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Days of the week: Friday (smut)

Words: 1476

Warning: Smut, couch sex.

A/N: For the anon who requested movie session with Jimin, I put it here ^^

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  *Hey, Y/N. I would like to watch a movie with you. Do you wanna it? Huh… You will come anyway, right? But… Well, yeah. Movie. Huh…  Can you come at 8 p.m.? Can you?  ~Jimin~*

 Well, shit. That week was being tiringly as fuck. You had fucked every day. You had been fucked every day. Your body was completely wrecked. You had three days left. And three boys. Now he sent you that text. Just to have you more anxious than what you already were.  More expectative growing up. Fuck.

  You spent all your day sleeping, skipping one more day of class. My grades are gonna get lower than hell. But it was worth it. You could run to reclaim it later. But watch a movie? He didn’t want to have sex? I mean, not that you wouldn’t love to spend time watching a movie with Park Jimin, but… sex is sex. Or was he planning something else?

When the moment finally came, you did all those stuff again. Got dressed, make up, went to the hotel and got into the penthouse. You were still shy, of course, but were kinda used to them. And so did they.

  “Come in, Jagi” Jimin greeted you as he opened the door. His hair was falling on his forehead, his lips were pinkly inviting and you were going crazy just with the sight of him.

  You got in and looked around. Empty. Nobody. Were where the others?

“They are… out. Huh… food. We are alone” he murmured, his broken English making him even cuter.

“Oh, I see” you said. You both stayed there for a sec, staring each other.

“Well, huh. Let’s watch a movie?” he asked, his eyes shining.

“Sure. What are we watching?” you asked and he gave you three options of movie. ‘A walk to remember’, ‘13th Friday’ and ‘fifty shades darker’. He signaled you to choose, and you thought about the options. Maybe with fifty shades he would get horny. Or not.

 You did choose “a walk to remember” and he looked at you with surprise and smiled.

“Good.” He said and put the movie.

 You both sat on the couch and he pulled you to get closer, cuddling. You snuggled in his arms, he kissed your head and the movie started.

 A few minutes later you weren’t paying attention on the movie anymore, your mind was traveling among the things you wanted him to do. You wondered when he was going to kiss you, to hug you closer, to… everything. You felt your inside getting warm by the thoughts of him doing all those stuff to you, but didn’t move.

When the movie was in its half, you felt Jimin’s body getting restlessness. What? He started to hold you tightly, rubbing your arm softly, squeezing your thigh and stuff. Your body was shivering under his ghost-touch.

   “Are you ok, Jimin?” you asked innocently. He looked down at you, your head resting on his shoulder.

 “Honestly, I am bored” he said simply. He kept staring at you and your cheeks got red. You looked back and he did hold your face with one of his hands. “Don’t you wanna do something more… interesting?” he said, brushing his lips against yours slightly.

 “I-I, I think I do” you answered and he kissed you immediately. You closed your eyes, moving your lips against his as you both tried to find a pace. His kiss was the sweetest till that moment, the most passionate, less aggressive. And you loved it. His tongue caressed yours carefully, as if he was afraid to hurt you or something. You hugged him by his neck, getting up so straddle his legs. You were now sat on his lap, both your sensitive parts touching each other. His hands traveled down from your head to your butt, caressing your back all the way down, sending you shiver. He started kissing your neck while his hands were holding your ass, massaging at it as his lips worked on your soft skin of your neck. Even his sucking was soft.

  The kiss was getting hard to control because you both were still on the couch, but you didn’t care. You started to take off his shirt, but he stopped you and pulled away from your neck.

 “What? Did I do something wrong?” you asked worried. Why did he stop you and pulled away?

 “No, it’s just… you have heard the rumors, right? That I am worried about my… weight.  I prefer not to take off my shirt.” He said, not looking at you.

That wrecked you. How could he think that he was anything less than perfect? And how could some people talk so much shit to make him think he is not perfect?

 “Oh my God, you kidding me Chim Chim? You are wonderful. Your body is perfect. You are hot” you said, kissing his lips, “beautiful” you said traveling down to his neck and sucking at it, “and kind and cute” you said, taking off his shirt slowly. “Don’t you dare to let anyone talk shit. You are perfect” you kissed him, but this time in the most passionate way you could.

  You took off his shirt, stopping everything for a sec to take a look at his body.

 “See? You are wonderful” you said and before you could so or say something, he moved and now you were laid on the couch with him between your legs.

 “I want to see your wonder” he said and kissed your neck, pulling your shirt up and taking it off. He wasted no time in taking off your bra, exposing your boobs. His eyes widened at the view of your bare chest and started sucking your nipple, your hands pulling his hair.

 “Jimin…” you whimpered.

 “Yes, Jagi?” he whispered against your boobs

 “Take off my clothes already” you said. You felt his smile as he traveled down. His hands, slowly, started to pull down your skirt and underwear, his eyes not leaving yours and you blushed under his intense gaze, but you didn’t look way. . You were now totally exposed. He immediately put his mouth on your pussy, watering it, sucking at your clit. But he didn’t keep sucking you; instead, he kissed you, making you taste yourself. His fingers were playing with your entrance, teasing you. You needed to feel him. You palmed him through his pants in answer, and he groaned.

He pulled away, but only long enough to take off his clothes, showing you his gorgeous dick. Shit. He pulled himself over you. Without warning he pushed two fingers inside you, curling them inside, making you let out several groans and moans, your head falling back. He took off his fingers and placed his tip on your entrance, pushing in. You thought he would let you adjust, but he didn’t, thrusting in and out roughly. Shit, how did he change from cute to rough so fast?

You would never get enough of how amazing he looked when pleasure overrode his face. Then, he stopped moving. You whimpered.

 “Don’t worry. Ride me” he said, laying back and spreading his legs. Shit, he looked so confident now and that was sexy as fuck. You went over him, lowering yourself onto his hardened dick. His hands landed on your hips, holding you tightly as you started to fasten your movements. You were moving up and down roughly, your skin hitting against his, and you couldn’t hold yourself back any longer. You started moaning, and remembered of his promise of the day before:  “I hope you still have some voice available Y/N, because I’ll have you screaming for me even louder tomorrow”. OH.

  His hands found your breasts, squeezing it hotly, sending a lot of pleasure down to your pussy. You were about to reach your edge when he stopped you from moving.

 “I want to fuck you from behind” he said. He didn’t have to say anything else. You got on all fours, exposing your butt for him and he wasted no time to push in. His pace was already rough and fast, making you scream his name while he was leaning in to lick your earlobe while thrusting. He thrusted deeper into you, and before you knew, you were cumming around him. A few thrusts later he came right after you, let himself go inside you, the sensation making you close your eyes in pleasure.

  He pulled out of you and stood up.

 “You want something? Water…” he said, Shy-Jimin appearing again. You just nodded, shy as well. You stayed there, sat, and suddenly, the front door opened. Before you could hide, Taehyung and Jungkook appeared, and you covered yourself as best as you could.

  “Oh look. Are you already ready for me?” Taehyung said, walking towards you and your naked body.

teenage fever ❖ baekhyun (4)

Baekhyun was so in love, thinking that you still were like this after all you’ve been through, he really thought you were the only one for him.

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genre: baekhyun! philosophy uni professor au, age gap (if you don’t like, please don’t read), angst, slice of life and fluff + a lot of sexual tension!

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Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3

You took a big breath, your heart rate was quick because of the little run you had to do to be on time, but you finally were there, in front of your Philosophy class for your last lesson of the year. University wasn’t over, but you decided to take three months just to follow Art classes, so you were really going to dump Mr. Byun’s course for your major. You were sad, you always loved Philosophy, but that year Art was more important and you needed to pass it with the highest grade. 

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12x12 Episode Review - Still Screeching...this time about the colour “Peach”.

