nope,” I smiled back, popping the p.

“Why do you do this to me?”

“I thought we could have some fun this morning.” I made sure to bat my eyelashes at him and reach up to kiss his neck and tug at his hair, a few things that I knew would help with his growing arousal.

“Well then,” he said, lifting me up by my ass so I was now sitting on the counter, both legs on either sides of his hips, “we’ll just have to take care of that.”

Seth started kissing at my neck and playing with the waist of my silk pajama shorts. I pushed him away and hopped down form the counter, walking towards the living room. It pained me, but I knew it would pay off to both of our advantage later.

“Babe!” He shouted after me. “What the hell are you doing?”

I grabbed his keys from the bowl on the end table and tossed them to him. He caught them in one swift motion and stared at me incredulously, arms out.

“You gotta go. It’s 9:45 already. You told the boys you’d meet them at 10. You made a promise to be there and you’re not the kind of man to go back on his word,” I smirked.

He looked at the clock and then back at me a few times before sighing deeply. “You don’t play fair,” he moaned before heading towards the door.

“Not in the ring and not in the bed, baby,” I said before picking Kevin up and holding him in my arms. I grabbed one of his little paws and waved it at Seth. “Tell daddy bye-bye, Kev! Say, ‘Mommy’s going to go watch her TV shows without any clothes on while you’re gone.’” I kissed Kevin on the head before turning my attention back to Seth.

He was halfway out the door, turned towards me with lust and desperation displayed in his features. “You’re getting fucked into next week when I get home from the lodge later. I promise, princess.”

“Don’t forget the milk!” I shouted just before he shut the door behind him.

I laughed to myself and walked off to the bedroom. I was desperately looking forward to his return this afternoon.

Promise Me: Part 1 (Anthony Ramos x Reader)

None of the words in this are in Spanish, I just made the title in Spanish for lack of a better title, haha sorry. But anyway, this is the beginning to this storyline, if you like it then I’ll post more. Hope you guys enjoy :)

Edit: So I changed the title from Prométeme to Promise Me cause i didn’t like it. Hope you enjoy, okay bye :)

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 | Part 5 | Part 6 | Part 7

Pairing: Anthony Ramos x Reader

Warnings: Just cursing


Your sister Phillipa had been playing Eliza Hamilton in Hamilton for a couple of months now, but you had never had a chance to see her perform, since you had been in hitchhiking all throughout Europe. However, today you had the opportunity to finally see her show. It was quite possibly the best thing you’d ever seen, mostly because your sister did an amazing job. You’d always loved seeing your Philli perform, and you’d never been happier than you were watching her do what she loved.

Afterwards, you met up with her backstage and waited while she talked with a few of her cast-mates. You waited for her to finish a few feet away, and you felt someone walk behind you and accidently bumped into you, causing you to fall on the people around you. You had turned to ream out the person who had just pushed you, but their face stopped you from doing that as he wore an embarrassed smile.

“I’m so sorry, I was trying to walk by and I just tripped over my leg or something, I don’t even know.” He stammered.

You shook your head and smiled at him, his apology seeming genuine. “Its fine. You didn’t really hurt me.”

“Oh good.” His demeanor changed to a more confident one and he said, “Wouldn’t really want to hurt that, now would we?” He said, his hands gesturing to your body.

Your cheeks turned pink and you laughed. “I bet that works on all the girls, huh?”

“I wish.” He said with a smirk. “So did you enjoy the show?”

“Yeah I did, it was absolutely amazing! Did you?”

He looked at you with an amused grin. “Yeah, I enjoyed being in it.”

“Huh?” you asked.

His smile gets wider. “John Laurens and Phillip Hamilton at your service.” He said, bowing his head at you.

“Oh shit! Are you serious?” you shouted. A few curious heads turn to you and the man you’re talking to. “I’m so sorry that I didn’t recognize you!” You said as you lowered your voice.

All he does is laugh. He has a nice laugh, you think to yourself. “Naw its fine. I guess you were just sitting pretty far back.”

“I only sat in the middle rows.” You said. “I must’ve been too preoccupied staring at my sister.”

“Sister?” he asked.

“Yeah, Phillipa is my sister.” You answered.

“Holy shit, Pippa’s your sister! Of course she is.” He laughs. “That’s great.”

All of a sudden, Phillipa walks up from behind the guy you were talking to.

“You called, Anthony?” she said.

Oh so that’s his name, you thought.

He turned around. “I just found out that you have a sister.”

Phillipa chuckles. “Yeah, I’ve mentioned her before.”

“I was under the assumption that she was a younger sister.”

“Well, she is. She just turned 18 a couple weeks ago.”

“18?” he asked, turning his head to you.

You nodded your head. “Yup, I’m a baby.” You said, bringing your hands up under your chin like Shirley Temple, and giving him your biggest smile. He chuckled.

“Y/N, mom and dad wanted us to Face Time them after the show ended. We should probably go to your hotel room now.” Phillipa told you.

You nodded your head and as you were about to turn to say goodbye to Anthony, you saw him getting pulled away by some other people. He turned just as you did, and he smiled.

“Hey Y/N! How about when I get back, we all strip down to our socks?”

Some of the cast heard his comment and there was a chorus of Aye’s and Ooh’s all around. Your face turned red but you laughed. Phillipa linked her arm with yours gently and you both started walking towards her dressing room. Phillipa collected her things, and the both of you walked out of the room to a much less crowded hallway, since everyone was already starting to go home. Phillipa gave her goodbyes to the remaining cast mates and you offered yours as well, giving last-minute praise to those that were there. When you pushed the door open to leave the theater, Phillipa whispered, “Don’t.”

“Don’t what?”

“I love Anthony. He’s sweet and all, but he’s not good with girlfriends and he’s way older than you. I love you, and I don’t want you to get hurt. So, I’m asking you to please, choose any other guy but him.”

You turned to her. “He can’t be that bad.”

“Maybe, but I just want you to stay happy, okay? Promise me you won’t go after him?”

You nodded your head. Phillipa seemed like she was exaggerating (especially on the too old for you part, because 6 years was barely an age difference), but she was obviously just looking out for your wellbeing. You couldn’t very well just ignore her concern. 

So you uttered the three words that you would soon regret. “Yeah, I promise.”

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Hi Leela! What do you think about this? "[...]Maybe I'm not just a ken doll for you to objectify and ship and wish I lived the life you wanted.[...]" I know he is talking about important topics here but the ship part caught my attention. I know that Dan and Phil deeply appreciate their fandom, and sometimes they push their own boundaries a little bit and laugh with us about the phan things we make: fanarts, fanfics, edits, etc. But after this little clip... I'm really getting concerned. [1/3]

What if this whole time I have been hurting them? I’m an artist and I have never tagged them in my phanarts, I just share my drawings with the people who like the idea of phan and that’s all. But even if my drawings are just innocent illustrations of them holding hands, they are phanarts, pieces of art about the idea of them being a couple. So, I have fueled the idea of phan, I have contributed to it. And I know D&P have embraced the phan thing too- as a funny part of their branding. But what if the shipping thing has reached a point where D&P no longer feel comfortable with it? Dan sounded so sincere… and I really don’t know how to feel right now tbh.

ahhhh let me start by just saying, it’s okay. i totally, completely understand why dan’s comment may have upset you or worried you but please don’t feel badly. i promise that all of the things you’re doing as a member of this fandom and just as a viewer of dnp generally are all okay. good and great, even, because they bring you happiness and that’s the point. 

