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as a long-time lurker who's rarely participated in fandom, i just want to thank you for keeping up this blog with seemingly ironclad energy. i've learned so much about implicit biases and racist patterns in fandom, which has improved my awareness as a writer of diverse characters, a consumer of media, and just a person. it's amazing to me that anyone could see your educational posts as bullying, even if they are callouts. but i'm glad you stand your ground, and i fully support what you do here.

I appreciate this so much. Thank you. I’ve had to slay my own dragons myself – I still do! Just letting myself like Black characters in fandom and getting over the “you only like them because they’re Black” stigma took an embarrassingly long time. Saying, like, I don’t give a shit about The Breakfast Club because it actually didn’t have a character for everyone, was hard (fun fact, back in the early red envelope days of Netfix I gave The Breakfast Club and Sixteen Candles scathing reviews and called them racist, and ppl acted like I’d committed sacriledge, and I knind of liked it, and that’s probably where this started). I’m not saying I’ve never been influenced by white prioritization, too, but on some level it’s always bugged me.


sorey and mik love each other so much im literally dead 

[ps tumblr killed the quality and shrunk it so im sorry in advance! or in late since ur reading this after]

Purgatory, for SoMa Week Day 5

[Day 1: Latin Jazz] [Day 2: Cocoon] [Day 3: Hella] [Day 4: Too Hot] [Day 5: Purgatory] [Day 6: Undamaged]  [Day 7: A Beat]

Notes: NSFW because of sexiness.

Maka can’t decide if she wants to be writhing half-naked underneath Soul or completely unhooked, unzipped, and unbuttoned and riding him with one hand gripping his hip for leverage and the other tangled in his hair while she coos sweet nothings to him.

Fortunately for her, he seems like he’d enjoy both.

Not that she’d ever fling herself at him when they haven’t defined the ethereal, silk-like cheek kisses between them that have stemmed from searing glances and drowsy spooning.

But when Maka catches him lusting after her too, she thinks, “I want him, I want Soul Evans. I’m going to seduce Soul Evans.”

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I was wondering if you had any pruaus fic recommendations?? I really love the pairing and would love some good things to read


In no particular order:

Walk in the Sun by Jacquzy - (historical; no rating; prussia thinks about his relationship with austria over the years through the lens of kugelmugel’s entry into their lives). this is like. prob my fave pruaus fic and it's written by one of my favE FIC WRITERS OVERALL LMFAO I DON’T THINK SHE’S EVEN IN THE FANDOM ANYMORE WHICH FUCKING KILLS ME but her (tragically) unfinished pruaus college AU fic roses are red violets are blue continues to slay; if it ever updated i would actually just stab myself in the face for pure joy. Her writing is impeccable–i’m indescribably moved every time by the way she depicts change and loneliness and loss. tbh her pruaus characterizations have probably had the largest influence in shaping mine. You can follow her here at f-scott-fitzgerbil (fandom blog) or hotdadsclub (personal/non-fandom blog but updates more frequently)

Change of Heart by searchingformercury (college AU; no rating; the gang go camping and roderich (predictably) gets lost) LIKE???? ? If stupidly adorable shenanigans are your thing and embarrassing dorks are ESPECIALLY your thing, then this fic may or may not make you bleed tears of joy IT IS SO GOOD like–jen captures the confusion and strangeness of being on the cusp of adulthood so well SO WELL you can read her other fics and follow her here at searching-for-mercury (and if you like that fic send her an ask becaUSE!!! SHE MAY BE OPENING UP FIC COMMISSIONS P SOON!!!)

Catch fire with me by nyhne (human AU; M rating; roderich’s marriage is rocky and gilbert is a piece of sHIT LMFAO) THIS!! FIC MAKES ME SO MAD IT MAKES ME SO FUCKING MAD LMAO I AM STILL PISSED TO THIS DAY THAT (spoiler) THEY DON’T WIND UP TOGETHER IN THIS FUCKING FIC BEC GILBERT IS SUCH A FUCKING ASSHOLE BUT IT’S SO WELL-WRITTEN THAT IT GETS A PASS OK OK GDI. You can follow the writer on tumblr here at nyhne but she’s also got a closed rp blog that’s p fun to follow!