I gave my 12x10 episode review the title “Pterodactyl Screeching into the Void” because I was so happy about it I couldn’t help but scream with glee at practically every moment. I also said this: “I feel like there is so much to talk about in this episode that fandom will be chewing on it for months if not years to come.” I still believe this, I just didn’t expect that two episodes later I would be reliving this exact same thoughts and feelings. I considered 12x10 to be a one off, a glorious gift to fandom wrapped in a big destielicious bow. Clearly, we celebrate our fandom birthday only two weeks before fandom Christmas because we just got ANOTHER gift wrapped in an even BIGGER destielicious bow and I can hardly contain my glee. (baring in mind fandom Christmas falls on the tenth anniversary of tumblr and close to valentines day I can’t help but feel this was planned - PRESENTS ALL AROUND)

But anyway. Lets talk meta. Once again I am very late to the party as I doubt I will be posting this any earlier than Saturday evening when you have probably all been talking this to death for the past two days. But eh, I’m gonna do my thing and hope you all agree, or aren’t bored by now if everything I talk about is stuff already gone over by my fellow very talented meta writers.

Starting with the obvious, Director Dick Speight Jr and Writer Davy Perez made this episode an homage to Tarantino movies. Specifically Reservoir Dogs which has so many ties to this episode both visually and subtextually that it is kind of difficult to keep track of my thoughts on it. I have to confess, I hadn’t ever watched Reservoir Dogs all the way through prior to watching the episode because it never really interested me. However, after watching the episode for the first time Friday lunch time I decided that it was in my best interests as a meta writer to give it a go. I watched it and tried to take in everything Tarantino was saying and doing with this movie… 

Being a meta writing, destiel shipper with heteronormative goggles permanently removed since watching this show guess what the first thing I picked up on was? That’s right Mr White and Mr Orange… what WAS going on there anyway? Because these guys didn’t know each other very long but they became VERY close by the time of the heist. Poor Freddie and Larry. Such doomed tragic lovers… do we have a ship name for them yet? Frarry? Leddie? Or maybe just “peach” (hence my title)

I believe that when Perez was writing this episode he had a SPN character in mind for each character in RD (mostly anyway). Cas is obviously Mr Orange (the bleeding out from the stomach thing gives it away as does Davy’s tweet here. Here is who I think the rest of the characters are supposed to be:

Dean – Mr White (duh)

Mary – Mr Pink

Wally – Mr Brown

Sam – Nice Guy Eddie maybe? I struggled here

Crowley – I wanna say Joe. (though I also kinda think Ketch would be Joe here… its not too obvious)

Remiel – Mr Blonde (“yellow” hair)

Explanations and various meta under the cut. This gets long:

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The Legend of Star Butterfly

“Why did Star Butterfly put in the song about losing Glossaryck and the Book of Spells? Why? Why? She was so against confessing to her parents a few episodes ago!” 

So yeah, I’ve finally watched the rest of Season 2 of SVTFOE, and I dare say that this is among the common reaction in the “Face the Music” episode. Some people think it’s pretty stupid (if not really bad) move on Star’s part because she just threw her parents under the bus and now the citizens of Mewni are angry at the Royal Family. Others look on the bright side because it’s due to that song that Moon got back-up when she raid the temple. Otherwise, she would have gone there alone (thinking that only Ludo and the other half of the wand is the only threat) and be totally screwed over.

However, Star’s “Princess Song” may actually have another significance more than revealing the whole “Ludo stole the Book of Spell and Glossaryck” secret, and that significance is connected to the title. But before that, let’s ask this question: What is the difference between confessing to her parents and putting her biggest fail into a song for the whole kingdom to hear, that made Star Butterfly much more willing to do the latter?

The answer to that question is another question.

“What does Ruberiot signify?”

Ruberiot is a songstrel. And in the Kingdom of Mewni, whose setting is on Medieval times, there are no TV and such to spread news for the whole kingdom. There may be newspaper, but we saw the state of Mewni with lots of poor people (how many are educated enough to read and be interested in Newspapers or historical books?). In this kind of setting, normal citizens can get news and stories about the achievements and events through story telling … and songs.

In other words, Ruberiot signifies the Media.

You can see that with how songstrel influences the citizens of Mewni. 

They can “report” goodly about a person to the point it’s just an empty and fake flattery (aka outright bull***t).

Like the traditional songs of Princesses before and Star’s intro song

… Or tell the accidents, facts and truth to the world  

Like the middle part of Star’s song where Ruberiot makes example of positive (Star’s awesomeness) and negative (Royal Family lying/omitting facts from the citizens) reporting.

… And it can even go so far as complete unwanted scandals

^Ruberiot being a complete paparazzi to Star Butterfly’s affairs.

Ruberiot, and all the other songstrel, is Mewni’s form of Media.

But here’s the thing, he’s not a simple reporter, he is also a historian.

He is not only responsible to relays news of the princess to the citizens, he is also responsible to writing history through songs. That is how important a “Princess Song” is. It’s a page in history (and something Star totally wants to skip over) to introduce Star Butterfly for the next generations of princesses and people of Mewni. 

That is why the words “real” song for a “real” princess is quite emphasized. They want to relay a proper news that tells “facts” instead of buttering up lies about a person to the point it’s not proper news anymore. The Royal family has complete control and authority over the media and what the citizens knows. And of course, there is no normal Queen/King that would want to have bad stuff written about them. This is why all princess songs up until now had been called “hacks”.  

But Star Butterfly is not your “normal” princess. She’s a “rebel” princess.

Which is why, when she heard she will have her “princess” song, her answer is a big fat NO.

Some of you may feel like Star’s Princess Song should have ended at it’s first half and not continued with the latter half which made a lot of us cringed because we knew the problems it will cause. After all, she already had the typical boring hack songs to change. It talks about  her “real” self like shown in the lines of “weaving magic like a born spell caster, and wreaking havoc like a natural disaster”. It’s not that bad, right? In fact, it’s a hit. Everybody loved it. So why must she add the “secret” about Ludo stealing the book and kidnapping Glossaryck?

It’s because not putting it will destroy the whole purpose of what she wanted to achieve by changing it. She wants to ruin the image of “Ideal”. She wants to show that princesses are not “perfect”. She wants to show what a “real” princess is like. She can only do this by revealing her big royal screw up (simple ones like her rebellious acts ain’t gonna cut it because everybody knows/expects that rebellious side of her’s). Why must she do this? To remove the pressure of needing to be “perfect” from “future” generations of princesses. And what surprised me is that not only does Star want to destroy the “perfect” image (that’s typical of Star), she was actually worrying about the future of the next generation of princesses. But this part just shows how much serious Star is from the thing she hated the most: Compromising one’s individuality.

On the other hand, we have “Ruberiot, the totally tortured artist”. Knowing what sonstrels represent in their country, we can see that what he wanted is a truer form of Media. Not complete hacks that was just there to suck up to the Royal family. 

I actually really appreciate the fact that he just really wanted to do his job properly because he wanted to be better and has no ulterior motive such as ruining the Royal family image etc. (because certain media can be pretty bias and can resort to making bashing click baits to get more views). Although he played a big part in causing a riot among the citizens (I guess he’s named Ruberiot for something), he didn’t really mean it. Still though, I think he has a little bit of favorable bias towards Star Butterfly. Not because of the obvious reason of her fully helping him out to doing what he wanted with his song, but because of how he wrote the song. All the words used upon Star are favorable (if not downright good), even when he told her biggest fail, it’s not in a way of shaming her in any way. The way he narrated her is really just a cool and adventurous rebel princess full of spirit and fun. If anything, the only one he “put down” is her parents for keeping secrets and that resulted in everyone getting angry at Queen Moon. Of course, it may be just the impression Star left on him in his song and saying “bias” is just exaggeration on my part. Moving on.

Star Butterfly must have thought that the citizens would only criticize her because she’s the one at fault. She never cared about other’s “perspective” of her or “keeping an image”. This is why she was labeled as “rebel princess” in the first place. The only reason why she is scared of admitting her royal screw up is because she’s afraid of her parent’s anger. But as seen on “Crystal Clear”, she is fine telling this secret to others (though she did say to keep it a secret to the other High Commission members).

Star’s impression of princess’ songs is that they are stupid puff pieces of fake descriptions about the future queens to make them look “perfect” to everyone. Ruberiot hates the old princess’ songs because they are complete hacks and really uncreative. Put these two together and we get something interesting.

Citizens rioting against the Royal Family?

Pfft, no. It’s…

Changing the media into a freer and truer form. To put it simply, this simple wanting of the “real” thing to be recorded in songs/history of Star Butterfly, the Underestimated, future queen of Mewni had unconsciously become about …

Revolutionizing the Media.