dan’s ken doll comment was nothing close to an original or new thought, and it’s a frustration he’s shared a number of times throughout the years. in his roast yourself video he asserts that he only gets views bc he’s a white guy in a cute ship. in the description of the pinof 7 bloopers he talks about how he’s a piece of meat for us vultures to consume and pick apart. a few years ago in live shows he’d say things like, “for those of you who only watch me because you like to fantasize about me being in a sexual relationship with my friend, i’ll go get my friend,” as a way of introducing a phil cameo. let’s just be completely honest here: dan’s relationship to the concept of people actively talking about, writing about, thinking about, his relationship with phil is not a positive one, and even more broadly than that, dan’s relationship to the concept of people following him and consuming his content due to anything personal about him (whether it be his pretty face or anything else) is not a positive one (unless of course the personal things are ones he’s shared himself in a very controlled/comedic exaggerated manner. aka basically every dinof vid.)  

and his observations about this are valid because his career really is founded in part on his constant objectification and the flattening of his humanity by viewers, just as all persona-driven entertainment tends to be. in choosing to grow a following by making content about himself dan necessarily offers himself up for analysis and that is intrinsically dehumanizing. in choosing to remain ambiguous both in sexual orientation and in relationship status with phil, he unwittingly encourages speculation on both of those issues, a speculation which has stayed constant in its fervor over a remarkable number of years. his choices have led to intense scrutiny and a thirsty audience that uses him and his partner as vehicles for fantasy and speculation and that’s also dehumanizing. 

all of this sounds bleak but let me just do a quick attempt at telling u why it is also okay. it is okay because it is dan’s choice ultimately. dan could recede from the public eye completely and make content that has nothing to do with himself as a person. he could divorce his real self from his on-screen persona even more. he could continue and even strengthen the boundaries he has drawn up between himself and phil in the public eye. he could just do behind-the-scenes writing or producing or filmmaking instead of continuing to be a youtuber. he could never collab with phil again because the pressure of being scrutinized through a romantic/sexual lens is too great. but. in truth dan has only chosen to become more open about how much he loves phil, closer to him in the public eye than he has ever been. he’s chosen to share more and more of his inner thoughts and monologues about his insecurities and his mental health struggles and his fears and his triumphs than ever before. 

he’s chosen to continue inviting us into his life in various ways, on a number of levels because of at least two very important truths: first, that being reduced and objectified is not intrinsically harmful if the person still has control over their lives and everything in it and everything that’s important to them. second, that this same rabid audience is the one that makes dnp some of the most successful creators on youtube–their audience loyalty is completely unrivaled. and this is almost entirely, in my view, a result of how much they actually hold back in comparison to everyone else on the platform. bc of their restraint we go crazy over even like 3 seconds of footage of them in other people’s videos. we watch and re-watch their content and we analyze everything they do to the nth degree. this is their remarkable skill as public figures and entertainers. it’s GOOD for them, not bad, when we sit here at 11:30 pm writing essays about them and their behavior. it’s good for them that you make art celebrating them and their love. all of it is good. and they’re showing with each passing week that they care less and less that part of what we love about them is their connection and love for one another. because we’re not imagining it or creating it out of thin air or forcing two people who don’t love each other to act like they do in order to carry on being profitable. we celebrate it because it’s there and it exists in everything they do, and in return they’re realizing that it’s simply easier for everyone involved if they let themselves be more comfortable and open with it. 

so yes, we objectify dan. that’s true and it’s important to be aware of it. yes dan becomes irritated about it at times because he has deep-set insecurities about this life as an entertainer and the aspects of his content that keep people watching (he doesn’t want it to be things that are personal to him. he wants people to watch for the content itself). and despite all of this, the objectification/dehumanization do not harm dan in any substantial way because ultimately dan still has complete control over what parts of his private life he shares and what sort of content he makes. knowing this, i think now more than ever before, you most certainly do not need to feel bad about your art or anything else you do as a follower of dan and phil who also “ships” dan and phil. just rewatch the pastel edits vid and ask yourself if that seems like a couple of dudes who are in any sort of pain/hurt about the idea that people like watching them together. nah. 

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Not to be greedy, but do you have a snippet of PMIAMD you could share?? I'm loving it so much <3

Hiii love! My weekend went differently from how I expected, a lot of adult problems that have practically thrown themselves at me. Not fun! Anyway, I didn’t get written as much as I wanted to, but I may be able to catch up and send it out by Wednesday! Anyway, I’ve got a snippet, yes! It’s not beta’ed, so you get to keep whatver typos and mistakes you find! :) 

“What about you?”

Louis tilted his head. “What do you mean?”

“Will the boy you bring home be held to those standards too?” Harry asked, keeping his eyes on Louis’ face.

“Well.” Louis looked to the side, laughing awkwardly. “I never brought anyone back home.”

Harry blinked at him. He hadn’t expected that answer. “So the first dude you ever brought back home was a fake boyfriend?”

“Dude,” Louis repeated, patting Harry’s knee. “You’ve become all American, haven’t you?”

He was avoiding the topic, and Harry decided not to prod it. “Doing my best.”

“It’s a bit ridiculous, you know, with that British accent.” Louis leaned in and Harry watched him close his eyes, dark lashes meeting golden skin.

“Actually,” Harry said, drawing his finger up from Louis’ chest to his neck. “I’ve been told I sound a little American by now.”

Shaking his head, Louis closed the gap. “I can’t believe that makes you proud.”

Their lips had just met, when someone clearing their throat loudly behind them made Harry draw back from Louis. Louis withdrew his hand from Harry’s leg, and he brought some space between them. Turning his head to look over the backrest of the sofa, Harry saw Niall stand by the door.

“Now, that looks a lot different from how you two treated each other last time I’ve seen you.” Niall smirked, crossing his arms in front of his chest.

“That was ages ago,” Harry said.

“A few months max.” Niall walked over, resting his hip against the backrest of the sofa.

“Louis, I need you in make-up,” Barbara said from the door. She glanced at Niall briefly before she focused back on Louis. “We gotta do something about your hair.”

“Coming.” Louis was out of his seat in a second, rushing over to her. Harry couldn’t really blame him for fleeing the scene.

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momentum - 3

chapter 3

[ch 1][ch 2]

It was Saturday night, yet the only sounds that filled the dorm were the clicking of calculator keys and the faint scratching of pencil on paper. Their exams were in a few days and they were in his room because their usual study spot, the library, was closed. And unlike Hinata, Sasuke didn’t have room mates. The single suite may have been more expensive, but he found that his privacy was worth every penny.

She was lying on the rug in his room, with sheets and sheets of paper splayed out around her. Physics formulas, worked problems, and scribbled out answers were scrawled across the scattered notes.

Sasuke was somehow already done with everything, simply hanging out on his bed and playing on the Nintendo DS while his friend suffered through the rest of the practice material.

Frustrated because she had been working for two straight hours and because Sasuke always seemed to finish in light speed, she flopped over with a huff.

Glancing over to her from his game, he smirked in amusement. She was cute when she was frustrated - with her arms crossed tightly and her brow furrowed. It was one of the few times a scowl would grace her features.

“You okay?” He asked casually, pausing in the middle of his boss battle.

She put down her pencil and pushed some of her papers away so she could scoot closer to him. He was perched cross-legged on the bed, but now adjusted himself to move closer to her too.

Mimicking her position, he lay on his stomach and rested his chin in his hands.

“I will be when I finish all of these practice problems.”

He raised his eyebrows at her, implying he was done and able to help her.

“Nooo,” she groaned. “I can’t ask for any more of your help! At this rate I should be paying you for tutoring me, but I think there’s a grand total of twenty three dollars and eighty cents in my bank account.”

He snorted. “Wait, doesn’t your dad own Hyuuga Corp?”

Hinata suddenly sat up, spine straight and determination set in her lavender eyes. “He does, but I wanted to prove I can make it on my own. He was more than a little upset I chose to major in pharmacy instead of business.”

“Pharmacy is a respectable field, you’ll make good money,” he offered.

A noncommittal shrug of her shoulders. “I know… I guess he just expected me to inherit the family business because I’m the eldest.”

He hopped off the bed to sit next to her, sensing this was a touchy subject. “You’re not going to disprove anyone if you don’t finish your physics,” he chided lightly. “And I’d help you for free - now show me where you’re stuck.”

