i just started watching him and i love him omg

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Hi! Could you recommend me some of your favourite fanfictions? The ship doesn't matter, I like all! <3

Helloo~! ^_^ omg there’s so many of ‘em but here ya go :

(This isn’t in order since I can’t rank them)

- Vampire!AU , Soulmate!AU , (kind of) Smut, Fluff,  Angst with a Happy Ending, Enemies to Lovers. 

“‘You should have just let me die!’ he yells again and starts walking away, tears now flowing down his face. He can’t believe that he of all people got soulmated by a vampire.Why him of all people? ‘Wait,’ the vampire shouts, ‘I don’t even know your name!’ ‘You should have thought about that before you gave me your blood to drink!’ Taehyung yells back and keeps walking through the rain.” Taehyung and Jeongguk become soulmates – more or less – by accident.

{ My review : I honestly love Enemies to Lovers too much for it to be healthy XD , and this fanfic just gave me all da feels)

- Vampire!AU , Angst, Happy Ending, Friends to Lovers, Implied Sexual Content

“Nobody knew that the reason why Bangtan Sonyeondan’s Golden Maknae was so Golden was because he wasn’t exactly human.“ Jungkook has successfully kept his condition under control for many years, until a certain someone’s scent suddenly becomes too overwhelming for him to ignore.As he begins to lose the firm grip he has on his instincts, the safe and happy world he has built for himself with Bangtan begins to crumble, and he doesn’t know if he has what it takes to keep it together.

{ My review : I know I know, I have a thing for Vampire AUs :P but tbh who doesn’t? This fanfic is a bit long so ya gotta grab your popcorns and cuddle up :3 This was real good, definitely one on da list~} 

- FakeDating!AU, Friends to Lovers, Slight Angst, Fluff.

Yoongi’s sister Hani is fake-dating Jimin to hide from her mother that she’s gay, but Yoongi doesn’t know this. All Yoongi knows is that he has had a not-so-little crush on Jimin for over a year and that its kinda hard to be a supportive dutiful brother when Jimin is just too blindingly beautiful.

{ My review : I’ve seen this fanfic around a lot, but I was a bit hesitant to read this, cos I usually don’t read fics like these, but goddamn this was soo good I even cried :’) }

- Cyborg!AU, Android!AU, Smut, Implied Homophobia, Slight Angst, Slight Fluff

Yoongi is a struggling novelist with four cats, an obsession with coffee and an unhealthy relationship with his parents.

And Jimin is…a cyborg.

{ My review : And again..this fic was totally out of my comfort zone but omg this was soo fxckin good I died inside, definitely at the top for me}

-Angst With a Happy Ending, Mutual Pining, Childhood Friends to Lovers, 

everything starts when jeongguk moves over, and jimin teaches him to ride a bike.everything ends when kim taehyung moves over, and jeongguk abandons his bicycle.+ “they say that if you watch the sunset on that hill for 31 consecutive days, your unrequited love will be reciprocated.”

{ My review : I..wow…I just ;-; 1000/10 would recommend. It’s so good omg)

- Angst with a Happy Ending, Hurt/Comfort, Metaphors

Jimin takes the sun with him when he leaves Yoongi on a snowy Thursday morning.

{ My review : This was was absolutely amazing, so amazing that I recommended it twice here on my blog! This is definitely a tear-jerker)

- Heavy Angst, Sort of a Happy Ending, Violence, Assasins!AU

“I-I don’t understand…” Jimin said, eyes watering as he focused on Yoongi. “I thought…you were going to kill me…in the bathroom.” “Yeah, well so did I,” Yoongi said wryly, and Jimin flinched, trying to make himself impossibly smaller. AKA It is a truth universally acknowledged, that Min Yoongi in possession of a heart will be in want of sleep.

{ My review : While the ones above were soft and heartfelt, this one is pretty brutal yet with a kind of romance that could get you to feel a tug at heart :’) }

- Soulmate!AU, Tattoist!Taehyung, Heavy Angst

“You’re so beautiful, Hoseok-ah, I would have loved you forever.” Hoseok never wanted to meet his soulmate. So he has his soul tattoo removed, only to find Taehyung, his soulmate, and also the tattoo artist to remove the bond.

{ My review : This one was real angsty, so if you don’t like sad(but not really)endings, don’t read it, or else you’ll be bawling your eyes out like me T_T I know I mainly read Yoonmin or Jikook but this one was too good }

- Blind!Namjoon , Medic!Jimin, Hurt/Comfort, Fluff, Slice of Life, Smut

From a prompt: au where jimin is a medic and namjoon is a lieutenant who becomes blind after a bombing.Rating bumped to M for mild smut in second chapter.

{ My review : This melted my heart, I keep saying this so much but just trust me when I say that this is so so good :’) }

-A/B/O AU! , Angst, Humor, Eventual Smut 

First heats suck. First heats especially suck when you were never ever ever ever supposed to be an omega.

{ My review : This fic is from the same writer as Look Here, yes, but it’s cos his/her fics are always so good. :’) }

  • Check out my fics if you want as well ^_^

I have so so much more to recommend~ But these are some of my favorites

Drunk [Rick Grimes x Reader]

Could u pls do one where the reader is younger and has never been drunk or had sex and rick has always been the closest to her and watched out for her. So one night he lets her get drunk at his house while he stays sober to watch after her and she gets wasted and horny and tells him shes a virgin and comes onto him but he keeps saying no bc she’s too young. But she starts taking off her clothes and seducing him and he gives in. Thnk u so much! 💕

OMG, I LOVED this request. Enjoy anon! ❤️

Words: 2,246

Warnings: Smut, Loss of virginity, seduction, oral sex (female receiving), unprotected sex, swearing

A/N: Ohhhh dear lord, this is some filth right here! 

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Omg so I was rereading your spy au because I love it so much and !! I know you've already headcanoned how the paladins would find out about Lance's prosthetic spine,, but,,, hear me out,,, what if he keeps it a secret until Shiro or Allura or someone convinces him to start working on the team bond so like during a mind melding thing, his brain just switches to what happened? and they kind of have to watch him experience it?? Idk Idk. PS! I really love your writing,, like,, you're really talented

Omg omg omg thank you so much!!!!! It’s always great to know that someone really enjoys my work! It helps make the anxiety quiet down.

And as for your idea, I think it’s a really good idea! Although yes I have already explained how the others find out about this spine, having the team watch helpless as Lance is stuck reliving that memory is too good of langst to pass up!