Which pretty much fits her overall agenda because Star Butterfly is about achieving freedom. I find this interesting because we are getting a “hint” on what kind of queen Star is going to be like.

Star Butterfly is already a “rebel” princess, and what’s the next step of “rebellion”? It’s “revolution”. The adventures of Star Butterfly looks like just the story of Star’s growth but subtly, she gets involve with big entities and causes changes (subtle as they may be). I think this little adventures of her will lead to become a Legend once she became Queen, and one hell of a Queen she will be. And so I hereby add a title to Star, the Underestimated, and future Queen of Mewni… 

Star, The Queen of Revolution.

She encourages freedom of speech for the citizens and the future generations. The changes she will make is something that can benefit the citizens (in the sense that they will have more freedom) and different departments like songstrels (as her regimen won’t hinder progress by bounding them on “tradition). However, this is not all sunshine and daisies because all actions has their own consequences. This step she done may benefit the media, the historians (ya know scholars always search for truth) and the future generations of princesses but it costs the Royal family greatly. We cannot deny that this disaster of a song causes trouble. Not only because it causes citizens to hate them, but if other songstrels take after Ruberiot (which is highly likely), then the Royal family will lose control of their Media and create a new entity that affects the government of Mewni and it’s citizens. As Queen Moon said, citizens just want to believe their princess/future queen as “perfect”. However, will it be really alright to let the citizens continue with ignorant bliss and has no clue on what their leaders are like? As Ruberiot said, doesn’t the citizens deserve to know their “real” future queen? There is no real “correct” answer on what Star should have done in this situation because both sides has their own consequences. If Star Butterfly manage to handle the case successfully, she may well become one of the legendary queens for creating a milestone in Mewni’s history (and she will be considering her power and potential).

Just thinking of the things she has done and going to do and her potential, I am very excited to see what is going to be her legend in the History of Mewni. No doubt it is going to be a big one, but how big will it be?


Edit: For further discussion and elaboration, click this link: (x)

Shoot me, not >> Yongguk, You (Part 2)

Part 1

“Ah!” Yongguk lowered his head, shaking it. “It’s not fun at all.”

A gasp slipped her mouth as her legs betrayed her, weakened. She ended up on her knees over the ground, her eyes widened and her breath ragged.

The strong girl that was standing in front of him crumbled to the ground in no time, just like this.

It was so close to the end. But at the last moment, Yongguk pointed the gun upward away from her head. The bullet was released into the thin air.

“Why?” Her voice came out as a whisper.

Yongguk eyed her, before putting the gun in his belt.


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permanentguitar  asked:

i feel like i need you to tell us how shawn would be on a first date with a girl who he's really, really into. a girl who he never thought would give him the time of day and who he STILL can't believe he gets to take out.

So i think he’d be super worried about falling into the cliche trap of “this first date with the girl i’ve been crushing on forever is way too fancy, so it’s awkward and it’s like we have nothing to talk about” because, you know, he’s waited so long to take her out. he absolutely doesn’t want her thinking he’s boring. he’s a fucking rock star, right?

but, you know, he also doesn’t want to act like a pretentious rock star either. he thinks something too boisterous, something that showed off his money a little too much wouldn’t be cool either, even if he really wants to rent out the entire six flags magic mountain for a day for her. that’d be beyond lavish and definitely into creepy territory. 

so he decides to book a little roller rink instead. he’s not really that great at rollerskating, but she said once in one of their earlier texts that the skate parties she went to in middle school were her favorites. he knows she’s good at skating, bother roller and ice, because she grew up dancing and taking yoga. he hopes she won’t mind having to guide him, because his balance is basically shit. 

she laughs when they pull up to the roller rink, says, “I can’t believe you remembered!” with an excited grin splitting her lips. it makes his heart skip a beat and he’s not sure he’ll be able make his feet work to just get out of the jeep, let alone to actually figure out how to skate. but she’s out of the car before he can even reply. 

(and it’s probably a good thing, too, because he was on the verge of admitting, “I remember everything you tell me.” 

talk about creepy.)

after they’ve gotten their skates from the one guy Shawn hired to work the place open for them, she’s already gliding around him on the carpet of the locker room while he’s still struggling with lacing his first skate. she pauses after a moment, like her thoughts have finally caught up with her. she watches him stuff his foot into his second skate, then furrows her brow. 

“Did you rent this place out for just us?” 

and shit. he was kind of hoping she wouldn’t notice until he’d maybe managed to skate his way to the actual rink. his fingers almost slip on his laces before he looks up at her.

he wets his lower lip, then gives her a soft shrug as the corner of his lips tug up into a slight smile. 

says, “I hope that’s okay. I thought you might want to DJ,” because he knows she has an affinity for requesting songs wherever she goes and there’s someone playing music. 

he doesn’t tell her the second part though. he really needs to come off cool. he’s finally like, some what quasi-cool now, if only because he’s famous, and he needs to learn how to bring his new found cool-factor to his dating life. he needs her to want to see him again. 

she drops to her knees and helps him with his second skate, even more desperate to pull him onto the rink now that she knows she’s in full control of the playlist. 

so after maybe thirty minutes of keeping her small hands wrapped around his wrist and forearm so she can guide him in circles around the rink, he pulls his hand from her (despite how it pains him). he leans back against the half-wall that surrounds the rink, grips it tightly on either side of him with his elbows digging down into the brick for stability.

he hopes his tenuous grasp on balance isn’t too painfully obvious as he says, “You should do some laps without me,” because he knows he’s holding her back. he also wants to watch her skate. he’ll admit to the former but you won’t catch him telling her the latter. she’ll probably figure it out, anyway. 

so she skates to dancing queen by ABBA and with you by jessica simpson, then decides to come to a short stop in front of him when spice up your life by the spice girls starts echoing through the speakers. 

“don’t you wanna slam, shake, and shimmy with me?” 

so fucking badly

“I think I’ll probably fall on my face,” he laughs, instead. 

“That’s okay. I don’t mind taking it slow for you, grandpa.” 

she’s smirking at him as she skates forward, and he feels his mouth go dry when her fingers slip into the belt loops of his jeans and she tugs at him, just gently enough to pull his hips closer to hers, but not hard enough to make him slip away from the wall. 

she’s just looking up at him, smiling, her hips swaying almost imperceptibly to the beat of the music, and he can’t stop himself from ruining their date. he has to kiss her. 

he tightens his grip on the wall, digs the toe of his skate into the rink, and prays his balance holds up while he presses his lips to hers. 

it’s not until her fingers are tightening in his belt loops and one of her skate-clade feet slides between his so she can kiss him back that he thinks maybe he’s not so totally terrible at dating, after all. 

(or maybe he still is. but he doesn’t care as long as she’s the one he’s dating.)

Preferred Aphasia

Reader x Sirius

Imagine: A quiet girl, who has mastered nonverbal spells has a crush on Sirius, although others believe that she likes Remus. Teachers don’t like her but someone else does.

Words: 1,400

Warning: There will be an unconnected part 2.


Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Everyone thinks she has a crush on Remus, she just goes with it, as long as they don’t know that it’s actually Sirius that she likes. She doesn’t talk much, although it is because their is a constant flow of thoughts she can’t get through. Secretly kinky? Master at nonverbal spells. Teachers don’t like her. Is secretly a slithering but everyone forgot. After being with Sirius she finds her voice.

Y/N has been friends with the Marauders since first year, somehow their relationship had just clicked. Any outsider would have thought that she was in it because of some forced parental unofficial contract, because she was quiet, and who would want to be friends with the quiet girl? Although, this is not the case, they are friends purely because they happen to fit together like a puzzle. The image of the puzzle, if literally speaking, would form a piece of abstract art. It’s all up to the eyes of the beholder.

Currently, Y/N and Rems were walking into their last period for the week, Transfiguration. Remus was insanely interested in the subject they had just come from, Defense against the dark arts, so he was a bit riled up. The only thing Y/N wasn’t looking forward to in this class was the teacher, McGonagall. (I know the eras are messed up, deal) She always had asked Y/N to the front of the class to speak, so she retaliated in any way she could come up with in order to keep her silence, which showed up in her grades being drastically low,  contradicting her outstanding content. She would perform everything perfectly, except without saying the incantation. From a young age she had mastered non-verbal spells, which was a difficult task for a grown wizard, let alone a first year.