Nudging her shoulder with his, he got her to turn to her homework.

She reluctantly shifted her focus back into study mode and pointed to her last problem. “Ok, so I’m not sure how to start this.”

Dark eyes scanned the question. “You need to convert this using this formula, then you plug your answer into that formula.”

After a while, she got the hang of those problems and shooed Sasuke away to go do something more exciting than helping her with schoolwork.

The clock was approaching 1 AM and she began to nod off. By 1:30, she was fast asleep, resting her head on top of her open physics textbook with a soft thunk.

That probably wasn’t comfortable. Or good for her neck.

Very carefully, Sasuke switched out the text book for a pillow and draped his blanket over her.

There. She looked comfortable now, for someone sleeping on a rug. He would have moved her to the bed, but he didn’t want to wake her.

Lying on the carpet next to her, he observed the subtle rise and fall of her shoulders and the occasional flutter of her lashes.

Some hair had fallen onto her face, so he reached out to gently tuck the strands behind her ear. Her nose twitched when he accidentally brushed her cheek and he couldn’t help the quiet chuckle that spilled forth.

She looked so at peace… Watching her, he felt like he was wrapped in cotton. Things were calm, quiet. He could have fallen asleep there, on the hard floor next to her.

Although the strands were out of her face, he continued to run his fingers through her silky hair. It was as soft as he speculated it would be, since the day they met in the coffee shop. He noted that it was also more of a deep blue-violet color than black when it caught the light just right -

He nearly jumped at the obnoxious pounding on his door. Miraculously, the sleeping girl didn’t wake. It would’ve been painfully awkward to explain why his fingers were combing through her tresses - if he could even rationally explain his actions.

“Hey! Bastard, open up!” Naruto’s shouting could probably be heard from the other side of the damn building.

Sasuke quickly threw open the door, ready to chew his friend out for being so insanely loud.

“Shut the hell up, some people are trying to sleep,” he hissed.

“Don’t bullshit me, I saw your light on and know you don’t go to bed til 2 or 3.”

“I didn’t mean myself.”

“Oh?” The blonde perked up and tried to peer into the room like a nosy mother, but his vision was obscured by Sasuke beginning to close the door. “Do you have a girl over or something?!”

He was excited, practically bouncing on his heels. How he had such large reserves of energy, especially at this time of night, Sasuke didn’t know.

“Fuck off,” he replied, without any real malice.

“Dude, are you for real? Congrats! I was wondering when I’d have to order an escort for you to - augh!”

Clutching his arm, Naruto frowned at the Uchiha. “Fine, fine, I got the message! I’ll leave.” The hyperactive man turned around and trudged down the hallway, but not before winking at his friend. “Don’t forget to use protection!”

Sasuke sent one last scathing glare at the blonde before abruptly shutting the door.

Gears churned in Naruto’s head as he tried to figure out who Sasuke could have possibly invited to his room at this hour.

Sasuke was indifferent to most people, diligently turning down love struck admirers left and right since middle school. He even skipped class on Valentine’s day, reporting fake symptoms each year. On the rare occasion that Naruto was able to drag the stoic teen to a school social, Sasuke sulked in the corner and didn’t dare dance with anyone.

Naruto thought that maybe romance wasn’t Sasuke’s jam - and that was ok. They were best friends and he would’ve supported Sasuke no matter what.

So the question remained… Who was the mystery person that wormed their way into his heart?

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I'll ask you a difficult question because I like to torment you.. MUWHAHAHA! I'm a bad fanclub president... TOP FIVE KOREAN RAPPERS! Uuuuuuuuuuuuuh GO GO GO

WHY DO YOU HATE ME KRIS WHYYYYYYY some sagaeng you are… 

I feel like I have to write reasons for my choices… so this might be long… I just get so much inspiration from rappers…. 

1. Tablo 

Originally posted by huckleberryb

Not only was Tablo the first Korean Rapper I even gave a chance too… he’s the only rapper in general that didn’t make me want to run and hide. There’s a certain poetic nature that Tablo brings to his music, whether he’s working with Epik High, collaborations, or Show Me The Money, doesn’t matter- he always brings that articulate and philosophical understanding without being a know it all. I never get tired of his musicianship or his rhymes, #tabloforlife 

When I step past my door frame, I get dizzy
Because it’s the border to my comfort zone
The useless emotions that dirty my heart is covered with dust
If I get out of here, there’s death
Because I disliked the unfamiliar happiness more than the familiar sadness, I threw away my footsteps
I worry that I’ll become a pair of worn shoes
Because the world, time, people twistedly wear me
I forget. Like the heaps of newspapers and bills in front of my door,
Don’t leave the thoughts and demands of the world in front of me
This is my home - leave me alone
Just don’t come in here

- Home ft. Lee Sora 

2. MFBTY (Specifically Tasha) 

Originally posted by gomawosarang

Okay- so I have a bit of explaining here. Yes, MFBTY is composed of Bizzy, Tiger JK and Tasha… so why am I not talking about the whole group? Well… I kinda am, you see I think Tasha shines when she’s working with these guys, not that she didn’t make a name for herself as a solo artist but I just think that the inspiration and power behind her more recent work is due to her chemistry in MFBTY. She brings a strong female representation into the Khiphop world and she’s a house hold name for a reason, she’s not afraid to break stereotypes to produce the music she wants and it certainly pays off. 

Subliminal signs of whats to come but they don’t heed em
and the so called leaders that instead take your freedom
wolfs in sheep clothing they come in every size
ain’t no surprise you know the devil is a lie
oh yeah you iced up you got that nice chain
but how much could you really afford if you couldn’t say
half the shit you rap about censor what you read about
selected images install fear and self doubt
my people it’s time to wake up let’s do the right thing
we got to fight to keep what’s ours let freedom ring
cause where we’re headed to riches don’t mean shit
remember life ain’t what you get it’s what you make of it

- MFBTY (Tasha) Rebel Music 

3. G-Dragon 

Originally posted by hell-ogoodbye

So I actually really hated GD at first. I could care less for BIGBANG and their larger than life image- that was until I was forced to watch his Shine A Light Tour- this man deserves all the respect he’s given, and then some. Not only is he a globe trotter, he’s probably the most humble guy in the music industry, and more talent in his pinky finger than half the artists that are plated on American radios today. I really grew to love GD when I finally gave his music a chance, looked up translations, saw that yes he write some cocky music, but it’s because he has every right too! He can take on the world one minute and then take you into the box where he hides all his intimate secrets the next- there’s so much mystery to him, and yet none at all. 

Yes I won’t pick on you looking at our old affection
I’ll just pretend you don’t exist on this world
If you like it then I like it, you can go to that guy
Then let’s see each other for the last time just once
Honey I’m sorry you have to give me a chance to apologize, right?
I’m a human too, don’t you think I would feel guilty?
My memories are vague, I can’t remember how you look like
I can’t continue feeling this uncomfortable
Let’s go somewhere where there are no people, 
it’s just that I want to be alone with you

- She’s Gone 

4. Zico 

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Another one that suffers from G-Dragon syndrome- I HATED ZICO like for years I absolutely despised him! (This was like… 2010…) But then I gave his music a chance and actually listened to the fact that all he writes about is experience. He’s been given a world of hate for being an underground rapper turned idol- but the thing is, he can still compete with both groups so the attitude he gives off is really because he’s got it- the rhythm, the dedication, everything that goes into writing and producing, he’s mastered, and for the most part, on his own. 