I guess if this were to happen in the spy au, the others would have already known about his spine and what happened, but something during a mind meld exercise triggers him and he starts to relive that fight. The others are speechless at first, stuck watching helplessly as the feel the terror and the guilt that Lance is feeling fighting Keith. It’s Hunk who shakes himself out of it first, ripping off the head gear and shaking the others out of it as well.

But when Hunk goes to touch Lance to try and ground him, Lance starts to scream (I wonder???What part of his memory???Is he remembering??? >:)) and the others are trying to snap him out of it before he tries to do something rash and fueled by fear.

Once they do get Lance to claim down and get the head gear off of him, the others immediately try and give him a group hug, but Lance backs out and tells them that he still needs some time to truly cool down before he’s ready for any kind of touch.

It’s hard for them to not comfort him, but they let him be and give him space, letting him come to them when he’s ready.

Thank you so much! I’m so glad that you enjoy my spy au so much!

College!AU Hongbin

find leo (here), ravi (here) & hakyeon (here

  • major: art history 
  • minor: painting 
  • sports: basketball team 
  • clubs: sculpting club, gardening club 
  • always running into class late with his hair a mess and his glasses on crooked and sketches falling out of his bag but it’s ok because somehow he manages to make the whole look very cute 
  • takes meticulous notes and carries around a huge binder with post-its of all colors and shapes sticking out of it and people are always like ?? how do you manage to find anything in that monster and hongbin just laughs nervously like haHah i ,,, uh,,, have a system hehe
  • loves loves lOVES all the classes he’s taking about art in different parts of the world especially middle eastern art and mediterranean, gets so inspired and enthusiastic talking about the art that sometimes he starts skipping or stuttering over his words and he gets embarrassed because oh no,,, he rambled again
  • prehistoric art is the only class he sometimes manages to fall asleep in but then he keeps himself awake by sketching random students or objects in his drawing pad 
  • joined sculpting club and not painting club because he thought it’d be nice to learn about another kind of art and he likes working with his hands (plus he looks adorable wearing the apron and getting little chunks of clay on his cheeks and it’s just so damn cute and aesthetic gdi hongbin)
  • his first sculpting project was a mug for his mom (: she loved it even though it was slightly misshapen 
  • the only person on the basketball team with an art major and the other dudes tease him for it but then his friend ravi from the soccer team is just like ??? bro art is savage??? and super hard??? so what if you’re not like a chem major or whatever - art is just as important??? bro it’s so cool don’t let it get you down man you’re so talented??? the bromance is strong
  • but anyway you meet hongbin in a painting class that you’re just taking as an elective and you notice he’s so excited like he keeps toying with the brushes before the teacher even starts talking and it’s like really cute,, 
  • and for a couple of weeks you just admire him from afar because like you never have the courage to really ask him anything but then one day 
  • you guys are working on doing like watercolor paintings and you notice that hongbin has a mug with him with some coffee and then he has a cup of water he’s putting the paint into and you’re like oh ok but then …. he reaches for the mug with paint in it and is like bringing it up to his lips and you’re like WA IT 
  • and you like run over and put your hand on his and you’re like !!!!! stop!!!! that’s not something you should drink!!!!
  • and hongbin looks at you with wide eyes like ???? it’s coffee though and you’re shaking your head like no!! it’s paint look!! and he does and his surprised face gets even more shocked and he’s like oh MY g  od i almost drank paint holy moly 
  • and you’re like please be careful,,, paint is probably not good for you and hongbin’s like you’re right i need to be more aware and he chuckles and smiles and oh god you feel your heartbeat get louder because he looks so angelic when he’s laughing and you’re just like u H well ill go back to,,, my painting 
  • and hongbin’s like oh yeah haha sorry but thank you for essentially saving my life haha and he scratches his neck and you’re like oh no it’s nothing haha and you two are just in this awkward flusteredness until the teacher says times up and you’re like well i??? will see you next week
  • and hongbin bows like yeah!!! see you
  • and tbh neither you or hongbin can stop thinking about the other person that whole week
  • like even during basketball practice he’s standing there looking at the hoop and he’s like ,,,,that person was so nice and really pretty and ,,,,,do you think maybe i could keep talking to them/???? no….no…they probably think im a fool for almost drinking paint water…and he probably accidentally gets hit with the ball for daydreaming rofl
  • but basically the next week comes around and you’re like setting up your easel and trying not to think about how cute hongbin’s gonna look when he shows up to class
  • and when he does he’s as Cute as expected and you’re like frick but then suddenly you see him like casually moving his own easel closer to yours and he’s like !! hey,,,,do you remember me?? you saved me from drinking paint water haha
  • and you’re like of course!!! what’s up?? and he’s like oh i was just wondering you know how the teacher was like we need to paint portraits and you’re like mhmm and he’s like weLL is it cool if i paint…you???? iTS Fine if YOU Wanna SaY no Hah ,,, aa,,,,
  • and you start blushing because omg,,no no it’s fine,,,but ??? why me??? and you’re kind of like im not that interesting and hongbin’s like no!!! no you really are and id be honored to paint you and you’re like honored????? and he’s like oops is that too weird to say,,,
  • and god you two are just awkward and blushy but also giggly 
  • and like as you begin to paint you and hongbin talk and everytime you laugh you notice how his eyes curve up and how pretty his mouth looks and you’re like oh god he’s painting me but he’s the real art here
  • and hongbin is probably thinking like im painting them but they’re already art 
  • so cheesy it hurts but moving on
  • and you guys just like get to know each other better and end up laughing at jokes you make or sarcastic comments about how hard painting is and how shit college is and you know everything else
  • and like painting class slowly becomes your favorite because hongbins there and sometimes he comes in with fresh fruit he got from the campus garden because he tells you he’s part of gardening club and you’re like omg how could he get more,,,,,,adorable
  • and you stop hongbin from drinking paint water again,,,,and then again because he really seems to be bad at coordinating his materials like he shows you his backpack once and it’s a mess of notes, drawings, pencils, and snack wrappers and you’re like omg hongbin
  • and before you know it the paintings of portraits are due and you come in excited because hongbin hasn’t let you see the one he’s done of you until now and like when he shows it to you he gets super shy and hides his head in his hands and he’s like im sorry if it’s bad,,,it’s bad isn’t it???
  • and you’re like left in shock because it looks like a photograph and you’re like hongbin,,,,,,,,,how are you so talented it’s so beautiful i wish i could keep it too bad you have to hand it in
  • and hongbin gets all red in the face and ears like it’s not tHAT good and you like hold his face in your hands and you’re like lee hongbin you are an ARTIST it’s so amazing you made me look better than i do 
  • and he smiles because god he’s so relieved you like it but he’s also biting his lip like ,,,, no,,,, i think the real you,,,is much more beautiful,,,,
  • and you’re like beautiful?? in your head and you kind of don’t know what to say and it’s just so soft between you two 
  • and afterclass hongbin finally f I N A  L  L y asks you if you wanna go get something to eat with him sometime and you’re like i would love that!! 
  • and it’s your first date and hongbin comes to pick you up outside your dorm with his hair actually combed and all the paint washed from his fingertips and he compliments your outfit and shakely offers his hand for you to hold and it’s just so pure
  • he takes you to this little italian styled restaurant with murals of the street of italy painted on the walls and like plants and vegetables and spices hanging from everywhere and it’s small but cozy and the food is great and hongbin asks nervously if he can take a photo of you he brought along like a little polaroid camera and you’re like ,,, if you want,,,,
  • and he does and when the photo comes out he’s like you look so cute!! and you’re like t,,thank you!! and you’re like hey if you get a photo of me let me get one of you and you snap one of him being all shy and it’s cute you guys have like matching photos of each other
  • and when hongbin is walking you back to the dorm he pulls something out of his pocket and it’s a folded up piece of paper and when you unfold it it’s like a rough, quick sketch of you and he’s like ,,, i did this in class once when you were just painting,,, i thought you’d like to have it and you’re like omf hongbin
  • and somehow it gives you this spike of courage to lean up and kiss him and hongbin’s eyes go wide but so does his mouth he smiles so much when you pull back and he’s like wow and you’re like ,,,,,,wow is right
  • and ITS SO CUTE like you guys go out on cute dates to cafes or to bookstores to look at the art books or to museums and hongbin is so knowledgable and you learn so much
  • and sometimes you come with him to gardening club and you guys tend to flowers together
  • or sometimes you guys just sit around on the quad while hongbin rests his head in your lap
  • fINALLY you make him sit down and organize his binder and he’s like it’s going to get messy in a week again and you like kiss his nose like that’s fine we can do another organize-hongbins-notes date i dont mind and he’s like i love you so much damn 
  • one day you find out that hongbin actually has a pet bunny in his dorm that he shares with some dude named gongchan and you’re like no way we can’t have animals on campus??? and hongbin’s like i know,,, but gongchan saw him in a store window and now we kind of own him and he’s cute his names thumper and you’re like omg like the disney character and hongbin’s like listen gongchan is corny and you’re like i think it’s you, lee hongbin, who is corny
  • but yes you spend like hours in his dorm playing with the bunny while hongbin gets stuff ready for his art classes or just watches you with this serene smile
  • you and hongbin also both embarrassingly love doing karaoke dates especially when he gets a little tipsy and starts bawling out park hyoshin songs and you’re like Yes  BA by sIN G and he’s just getting way too into it
  • he keeps getting paint on his clothes and so you’re always coming over to make him do laundry and he’s like but the paint stains won’t come out and you’re like with a little scrubbing they will trust me 
  • hongbin bringing you fresh flowers from the campus garden in secret (-: 
  • tbh his best friend ravi made hongbin put a flower emoji next to your name in his phone because he spilled to you that when you’re not around hongbin calls you his rose and you’re like oH and hongbin like slide under the table like f UCK rAVI SH  U S H
  • it’s actually super cute like on the day after his finals were all over and you know he had been stressing about one of his art history finals you like asked gongchan to leave the dorm and you wanted to surprise hongbin with a cake and congratulations for getting through the tests when you walked in on him and he was like
  • laying on his bed without a shirt like on his stomach and like the light from the windows was making patterns on his spine 
  • and he was sleeping just looking serene like ART and you almost dropped the cake from blushing and like you wanted to leave but you put the cake in the kitchen and turned around aND hONG BIN was  TH ERE and youre Like O H my god
  • and he’s like rubbing his eyes sleepily like ,,, you’re here??? and you’re like y,,,eah i wanted to say goodjob on the finals and he steps closer and he’s still not wearing a shirt and god he looks like a greek god sculpture 
  • and suddenly he just takes your wrists in his and pulls you into his arms to hug you and he’s still drowsy with sleep but he’s like nuzzling into your neck like ,,,, stay with me
  • and slowly you like make way back to his bed and you’re losing clothes the whole way there and well
  • hongbin is just a very gentle person and loving and his lips feel as soft as petals against your skin
  • and it’s super romantic after you’re just laying there in a dizzy happiness and he’s like ,,,, oh god we just and you’re like y e a h,,,, and he just hides his face in a pillow 
  • soooooOOOOooo cute
  • you specifically buy him a mug that says “NOT PAINT WATER” on it so you know he’s safe when you’re not around
  • painter hongbin giving you shy kisses on the forehead because he can’t hold your face to kiss you because he’s holding a brush in one hand and the other hand is covered in paint
  • on your birthday he surprises you by giving you the original portrait painting he did of you in the class you two met in and you almost cry and he just gets frazzled like no,, nO this supposed to be romantic and you’re like hongbin
  • and he’s like yes
  • and you like jump into his arms and he’s like OOOhhhh ok you like it good!!!! 

