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Another Analysis of Danny? Yeah, I Guess So.

Not too long ago, I stated that I headcanon the entire Fenton family as neurodivergent. This led to quite a bit of discussion, and eventually I said that I specifically think Danny has clinical depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder.

I didn’t really go into more detail, because while those are all things I myself suffer from, I want to tread carefully when talking about things like this. The last thing I’d want to do is accidentally say something hurtful.

However, multiple followers expressed interest in me going into more detail about why I have these headcanons. Since these are all things I actually struggle with, they reasoned that my personal experience would help me address this with tact.

So, alright. I’m giving in.

As a disclaimer, I’m not a psychologist and I don’t have a ton of knowledge about psychology. I’m just a dude who likes seeing himself in characters he relates to. This is going to be more based on my own personal experience than anything else.

Now that you know all that, let’s finally get into it.

To keep things organized, I’ll just go through each one individually. A lot of symptoms of these mental illnesses can overlap, so this will keep things from getting messy.

Since the depression was the first one I picked up on, let’s start with that.

Clinical Depression

My Brother’s Keeper is a good one to address this. Granted, Spectra’s MO is making people feel miserable, but she does that by picking at struggles the kids are already dealing with, not by necessarily causing those struggles (though she’s willing to do that, too).

I’ve heard depression described by others who have it as “the emotional equivalent of watching paint dry,” and I don’t think there’s a better description for it in the world.

Depression is way more than just being sad all the time. More often than not, I find it’s just a feeling of emptiness and hopelessness. When I’m in a bad depressive episode, I just stop feeling like things matter. Everything sucks and it’s not getting better, so what’s the point in trying?

Danny shows a lot of the symptoms that come with this feeling of hopelessness. He doesn’t eat or sleep very well. His energy levels are usually very low. He doesn’t have as much motivation to do things that he enjoys. He fixates on his failures and past mistakes and blames himself for most things that go wrong in his life. He has a harder time focusing on things, particularly in class. He can be forgetful and not notice details that might seem obvious.

A lot of these things are caused by his ghost hunting, but since Danny has made it clear that he doesn’t enjoy it, and every time he tries to take some time to himself it backfires, it makes perfect sense for him to feel trapped and hopeless.

Ghost fighting is one of the causes for his depression, not a replacement for it.

I’ve also mentioned that Danny is a really angry child, and anger can be a symptom of depression. When you’re feeling down all the time, you can become more irritable. Things bother you more. You lash out more. Even small things can get to you.

My Brother’s Keeper is, again, a good example of this. Danny’s lashing out at Jazz a lot, and even his friends notice that he’s taking things more seriously than usual. This is far from being exclusive to this episode, though. The Fright Before Christmas and Life Lessons both show Danny being irritable and frustrated, even though he usually still means well enough.

Danny even lashes out at Dash sometimes, someone that he’s afraid of, because he’s just too tired to deal with his crap.

Danny’s irritability was actually one of the biggest clues for me that he has depression, coupled with his tendency to degrade or blame himself.

As someone who deals with this, let me tell you, depression is exhausting. Even though I’m usually not doing much, the empty feeling alone zaps me of my energy. A lot of the time, I just want to sleep through my days and not bother with anything. I’m not allowed to, though, so I can get irritable.

Even if you don’t have depression, you’re probably familiar with this feeling. When you’re kept up late at night or you’ve had a rough day at work, you’ll feel exhausted, and that results in you getting annoyed more easily. Small things like people leaving the toilet seat up or the kids being noisy or people repeatedly knocking on the door will drive you crazy, when they’re usually not that big of a deal. You’re tired, and you don’t want to deal with even these small annoyances. You just want to be left alone.

It’s worth noting that Tucker, Sam, and Jazz don’t have these struggles, despite also being moody teens with a lot of pressure on them. They have bad days, but they’re usually more chipper than Danny (yes, even Sam.)

To me, Danny is a textbook example of a depressed teen. It’s not even a question. This kid needs to talk to someone. Unfortunately, he’s not looking to do that any time soon.


There are a huge number of anxiety disorders, and I’m still not the best at differentiating between them. I don’t often feel the need to pinpoint exactly what’s causing the anxiety. For me, it’s just when certain things happen (or don’t), the warning bells start ringing in my head and I struggle to focus on anything else. In a lot of ways, it’s like hearing that music in a horror movie right before something scary happens, except nothing ever happens. The music just keeps playing, making you feel more and more worried about what’s coming next.

The anxiety disorders I’m the most familiar with (meaning the ones I struggle with the most) are social anxiety disorder, generalized anxiety disorder, and panic disorder. I don’t feel like I need to cover the first one much, though, because despite being shy and self-conscious, Danny doesn’t really panic when he has to be in social situations. He can be awkward, but he can brush off embarrassment easily enough and he doesn’t have an issue with badmouthing people he dislikes to their faces. These are all things I’d die before doing.

The fact that he can stomach social situations alright doesn’t prevent him from worrying about every other thing that could possibly go wrong, though.

While not as common as Angry Danny, Panic Mode Danny shows up with some regularity.

Public Enemies (and TFM, though I don’t wanna rely on that example) is a good episode to demonstrate this.

The town’s on high alert and ghosts are everywhere, but just about everyone is handling the situation better than Danny. His paranoia is warranted, but he can’t bring himself to focus on anything except for what could go wrong. He overthinks all the details and worries excessively about all of them.

Danny’s parents are at his school. Ghosts keep showing up at the worst times. Danny doesn’t even know that Walker’s behind everything or what he’s up to, but he’s not in the right state of mind to think about that. This isn’t Detective Danny Time, this is Worry Time. And it prevents him from being as productive as he could be.

One of A Kind is another good example, where Danny’s so worried about Skulker that he can’t even eat, though Sam and Tucker are trying to encourage him to. It’s not like the eating itself is dangerous (as far as he knows), but he’s too busy worrying to even think about eating.

He’ll also worry about things that wouldn’t actually turn out as bad as he thinks. He fears his parents dissecting him if they find out his secret, or Valerie not liking him if she finds out, or Vlad being behind every bad thing that happens, even when he’s actually not.

It’s not as pronounced as his depression, but when Danny worries, he worries hard and can even get extremely paranoid. It even starts getting so bad that Danny himself starts questioning if he’s hallucinating in The Fenton Menace, because his constant worrying and paranoia fit that explanation. (And that’s the last time I’m referencing that episode in here. Bleh.)

There’s another disorder that’s classified as a type of anxiety, though, and I don’t think there’s any point in arguing that Danny has that.

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

This one’s far less about Danny showing symptoms (though there’s that, too), and more about the fact that no child who goes through the stuff he does would not have PTSD.

The symptoms of PTSD overlap a lot with depression and other anxiety disorders. Things like guilt, negative thoughts, feeling on edge, constantly looking out for danger, and struggling to feel happy or even to trust others are a few symptoms that can overlap with depression and anxiety. The difference is that, with PTSD, these things are triggered by a specific, traumatic event. And that’s where most of my focus is.

Danny’s been shot at by his own parents, hunted, tortured, brainwashed, threatened with experiments and even actually been experimented on (counting the cloning experiments), almost died several times, listened to his parents talk about wanting to dissect him, watched loved ones die (even if they ended up being alright), and that’s not even mentioning some of the other stuff Vlad puts him through or the fact that he was ruthlessly bullied long before any of this happened.

For me, it’s less a matter of if Danny was negatively impacted by all of this and more a matter of how in the world could he not be?

As previously mentioned, a lot of his anxiety and depression is the result of his ghost fighting. He’s paranoid about danger showing up at any time. He’s always trying to stay alert. He barely sleeps or eats. He blames himself when things go wrong. He doesn’t even trust his parents anymore, eventually believing that, if they found out he was half ghost, they’d dissect him without hesitation.

Heck, even the accident that gave him his ghost powers seems to have had a huge effect on him. He’s questioning his own humanity, he’s understandably afraid around a lot of his parents’ technology, he’s paranoid about being found out and not being accepted.

Personally, though,  I feel the show should’ve shown more effects. There’s no way he doesn’t have a fear of mental health specialists after what happened with Spectra. Is there anyone who thinks he wouldn’t have nightmares about things that happened in The Ultimate Enemy, Kindred Spirits, and D-Stabilized? How much does he remember from Control Freaks, and how often does he think about it? How much more does he let himself get hurt because he’s terrified of turning into Dan?

In a better show, this stuff would’ve been explored more thoroughly, but as it is, I don’t think there’s any denying that this kid’s been traumatized. Hopefully Jazz can get her psychology degree quickly, because she’s probably the only psychologist Danny would trust, and he needs to talk to one.

And I think that covers things well enough. I did also mention that I think the Fentons all show symptoms of ADHD, but that’s another can of worms entirely. Besides, this post is long enough as it is. I’m pretty sure I’ve been working on this for over two hours straight. I’ll just leave things here for now, and maybe I’ll touch on the ADHD in the future (if people are interested).

Thank you for your patience, everyone! And now I can move on to other things that people may or may not have been waiting for since this blog began.

play (xii)

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❝nothing in this world can compare to my love for you❞
→ byun baekhyun/kim junmyeon
→ written on the same day as part ten & eleven (125 notes for an update)
one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, ?
a/n: i’m so sorry for the late update… i can’t believe i slept on play for three months, but hi, i’m back here. i hope you’ll like this part, i worked hard, but not hard enough. i promise to update every month! i’ll make sure i’ll follow that promise. fun fact: play is more than year old now. enjoy!! please do tell me your opinions or critiques on this update, i’ll appreciate it a lot. without further ado, here is a 3.2k long, part twelve of play. :)

Though the roof above your head shielded you from the harsh rain of the thunderstorm and its notorious winds, the storm had its own little storm brewing as the familiar words from the director echoed through the speakers and around the whole theatre.

“Dress rehearsal starts at twelve noon.”

The clock mockingly ticked away as its hands moved forward, signaling to you that each passing second is a second closer to confronting him. Your only answer to it was a blank stare, watching the seconds turn into minutes until the time to prepare was finished, and the inevitable was to come in a few moments.

As expected, the booming sound of a knock against your door echoed three times and so did the voice of the director. “Dress rehearsal in five minutes, everyone get into your positions.”

By this time, your stylist has already finished your hair and make up and ushered you to hurry and change into your costume. The scenario was just like any other rehearsal, the same actions and words, the same hurried and nervous feeling, everything was exactly the way it was before except for the two star crossed lovers in both worlds.

The aching feeling of love that was once so genuine, the scorching hot passion unable to be kept hidden, the possibility of a beautiful and blossoming relationship… gone with the wind, buried deep beneath the ground, cursed by the heavens above.

And nothing could compare to the moment your eyes fell on his as you walked to the stage. No matter how hard you tried to push away your consciousness of his betrayal and your sorrow and longing, it wasn’t enough because love always needed more than what you could give, and to you, this was love; a one sided love where you gave him your all, and he was afraid to give you a bit of himself.

The liveliness behind those chocolate brown eyes of his was faded, a touch of gray tainted it. The ends of his supple pink lips no longer turned upwards nor in that famous dashing smile that had you and many other women swooning. The fairly tanned skin he wore was of a painfully pale color, the patch of skin right below his eyes darkened by the sleepless nights where he trudged over his mistakes and missed opportunities, regretting each second he ignored you.

For a short moment, the world turned quiet; the lights were dimmed, the passing footsteps decreased, the stage was empty, and in the middle of the silence was you and him; you and Baekhyun.

Nothing would have been able to help you prepare yourself for this inevitable moment; his eyes slowly rising to bear into your own, his almost dead and empty soul caged behind those deep brown orbs preparing itself for its own destruction as his eyes trailed closer and closer to look at yours, and when it did, the world was suddenly so beautifully dead. Despite everything, Baekhyun has stolen your heart, kept in well hidden in his own two hands. Beautiful in the way that this one sided love of yours could shake the earth beneath your feet, dead in the way this one sided love of yours would be the only great pain to strike your heart.