I’ve spent the whole night up with my eyes closed leaving me so tired
My shadowed face, looks somewhat bright
I turn the light on but today it seems a bit dimmer
How could this be, even before I start anything
I always get in a tangled mess, like the knots in your hair
Embarrassing cries don’t match who I am
I just smile I guess, I’m a cool guy, the blood O type
I try to keep these meaningless thoughts out of my mind as I pull myself together
I meet up with you every night in my thoughts
But it doesn’t make me happy
With every page that is turned, we’re like a novel of impending tragedy

- Wake Me Up 

5. Rap Monster 

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(Partly because I’m super biased, and partly because Suga hasn’t put out a mix tape yet…) Rap Mon was so new to me, and then I fell in love with BTS, and then I heard his mix tape, and even though I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I could almost feel what he was saying. There’s something about Namjoon that brings intimacy to rap, almost a story teller like Tablo, but almost as if he’s giving you the secrets between the lines. He’s wise beyond his years, even if he gives me more second hand embarrassment than I care to admit… 

Pulled in just one glass of soju and felt it
living is consecutively awareness and loneliness
whether you have many people around you or not
the little me inside myself was always lonely
why is there no opposite word of loneliness?
could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?
even if our surroundings are boisterous,
it’s necessary to seek a moment to be alone
yeah that’s a life
we live inside danger
through the reward that makes us able to see this beautiful world
flak jackets and streetlamps and sturdy cars
until the time that we die perfectly we can’t protect everything

- Life 


I'm Scared... (Baekhyun x Reader) Part I

Written By: Admin T.Pot

Characters: Baekhyun x You

Summary: How far would you go for the person you love ?

A/N: Hey ~ this is actually a fanfic I wrote in Korean.. And I’ve translated it so I can upload it on Wattpad.. And it’s also like… my first fic ever .. Like EVER… But then since I’m really busy these days TT I decided to upload them here so that you guys have something to read, other than just waiting weeks for a new one shot … Warning: there are many parts… LOL but I do hope you guys enjoy it ^ ^ and just a head’s up, this is a Korean fic and I was really too busy to edit it TT so if you see “ㅇㅇㅇ” it’s the same as “Y/N” so just read the “ㅇㅇㅇ” as if it was “Y/N” >< sorry guys !! Thanks for understanding !!

Akira Kosemura - Fragile

Word Count: 1000

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Baking Powder

When Steve was done with destroying three punching bags, remembering that Tony made him an inforced one and proceeding doing his best to destroy it as well (it held, he had to admit, he was impressed), he finally felt that he could sleep. But as he made his way up, he decided to get a bottle of water out of the kitchen first. What welcomed him was the loud and obnoxious (though somewhat addictive) sound of ACDC blasting through the room.

It was 3:37 in the morning. What was going on?

Next, the smell of something mouthwatering assaulted his nose and he was even more confused. Because ACDC at 3am? Tony. The smell of freshly baked nougat scones? Not so much.

But apparently just that, because there was indeed one Tony Stark, dressed in a ridiculous ‘Kiss the Superhero’ apron by the stove. 'Tony?’

'Fucking hell!’ The flail was hilariously elegant. The middle finger less so. 'Jesus, Cap, warn a mortal.’ He snapped, with no real heat behind the words. Steve swore he even saw a blush on the back of his neck.

'Sorry.’ And he was, he hadn’t actually planned to scare the man. 'What are you doing?’ He then asked cautiously, because… no, he still wasn’t buying it that Tony Stark was baking in an apron at 3am on a Friday night.

Tony just gave him a look and reached behind him for something to present it to Steve. 'Cranberry Muffin?’ Blinking, Steve took the offered cake but left it in his hand to examin. 'Its a Cranberry Muffin, Steve, not a time bomb.’

'I wouldn’t know with you.’ His answer was dry and he would’ve felt guilty for the wince he earned but the grin showed him that Tony wasn’t really insulted.

'Yeah, I guess not.’ He sighed - and okay, maybe Steve was wrong and he should apologize. 'To answer your question; I’m stress baking.’

'You’re wha…’ He started to ask, but a ring - was that seriously an egg timer?! - interrupted him.

'Hold on a second, my scones are ready.’ The engineer quickly, turned around, fumbling a little while looking for his mittens, to take out the tray. An almost orgasmic smell filled the room and Steve was pretty sure his heart melted a little when he saw the small, proud smile on Tony’s face.

'You’re stress baking.’ He stated, just to be completely sure. This was bizarre.

'Yes, I tend to do that. A lot.’ The engineer turned back to him with narrowed eyes. 'Did you never notice the gigantic basket of bakery stuff on the counter, they are there about thrice a week.’

Steve laughed. 'Oh I did, to be honest I just never connected them to you of all people.’ He didn’t mean it as an insult. He didn’t, but it was Tony Stark, engineer, playboy, sometimes basket case. Who could blame him?

'No, no I get it. I always get that look, don’t worry.’ Tony took out a spatula and placed the scones on a cooling tray. He then pulled out another bowl and seemed to start anew.

Curious, Steve sat down at the counter to watch him work. 'What are you doing next?’

'Cinnamon rolls.’ He smiled when he looked up and then barked out a laugh when he saw the Captain’s beaming face.

'They are my favourite!’ He cheered excitedly, successfully turning himself into an 8 year old.

Tony chuckled. 'I know they are, Cap.’ He admitted softly.

A confused but warm smile spread over Steve’s face. 'Thank you.’

'Don’t thank me yet, I could still be lying and feeding you crap.’ An evil glint in his eyes, Tony finished the batter in record time.

Steve hummed. 'You could, but I just ate that Cranberry Muffin and beg to differ.’

'Good, huh?’ That little proud smile was back. 'Its the first time I made them actually, good to know they taste well.’

'I’m gladly volunteering as your taster, Shellhead.’

Tony laughed. 'Why thank you, Spangled. You’re gonna have to stand in line with Clint, though.’

'He knows?’ Steve felt oddly… jealous that he wasn’t the first one to know.

The engineer didn’t seem to notice, thank god and only nodded his head distractedly. He was currently forming the rolls with a sure hand, clearly not for the first time. 'Yeah, he sneaked up on me one night, demanding chocolate chip cookies.’

The Captain felt his mouth watering. 'Darn, I remember those.’ They stayed silent for a second until Steve couldn’t hold it in any longer. 'Alright, I have to ask. How come Tony Stark knows how to bake? Didn’t you have like… a personal chef or something?’

'Oh, we did. It’s Jarvis’ fault.’ When Steve only frowned in confusion, he smiled. 'When my parents forgot their only child again and again, Jarvis used to watch me and when I was my hyperactive, annoying self he had to 'unbore’-’ He actually used air quotations. ’-me somehow. When he got fed up, he dragged me either into the kitchen or into the garden.’

'Jarvis?’ Steve concealed the wince he felt when Howard was mentioned but something else confused him. 'Your… A.I. Jarvis?’

'What? No, of course not.’ Now Tony looked perplexed but then his eyes windened. 'Oh right, you don’t know. Jarvis used to be our butler. He was like a… Grandfather I guess? He died a few years ago, amazing man, only old age could ever get to him.’ He smiled softly and a little sadly. 'It was only natural for me to name my A.I. after him.’

'I… I didn’t know that.’ The former soldier felt somewhat speechless. It was the first time Tony was so… forward and honest with him. 'I’m sorry.’

Tony waved him off. 'Oh don’t be. It was… Peaceful. He told me not to worry about him. That he had had a good life and that he was glad to have been part of our family. He told me he was proud of me.’

Hesitating only for a second, Steve reached forward and took the engineer’s hand, squeezing it a little. 'So, gardening, huh?’ He smiled and if Tony jumped a bit at the contact, he didn’t mention it.

'Right.’ He squeezed back hesitatingly and slowly let go. 'Yeah, we used to have this gigantic, pretentious garden and he would drag me out when it was sunny outside - believe me, I take the drag part literally, the first time I was kicking and screaming, demanding him to let me get back to my workshop.’ He chuckled. Steve could see that, really. 'It never really was my thing, to be honest. But the baking? Yeah, that’s pretty cool.’

Steve smiled slowly. This was nice. Talking to Tony like this. Really nice. 'So… Cinnamon Rolls, huh?’