so, blame Steffi, but I’m watching ‘Rocky Horror Picture Show’ again & why are we not talking about how absolutely precious lil’ baby Raúl is with his awkward bambi legs, as adorable and confused Riff Raff, when Frank-N-Furter primps and poses him at the beginning of “I Can Make You A Man”??? 

like he just gets snatched on up and even tries to turn ‘round but noooooo.

& when he fixed his hair after “the sweat from his pores” I squeaked out loud.

& then he gets massaged and he’s like “omg no”.

& like then Frank-N-Furter starts dancing so Riff Raff is like ‘hey alright’.

& at the end he’s like “omg omg omg nooooo” all just to get tossed right off.

I still love you, Riff Raff.

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Omg so I was watching this video on Instagram or twitter (I mean everyone posts the same thing) and it was a guy and a girl obviously dating. And one would say something along the lines "the floor is lava" and they would have to get somewhere off the floor. And I was like omg how cute would that be with Shawn. Imagine your at a q & a with him and you just whisper "sorry love, but the floor is lava." And just him freaking out like what. I'm shook now.


We did this when I just started Uni, then the older class would say it to us and we’d have to do it.

And I think in the beginning Shawn and you would just think it was fun, you know? And you’d do it like a day and then stop, but then you both became too competitive and neither of you wanted to be the one quitting, you know? So it would just start being all about how to humiliating each other as much as possibly or making the other one do it at the worst possible time, haha.