The mutual hatred of student and teacher could have also been from the fact that Y/N had originally been sorted into Slytherin, but lives the life of a Gryffindor, dorm room and everything. No one was sure if this was allowed or not, this being a first time occurrence. It was as if no one cared enough that she went along with the Gryffindors after a week of getting bored in the Slytherin house, and she was just welcomed, not many questions asked. Now, everyone forgets that she was ever sorted in a different house and doesn’t outcast her for that reason. Her silence was the reason for the usual avoidance. With the lack of verbal interactions, she surpassed the regulations. Meaning, the rules didn’t apply to her and McGonagall wasn’t going to take part in that.

As a result of her ‘impairment’, fellow students stood up for her when McGonagall crossed any lines, especially Remus. Y/N was told rumors that the professor only acted this was towards her. The rumors had substantial evidence of being true.

After walking across campus, the pair had finally made it to Transfiguration, small talk, coming from Remus, throughout the walk, Y/N replying with less than 20 words in the whole conversation. It wasn’t awkward, this was just how it worked and it was fine that way. They sat down in their usual seats, attempting to bypass any judgement, aimed their way.

“Wipe that grin off your face.” Professor said out of nowhere, directed towards Y/N.

“It’s automatic in your presence.”

“That’s backtalk. Move to the front. 5 points from Gryffindor.” She took away points from the house that Y/N cared about the most.

“She wasn’t even grinning until you mentioned something. Back off.” Argued Remus.

“You do not tell me what I can and cannot do. Move to the back of the room. I want to see no conversation between the two of you.”

“You do know who you’re talking to right?” Remus questioned about the comment, trying to humiliate McGonagall in any way possible. She did not reply, there was no witty comeback that she could have thought of.

‘Thank you.’ Y/N mouthed. Remus sufficed for a nod of his head toward Y/N, getting the memo through. They got through the class with minimal hustle afterwards.

Right when they stepped out of the class, Sirius and James were waiting outside of the entrance. Sirius draped his arm around Y/N shoulders, making her blush. Fortunately, no one saw this. She tried to keep her crush on him on the down low. If her setup continues, they could act the way a couple was without the awkwardness of a taboo, unshared infatuation that Y/N had on him.  

Originally posted by nellaey

“How’d you get here so fast?” Remus spoke up.

“We skipped the end of herbology,” James went in front of the group to reenact a scene. “’Yo, Mr.! We gotta go grab something from the back.’ And we were never to be seen again.” He shook his head and started walking forward once again. Y/N was not surprised, knowing that without their shenanigans, they’d be really good students with their intellectual potential.

“Guess what time it is?” Sirius whispered in her ear. She shrugged. “Party time! We already have some stuff set up at the lake. James invited Lily, but you know how he is. Plus, more people, more fun. Party logic,” He pointed towards his temple. Y/N was just glad that this was going to stay between her close friend group.  

“Did you know about this?” Remus staggered his hand, in a ‘kinda’ motion.

At the halfway mark on the walk to the destination, Sirius’ arm had gotten substantially heavier, so she decided to do something playful, obtaining some sort of possible chance that could get her somewhere in his books. She removed his arm, stroked his chin like a grandma who hadn’t seen their grandchild for a while, and moved his hand down to hers, entwining their fingers.  

“Ohhh, it’s getting spicy up in here.” He joked. In a short while they had made it to their goal; the lake. It was a sweet setup. Charmed floating fairy lights, 3 big blankets, a picnic basket, and a muggle radio, playing a song from the current top 10 at a low volume.  

Everyone sat down, making themselves feel comfortable in the secluded area, blocked off be trees, so it wasn’t obvious that they were there at all.  

“Rad.” Was the only word that Y/N said, when Sirius asked them how she liked it, after admitting that he had the idea. Soon, Lily had shown up and they had begun drinking.  

“Ya’ll gonna have some?” James asked Sirius and Y/N, the only ones not drinking.

“Remember?” Was Sirius’ response, while Y/N shook her head, not being much of a drinker. It took a second for their responses to get through to James’ head, but when they did, there was a haunted look of realization on his face.  

“Remedy.” He said, totally out of context, a dazed look on his face. Some ones hands had flung across Y/N’s eyes, obstructing her vision. All she could hear was a rumble of footsteps.

When the hands were removed, she was met with a cleaned picnic area, and only Sirius. “Imbeciles.” He laughed.

“What’s this about?” Y/N said, in a whisper, a content grin on her face, paired with flushed cheeks.  

“Well, although, it’s quite obvious that you like Remus,” Y/N shook her head slightly at his words. “I have liked you for quite some time. I wanted to use this excuse of a hang out to at least tell you about it, because it’s been a secret for long enough. I would like this to go somewhere, but only if you like me back, no pity dating,” He had seen how it was one of Y/N’s pass weaknesses, only dating people out of pity, not because she actually liked them. “So, Y/N would you do me the pleasure of being my girlfriend?” Never, had she thought about being anywhere close to his league, but it couldn’t be a prank, he wouldn’t do that.

“If you’re sure…” She hesitated.

“Positive,” He scurried closer. “I know I just asked one big question, girlfriend of mine, but, can I kiss you.”

“I’ve been waiting.”  She smirked.

“So, I’ll take that as a yes.”


I’ve been wanting to write something like this. Part 2 coming soon, already being half written. Send in some requests.


Linkin Park: Through Black Eyes

Featured Photo: Myself in 2007, in a Linkin Park t-shirt

Trigger warning: This article discusses the recent suicide of Chester Bennington, and his past, dealing with drug addiction, mental illness, and sexual assault.

Exactly a day after the news broke that Chester Bennington of Linkin Park had died, Afropunk posted a heartfelt and somewhat personal reaction, which encouraged black kids from ages 35 to 15 to respond in droves. For a certain age set of the black community, Linkin Park was our reintroduction to rock music, via the DJ styles of Joe Hahn, and the poetic bars of Mike Shinoda. They gave Chester’s lyrics and voice an edge that could cross barriers. It’s why the band resonated with so many people.

Unfortunately, not everyone could see that. An older generation of black people also weighed in on the article, unsure of what to make of this band, being herald by AFROPUNK as having given black kids the gift of rock. But if you were like me, in 2001, the internet was just a baby. My mother and nana, who both raised me, didn’t raise me on rock n’ roll, or its origins. How could I have known this glorious, and complex genre was invented by a queer black woman? Or even known that Chuck Berry came before Elvis? Enter Linkin Park.

They were one of the earliest bands I ever got into, with maybe Green Day coming in first. Linkin Park were the only band that showed me a side to rap that I hadn’t seen before. A sensitive, poetic branch. An album like “Hybrid Theory” gave me the space in my mind to later be able to consume or even conceive something like, Jay-Z’s 4:44. They were the first to show me how two seemingly different genres of music can meld together. They were one of the first bands I was truly devoted to.. if only for a passionate childhood and pre-teenhood. They were also the first band to teach me about depression, and trauma, and how it’s all connected. And I want, somehow, to further connect by writing down my experience of knowing Linkin Park, as a black person, the full extent of their contributions, and Chester’s legacy.

When the news first broke, I was in Sapelo Island. My partner and I were on vacation. We had only just gotten settled, when my friend Daniel made a vague Facebook post about Chester, that didn’t allude to situation.

I found out through Google. I couldn’t cry.

The thing is that, Chester isn’t by any means, a legend. Not even one his main influences, Stone Temple Pilots (for whom he front for a while), were legends. They were both products of legends (i.e. Mother Love Bone, the beginning of grunge), and they successfully rode that train of influence to a lucrative career. But despite this, Chester Bennington is someone that means something, to MILLIONS of KIDS. It is mostly kids who listen to Linkin Park. How on earth do you tell your young teen or preteen that their favorite singer couldn’t cope with the world? With 2016 having passed, I think we can all say we have had our fair share of heavy loss. But as an adult, how do you navigate the death of a portion of your life? That was what Linkin Park was, for black millennials; a gateway to a lifestyle

        Photo: A photo I took on the endless beaches of Sapelo.

This is also a story about trauma.