Because he was the one who owned it. Each and every vein and artery, every drop of blood was his, making you slave to the sweet sound of his voice and the tender feeling of his skin. Every part of you wanted to sing yet scream in that moment; alone, together, silent, dark, yet so lonely, cold, and painful.

No actions were made as you stared into each other’s eyes, filling the void with despair and lost hopes, hearing the clock tick as each second pass by, and another second of happiness is lost.

The prickling and defeating sense of letting your tears fall, your little pride and battered heart has had enough of this; crying over the same man who couldn’t and wouldn’t love you. As each tear stained your cheek, falling into the ground, you watched Baekhyun stare at you, emotionless and unmoving, unbothered by the fast he was the cause of your destruction.

Seconds felt like minutes and you both remained at your spots, watching each other, wondering and regretting, only realizing that the world was watching as the familiar voice of the director rang through the speakers. “Come on, people! We don’t have all day, just do the ending scene.”

Every cell in your body, every last bit of your heart and soul wailed as the thought occurred in your head, the scene of such tender sweetness and love, a scene so rare and impossible in your life where finally, not only have you found love, but love has found you. The happy and giddy sensation of your heart beating rapidly against your chest burned through your skull and through your heart, a feeling you’ve experienced so much yet so little.

Lost in a sea of familiar despair, you didn’t noticed anything as you stared into something brown and beautiful and of deep and beautiful color, suddenly moving closer towards you, losing the life out of it as the gap ceased to exist; Baekhyun was the first to move.

The pulsation of your heart against your ribs grew weaker, as if the the soul within your frail body was sucked out. Each step he took, though unnoticed by your brain but recognized by your body, made each breath you took shorter and shallower, a slow buzzing of what seemed like electric went trough your silent brain, and for once, your mind was empty and clueless as your eyes merely watched his movements, consciousness unable to register what was happening.

It only occurred to you the moment your cold hands found warmth in the hands of another, his body closer to yours as you continued to gaze at him, the tears you once thought were unstoppable never came, your body stood still as the time passed.

His hand took place on your cheek, caressing it as he stared into your blank eyes, the windows to his soul were as empty and as dead as yours. His hand was surprisingly cold when they touched the skin of your delicate cheek, you wondered how you found warmth in them a moment ago, then you’ve remembered it all; the play that never seems to end.

“You are my future.”

Meaningless words fell from his lips, rolled off his tongue so casually, so blandly, so lifelessly. The feelings once so raw and evident now gone  as the time of realization has hit the both of you that the damage was done, and repair was not an option.

Baekhyun. Baekhyun, you remembered, you noticed, fully aware of the small gap, his hand on your cheek, and the part of the script he said. You remembered the way he said them on your last show, so believable and full of emotions, he was sucked into the play and lived a part of his character took place within him… maybe more than a part as you noticed the similarities between them, almost as if Baekhyun relived his own character in the real world, hurting those who loved him and those he loved, you being in only one of those categories.

And you’re still staring into his brown eyes, the bright lights reflecting against them as they gazed upon you, hand still holding your cheek, softly moving his thumb across the smooth and delicate skin. You saw the hesitation in Baekhyun’s eyes, the way he partly opened his mouth and closed it, rethinking as his eyebrows furrowed ever so slightly that no one could have noticed except you; you who studied the beauty of his face, the angles of his body, the expanse of his skin your hands, eyes, and lips have met.

For a second, when your own teary eyes cleared, you recognized the familiar reflection of sadness in his eyes, and your heart hardened at the sight of it.

How could he be the one hurt in this situation when it was you being played? How could he have not realized that you were not just some puppet in his play or a character in his fantasy? How could he have not seen the pain he inflicted on you? How could he have not felt the small wet spots you left on his pillow before you left early morning? How could he have not noticed? How could he have been so blind? How could he have not cared at all?

The one thing that revolved around your head were questions, along with them came the memories of a not so long ago past of a some sort of terrible life. A life spent in a dolorous cycle filled with lies, more lies, and little to no truths (truth that came in the form of glimpses of Baekhyun’s unloyalty).

His apathetic and wavering heart would not accept your one, despite devoting yourself entirely to him. For sure, you knew, but maybe, you wanted to say, you’ve been too dependent on him, hoping to be the one leaning on his shoulder to cry, but at the end, there’ll always be an empty side of the bed the morning after, blanket cold, lacking of touch and warmth.

“I choose you.”

And the scripted tears turn out to be unscripted, and the proof that you were weak and vulnerable was evident as the scene continued, as Baekhyun continued to play with your heart, pulling at its strings with his fingers.

His hand still rested by your cheek, the touch now numbing. A tear, one single tear, fell, hitting his hand, sliding down from your cheek to his skin, a soft yet strong reminder of the pain he’s inflicted, the festering problem that grew from his arrogance and your ignorance.

But you’ve had enough of it, this was the end of it.

Before you could even think about fear, shame, guilt, or regret, your eyes met his, soul to soul, eye to eye. The burning furnace of your anger was obvious, you saw it in the way Baekhyun’s hand dropped from your cheek to his side, the way his eyes showed his slight submission. You were about to say it all, to relieve yourself of the heartache, and expose and leave him bare, but the loud echo of the director drowned your thoughts and bravery away before you had the chance to pounce.

“What’s wrong with you two? Where are my lovers that the audience loves? We can’t be called a romantic play if the romance doesn’t look real! Fix this right now before the second rehearsal begins,” you heard through the speakers surrounding the stage, lights suddenly coming to life, and the world seemed so much more smaller and unforgiving as you saw the people backstage and those seated in the audience; the world was once moving, moving too fast for you to catch up.

People were moving quickly, never stopping, flooding the stage that now seemed to be a busy street where you and Baekhyun remained unmoving, untouched. His eyes were focused on the ground, lost to the unkempt rhythm of footsteps and chatter, his hands remain by his side, chest rising and falling slowly. You remained as you were, immersed in some type of unhappiness and despondency, eyes fixated everywhere yet nowhere. Your feet were stuck to the ground, but your soul felt like it was floating above your drained body, wondering and adrift.

Like the Red Sea, the crowd spilt apart, and instead of your salvation came your curse. Amorous as ever, red as rose high heels clicking as they met the ground, hands and hips swaying with a confidence you’ve lost long ago, Nana came strutting towards you and Baekhyun, eyes filled with predatory instincts as she saw the proximity of you both, quickly making her way to intercept and cause a greater storm.

“Babe! What are you still doing here? It’s break time, Jaehyung’s finally taking a rest. Let’s go before we miss the chance to catch up,” she flirted, coquetry apparent in her voice, moving her body closer to his, her chest on his back as her hands snaked around his hips, hugging Baekhyun in front of you, resting her head on his neck, placing sultry kisses on the sensitive fair skin of his, the same one you used to kiss, caress, and adore.

Baekhyun kept silent, seemingly even more lost and dead than when you first saw him today, but something in his eyes flashed like a burning wildfire, he came alive, standing upright, taking her wrist in his hand.

And that was your queue to leave, and like the swift harsh winds that billowed outside, you moved past Baekhyun and Nana, leaving them to their devices. The last thing you remembered was the sinful smirk on Nana’s lips as your shoulder briefly pushed against hers, Nana’s hand caress the toned muscle of Baekhyun’s chest.

The next few moments were wiped away from your memory like a breeze. You remembered the sensation of weakness on your knees, shaking as you walked back to your dressing room. It wasn’t until you heard the familiar sound of the door slamming shut that you let the tears fall, droplet by droplet till it turned into a continuous shower of regret and woe.

The truth, the terrible truth I’ll tell you right now, is that Baekhyun is engraved in your dizzy heart, the one and only keeper of the key to your heart, and for him, you would risk it all because of the fate and destiny your heart decided was to be Baekhyun’s.

You remembered how suddenly his pale colors disappeared by the red flush of blood when Nana arrived, the way he allowed her hands to linger around his body sensually, the strong grip he had on her thin and delicate wrist, allowing her to continue her slow but deadly attack on his neck.

A sweet and familiar voice resounded through your dressing room, door opening slowly, revealing the face of a handsome, young man. “Y/N, I thought I’d come by to surprise you,” Junmyeon said, his honey-like voice filling you in with some unusual gloominess as he entered, leaving the door slightly ajar. His hands immediately rested on your shoulder as he stared at your face through the help of the wide mirror. You were sat down on a tall director’s chair, Junmyeon right behind you, you two would have been mistaken for a beautiful couple. You wondered if your eyes were still red, if he would notice-

“Why are you crying?”

Unfortunately, silence answered him, but Junmyeon already knew the answer. In an instant, he moved to your front and hugged you, holding onto you like you could just slip from his grasp right then and there (truthfully, you would have). He patted down your hair, cooing you as you continued weeping, soft and short whimpers coming out every time Junmyeon would mention something sweet.

“Why don’t I take you home, Y/N? I think we can call it a day,” Junmyeon offered, hoisting you up and out of the chair. He became your strength and balance at times like this when you were at your weakest and most vulnerable. Quite literally, he too became that as he helped you stand and walk, your knees still shaking from anxiety and grief. You wish you listened well when they said love hurts, you wish you could be blithe and free, to be aware and immune to Baekhyun’s cajolement and persuasion… then finally, as if for the first time, you noticed Junmyeon, the sweet and loving man who was meant to be nothing more than a one night stand, yet here he is, holding your arm as he walked you down the narrow halls of the theatre and out to the parking lot, holding out an umbrella as he sat you down on the seat beside the driver’s seat, gently helping you in before getting to his side of the car and out and away from the theatre.

Junmyeon played a few calming songs on the stereo as he drove, nothing too sad or too upbeat. He didn’t say a word, allowing you to rest your way beyond tired mind and heart. You watched him as he drove down the not so busy streets of the city, marveling at how perfect each line and curve of his was, wanting to press yourself against his body, relieve yourself from this pain, losing yourself to man like Junmyeon, so sweet, so kind, yet so manly, so strong.

You would be lying if you said he didn’t impress you. The sharp line of his jaw and cheekbones made you want to leave wet trails of kisses on them; his neck, showing off their veins, made you want to leave red love bite marks and bruises on them; his hands, the glorious masterpiece that could be the start to your end, made you want to hold them.

It didn’t take long till you arrived at your home. When the car was finally parked, and Junmyeon moved out of his seat, you’re released from this lustful spell. He made sure to get out of the car first to help you out, holding your arm until you got inside your home safely. He didn’t let go until you were laid down on your comforting bed, the cold mattress quickly absorbing your heat, reminding you of a few things you wish you couldn’t understand, you couldn’t remembered, you couldn’t feel.

You turned to Junmyeon, grabbing his hand. The shock on his face was readable as he looked down at your intertwined hands. You could see some sort of expectancy in his eyes, the well known look of a fire right before it ignites into a beautiful wild flame. “Yes, Y/N?”

“I’d like some alone time please, Junmyeon.” You watched as the flame died down, and his skin was drained from color. He took his hand away from your grasp, briefly nodding before exiting with a solemn smile. Right before he closed your bedroom door, without glancing back, he said in a solemn tone, “I’m always here when you need me.”

Then he was gone and so was the only source of warmth in this room, and once again, as always, either by independent choice or by coldhearted fate, you were alone.

Alone to think, to lose your head in a spiral of regrets, missed opportunities, and failures. You spun down and down, deeper and deeper into the endless abyss your mind trapped you in.

You wished you were stronger.

You wished that, at the start, you had confessed to him, confessed to Baekhyun, to tell him how your world now revolved around him, to tell him how fast your heart beats around him, to tell him how much you love to be around him.

Yet you wished that you cried less for him, that you moved on faster than him, that you could do better without him, maybe better with Junmyeon.

But if Baekhyun was gone, life would no longer be life, losing its essence to some lost cause that would lead you nowhere near the answer you’ve been searching for.