'What? Yeah, they should be ready in a bit, what of it?’

The Captain’s grin turned smug. 'I get here and you make my favourite sweets? Knowingly? You want to tell me something?’

On the one hand, he loved the blush on Tony’s face. On the other, he cursed himself for saying anything because he saw the sudden tenseness in his shoulders. 'I… I was just trying to be nice.’ He said between gritted teeth, his hands fumbling as he started to clean everything up.

'Hey…’ Steve stood up and circled the kitchen island to stand beside him. 'Let me try something?’ He asked, determination his his eyes. Tony looked up at him, suddenly feeling way too small. He nodded nevertheless, but flinched a little when big hands framed his face.

Before he could even comprehend what was happening, could even tell himself that it was not what he was hoping for, Steve was kissing him. And man, was that what he had hoped for.

The kiss was slow, sweet and tasted of sugar and cranberries. It should be hilarious, really, just completely rom com. But it was awesome.

When Steve leaned back, Tony could only stare at him. 'What… what was that?’ He asked, almost in a daze.

The Captain chuckled. 'You can take it as a thank you for the rolls…’ He hesitated but smiled when he saw the displeased frown on the engineer’s face. 'Or I could help you with clean up, prepare the usual basket and take you to bed. With me.’ Before Tony could answer anything - lewd probably - he framed his face again. 'To sleep, Shellhead. To sleep. And tomorrow, you will go out with me. Deal?’

Tony grumbled, but leaned into the touch nevertheless. 'Not fair. But deal.’

Woozi: Sometimes, Help Is What You Need (pt 3)

pt 1 pt 2

Summary: another single dad!jihoon because guess what I’m still weak and also because I was peer pressured

special mention: kimmy (@leejihoonz) because she was the one that peer pressured me

You lean further into Jihoon’s embrace, allowing your eyes to flutter shut as the movie in front of you continues to play. Jihoon’s arms are wrapped tight around you while Minhyuk, three years old, is passed out on the couch beside you, his head resting on your thigh. You’re half way to falling asleep when your phone rings. You think that ignoring it would be a great idea at this moment, snuggling further into Jihoon. You whine when he moves, reaching across your body to grab your phone for you.

“It’s Jungkook.” Jihoon says, showing the phone to you. You pout and shake your head.

“Tired. You answer it.” You say. He sighs and stands up to do as you ask. You curl up with Minhyuk on the other side of the couch.

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evgeni-geno-malkins  asked:

i am so super sorry you're struggling right now <3 i'm not sure if it fits within the parameters of what you're asking for, but i would love to hear more about your sid/g selke au if you're so inclined. OR here is a potential prompt snagged from a gym/workout au prompt post that feels very sid/g to me: 'I have a favorite bike/elliptical/treadmill, and every time I come to the gym, YOU’RE ON IT, no matter what time of day or night it is.'

FYI I almost did the selkie one, but WE WILL GET TO THAT.  Just, I was at the gym tonight, and …

“I’m telling you, it’s every time.”  Sidney flings his towel over the treadmill display and climbs onto the track.  “Every time I’ve come here this month.”

“Have you thought of trying a different time of day?” Flower asks from where he’s doing his stretches, and Sidney tosses a glare back at him.

“Of course I have.  It doesn’t matter if it’s before work or after, he’s always here.  I came in the middle of the night once, almost ten o’clock–”

“Sidney,” Flower moans, sounding pained.  “Unless you’re an eighty-five year old man, ten o’clock is not the middle of the night.” 

Anyway.  I got a mile into my run, and he showed up again.  Just stared me down until I finished.”

“Okay, I believe you.”  Flower twists himself into another configuration that makes Sidney briefly wonder if he’s even really human.  Surely human people aren’t supposed to bend that way.  “Have you tried, I don’t know … using another machine?”

“I’m the one who gets here first!” Sidney protests.  He punches the program into the machine a little more aggressively than necessary.  “I should be able to use the treadmill I want without getting crap about it.”

“I thought you said he never said anything.”

“Silent crap,” Sidney amends.  “Just wait, you’ll see.”

“Maybe not,” Flower says soothingly, and gets up to head for the free weights.  “Maybe he won’t show today.”

“He always shows,” Sidney grumbles, stabbing at the Start button.

He likes this gym, he thinks sullenly, popping his earbuds in and turning on his music.  It’s well-equipped and close to his house, and for a small extra fee he has 24/7 access.  During the busy part of the school year, it’s sometimes a choice between coming in the middle of the night–and fuck Flower, anyway, when you’ve got a classroom full of second-graders waiting for you first thing in the morning, ten o’clock absolutely counts–or skip working out altogether.  Not an option, as far as Sidney’s concerned.  Constant access means not having to improvise and drive his neighbors crazy by running the stairs at all hours, the way he had to do at his last place.

The only downside, really, is–walking through the doors.  He told Flower, he told him so.  Sidney sets his jaw and keeps his head down, refusing to look.  The guy is only trying to bait him, after all.  As usual, he heads straight for the weights, but Sidney can practically feel the weight of his eyes on him.

He’s not going to look behind him, though.  He won’t give this asshole the satisfaction.

Especially not when he can see him perfectly well in the reflection in the windows in front of him.

It’s the same story every time.  For the past couple of weeks he’s come to work out, and this guy–tall, dark hair, broad shoulders, and what Sidney’s pretty sure qualify as permanent bedroom eyes–passive-aggressively stares at him the entire time he’s on the treadmill.  The first couple of times, he’d ignored it.  After that, he noticed that the guy always gets on the same machine a minute or two after Sidney gets off, and figured that explained it. 

And he’s tried, god, he’s tried to be accommodating.  He of all people can understand the importance of a favorite piece of equipment.  But either he has a stalker or this mystery guy actually lives at the gym, because no matter what time Sidney shows up, he’s always there.  Staring.

Sidney had waited a full week for the guy to ask him out before he accepted that his cardio rival was never actually going to speak.

If he watches the guy’s reflection as he goes through his routine with the free weights, Sidney figures that’s just turnaround being fair play.  He’s got great form, he notes idly, though it’s the smooth shift of muscle that really has his attention.  No harm, really, in enjoying the view.  He’s feeling smugly self-righteous about the thought when he sees Flower lever himself up from his bench and approach Sidney’s mystery man.

He stumbles, but manages to catch himself before the treadmill flings him into a wall.

No, no no no no no.  He scowls at Flower’s reflection, trying to beam the thought directly into his brain, but it’s too late.  He can’t hear the words, but he can see the two of them exchange some sort of a greeting, and make out the shadow of a smile on Flower’s face that always means trouble, almost always for Sidney specifically.  At a loss unless he wants to stop mid-run, he lowers his head again out of self-defense, trying to block everything out.  He doesn’t want to know.  Whatever crap Flower’s pulling right now–embarrassing Sidney or defending him, the odds are 50/50 either way–he doesn’t.  Want.  To know.

After five miles he finally lets himself slow, then gradually stop.  That’s enough cardio for the day, and he can make due with his own weights at home.  Flower, he thinks grumpily, can either be ready to leave or find his own damn way home.

He turns, climbing off the treadmill, and nearly runs straight into Mr. Tall Dark and Staring.

“Sorry,” he says automatically, tugging his earbuds out and stumbling back half a step.

“No worry.”  It’s the first time Sidney’s heard his voice.  He’s somehow surprised at how deep it is, and further surprised by the heavy, rich accent that he can’t quite place.

The smile catches him off guard as well, unexpectedly shy as it is, before the guy climbs on to take Sidney’s place on the machine, fitting his own headphones into his ears as he goes.

“You were right, Sidney,” Flower says, coming up behind him.  He’s got his towel and his water bottle, apparently anticipating Sidney’s demand to get out of there.  “Your imaginary friend isn’t so imaginary after all.  Well.”  He pauses to take a thoughtful drink.  “You were almost right.”

