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Revenge on homophobic dad

So I came to visit my dad on Easter and I’ve never heard so many homophobic words in 6 fucking days. He went full on how gross and disgusting and all that homophobic bullshit and then - of course - he fetishised lesbians, because “they are nice to look at”. I got really pissed when he started to wonder if Church will let him change godfather for my brother, because the one he has Come out as gay couple weeks ago… I was like “what is wrong with you? I honestly want to know?!?!?”

I tried to use reasoning but it failed so now I’m in the middle of making my revenge in couple simple steps:

1. Go on yt and watch so many gay (les too but not two attractive models making out) videos ad you can so recommendation on yt will always show gays.
2. Go to his porn account (I just happened to know his login and password to everything so that’s not a problem) and also watch gay (this time male/male only) videos and like them, comment maybe so it will also jump on in recommendation.
3. Say you are gay. Bonus: Suggest having a gf and say that “those sleepovers you let me go to were total fun”
4. Trick him into watching gay movies(:
“Brokeback mountain” may not be a good to start with, because most people knows it’s gay. Better start with some less known movies) then watch him storm out the room when he reliased what he is watching.
5. Made him read gay ff - must be slowburn. I will tell him that I wrote it and he - as a good father and shit - should support my dreams and read this. Make him fully invested before he reliase it’s gay love story.
6. Find out how many celebrities he likes are gay. Watch movies with those people and when they appear on screen say “Did you know he/she is gay?”
7. Find out how many historical figures and his idols may be gay and destroy his image of them.
8. After this he will probably start to fight: “its not important that he is gay, because he did something and he is my Idol”. Make a face and make him understand what he just said.
9. If 8 happens give him a break because he starts to get it.
10. if 8 does not work just jump straight here and be as gay as possible. Mention things about pride during meals, show how much LGBT community suffered over the time, try to make him understand something (if he doesn’t plan vacation and place him in one room with gay uncle)

(I’m currently at point 2. Revenge Is on)

UPDATE (which i should add a while ago but I’m shit so yeah): https://futurepast56.tumblr.com/post/159791268652/revenge-on-homophobic-dad
Wrong One (Jamilton + Laf)

AN: yet another late fic of questionable value

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Gilbert came back from his run to find Thomas hunched over a mug of coffee at the kitchen counter. That was an unusual sight on the weekend. 

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This last week...

You know what, I’ve always had some difficulty getting involved with some LGBT fandoms because of one huge problem that most of them share.

When things are going their way they are really supportive and polite, but when things get difficult some of them can be the most intolerable, scummy people I’ve ever met in my life.

Fandoms of straight ships can get pretty bad, but I’ve never seen them even begin to approach the level of vitriol that can come from angry LGBT shippers.

This only generally applies to a very small number of people within that fandom, but that small number consists of the most detestable people I’ve ever encountered.

Just a little over a week ago, before the airing of episode 9, I thought that the Wayhaught fandom was free of these toxic influences. Well consider me enlightened. Some of you turned so quickly against the show, the characters, the ship and even the actors it was stunning.

There is a difference between not liking where a show is going and expressing that, and just becoming so homicidally pissed off that you start outright attacking people.

I watch reaction videos for every episode, and one commonality of the last episode was that if the reactor wasn’t upset about Waverly kissing another woman, someone would just lose their shit in the comments.

I stay off of twitter for sanity’s sake, but with tumblr it was the same thing. With one two second kiss there was a HUGE divide between the people who were merely and understandably upset, and those who outright decided that Waverly was the most horrible person in existence and that kiss had officially erased every good thing about Waverly.

Many of you had problems, or didn’t have problems, and expressed it in a way that was normal. Some of you went batshit fucking insane and went on a self-righteous rampage.

I can’t imagine this wife reveal is going to make things any better over the next week, which is going to make this fandom even less fun to be around.

Let me just tell you one thing: Go watch Lost Girl. What’s happening here is mild in comparison, but the LGBT ship still had a happy ending on that show. Well…one of them. It’s complicated.

Trust me, Wayhaught could be in a MUCH worse position than it is right now if Emily was as determined to screw you over as much as your paranoia thinks she is.

To the people who have managed to keep their minds intact, thank you for being awesome, but to those who lost theirs over this last week, people like you are the worst part of LGBT fandoms. Whenever a show is looking for an excuse to screw us over, they point to people like you who spam social media with anger and hate when even the slightest thing happens to inconvenience their ship.

You made the Wayhaught tag on tumblr, and the comment section of reaction videos extremely unpleasant to scroll through.

anonymous asked:

i'm new to the vld fandom, i only just started watching it like 2 weeks ago. i fully expected to come out of it shipping kl*ance since that's the only ship i even heard of prior to watching the show, it was everywhere on my dash. and then sheith happened. it's so good it's so so good i love them sm. tbh your blog played a big part in making me ship it too.

ahh welcome! i’m so glad you enjoyed it! and yeah, i’ve heard this a lot. sheith is just… //clenches fist

so damn sweet.

okay but can we talk about how in robbie’s dreams, sportacus is full of admiration for him???

at a superficial level, Robbie wants to win. He wants to be acknowledged for being good at something (in this case being the laziest of Lazy Town). But he doesn’t want acknowledgement from just anyone; he wants it from Sportacus. He wants Sportacus to be proud of him. Of course we know Sportacus is proud of everyone who has a go, and gee whiz Robbie has a go at a lot of things. But I don’t think Robbie realises that Sport is proud of him in his own way. This dream doesn’t mock Sportacus when kneeling; in fact this dream depicts a close friendship especially with Sport touching Robbie’s arm. Robbie doesn’t flinch here.

Of course this is the same episode where Robbie literally tries to kill Sport by catapulting soccer balls at him while he is dangling from the airship. So I think Robbie doesn’t know how to deal with the idea that he wants, not just people to like him, but close friendship. As the sinnamon roll he is, he makes a poor choice and we never get to see the fallout of the episode, but Sport seems just as nice to him after as before.

Look I don’t know! I started watching Lazy Town a week ago and the last screencap kills me.