You laid your head down on the soft plush pillows, resting on your side, looking out the window, watching the storm grow stronger.

Strength… how funny you’ve called Baekhyun that when he was the one who introduced you to your greatest fear, one you were living with: losing him.

Taehyung Scenario: The Spark Between Us.

Request: Hello the request are open right? I wanted to request taehyung with reader where taehyung is a doctor from the medical room in high school and the reader is a student. They always had a thing but because they are student and teacher so they can’t be together. But after a few years they meet again, the reader become a doctor for an hospital and taehyung is also a doctor but he is a sumbe/ or senior, and taehyung tease the reader as a junior ( always asking the reader to do shit) thankyouuuuuuu.

Genre: Fluff / Romance.

Taehyung hoped that with the passing of the weeks, he would feel less nervous to attend someone, but he found himself still second thinking his knowledge, even if he was one of the smartest doctors of his class. This was his first real job, he was assigned to this school by the medicine council and he was the assistant of the main doctor in charge of the nursery,  he wouldn’t think that so many students could go there, but they did.

He’d arrived early, and had been reading a book about cardiology when two students came into the nursery, carrying a  girl that had fainted in the classroom.
Taehyung told them to lay you down on the stretcher and asked about your information, first he checked your temperature noticing how you were a little cold, then he took your pulse, it was a bit too slow. You were starting to get back your consciousness, and Taehyung talked to you softly, saying that everything was fine now.

-Did something happen to her? - he asked to your friends, a girl and a boy who had brought you.

The girl denied with her head and the boy was the one answering. -No, we had just finished a test and were waiting for the next class when she fell to the floor-

You mumbled something soft and taehyung’s attention was back to you, he smiled down at you reassuringly because you looked lost.
-Hi, how are you feeling? -

Your eyes fixed on his, they were a little glassy. -I… I don’t know, what happened to me? -

-Your friends said you fainted, where you feeling bad? - he helped you sit slowly so you weren’t dizzy, and proceed to check your pupils with a little lantern.

-Yes, a little…- you looked down as if you were embarrassed and he didn’t miss how you took a sly look to your friends, so Taehyung told them to leave you alone for a moment.

-You have not eaten right Y/N? - You looked at him with guilty eyes and nodded.

-I woke up late and in all the rush, I forgot, I was so stressed with today’s test that nothing else was on my mind-

Taehyung nodded, understanding, student’s life wasn’t as easy as everybody thought . He served a glass of water and offered it to you.

-The sugar level on your blood is surely too low, that’s why you fainted - he looked at you better, you were a little pale when you came in but now he could see a nicer color showing on your skin, you ran a hand through your hair and smiled lightly after taking the water. -You must always remember to eat a little something, skipping breakfast is bad for your health-

-Yes doctor Kim -

Taehyung smiled back at you and took some notes, he still felt a wave of pride filling him whenever someone addressed him like that.

-Will you remember this Y/N?- he didn’t want you to feel like he was scolding you, so Taehyung smiled fully and dashing. You nodded quickly and averted your eyes, drinking the remaining water and he could see a light rosy blush blooming on your cheeks, you were going to be good soon as long as you ate something.  He rummaged through one of his drawers and when he found a little chocolate bar he gave it to you. -Here, have this, it will help you-

-Thank you…- You took the chocolate from his hand and the smile you showed him there was dashing, you looked great with a smile like that and Taehyung couldn’t help himself from thinking it.
He offered his hand for you to stand up in case you were still feeling a little off and you took it a little shyly, thanking him again before leaving the nursery.

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Do you have any head canons?

I have literally written 2000 words on the mogami arc alone. If I posted every single one of my headcanons i’d kill everybody’s dash but here are some of my favorites:

-Autistic Mob!!!!

-Autistic Reigen!!!

-Autistic Tome!!!

-Ritsu is afraid of thunder (The sound reminds him of ???% explosion)

See also: Ritsu has seriously sensitive ears and he can hear lightbulbs going out, he can hear dog whistles, and literally a third of the reason why he doesn’t like Reigen is because Reigen has a plug in roach killer in his wall and it makes the most annoying ‘buzzing’ sound ever.


-Shou bribes Ritsu with candy to be his art model among other things

-Shou is very, v e r y touch deprived so he’s constantly trying to hug his friends

-Shou never realizes when he’s actually really fucking sick. He could vomit and still blame it on his allergies making him queasy.

-When Dimple was alive, alive he was a B-List actor who never made it truly big and he’s salty that he never got the recognition he deserved so thats what fueled the ‘i wanna be a god’ thing

See also: Reigen owns…every single one of his movies because thats Reigen’s favorite type of movie….Dimple will never e v e r tell Reigen that hes in all of them.

-Shou is afraid of the dark because bad things happen in the dark. (suprise attacks, bugs, ect…) and he sleeps with a nightlight

-REIGEN!!!! CAN!!!! SING!!!! (three separate links) and he wanted to become a singer when he grew up, but because children are awful little shits he stopped liking his own voice….buuuut….when Mob was getting sleepy on the way back from exorcisms Reigen would hum him a little lullaby so he could sleep easier!!!

-Shou has never ever been to school. Hes had some tutors before but He never got the chance to go to an actual school with actual people and sometimes he spies on Ritsu in his school because he’s kinda interested in the school life.

-Shou has no idea how to interact with kids his age. He talks about kids like hes an adult but really hes a kid too.

-Teru cannot dance. If he says he can hes lying. He can DDR but he c a n n o t d a n c e

-Mob still hangs out with that ghost fam!!!! Also the Saint hoshino girls!!!!

-Teruki never got the talk…..He accidentally saw an ecchi and was so traumatized he avoided girls for a month before he actually tried to figure out ‘wHA  T THE FUC K DID I JUST WATCH’

-Teruki’s favorite series is ____ Precure. He thinks magical girls are cute and he used to want to be one. (He also watched the magical boy anime)


-Shou never got taken to the fucking eye doctor and he needs glasses, and the first time he gets glasses hes like ‘oh…..vision isn’t supposed to be all fuzzy?’

-Teru is a theatre gay™

-When asked what dances he knew Seri did the caramelldansen and asked if it was still relevant….Reigen lost 10 years off of his life because of that.

-Shou doesn’t eat food unless hes has either watched it being made, or made it himself. This behavior concerns Reigen. He’ll eat prepackaged foods but only if he himself buys them or Ritsu or somebody else he trusts gives it to him.

-During the Mogami arc Mob had to eat his food fast or risk it be taken away, and also He didn’t have food at home very often so he’d often be very hungry…This causes him to eat really fast in the real world. He’ll eat an entire plateful of food in less than 5 minutes because hes subconsciously afraid it might get taken away again…

-Seri and Shou have an odd relationship. Sho had a mild distaste for Seri because he was his father’s lapdog…but also Seri has patched him up and cared for him a great number of times….Their relationship improves tenfold once Seri leaves Shou’s father

-Shou hates being in his actual house because its too large and too empty to be a home. 

-Shou started art because it was like therapy.

-mob got into baking and cooking during the mogami arc because he felt like it was something he could do and profit from; however, mogami made sure none of it turned out great. it was always just half decent. but when he tries again out of the arc its actually really freaking good. it isn’t perfect. but its great and everybody who eats it is like ‘holy shit’ where’d you learn this but mob doesn’t know, because everything he’s ever made has been shit


-she’s impressed with muscles because she respects the hard work and determination behind gaining them. and everybody can get muscles right?That’s why she stopped caring about mob’s powers because it really was like impossible for other people to get it and so it grew boring to her-she doesn’t think just 'being great at something’ without the hard work behind being great is great at all idk

-She doesn’t like being forced into situations that’s why she’s so reluctant to be a dimple follower because 'what the fuck, who even is this guy. it’s just a tree. chill.

-hc that she thinks muscles are so cool that she actually decides to work out herself and she does judo 

#secretlyablackbelt jkjk

but she’s pretty good and she likes the productivity of working hard for a goal.

-Tsubomi wears shorts under her skirts.

-Tsubomi is super touchy feely with her friends and she’s always holding hands or leaning on them or hugging them and sometimes she even kisses them!

-somebody asks her out randomly and her response is 'why’ because she’s never even met the dude before


Snakes and Stones



“Damn,” Sam said under his breath. He and Dean had just stepped into a small, rundown diner where the ghoul was known to terrorize. While the diner was open 24/7, the brothers had hoped that they would find the diner empty (except for the ghoul, obviously).

But you were sitting down at the corner of the counter, staring straight ahead.

“Nah, it’s cool,” Dean said, studying you. “She’s obviously drunk. And maybe blind.”


“Look at her—beanie down to her ears, no doubt hiding greasy hair. Stained pants that haven’t been washed, hell, maybe not even taken off in at least four days. Sunglasses on inside at…” Dean glanced at his watch. “11:26 pm.”

“That doesn’t–”

“And take a look at that plate in front of her. Biscuits and gravy with bacon. Heavy on the grease.”

“You really have no room to judge people on what they eat. You probably think that looks good.”

“Hell yeah, I do.”

At that moment, a waitress stepped out from the back. “Help you, boys?”

“Table for two,” Dean said, holding up two fingers. “Booth if you can.”

The waitress nodded to the booth the brothers were standing next to. Sam and Dean slid into it as the waitress placed sticky plastic menus in front of them. The boys pretended to look over the pages while surveying the diner.

“That’s our ghoul,” Dean whispered as the waitress drifted back into the kitchen.

“Totally,” Sam said. “So, what… ambush in the kitchen?”

Dean pursed his lips. “I don’t know…”

“We need to keep that civilian safe.”

“Yeah, yeah. But…”


“I don’t want to destroy the kitchen.”


“That’s where the food is.”

Sam rolled his eyes. “You’re ridiculous.”

At that moment, there was a screeching in the back, along with the clanging of pots and pans hitting the floor. Sam and Dean grabbed their weapons and dashed into the kitchen.

The cook lay dead in the middle of the kitchen floor, his blood splattered around, his intestines now on the outside of his stomach. The waitress lay near him, mouth covered in red. The figure standing over her corpse was wearing a beanie and stained pants.

“Hold it right there!” Dean said, gun aimed.

“Easy, gents. I’m just here to help.”

“Who the hell are you?” Sam asked.

You raised your hand to your face, causing the Winchesters to twitch, prepared to fire if you tried to throw a blade or shoot a bullet in their direction. Slowly, you turned.

“Guns down, boys. The threat’s gone.”

“What did you do to them?”


“What?” Dean asked.

“I only did something to her. She killed the cook.”

Dean’s eyes went from the bloated corpses at your feet to your eyes.

Your sunglasses-covered eyes.

“How’d a blind chick gank a ghoul with such speed and ease?”

“I’m not blind.”



“Then what’s with the glasses?”


“So take ‘em off.”

“No, thanks.”

“You got somethin’ to hide?”

“You have no idea.”

Dean and Sam shared a look. “What’s going on here?” Sam asked.

“I did my job.” You paused for a moment. “And apparently your job as well. Nice try, boys. Better luck next time.”

“Who the hell are you?” Dean asked.

“Y/N. Now, if you’ll excuse me,” You started out of the kitchen, brushing past the Winchesters.

Dean watched as you disappeared. Was it his imagination or was there a faint hissing sound following you?

“You can have my biscuits, if you want,” you called behind you.

Dean was tempted—after all, the cook was dead. But the mystery of you was too big to leave alone.

“Hey,” he called, following you, Sam following him.

Did… did your beanie just move?

“What are you hiding?”

“Everything I normally don’t share with strangers!”

Dean reached forward, yanking your beanie off.

He froze in his tracks, Sam running into him.

“Holy shit,” Dean said.

“Goddammit!” You spun around, hand darting to your hair.

Your hair made of SNAKES.

“Give me that back!” You reached out for the beanie.

