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Fic Update: Any Four Walls: Cool Aunt

Heyyy, why not update a story I haven’t updated in more than a year while everyone is off playing new game? *finger guns*

(In all seriousness, sorry for the long delay. I don’t anticipate one NEARLY as long again. This chapter sets up an arc I’ve had in my head for years!)

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Cool Aunt

After three hours spent as sole caregiver to her brother’s daughters, Solana was beginning to have serious doubts about her own suitability as a parent, which made her current state of impending motherhood all the more terrifying. No going back now. Not even if she was having sudden visions of just how woefully underprepared she was. And she was. In vivid color.

Taking the girls off their parents’ hands for a day had seemed like such a good idea at the time. Step one to reaching coveted cool aunt status. Girls day out. Or in. Something. Fun. Definitely fun.

To be honest, she hadn’t actually thought that far ahead when she made the offer.

Garrus had an itinerary of political obligations as long as his arm, which only made Solana shudder and wonder how she could ensure her own position in the Hierarchy rose no further than it was already. Though Shepard had been perfectly willing to stay and entertain the children, Garrus did not disguise how much he wanted her with him. More than that, Solana knew they were far more effective a team when working together, especially when it came to fighting for things they believed in. Solana wasn’t privy to the details, but whatever it was they were dealing with now left a grim expression on her brother’s face whenever he thought no one was looking. Shepard’s wasn’t much better.

While arguing with one or the other of them was possible, when they presented a unified front, Sol wasn’t sure they’d ever actually failed. Being on kid-duty for a day seemed a small price to pay, if it helped relieve some of the tension lurking beneath her brother’s plates or in the furrowed cant of Shepard’s human brows.

Off they’d gone, and with them Naxus and her father to their respective work, leaving Solana in possession of two sleepy girls and many hours to fill. The sleepiness had worn off after breakfast, replaced by the kind of frenetic activity Solana usually associated with a firefight. Or stims. Or stims during a firefight.

And that was only hour one.

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I’ve probably mentioned this before, but just in case I haven’t, I have a Twitter account. I post a lot of sketches and stuff I don’t post here, like… My nth (5th maybe?) attempt at recreating Rythlen in DAI:

and random sketches from tweeting at/with people…

But I also sometimes spout random things and thoughts, so bear that in mind, lol. 

Fanfic: Late Night Scare, Timeless | FanFiction

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Course of Honour - Chapter 14
By Organization for Transformative Works

I’m just going to let @emilyenrose summarise this:

Me: it’s okay! they’re about to go on a pleasant trip

Em: omg you lied this trip is terrible

Em: they’d better kiss soon i’m dying

so responsible. much adult.

today I…

- threw out the garbage
- drank my green smoothie and even made breakfast
- took my vitamins
- made myself a lunch burrito with lotsa veggies
- worked 6h30 hours here and there
- worked out 30 minutes
- made my budget (thanks to my sis)
- currently cooking supper

and still

- i woke up at 1pm because I could, and took a 1h nap a bit later
- my house is a MESS
- I have no clean clothes, they’re all over the floor
- I spent waaaay too much time on tumblr
- I ate too many mini-eggs
- The green smoothie was 95% ready I just had to mix it
- I often stopped working to go on tumblr and read fanfics
- I had planned to run for an hour- haha
- actually I threw out the garbage at 1h30 am, which was yesterday, but I had to do it because there was a weird smell
- I did my budget but actually my sis pestered me until I caved and she did it all
- I’m cooking my supper at 11h44 pm 
- I have to get up at 7am tomorrow for work I should already be sleeping

so… slowly getting there. 

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Hi! I read Rock and Riot for the first time yesterday and it's just like... one of the most amazing comics I've ever read. I spent hours in front of my screen laughing and crying and feeling so emotional about it. Thank you so much ! Hope you're having a good day. :)

Thank you thank you!! <3 I am having a good day ;v; 

A Sneak Peek

Okay, so a whole lot of thank yous to everyone who sent me feedback on the first date outfits (if I forgot someone, I am so sorry): @zlpayne , @ziameternally ,  @dangerouslycalmandcollected , @diortitties and the sweet anon.