I don’t know how many know his story, but Chester was sexually abused for several years, by an older male friend. I know I have friends who have experienced sexual traumas. I know based on their experiences that recovery is so hard. And the trauma eats its way into habits (think “Breaking The Habit” from 2004’s Meteora), like drug addiction and eating disorders, and self harm. Chester had ALL of that, and then some, and while it may not have been the sole reason he took his life, it was one of many. A myriad of thoughts and actions, weighing him down to nothing. 

In a world where black pain is weakness, and often ignored, I sometimes felt kinship with Chester for the pain that, while expressed creatively, existed between the lines, that hid inside himself. He was an empath. I am an empath. And we exist in a minority circle of people who probably get hurt, a lot. 

Late at night on August 4th, I watched footage of Chester doing an interview, not too long before he died.

He was so alive. When Chester was alive, he was SO alive. He had the personality of the sun. His smile, and laughter, and playfulness, were all still incredibly infectious, up until he died. What has been hard is knowing that as intensely as he felt joy, he probably felt pain just as intense. But that was Chester. My only images of Chester in my mind are of two, radically different faces: His wide, open-mouthed smile, and his wide, open-mouthed screams, when performing. 

Part of what made Linkin Park relatable from the jump, and for almost 20 years, was their ability to tap into the angst (and beyond teenage angstiness) of an entire nation.. and farther. And that emotion is directly descended from Chester’s personal experiences with being a person, trapped in the memories of trauma and substance abuse, which he was very, very, painfully open about.. which made him, and the band stand out from the likes of Evanescence, Slipknot, and Limp Bizkit. So you can imagine, that anything that Linkin Park commits to tape for an album, is coming from a genuine place of heavy emotion.

With that said, despite them being honest songwriters until the end, the backlash towards their newest release (One More Light, May 19th), was, and still actually is, very severe. People genuinely do NOT like this album. Linkin Park have had their fair share of harsh criticism over their career, but I don’t think there’s been a single album of theirs that’s been met with such universal scorn.. despite it charting at number one, high numbers around the globe, before Chester’s death.

On August 16th, I got through listening to the album. It is not the worse thing I’ve ever heard. It’s just not what I expected. For half of it, I was simply bored. There is one song that I just had to skip, “Sorry For Now”, because it had a beat drop, and some synth stuff happening that made me feel like I was listening to Halsey or some shit, and I feel bad, but I just couldn’t do it. That one I genuinely hated. But there are highlights. The first single, “Heavy”, featuring Kiiara, is growing on me, mainly because the music video for it is so captivating. Mike’s verse in “Good Goodbye” was strong, but it’s his only rapping part on the entire album. “Halfway Right” would have been a better choice for a single than the last two that were released.

Photo: Hybrid Theory-era Linkin Park, photoshoot outtake | Credit: Jen Luciani

The saving grace of this album is its title track, “One More Light”; an entirely stripped, almost acapella take, that is heartbreaking, and sadly prophetic. I cry whenever I hear it. The final track, “Sharp Edges” is a wonderful, folksie song that should’ve been put before “One More Light”, instead of being the closer.. but that’s just how I feel. The album is not a total dud, it’s just not Linkin Park at their full potential.

Even an opinion like mine, paired alongside the harsh insults they have received, was probably incredibly painful, and damaging to Chester, who since the album’s release, has been accused of being a “sell-out”, prompting him to lash out in interviews and on social media in the immediate aftermath.. causing some musician friends, i.e. Slipknot’s Corey Taylor to tell him to take it easy, and try to tune out the negative, because at the end of the day, they’re still one of the biggest millennium bands in the world.

That probably didn’t help. Our “criticism” didn’t help. Based on interviews given before his death, clearly was having a hard time personally, leading up to the recording of the record. That’s something none of us probably ever take into consideration when listening to an album: the artist’s mindset. And I’ll be honest, since I haven’t consistently been listening to Linkin Park in about 10 years, I thought that because they had all these things going for them–charities, millions of fans, nice houses in California, the same band line-up for 15+ years, and the most upbeat personalities of any band i’ve ever seen, I assumed things were fine.

But Chester’s a person with clinical depression. Who had a therapist. Who probably took medication (or maybe not). Who experienced YEARS of trauma, and then years of substance abuse to try and silence his mind. How stupid am I to think that everything is fine, just because it’s been x amount of years, and he’s in a successful rock band?

I’m disappointed in myself, and as guilty as anybody, for accusing Linkin Park of “putting on” the angst in their recent work, thinking that they’re just trying to keep up with writing what they always write about. That the lyrics are “just words”, to fill in the instrumentation.

In that way, I’m pretty sure we’ve let Chester down. How fucked up is that?

Last night, I got high at a party with my partner, and inevitably, our conversation ending up toward Linkin Park. I thought it was drabble, but he said I should commit it to paper (or iPhone). That I had something to say.

I’ve mentioned earlier the lyrical content of Linkin Park’s songs. They are incredibly personal, and the last album is no exception. I’ve mentioned that, when Chester was alive, he was very much ALIVE. He radiated intense amounts of joy… but how that also means his pain was probably felt just as hard. Throughout his career, and particularly (and eerily) in the last year of his life, Chester had been candid, open, about his struggle with mental illness. There were hardly boundaries between him, the band, and his fans. Viewing the Instagram and Snapchat videos they’ve done in the last few months of Chester’s life, you can see how active of a participant Linkin Park is, in their fan base. And that’s what I want to single out, here: Chester’s death, was like the loss of a childhood friend.

Linkin Park’s fan base consists mostly of millennials. We grew up with Linkin Park. Those feelings of anger, depression, and anxiety that they knew too well, resonated with all of us. That’s what propelled them to the top of the charts. That’s what won them Grammys. But what made Linkin Park completely transparent, and still relevant after 18 years, was their kindness, namely Chester’s.

Chester made you feel like you were his best friend. It was in his physical enthusiasm. It was in his voice, and the way it engages with you. His sense of humor. His humility. Linkin Park were never a cocky band. The strength of their dedication and transparency with their fan base, made it feel like we knew them. And yeah, I felt like I knew Chester. It was like one of us moved away, but every now and then, one of us would make it back home to visit, and catch up. Was I listening to new Linkin Park, and keeping up musically? No. But I would play the old stuff, and reminisce about the intensity to which I carried a torch for LP, once. And now that Chester’s gone, there’s a significant chunk of that era that has died. He was brilliant. He was warm. He was kind. It’s still not fair.

I lost my best friend, that day.

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression, and suicidal thoughts, please contact the National Suicide Prevention Hotline (1-800-273-8255), CrisisChat, or the Trevor Project (1-866-488-7386).

I am also selling original, Linkin Park artwork, where 20% of month-end sales on all designs will be donated to Music for Relief (which has been redirected to the One More Light Fund, for Chester). Link below.


#9 Surveillance Van

A/N: Alright lovely folks!!! I have been working pretty hard on this series lately, so I hope we can move them along. I’m sorry for the lack of fics lately, I’m still dealing with the aftermath of the month I spent in Vienna (so much stuff piled up).

First of all, a huge thanks to my friend Alejandra a.k.a. @allenting, also known as quality control. I’ve been in a huge rut regarding this particular number, and she helped me as always. In the end I believe we had quite some fun planning the dialogue for this fic.

Second of all, thanks to everyone who regularly reviews my fics. You have no idea how important you are to me. Knowing that someone is enjoying what I write is the best possible feeling.

Prompt #9: Surveillance van. She always considered surveillance boring. Until he joined the unit.

Word count: 1,546

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I’ll Tell You All How The Story Ends

Pairing: Gerard Way x Reader

Genre: Romance

Summary: Request fic for @sassyh0esavage. “I thought it would be really cute if y/n is part of the band, and the guys obvously know about all the fanfics, one day they decide to read one and its about her and one of them”.

“If one more person asks me about fanfiction on Twitter,” Gerard sighed from his bunk as the tour bus barreled down the highway, “I’m deleting my account.”

“What are they asking?” Ray asked, quirking his eyebrow as he looked up from the guitar he was practicing with.

“If I read them,” Gerard explained with a world-weary look. “And if their ‘OTP’ is real.”

“Are they seriously so self-deluded that they think we’re actually fucking?” Frank laughed as he exhaled a cloud of smoke from his cigarette.