Dean was so shocked that he let you jerk the beanie from his fingers. You pulled it back down over your head, tucking in a stray snake. You adjusted your sunglasses but Dean could feel the glare you were giving him.

“Holy shit,” Sam said. “You’re a… a Gorgon.”

You crossed your arms in front of your chest. “So?”

“I didn’t think those existed!”

“Yeah, well, we do, thank you very much.”

“Hold on, she’s a what now?” Dean asked.

“Right here, jackass,” you murmured.

“A Gorgon. They’re these creatures from Greek mythology with hair made of snakes and a stare that turns victims to stone.”

“Wait, like Medusa?”

“I’d appreciate it if you didn’t speak of Grandmother as if you knew her.”

The Winchesters stared at you, eyes wide.

“You… you’re related to Medusa?” Sam asked, incredulously.

“Any living Gorgon can trace their lineage back to her. There aren’t that many of us left, though.” You studied the men. “So… can I go now?”

“Are you a hunter?” Sam asked.

“I do what I can.”

The three of you stood in awkward silence.

“Can I seriously have your biscuits?” Dean asked.

Hiraeth - Part (8)

A/N: Will this torture ever end? We don’t know.

Summary: It’s a picture perfect wedding. It really is. A dashing bride, a gorgeous groom, and nothing goes wrong. But something is missing. Something important.

Follow the story of an arranged marriage; a story like every other.

Pairing: Draco Malfoy x Reader

Word Count: 1412

Warnings: none!

[Hiraeth Masterlist]

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Henry’s Unfortunate Ink-antation [Part 7]

[submitted by: @the-elusive-blue-skittle]

After having breakfast with Joey and the other toons, Henry ran off with Bendy. The little devil had heard a big CRASH come from one of the bigger rooms on the first floor, and dragged Henry with him to investigate. Someone had broken a mirror… Whoever that was had better be ready for seven years of bad luck.

The toon duo peeks around a corner to spy on whoever had broke the mirror. And who else but Andrew Henderson? Looks like someone got too angry over not getting his way. Bendy, of course, sees this as an opportunity for a prank. The little devil winks at his buddy, making a ‘shush’ motion as he creeps around the corner.

Without warning, he inexplicably jumps into what appears to be ‘behind’ the panel in which the glass once resided. The heavy-set man looks back at the mirror he broke to see… A reflection. But it’s in black in white! Andrew is none the wiser to the presence of the little devil as he motions a hand wave. He turns his back and looks at the mirror over his shoulder. The reflection does the same. He gets in real close…

And the reflection does, too. The two touch noses, which causes Andrew to yell loudly and flee the bathrooms as Bendy cackles in a boisterous manner.


Henry covers his mouth and giggles, watching Andrew run away with his tail between his legs. Running up to his pal, Henry bounces in place excitedly, the prank having riled him to pull one on his own. But what kind of prank could he possibly pull?

“Bendy, that was amazin’! You really put on a show, there!”

“Aw, shucks… I appreciate your enthusiasm, Henry!”

Henry glances past the little devil, and into one of the broken mirror shards. He raises a brow.

“… Do I really look like that?”

“Well, yeah. Get a good look at’cherself, pally, ‘cause if ya get splatted again, you’ll know the difference between an arm and a leg!”

Henry picks up a mirror shard, holding it at different angles to inspect his face and body.

“I look so… Weird! But it feels right somehow…”

“Well, ya better get used to it! You’ve got a whooooole week ahead’a ya’s!”

Henry stares into the mirror, slowly poking his left cheek. It’s a LOT squishier than when he was human, though even then, his wife played with his face to tease him. Tugging on said cheek, the new toon winces, somewhat bothered by the sheer elasticity of what he still considers ‘skin’. He lets go, letting the part of his face snap back into place as if it hadn’t been touched in the first place. Looking closer, Henry notices that there are two big spots on his cheeks that bear a slightly darker shade of grey, resembling rosy cheeks.

The toon sports a small smile at his reflection, cupping his left cheek with a hand. “Well, gosh… I’m … Kinda cute!”

Bendy snickers under his breath. “Keheeheehee… Aaaaalright, pretty boy, time to put the mirror down!”

“Wait, did I say that out loud?! Quit laughin’! It’s not funny!”

“Ohhhhhh, yeah it is! Pretty boy.”

“Aw, shut up, you tutu-wearin’-”

“Ah-ah-ah, Henry! You said it yaself, and I ain’t one to disagree.”

Henry’s cheeks flush with dark grey. He doesn’t even have the willpower to retort that he’s not cute, because he knows that the very opposite is true. The little devil slaps him on the back with a grin.

“Chin up, big guy! We got more pranks ta pull! Come on!”

In Henry’s mind, he second-guesses himself, asking himself if he’d usually call himself out like that under normal circumstances. Pushing these thoughts aside, the toon simply follows along like nothing happened.

Henry smiles, nodding as his little buddy takes him by the hand and drags him off to the first floor.


Meanwhile, as Henry’s being dragged along to the main part of the studio, he’s lost in his own thoughts, legs going on autopilot as his mind races.

‘This is all happening so easily… So… Fast… Have I always been so easily convinced to go around and cause trouble? Would I normally do this if my job wouldn’t be put on the line? I mean… I’m loving that I get to go around with Bendy all day, and staying at the studio with d- Joey isn’t bad, either, but… I feel like I’m missing something important. Oh well… If I can’t remember, it probably wasn’t very important in the first place, was it?’

Further disregarding the thought, Henry shakes his head a little as he listens to Bendy going on a spiel on the perfect prank to pull.


Around lunch time, a special visitor stops by for Henry, who had found a comfy reading spot right in the middle of the floor. Looking up from his novel, the toon smiles as his lovely wife comes into view. Dianne smiles back.

“Hiiiii, honeybun,” Dianne coos, gently setting a bag to Henry’s side. “I brought goodies. There’s a couple books, a lunch, some pillows and blankets, some nice colored pencils, and… Your secret thing.”

“Awww, thanks, pumpkin. You’re the best!” Henry exclaims, hopping to his feet and planting a kiss on his wife’s lips. Dianne smiles and squeezes the little toon in a tight hug.

Sighing, Henry squeezes back. “I’m sad that this is all the cuddle time we haaave…”

“Oh, don’t worry yourself. You’ll be back home in no time, right?” She asks, pinching his monochrome rosy cheek with a grin.

“Hahahah… Right!”

Dianne looks at the clock. “Would you look at the time! I need to get home before dark.”

“But it’s only half past noon!”

“Oh, I suppose you haven’t seen… There’s a big storm coming. Sorry, Hen…”

At the mention of a storm, Henry’s expression falls. “S… Storm? Wuh-oh…”

Dianne bites her lip. She always forgets about Henry’s little phobia… Scooping Henry up off the floor, Dianne kisses her little husband all over his face, snuggling him like he’s a baby kitten. “I love you, pookie. You’ll be okay. I promise.”

Henry smiles, not making an effort to remove the toonified lipstick stains from his face. “Thanks, sweetums… I love you, too. Drive safe for me, alright?”

“Okay, Hen-Hen. See you tomorrow,” Dianne smooches him one last time before putting him down, leaving the toony animator to swoon back and forth in place. “Cutie-pie.”

Henry dares not retaliate at the comment, instead cupping a hand to his cheek with a bashful wave. “Oh, you… Byyyye, toots!”

Dianne smiles one last time before heading out the door, leaving Henry to keel backwards. He falls on the floor with his hands clasped over his perceived diaphragm, a white lily soon sprouting into his hands from out of nowhere.

‘Gosh, I love her so much…’


The storm going on outside has been raging for a long time. Not that anyone’s been counting, of course. The second the first raindrop fell, Henry already grabbed his bag and disappeared under Random Employee #406’s desk. With the bag clung tightly in Henry’s grasp, the poor toon shakes and shudders, whimpering as his eyes dart around the ceiling. Is anything leaking? Ohh, it’d be a DISASTER if the roof started leaking. He still has no idea how badly water would hurt him in this state. He screeches a little as something falls on his head, though he quickly realizes it’s his overactive imagination.

The employee drags Henry out from under her desk, prompting him to yelp and dash under another desk. Conveniently, his own. Though… It’s dark and scary over here, and the rumbling thunder outside doesn’t help much. Henry glances around fearfully, and repeats the process of hiding to excess. Joey is busy in his office, dealing with Bendy, so he can’t hide there just yet.

‘Wait, wait, okay… Calm down… Let’s be rational… It’s just a storm! Just a measly, little-’

At that moment, the loudest thunder Henry’s EVER heard rings out, shaking the building, and causing the poor little toon to tremble under the blankets Dianne had brought him in the dark, empty corridor he calls his ‘office’. The blankets smell like home…

‘Okay, Henry, focus… Focus… The blankets smell like home… Home is nice, and Dianne brought the blankets, and I love Dianne… Dianne makes me happy, so if I just remember home, and Dianne, and her pretty voice, and her smile… ‘

Thinking of Dianne allows Henry to calm down enough to inspect his surroundings, checking for leaky roofs and people walking by.


Squeaking loudly, Henry dashes to another location in the blink of an eye, no longer keeping composed, rational thought about his situation. He had made the mistake of hiding in a spot where Wally WAS cleaning. Wally shoves the toon out from under the table with his broom.

“Hey! Shoo!”




The janitor’s stern expression falters. He feels guilty about last night. Though… he still needs time to cool down. For now, he gives Henry an awkward pat on the shoulder and points him in the direction of a good hiding spot. It’s where he’d always find Bendy in the midst of any rainstorm. The little toon nods shakily in understanding, heading off in the direction Wally was pointing.

After an hour or so, Henry had been kicked out of every hiding place he could find, with the fastest record of the door slamming on his rear being… Sammy’s office. Of course. With nowhere else to go but deeper, Henry slowly saunters to the stairs leading to the lower floors. The rainwater and thunder won’t be such a big threat deep underground, right?

Upon arrival to the Heavenly Toys department, Henry can’t help but feel a little uneasy at all the giant plushies sitting around everywhere. He’d only ever been down here twice, and even back then, the toys were few and far-between.

Henry carefully and quietly traverses the large room, up the stairs, and to the doorless entrance to Shawn’s office. He knocks on the frame of the door.

Knock knock knock.

Shawn looks up from the doll he was working on. Turning around, he sees the little toon he’d recently gotten acquainted with. “Oh, afternoon, Henry! What can I do ye for?”

Henry remains silent, the blanket and bag pressed close to his body, and the soft blue material obscuring the lower half of his face.

The Irish toymaker notices Henry’s demeanor, and his expression falters. “Oh… It’s the storm up there, ain’t it? Come on an’ sit down over here.” Shawn pulls over a cushioned chair next to his desk and pats the seat, inviting the toon to come and sit with him. Henry gladly obliges, climbing into the chair with the objects still being hugged close to his body.

The little toon sits there for a moment as Shawn gets back to work. He slowly digs through his bag from Dianne to find… Walter, the childhood teddy bear. Henry raises a brow, but realizes that, perhaps, for however long he’ll be stuck at the studio, Walter can fill in for Dianne. He wraps himself up in two of the three blankets packed, hugging the now much larger bear close.

Shawn turns to look at Henry, who, upon noticing that he’s being observed, immediately gets embarrassed and tries to hide his face. The toymaker smiles a soft smile.

“Hey, ye don’t gotta hide from me. I can keep a secret.”

The childlike toon nods slowly, going back to snuggling the home-scented bear in silence.


Hours pass. Henry has securely fallen asleep in Shawn’s comfy chair, all snuggled up in his blankets and snoring. Shawn looks at his watch, quietly getting his things together.

Poke poke.

Henry opens an eye, rubbing it with a limp hand under his glasses. “Whassa matter?”

“Sorry, but it’s time to get up. I can’t leave ye down here all night. I gotta go home.”