Imagine Shawn sneaking up behind you, when you’re talking to someone on the street and gently whisper in the your ear “oh, would you look at that. The floor is lava” or you’d suddenly while Shawn was filling gas on the car, roll down your window down with the biggest smile and just say “ey babe, I believe the floor is lava” and Shawn would just look at you so annoyed but not able to strangle his smile. “Hurry up, before you lose” “I’ll never lose this game” 

Or as you say in a Q&A you’d gently lean in and whisper it into his ear and Shawn would just look back at you “You cannot be serious” “Oh yes, yes I can” “Dammit”

And you would always look around for each other, when going into someone public because you knew it would come. 

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this is one of the cutest videos (trust me, theres a lot) of yoongi ive ever seen!!! i feel a little bad for giggling but hes so dang fluffy and wow i just love him. /watch?v=SBY3H1zxuRI

also omg poor hobi in that video



HIM GETTING SCARED OF THE FIREWORKS (poor hobi indeed asghkdash)



and him rushing to backstage after all that ;u;

Why I love Rip Hunter

So basically I’m a little too much soft for Rip Michael Hunter today so I’m gonna tell the reasons why I love him so so much and how this love started.

When I started watching Legends and I saw the scene when Savage kill Rip’s family I was like “oh no poor man:(” and when I heard his voice I fall in love CAUSE I LOVE HIS VOICE AND HIS ACCENT SO SO MUCH.

Then I continued and I realise how cute he was, I just wanted and I still want to hug him, I started loving him slowly (ejem, falling slowly) and in the end of S1 when Rip see Miranda and Jonas again I was like “OMG HE DIED FOR THE LEGENDS” and the tears start falling:( but then he wake up and everything is fine lol. 

I realise that Rip Hunter is one true hero, maybe he is different but that make him really special! Yeah, maybe he was a little selflish but HE CHANGED, HE CHANGED FOR THE TEAM. In the end he didn’t get his happy ending, but at least Rip tried to don’t risk the timeline of the legends, he risk his own timeline for them.

Rip Hunter is brave and strong, like all person he has his issues with himself, but Rip Hunter keeps fighting, like a true captain. 

Rip Hunter steal my heart, Arthur Darvill really did that, maybe if Arthur wasn’t Rip Hunter my love for him wouldn’t be the same, Arthur Darvill did all the work:) 

Please, love Rip Hunter or at least respect him, he deserves love.

I wish one day I can hug Arthur and tell him how strong is my love for him:( 

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Hey! Your head cannons are amazing??? Like wow??? Your dog is blessed??? Anyways, I'm not sure if requests are open rn bc I'm on mobile, but I saw the request for if MC was an introvert and I was thinking, what if she was the exact opposite, like hella loud and hella funny and stuff. Keep making amazing content!

I honestly really like this idea?? Like omg loud bold extroverted MC sounds awesome and yessss 

I wish I could be loud ;_;


  • Oh goodness this boy is so excitable
  • Like the moment you start talking he kinda lights up with excitement. Omg KEEP TALKING
  • Your guys conversations just seem to gather more and more excitement and it builds up
  • So does the volume
  • You guys sometimes end up yelling at each other. Not even mad at each other but you guys just get so loud so quick? Honestly it’s adorable
    “NO I WON’T!” but you did last time
  • Yes you take his game all the time and play
  • It’s fun even though you almost die most of the time
  • why does this boy let you take his controller he doesn’t even fight you anymore
  • He loves you that’s why
  • You have the most fun making really bad jokes and watching him cringe. The faces he makes when he wants to be supportive of your joke but it’s just so bad are priceless
  • You feel so proud of yourself when he starts making bad jokes too 
  • He doesn’t even know he’s doing it until you give him “that look”
  • (where you stare at him grinning and wiggling your eyebrows)
  • He gets really flustered when he realizes and starts to pout. Then you kiss him and he sucks it up ‘cuz he loves youu


  • She’s really quietly amused with you most of the time
  • (Other times she’s squealing with you about the most recent TV show that you guys are watching together)
  • Like you talk a lot, she loves listening to you, and whenever you crack a joke you feel highly achieved whenever she does more than giggle
  • You make it a goal to get her to laugh uncontrollably
  • This one time you made the stupidest joke and she completely lost it, like you didn’t expect it at all but she was doubled over in laughter? And she snorted?
  • You’re never letting her live that one down
  • Whenever you bring it up she blushes and gets really flustered
  • But whenever you tell that joke again she laughs just as uncontrollably as before???
  • You tell it at the most ridiculous of times to see how she reacts, i.e. in the middle of a fancy restaurant dinner, while she’s working, when you guys are in the middle of a movie, right before you go to sleep
  • One time you called her while she was at work and told her it and she lost it (as usual)
  • (How does she still laugh so much over that?)
  • But apparently she was in a meeting with Jumin??? 
  • (She laughs so hard, it’s almost like she’s never heard it before??)
  • Let’s just say you’re not allowed to call her at work anymore. 
  • (Even though you’ve told her it SOOO many times???)
  • Especially to tell her a joke.


  • Zen tries to be very chill around you
  • But you always make him laugh??
  • Like, ALL THE TIME.
  • You never knew he was a sucker for jokes. Or anything at all that was funny
  • Even if you just make a funny face, he has a hard time keep his face straight. You especially love making faces because of this. You take advantage of this to make him struggle all the time
  • Yes you have made him spew his drink all over himself right before he’s gone to work okay you didn’t mean for him to spew it all over you just meant to make him laugh
  • He doesn’t trust you whenever he’s taking a drink
  • But he does love taking you out places. You guys go out A LOT, and you’re always finding different things to point out to do
  • Yes you have planned out so many romantic dates you want the two of you guys to go on. And he thinks it’s so cute that you’re so passionate about that?
  • You’re honestly passionate about everything you do
  • And stubborn as hell
  • Which does mean that when he tells you it’s a bad idea to do something
  • You do it anyways
  • Sometimes you annoy the crap out of him


  • At first he thinks you should calm down
  • You tell him to screw off
  • He doesn’t know what to do at first
  • But he listens?? You have a very bold, convincing personality.
  • He actually comes to really love you’re loudness. Outside of work, that is. Although you definitely try to get him to laugh at work still
  • And he does eventually. You are so proud of yourself when he does, and you find it gets easier to make him laugh after that
  • You don’t push it too far though
  • Although because you’re so loud, he’s constantly worried that you’re gonna attract other guys’ attention
  • He’s constantly showing that you’re his in public ‘cause of that. Arm wrapped around your waist, kisses whenever he thinks someone’s staring, his hand resting on yours or on your leg.
  • You feel pretty confident in yourself that he shouldn’t have to worry but you let him do it anyways to reassure himself
  • Although you totally love showing off that he’s yours too and enjoy those kisses when know someone’s watching
  • Not to say you don’t love kissing when someone’s not watching and it’s just you two
  • Or whatever else happens when it’s just you two