The Daintiness of Ear by sithmarauder - (historical; no rating; prussia and austria play a duet) LITERALLY THE BEST PRUAUS MUSIC FIC I HAVE EVER READ the characterizations are so on point that I could barely even get through the fic bec I was so fucking moved lmaooo. You can find the writer here at deadhabsburgs​; follow her to read more awesome historical fics PLUS to send her annoying asks begging for more dorks-playing-music fics and/or long-ass fanmails arguing the merits of pruaus over spaus ahahahha

Gilbert Beilschmidt, Private Eye by bonsaibabe (human/noir AU; no rating; gilbert! is! a PRIVATE EYE!!! attempting to solve roderich’s case) THIS IS A FIC OF PURE FUN. The premise is fun, the characterization is fun, IT’S A ROLLERCOASTER RIDE OF FUN. The writer takes this sort of ridiculous premise and just runs with it, and the result is AMAZING. I couldn’t find her here unfortunately (if anyone has any info lemme know), but if you ARE thirsty for more, the fic does have an (unfinished) sequel.

Forgotten by fakiagirl (human AU; no rating; gilbert moves into an apartment haunted by ghost!roderich cat) I AM SO WEAK FOR CAT!AUSTRIA SO OFC THIS FIC IS ONE OF MY TOPS but the progression of their relationship is just so slow and sweet and the whole thing is just v. well-written??? But also. yeah. I mean. Cat!ghost!roderich. need I say more? Her ff profile lists her tumblr as unnecessaryligatures​ (though she doesn’t seem to be in the fandom anymore?)

Good Day Good Evening by Anti-Logic (historical; no rating; gilbert confronts his dissolution) PROBABLY MY FAVORITE HISTORICAL PRUSSIA FIC–and one of my favorite hetalia fics overall. With its unsettling mix of historical fact and vivid imagery it fucking blew me away. I honestly cannot recommend this fic enough–it’s really more a prussia-centric fic with background pruaus but I just wanted an excuse to rec it ahahaha. (Also it introduced me to “Swimming” by Florence + the Machine as THE pruaus song and this changed my fuCKING LIFE TBH). It doesn’t seem like the writer’s on tumblr but if she is, LET ME KNOW

Fröbel Sterne by sun-on-the-shelf (human AU; no rating; Ludwig’s POV of Gilbert’s life after moving out) This is prob the shortest fic of all the those I’ve rec'ced here BUT it’s extremely cute and the end is achingly sweet so despite the length it packs QUITE A PUNCH. The writer’s on tumblr as apfelzimteis but I’m not sure she’s still active? She’s also Austrian SOOO >:)

The Advantages of being engaged by MayumiSato (human AU; no rating; fake!engaged bec they’re stingy bastards) THIS FIC MADE ME LAUGH SO HARD I ALMOST GOT WATER SHOOTING OUT OF MY NOSE LMFAO the writer manages to carefully balance the best part of the pruaus dynamic without allowing it to descend into childish bickering which is crazy considering english isn’t eVEN HER FIRST LANGUAGE WTF??? ? You can find her on tumblr as mayumisatosan.

Other really good pruaus writers that you guys should follow: romano-is-cryinggilbutt, and daemonrolling. The flo (pallaide) is always good for the GREATEST AU IDEAS even if they torture you…..by not translating them into fics….. :’) You can also check out my fic recs tag for more good ones! :)

And if you’re STILL reading this ridiculously long post lmao feel free to check out my own dumb pruaus fic here ( my attempts to cope with my intensely catholic past literally just resulted in a dumb fic of my trash otp…….kill me)


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In Sickness And In Health

In which Cullen inadvertently stands Laurel up for a training session when he’s suffering from lyrium withdrawal

Laurel shifted on the small crate she’d sat down on a quarter of an hour ago, while waiting for Commander Cullen to show. He’d been prompt to their first few lessons, yet today he was nearly half an hour late. She swallowed her irritation. Something must have come up that required Cullen’s attention. He was a very good military leader, and would prioritize situations above their training sessions - as well he should, too.

But he could at least send a messenger if that was the case. And since he hadn’t… could be that he was just running late.