“I told you.”  Sidney heads towards the stairs, but pauses, frowning.  “What do you mean ‘almost’?”

“He were right about him watching you.”  Flower shrugs.  “But he wasn’t trying to psych you out, Creature; he was staring at your ass.”


“His name’s Geno.  He’s one of the gym’s trainers, so he’s here a lot.  Don’t worry,” he says, clapping Sidney on the shoulder as he edges past him.  “I gave him your number.”

“You–what?  Flower, you did what?” Sidney calls after him.  He pauses again, Flower’s laughter ringing in his ears, to glance back at the steady metronome of Geno’s long legs as he runs, the way his basketball shorts cling to him as he moves.

He has to admit, he can see the appeal of the view.

anonymous asked:

That scene made me feel weird and I'm not sure why. Felicity sounded like everything was black and white when it really isn't. I'm glad Oliver leaned on her and that shows progress but Oliver didn't leave for shits and giggles. He left to take himself out of a harmful environment and Felicity sort of dismisses it? It'd be great if the only problem was SC bu Oliver's mental health is important too and no one seems to care except him?

I see what you’re saying, anon. I can say, “The scene was cut that way in this promo to include her reaction along with his, who is to say we don’t get a conversation after this talking about his fears, etc.” but this is something to be talked about.

She does care about him, about his well-being and what this might mean for him. She knows how much this is fucking with him when Thea and Laurel say they need him to come back. 

His face says it all:


But so does hers.

Look at her in this scene, she’s clearly worried about him, because she knows what this means to him, what leaving Starling did for him - did for them - and what his fears are going back. She knows what kind of person he was before, the sacrifices he made, what it meant to him as a person and how he lived his life, she knows because she was there. She literally had to deal with this very thing for the entirety of Season 3 because this fool just could not get his head on straight, and a large part of that is because of his choices, because what choosing the Arrow meant to him. That was the thing he put to rest at the end of Season 3 - that divide (this is important later, keep reading).

She knows this isn’t an easy decision, by any means, and that it is literally tearing at his soul as he processes what Thea and Laurel are asking of him.

She is supporting him here, she is there for him, she’s got her hand on his back…


… being there physically, mentally and emotionally because Oliver just got done spending an entire summer baring his entire soul to her and she knows what this request will mean to him.

She knows how much this summer meant to him because it meant the same to her. It healed both of them in ways that staying in Starling City couldn’t possibly have.


Along with her knowing how much this is going to hit him, she also knows that he can handle it. This is important. She knows that Oliver probably doesn’t want to go, that he is very, very happy where they’ve landed, that he’s ready to stay there and be happy as a clam with Felicity for the rest of their lives. She knows that, because part of her feels the same way… but she’s also very realistic and honest with herself, a trait we know Oliver lacks within himself to a certain degree.

Saving the city, saving people’s lives, giving yourself to the greater good, being there for people, giving hope and happiness, making people feel safe where they live… that was a bigger part of Oliver than he is willing to see just yet. That’s something he’s going to learn as he settles into being the Green Arrow. He didn’t go into this mission at the beginning with good intentions, he went in to save the city from shitty people, but it was for the wrong reasons. It then started growing and transforming over the years, but the foundation stayed the same, which is why it was so ugly and negative for him, so detrimental to his health.

So, what’s changed? Why would Felicity be okay with him throwing himself back in like this?

Because Oliver has changed.

He has grown, he has healed, he is well on his way to being the Green Arrow (aka no split personalities, no identity issues), and Felicity was there every step of the way. She has seen it, she has watched it happen, and she knows that if Oliver chose to stay, to turn his back on Star City, that he’d regret it. He wouldn’t be choosing for his own health, he’d be making a selfish decision to turn his back, an actively selfish choice that he would regret and that would weigh him down for the rest of his life.

He left at the end of Season 3 because he was putting the Arrow to bed. He won’t be coming back as the “Arrow,” but rather as something else, something that has changed and grown into something better: The Green Arrow.

This is the thing that Felicity sees in him and in her - she’s just much more honest about what she got out of the mission, and that’s something he’s going to be learning this year. We know at the beginning of Season 3 that Felicity was already where Oliver is starting to go - she knows she can find balance with her career, her love life and saving the city at night; she knows this because it’s fulfilling and also because she fucking can. She knows the only person to get in the way of that would be herself, and she isn’t going to accept that. That was the entire point behind their argument after Sara died that she wants to live life as fully as possible, and she can’t do that with someone who wants to keep parts of him locked and hidden away, who is willing to accept that it’s impossible.

But Oliver is finally there.

She knows if Oliver consciously chose to stay out of Star City, it’d be because he’s scared, and Oliver Queen does not back down from a goddamn fight (and it will be a fight, and it’s something that they’ve always acknowledged - it won’t be easy. It will be hard and painful and challenging them every step of the way, but it will be worth it).

Another important thing to remember: she’s also part of this decision, not just in them being a couple, but in that she’s also part of the team, and that’s something Oliver recognizes, which is why he says that, which is why he invites her to say what he already knows is on her mind.


He already knows exactly what she’s going to say, you can see it all over his face (and in that light air of confrontation, that light air of ‘you’re being too quiet, and I know why, and I don’t really like it, and I know you don’t like that I don’t like it,’ and wow, they’re such a couple), because he knows Felicity Smoak just as well as she knows Oliver Queen.


She lays it out, she skips the steps he’d be taking to figure it out himself, she guides him to the answer they both know is right:

It’s time to go home.

This right here is a beautiful example of what we’re going to get this season.  

This is how a couple works and I cannot wait to see how they do back with Team Arrow - they’re going to have their own language now, things will have new and different meanings, they’ll be able to have an entire conversation without anyone else knowing what’s going on. 

We have to remember that they’ve had months we won’t get to see of bonding and sharing and being there for each other. Just because it’s not talked about doesn’t mean it isn’t relevant in the context of the scene, that it’s not important or considered; it is, and it will be, and

oh my god i am so excited for this.

anonymous asked:

Okay I've liked mtrench music since I was a wee one but never got into the fandom. But I saw them for the first time a couple of days ago and now I'm obsessed and I've been stalking Tumblr tryin to find all the important things to know when being in the fandom. anything specific you think I should know !!!!

welcome to the bandom! You’ll never get out mweheheheeeeehhh

sorry if this is a late reply ^^’

so yeah! I’ll help you out with some stuff.

•The fanbase are all called Trenchers

•Must watch the Marianas Trench: Legacy DVD. Its on Youtube, dont worry. It’s an old on-the-road documentary the band recorded of themselves back in ‘07 (or 2006 im not sure). Shows how the band started out and its super cute and funny.

•watch both of the Born To Be documentaries

•Josh is the lead singer and rhythm guitarist, Matt is a backing vocalist and lead guitarist, Mike is the bassist and does backing vocals, and Ian is the drummer and does backing vocals too. The entire band sings and their harmonies are heavenly

•Josh used to be a heroin addict and suffered with anorexia and bulimia, and self-harm and depression. Poor guy’s been through some shit and he made through all of it

•Josh may seem to be really gay but he’s just an effeminate metrosexual and he’s all about androgyny these days. He’s the youngest and only boy out of four sisters so you cant blame him lmao

•Matt is married, Ian is married, and Mike has a girlfriend. Ian recently had a daughter named Ella and Mike has a son named Tristan.

•Don’t talk about Josh’s relationship with Amanda to Josh or her. They used to be together, but if you heard Dearly Departed, or the entirety of Astoria except Forget Me Not, you know what happened

•They have 4 studio albums, Fix Me (2006), Masterpiece Theatre (2008), Ever After (2011), and most recently, Astoria (2015). They also have 3 EPs

•Josh was born June 11 1985 and is 30, gonna be 31 this year. Matt was born March 3 1987 and recently turned 29. Mike was born November 1 1981 and is 34, gonna be 35 this year, and Ian was born July 15 1983 and is 32, gonna be 33 this year. Matt is the youngest and Mike is the oldest.