First Impressions (Part 2)

Prompt: Imagine your friend, Anthony Mackie, brings you with him to an event and introduces you to his friend, Sebastian, who’s blown away by you. He immediately starts flirting and acting silly because you make him nervous and he just wants to impress you

Warnings: flirting (adult style), language (always, with me, come on)

Word Count:

Notes: If anyone has kids or wives out of the celebrities mentioned, in this universe, they sort of don’t exist….Just for the sake of keeping it concise. Beta’d by @like-a-bag-of-potatoes (because shes perfectly amazing) and I could NOT, not, just not have done any of this at all without my amazing girl, @amarvelouswritings

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A week had passed since you met Sebastian, Chris, and Bee. Bee was an absolute delight and you and her were becoming best friends quickly as you texted each day about the trials of being actresses. You sent funny snaps back and forth about being in hair and makeup, staying up late to learn lines, the typical actress life.

You were now at an interview for Jimmy Kimmel live. One, for promoting the movie you just started directing, second, to announce that you had been chosen for the newest Marvel movie. Just as you emerged from the dressing room to await for your announcement, you ran into Sebastian.

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Venti Americano || Park Chanyeol

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Word Count: 1,321

Park Chanyeol + Barista!Reader + Fluff

—If you see a tall guy with big ears and pale skin in the small coffee shop Downtown, just know he isn’t there for the coffee.

Chanyeol wasn’t an avid coffee fan. Perhaps he’ll drink a cup when he’s in need of caffeine for a boost in working late at the studio (since Soju won’t work and Red Bull scares the shit out of him), but he wouldn’t really drink out of likeness or pleasure.

So, how come Chanyeol found himself standing in line for a Venti Americano in the small coffee shop downtown? Well.. It actually started 2 weeks ago.

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Alright. Long, pro-Spuffy post.

Here we go.

Things to know before we start: I am pro-Spuffy, anti-Bangel. That being said, I do not hate Angel. At all. Or Buffy, even though I get a little heated about her in the post below. I didn’t watch Angel or read the comics. I read the synopses of both and watched the Spike scenes of S5 of Angel (because I love Spike). I am not forgiving Spike for attempting to rape Buffy. So, when we get there, remember I said that. I’m probably gonna be really thorough because I’m really obsessed with this show right now as I just finished it a week ago. Finally, I don’t like comparing Spike and Angel. Whether it’s with a soul or without. However, it’s sort of necessary to explain why I love Spike for Buffy. So, that’s why I’m gonna say again: I don’t hate Angel. But I need to compare the two because, basically, that’s what Buffy has had to do to make her choice. Soooo let’s get into it.

Basically I’m gonna break this down into three-ish Spikes. I won’t, like, stick to it very well, but it’ll be a basic outline. So: Pre-Buffy love, Post-Buffy love, Post-Soul. I’m gonna talk about Human!Spike as well and by the seasons. But let’s start with the Angel/Spike comparison to get it out of the way.

So, many people have said this before but, Spike fell in love with Buffy before the soul. This is important. We’ll come back to that. But let’s get something straight: Angel and Angelus are the same person. Okay, if you lot don’t wanna separate Soulless!Spike and Ensouled!Spike and want to say things like “How can Buffy love him after he attempted to rape her?!”, then we’re not gonna separate Angel and Angelus. Know what that means? Oh, yeah, you do.

It means that Soulless!Angel was, by and large, worse than Soulless!Spike. And not just because of what we saw in present day Buffy. Because of the flashbacks as well. William was once, even without a soul, a sentimental sweetheart. Yes, he still drank people, bad Spike. But it wasn’t until he had been broken and beaten down that he became “William the Bloody.” I mean, look at Angelus and Drusilla. Poor William was crushed when he caught them together. We saw that in S2 of Buffy when Angel was soulless, as well. On the other hand, Angelus didn’t give any shits about anything he did, who he did it to, or what it meant. For Spike, it was power that drove him. For Angelus, it was evil. Angel even said so in Angel. So, back to the before the soul love we were talking about. Spike was capable of it, even sought it out. Angelus could have been capable of it, who knows, but he didn’t want it. He wanted ruin. And, I know we’re all tired of hearing it, but it’s an important point that Angel had 100 years to grow into the soul and where he ended up when we met him in 1997 was basically where Spike was after 1 year with a soul. So. 

Now, that doesn’t mean I wish Angel ill, at all. The whole “Angelus was cursed, him having a soul doesn’t count” argument doesn’t work except to backup what I just said: he didn’t want to be good, until he was forced to be. But he did become good. He tried and he felt the guilt and he atoned and at the end of the day, Angel is one hell of a guy. 

But he’s not the one for Buffy. Here’s why:

When Spike fell for Buffy, he did not do a 180 all of a sudden. Obviously. He was still bad (as much as he could be with the chip) and he was still a douche. The reason that many of us still loved Spike at this point is because that’s Spike. Spike is crass and brutal and a sarcastic little shit. We wouldn’t want it any other way. But he changed. For her and because of her. And that story is so, so powerful. Shall we take a tour?

So, in “School Hard,” Spike comes to Sunnydale. He’s young, free, and in love. He’s also out to bag a third slayer. Who could blame him? He is a vamp, that’s what they do right? Throughout S2 of Buffy we see Spike go through an arc, from a cocky, entitled vampire to a broken, embarrassed, and hurt one. 

Sidebar: I love how, at any given point during Buffy or Angel, you can just tell that Spike is the “baby” vampire between him and Angel. And I don’t mean that in a bad way, it’s just a really great relationship that they have, Angel treating him like an annoying brother and Spike lashing out at him while still feeling inferior.

Back on track. So, he teams up with Buffy. Our first glimpse at a mutually beneficial relationship for the two. Here we get a solidified notion of what Spike+Humanity would look like. The next time we see that is S3 of Buffy, “Lover’s Walk.” Such a great episode for Spike. It shows how much love can drive him crazy but also fill the empty space in him where his soul should be. And it establishes Spike as an extremely intelligent creature, not just the mindless animal we thought him to be before (I’m talking about the “you’ll never be friends” speech, here). 

S4. So Spike’s in Sunnydale looking for invincibility (lol, that lasted a long time, huh?). And then the chip happens. Oh, the chip. This is so important to his arc and, eventually, his and Buffy’s. So, as much as I would like to believe otherwise, Spike wouldn’t have reached for goodness or fallen for Buffy like he did without the chip. In my opinion, he still could’ve “fallen for her,” but it would’ve been much more of a “I want to get in your pants” deal than a “I want you to love me back” deal.