“Oh,” Henry sighs, stretching with a small squeak escaping his throat. “Mmkay…”

The Irish toymaker helps Henry up and out of his chair. The little toon puts his things away in his bag and slings it over his shoulder. “Thanks a million, Shawn.. I owe ya!”

“Oh, nonsense. It was my pleasure! Now, c’mon, up we go.”

Henry nods silently in agreement, following Shawn up the stairs, past all the pipes and metal doors, and back up to the music department. The stereotypically short Irishman waves goodbye to his co worker and wanders off to the exit, leaving Henry to hesitantly make his way up to the first floor by himself. The storm is still going, though not as harshly as before.

During the walk back to the first floor, Henry gets lost in his own thoughts, his legs going on autopilot as he wanders.

‘Today went by a lot faster than I thought it would… I’ve been feeling a little funny after I got mashed into the wall a buncha times… Maybe it’s just the cabin fever getting to my head. Wait. That didn’t make a lot of sense just now. What’s cabin fever got to do with being splattered like a tube of paint? Oh, well… Guess I’m just tired, huh? REALLY tired…’

Henry turns the corner, somewhat perturbed by the sounds of the Machine’s pumps. He hasn’t really been around them for this long, and the sounds are really starting to nag at his Schrodinger’s brain. The little toon stops in his tracks to yawn and rub his eyes, getting visibly sleepy. He mutters to himself on the rest of the way to Joey’s office.

“Mm… Sleepy…”

… All of a sudden, Henry collapses on the wooden floor, snoring loudly. Joey peeks out of his office, which is only another twenty feet away. He smiles and retrieves the toonified animator, bringing him back and tucking him in in the comfy office chair. With the stuffed bear tucked securely between his arms and chest, Henry smiles softly in his sleep.

part one | part two | part three | part four | part five| part six


@tomshollandss gave me the idea for this fic, in which the reader leaves their baby niece alone with tom, who has no idea how to look after a child and harrison is useless to help

i wrote this on my phone at the mall so apologises if the grammar’s a bit iffy

words: 1,613

You kissed your baby niece on the cheek one last time before handing her over to Tom. She was barely a year old, and while she had started to babble, she certainly wasn’t old enough to be left on her own for more than a couple of seconds. When your sister had asked if you would be able to babysit for the weekend, you had agreed. Any time spent with her was extra special, and with Tom in the mix, it was beginning to look like the perfect domestic weekend. That was until work had called you in desperately Saturday morning to cover a sickness, and you were loath to drag your sister and her partner away from their romantic weekend alone together. When Tom had chivalrously offered to stay home with the baby while you went to work, you were a little apprehensive.

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Beauty and the Beast: Belle (Reprise)

Pairing: Dean x Reader (eventually), Cas, Gabriel, Claire, Sam, Jess, Walter (OFC)

Word Count: 2.8k

Warnings: Swearing, violence, guns

A/N: Finally! The Reader and Dean meet! Finally! An update! Sorry this took so damn long, I wasn’t feeling like myself for a while there.

Part Summary: Walter finds himself in a bit of a situation, making Y/N come to his rescue. Here, she meets Dean and some other members of The Hunters.

Beta: @iputthesininbuisness

Beauty and the Beast Masterlist

Originally posted by batbobsession

x x

Can you imagine? Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless… Madame Gaston Can’t you just see it? Madame Gaston. His little wife, ugh

Y/N kicked the door of her apartment shut harshly, effectively scaring the living daylights out of Philippe, “Sorry, boy,” Y/N apologized, patting the dog on the head.

Y/N trudged around her apartment, kicking off her shoes, changing into a more comfortable pair of sweats, and preparing a cup of tea, “Can you believe it, Philippe?” Y/N said to the dog as she made her tea.

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For Kate

some time ago i learned that a friend of mine wasn’t feeling very well, so i contacted people i saw interacting with her and asked if they wanted to participate in a post where we all would remind this friend how much she means to us. this is for you, Kate @highlightsofeverything


The things i love and appreaciate about Kate : - her talent to embroidery - How much she cares about others - How beautiful she and her soul Is - How respectful she Is - How supportive she always Is - How she tries her best. Always


Kate, I really hope you’re doing well. You really mean so much to me although we don’t know each other THAT well. I really hope one day we will know each other much better. And let me just tell you why I want that. •You are so damn cute. •You are so amazing. •You have an amazing personality. •You are beautiful just the way you are. (And maybe I’m a little bit jealousy but Pssst) •Everyone loves you. (Including me of course.) And I really hope I made you smile because it makes you even more beautiful than you are already. I love you. Your fren, Ceylan.


I love that she is so kind and loving towards everyone, that she plays a lot of positivity, and how she loves succulents so much. It’s really hard just to right down reasons ahhh


things about kate: she was my first friend on tumblr. she’s helped me through some really awful days. she’s smart, hilarious, and so so supportive. she’s my bean. our timezones don’t line up so whenever we talk it’s normally while i’m in history (my least favorite class) and it gives me something better to do than learn about napoleon. her cats are the bomb dot com. she’s so strong and i look up to her a lot. kate can deal with any shit that life throws at her. she’s loved, valued, and super important to me.


it might not feel like it, but you deserve whatever happiness this world has to offer for you, and i haven’t mastered the art of putting my feelings into words well enough to explain why I think so. you’re really cool, and really nice, and I hope you find the happiness the world might have hidden away from you. I believe you’re strong enough to find it.


i never thought i would meet someone like you, in fact i never thought i would even get a friend here so i don’t know how i got so lucky with you. i know that things haven’t been so great for you lately and i wish i could be there to hug you and i know that i already owe you like three hugs but here’s another one. i love and appreciate you so much, you are always there for me and i mean ALWAYS. i remember when we had just started talking and i was on this weird meeting with all these awkward teenagers so i messaged you and you responded like two seconds later with ‘TALK TO ME HUN’ and i mean if that isn’t love then i don’t know what is. you are the most thoughtful person i know and you are always here for me even in my darkest hours so thank you. thank you for keeping me alive because without you i wouldn’t be here, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you for being SO excited each time i post a selfie because it’s just he sweetest. thank you for being a part of my life. i love you so much so don’t you EVER forget that okay??



Kate is a beautiful person inside and outside. She’s always kind to everyone no matter what. She never fails to cheer me up. She always reblogs ,,please take care of yourself" ,,you are valid" kind of posts. Her embroidery art is absolutely amazing. She has a really good taste in music. She often sends me and her friends super kind asks on Tumblr. She loves dogs and cats. She’s sooo pretty. She plays ukulele. When I got 50 followers on Tumblr she wrote a post telling people that they should follow me. She’s an absolute angel. She’s one of the best people I’ve ever met. I’ll be forever thankful because I found her. I’m so lucky to be her friend. I love her so much. 💜🌹


Katie, you’re literally one of the sweetest people. I love talking to you about comics and tv shows, pretty much about anything cause you’re an absolute blast to talk to! you make me so happy and you deserve nothing but the best. You are so strong and you can totally get through this, I love you! <3


kate, my life is so much better because you are in it. people like you are so rare, your kindness and love just radiates with everything you do. you’re constantly bringing positivity to other people’s lives. i’m always smiling every time we talk or even when i see you on my dash. you’re the funniest and sweetest thing ever and i couldn’t be happier that you’re my friend.


kaaaaate you don’t understand how much i love you. i know we haven’t talked that much in the time we’ve been mutuals but you’re a piece of sunshine that brightens up everyone’s day. you’re one of the nicest people i’ve ever talked to and you legit deserve every hug in the world and a basket of kittens. i always get so happy when i see you on my dash and i’m just,,,,,,sO happy we’re friends. i hope you have a good day katieeeee!!!!💕💕💕


Katy here’s a list of tings that make me think of you😊✨ Smiles Bunny’s Happiness Cuddling Kissing Warmth Being Cozy Dogos Cactuses Blushing (You make me do this a lot😍) Feeling okay Hot chocolate Snuggling Fucking amazing embroidery Being a cutie (thas youu) I could really go on forever… But I wanna right a note toooo sooo… To be continued😏 Katy you are the sweetest and strongest person I know💜 I’m so proud of you for being your kind and loving self. You make me the happiest boy in the world. You are the most perfect girlfriend and the best friend in the entire world, you’re both. You are my sweet babygirl💜 someday were gonna have Corgi baby’s and be surrounded by lots of Cacti😏 You are so talented and smart your embroidery is stunning😍 and you’re English skills jwjfifdjfidskskckckdk, ahhhh HOW you are better than me and I from America😂. You are an amazing soul and a beautiful person you bring light wherever you go, you are an angel my sweet sweet babygirl💜 I know things haven’t been the best lately but ya boy is here for you and so are all of your lovely friends. I’m IN love with you💜


Kate! You are one of the sweetest, most genuine people I know. Your willingness to listen to others and help them through their own struggles embodies the spirit of the clique. You are always so selfless and focused on others’ wellbeing and we need you to know that support isn’t a one way street. You do so much for us, and we’re always here for you as well. Inbox, messages, anytime, I’m here for you if you need to talk. Love you lots. Jazz 💕


(i translated/combined her thoughts on kate, so i’m taking all responsibility should this sound weird/wrong)

- positivity, she reblogs and posts so many nice, positive things that i see on my dash and she’s so easy to talk to, on anon or not (cause she’ll always reply) and her blog is very chill and feels like a safe space, it has a very specific kind of vibe to it


Kate, you’re an extraordinary human. You make me smile a ton and bring such a fantastic and joyful energy. Life can be a real pain but I hope you know we are all cheering you on. Even on your worst days. Sadness is temporary, even when it lingers much too long. I’m always here for you. You’re not alone. Life is going to give you fantastic things I know it. I’m sending you so much love and support. Never forget how wonderful you are and how loved you are! 👽💜🌻


Kate, you are one of the kindest people I have the pleasure to know. Your existence, your presence matters so much because you keep on touching and impacting lives in a positive way. I could go on and on about how much positive things I’ve heard about you, how many people have wanted to take part in this because they have recognized how good you truly are. 

You are the first stars blinking in the  haze of a peachy, golden sunset over a city after a long day. You are the stars in the night sky, you are Truce, the song everyone should listen to when they feel alone in their darkest of nights. 

People gravitate towards that kind of light and I hope that you know, you are so so much appreciated. I hope you know today’s only transitory on our way to the future, no matter what kind of day you have had and I hope you know that there will be a time when you’ll feel content and whole and happy. You are not confined by your 'now’, by your negative thoughts no matter how much they claim otherwise, you are not your sadness, You are an amazing human being with an immense interest in music, sunsets, plants and animals and you are surrounded by so many people who love you and truly care about you. You are loved by me and by all of these people who precede me in this post.  You are not alone, friend.

Divided We Fall (OUAT - Peter Pan x Reader) Part 6

Requested by @ajakral

Synopsis: Who said there were no girls on Neverland? Who said Peter Pan ruled over this world on his own? On the other side of the island, far from the mermaid lagoon, the echo cave and the skull rock – that’s where (Y/N) and her girls lived. Because behind every great man there is an even greater woman, what would the king be without his queen?

A/N: Doesn’t star any OUAT characters apart from Pan, Felix and Wendy.

Word count: 3.3k

Part 5 <<< >>>> Part 7


“Pan,” one of the Lost Boys called him – he didn’t remember his name but he was one of the oldest. “Felix left the camp hours ago to find you but he hasn’t returned yet,” he informed his leader, somewhat hesitantly, as if he was scared to be punished for Felix’s absence even though he had nothing to do with it.

Ah right, Felix, Pan almost had almost forgotten about him. He was still trapped in tree Pan put him into. With a quick wave of the hand Pan released his hold on the magical tree, leaving it to Felix to get out all by himself.

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Originally posted by future-mrs-rogers-peterm

Author: Arfrona-and-Marvel

Word Count: 953

Warnings: Cursing

Pairings: Peter Maximoff x Reader

Type: Fluff

Notes: Enjoy, this is my first xmen imagine. 

