i just started watchin this

thisdumbtoy  asked:

your a dumb piece of meat, ain't ya? How'd you get so dumb or were you always this way?

Fuck, feels so good to hear that. Just a dumb piece of meat. MEAT. Meathead. Dumb as fuck. Uhhh… I think I got this way cuz I stopped bein all smart and shit bro. Sorta. I just started workin out more and watchin football n gettin more gear an shit. Fuckin love gear bro. Uhh sorry got distracted. I aint worn boxers or nothin for months now. Only UA compression shorts, the long kind, so ppl can see em if I sit down. Fuckin awesome huh?? Thanx for the ask bro. KEEP EM COMIN

i just started watchin orange is the new black n why come the gross misogynist mustache guard still manage to use the right pronouns n ppl who claim to be yr friends dont

So, I just started watchin that Chinese period drama ‘Emperesses in the Palace’ on Netflix and it is SOOOO GOOD even tho I heard an unjust amount of episodes and scenes were cut. I gave myself a migraine soaking up these subtitles for hours, over here like: “Snatch her, Newly Made Royal Consort Xi formerly known as Lady Wen Royal Concubine to the Emperor! Snatch her for all she’s worth!”