So, the chip neuters William the Bloody. And so he has to integrate himself into the Scoobies as much as he can, not only to get money, but also to kill…demons that is. Mini-sidebar: I love how Spike goes from “I guess I’ll have to kill demons instead” to “I know it’s wrong to kill people, so I’ll kill demons so I still get to kill” to “It’s wrong to kill, but demons are bad, so I will do it to protect the world.” Amazing.

I know, I know. This isn’t a Spike post! Get on with the Spuffy! Sorry, I just love him so much.

Here we are, S5. Spike realizes he loves Buffy. Here’s my take: S5 was Spike’s “unhealthy” phase (for the most part) and S6 was Buffy’s (until the attempted rape, obviously). S7 was peace, but we’ll get there. Okay, so Spike is obsessed with Buffy, right? Not in a cute way. In a I-steal-your-underwear-and-pictures-of-you-from-your-house-and-also-sometimes-also-stalk-outside-the-house-and-I-also-made-a-sex-robot-of-you way. I’d almost go so far as to say he reached actual stalker level what with the chaining her up in his crypt thing. But he didn’t, like, kill Riley or try to hurt her (and he wouldn’t of, either, regardless of the chip because he doesn’t hurt Buffy), so I’ll refrain from calling him a full blown stalker. 

Okay, so from here on in, I’m gonna say something frequently that a lot of you won’t like: I was pissed off at Buffy and Buffy’s treatment of Spike to the point that I can’t go back and watch the full Spuffy scenes that involve her being “revolted” or rejecting him because it just pisses me off so much. 

In S5, Spike’s love for Buffy was incredibly immature. You know when you get into your first relationship and everything is be all, end all? Like, everything they do makes you squee and you have to be around them all the time, but if you have a fight you just get so beyond pissed and sad that your life is falling apart? Yeah, that was Spike. Buffy obviously wasn’t his first, but I do firmly believe that he didn’t hold this type of love for anyone before. His love with Drusilla, for one, was mutual and they were on the same side. I think loving someone that was so opposite him really messed Spike up. He didn’t know how to love her. Not until the soul. 

Okay, Buffy dies. That part where Spike cries??? Jesus Christ, ow. I thought I was dying. S6 now. Spike watched out for Dawn. Just like he said he would. If you don’t think that’s intensely powerful, who are you? He easily could’ve said “Nah, I’m just gonna go back to being alone” and left all of that behind. He didn’t know she was going to come back. But he loved her so much that he erased everything he had been for 100+ years to do the one thing she’d ever asked of him. Not to impress her, but because he knew it was the right thing. Because she treated him like a man.

When. He. Saw. Her. Alive. Again. Oh. My. God. Broke my heart. He counted the days. He was so gentle with her. He let her talk about whatever she wanted, he let her use him, let her do anything and everything just so she’d feel better.

The first real kiss: “Once More, With Feeling.” Oh, yeah. We’re gonna talk about the musical. A lot. Rest in Peace is such a heart breaking song. Because, honestly, Spike is 100% right. He shouldn’t have to suffer because he can’t have Buffy. Confiding in him is one thing, but what Buffy started to do was take advantage of him. That line in the song “You know/you got a willing slave”, explains it perfectly. Walk Through the Fire is a brilliant song, for one. But it also shows how much Spike wishes he could hate her, how he 100% knows that he’ll never do anything but love her, how he’ll follow her to the end of the world, and also how much he understands what it is that she’s going through, like no one else can. Something to Sing About, that little bit at the end that Spike sings to Buffy is so beautiful. All he wants is for her to live. And to want to live, to want to try. Where Do We Go from Here? is a group sing, yes, but for Spike and Buffy it’s sort of like a red herring combined with a really ironic ending (the kiss). It explains why Buffy hadn’t reached out to Spike before then, but also why it failed at the end of S6. It’s all about walking “alone in fear.” Buffy never allowed herself to be loved or to love.

That was too much on the musical, sorry. This is a long ass post. We rage on!

Important Sidebar: Spike never, even in S5-6, expressed his love for Buffy just to get in her pants. Never. He always wanted her to love him back. As fucked up and destructive as the two ended up being, the love Spike had for her was as genuine as it could’ve been at the time. Remember, he didn’t use her, she used him.

So, here’s the thing that pisses me off from this point forward: they kiss, Buffy brushes it off; they have sex, Buffy waves it away, and yet Buffy keeps coming back. Look, I don’t totally blame Buffy. Obviously. I mean, she got pulled out of heaven and then had to dig herself out of her grave. She has her own issues. I respect that. And she didn’t just take it out on Spike. She abused Giles and neglected Willow and whole bunch else. But the bottom line is: by the last third of S6, she knew what she was doing and she was totally clear headed about it. She knew what she was doing before, but she couldn’t stop herself. She needed it, so she could feel. But right around the time Riley showed up and she went to Spike’s and said “Tell me you love me, tell me you want me”, I knew she knew she was tearing into Spike and she didn’t give a damn. From there, the blame falls on Spike.

She breaks it off with him because she doesn’t want to keep using him (further backing up the fact that she knew what she was doing). And Spike loses it. 

Here’s the thing: Rape is not okay, never, ever, but that wasn’t Spike. And I’m not talking about “not Spike” in a soul/no soul way. Spike is Spike, before or after the soul. And besides, people rape other people all the time, and they’ve got souls in them, right? This has nothing to do with the soul. I believe the episode title for the attempted rape episode is “Seeing Red.” That’s what it was. It was Spike in the sense of his body, personality, memories, etc., but that was not Spike’s mind. As I said before, he lost his mind. That’s not an excuse, but you can clearly tell that Spike knew instantly that he’d done something terrible, unforgivable. He was broken and hurt and an empty shell of pain. And the fact that he left Sunnydale to get his soul back, not only for Buffy, but to be a better man testifies that the bathroom scene was simply not him. He wouldn’t of done it as a human, he wouldn’t of done is at William the Bloody, he wouldn’t of done it when he was with Dru, it was a blind, senseless act that he’ll regret until the day he’s dust. That’s not me forgiving him, that’s me saying that all of us do despicable things and if we never reformed or help others reform, we’d have one hell of a miserable world.

Okay, S7. Spike was being controlled/tortured by the First, yes, but I do think that his new soul had something to do with his crazed state. Not as much as the First did, but some. And I say that because, remember Angel? Remember how sad and dilapidated he was because he was wracked with guilt? That’s what happened with Spike. It was just amplified because of the First.