AU where there are no powers/mutants.



Your Point of View:

I park my car outside of the restaurant at 7:00 PM sharp. I turn off the engine and flip open the mirror to check my make-up. I smile slightly at myself.

This is good. This is all good, I look great, I am actually spending time out in a nice place.  

I roll my shoulders back and sit straight.

I can do this, it’s just a date… With a really nice guy must I say.

I laugh at my thoughts before closing the mirror. I walk into the restaurant and casually view the room, actually looking for him. My heart flops a little, he isn’t here yet.

My phone blinks up the time as 7:10. The man is ten minutes late, but it should be fine. There is a lot of traffic out.

“Would you like anything ma’am?” a waiter comes by my table, preparing to get out his notebook.

“Um, a glass of water would be nice for now,” I say, hoping he would leave. He looks at the empty seat in front of me and understands. He smiles kindly at me,

“I’ll get to it, ma’am.”

I watch him leave, he’s kind of cute. I shake the thought out of my head and wait patiently for my drink… 

And my date, or lack thereof.

I shift uncomfortably in my dress. It is just a little bit too tight, but still enough to cause me a little discomfort. I sneak a peek at my phone again for the time. 7:25 the small screen blinked, and no notifications from him either. He is twenty-five minutes late. The bastard hasn’t texted me yet either. Around me, I notice people are beginning to stare. I pick up my half-full glass of water a take a small sip, staring, almost glaring, back at them. I sigh when they turn around. I notice the woman in the booth in the corner shaking her head with pity at me. I slouch a little in my seat, trying to make myself smaller. I should leave and admit defeat.  

I start to raise my hand to flag down a waiter for the bill… Well… For the bill of the water.

“Sorry I’m late, kitchen held me up. I’m really sorry,” says a deep voice behind me.  

“Oh, no it’s fine,” I say as I look into my purse to pull out my wallet.

“What would you like, food looks good,” the voice was now in front of me, eye level as if he was sitting down in front of me.

“Oh, um no. I should leave actually…” my voice trails as I see the waiter from before sitting in front of me. He is out of his uniform, now wearing a nice clean shirt and dress pants. He smirks at me slightly.

“Why? The date just started and you want to leave? That’s fine, more food for me!” He says cheerfully. I continue to stare at him. He smiles at me widely as he waits for me to accept him or not. I nod as he picks up his menu. I understand what he is doing now, I smile thankfully at him. I watch him more carefully now. He has silver hair that is long and rather unkempt. He has nice warm hazel eyes that seem to be always smiling. He sits confidently, but at the same time also a little laid-back. He isn’t slouching, but his spine isn’t exactly straight as a stick either. He smiles at me, and I realize I am staring. He hands me my menu and I notice his smile is dashing. It’s a goofy grin that is confident and mischievous. I take the menu and look down before I am caught staring again.

“Thank you,” I whisper softly, he nods.

“A date with a beauty like you is all the thanks I need,” he says before his hazel eyes widen with realization at what he had just said. He hides his quickly reddening face behind his menu. I giggle a little and he pushes his face deeper into the menu. I look down at my own menu and smile like an idiot.

After dinner, he walks me to my car. I learned so much about this handsome stranger in the time period of a wonderful dinner. His name is Peter, he plays hockey and football, loves dogs, works here part time and goes to college in a nearby university. He’s my age, he’s from  Washington, loves to listen to rock music, and he doesn’t stand up girls. He’s also really cute. We reach my car and stand there.

Throughout the night, we laugh and laugh.

“((Y/N)), it’s a beautiful name. It really is.”

I blush and look down at my food.

“You know?” I look up at him.


“Today, I was planning on not going to work. I was like ‘fuck it bro’, but something made me. Guess my gut knew that I would meet someone as beautiful as you tonight.”

“You’re quite the charmer, aren’t you, Peter?”

“For the right girl.”

“So, this is me,” I say slowly, wanting this moment to last forever. I lean a little onto the door of the car.

“So, this is you,” he also replies slowly, leaning in just a little closer.

“I had a wonderful time tonight, thank you for everything. Really. I am so thankful,” I begin to blabble. He smiles sweetly,

“Another date would be a thank you enough,” he says,

“And, I won’t stand up someone as special as you.”

Before he could respond I lean in and kiss him softly on the lips.

He reacts immediately, pulling me closer to him and kisses me back.

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Auston Matthews - Part 9

Thank you for all your continued support, this has been so fun and I am so much more that I’m so excited to show you! 

Once I get myself dressed and hunt down the seamstress to give her the dress and my cousin’s address, I hightail it out of there, Auston right behind me.

               “You were in a hurry to leave,” Auston notes, catching up to my side once we reach the sidewalk.

               “Hey it was rough alright, it’s not every day I get felt up by an elderly woman and paraded around like some princess,” I huff at him, turning to walk away but then realize that I have no idea where Auston is parked or where I even am.

               “Queen,” he says and I scrunch my face at him.


               “That dress was not fit for a princess, nor did you look like one,” he responds, taking my elbow and steering me in the right direction.

               “Uh… thanks?” I say a little unsure if I was just complimented or not.

               “As for being felt up, can you blame her?” He winks at me and roll my eyes, ignoring him along with the warm feeling that spreads throughout my body.

               I glance at the shop windows as we pass and I remember what Auston had said when he offered to stay with me.

               “Didn’t you say you needed to pick something up?” I ask, he gives me a confused look and then follows my gaze to the store fronts. “It was your reason for staying with me.”

               “Oh, uh yeah, but it’s getting late, I can get it another time,” Auston mumbles and keeps walking, pulling me along with him again.

               I can’t help but stare at him as we walk. His strides are confident and his hands are stuffed into his pockets again, I’m sure trying to hide the fact that he’s cold. He keeps his head low though and I know it’s so the people walking past us won’t recognize him. I look up at his hat and immediately scowl. Auston seems to sense me staring at him and raises his eyebrows at me.

               “Enjoying the view?”

               “Actually, I was just thinking how much I want to strangle you with that God awful hat. I mean honestly Auston, you realize that thing’s purpose is to keep your ears and head warm, right?” I say, not bothering to hold back.

               “You don’t like my hat?” He asks, laughing at my outburst.

               “No, I hate how you wear said hat. Here,” I step in front of him and tug the hat down farther over his ears and make him look less like an idiot. “I think warmth should reside over ‘fashion’ sometimes,” I grin up at him and he just stares at me, fixated on my mouth. “Auston?”


               His gaze still lingering on my mouth.

               “What?” He asks again, this time blinking several times and focusing back on me again.

               I scoff and turn to start walking again, only to step on a thin sheet of ice that I hadn’t seen and fall flat on my ass.

               I sit there a moment in disbelief, Auston staring down at me with a similar expression until I start to laugh. After a second of making sure I was laughing and not crying, Auston starts to laugh along with me. He pulls me to my feet and double checks that I’m alright, then tucks my arm around his.

               “Maybe we should just walk together this time,” he says, giving me a small wink and I blush but don’t pull away.

               Once we reach his car he opens the passenger side door for me, which surprises me. When he closes the door behind me I can’t help but inhale deeply, the car smells just like his pillow that I borrowed last night. The same husky smell mixed with shampoo and something else that I still can’t identify.

               The driver side door opens and Auston settles himself down beside me.

               “Nice car,” I say, taking in the interior.

               Auston smirks over at me and revs the engine, causing me to roll my eyes.

               “You do that a lot, roll your eyes at me,” Auston notes, pulling out into the street.

               “You do a lot of things that make me roll my eyes,” I reply, paying him no attention, too busy looking out the window to try and see the sky.

               “I can think of a few more things,” Auston says with an alluring tone and everything below my navel tightens. I whip my head back around to him and glare.

               “You can’t do that!” I snap, fighting back a laugh.

               “I didn’t do anything! You’re the one jumping to conclusions!” He snaps back, a teasing tone now filtering into his words.

               “I did not jump to any conclusions! You’re the one thinking that I’m thinking that!”

               “No, you think that I think that you thought it was that thing,” Auston responds and I sit there a moment trying follow what he said.


               Auston bursts out laughing and I can’t help but laugh with him.

               The rest of the car ride is filled with Auston and me bickering back and forth, him pointing out his favorite restaurants and places to go with his friends and me asking question after question about the city. He is only able to give a few answers and they are fairly simple at that.

               “These are questions you’ll have to ask Mitch or Connor,” Auston eventually says after I huff at him for not giving me a very good answer.

               “And when would I do that?” I ask him.

               “Tomorrow after the game, since my parents are here, we all go out to eat after the game and they usually come along with their parents,” Auston explains and I nod slowly.

               “What if I don’t want to go to your game?”

               At this Auston looks over at me, “Do you not want to?” He asks, his tone serious.

               I instantly regret saying it and fumble for a response, confused by his reaction.

               “No I do, I was just messing around,” I say and he loosens back up. “Just don’t expect me to put on your jersey and scream your name all night.” I add without thinking and he looks over at me again as we pull up to a stop light, a smirk playing across his lips.

               “What?” I ask, eyeing him warily. He raises his eyebrows and I back track to what I just said. I instantly turn the color of the stop light above us and reach over to smack his arm. “Stop that! You know what I meant!” I wail and cover my eyes with my other hand.

               Auston doesn’t say anything and I don’t even hear him laugh. I peek at him from under my fingers and he’s still staring at me, his eyes dark and impossible to read in the dim lighting of the dash board. I hold his gaze as the breath empties from my lungs, my entire body on full alert as the air in the car seems to get warmer. His lips part slightly and my eyes instantly are drawn down to his mouth.

               “Y/N…” Auston murmurs, leaning towards me slightly.

               I don’t say anything and inhale slightly, the smell of him is overwhelming.

               His face is within inches on mine, his breath on my face as a horn goes off behind us, breaking the moment like a shattered window. We jump apart and Auston moves the car forward. I slump back in my seat and exhale, suddenly aware of every single nerve in my body and nothing to show for it.

               Auston and I remain silent the next few minutes until we pull up in front of his apartment.

               “Home sweet home,” Auston says, clearly recovered from our moment, whereas my heart is still beating a mile out of my chest.

               I remain silent as I climb out of the car, the moment my feet are on solid ground and not ice, I turn my head to the sky, and my eyes immediately land on the North Star.

               “What are you looking at?” Auston asks, appearing at my side and turning his head to the sky as well.

               “Polaris,” I say, “or the North Star, if you will.”

               “That’s the brightest one, right?” Auston squints and I can see his eyes darting back and forth across the sky as he waits for me answer.

               “Actually it’s the fiftieth brightest, but it’s one of the easiest to find because of the constellation it’s in.” I answer, happy to be talking about something that I know so much about.

               Auston shifts beside me, still trying to find which star I’m staring at.

               “Here,” I say and grab his arm, pulling him to my side and making him bend down to my level, our faces right next to each other. I grab his hand and line his finger up with the star using his line of sight.

               “Brightest star,” I whisper.

               Auston stares a moment and I can see the second he finally knows which star I’m referring to.

               “Is it your favorite?” Auston whispers back, although we have no reason to be whispering in the first place.

               I think a moment and then shake my head, “I don’t think so, at least right now it’s not my favorite.” I scowl up at it and Auston gives me a questioning look. I ignore him and nod to the apartment complex. “We should go inside, your mom probably has dinner ready for us.”

               Auston nods, dropping the subject and takes my hand, I think just to help me over the snow bank between the car and the sidewalk but he doesn’t let go even after I’m over it. I know I should probably let go, but I don’t.

The End of Infinity (With You)

So, @thekingslayerrollins​ had made a post about super dorky and klutzy Shield-era Ambrollins, and my brain went, “Yes! Do it! Write it now!”, so I did, and here we are, ~8.3k words later. (written in 4+1 format, covering five different moments in the Shield era.) @theawkwardfangirlwithavengeance

1. They’re sweaty and euphoric, and Seth is pretty sure nothing will top this: Dean’s arms around his waist, titles slung over their shoulders, Roman grinning over at them with a proud, satisfied smile on his face. 