•Matt is allergic to bananas. Josh doesnt like ice cream

•Josh is the sass queen, dont try to out-sass him lol

•Their music videos are always wacky and hardly ever serious, and the behind the scenes are less so. The only serious videos are Beside You, Good To You, By Now, and One Love

•Josh’s falsetto is fucking insane. He can get his voice to do insanely high notes. His voice is also damaged a bit from all the years of vocal abuse from scream singing, but he can still get those notes and he still sounds great live

•The fanbase are hearty people but beware of the really cringey and obnoxious Trenchers, and try not to become one

•Their Twitter’s are @mtrench, @JoshRamsay, @MattWebbMT. InstaGrams are @mtrenchofficial, @joshramsayofficial, @marianasmike, @mattwebbmt

These are just from the top of my head. I was gonna do more but i’ll let you do more discovering!

“I'm home.”

Request from @adsku : Can you do imagine where Sam & Y/N married. And y/n is in military. And She’s coming home. And She surprise Sam on his concert :) I love you <3 I love you too 


“I miss you ore than anything in this world. Please home home safely. We miss you. Thank you for protecting our country. We’ll see you when you get back.” I read to myself the letter I received from Sammy. I got deployed to Iraq about a year ago. Sam and I met when I first got back from my first deployment. I was in my uniform getting coffee,, and he approached me, thanking me for everything I do, and ever since then, we have been talking for 5 years. It’s hard being away from him and my family and friends but I chose this life after high school. I don’t regret it one bit. 

“From Sam?” I was shaken from my thoughts, as Matt sat across from me. “Yeah…” I just sighed deeply, missing him more after hearing his name. “Everything good back home?” “Yeah. He’s just about to go on tour. His sister’s birthday just passed. He’s been making more music. You know, the usual.” I just shrugged, folding the letter and putting it in my box. “Hey, I know you hate missing stuff happening in his life right now. But,” I started saying it with me, “We are doing it for the people.” I looked at him. “I know, I know.” “I got you. I’m here for you.” Matt hugs me. Matt and I met at our first deployment together. He’s been my partner and has had my back since. He’s dating my best friend, so we are pretty close. “Come on, we gotta go outside.” He pulled me up and we walked out of the tent. 

“Y/L/N!” The commanding officer yelled my name. “BAKER!” He also called Matt’s name. We approached him, fast and quietly, standing in formation. “Here.” He hands us a letter. I opened it and it was a letter of approval for a block leave. My eyes start to water, and jumping up on Matt, and he catches me, hugging in excitement! “We are going home!!” “We’re going home!” He yells, tearing also. “What day do we leave?” “The 18th.” I stood there, speechless. “That’s a day before Sam’s first concert in his tour!” I said excited. 

I started to e-mail Emily if she could help me plan everything. I wanted to surprise everyone back home. When she emailed back, she said Sam’s theme for the first show is dedicated to people in the military. My heart started to melt reading his proposal on his twitter, as all proceeds will go to the families who have families in the military and or has lost someone who was in the military. She agreed to pick me up from the airport, drive me to see my parents, and then drive me to Sam’s concert, so I could surprise him, and our friends. 

“Are you ready?” Matt holds my hand in his, “Yeah. Just nervous to see him. But excited to see his reaction when he sees me.” I say, looking out the window. Once we land, I got out the terminal, spotting emily. We both look at each other and I drop my bag, as we ran to each other’s arms, hugging tight and crying hard. “I brought some people with me, I hope that’s okay.” She pulls away, wiping her tears. I turn around and there stood Jessica, Ben, Annie, and Mac. Jessica attacked me in a hug, releasing fast enough to hug her boyfriend, Matt. Ben, Annie, and Mac surrounded me in a circle, giving me a group hug, as we all started crying. “Come on guys! We don’t have time! We have to pick up her family and then go to Sam’s concert!” She taps her watch, breaking us up, and pushing all of us in the van. 

Emily sped to my house because she said she would pick up my family and bring them to the concert. She knocked on the door, and they let her in while they all put on their shoes. I walked in quietly, and my mom starts bawling, running to me and hugging me tight. I hand her the flowers in my hand, as I hug my dad and my siblings. They all kept crying for a little, “I would love to just stay here and cry with you guys, but we have to go to Sam’s concert.” I started pointing towards the front door. “Let’s go!” I grabbed onto my brother and sister’s hands and we walked to the van, driving to the venue. 

When we got to the venue, Sam already started. We snuck in through the back and Emily kept me in the back room while she showed my family where they were going to be, and stood at the side of the stage with Ben, Annie, and Mac, and the guys. After an hour of him performing, he decided to take a little break, bringing out all the guys on stage, and they all started dancing, rapping, and all that. After 20 minutes of that, Emily pulled me from out the room and left me right behind the side curtain so no one could see me that was on stage. Sam quieted everybody and all the Wilk siblings ran on stage, filming him. “Are you guys having a good time?!” He yells into the mic and everyone screaming back at him. “I would like to invite the Y/L/N family up here on stage with me.” He extends his arm to the back, as a security guard, brought up my whole family on stage. He picks up my brother, and carries him in his arms, “How many of you guys know who they are?” Everyone screaming that they know them. 

“That’s right. This is Y/N’s family. As you all know, tonight is dedicated to families who have family members in the military and or has lost someone in the military. Our hearts goes out to everyone who knows someone serving in the military right about now. Mr. and Mrs. Y/L/N, I know how much you miss your daughter. I miss her too. I know how much you miss Michael also, may he rest in peace.” Sam kisses his finger tips, pointing his index finger to the sky, looking up, shouting out my brother who recently died from an attack while on deployment. “I just wanted to let you know, all proceeds made during this concert will be donated to the National Military Family Association in honor of Michael and Y/N. And because there are so many military families in here tonight,” A couple people in the crowd yells, “I had asked all of you to send me pictures of you and your military family and I put it in a video for you guys to watch, so enjoy.” He started playing the video along with this song. 

(Play song now! Press play while reading! Play it in the background. you won’t regret it.) 

As the video was being played, tears and sniffling started filling the air. In the middle of the video, Sam spoke into the mic, “I know guys. It’s getting to me too. Making me wish Y/N was here right now.” He continued to look up at the screen, watching the video along with everyone on stage. 

After the video, Sam and everyone on stage turned to the audience handing out tissues. Emily signaled Ben, and he ran to me, telling me it was time, and walked behind me, filming. I took in a deep breath, and slowly walked out from the curtain and onto the stage. I saw Emily filming from across the stage, and Annie filming from the middle of the stage. Once the crowd saw me walking onto the stage in my uniform, gasps flew from their mouths. They all looked at them in confusion. “I want her to come home too guys.” Sam said into the mic. I turned on the mic in my hand, “I’m home.” I said softly, smiling on the mic. All the boys froze. My family, giggling and smiling. All the guys turned around, spotting me. I watched as they all dropped to their knees, crying into their hands. I walked in front of Sam who was rocking back and forth on his knees, kneeling in front of him, handing him a bouquet of roses. He quickly grabs the flowers, throws it next to us, grabbing me and hugging me tight, crying into my shoulder. 