I decided I’d post the sneak peek from the fic (tentatively titled “I Can Fix That”). It’s already at about 24K, so this is just a small bit, but I hope ya’ll like it.


Five hours later, Zayn stood in front of his mirror, freaking out a bit. Liam would be there within a half hour and he was still stood in just socks and jeans. He’d spent the last week with Liam in every variation of his wardrobe possible, but now he was at a loss as to what to wear for their date. Their first official date. What happened tonight could signal the beginning or the end. He swallowed hard as his nerves picked up. He grabbed his glasses off the nightstand where he’d left them when he’d tried to relax reading a book earlier. He realized Liam had never seen him in them before and he didn’t think their first date was the time to debut them.

Glancing at his watch, he hurriedly grabbed a long white shirt, holding it up to his chest as he looked in the mirror, head tilted. It looked good with the black skinny jeans he had on, but he wasn’t sure if it was too long. With a shrug, he pulled it over his head and turned his body a few times looking in the mirror.

After a moment, he scrunched his nose and pulled the shirt off, reaching instead for a more fitted white tee and pulling it on. Then he grabbed the blue and black plaid shirt with leather accents, shrugging into it. He decided his outfit was passable as he slipped into his favourite, most broken in, brown boots. They always gave him a little bit of confidence, taking an edge off Zayn’s nervousness.

He was heading into the bathroom to do his hair when he heard a knock at the door. His eyes widened when he realized Liam was there and he’d not even started on his hair. With a groan, he raced into his room and grabbed one of his beanies and pulled it over his hair. Without even looking in the mirror, he hurried and pulled the door open.

“Hey, Li….” his voice trailed off as he stared at Liam, his hand still raised as if he was going to knock on the door again.

“Hi, Zayn,” Liam said, rubbing his hand over the back of his neck.

Zayn looked him over, taking in the black henley underneath a shiny black leather jacket that looked soft to the touch. Before he could stop himself, he reached out and pinched it between his fingers and sighed because it was as soft as it looked. His eyes trailed down, taking in Liam’s legs encased in black denim and ending in boots that looked like they could’ve been made from the same leather as the jacket.

His eyes flew upwards when Liam chuckled. Zayn’s cheeks warmed at being caught blatantly checking him out, but found Liam was doing the same. He took a minute to admire Liam’s hair, pushed up into a soft quiff that bounced as Liam movied. Zayn’s fingers itched to run through it. He took a step closer, stopping when Liam spoke again.

“I didn’t know you wore glasses,” he said, pointing towards Zayn’s face.

Zayn’s hand flew up, embarrassment flooding him because he hadn’t planned to wear these tonight, but Liam reached out and stopped him before he could take them off. “Don’t. I like ‘em. You look like a sexy secretary.”

Zayn snorted. “Just the look I was going for,” he joked as he rolled his eyes.

“You look nice,” Liam explained. “Really nice.” His voice was low and he moved closer into Zayn’s space.

Zayn titled his head up, smiling. “You clean up pretty good yourself.” He was still smiling as Liam brushed his lips gently. “If you keep that up, we’ll never get through this date. Which was your idea, let me remind you.”

“I have the worst ideas,” Liam said around a groan as he stepped back and offered Zayn his hand. “Let’s go.”

