i just spent 50 bucks on these

Spooky Eyes part 1

“Great just my luck,” Danny mumbled to himself as he fumbled with the brush in his hands. He look soberly into the mirror brushing his thick crow black bed head until it was baby smooth. He was in a foul mood tonight. He had spent all day Friday and Saturday fighting ghost non stop with out a wink of sleep. 

AND NOW HE HAD TO GO TO THE NEON NIGHT FOOTBALL PROM!!! He was too exhausted for this crap. Normally Danny would have skipped the stupid “prom,” to sleep in all day, but his buddy Tucker had begged him to go so he would, and I quote ‘Not look like a total looser, dude!’. 

Why did Tucker even want to go to the prom? Honestly it wasn’t even a prom it was a football celebration disguised as a prom for Casper High’s 10th win in a row. Also he apparently had to wear all neon. How doe’s neon even fit into football!? Who cares like it would even matter… sigh…

“Just go in, then get out, laugh at how dumb everything is, and go hit some video games at the arcade… then,” He paused looking in the mirror as he adjusting his neon green tie with a smile “ you can get some sweet, sweet beauty sleep.”

Looking himself over he was satisfied with his look, he had a plain white short sleeve button up t-shirt, a pair of ripped genes, orange neon nikes, and to tie it all together… hehehe… a green neon tie.

As soon as he was done he heard the Fenton doorbell ring. Yes, 

“Fenton doorbell” His dad though it would be a cool idea if they put I giant button on there front porch with the bold letters “Fenton” on it.

Rushing he opened the door To tucker, Who shined Danny a playful smile.

“ Hey dude, are you ready to mix and mingle!!” Tucker exclaimed bouncily, giving a twirl, “ So, what do you think of my outfit?”

“ It makes you look like a Lady killer,” Danny grinned


“So what serial killer’s dead corps did you get it from?” Danny mocked playfully

“Hey, I have you know I spent good money on this outfit!” 

“ Oh yeah, how much?” 

“ 50 bucks”

“ 50 BUCKS!!!!” Danny gawked looking over Tuckers outfit. He had on an orange neon Dumpty Humpty t-shirt, green neon genes, purple neon shoes, sunglasses,and instead of his signature red cap like he usually wore he had replaced it with an identical neon yellow cap. He was a sight for sore eyes, no literally Danny’s eyes were getting sore just by looking at him too long. By the end of the night Danny was pretty sure he was gonna hate anything neon. 

“ Tucker, why, would you spend 50 bucks on an outfit you will probably only wear once?”

“To attract the ladies, I figured if I’m already so hot with my usual clothes on imagine how hot I’d be decked out!!”

“ Aa-huh, and the sunglasses would be for??” Danny pointed to the top of tuckers head where a pair of shades sat.

“Oh these,” Tucker grabbed the pair of shades from his head and placed them on his face,”These bad boys are for the ladies sake.” He said in his best silky voice while double gun pointing at his best friend

“ The ladies?”

“ So your gonna wear shades, in the middle of the night, In a dark room, for the ladies?” Danny deadpanned as he crossed his arms raising one brow in pure disbelief.

“ YEP, to protect them from the ray of beauty that is me!” he said in an overly exaggerating fashion as he caressed his face.

Danny playfully rolled his eyes as he looked at his buddy, “ Okay,whatever you say, lets just get this over with ladies man.”

“Awww yeah!!!” Tucker jumped in the air, “Dude this is gonna be so killer, just wait till we get there. Hello ladies here I come!”

let me tell you,

so I owed my mom 100 dollars this week for her buying me groceries

and now I’m incredibly happy because she actually doesn’t mind waiting for it (my bank account has like 50 bucks now so thank god holy heck)

but she mainly has to wait cus uh…that 100 dollars I was supposed to give her I spent on the vinesauce pcrf stream instead lmaoooooo

heres the thing-my mom wanted to use my money to go to six flags with my brother this weekend

there aren’t very many times where I do something where I’m scared of the consequences-especially if those consequences involve my parents. That’s usually time where I’m filled with guilt and regret

I regret nothing. I’m in a way happy that my mom is probably pissed she has to wait for that 100 dollars

That 100 dollars went to sick children in need instead.

