i just slept 5 hours

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hello mariale, this is your daily reminder to rest up 💤 and drink some water 💦 so that genius brain of yours doesn't get tired! 💕❤️💚💝💞💟💘💖💓💗💛💙💜

omg, this is the sweetest message I’m crying. thank you for the lovely reminder!!! right back at you ❤️❤️

jeongahn replied to your posttonight i’m going to become one with apush and…

save at least an hour or two to sleep!!! i run on all nighters but those 2 hour naps really help

THANKS ZUZU i’ll keep that in mind :o i’m equipped with trail mix and water hopefully that keeps me awake a bit longer…

EMILY’S CHRISTMAS ADVENT. Each day a new gif will appear. 

Day 1- BOOKS AND MUSIC | My Top 5


Day 3- A Cheap Alternitive - HAUL 

Day 4- Doll World

Day 5- We are Scientists: Glowing Waves- Ep.2

Day 6- My New Hair

Day 7- Emily dies of exhaustion. (July Favourites)

Thank you, Mark.

Also, thank you to everyone who stayed up until the end of the livestream. I havent had proper sleep yet and I stayed up until 2am just to watch Mark’s stream and it’s now 12:45pm so I havent slept for almost half a day, but it was worth it.

I may have not won an iPod from Mark but I think a lot more people deserved it than I do. Plus, it was a fair choice.

I think I just slept for like an hour (7-8am, my time. Which is 5-6pm, Mark’s time) I took a nap while the stream was still going on.

The best part about this stream was that Mark ate me in Agar.io…TWICE! He also called me a butthole hahaha, that was so fun!

I also couldn’t wait to see Mark dying his hair pink and Jack dying his hair green. (Plot twist: they’re the real life Cosmo and Wanda)

I also enjoyed that short conversation of Mark and Jack on Skype. Aaanndddd, Mark ruined his and everyone’s Skype. That was so funny!

And the rage moments of Mark, I seriously didn’t know what to feel, should I laugh or should I be scared? Who the fuck knows.

I think this was the best livestream I have ever watched. It gets better and better everytime he does one. So, this one was the best…so far…until the next livestream.

I’m just so happy right now, thanks to Mark. I may have missed an hour of the livestream while he was playing Yoshi’s Island, it was still fun! And staying up for the livestream for a great cause was more important than winning an iPod. Congrats to all who won though :D

I’m saying the same stuff over and over again, so imma just leave it here. Thank you Mark for this amazing livestream. You made me smile and laugh even though I havent had any sleep for almost 12 hours. Again, IM SO HAPPY! I can’t say thank you enough. Thank you and I love you ❤️

Looking forward to the next livestream :)

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what are some accounts similar to your that you follow? I love your acc btw !!!

Thank you, anonie~ I actually follow a lot of bts accounts… Like, I follow about 45 blogs, and at least 25 are related to bts. So I’m just going to do a few quick blurbs about the ones that are similar to this blog or that I’ve been following for a while, and then maybe like a list of a few others that I’d recommend~

@park-jimeme :: I have to mention this girl first. She is everything. And I’m positive you’ve all heard of her, because she is so talented. She’s young, and I’ve never really looked up to anyone younger than me, so this is a first for me. If, for some strange reason, you don’t know who she is, she is the reason I started this blog, and one of the reasons this blog grew so quickly in the beginning. She does mainly scenarios, and honestly you could read any of them and be hooked, and the few text edits she’s done are amazing. And now that I’ve fluffed her ego for a while, time to move on ;p

@textmebangtan :: She is so sweet and talented. Like the title of the blog suggests, she does mainly texts but shes planning a wedding right now yall should check it out and she can sing and she’s beautiful. Right now, she’s writing a Jimin text series (a concept I find really interesting; i’d never considered a text series before) called Distance that is slowly killing me. It is sooo good, no matter how cliche it can get sometimes ;p ahaha~

@father-suga :: they do gif reactions, texts/snaps, and scenarios, and all of their stuff is amazing~ Their new/ongoing “Your snap-story if you dated” series is so great though they should do yoongi’s next coughcough Also, if you like making fun of Namjoon’s fashion sense especially his shoes then y’all should go encourage Admin S to make more, because I find it hilarious xP

@funnyransom :: wonderfully kind with wonderful gif reactions and scenarios. They always manage to characterize the boys well, never making them act out of character just to make the reaction funnier. And, true to their name, the reactions typically are funny, just because they write them so well~

@holdmettightbts :: they do reactions, imagines, and snaps. their imagines always manage to make me smile, even if they aren’t about my bias/bias wrecker. the admins are all very sweet, and when they get a less-than-sweet message, they’re pretty cool about it. it’s refreshing, and often funny, as are their reactions ^-^

@daebak-bts + @btslovenotes :: two of my favorite bts text blogs. daebak-bts is so so so funny and does all requests so perfectly that it hurts. btslovenotes has the most spot-on characterization for yoongi the boys that i’ve ever seen. all of their texts make me smile, and i just can’t get enough of them.

This is getting long, so the rest are just going to be listed. Know that this doesn’t mean I love them less, it’s just that it’s 5 am, I only slept 4 hours last night, and I’m going to be driving for 3 hours tomorrow, so I need to wrap this up xP

@btexts // @btsexotexts // @minmallow // @textin-bts // @btscellphone // @bang-tan-texting // @moarbangtanscenarios // @the-writer-of-things // @thisfoolishdestiny // @never-ending-jams // @bangtanzone

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Hey!! I wonder if you're still accepting prompts otherwise just ignore this :) Uhmmmm so here's what i thought Sherlolly (5ever!!)) After much deliberation, Sherlock finally admitted to himself that he "likes" Molly. He could've just kept it to himself and go on with his normal routine if the feeling is not foreign. Several times he tried voicing out his affections to Molly but each time Molly misinterprets it. Thanks:)

Sorry it took so long. But this is me, what more could we expect :P

Love this prompt, sorry if I diverted a little in the middle (you can tell that I’ve written this in a few goes at different times, I get carried away and then a bit soppy.)



Third Time Lucky.

“So you love her then?”

“No, John, you have misinterpreted my meaning. Molly Hooper is a fond acquaintance of mine and I believe that it will be beneficial for us both to pursue our relationship into a more romantic territory. You see John, Molly is the only person, logically, whom I would wish to spend the rest of my life with, and seeing as Molly is gaining in years with little male attention, it is, by far the simplest solution.” Sherlock smiled, self-satisfied didn’t cover the look on his face. Oh yes, he was madly and illogically in love with Molly Hooper. But John wasn’t to know that. “And it doesn’t harm that her hair smells of raspberries.” Or maybe he was.

“So you love her then?” John repeated, although he didn’t wait this time for some forced logical conclusion, he got an answer from the silence in between, Sherlock clearly distracted by the thoughts of Molly Hooper’s raspberry scented hair.

“No, John. Don’t be so stupid.” Sherlock’s supposedly swift response was left to creak of footsteps exiting 221b. “So you’re not going to tell me how to approach her with this proposition?”


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