Buffy is wary of him, and that’s good. She should be. But I think she also recognizes immediately, at least on some level, that Spike has changed (more than the obvious I-live-in-the-school-basement thing). When Spike is lucid, she has every right to be nervous like she was in the first chunk of episodes. 

But by the end of S7, the fact that their relationship grows to the point of trust and love demonstrates just how much Spike changed and how good of a man he is.

So, I wanna talk more in depth about the pre-post soul thing. Here’s what I believe: part of the change Spike went through was due to the soul (the guilt he felt forced him to see everything in a different light than before, for example), but part of it was done on his own. Meaning, after the attempted rape, Spike would’ve taken steps to improve who he was anyway. The soul was one of those steps, and it helped him to “recover” fully, but he would’ve had some degree of growth regardless.

So, here we are, with my favorite version of Spike. I know some people don’t like “love’s bitch” Spike or “mushy-gushy” Spike, but I love it. Not because I’m gushy. Jesus, I’m so far from gushy. I love it because Spike went through a huge arc. We met him as William the Bloody, learned about Willy and his past, and what we’re left with at the end of the series is just purely Spike. He’s still sarcastic and a fighter, like William the Bloody, but his humanity and compassion shines through, like Willy. Spike is the perfect, final product of an epic journey of discovery. 

Sorry, back to Spuffy.

Buffy learns to trust Spike again. Because she recognizes that the “bad” things he did (in S7) weren’t his fault, because she recognizes that he’s changed. One of my favorite things to talk about with Spike in S7 is his total backseat attitude when it comes to Buffy. He doesn’t try to get back with her, he tries to be conscious of how/if he’s touching her, he doesn’t make sexual comments/suggestions, he doesn’t confess his love over and over or beg her to forgive him or feel sorry for him. He’s totally and completely letting her have the control. That’s the real reason she trusts him again. Because he’s pure. He doesn’t need to say he loves her over and over or convince her he’s changed because it shows. Even when he doesn’t intend it to, his light shines through and draws Buffy to him once again.

Finally, I want to talk about the last three episodes of the series. The Spuffy moments, that is. At the point of “Touched”, Buffy trusts Spike again. This is one of the few times in the season Spike voices his feelings without filter, and it isn’t for selfish reasons like it sometimes had been in the past. It was to give Buffy confidence and worth. Because he loves her enough to that for her. The speech he gave is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV. It’s totally selfless. And when she asks him to stay with her, he’s prepared to sleep in a chair to make her comfortable; but then she asks him to hold her and, no hesitation, he goes to her. The fundamental difference between this Spike and the Spike in S6 is this Spike thought of Buffy first. He heard that she needed him and he went to her. I’d wager that he didn’t want to let himself think “this is the best night of my life” because he didn’t want it to be about him, he wanted to focus on her, be there for her.

And that brings us to “End of Days.” God, the dialogue between the two of them in the last three episodes is just amazing, yeah? The talk they had in the kitchen was so beautiful. Same thing, Spike didn’t want to make that night about him but he admitted that it was the best night of his life, and Buffy glowed. This is the first time, in my opinion, that Buffy got that fuzzy feeling in her belly because of Spike. Before, anything close to “I love you” from Spike made Buffy react like “Please don’t say that, I don’t want this to be serious, that’s too much to think about.” This conversation is the first time Spike says something like “I love you” and Buffy thinks “Oh my God, this amazing man thinks watching me sleep and holding me was the best night of his life.” 

Okay, “Chosen.” I’m gonna cry. Pull it together! The basement scene. Buffy left Angel for Spike. She said she was “baking,” but, at least for the night, she was done baking and Spike got the cookies… Okay, ew. Sorry. Moving on. Spike being jealous of Angel in the way he was jealous of Angel was so sad and beautiful and sweet. It wan’t angry or even bitter. He wasn’t cursing Angel or thinking “great, he’s taking my woman again.” He was hoping, praying to anything and everything that he wouldn’t lose this girl. Not the one he really, truly loved. Not the one that brought out the better side of him, the one that he’d forgotten. Not Buffy. 

And Buffy calling Spike a champion, kill me. It’s too beautiful for my heart to handle. And did you see how Spike glowed? He just felt so special, sort of like that moment in the previous episode with Buffy, you know, the “Oh my God, this amazing man” thing? Yeah, that. That’s how Spike felt. Seen, cared for, important, warm, hers. 

Buffy caressing Spike’s face, and then Spike holding Buffy again just topped off the episode for me. Beautiful.

Okay. Now the hard part. 

“I love you.”

“No, you don’t. But thanks for sayin’ it.”

Spike!!! But she does love you!!! And you didn’t believe it!!! She loved you as soon as your hands clasped. As soon as she looked into your eyes and saw everything she had, what she stood to lose. As soon as she saw you looking back at her. God that scene will forever make me want to die while singing the songs of heaven. 

Buffy’s last word in the series being “Spike” is perfect. Fuck you if you don’t think so. Sorry, I’m not usually mean, but he deserved it. He’s a beautiful, lovely man. A good man.

I wish they’d had just one more season. Because the mature love they shared in that very last moment was just blooming and it deserved one more season. Alas. We get it in the comics, though. And we get some Spuffy dialogue from Spike in Angel. I just can never get enough of the two of them. They’re the most beautiful, heart breaking, transcendent love story I’ve ever had the pleasure of watching. And I’m a hardcore Destiel shipper. It’s hard to get me to pull away from that. That’s how amazing Spike and Buffy’s love story is. 

If you’ve made it this far, good for you. I just needed to say it, all my thoughts. I love them so much, they mean so much to me. Spuffy forever. Always. 


So… I’m still in the middle of watching Sherlock… But now I’m also in the middle of watching Doctor Who~ xD (New series, so from 2005 ^-^)

But I finished three totally inacurate lil doodles of 9th, 10th and 11th Doctor(s?), so at least I have something to share! :D 

[Other Dr Who fanarts: Small Ten doodle, Nine and Ten w/ flowers, Nine and Eleven small doodles]

So, as anyone might expect, based on my url, I have a wide array of very intense Feelings about Romeo and Juliet. Like, memorize-the-entire-balcony-scene-for-fun kind of intense Feelings. It’s my favorite Shakespeare play and I could literally go on for days if not weeks about it. SO. That being said, I obviously was going to have a lot of feelings about Shonda’s new show, Still Star-Crossed. 