Sick children who are spending time in chemotherapy

Sick children who cant go to six flags during the summer with their family like healthy kids

Not an ounce of me regrets anything.

today was good i went to hot topic to see if they had any new drag stuff and i found a trixie mattel necklace which was WILD cuz my mall is small and they never have anything and then the gal saw i had it and was like oh we also just got this alaska sweatshirt in so long story short i spent about 50 bucks i don’t have today but !! it was worth it

i spent so much money trying out god damn products but the makeup business isn’t really designed so you can just find what works for you and call it quits….there’s always something new someone else has and is doing that you aren’t and it says ABH outside and costs over 50 bucks for a small container of something that u think is gonna make u look like an instagram video but if that’s what you actually want, you gotta hire someone to shine a ring light on you all day and change everyone’s eyeballs to camera lenses. it’s just Not Fucking Realistic

Hayes Grier:Her Side Part 3


Part 1:http://buttercupmendes.tumblr.com/post/121068913006/hayes-grier-her-side-part-1

Part 2: http://buttercupmendes.tumblr.com/post/121195348561/her-side-part-2


So I guess this is it this is the end of me and Hayes. As much as it kills me to say it but She won. I was now sitting on a bench outside with hot tears streaming down my face.It was cold outside and I left my jacket somewhere inside. Great.I’m definitely not going back in to get it. I checked my phone 9:30. I had called my brother 15 minutes ago and he still wasn’t here.
“You look cold.” I closed my eyes and took a deep breath in trying to not burst into tears. “I tried looking for your jacket because I remember you didn’t have it when you stormed out but the I realized you didn’t bring one in the first place.“ Hayes laughed to himself. I felt something on my lap. I looked down to see Hayes’ hoodie. “I know you hate being cold.” He added. I was in between wearing the jacket and being cold just to show I was mad at him. I hesitated at reaching for the hoodie but I eventually slipped it one. “I bought you the stuffed animal you liked from earlier. The guy was stubborn but he eventually let me have it for 50 bucks. I turned to him looking at the pink fuzzy monkey. “There is no way you spent 50 bucks on that.” My mouth was gaped open. He spent $50 on a small monkey that was made in China for probably like a dollar. Hayes reached for his pocket. He took out his wallet opening it so I could see what was inside. “Empty.” He said. “Why would you-.” “Because I love you.” I gasped he’d never said I love you before. “and I fucked up really badly. I’m so sorry for calling you a frigid bitch. I’m sorry for being jealous of you and Bret I know you two are just friends. I’m sorry for letting Kelly be all over me like that. Don’t worry I told her off after you left. I’m sorry for yelling and I’m sorry for not being there for you when I was on tour. I can’t believe it took me loosing you to realize-” “You didn’t loose me .” I cut him off putting my arms around his neck. His arms were around my waist squeezing me tight. Holding each other, as I cried into the nape of his neck. “I love you too.” I pulled apart from him a“I’m so sorry.” Hayes broke the silence. “It’s” “Not okay.” I love you so much and I’m sorry I hurt you that’s the last thing I ever wanted to do.” He kissed me. It was loving and soft. He cupped my cheek. Beep We jumped apart. I turned to see my brothers car. “There’s my ride.” We stood up from the bench and Hayes walked me to the car. He opened the door and gave me a peck on the cheek. “Grier!” My brother yelled as I got in the car and Hayes closed the door. My brother was a football player so he knew Hayes very well. Hayes was actually his “little brother”. All the varsity and jv players were assigned a freshie to mentor. My brother rolled down the window. “You better be treating my sister right. If you hurt her I’ll have the whole varsity football team on your ass, pretty boy.” He put emphasis on whole. “Who you calling pretty boy.” Hayes faked being offended. “He’s right, you spend more time in the bathroom than I do.” I turned to Hayes and spoke in a hushed tone. “It’s to fix the ugly.” I laughed. Hayes was debating whether or not he should laugh. My brother put his hand over my face pushing me. “Anyways break her heart I’ll break you face.” “Yes sir.” Hayes said knowing he was serious. My brother rolled up the window and drove off. I held my monkey grinning. “Looks like you had a good time. Why’d you ask me to pick me up early, it’s only 9.” “Allergies.” I lied. It made sense my face was probably puffy and my eyes red. “Oh yea I noticed.” He shrugged.

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I had this weird dream last night where I bought an early copy of TS4 and it literally resulted to be just a tuned version of TS2 (like a false disc) and I was so mad because I spent like 50 bucks on it. I hope it’s a dream not a prophecy.