  • This is actually perfect though???
  • You two are like a freaking tag team. You both love making each other laugh and make it a challenge to see who can make the other laugh the hardest
  • He’s got the longest standing win so he claims
  • Okay fine. You guess that when he got you laughing so hard you sounded like a hyena counts as a win
  • It was one time.
  • he loves your laugh so much tho tbh
  • he finds it adorable
  • You’ve gotten him doubled over snickering so many more times though
  • It’s also your goal to see how much you can annoy the other RFA members
  • The more they laugh or get annoyed, the more successful you are
  • Seven dyed Zen’s hair bright pink for a whole week. The week of a charity party
  • You convinced Yoosung that the music he listened to was slowly brainwashing him and the only way to stop it was to eat lemons all day
  • You especially love annoying Jumin though?? He’s just so easy to annoy
  • Like the time half of his paintings of Elizabeth III were replaced with you making the most ridiculous face
  • Or when Elizabeth’s fur mysteriously went bright pink for a week the same week Zen’s hair did. “look you’re matching!”
  • “Twinning!”
  • Jumin is ready to murder the two of you


  • You feel awkward at first when you meet him in public cause he seems really shy and reserved
  • Until someone ran into him
  • Wait what did he say under his breath?
  • that douchebag needs a pair of eyes what? nothing
  • You two are going to get along swell
  • At home you guys are constantly sassing each other and snarking and joking
  • It’s a freaking war zone
  • Everyone avoids getting too close to you two ‘cause they’re gonna get burned if they’re near you two
  • You find it precious when he tries to out do you with sass levels, he’s just so cute
  • But you’re the QUEEN of sass
  • He argues that “I’m the sass in this relationship”
  • “Isn’t that cute, you think you’re sassier than me”
  • He is so insulted and angry little Saeran is actually so cute??
  • You enjoy annoying him and jokingly pissing him off cause sometimes it’s adorable how he acts
  • When he catches on he doesn’t know what to think? Like what? Why do you wanna make him mad? He totally calls you out on it
  • And you tell him he’s adorable mad
  • And he’s now determined to be MANLY mad 
  • Oh gosh he’s trying and it’s so adorable
  • he’s like a kitten omg it’s so precious
  • you don’t tell him you think so though
  • he might actually kill you


  • He’s actually the most precious little bean
  • He’s so enthusiastic with you about everything ‘cause he loves you so much and he thinks you just glow with energy, very bright cheery energy
  • You joke around all the time and he genuinely laughs at all of your jokes, even the bad ones. It’s so precious? Like it’s never fake and he just is genuinely so happy all the time with you??
  • Oh gosh you love this boy so much he’s so precious
  • He loves listening to you all the time, he lights up whenever he hears your voice. He tells you all the time your voice is so melodic and it’s so comforting to him
  • And it makes you so happy whenever he lights up, you think that maybe it’s because he can’t see you so he treasures hearing you and you’re always so loud and you talk so much that he gets to hear you all the time
  • For him that’s like seeing you
  • Omg he loves it
  • You use your voice to make him happy all the time. You sing along with the radio like a rockstar whenever you guys are in the car, you talk out your outfit as you pick it every day so he knows what you’re wearing, you tell him what the sky is like whenever you see him, you tell him about your day and that sweet waitress who spilled your coffee on your hand and felt so bad she gave you a new coffee and bonus cookie or about the adorable little boy who tried giving you his balloon
  • He is so happy?? Omg hE IS SO PRECIOUS
  • You think it’s perfect that he adores your voice so much and that you talk a lot
  • And he thinks you’re perfect in every way
  • Be as loud as you want
  • He’ll always be listening to you

~Sunflower (:

What Dating Yoongi Would Include

Originally posted by bangtanboysloves

Author’s Note: I didn’t realize my feelings for Yoongi until I started writing this. My feels now. Omg help me. Plus listening to his mixtape doesn’t make things better. Gosh just hold up boi. I don’t know why but when thinking about Yoongi, I just feel he’s a guy that doesn’t open up so easily to everyone so it’ll take some time before you get to know the him at heart.

- Dates at home.

- Just you, him and a house full of love.

- A lot of cuddling while listening to music.

- Leaving him alone when he is sleeping. don’t try to overstep your boundaries guys

- Watching him sleep because he wants you to be by his side while he sleeps.

- You doing whatever you’re suppose to do while being super quiet so you don’t wake him up. 

- There might not be much physical affection all the time but you’ll know how much he loves you when you listen to the lyrics of his song.

- You need to understand that music plays a very big part in his life.

- The thing he’ll appreciate most is if you support him in his career and to be patient with him when he’s caught up with his work.

- Getting to know shy Yoongi at the beginning of the relationship.

- You probably got to make the first move to kiss him.

- But don’t you worry, after warming up to you, he’ll be the one taking the lead.

- You having to drag him out of the house to get some fresh air in his lungs.

- Him acting annoyed but he actually likes the change of scenery because it gives him more inspiration for lyrics.

- Calling him oppa whenever you want something from him.

- Him influencing you to not care so much about what people think.

- You being so thankful for that because sometimes we all try so hard to fit in.

- Him loving you as you are and he wouldn’t love you any less because of your cracks and scars.

- You know that under the cool image of his he is just one big softie that needs lotsa love.

- You being the affectionate one in the relationship but not overly clingy.

- You having to be sensitive about his feelings so you can probe and ask him about whats wrongs because he’ll probably be hesitant to start talking about whats bothering him.

- You being the only few people who has heard him sing properly. that voice can kill us all

- Dealing with sarcastic and no-fucks-given Yoongi.

- You having to hear his word-play sentences. did you guys watch bon voyage?


- You begging him to smile for you because his smile makes your heart melt.

- Him knowing that his smile is a secret card to play when he wants something from you.

- HIM SWEARING okay I have this thing where when guys swear its fucking hot

- Him giving you really thoughtful gifts. (Those gifts he personally made for fans on his birthday were so touching. Imagine if you were his girlfriend)

- Getting to know the real Min Yoongi.

- Listening to all the stories behind his mixtape. 

- Promising him that you’ll be there for him forever and he’ll never have to be alone in this cruel world.

- You showing him how beautiful the world can be if you look on the bright side.

- Travelling to New York with him. 


- I think he’ll be the type to tease you until you’re on the brink of orgasming then just stopping.