I remember when I first heard of the project, I was pretty furious. I am sort of protective of R&J and was not keen on the idea of a sequel- much less a sequel that unraveled the deeply poetic and meaningful finale. It didn’t help that the person unraveling it would be Shonda Deathtouch Rimes. But, honestly, I should have considered the fact that Shakespeare and Shonda would have definitely been buddies (they both love torturing their protags, I mean, come on, this was a match made in hell). 

As the previews started to show up a few weeks ago, I watched them with a measure of chagrin- which slowly became replaced by curiosity, and then, finally, by excitement. 

The cast is star-studded. What I’ve always enjoyed about Shonda’s shows is that they seem to have a good comingling of old hats and newcomers. You’ve got some familiar faces like Paris, Lord Capulet, Lord Montague, and Prince Escalus- and then you’ve got some brand new bright-eyed and bushy-tailed actors and actresses whose exuberance lights up the screen just as bright as their more well-practiced counterparts.

Colorblind casting is and continues to be my favorite thing. I absolutely love seeing these familiar characters filled in with all sorts of different shapes, sizes, and colors. Not only is it refreshing, but it’s also so exciting because it finally allows for the most talented individual to get the part they deserve. You’re seeing the best possible product, unlimited by a director’s attempt to “match” its stars. You’re seeing the best Rosaline- not the best white Rosaline. You’re seeing the best Romeo- not the best white Romeo.

Honestly, it’s such a freeing and utterly delightful thing to experience as an audience member, knowing that you’re seeing the best of the best, barring no restrictions. That’s what a lot of art is, in my opinion. Expression without restrictions. And that’s exactly what SSC is.

I mean, I loved it. I loved every second of it. It took me a few minutes to adjust to the altered canon, but once I did I was 100% on board. Romeo and Juliet were adorable and brilliantly cast, even if we only got to enjoy them for a few moments of screen-time. I loved seeing Torrance Coombs in a Renaissance setting again, but this time liberated by a better storyline. I loved seeing Anthony Head as another problematic dunderheaded patriarch. 

And do we even need to talk about how much of a dynamic powerhouse Rosaline is? I mean, Rosaline in the play has always been a subject of fascination to me, and Shakespeare left many unanswered questions about her, as Shakespeare does, that Shonda was more than poised and ready to answer. The actress playing Rosaline is simply fantastic. I’m really glad we got the best Rosaline, because a story as strong as this one needs her.

I’m pretty much chill with all the changes that have been made to the canon. Princess Isabella exists? Umm, totally down with that. Paris survived? Sure, why the heck not. Someone defaced the statue Montague commissioned? Yeah, sounds realistic. Escalus being in love with a Capulet but not being able to express that love for fear of being seen as choosing a side in the family feud? Sign me up for that drama. 

The only thing I don’t love, necessarily, is the cruelty of Lady Capulet. I have a lot of headcanons, I guess you could say, about Lady Cap, and it makes me sad to see her portrayed as such a shady chick. But it’s okay! I’m very interested to see where her character arc will lead. I’m open, I’m open. 

I hope this show doesn’t get canceled, guys. It doesn’t help that it airs so late at night, so I’m already Stressed. I mean, hell, I can’t even watch it that late. I am heartened to see the slowly burgeoning fan base, though. 

This show is so important. Like, seriously? Even Shakespeare would stan this show. His entire career was practically founded on the reimagining of classic legend, lore, and history. Imagine how much he’d dig the fact that someone today is now reimagining one of his stories.

So, people, please. 

Watch this show. 

The Manager’s Daughter - Cesaro x Reader

Summary:- You are the daughter of Mick Foley, and you spend a lot of time backstage at Raw. You grow close to Cesaro, developing strong feelings for him. A week after he protects you backstage, you think out loud what you should of said to him thinking nobody is listening - but he hears you. 

Warnings:- Mentions of violence (Sorry Lukey, i love you really)

Word Count:- 1,091

Request by @fabulousninjagirl


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I was tagged by @bobatea-boi and had nothing better to do so here we are, I’d post this to my main but you tagged the squitter blog so it’s going there.

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Favorite solo artist- Human Kitten, Atlas, Diveo

Song stuck in my head- We Will Commit Wolf Murder by Of Montreal

Last Movie I watched- Hotel Transylvania

When did I create this blog- I actually have some writing about this. It’s a dramatic rendition of how I got the idea. “3am on a Tuesday, laying in bed wide awake. Beside me are two empty bottles of code red. I’m wide awake but I don’t know what to do. I had just listened to be more chill for the first time a week ago, and was quickly becoming obsessed. I had posted fanart but I had gotten next to no notes. I needed something original. Something people would want. Something cute. I shook my head an ignored the thought, who cared about notes? I didn’t. I downed some melatonin. A lot of melatonin. Enough to combat the Caffiene in my system. As I started to drift off, in my hazy and almost numb state, it dawned on me. "Babysitter….. squip…” I passed out.“ There.

Last show I watched- I don’t really uhhh watch shows uhh does the 35 minute bmc boot count?

What do I post?- Squipsitter asks

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Lucky number- I don’t believe in luck soooo… 69

Instrument- I can sing?

What am I wearing- Sweat pants. That’s all.

Dream job- Uhhhh be rich and able to sustain myself without employment?

Dream trip- Japan

Favorite food- Code Red Mtn Dew, Instant ramen but like the good kind, Gyoza, Curry uhhh Black pepper chips?

Nationality- United States

Favorite song- Impossible to choose one buddy

Last book I read- It was either Tipping Point by Malcom Gladwell, or Apathy and Other Small Victories by Paul Neilan

3 favorite fandoms- Can I just list be more chill three times? Its a hyper fixation

I don’t know… 20 people…. to tag….. uhh @neoncat666 @squigglegigs @cloudydoodle @vaddia that’s all I can think of rn, you guys don’t gotta do this but I love you.

Roommate || Part 3

NOTE: HEY IM BACK💕 sorry for being inactive but I just have a lot of things going on rn. Here’s the continuation of ROOMATE, this is a short story (no more than 10 parts) I wanted to try something a little different so I hope you enjoy!




It’s been almost a week since Justin has been staying at my place and it’s been….sort of nice. I know what you’re thinking. What the hell? Yeah I know, I can’t believe it myself that I actually enjoy his presence. It all started a few days ago. Whenever we both had free time, we would spend some quality time together, of course just as friends…don’t worry. We would either be binge watching a bunch of movies or tv shows, have a karaoke night, or we would even try to bake. But ever since we’ve been hanging it I’ve noticed a few things….

