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(48) Gladio’s pick up lines.

Gladio: I don’t know how much of a good idea it is to have Iggy here nearby the sea.
Noctis: Why?
Gladio: I mean, there may be pirates in here. They’ll lay eyes on such a treasure. So it’ll be my job from now on to keep an eye on the booty.
Ignis: I can take care of it perfectly fine on my own, thank you very much. 

lance and hunk hanging out in that training deck lounge area in big sweaters and sweatpants and lance is in hunk’s lap settled between his legs and against his chest and hunk has his arms wrapped around him and his holding him as tight as he can and they’re just dozing and enjoying the stillness and each other’s presence and every time hunk shifts his sweater rides up a little until lance’s hands find warm, exposed skin and start to help it along and every time his fingers shift against him, up further underneath the shirt, hunk sighs so softly and tightens his hold - and his hands nearly wrap around lance’s entire waist, the touch makes lance’s breath hitch, suddenly they’re both breathing a little unevenly and it’s still so soft between them. so gentle

#111 all you ever
  • Harry: "Don't leave." Harry remarked, grabbing ahold of your wrist and turning you around to face him. His piercing eyes turning red with his bottom lip sucked in between his teeth. "Why not? Why should I stay if you are always going to have a wall between us? Staying here would waist my time." You didn't mean it, if he said those three simple words that you have been dying for him to hear you would stay. "I'm scared." He dug his hands in his front pockets, staring at the floor. You swiftly moved in front of the curly haired boy, and tilting his head up with your pointer finger. "Don't be scared."
  • Niall: "If you don't show me something, I'm leaving!" You screamed, your hands flying everywhere to prove your point. "You wouldn't leave." He softly remarked. "Wanna bet? I'm tired of trying to figure you out." Niall ran a hand over his shirtless top half before running the same hand through his head. He paced the floor in front of you. "Say something or I'm leaving." You harshly gritted through feuding teeth. "I love you." You felt your mouth open widely at the words that you've waited to here. He softly smiled in your direction, his roast cheeks rising in temperature. "I said something." He chuckled. Stoping his pacing and smirking directly at you. "And I'm not leaving."
  • Louis: He looked at you like you were crazy. His eyebrows were raised, hand resting on the bare of his neck as he chuckled. "You want me to say something I don't mean." He bitterly challenged. You scoffed, trying to hide the hurt you felt by what he said. "No, Louis." Your voice seemed softer than your original screaming. "I just want this to be easy." His sarcastic time rang through the tense air as he spoke, "That's all you want, is for everything to be easy." The ground seemed more interesting than Louis harsh tone and frustrated face. "I just want more I feel like I fell and you weren't there to catch me." You sniffed, vigorously wiping away new tears. "You don't think I was there?" You nodded, still glaring at the floor. "Look at me." You huffed, meeting his warm eyes as he continued. "I was always there, I just need you to open up."
  • Liam: "If you don't want this just say so." You words cut through the tension that was held between you and Liam. Hurt evident in his big brown eyes, you could tell he wanted to try and do everything to get you to stay but he was the type of person that if you wanted to go, he wouldn't stop you. "Talk to me." Liam continued to stay quiet, rocking on the balls of his feet. "Fine. I'm sorry but I'm leaving." You were shocked that he just nodded and pointed towards the door. "Seriously!" You started yelling. Liams eyebrows raise in shock and his mouth went agape. "Aren't you going I stop me from leavi-" Liam rushed over to your fuming body and mashed his lips to yours. "Don't go." He muttered against them.
  • Zayn: He was so introverted that it didn't surprise you when he didn't open up completely in the first few months but after celebrating one year, you had, had enough. "Are you ever going to open up to me?" Zayn smirked, raising his eyebrows in pure wonder. "I have opened up to you." He fought back. "No you haven't there's still a wall." You remarked. Taking a sip of your wine. This was such a bad way to start off the dinner. " Zayns eyes fell, he knew, you knew it was true. He picked at his salad, the tux right on his chest with every heave of his chest his tattoos would slip between the cotton of the white shirt. "All I want is for you to be completely and utterly open with me. So comfortable with me you could pee in front of me and not be embarrassed." He chuckled, reaching across the table to take your hands in his. "I'll work at it, yeah?"