- “Daddy”

- His kiss might be those lazy ones but it just makes you want him more.

- If he’s tired, I think he’ll let you take the lead but if he is in the mood damn DOMINANT YOONGI MODE ON.

- He’ll probably try to make you cum by just talking because his voice can turn every fucking one on.

- A lot of cuddles together after sex. He’ll just rub circles into your back.

- He’ll be a super supportive boyfriend and you just know he’ll always be there for you.

- You absolutely love him and you’ll make it clear to him that you’ll not only be here on the good days but also he can count on you on the bad days.

8 months later

The I Don’t Wanna Live Forever music video gave me some inspiration to write a fanfic. Even though I’m a bit prude I really like the video. I didn’t like the first movie (Fifty Shades Of Grey) so I was a bit nervous over the song and even more over the video, but I think they made it really hot, but at the same time very honest. After watching it around ten times and texting my friends like crazy I started to think about my favorite of all Taylor’s exes, Adam. How he feels about this, not because Taylor should care, but I really like him so it was just a thought that popped up in my head. I started typing in my thoughts as a text, but realized I could do so much more with it. So here you go, hope y'all like it.


*Adam’s pov*

That day started out pretty chill. I drove to my gym and filmed a few videos to my snapchat story. It was a bit cold outside, or that will say if we’re talking about the normal California temperature. Nothing I couldn’t handle thought, I mean I’m from Scotland, it’s pretty windy, rainy and cold there.

When I was done with the training I headed back to my place, but I had no idea at this point that this day would destroy me.

*Taylor’s pov*

26th January, today our music video would go up on the internet. I looked forward to it a lot, but to be honest, I was also a bit scared. Afraid that people would hate me because of the whole “it’s with your best friends boyfriend” thing. A few years ago I never thought I would do anything like this. I remember the time Zayn wrote mean stuff about me on twitter and how Adam stood up for me in front of the whole world. That was the moment I knew Adam was the one. Ugh Taylor why do you even think about this today, I said out loud to myself. Why do I think about the fight, why do I think about Adam? He wasn’t the man I hoped he would be. He was all sweet and romantic in the start, but then at one point it was like he just changed. I heard from one of my friends that he was so sad when Little Big Town said that I was the one who had written their song Better Man. Because that was the moment he knew I had written it about him. We decided to keep in touch and be friends, but for some reason it’s so much harder than it is with Joe. Maybe I just have to give it a little time, but on the other hand I can’t help wondering if he’s the one I should marry and have kids with. I remember how much I wanted that once.

My thoughts were interrupted by a phone call, the screen light up “Mother <3”. I picked up the phone and took a deep breath before I answered. “Hello honey” I heard my mama say with a calm voice. “Hey you” I answered. “Honey, what’s wrong? Is it the video, because if it is just call if off” I heard from the other side of the phone. “It’s not the video mom, it’s..it’s…it’s nothing, okay?” I said, although I knew she wouldn’t let it go before I told her the truth. “Darling, remember how it always end when you don’t tell me the truth. This is your big day, so be honest with me”. It all sounded so wrong “Mom, it’s not like I’m getting married. It’s just a music video and if you have to know I’m just…eh…thinking about Adam”. It immediately became quiet. “Oh Taylor” was all she said. “I know it’s stupid…….I just can’t help it. I really have to go, can I call you back in a hour or so?” I asked when tears started streaming down from my face. “Of course, I’ll talk to you later. I love you”. She hadn’t notice my tears, and if she did she wouldn’t hang up so I quickly said “I love you too” and hung up the phone.

Did I still have feelings for him, did I still love him? Why am I doing this when I know he don’t care. I only was in his way and he’s probably happy that I’m gone. So why can’t I feel the same?

*Adam’s pov*

I felt stuck, like I didn’t have anything to write about. Like all the sounds were worthless so I decided to start a live stream on my instagram because that usually gets me in a better mood. I had to end the first one so I started another and I talked with my fans for awhile. A lot of the people who were watching had names like "Lovinghimwasred” or “itsalovestorybabyjustsayyes” and a picture of Taylor. It hurt me a bit to see that all the time, because I can’t help thinking that maybe we should have end up together. Maybe she’s the one. But I try to stop think about it, because I know she doesn’t love me, she wrote that in her song Better Man. “We might still be in love, if you were a better man”. Her feelings were gone so why weren’t mine? I see that a lot of the accounts with Taylor’s face wrote IDWLF and something about how they were so excited and asked if I were okay. I didn’t get it at first, until one person asked “Calvin, do you look forward to see Taylor’s new music video?” That was it, she was releasing her music video for the Fifty Shades Darker. That song she recorded together with Zayn, ugh I never really liked him, but I remember our fight over Taylor and how he pressed her down and I stood up for her. That was the first time Taylor told me she wanted to marry me. I said I wanted to marry her too, but wait a bit. She told me she wanted to wait too, but maybe if I had asked her that night, just maybe she still would’ve been mine.

I thought of Taylor all day long, and to be honest she helped me get some inspiration for a new song. This one is probably the most honest song I’ve ever written. It’s about a person who can’t forget about his one true love, just like the way I can’t forget about Taylor.

I took up my phone and clicked on Instagram. I searched for her name, “Ta” was all I had to write in to find her name and face on my screen. I clicked on her profile and then on her last thing, that was a video.The caption said “Video tomorrow night midnight est #idontwannaliveforever #fiftyshadesdarker” and when I turned on the sound and looked at the video it was a clip from the music video and Taylor looked hot. I looked at when she had post it and it was yesterday, I then looked at my screens clock and realized that the it already was 8pm. The video would be out in one hour. I decided to go and cook some food.

The video would be out in two minutes and I sat on my couch, super nervous. Taylor and I watched the first movie together, I didn’t really like it, but she thought it was hot. I was now kind of scared, because I had no idea of how much she would show off in this video and the worst thing was that my opinion didn’t matter. Taylor could do exactly what she wanted to do and I couldn’t say that I wanted to be the only one to see that much of her. I couldn’t say that I was the luckiest man in the world because of her, I couldn’t do anything. 9pm. I put on my television and clicked on youtube. Searched for the video and there it was. I clicked on it and immediately I regret my decision. Zayn stepped out of a car and when he started to sing I felt the words burning against me “Been sitting eyes wide open behind these four walls, hoping you’d call”, did she want me to call her? “And I don’t wanna fit wherever. I just wanna keep calling your name until you come back home” Did she want me in her life? I knew she had written this song. And then Taylor was on the screen. She looks so sad and even though it’s just for the music video, I couldn’t help thinking maybe this really is a big problem for her. Her hair is longer, but otherwise she looks pretty much the same. She looked like my Taylor.