I’m not going to lie or sound cocky but Justin has been nothing but a flirt these past few days. Before you get your panties in a twist, I rejected all his flirty ass moves, for absolute two reasons. One, Selena is my best friend and I don’t think I could ever do that to her. Two, actually I lied, there’s only one reason and that’s Selena.

You and Selena decided to hang at your place before she had to leave for Miami.

You both giggle as she snaps another picture of the two of you before posting it on her snapchat story before throwing her phone back in her bag.

“Damn, I’d date us…” you say causing the both of you to burst out laughing.

“Hey, what time are you leaving?” You asked confused. “Um…” Selena says as she searches for her phone. She pulls out her phone and reads the time. “Oh shit….I have to leave right now!” She says frantically, as she quickly grabs her belongings from the couch.

You both make your way to the door, as you greet eachother goodbye.

“Call me when you land!” You yell waving at her. “Yes mom” she says as she makes her way to the car. You chuckle as you close the door.

As you walk upstairs, you hear the shower come on. Justin’s probably home, you thought to yourself. You walk to the bathroom door, knocking slightly. “Justin, are you in there?” You say, you knew he was but you just wanted to make sure. “Yeah!” He replies quickly. Just as you were about to head to your bedroom, he calls for your name. You walk back to the bathroom door. “Yeah?” You say confused. “Can you pass me a towel, I forgot…” he says, you playfully roll your eyes before grabbing a towel from the closet. “Here, its outside.” You say, just as you were about to place the towel on the ground. “Can you bring it inside please?” He says, you felt your heart race. You open the door, realizing it was unlocked. You heard the door shut as you made your way in, it startled you abut because you forgot how heavy your doors were. You placed the towel beside the shower. “I put the towel by the shower.” You say, as he replies with a thank you.

“Do you mind if I quickly do my makeup? I’m about to go out. I promise ill be out once I’m done!” you say nervously. “Yeah go for it…” he says. After a few minutes of touch ups, you were just about to leave, when you hear a knock.

“Hey Y/N? I know you’re showering but I think I left my phone in there, do you mind if I just go in get it?” I hear Selena say through the door. Your eyes suddenly became wide, you began to panicky not knowing what to do. I thought she left you thought to yourself. You were so thankful that Justin hasn’t said a word because she can not know he’s here.

“Y/N? In just going to come in, im going to be late” she says impatiently.

“Uh uhm hold on” you quickly say before looking around the room. “shit, shit….” you whisper before hopping into the shower.

Justin looks at you surprised. “What t-” you quickly cover his mouth. “Okay come in!” You say nervously, as you felt water run down your clothes.

You took off your hand as the both of you remain silent. You hear the door unlock. “Sorry, I’ll be quick…” she says as you hear her rummaging for her phone, suddenly she pauses.

“Y/N? Did you change your shampoo? It smells like-”

“Sorry Sel, can’t really hear you I have shampoo in my ears!” You say nervously, immediately cutting her off.

“Oh ok…I guess I’ll call you later! Thanks again!” She says suspiciously. You closed your eyes holding your breath waiting for her to close the door. Suddenly you hear the door click. You and Justin let the water rain on the both of you for a few minutes until you heard the front door close. After a couple of minutes of silence, Justin turns off the shower before turning to you.

“That was close…” Justin says, before running his fingers through his hair.

“Yeah it was….” you say before taking a gulp. You just realized that you two were in the shower and he was naked. You felt your heart race and your stomach turn. You began to stare at him well more like observe him as you stared at his jawline, his lips, his shoulders, his abs, you didn’t even realize how creepy you were being but you couldn’t help it he was fine as hell.

“Eyes up here” he says smirking, interrupting your thoughts. You immediately look up as your cheeks become to redden. You didn’t even notice how closei you were to seeing….his thing.

“Shut up!” You say defensively as you cross your arms before looking away.

“I’m kidding…” Justin says chuckling. You roll your eyes at him, with your face still turned away trying to hide your embarassement. “Let’s just wait 5 minutes, just to be sure she’s completely gone.

You felt like you were being stared at, you turn towards Justin staring at….? You watch the direction of his eyes, you look down to where he was looking at and realized it was your breasts. You’ve forgotten that you wearing white, you felt your cheeks redden as you also realized you forgot a bra so your nipples were piercing through your blouse.

“Justin!” You yell causing him to quickly look up. You cross your arms trying to cover as much as possible. His face blushes as he chuckles. “What?” He says pretending to be dumbfounded. “You’re unbelievable,”“ you say before rolling your eyes. Suddenly Justin walks towards you, you felt your heart begin to race. What the hell does he think he’s doing? You thought to yourlsef. He’s body is so close to you that your breasts are touching his chest and you can feel his breath. You couldn’t move, your back hit the wall as he places his hands on your waist, locking you in place.

You began to feel butterflies in your stomach, and your breaths became shorter. Justin looks at you one last time before placing his lips onto yours. You were shocked at first, as you didn’t move your lips. He was about to pull away but you quickly wrap your arms around his neck as you begin to kiss him back. You felt him smile through the kiss.

It was an intense makeout session. You knew this was wrong but at the time it felt right. Justin begins to leave a trail of kisses down your jaw, neck to your collarbone. You let out a moan. Justin tugs on your shirt motioning he wanted your shirt off. You make an attempt to take of your shirt which was sort of difficult considering your shirt was wet. Justin chuckles as he rips your shirt instead. At this point you didn’t really care, you just wanted Justin.

"Damn, you’re beautiful…” he whispers causing you to blush.


Note: bathroom scene was taken from PLL but I changed the concept. I do not take any credit.


Hello there beautiful people! I’ve been thinking about writing this post and sharing some things with you for the last two weeks and now that I actually sat down to do it, I don’t know how and where to start. That’s okay, let’s see how the thought flows. Be prapred, what I’m about to say can change your life if you’re ready for it. Oh.. how I want you to be ready! 

THE PAST |  I’ve known about law of attraction about 7 years now. And let me be honest with you - in these 7 years I haven’t accomplished half the things I imagined I would have accomplished. There was not some dramatic huge change, I didn’t manifest my biggest of dreams. There were times when I was over the moon, but most of the time I didn’t soar with happiness. Very encouraging, isn’t it? But we’ll get there I promise. 