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Random DA:O Thoughts - Part 8.
  • I just thought about when Alistair tells you about his birth right, you can say: “Are you sure? You’re not hiding anything else?” and he says (which I memorised lol): “Besides my unholy love of fine cheeses and a minor obsession with my hair? No, that’s it. Just the Prince thing.” :D I just love the way he delivers it too hehe.
  • Zevran is flirting with me already haha. Hey man, Alistair is just right over from you. He can hear you!
  • Leliana complimented my hair - how sweet. ^_^ Then she told me a weird story about a lady who fastened live birds to her hair, who then pooped all over her. I was like “um okay?” also, poor birds!!
  • Lol I’ve spent prob half an hour to 45 minutes talking to Al then loading so I could watch them again…
  • On the way to Redcliffe we got attacked by a bunch of darkspawn dudes, then Wynne went all super saiyan and summoned the demon within her to protect us! These ambush fights are always soooo hard. They totally waste my party. Then I’m left running away trying to get in some spells while I drink a million potions. This game seems a lot harder than ME.
  • In Redcliffe now. Things that I could do with a higher level and persuasion that couldn’t last time: convince the revered mother to give the knights amulets, convince the elf spy to tell me what he was doing there and join the fight, convince the little boy to tell me what he was doing and give me a sword, convince Dwyn to join the fight without having to give him 1 gold, convince the tavern guy to join the fight (kinda hope he dies so the girl can take over the tavern haha).
  • I also bought the men in the pub free drinks. That bastard tavern owner wouldn’t give them free drinks.
  • With the little boy sword thing, I promised I would give them money or talk to the Sister about it. She wants 5 gold what the? Don’t have a ton of money really. Will see what happens after the fight.
  • I like how Ser Perth talks. Very polite and eloquent. Also he is handsome.
  • When I gave Ser Perth the amulets, Leliana disapproved by 5. So I loaded and changed her for Morrigan. No lost points. :D
  • Going to try the battle now…
  • Can I just say how much I HATE this fight! It’s so hard to keep everyone alive. They’re all running around like headless chooks. Too much to look at and focus on! I don’t think I’m going to be able to save all of them :/ or even that many of them. Maybe if I just try to keep Ser Perth alive, cause I like him. From what I read online it’s pretty hard for first time players to do. It sucks though cause I always tried to save everyone in these types of situations.
  • Tried again, heaps of them died AGAIN. So I loaded… AGAIN! I hate this fucking mission!
  • Did the first part and more survived. Think I’ll go with that and see how I do. Two Knights died, like the npc Knights. Survivors: Dwyn and his thugs, Ser Perth, the Elve spy, and two knights.
  • Doing the second part now. Okay so they all got totally annihilated! Oops. Time to load again. :D
  • Have loaded 4 times now… aaaaarrggggghhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
  • Maker’s breath! I realised one of my spells was contributing to them dying so quick. Yikes!
  • So the second half was annoying but I managed to have Murdoch and Tomas live. Plus a few random militia men. I cant even remember who Tomas is. So yeah I cant be bothered trying to do it better lol. Oh yeah Tomas was the first guy I met. Well good then.
  • Also that gross idiot tavern guy died so wooo! He was icky!
  • I decided to give 5 gold to Bella so she can start a new life. In return she just had to promise not to go back into the same situation. Aww she was cute and I’m glad I could help her. So who’s going to run the tavern now? lol
  • I gave the sword back to the kid and his sister (forgot their names), so now they’re going to try to sell the sword to start a new life. Okay I need to confess. I did that on purpose cause I didn’t want her to marry Teagan Guerrin cause I find him attractive… ahaha. For real! We had some nice flirting ;) Why do I want to romance everyone in this game? Also I wanted the boy to become an adventurer. That’s one spoiler I found out. I think cause I wasn’t sure whether to give her 5 gold.
  • I spoke to Alistair about the grey wardens. He told me about a guy with a big fuzzy beard who could drink everyone under the table haha. Was funny. Then Alistair was sad thinking of Duncan. Awww, poor Al. I miss Duncan. He was so cool and handsome. Had a larger than life presence. I hope I can find something of his to give to Alistair to ease his mind. I just want to give him lots of hugs!
  • I’m glad Dwyn survived cause he cracks me up!
  • Did a few little side quests. One was quite interesting. The trickster demon I summoned in the Mage Tower somehow escaped and was causing havoc. I killed him :D Another one I found lots of dead guys. Then tons of wolves attacked us, and a giant bear. The bear was carrying chainmail armour lol. It’s the in thing for bears, don’t ya know.