WOW. I so wasn’t expect that, was the first thought that came to me when Taylor starts singing “I’ve been looking sad in all the nicest places” and then when she lays down on the bed I got an even bigger lump in the stomach. I though I was the only one who would see that side of her. The video ended and I sat there with tears in my eyes. I’m not the kind of guy that cries, but after seeing this video I felt a tear fall down from my cheek, because I realized Taylor isn’t mine anymore. That I’ve lost the best thing I’ve ever had and that I can’t get it back. I took up my phone and wrote in her name. I click at the contact that now is named “Taylor” but before was named “The One”. I start typing, but I don’t really know what I wanna say. I just feel like saying something.

*Taylor’s pov*

I was sitting there with Zayn, Gigi and some other friends and when we had watched the whole video our friends said stuff like “omg it’s so good”. Gigi hugged Zayn and started kissing him. If I didn’t knew them I would probably say get a room, but I was happy for them. Because they were in love, like Adam and I were once. Now I’ve just released a song about how I still love him and I hope he doesn’t hate me for it. I picked up my phone and pressed text messages. I wrote “Adam” this time instead of “The Love Of My Life <3” like I had typed in the time we were together. When I clicked on his name I saw three dots. He’s writing to me. He had probably seen the video. He still remember me. From nowhere those dots disappeared and my eyes started tearing up. I excused myself from the room and went up to the bathroom that belongs to my bedroom. I sat there and stared down at my phone as I was waiting for the dots to show up again, but they never did. The tears fell down from my cheeks. This was it, I had lost the love of my life.


Did you like it? And do you want a second part?

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If it would be alright could i request some izanamie headcanons (possibly them with their daughter too if thats okay)

izanamie high school au headcanons

  • grew up together so they’re (sort of begrudgingly) childhood best friends
  • izaya is very obviously protective of her and by the end of their first year of high school, everyone knows to not mess with namie because if they do, izaya will probably make them wish they were dead
  • only the people who actually pose a threat to izaya realize just how protective of him namie is
  • fake dating omg at first it’s to ward off pests but then izaya’s the first to start realizing he actually has feelings for her, at which point he recontemplates his entire life
  • one day while he’s contemplating, he doesn’t realize namie’s watching him and after a while she leans up to kiss him and he just asks ‘bored?’ ‘no. just answering your question’ ‘i didn’t ask anything’ ‘you remember i grew up with you, right?’
  • first loves… only loves… true loves….

domestic au headcanons

  • go to different colleges because of different interests but maintain long distance because they’ve never lost their independence and move in together after graduating
  • pregnancy isn’t planned and when namie finds out, her first instinct is fear because of how izaya’s going to react and namie’s heart has only skipped twice in her life: the first is when izaya kisses her when she falls in love with him and the second is the way he smiles when she tells him
  • they’re both really good parents but izaya’s more emotionally distant
  • the baby is almost always with namie and if they aren’t, she usually forces izaya to hold her “we have couches you know” “i don’t want her to roll off” “crib?” “…” “…we didn’t buy a crib for decoration, namie”
  • papa izaya doing his little baby girl’s hair aw omg
  • their baby is the best dressed ever
  • namie spoils her rotten and izaya always teases her for it but she knows exactly what she buys for her baby. everything else was bought by izaya
  • this child is going to grow up to take over the world…
Don’t Come Back (n.m.) (pt. ||)

| Requested by carpxgrier: I really want a part 2 of Don’t Come Back with Nate omg 😍 

“You can’t just end us like this.” I didn’t look at him, I never gave him one glance. “Watch me.” I challenged. “Don’t ever come back, Nate.” (x)


2 years later

“Logan, sweetie.” I sighed as he started crying because he tripped softly on the carpet. I picked him up and comforted him.

Having a toddler at home, was a pain in the ass. But I felt like this was all worth it. I loved my baby with every inch of me and he was literally my everything. Logan was the most amazing thing that happened to me actually. “Let’s go outside. I need some sunlight.” My sister, Letty, whined.

She was still by my side for the past couple of years, since the father didn’t even bother calling or asking how we were. I wasn’t bothered.

Okay maybe I was a little bothered. But I told him to leave. And he did. But I mean, Logan’s his son. Why wouldn’t he be a little curious to how he’s holding up to?

“Okay, let’s go to the park.” I suggested. Letty cheered and walked over to Logan.

“Auntie Letty and mommy are taking you to the park!” She said, getting excited.

Logan started clapping his hands. “Yay!”

“Are you excited?” Letty asked him.

“Yes! I want to play!”

“Then let’s go!” Letty picked him up and ran over to the bag with all of the needings for my kid. “You’re driving, sis!” She said while having my kid in arm and his bag in the other.

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My (short) Sway recap

So my recap is late, I’ve been pretty busy, and it is also pretty short. I’m going to do it more in a bullet form, since not alot of things happened with me and the dancers personally. But honestly, I loved it! It was by far one of the most amazing experiences in my life to go, and I hope to do it again sometime. :)

-I met fellow blogger blogpeaceandposts at the airport in Chicago Friday and we flew in to La Guardia. Got in later than expected, but we used the night to peruse the area (went to Bryant Park and STK restaraunt, where Val, Rumer, and some of the others had gone a few nights earlier…this girl couldn’t afford the steak but the chicken was amazing! XD)

-Saturday afternoon we met up with tinie13 and her friend at Macy’s and did a bit of shopping. I had a phone charger crisis so that whole experience hunting around for one was awesome..thank God for Radio Shack!

-Saturday night: OK, I was preparing for this but still freaking out when the night came. We ended up walking to the theater which is just a few blocks from where we were staying. Really beautiful theater! Saw Papa C up close in person, and yes the man is gorgeous for an older guy! I don’t recall seeing any other fam members out before the show. We grabbed a drink and found our seats fairly easily, which was like 6 rows from the front (!!!!) Saw hannajoworld and love4liberty, who I hadn’t seen since SWDOI, so it was wonderful to see these ladies again! :) Also briefly met trocoloca :)

-Another interesting point: a couple sat next to us who I swear one of them was the Cantamessa guy. He looked really familiar, and the lady with him was wearing Cantamessa earrings. I have no idea if this was him to this day but it was an interesting thing anyway.

-The show starts: OMG IT IS AWESOME. Meryl was just flawless in her parts, loved that she had an expanded role, even without Maks..this girl can dance! I also loved that Rumer had an expanded role. The whole time Meryl/Henry/Artem/Rumer were sitting at their table in the back, I watched them more than the rest of the show! XD

-Tony and Sharna were perfect, as always. When is Sharna not perfect?