Long story short, I finished school and went to university which I didn’t want to do and I’ve know that for years, but still went and anyway you could guess how that ended - I quit. Right now I am working at a job abroad to “save” up some money for my future. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t love it either. I was tired. Tired from not working my dream job, tired from waiting, tired from not seeing the change I wanted to see, tired from how I looked, tired from not being understood, etc. You see, this list can be endless and I don’t want to pick this momentum up any more, so you get my point. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing okay, there were amazing things happening, I tried to appreciate more and I focused on feeling good but deep inside I still felt like something’s not right. Things were aligning and it was very good until there was even a little misalignment which would throw me off the edge and then.. it was bad. Like really, really bad. I let myself stay there for days in the mindset that I know law of attraction is real, I know it, I just don’t know what went wrong again. In other words, let’s say I was moderately happy.

THE VERY CLOSE TO NOW PAST | In the past month or so, I felt the need to constantly do something. I wanted to be productive, I wanted to invest time in my future. I didn’t even want to watch movies or tv shows for too long because it made me feel like I’m wasting time. Two weeks ago I had a holiday off from work for six days. At first it was perfect, I needed some rest but then I got bored. The negative momentum slowly started receiving more and more attention until I felt like… shit. There, I said it. I felt awful. The weather was horrendous. Me and my boyfriend were constantly bickering. I had the need to do something because this doing nothing, this unproductivity made me insane. And what did I do? You guessed wrong - I kept doing nothing. I was uninspired. This made it even worse. I felt like I’m wasting not only my time, but my entire life. This added even more resistance in the mix.

“I’ve never seen any life transformation that didn’t begin with the person in question finally getting tired of their own bullshit.” - Elizabeth Gilbert

I didn’t know what to do, so I wrote on a piece of paper – Universe, I want to feel good. Universe, I just want to be happy. Universe, I want to be happy, you know what I want bring it to me through the path of least resistance. I give up, I let go – make me happy. Nothing happened that day but I kept repeating in my mind that I want to be happy.

The last work-free morning I woke up, made myself a coffee and sat down for a while. I just sat there and thought – I have the energy that creates worlds inside of me and I feel like that?! I have the capacity to feel so much joy right now and what am I doing with my life?! What a dummy. I read through some Abraham quotes and once again I saw this one. But this time – it clicked like never before. 

“Just relax! Start saying things like: I am where I am. That’s the most profound thing that you will ever hear from us.”

I got it! Guys, I got it like never ever before. I am where I am. Where I am is where I am and it’s fine! I never in my life made peace with where I am. I always wanted to be somewhere else (that’s normal, it’s in our nature) but I never liked my current situation. I can’t explain to you the feeling after having had this epiphany. It was like an enormous weight has been lifted from my shoulders. Universe, couldn’t I get this earlier so I can enjoy my holiday?! (haha)

There is no point in talking about the past unless it feels good but I feel like I needed to say these things in order for you to understand what the point of this post is or may be even the whole point of our existence. Without me boring you with any more details – let’s get to the NOW!

NOW | Oh, now! Sweet, sweet present moment. I am so excited about this part of the story.

If you ask someone -  from a different person’s perspective nothing much has changed in my life. But I did. Now, that I finally made peace with my current situaiton I am happier and calmer than ever. I appreciate more, I bask more, I relax more, I know that I needn’t do anything - my only job is to get as happy as I can be! 

I made this change or more so allowed it and my life is amazing! As I’ve said in the past I didn’t like my job. Now I love it! People are nice to me there, I get along with them. Work goes by smoothly and time flies. I turn around and the shift is almost over! I am away from my friends and family but that feels alright too, I’m not lonely anymore! Me and my boyfriend are more in love than ever. In my free time, I do what I feel like doing, I stopped pressuring myself - for the last two nights believe it or not I only watched How I Met Your Mother and it felt so good! I highly recommend this show, it’s so much fun! 

I can’t stress enough how huge of a step this is. You’d ask isn’t making peace with what is going to make me stay here forever and the answer is no, no, NO! Making peace with where you are in my view means that you stop condemning yourself for where you stand in relationship to where you want to be. It means relaxing. It means seeing the good around you. It means liking where you are and being excited for the path to where you want to be to be revealed to you. It means trusting that the Universe knows what you want, knows how to deliver it to you and your only job is allowing

“We never want to acknowledge where you are without an eye toward where you’re wanting to go.” - Abraham-Hicks  

THE FUTURE | Well, finally this post is coming to an end.

Now that I’ve made peace with where I am full to the brim with happiness about my future! For example, I allowed to manifest an amazing idea (perfect for my preferences) for a magnificent business! From where I stand, I have absolutely no idea how it’s going to become a reality. That doesn’t matter, I am excited none the less. Actually, isn’t that the most exciting part of it all? Not knowing – the surprise, the delightful surprise of things falling into place step by step. Before I was so goal-oriented, I’m going to achieve this and this and I’m going to be successful and happy. I wanted it all and I wanted it this hot red minute without realizing it’s the path – enjoying the unfolding of the path. So, let your goal be happiness. No matter where you’re going, no matter what you’re doing - let your dominent intent be to see that which you’re wanting to see. And turst me, the unfolding is going to be blissful fun!

I’ve made plans to stay here until March next year but who knows?! A lot of things can happen in the months ahead, because now I’m sure that it’s not about time, it’s about alignment. 

I get a lot of different questions everyday from you guys asking for advice but it all comes down to one thing - alignment. It trumps everything. That’s my biggest and best advice I could give to all almost 9.000 of you. If you seem to be in a negative place most of the time and there are a lot of things that are not yet how you want them to be but you can’t look at them and feel good – go general for a while! 

Where I am is where I am. Where I am is where I am and it’s just fine. All is well. Things are always working out for me wheter I allow it or not. Oh, it’s going to be great. I’m going to live happily ever after. I’m so looking forward to things falling into place. I know I’ll know it when I see it. I am really enjoying how my life is beginning to unfold. I don’t have to figure it out right now. Actually, I don’t have to figure anything out right now. I’ll be guided every step of the way.   

So I’m going to finish this with Abraham’s words - lighten up people! You’re doing better than you’re giving yourselves credit for. Give yourselves a break. Don’t try so hard. You are beautiful brilliant creators! As you look for those things that make you shine bright and make you feel good you’ll tune to who you really are. The whole world will begin to transform itself before your eyes. It does get bigger and more exciting! Decide to be in a good mood more. 