“Not all of them think that it’s you Gerard’s doing it with, Frank,” pointed out Mikey reasonably as he texted Pete.

“Wait, who do they think I’m doing it with, then?” Gerard asked, looking at his brother quizzically.

“Oh, you hadn’t heard?” Mikey blinked. “I know that ‘Frerard’ was the main pairing at first, and, I mean, it’s still got a lot of fans, but lately another ‘ship’, or whatever it’s called, seems to have a big following online.”

“Who do they think are secretly dating now?” Ray asked with an exasperated look. “Do they think I’m in love with Gerard?”

“No, they think Y/N is,” Mikey confessed.

You froze. Fuck, you thought. You’d been nursing a crush (that you believed was probably unrequited) on Gerard for a while now. Had the fans noticed the way you looked at him when he was onstage, and guessed the secret yearnings of your heart?

It was weird as hell to think there were stories out there about you and Gerard dating and having sex. You’d been friends with him for a long time, but your relationship had never been more than that. Did teenage fangirls get off while imagining you sucking Gerard’s dick? Did they spend long hours thinking of sweet nothings for that fictional version of him to whisper to you? It was a bizarre concept.

“I’m Googling the ship name,” Frank announced, “because I’m bored and we’ve got another hour before we’ll be at the next venue and honestly I kind of find this hilarious.”

“Frank, don’t,” Gerard pleaded, putting his red face in his hands.

“Nah, dude, c’mon, let’s find one of these weird fucking stories and do a dramatic reading of it,” Frank dared.

“You gotta admit, it’s kind of funny that people think Y/N is secretly pining for you,” Mikey chuckled.

“Uh…..right,” you said with a fake laugh. If you acted like this was just another silly thing the fans had dreamed up, your bandmates wouldn’t guess the way you truly felt.

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Remember the Saints » Dong Sicheng


summary: you think back to times with your best friend, and how they shaped him into being the love of your life.
words: 2579
category: racecar driver!sicheng, fluff
a/n: i have no idea abt racing at all but i looked up a crap ton of stuff so pls don’t come at me if i got anything wrong. just kindly correct me and i’ll edit as soon as i can. thx. also this came out a lot messier than i intended so ignore that pls.

Originally posted by stannctchinaline


Streamwood, Illinois was quite possibly the most boring place on the map. At least in your opinion, that is. Everything was boring, a quaint suburbia filled with people who didn’t move, like hands on a broken clock.

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Jimin is Away; Autumn, Chapter Nine

Summary: Jimin, despite everything the two of you have been through, is slowly fading out of your life. But when you find someone to fill he void, Jimin starts to become a bit strange.

Word Count: 1224

Previous Chapter

Originally posted by sweaterpawsjimin

Autumn, During Senior Year of College

If there is no love in the world, we will make a new world, we will give it walls, and a knocker that resonates so softly that we will never hear it.

The weather was chilly, but the sun was still bright as it rose into the sky and shined through Y/N’s window on a day in October. She was curled up under the covers tightly, pulling them up and over her chin as she slept. Her door softly opened, and a person entered her room, smiling softly as they stared down at her. They went up to her and shook her gently.

“Y/N, wake up, we have to go to Psych this morning.” Y/N opened her eyes and looked up, the corners of her lips turned up.

“Good morning Jimin.”

“Good morning, c’mon, you have to get up now.” Jimin encouraged. Y/N groaned and burrowed back under the covers.

“No, it’s too cold.” Her voice was muffled under the covers and Jimin chuckled.

“I have food ready Y/N. You don’t even have to get dressed, just brush your hair and wash your face. Come on, we’re gonna be late.” Jimin whined.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t skip today?”

“I’ll give you two. One, your grade. And Hoseok will be there.” Jimin’s voice took a sharper tone at the end, but Y/N didn’t notice as she jumped out of bed.

“What did you make Jiminie?” Y/N chirped as she threw one of Hoseok’s hoodies over her night shirt. Jimin shook his head, but smiled none-the-less.

“French toast sticks. Your favorite.” He said proudly as she followed him to the kitchen. She plopped into her usual barstool and shoved a stick in her mouth. Jimin handed her a hairbrush and she nodded in thanks as she messily ran it through her hair.

“Hey, do you know what today is?” Y/N asked playfully once she swallowed.

“Uh…Friday?” Jimin guessed. Y/N rolled her eyes and playfully slapped his shoulder as she gulped down the rest of her breakfast.

“It’s more than that. It’s Friday the 13th!” Y/N said excitedly.

“Well the happy Friday the 13th to ya.” Jimin chuckled, “What are you gonna do to celebrate?”

“Uh, obviously, black magic,” Y/N said sarcastically.

“And the sad thing is I can’t tell if you’re being sarcastic or not. Do you want to drive today?” Jimin asked as he moved towards the door, picking up his bag. Y/N followed, picking up hers as well

“No, you can drive if you want. But seriously, Hoseok and I are having a horror movie marathon tonight.” She said happily.

“Is he ready to meet the rest of the group tomorrow?” Jimin asked as they rode the elevator down to the parking lot.

“He said he was excited. He only knows you, Kookie, and Yoongi-oppa. I’m sure Namjoon and Jin-oppa will like him. Kookie’s bringing along Taehyung too so he can meet everyone! The poor maknae is so nervous, so be nice.” Y/N scolded as she hopped into Jimin’s car.

Taehyung and Jungkook had only been going out officially for a month; Jungkook wanted to wait to ask Taehyung because he wanted to be a “gentleman”, even though Y/N knew that the two were clearly past that point in their physical relationship. But Taehyung played along to Jungkook’s wishes and admired the boys heart and soul, gladly accepting when Jungkook made them official.

“Oh c’mon, can’t I tease him just a little bit?” Jimin pleaded as he shut his car door.

“Hey, the only one that can embarrass him is me! After I have my fun then you can do whatever.” She teased.

Jimin started driving towards the campus, and Y/N felt as if something was off with her best friend. He was gripping the steering wheel much tighter than normal, and he kept sighing despite the smiles he sent her way.

“You alright, Jimin?” she asked. Jimin quickly glanced at her before focusing back on the road.

“Well, something did happen between Wheein and I. Do you think when you come back home we could talk about it? Have those midnight talks on the couch like we did last summer.” He teased.

“Yeah, of course Jimin. I’m always here for you.” Y/N said as Jimin parked the car. The two hoisted themselves out of the car and started walking towards the science halls. As they approached the entrance, Y/N smiled and broke out into a jog, running into Hoseok’s open arms. He smiled, picking her up and spinning her around happily. Jimin approached the two of them with a sulken look on his face. He quickly smiled when Hoseok placed Y/N down.

“Hey Jimin-ssi!” Hoseok waved happily, and Jimin hated that he was so happy-go-lucky.

“Hoseok, you saw her like, two days ago man, no need for that lovey-dovey stuff.” He bantered, lightly punching the older guy’s shoulder.

“I can’t help it. I mean, could you if Y/N was your girlfriend?” he asked, pulling Y/N closer to him with an arm wrapped around her shoulders. Jimin gulped and had to repress a blush from rising in his cheeks.

“Jimin, you do that stuff all the time with Wheein. Need I remind you about that time last summer?” she teased as the three of them started walking into the halls. Hoseok on her left, Jimin on her right.

“Geez, you make one mistake and you can never live it down.”  Jimin rolled his eyes as the three of them walked to their usual seats. The professor droned on and on, and Jimin couldn’t focus well. He let his eyes wander around the boring classroom and noticed the couple next to him were holding hands under the desk; Y/N furiously scribbling notes with her right hand as Hoseok leaned back in his seat. Jimin huffed to himself.

Y/N doesn’t deserve a guy like him. He won’t even try to pay attention with Y/N here, he probably copies all her hard work too, Jimin thought as anger simmered in his stomach. He turned back to his notes and shook his head, re-focusing on the professor’s lesson about the psychological behaviors and personalities of siblings with certain birth orders. It wasn’t his place to dote on his best friend’s relationship when he was currently in one himself. After the class was dismissed, the three of them walked back outside to part for their separate classes.

“Hey, so Taehyung’s throwing a huge Halloween party in a couple weeks, and I was wondering if you two wanted to come? The only rule is that you have to dress up.” Hoseok offered; his voice persuasive and deep. Jimin was about to decline, since he didn’t care much for parties but Y/N spoke before him.