Absorbing more of her evening than she wished, she grumpily noted as the hour marched on. She’d hoped to get a good, long bath in after this. And with the sun setting, and the light material of her clothing without the added heat of intense activity, she was starting to get cold. She hadn’t bothered to bring her coat out - the last few sessions had left her sweating more than she’d ever sweated in her entire life. Cullen was a very effective trainer. Very rigorous, always pushing her just hard enough to wear her out, but not so hard she couldn’t move the next day.

She slipped off her perch and prowled around the training yard, rubbing her arms for warmth. When one of the soldiers walked by, she snagged him. “Have you seen the Commander?”

“My Lady Herald, the Commander retired earlier this evening to his quarters.”

“To his…” she worked her mouth in irritation, ears burning, “To his quarters?”

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HI5HLI5HT 's Calling You

Can we take amount to take this in? I love Hi5hli5ht a little too much for my own good but with good reason cuz they are actually all incredibly talented.

Calling you was one of their slower songs, obviously, but I already love it. I don’t know what it is. Kikwang starting off is always so pleasant, I just wasn’t expecting him to be that low??? But his voice was nice to heat. Yoseob and Dongwoon slaying as always with those killer vocals. Dujun is always such a sweetheart like even his voice can just shatter me and him in a suit is my favorite look and I’m glad he wears it 90% of the time. Junhyung, the love of my life, is ofc always gonna slay me. Overall 18/10 song. I could just see myself walking in the rain listening to this song. Hah.
The MV was simple but it told a bit of a story (also why has yoseob gotten that light shining on him like the greater beings have chosen him). And don’t think I haven’t noticed that they used they same location as Junhyung’s Wonder If MV but literally they can do anything cuz they are their own bosses. It’s fine.

  • me: *listening to safety pin*
  • me: *crashes through your window*
  • me: *flips you off*
  • you: you actually broke my window tho
  • me: *looks back* oh for real?
  • you: *nods*
  • me: *jumps out broken window*

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What's Rick and Morty about? I haven't heard of it but judging by some fanart you've reblogged it looks angsty so I'm interested (slay me now)

I mean I just got into it myself but I finished watching all the episodes last night. It’s not AS angsty as the fanart I reblogged probably made it seem, but it’s still pretty angsty if you’re interested in that!

But as a warning, cause I knew I appreciated my friends warning me about this stuff too, here’s some further info:

- It’s on Adult Swim. It’s got blood and a lot of cursing so be careful with that if that’s not your cup of tea. I’m not too keen on blood myself but I’m pretty ok with this cause I can tell it’s fake.
- Possible Trigger Warnings include Blood, Fighting, Swearing, Death, Alcohol and Drug Abuse, Attempted Suicide, Suicide, use of the R-Word (Retard) and Attempted Rape. I’m not sure if any of that would bother you, but there’s the info anyway. The scene with the attempted rape is not graphic, but could be highly triggering to anyone who’s been in that kind of situation.

Hopefully I was helpful and if you do decide to watch it and like it, welcome to the club.

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A CROSSOVER BETWEEN TOG AND ACOTAR WOULD BE INSANE!!! SARAH HAS TO DO IT!!!! SHE JUST HAS TO!!! AELIN MEETING FEYRE!! ALL THE FAE MALES MEETING EACH OTHER AND A DOMINANCE WAR WILL TAKE PLACE AND AELIN AND FEYRE WILL BE LIKE "HELL NO BOY BAI"! I can already see myself reading this! Also I haven't read acomaf yet and Im a Faylin shipper BUT I have read the spoilers!!! I need the book to judge for myself tho! ALSO CAN I JUST SAY THAT U SLAY! I LUV HOW U ROAST PEOPLE THAT ARE RUDE ! Keep at it xxxxx

I seriously just imagined Rhysand—after seeing Rowan in his hawk form—walking up to Rowan and telling him, “My wings are bigger.” Then smirking and walking away. Rowan would honest to god roll his eyes.

Aelin would teach Feyre her favorite phrase: “Territorial fae bullshit.”

It would be amazing and I would die for a canon crossover. I’d probably cry.

As for my “roasting” people, I try. Haha I’m trying to get the title of “Savage.” 😂 I most definitely will keep it up. I don’t take shit from no one.