“Damn good night, boys,” Roman says, grin widening. Seth can't–won't–argue that. Tag team champs, and Dean the United States champ? Fucking right, it was a good night.

“Drinks on Dean?” Seth asks, hand on Dean’s forearm to keep him from pulling away at the joking suggestion.

Dean grunts out an affronted, “Fuck you, no,” but he stops trying to pull away from Seth, his arms tightening a little more around Seth’s waist. It makes him sweat even more, Dean’s body so hot against him, but he’d never think of pulling away, not when this is all he’s wanted for months: to be wrapped safe and secure in Dean’s arms, warmth of his breath tickling the hairs at the nape of Seth’s neck.

Yeah, maybe he wants more, will always want more, but he’s okay with this. He’s good with this. He’d never do anything to ruin the easy friendship they have now.

“Imma shower,” Roman says, laying his title over Seth’s other shoulder. “Hang on to that, will ya?”

Seth nods, agreeable as anything, riding the high of being a tag team champion, of having his first WWE title victory. “Hurry,” he says, letting his body relax back against Dean, “before this one tries to run away so he won’t have to pay for our drinks.”

Dean pinches his side, but it only makes Seth laugh.

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Rooftop Requests

Anonymous: can you do one where y/n is a model and its fashion week and she attends a GQ afterparty and harry and the boys are there he can’t stop staring at her then she goes up to the rooftop and harry follows and asks her to dinner.

okay so this is 2013 Harry so lets all relive this amazing god blessed period of time. 


GQ had celebrated their 100th issue and to your surprise, you had been invited to their party. Being a British model, you were slightly outcasted when it came to conversation. 

Hundreds of famous faces had attended, including Harry Styles. And he looked dashing. You sat at a small table with a drink in your hand, sipping occasionally whilst looking around the big hall. 

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Cat’s Out Of The Bag

Day 3 of Soriel Week! And the prompt is hidding somewhere… Oh, well, I’ll just wing it. (yeah, I know, I’m not very funny)

An Undertale Fanfiction by: Topaz Shadowwolf
Undertale is owned by: Toby Fox
Relationships: Soriel
Rating: Everyone

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Okay, so I don’t know what this is exactly.  Sort of fluff, but also a bit sad?  It’s high school AU kiane.  And I apparently have a lot of headcanons for high school NNT.  I don’t address all of them in here, but some are implied.  One being that the Sins are part of their school’s hockey team.  (I plan to expand on my name choice for the school and team, but it didn’t fit in this fic.)

But yes.  Maybe I’ll do Melizabeth next and expand on this idea a bit more.  Idk.

Also, King and Elaine are twins in this.  Because why not?

King sat with his skates half laced in the boy’s locker room.  He was staring at the words scrawled in sharpie on his locker door, examining the dents and scrapes.  Stalling.

“King, are you dead in there?  I don’t want to have to come in, but I mean, I will if you’re dead.”

Diane’s voice echoed off the concrete, there was no actual door, just a few well placed walls.  His poor heart skipped a few beats.

“No, don’t come in.  I’ll be right out.”  He sighed.  What was wrong with him?  It was only Diane.  Nothing scary about her.  Nothing to be nervous about.  They skated together at practice loads of times.  He could do this.  There was no cause for alarm.  No reason to panic.

His fingers fumbled as he tightened his laces.  Damn it, why can’t I stop shaking?

Once he was laced up and ready, he walked across padded mats until he reached the rink.  Bleachers surrounded the ice and above them there were banners for all the school teams in the district.  The Liones High Knights were the center most banner.  It wasn’t official because adults weren’t fond of playing favorites, but the Liones Knights undefeated for the past three years.  And, unofficially, they were the best in the district.

King stepped out onto the ice and glided, his stance and posture adjusting with the ease of long practice.  As a kid, his parents had been all about figure skating.  His twin sister, Elaine, had no talent for the sport.  King hadn’t cared for it either, though he did enjoy skating.  Hockey, it seemed, was his true passion.  If he could claim to be passionate about anything.  Music was a close second, he was rarely without headphones.

Diane was already skating, her hockey uniform swapped for a skirt and leggings for warmth.  She wore a thin sweater and her hair, as always, in pig-tails.  Diane wasn’t the strongest skater, but she could stop a puck at full speed without padding.  No one scored when Diane was goalie, which is partly why they always won. 

“Oh, there you are.  I was seriously beginning to worry.”  She beamed at him, skating over and stopping sloppily. 

“Sorry about that.  I…um, I broke a lace.”  He didn’t know what prompted the lie, except that he didn’t want her to catch on that he was nervous.  “So, uh, anyway, why’d you ask me to skate with you?  It’s a bit late.  I thought the rink would be closed.”

“No, we still got a half hour.  And what’s great is that it’s a school night so, as you can clearly see, the rink’s pretty much ours for the rest of the night.”  She was quite happy about this, stretching out her arms and motioning to the empty space. 

He cursed in his head, because Diane hadn’t answered the important question.  Why were they here?  Why did she invite him and no one else?  Now he had no answer and no easy way of re-asking his question.

“It’s weird being out here without all the gear and stuff.  I normally have a stick in my hand for balance, ya know?”

“Uhuh.”  King scratched at his cheek, hoping his desperation didn’t show.  “So, what now?”  There, that was a safe question.

She looked away, her hair swinging around her face, and then dashed off suddenly.  King could catch her with no effort.  The blades of her skates were scraping and jabbing at the ice, not gliding.  She circled him, and King followed her smoothly, pivoting so that she was always in view.  Finally, she stopped and extended her hand to him.

“What?”  He said, looking at her open palm and then back at her.  His hands were tucked into the pocket of his hoodie, the material worn and fraying in places, but he was never comfortable unless he was wearing it. 

“What do you mean, what?  Take my hand, dummy.”

He hesitated, blushing because Diane called people names when she was nervous.  Never anything mean, but she had this flippant way of covering her unease by lashing out.  King knew probably better than anyone, really.  The rest of their team, though they were more or less all friends with each other, had their own things going on.  Ban and Meliodas were a grade above King and Diane, Gowther was in all the AP classes and spent a lot of time with his extra curricular activities.  He rarely even showed up for games anymore.

When King sensed that there was something she was not saying, his own anxiety disappeared.  He took her hand and helped her move along the ice, gently coaching her on how to place her feet.  He’d attempted to teach her before with poor results.  Skating required a fair amount of grace and though Diane wasn’t clumsy, she was so heavy footed that she’d rather stomp into the ice than float over it.  She was distracted for a time, but he was still concerned. 

“Hey, Diane?”

“Yeah?”  She said, cheeks red from the cold.  He was sure his own cheeks were too, which was a blessing.  She was still holding his hand.

“I was just curious, since it is a school night, why are you allowed out so late?”

Diane tripped, falling hard on the ice and sliding.  King helped her to her feet, but she refused to look at him.  Her leggings were damp from the fall.

King sighed.  He’d been suspicious for awhile.  Though, it never felt appropriate to ask.  But right now, her mysterious behavior and asking him to skate with her at a random hour without anyone else, it seemed more like a cry for help.  For some reason, she didn’t want to be home.

“Diane, why’d you ask me here?”


She still wouldn’t look at him.  She scooted herself toward the wall and held on. 

“Diane, I don’t know why you’re avoiding your house.  And you don’t have to tell me.”  She tensed when he mentioned her house, obviously not expecting that he would pick up on it.  But how could he not?  With Diane, he was perceptive and aware.  He couldn’t help it.  Sure, he ignored social cues all the time in classes.  He’d rather sit with his book at his desk than participate.  When someone offered to be friendly, he was apathetic to the point of rudeness.  He just never cared so much about amassing friends and popularity.  And he didn’t care to put in the effort.  But with Diane he didn’t have to try.  It just…happened.

He kept his tone soothing, hoping to keep her from feeling put on the spot.  “Listen, Diane, I don’t want to make you uncomfortable.  I just want you to know that I’m here if you ever decide you want to talk about it.”

He saw tears slip over her cheeks and he nearly went into panic mode again.  “Please don’t cry, I didn’t mean to upset you.”

She sniffed.  “You didn’t upset me.”

That’s not how it looked to him, but he kept his mouth shut.  He’d only meant to help, not make things worse. 

“Hey, I know.  Why don’t I run back and get our gear?  I can grab a few sticks and a puck and we could do a few drills or something, alright?  Just wait right there.  Don’t move.  I’ll be right back.”  He started to skate away, but she reached for him and snagged the back of his hoodie.

“Wait…don’t go.”

“Okay, I won’t.”  He felt so useless.  Why couldn’t she have asked Elizabeth or Meliodas to help her?  They were good about these things.  They knew about…talking and sympathizing.  They could make her smile again.  He grabbed his hair, searching his brain for something that might help her.

“Thanks,” she said.  She hadn’t let go of him yet and he was too busy anguishing over his inadequacy to notice.  “And thank you, King, for meeting me here.”

“I…it’s not a problem.  You can ask me anytime, you know.  But…I just figured, maybe next time Elizabeth would be better–”

Diane shook her head.  “No.  Elizabeth is a great friend, but I didn’t ask her because…”  She began to twirl her pig tail around her finger.  “Because she’s not you, okay?  I wanted to ask you.  You…you make me feel better.”

“I wha…” he couldn’t even articulate a response. 

“I don’t know.  You always listen.  You’re quiet, but thoughtful.  I feel like, if I needed to, I could talk to you about anything.  Though, it’s not always easy.  But just being here with you, it’s helped in ways I can’t even tell you.  Because you’re right, I don’t want to go home.  I hate going home.  And some nights are worse than others so I stay out as long as I can.”

She was crying now, a full stream of tears.  She wiped at them angrily, like they had offend her.  King didn’t know what to do when people cried.  When Elaine cried, he would offer her her favorite toys until she stopped.  If that didn’t work, then it was ‘Mom!  Elaine’s upset!”

So he was pretty sure that this was the wrong thing to do, but his instincts were all ‘go for it’ so he did.  He gently wrapped his arms around her and let her cry.  Diane latched onto him after a minute, her tears drenching his hoodie and her fingers clenched tight in the fabric.  He didn’t speak, but he hadn’t needed to.  She started to calm down after a few minutes, her face pulling back so she could snuggling into his chest.

“Just so you know, if you ever want to come skating, I’m free any time.”

Diane chuckled, “Well, not any time, right?  I mean, you probably have your own-”

“Anytime.  Okay?”

She nodded, and he couldn’t see her face to know if she was still upset or not.  He was afraid to check.

“In that case, do you think you’ll be free tomorrow, too?”

“Yeah, I’ll be here.  Unless you want to go somewhere else?”

Diane wrinkled her nose, looking around at the empty rink.  “Well, as much as the captain would love to hear that I’m getting some practice skating, I’d be happier on solid ground I think.”

He smiled.  “Sounds good to me.  Where would you like to go?”

“I don’t know.  We can figure it out tomorrow.”

She was still clinging to him when he skated with her back to the rink’s entrance.  They separated, a bit awkwardly, to the respective lockers to put away their skates.  They met again on the other side, his converse returned and her back to wearing her boots.  She was much more mobile off the ice and she took full advantage as she skipped around or nudged against him while they walked to the bus stop. 

“Are you going to be okay?  You know, you could always stay at my house.”

Diane dipped forward, smirking.  “Yeah, I’d bet you’d like that, huh?”

“What?  No.  Not like, I didn’t mean it like that.”  He was blushing again, which had apparently been her goal. 

“I know what you meant.  And thank you.  I may take you up on that sometime.”

He nodded, but then he realized that he wasn’t sure if she meant needing a place to stay or if she was making another joke about spending the night with him.  He pulled the edges of his hoodie up around his face to cover his cheeks. 