“Yeah! That sounds like fun! Doesn’t it Jimin? Dressing up and having fun together?” Y/N turned to Jimin with a huge smile on her face, clearly entranced by Hoseok’s tone; but how could he say no to her when she looked so excited?

“Sure, sounds like fun.” Jimin forced a smile.

“Cool! I’ll see you later Jimin. And don’t forget babe, tonight at seven.” He smiled, pecking Y/N’s cheek before turning away. Y/N smiled and Jimin glared.

“Jiminie, c’mon, we have Stat next.” Y/N tugged Jimin along as he let out a huge sigh.

Stupid Hoseok with his stupid charms.

Hero - Woojin Au [Part 1.]

 - Admin Min [ This is for the #protectwoojin project! ] Hiii! I would like to request for a woojin’s scenario whereby my classmates was treating me badly and he came and saved me? Thank youuuu :>

Originally posted by sungwoonstae

- You were always the quiet kid in school, not that you hated people
-  it’s just you liked being left out of the drama.
- working with others wasn’t exactly your favorite thing as you couldn’t get your ideas out
- lots of words had gotten stuck in your throat you see
- out of all your 11 years going to school you hadn’t had a problem with your personality
- and that was about to change
- you walked into class that day not expecting much
- since your days are uneventful
- but in walked what you supposed to be the new kid
- “ Hello everyone! I’m Park Woojin I hope you all will take care of me!”
- all those simple introduction words had at least ¾’s of the girls in your class swooned over him
- except for you of course who just rolled your eyes
- “ Woojin you can take a seat next to… oh! Marvelous (y/n) has an empty seat next to her. You may sit there.”
- you could sense the glares that bore into you as Woojin made his way next to you
- it’s not like you asked for him to sit next to you, if they wanted him so bad
- they could’ve kicked their seat mate out.
- you heard him introduce himself once again as he sat down in the desk next to you.
- you just nodded and replied to him with a simple “ (y/n) ”
- Woojin was confused of course
- why were you being so cold? He hadn’t done anything wrong to you
- the feeling of pity everyone looked at him with was literally suffocating
- and even though it was his first day it was his goal to get closer to you
- if looks could kill you’d be long gone you rolled your eyes as the jealous girls seemed head over heels for woojin already.
- there was a poke on your arm as you heard Woojin say “ Hey, hey (y/n) ”
- you looked at him as he asked if you guys could share a book because he forgot his
- raising a perfectly plucked brow you questioned how he could’ve forgotten it when it was only his second day
- “ Stress?” He chuckled as his plastered a grin onto his face
- you rolled your eyes are you carefully shoved your textbook in between both your desks
- “ Thank you, you’re a life saver ” he said.
- the next few weeks continued like this and you ended up getting used to it
- it’s like he didn’t even have a book in the first place.
- whenever you guys didn’t talk he’d make up some random reason to make a conversation with you
- it got to the point where if he didn’t talk it sounded weird?
- you’d both gotten to know each other a lot as you opened up to him more
- you’d never really had talked to anyone the way you’d talk to him
- It was easy to be yourself around him
- over all you felt very at ease with how carefree he was.
- it was the end of class one day and you were packing up your stuff when you found a small note had been stuck to your notebook
- “ Meet me at the rooftop during lunch? ” - Woojin
- you smiled a bit as you read it
- rooftop it was then.
- as you pushed open the door you could see woojin sitting in a bench with his infamous red earbuds on
- you had decided to surprise him as you took quiet foot steps towards him
- “ Boo! ” you yelled as you placed both your hands on his shoulders
- he jumped a bit as he turned around holding his hand to his chest
- much to your satisfaction of course.
- giggling you took a seat next to him as you asked if he needed anything as he was the one to call you up here
- “ I just wanna talk? I can’t do that? ” he questioned as he raised an eyebrow
- humming in response you looked up at the sky since there wasn’t much to see
- you both sat there in silence until woojin took the chance and put one of his earbuds into your ear
- you guys didn’t listen to the same music but it was pleasant to hear his taste in songs for once
- not complaining you just leaned your head on his shoulder while slightly tapping your foot to the beat of the song
- it wasn’t a big deal to you as you found it pretty comfortable to do this with him
- but Woojin on the other hand was a tomato.
- clearly he likes you
- and of course you being you
- never would’ve thought, with the amount of girls that were after him.

Part 2 [end]

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QUESTION: I’ve written maybe 20 short stories, but all are under 15k words (most are under 5k). I’d like to start writing longer pieces but I can’t seem to figure out how to write the connecting scenes. I’m just so used to writing single snapshot scenes with the purpose of a kind of quick “shock and awe”. I’m not sure how to go about constructing a longer narrative. I write an outline, but then I end up just writing those individual plot point scenes with nothing to connect them.

@ltleflrt Connecting the plot points with transition scenes is my least favorite part of writing.  And it’s the main reason I write my stories from beginning to end instead of writing the significant scenes first and then connecting them.  

I find that if I write the individual scenes, they don’t actually connect most of the time.  As I’m writing chronologically, some of those scenes get written out of existence, which is sad but necessary for the story sometimes.  I treat the “getting there” as an extended part of the scene as much as possible by asking myself questions like where is the setting and then imagine how the characters would find out they need to be there, how they would actually get there, and why they care about getting there in the first place.  

When I get stuck I brainstorm with my alpha reader A LOT.  I tell her my plot points, and ask her opinion on different ways to get between them.  And then I use writing sprints to trudge my way through those transitions between all the more interesting parts of the story.  So I’m basically saving the significant plot scenes as rewards for getting there in the first place.  

@clpolk there’s nothing connecting them? Then you’re missing the consequences of the character’s actions, the response of the stories’ antagonists… start over. Start with your very first scene. Character wants something, something stands in their way, so they take action against that something, bringing a result…which is going to be in the next scene. Sometimes in a future scene. And that result makes life harder for your MC, makes things more complicated, brings a set of problems of its own. I know a collection of cool scenes is where everyone starts, but those scenes need to earn their place in the story by being connected to each other through cause and effect, and if you can’t connect them, they don’t belong there.

Beware “filler.” filler’s the stuff that you cram in between scenes because time passed or to address the character’s need for meals and rest or whatever. Remember that if it’s boring you to write it, it’s going to bore the reader too. Concentrate on consequences, effects, escalation, complication, and connections. We don’t need to watch a character brush their teeth unless it’s vital to the plot.

@unforth-ninawaters I write like ltleflrt does, in order from beginning to end, but I have a friend who writes more like you’re describing - writes up their big scenes and then formulates the transitions that goes between. The strategy she uses is to write out flash cards with the bullet points of what happens in those big scenes and lay them out in order on her desk or floor, leaving spaces (like, literal, physical spaces). Depending on the complexity of the plot, the cards might also be different colors. Then, she considers what needs to happen for plot point 1 to lead to plot point 2, and she formulates the bridging/connecting scenes to meet those specific plot goals. ie - maybe they characters need to recruit help, or maybe they have to make a journey, or maybe they have to gather information. Create scenes that communicate these necessary steps succinctly and to the point, so that when you get to the next major plot point, you’ve filled enough that readers will believe that the characters have achieved whatever they achieve in that plot point, and also enough to make sure that, if time has passed, that time passage is evident.

Like clpolk says - do NOT fill them with minutiae. Minutiae is irrelevant and can be skipped. If what you add doesn’t end up being significant enough to ultimate warrant it’s own flash card, you probably don’t need it at all.

@tellthenight I work all that out before I do any writing. One of the things I really really dislike is cutting whole scenes I wrote because they don’t do anything. All those “wasted” words! So, you say you outline and then write those big plot point scenes–I suggest taking a little more time in that stage. Figure out why those scenes don’t feel connected. Do you need to resolve something from an earlier scene first? Is there an emotional element missing? When I’m outlining I’m constantly asking why. Why is that character in that scene? What is their goal? Why is that their goal? etc. You can apply this after you’ve written scenes too–why does it feel like there’s a gap between them? Can you define what is missing? Why do you think that is missing?

Writing chronologically helps me find and bridge the gaps as they occur, so I don’t end up with a pile of disconnected scenes at the end. Doesn’t mean you have to write chronologically, but might be something to consider trying to see if it improves anything.