Everyone in the venue was crying again, sniffling even more, feeling some type of way. I let go of Sam so he could get himself together while I hug the rest of the boys. Once I hugged all of them, Sam runs into my arms again, hugging me even tighter this time. Everyone awwing. He finally pulls away, wiping his tears and wrapping his arm around my waist. “Oh my god.” He sniffles. “Did you guys know about this?” He asks the audience but they say no. He looks at the guys and asks them. “Sam, did it look like we knew? We dropped to our knees crying with you.” Johnson said over the mic. “How did you,” “Your sister.” I interrupted him. We look at his siblings as they smiled, waving the cameras they filmed on, showing they got a video of all of it. “This is the best day of my life.” He says into the mic, pulling me close, kissing my temple. I waved at the audience, and ran off stage, so he could finish the show. After he was done, he immediately ran to the back room, kissing my lips. “I love you so much. I’m so glad to have you back.” He pants after pulling away from me. “I’m home baby, I’m home.” Melting into his chest, as we hug for a cool minute. 

repierced  asked:

Let's say Netflix approached you for advice because they saw you owned a Pretty Little Liars blog and they were rebooting Pretty Little Liars after Free Form's finished with their show and perhaps films. They want a darker tone, more of a murder series then a teen series. If you had the chance to start PLL from fresh, who would you make A and what motive would you give? Also what changes would you make? Please answer, I'm really interested in this concept :)

Wowww this is such a good question! I’ve never answered anything like this before! 

To be honest it’s quite easy to answer though: NO HIGH SCHOOL.

I would’ve started season 1 from the age they’re at now in this time jump. Of course that would mean Aria would not have been Ezra’s student which is a major story line of the show, but that’s okay, I would put them in a work environment where it is still considered inappropriate to have that relationship.

I would start from them all being 22/23 because it’s the high school vibes that really have prevented this show from being bigger than what it is. Without getting into exact ages, I can image that the whole “ABC Family” thing and “16 year old girls” and “queen bee goes missing” and “mysterious anonymous stalker by text” is really what restricted the show to this younger audience. 

I would get rid of that all. 

I would have promos everywhere like “you won’t believe what happens in the final minute”, as opposed to a scene of a teenager sitting on a chair saying “#AliTellsAll, watch and tweet live with us!!”
How To Get Away With Murder did that above promo one of their finales, and wow, that final minute deserved to be emphasised in the promo trailer.

I would seriously just ‘go there’. I really feel like the writers hold back. Spencer was A for only one episode (because ABCF told Marlene no). Toby was A for only 12 episodes! No!! Ezra was revealed as possibly A but later was just writing a book. They start some amazing story lines and pull out before they can fully execute them. 

I wouldn’t be afraid to get the audience talking, even if it’s in a negative way like “why would Toby do that to Spencer!!!” Oh, he did it to protect her? How cliche. I would go full extreme like Toby legitimately fell in love with his step sister Jenna and he thought Spencer blinded her and he really needed revenge, and he never really loved her, until Jenna tells Toby that it was actually Alison who was behind the Jenna thing, but by then it’s too late because Spencer is in hospital because of a seriously dangerous stunt, end the finale with Spencer possibly dying before Toby can truly say sorry and “I love you”, then we come back in the premiere and Spencer is alive but A has taken Toby away, etc.

There’s sooooo many possibilities to make the show more mature, extreme, dark and mysterious! Also I would not have pulled out from the storylines where Byron is involved. That had sooooo much potentional; maybe he got her pregnant and killed her. Yes that’s extreme for 16 year old Alison and Byron who is a father in THIS show, but in my show Ali would be 24/25 and Byron would be divorced.

I seriously would make A be Alison. Not any of the other liars, I admit that is still too far and no matter what, the show should never go there. But Alison was so bitchy in her flashbacks when she was ‘dead’, so she has it in her. Why would Ali be A? All the girls were drunk that night and collectively, they all ‘killed’ her for her bitchy ways. And when I say bitchy ways, I don’t mean “I’ll tell Melissa you’re kissing Ian”. Step it up! Bitchy as in “I will tell the world you had sex with a cop and paid him to keep quiet”. That’s a bad example, but you know what I mean. These girls really wanted her dead. They got drunk, shit happened. They ‘hit’ her, and became A to get revenge. But of course, that’s just the beginning. It would stem off from there with twins, transgender secret children who are looking for Ali and think the liars killed her, etc.

I would add more swearing, too. The worst we’ve heard is bitch, and wow… in the finale they stepped it up when CeCe said bastard!!!

I would just give the audience what they want. Yes, have fillers, but make them sooooo interesting. Every episode, reveal something. And when I say reveal, I don’t mean ‘give an answer’ or else the show would be done by season 3. But reveal something in the sense of A sending a message that changes the game completely like A posting all over social media photos of the girls at Ali’s open grave. DO SOMETHING EXTREME! 

Make us legitimately feel like the girls are screwed. Check-mate. A needs to put them in a scenario almost every episode where they are so screwed and need all the luck in the world to get out of the mess. THAT would be entertaining, and if it’s done right, seriously… I would want a season 8.

I could write about this all day, as you can tell. There’s so many areas of this show I would love to change and it could literally be one of the best shows on television. The concept is there, but the excecution by Marlene and Freeform ain’t the best. They hold back. They restrict themselves from making it on par with HTGAWM. 

Overall, to sum it up in 5 words: I would make it super
sexy, scandalous, mature, suspenseful and mind-blowing.

ittybittybro  asked:

hiiiiiya my dear soapysoapy i know you love angst and i've been really in the mood for some intense angst, do you know any good fic that'll completely break me but have a happy/hopeful ending bc i'm still a weenie ???


there should be stars (for wars like ours) ~20k WIP

tonight, in the neon glow from miami, louis blinks once, twice, before he sings, quiet and high, “sweet dreams till sun beams find you.”

harry ducks into his neck, blushing, breathes into the space near his ear, “sweet dreams that leave all worries behind you.”

this tradition began in liverpool. harry’d been holding him at the last second, had breathed dream of me, lou, before he’d been reset. now, they’ve got a song to go with it. louis presses as close to him as possible: his bum pressed out so their hips and tummies and chests are aligned, hearts jack rabbiting together. harry loves him so much he can’t think.

“but in your dreams, whatever they be,” louis kisses his earlobe, murmurs, “dream a little dream of me.”

Play Me a Memory ~14k

The entire world is made of saltwater and Louis works at a coffee shop. Harry could be happier.

a grocery list pinned to blue ~19k

AU. after eight years, louis finally has everything he’s wanted. except for harry.

shore to shore (nothing’s more) ~7k

harry is a rich kid at the local private school who is always wishing he was somewhere else and louis is a golden skinned towny who works at the dock where harry’s father keeps their boat. he has eyes like oceans and harry wants to drown.

we won’t stop burning ‘till we reach the sun ~4k

louis likes a certain garden and a certain boy with green eyes.

(or the one where louis was in a car accident and he finds more than a cure at his recovery center.)

loosely based off “featherstone” by the paper kites

phosphenes ~11k (eating disorder tw)

Phosphenes n. the stars and colors you see when you rub your eyes.

“I miss you, Lou.” Harry says.
“’M right here.” Louis answers.

things have gotten closer to the sun ~49K (depends on your definition of happy ending)

it’s strange, making the choice to face his past—it almost feels like he’s heading for the sun straight on, like he’s screaming come on and burn me, i deserve it.


when a solar flare is announced to end the world in twelve days, harry reunites with the people that he used to know better than the back of his own hand.


louis falls for harry

harry falls for louis

but harry is sick

louis wants to fix him

wrap your fingers around my thumb ~12k

Harry hides out in Brighton. Louis finds him. Together they figure out how to grieve. And how to come home.

and then these 3 are a lilo series and i’ll never stop reccing them but super huge major trigger warnings

show your cards and watch me fall ~2k

Liam sits upright when he hears the flat door bang open. He wasn’t asleep – he doesn’t sleep a lot anymore, and even less when Louis’ out drowning himself in vodka or tequila or whatever his choice drink of the night is – but the noise startles him.

all your monsters in the night ~1k

When Liam decides he wants to kill himself, it’s four am and his tea has gone cold.

restart the heart you gave me ~25k

“I—” Louis starts, stopping himself abruptly and taking an extended pause before rushing out, “I miss you,” so fast that Liam almost, almost doesn’t catch it. He hears Louis’ sharp intake of breath on the other end and thinks that maybe Louis is just as surprised by his admission as he is. Okay.