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FINALLY! I've spent the last five hours just writing down all my ideas. It took two weeks walking outside, reading books, doing so many other things but FINALLY my inspiration is back. All it took was several of your videos.

Happy to help :P

we had a no uniform day 

i spent the whole day keeping tally of people wearing tracksuits 

my total is 96 people

at least 96 people wore a full tracksuit set at school today

mind you i was out of class for only an hour in total (lunch break + inbetween classes) 

i spotted 96 people wearing tracksuits in a little over 1 hour

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Is there anyway way to easily unblock somebody? I accidentally blocked a Ks analysis blog and i just spent an hour looking for their blog to try and unblock and no luck.. I remember their last post about announcing to old and new followers about spoilers and such ahhh >___<"!

You’ll have to check Tumblr FAQ for that lol I’ve never blocked anybody

Went to a different cafe this Thursday morning to study. But let’s be honest I didn’t study, I spent the whole hour debating with my brother about terrorism… I did get a solid 10 minutes done though! And it rained while I was studying and it was really pretty. I really do love the atmosphere of studying in a cafe!

I spent today (Friday) studying for and doing an online quiz worth 7.5% of my grade. It went well, I got a few wrong but I couldn’t even find the answer on google so I’m not fussed about them (I’ll just ask the lecturer to explain the answers). I did my usual Friday cleaning and a bit extra as well! Anyways time to study for the two quizzes for my medical sciences units!

i just spent an hour reading about how clocks work to try and figure out if the clock tower in thief has bells

i now know how clocks work but my original question is unanswered

and this is all based on the question of “how the fuck does garrett sleep in that fuckin tower”

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can i just say you two are the sweetest couple, i met my soon to be wife on tumblr four years ago we lived in the same country just two hours from one another we spent 11 months seeing each other once every two weeks i smiled so much at your youtube videos x

Aw this is so sweet congratulations on your soon to be wedding :)

I spent over two months
Fighting with the healthcare.gov website, phone line, Kaiser’s local office and regional branch, being on hold for over an hour multiple times, at least three 3-way calls
Yesterday I discover the Oregon health care website, on accident, after an article my dad linked me to talked about free dental projects and I went to Google for one and the community outreach project from the Oregon Association of dentists or whatever it’s called suggested trying to get on ONE
And I go oh cool, lemme just check eligibility
And I make under the line for Oregon, even though I make over the national line
So I apply
And the only reason that takes me over ten minutes is the site isn’t very mobile friendly so I have to go do it on the computer
Boom, instant verification, I have coverage starting the first Monday in April.
Months of grief, instantly fixed, oh hey I have free health care again, boom.
So I get an email from them today saying there should be a message in my online message center and I’m just like oh shit now what
Made worse when there’s not actually any message there
So I call them
“Higher than normal call volume” message plays
I brace myself and turn my phone on speaker cuz well I guess I’m gonna be here a while
Literally under 90 seconds from dialing to talking to someone
She was like oh yeah sorry if that worried you, sometimes the site is a little weird, looks like the message was that your coverage got back dated to the first of March so if you have anything from this month you can send in the bills
So yeah
I mean like my only expense from this month was like $18 for one of my meds and I feel like that’s not quite worth sending in but
Like not everywhere has them but wow I wish I’d known sooner bc so much fucking grief could have been avoided AND THEY DO DENTAL

Top 10 BTS Songs Tag

Thank you so much for tagging me @literally-just-yoongi-trash.

I spent like half an hour on this because I’m just useless.

Rules: List your top 10 favorite BTS songs from 1 to 10, with 1 being your all time favorite BTS song.

“I’m gonna break the rules and put ten of my favorite songs in no particular order because I’m too indecisive to do anything else.”
(I’m copying and following this, because I don’t think I’ll ever decide on the order. Except the first three, that’s the Big Three of mine)

Save Me
Not Today
Spring Day
Let Me Know
Blood Sweat & Tears
Whalien 52

I’m tagging @gukiee @ahjiminie @bighitgays @notodaybts @hobiminkooksprincess1990 @notnotoday @blood-sweat-and-sin



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