-Maks and Meryl: Ok so I didn’t get to Sway 2.0 (wish I had) so I have nothing to compare their performances to, but dear God….they were meant to dance together. Their rumba stole by breath…the ending especially, where she walks away and his hand peels from her hair…just kill me now…

-Val and Jenna: Who said it was OK for them to dance like that….who?!?! They slayed! 

-MAKS: i still love him. He was in his element and clearly comfortable in his ‘passion’ speech. He passed SO CLOSE to our row, and I was eyeing him down (I wanted him to pick me, dammit!) - didn’t happen, but one day…one day….XD

-Henry in the Concrete Walls piece (and the hip hop with the gold shorts): we need more of him, always….he is a treasure

-Seeing Alex dance was awesome..loved his opening as well!

-Rumer was fab..her singing was on point, and the dance with Val= amazing to see in person!

-OK…so Maks and Peta; They were very good…VERY GOOD. Peta is fabulous. I’m not a great fan of hers, but I need to give credit where it is due, and it is due here. She clearly loves what she does. I don’t see the same level of chemistry with M/P as I do with M/M, but it’s a different partnership, so I won’t compare. They did faster dances though, not the more lyrical ones that M/M did.

-Afterparty was just OK…really we mainly just sat back and watched things happen. Took awhile to find the place. We wandered around times square a bit looking, but managed to find people going the same direction, so followed them (I also met salacaminar briefly but didn’t know it was her until later…sorry hun!) Got a hug from Serge which was great! Saw people come in (Val, Alex, some others…Alex’s girlfriend is very pretty- I’m assuming it was his girlfriend). Alot of the cast didn’t get there until 1:00, and some milled around taking pics with fans…I didn’t do it because it just isn’t my style to go after celebrities.

-Dynamics at the afterparty: Maks and P were pretty much attached at the hip for part of it  (no real PDA that I could see though..I could be wrong). They were up on stage whispering to each other. Val and Rumer were farther down with Serge and some others. Eventually Maks moved over and hung out dancing with his bro. A few of us saw Meryl up above on the balcony looking down on everything. She disappeared after that and ended up on stage dancing very cutely with val and Jenna (there’s been some video floating around of that, totally adorable). She was so sweet with fans, taking pics and talking with them. The same can be said of Emma and Jenna, who I kick myself for not going down and meeting them; they would’ve been a hoot, I’m sure! All in all, it was fun to see people interact in person that I normally don’t get to see except on T.V. :)

So would I do it again? Absolutely! Would I do the after party again? Not sure..it was alot of money for not alot of stuff. Anyway, that was my recap..hope you enjoyed!

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You know what I really need? I need another Cas centric episode but from God's POV. Like I need to know what makes Castiel so special and why God somehow keeps bringing him back. Is Castiel the last angel he ever created so he's fond of him? Was Castiel created out of love while the other angels were created out of necessity?(1/?)

(cont.)Is that why God “left the building”? Cause he was afraid he was becoming “human” as he started caring for Castiel like a son and not just a soldier? Before leaving did he put some kind of protection over Cas that would bring him back from the dead if he ever died brutally/not naturally? Just ARGHHH I NEED TO KNOW!

OMG yesss, I would watch the shit out of this! 


tatooiines  asked:

saldskfjlk but can we PLEASE talk about how Ten reacted to seeing Donna again after Midnight... he's got this wall up when she first hugs him, and then it just breaks and he hugs her back, and it always gets me how desperately he's hanging onto her. He's usually so strong, even when he's falling apart inside, and to see him so completely vulnerable like that... it's terrifying. I don't even want to think about what would have happened if Donna hadn't been there for him.


One of the many many things I love about this episode is that we get to see the Doctor really affected by the events of the episode, and he doesn’t just spring back to his Doctor-y self at the end. Ten is so haunted by the entity and just watching the way he walks to Donna, he looks like he’s about to collapse

and like I honestly half expected him to start crying when he hugged Donna. To me it looks like he is still in pain, and he’s guilty about all the deaths and just so vulnerable and exactly as you said, it’s terrifying to see him this way. The Doctor couldn’t save anyone, not even himself this time and if that Hostess didn’t make that sacrifice, he would have died. This episode was so great cause we got to see the Doctor stripped away of everything that makes him a powerful character, and it’s not often that we get to see that.

And then there’s Donna, who at this point has no idea what actually happened but just sees this broken man and holds him as tightly as she can and cares for him so much and they way she is just so hurt that something like this happened to her best friend and ughh just her face when she sees him

The Doctor has such a great relationship with Donna and even though Donna wasn’t in this episode as much, I think the last couple minutes of this episode just speaks volumes about their relationship and how Donna hugs him tighter than she ever has before and like you said, the Doctor letting that wall down is just so important and this hug is one of my favorite hugs in the entire show okay

Radio Tidbits 2015.05.17

Kame: (Talking about the Raizin posters) I’ve gotten a lot of messages from friends saying that they met eyes with me at numerous train stations, LOL. And my family too. That commercial is cool ne. There are plans to film a new one soon. I also like this drink a lot; it’s really tasty ne? We were given some in the dressing room for the Tokyo Dome concerts, and I drank a lot during rehearsals and stuff

- - - - - -

Fanmail from male fan: I went to both days of the concert! I was so excited when Kame-chan came over to the section where my seat was. I also enjoyed your butt

Kame: *amused chuckle*

- - - - - -

Fanmail: Recently men’s nails (polish, etc.) has been very popular. Do you have any interest?

Kame: In the past when I was young, the first half of my 20s, I used to paint my nails for every concert. Like just 3 nails or something. During the summer if I don’t have work I often paint my toenails. I wonder if I did it last year too? Gel nail polish. I do Union Jacks a lot. It’s fun

- - - - - -

Fanmail: What kind of presents do you give your dad for Father’s Day?

Kame: Our dad has lots of requests so I give him lots of different things. For Mother’s Day I gave carnations. What kind of presents do I give for Father’s Day? He requests items of similar level for that and his birthday, starting with clothes, watches, etc. Right, Father’s Day is pretty close to our dad’s birthday. His birthday is July 7th. So he always has this cunning strategy, like:

“I kinda want this”
“Isn’t that a little over the top for Father’s Day…?”
*imitates Dad’s voice* “It’s ok, just count it as my birthday present too”  

LOL So I give him a lot of stuff


From: Kamenashi Kazuya no Hang Out 2015.05.17