“This is my bus, thanks for everything.”  She stood up, but before she got on the bus she turned back to him once more.  Diane moved much too fast for him to react, stealing a kiss from him before she sprinted onto her bus.  He sat in a petrified silence for a long time.  The quick pressure of her lips lingered long after he’d made it home.

Once inside, he noticed that Elaine was still awake.  She was on the couch, giggling and making faces at her screen.  The voice on the other end of the Skype call was unmistakable and cringe worthy.  But King’s elation would not be soured by his sister’s older, obnoxious, annoying boyfriend–and King’s teammate.  But he was tolerable as a teammate.  Less so when flirting with Elaine. 

King strolled right past her, a spring in his step, and even when he caught the exchange of pet names–which would normally make him gag and try to disconnect the wifi–he merely ignored it.  Not tonight, Ban, you and your infuriating relationship with my sister won’t keep me from squealing into my pillow and reliving the past few hours until exhaustion takes me.

Shaken, Not Stirred || Suga || Part 2

Summary:  Another night, another shift at Black Out. Another shift meant another 10 hours of watching the enigmatic gangster Min Yoongi reject every single woman who walked up to him. But perhaps tonight would be a little different for the both of you.

Word Count: 1,764

A/N: Y’know, I wasn’t planning on releasing a second part to this scenario but a lot of people requested it I though ‘Eh, why not?’ cause I’m always one to please. I might just leave it at these two parts because I already have three ongoing Suga series (read RoommatesNext Door and Stereo Hearts here). Regardless, I hope you enjoy this installment.

<< Part 1 ||

You wiped your forehead with the back of your weaker hand while your dominant one cleaned up the spill on the bench top in front of you, the collapsed figure of a drunken man slumped next to an overturned cup and his head resting on the sticky wood.

You looked up towards one of the security guards roaming around the filled club and locked eyes with him, nudging your head to the male passed out in front of you.

As the bouncer reached the bar, you smiled apologetically at your co-worker, watching as he scooped the man up by his arms and escorted him from the premises, leaving the bench unoccupied.

It was midnight, a mere 6 hours into your usual shift at Black Out and you wanted to do nothing more than what the businesses name insinuated. Your co-worker who had been put on to share your shift had left half an hour ago, a family emergency that required their full attention and resulted in them abandoning you to be the soul bartender.

You weren’t worried about the customers - you could handle the influx of orders that arose every hour. You were more concerned with the idea that you wouldn’t survive the rest of your shift due to the rising fatigue that was filling your being. Normally your co-worker would be there to keep you awake, on your toes, but his absence meant you were to fend for yourself.

Another body stumbled over to you, propping their hands on the bar as the mop of bleach blond hair was slowly lifted, revealing a dazed stare of another intoxicated patron.

“What can I get you today, handsome?” You asked with a smile, watching as the bleariness retracted from his eyes and his lips quirked into their own sly grin.

From your short time working at Black Out, you learnt that everyone loved to have their ego stroked – whether their liked to admit it or not – and the people would often tip more when they were drunk and praised by the person making their drink.

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Let Go. Part 2.

Ashley X Reader

Warning: Mild-Smut, Mild-Language

(Part 1)

Ashley had gotten to the restaurant 30 minutes early and was now pacing outside waiting for you to show up.

Every since getting off the phone with you, Ashley had been unable to get you off his mind. He keep thinking about your small body pressed against him. He wondered if your skin was as soft as it looked.

Would your brown eyes sparkle if he held you?

Would they if he kissed you?

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come as you are


(Y/M/N) = your middle name

The paradisal island of Neverland came into few, coming up as quickly as the ship barreling towards it would go. You stood leaning against the rail of the ship, enjoying the smell of salt water in the air and the ocean mist. It was your first time visiting Neverland and it was truly a magnificent place, resembling Fiji or the Bahamas in the summer time.

Cheers chimed around from the pirates at the sight of land, but the only one who wasn’t cheering was Hook himself. He stood at the tip of the ship, yelling orders out with a brooding look on his face. He had come here for a reason, and you had a very important role in the reason.

Pan sat around the logs with the rest of the Lost Boys. Although he didn’t partake in much of the group conversation, he amusingly listened along to the stories and the bickering. Pan leaned back and sighed contently.

He suddenly tensed, a feeling overtaking the tightened muscles in his body.

“Is everything alright?” Felix whispered beside him, making sure to keep his voice low. Pan took a deep breath, an excited smirk blossoming onto his face.

“There’s someone on the island. Rather, lots of someones.”

“You understand what you need to do, right lass?” Hook asked, keeping his hand tight on your shoulder. You spoke in hushed voices, aware of any possible Lost Boys hiding in the thicket of trees.

“Keep Pan distracted while you and your men break into his camp to find the pixie dust.” You said echoing the plan back. It had sounded easy enough when Hook had first approached you in Storybrooke asking for your help. He didn’t specify why he needed the pixie dust, only telling you it was important and that he would pay you generously if you agreed.

“Good, good. We will be here no longer than three days. If by the end of three days you don’t make it back to the ship by dusk, we’ll have no choice but to leave you behind.”

Your face paled at his words. Left behind on Neverland with a narcissist boy ruler? You shook your head. “That won’t be necessary because I’ll make it back with extra time to spare.”

“That’s what I like to hear.” Hook laughed. With a few more words of encouragement, he set you off in the direction of Pan’s camp. According to the plan Hook created, you were to act as if you were dropped here by the Shadow, find Pan and his boys and keep them away from their own camp for a few hours. Sounded pretty easy, right?

“Wrong.” You sighed. Going in deeper and deeper into the forest meant coming closer to Pan’s camp, which caused your heartbeat to accelerate. The hot sun beat down over the top of your head, creating a drowsy feeling in your bones. Rustling from behind you snapped you out of your thoughts.

“What do we have here?” A deep voice asked. Putting on a helpless face, you spun around.

“Finally someone!” You gasped. “I’ve been walking around here forever.”

“You…” He paused, puzzled. “The Shadow dropped you here?” He pushed his hood off and reveled his handsome face. His blond hair frizzed out around him, a large scar ran down one part of his cheek. His blue eyes were full of undeniable question and curiosity.

“Yes! I was sleeping and before I knew it, this black shadow thing came and kidnapped me! He dumped me onto the beach and flew away!”

The boy nodded slowly, looking no less confused as before. When he didn’t respond for a good few seconds, you interrupted the silence with a huff.

“Can you just tell me where any kind of civilization is? I’m tired and it’s hot.”

He snapped out of his daydream, nodding. “Follow me, we’re going to camp.”

“A Lost Girl?” Pan snorted. He stood in front of you, crossed arms and raised eyebrows. Felix shrugged beside you.

“She says the Shadow dropped her here, I don’t know how else she would’ve gotten here.” Pan ignored Felix’s words.

“What’s your name, love?”

“(Y/M/N),” You said, throwing your middle name out rather than your first. “And don’t call me love. Can you tell me where I am?” Playing this part was easier than I thought. You smiled internally.

After a few more beats of silence, Pan uncrossed his arms with an annoyed eye roll. “You’re on Neverland. And I’ll call you what I please.”

“You can’t tell me what to do, who even are you?” You fired back, making Felix shuffle nervously. Pan’s jaw tensed, narrowing his eyes down on you.

“I am Peter Pan. I rule this island and whatever I say, goes. Since your new here… I won’t punish you like I would’ve if someone else spoke that way to me.” You looked up at him through your lashes, ignoring the mean smugness laced through his features.

“Well, sorry. I’m just really tired. Is there anywhere I could rest?” Pan held your stare. Something about you was odd and not adding up but he refrained from making a scene in front of the rest of the boys. He jerked his head in the direction of the tents, turning around and stalking towards them. It was starting to get dark, making the sky turn from a bright aqua blue to a to a dull mixing of sunset colors, reminding you of an oil painting.

You followed him and without as much as a word from either of you, you crawled into an empty tent and laid on the uncomfortable ground. This was going to be a long three days.

Over the course of two days, you were able to get the majority Lost Boys out of camp, giving enough time to Hook and his men to successfully scavenge Pan’s tree house and leave.

It was the morning of the final day you were here. You sat in your tent, extremely proud of yourself for how easy it had been to fool a bunch of boys. None of them had suspected anything, some even tried talking and making friends with you.

You picked at your nails, as they’re was nothing much to do until Pan and the boys left to go hunting as they said they would. As soon as they left, you would run and make a beeline for the ship that sat hidden behind the island.

The flaps of your tent were thrown open and in stormed Pan himself. You scooted back, startled, and made a sound of annoyance at his unexpected entrance.

“You’re a liar.” He whispered.


“Don’t ask me how, but I can feel it. You’re not really who you say you are.” His cheeks were blushed from the heat and he watched you with narrowed, angry eyes. If you moved any closer you could touch noses.

You pushed his broad shoulders back in order to distance yourself, but that was hard to do in a cramped tent.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Peter Pan.” You whispered back just as angrily.

“There’s a reason your here, Lost Girl. When you were came onto my island I felt not just you, but multiple people.” His lips slipped into a nasty grin as he leaned his face closer, as if to tease you.

“Who are you working for? My father? The Evil Queen?”

“I’m not working for anyone.” You hissed. He shook his head.

“Liars never win.”

“Move, Pan.” He shook his head again and sat with his back towards the tent opening, not allowing you out.

“If I check around island, will I find you’re telling the truth? Because I have so many ways to punish you otherwise.” His eyebrow shot up suggestively, making your face scrunch. You faltered for a reply because somewhere around the island Hook’s ship was waiting for you. Would Pan find it that easily? You hoped Hook was smart enough to hide it.

“Let’s make a deal,” He continued with a grin.


“Ah, you didn’t let me finish. If you tell me everything you know; the exact reason you’re here, I’ll allow you safe passage off the island… Unless you want to stay, of course.” You looked down, a million thoughts through your head. Your sudden quietness made Pan’s smirk widen, as he finally got you. As you were about to open your mouth and speak, another voice beat you to it.

“Hey Pan, you ready to go hunting? Everyone’s waiting for you.” Pan’s jaw tensed as he looked behind him at the younger Lost Boy who stood there. He was so close to getting you to confess, so close to —.

“Pan can you hear me? I said everyone is —.”

“I heard what you said!” Pan growled behind him, taking his gaze off of you. “Tell them I am on my way.”

The young boy nodded and trotted off, happy with the answer. Pan turned back to you, tightly gripping the sides of your jaw with his thumb and forefinger. He leaned in close and whispered low, “Don’t even think about running off. I expect you to be here when I return.”

You angrily tugged your face from his hold and with one last glare, Pan left the tent, stomping down the same path the boy went down. You anxiously waited and finally when you heard nothing except the usual sounds of the forest, you dashed out of camp, into the opposite direction the boys had left and off to coast line where you knew the ship was.

Pan felt the heavy presence of someone leaving his island, causing a frustrated grunt to leave his mouth. He had checked the whole island, how was it possible people kept entering and leaving it?

Lifting his head up, he flew into the sky and over the island’s horizon, only then spotting the retreating ship’s figure in the ever blue water. The Jolly Roger.

How had he been so stupid? He reached up and grabbed his hair in pure anger. Hook had sent you in the stall him while he sneaked around Pan’s back, which led him to his next question; what exactly did Hook take?

Transporting himself to his tree house, he found his room ransacked. Dresser knocked over, bed up turned. Muddy footprints covered the blankets strewn across the floor and books laid littered and ripped.

Pan rushed to kneel onto the floor, opening the one loose floor board that kept his most valuable item, only to find it gone. Hook had stolen the last bottle of pixie dust on the island.

Eerily calm, Pan stood up and clenched his fists. He knew exactly where he needed to go; the small lazy town of Storybrooke. If Hook stole the one most important thing Pan had, Pan would take it back and steal something twice as important to Hook; you.