“We would far rather that you be someone who knows how to get into alignment, than you be someone who always demands that you always stay in alignment. Because if you’ve decided that you must always be in alignment then you freak out at the slightest little misalignment. Where if you’re more relaxed in it and you know that you can get into alignment easily, then you are more eager and willing to get out in the world because now the world doesn’t threaten your disconnection.” - Abraham-Hicks

That’s my story! I’ve put a lot of thought into how to say these things and it feels a little sporadic but still I think I’ve done good. My hopes are that you find relief in these words, that you find clarity and excitement for your own future. 

There isn’t anything that you can’t be, do or have and you have a huge Non-Physical staff that’s ready to assist you. You are ready! 

My Cyrus Thank You and Labeling Rant

Since there are a lot of retarded people on this thing, let me get this out there first; I refuse to label Cyrus as gay before he labels himself in the show. If people have an issye with they can eat my ass. Honestly, Cyrus was my little cinnamon roll from the start of Andi Mack (low key only watched it cuz of him) but then I fell for every single one of the other characters (yes even Amber). You could clearly see Cyrus’ attraction for Mr. JB from the begining 😂😂 I guess people just thought it was more queer baiting. Then a few weeks ago all social medias are flooded with “Disney’s first gay character” and everyone’s going “He’s gay! Yay! So gay!” And I’m just here like: why? Why gay? I mean sure he likes Jonah but just cuz he likes one guy doesn’t make him gay. (My only problem with it is that people keep labeling Cyrus as ‘gay’ when frankly we don’t know what he is. HE doesnt even know what he is.) He could be bi, pan, demi, queer! We just dont know! And thats actually the beauty of it all. He’s growing up and experiencing these feelings he’s never felt before and frankly I relate to that so much. Especially when your friend likes him the same way. So it makes me a little upset when people say “Oh he’s the first _gay_ character” cuz in all honestly he’s the first LGBT+ rep most kids have ever been exposed to in the shows they watch. I commend the #andimack team and @persongoingfast for their accurate depiction of how confusing growing up can be. Its great finally having that representation out there even though I missed it when I was growing up. The people of today and tomorrow have it which is what’s most important. Thank you.

lmao prequel was a while ago but i dont remember the droid armies to be this #iconic 

honourable mentions in first episode of sw: clone wars include: “you are a terrible shot!” “oh well, it’s my programming!” & [about to get sliced by Yoda] “But..I…just got…promoted!” 

anonymous asked:

This is an odd observation/question that you can ignore if you want...I noticed most Jonsa shippers (not all ofc) who came on board bc of the show are first and foremost Jon fans and/or never really liked Sansa, whereas people who shipped them from the books and before s6 are first and foremost Sansa fans or love both equally. As someone who has been in the fandom for years now, this is just something I've seen a lot re the differences between new and old shippers. Why do you think that is?

Hi there Anon!

You’re right, this is an odd comment, or at least it is to me, since it’s definitely something I’ve never noticed. So I couldn’t say whether this is a correct observation or not. It could be this is just your personal experience, based on the people you’ve interacted with in the fandom… Who knows? Anyone else who has any insights here?

I must say, Anon, that I don’t really like this need to draw attention to the differences between new and old shippers. I like to focus on what unites us :) Don’t get me wrong, I’m not assuming you’re trying to be divisive here. I just don’t want this to lead to more fandom wank…

I honestly have no idea how to answer your question. All I can do is tell you a bit about my own experience.

I bought the ASOIAF books 3 years ago, but they ended up on my to read pile. I told myself I wanted to read them before I started watching the show. But then, one afternoon, while I was babysitting and the little boy I was watching was taking his afternoon nap, I put on the season 1 DVD just to have something to watch.

I borrowed the DVD’s from a friend and watched the first 4 seasons in two weeks time. After that I started reading the books and I also watched season 5. I was hooked, but needless to say, I missed a lot, going through all those hours and pages as fast as I did.

I was a huge D@ny fan and I felt really pleased with myself for figuring out R+L=J. I liked all the Starks, but particularly Ned, Bran and Arya. In hindsight I can add that the reason I didn’t love Jon and Sansa from the start is probably because they reminded me of my own faults when I was their age…  But by the time I started ADWD I’d come to love Jon most of all and I’d also fallen in love with Sansa.

At the time I was still really expecting some kind of J0nerys endgame, even though I didn’t believe it would be a happy one. I very lowkey shipped them, because I was excited to see how they were going to meet and how they’d get along and I was looking forward to all the angst once they discovered they were related.

But then I read the books again, rewatched the show before season 6 and I got really disillusioned with D@ny. Her last chapter in ADWD is such a sharp contrast to Jon’s. Jon chooses family and love, D@ny embraces the legacy of a family she’s never even known. And that’s the moment  I realised this story wouldn’t turn out the way I’d been expecting. And I definitely no longer wanted Jon to fall in love with D@ny.

I started reading theories and discussion forums and even though I expected Jon to come back and I wanted him to find his happy ending, shipping him with another POV character didn’t even occur to me. The same was true for Sansa, I’d come to care for her very deeply and I wanted her to return home and find her family again, but I didn’t really think we’d necessarily see a romantic endgame for her.

Then season 6 happened and after episode 9, I started expecting that Jon might have to marry Sansa, but like in an arranged marriage situation. I don’t even remember why I thought that, because Jon wasn’t King in the North yet and R+L=J hadn’t been confirmed. A friend pointed out that my theory was just wishful thinking on my part and the rest is history.

I discovered the Jonsa fandom on Tumblr and AO3, started reading meta and fanfic. And in the end, while it is the show that brought me on board, it’s going back to the books which made me stay. 

I must say, a year later, after spending so much of my time online with people who adore Sansa, I’ve come to love her even more. I don’t know if this answers your question, but this is what I can give you.

Thanks for the ask!

Anyone else think it's cute watching stoners progress on tumblr ?

Like, sometimes I notice the boys and girls who just started their blogs a year or two ago, taking little baby bong rips and showing off their fanciest looking nug from the 8th they picked up for the week ,
And then see their content now when they’re taking 3 gram dabs at a time and buying pounds of weed at a time and moving to recreationally legal states (me lol) and idk it just makes me smile to see people growing into something they enjoy that way