A few other ideas:

1. One concept that helped me to write longer was understanding that a longer narrative is structured just like an individual scene– the end needs to bracket the beginning, every paragraph needs to contribute toward the overall point, etc. And if it’s boring to write–if it feels like filler or you think of it as filler–no one wants to read it. It would be even more boring to the reader.

2. A fic doesn’t have to run second by second. It’s okay for some time to be skipped–in fact, PLEASE skip some time. We don’t need to see the minutiae of every day in your character’s life.

3. When you don’t know what comes next it’s okay to put [DEAN SOMEHOW GETS TO CAS’S HOUSE} or whatever to help you move along. If you find later on that it reads fine without adding any real writing there, delete your bracket-ed words and move on. Sometimes though you just don’t have the creative juice to connect the dots, and bracketing like this helps me to remember to go back and see if I still need a transition there.

“Carved” Flesh wound tutorial

So a friend of mine asked me for some advice on how to do Nathan’s “loser” wound from Resident Evil 7, so I decided, well why not whip up a little tutorial while I’m at it, pictures and describtions follow bellow the cut, and with pictures I mean a lot of them, I’m trying to be explainatory here stay with me

If you’re allergic to latex this is not a good idea by the way, and if you’re not sure if you’re allergic do a small patch test before you start smearing huge amount of it on your skin, we good? Good, here we go

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Here is a message I received from a sugar baby:

This is probably an unusual request for advice but.. here it goes (this is so long I’m sorry but I didn’t want to leave anything out.) : I think my sugar daddy gives me more money than what I deserve and I want this to change.

So we met about 2 weeks ago and in this short time we know each other so well, communicate all throughout the day and have a couple dates a week. Haven’t had sex yet but its a mutual understanding that we will in the near future.

Usually takes me out to lunch/dinner and after we kiss & fool around in the car. The second date we established an arrangement and I told him 3,000 would have to be the allowance for meeting 3x week, sex cpl times/month. He reluctantly agreed, but still only gave me $100 for a date a few times after. He hasn’t had an allowance arrangement before. Also i’m new to this and he’s the only guy Ive met.

We connect and hit it off like no other. I love making out w him and he does turn me on. But I felt like I was starting to lose my control, and our date after that he didn’t pay me at all. I realized and I was so upset, when we met again I laid out all the barriers, he paid me 100 for the last date (quick lunch) and 250 for that current date, which after and I blew him etc.

However, before all this, when he passed me over the money he didn’t seem very happy to do so. Fast forward to now, he’s different. He has a busy life but he seems busier now, and when he messages me it isn’t the same. Before when he woke up he’d say “hey love” or “how’s my beautiful baby doing” now he’ll send “hey” in the middle of the day. Doesn’t say he misses me like he used to, cancelled our date to take me shopping, doesn’t schedule for a new one. Short answers, takes a long while to reply.

I know I’m probably overreacting, it’s only been 2 days since I’ve seen him, but was it that I skipped to the sexual stuff too fast and now he’s bored with me, or is it a money issue?…Im young, and with my monthly expenses, the allowance is triple what I need, and I feel guilty for this. I mean, for a few hours hanging out with him, it’s a full paycheque!

It’s just that it doesn’t feel right. I’d be happy with less from him, especially if that’s the reason for our lost spark (because now it feels kind of transactional.) I really like him, and I have been keeping my options open and talking to other guys but no dice. I know this seems all over the place but I’d love to hear your thoughts, or if I’m just being crazy.

And, here is my response:

Well, this is a first: a sugar baby who thinks her SD gives her too much money.  And, after reading your story, I have actually reached the opposite conclusion: he ain’t paying you enough!  

Sugar, I’ve got news for you:  this is a money issue, plain and simple.  He isn’t bored with you because he weaseled a blow job, “etc.” out of you.  (I’m really curious to find out what the etc. was, by the way!).  Your guy wasn’t happy to “pass the money over” because he doesn’t want to pay you an allowance, whether it’s a hundred or two for a quick lunch/date/make out session in the car or 3k for a monthly allowance that you would work hard to earn.  He tried to slip one past you when he didn’t hand over money during the one date you had.  He was hoping that you were so smitten with him and/or too shy to bring it up so that he would no longer have to do so.  He’s unhappy because you called him on it and rightfully insisted that he pay you what he promised.

Look, I understand that the money that he has paid you for a couple of dates or some time together may be as much as you can make in a week in a vanilla job.  My sugar baby makes more spending an afternoon with me than she does working 40 hours in her vanilla job.  And, lately, I’ve been seeing her twice a week, so she is making bank!  As her sugar daddy, that actually makes me happy, not upset!  So, making as much or more spending some fun time with a sugar daddy than you do in a conventional job is a good thing; you deserve that cash!  You should be celebrating that fact, not thinking that you would “be happy” taking less. Further, don’t con yourself into thinking that you should take less from him.  

The reason for the “lost spark” is that he thinks you want him to stick to his promise.  Instead of being happy that he is making such a positive impact on you financially, he actually begrudges you for it!  Shame on him.  If he dips based on that, I think you should say good riddance, not feel bad!

I’ll be blunt with you: I don’t think he ever intends to pay you $3,000 a month.  At best, he plans on giving you a hundred here and two hundred there and he’s hoping that you’ll end up spreading your legs for him sooner rather than later.  

Don’t feel guilty about making money in the bowl.  Tell yourself this:  you deserve what you ask for (and, probably, you deserve more than that!), not less! Further, I see that you are new to the game; trust me, part of your “guilt” is his  doing.  He is making you feel guilty by treating you poorly. Don’t fall for that game, honey!   Based on how you handled the allowance talk, you’re doing well for a newbie.  Now is the time to up your game, honey; stick to your guns and make him keep his promise regarding the monthly allowance that he agreed to. Believe me, 3k a month for all the time you’ll spend with him is a fair deal.   Once you do that, you will have earned the much coveted “Sugar Baby Badge”.  I know you can do it!

Continue looking for a sugar daddy who won’t make you feel bad for getting ahead financially.  I know, they are few and far between, but they are out there.  You seem like a girl who is happy and willing to please so it will just be a matter of time before you find yourself a proper sugar daddy!


Some Reasons why I love Peniel’s VLOGS:

Let’s start from the very basic: 

1, The editing is dope!  

 And by that, I mean really, really good. Most of his shots and the quality of contents are above average!  I usually feel bored easily when watching vlog, but Peniel’s camera point of view is so beautiful as he showed the view in between places, from train, car, (also time lapse and stuffs) and.. yeah it also makes me even more excited to visit Japan again, someday. (hiks). And, remembering his profession as an active singer slash celebrity with packed schedule. I really admire Peniel’s commitment in shooting, editing and everything. 

2. The very simple titles given:

Well done! 1st! My worst enemy! or.. Tokyo! Udon! New Camera!

I love the very simple title, some are only consisted of one or two words. And the title given even makes me feel more curious to see the content compare to other Vlogs with such long title like here, here, and here.
I guess he is the kind of like really easy going man so he just name the video what ever is on his head at that time, and (again) it’s kinda cute for me, lol

3. No cliche opening, ending, like, subscribe or anything.

Everytime I watch a youtubers or vlogs, I will always skip the last few second since it will be the same all over again. Please like, subscribe, blah blah blah, which is very cliche and… boring. And Peniel doesn’t do that! (teehee)

4. He speaks in English (almost all the time)! so I can do something else while watching his video.
Like revising. Tried this before and it’s kinda work for me. Fun!

5. The content shows fans his daily activities and what are behind the scene of his profession. Like MV making, how long he’s waiting. Dry rehearsal, camera rehearsal, make up, change clothes, so on and so forth. Like it is kinda interesting to know about this stuffs directly from an idol perspective! (especially for international fans)

6. The background songs! it is usually one song per video which is good because it’s simple. But,,, what I like even more is, the songs are so good as well! Peniel rarely ever pick other artist’s song, so either it was BTOB’s songs, or his mixtape songs, which are very original! Represents his mood, preference, and profession, and make the audience feel even closer to his vlogs.

7. You can see BTOB members appeared randomly here and there in some of the videos. Either only their voice, in the background, or they’re singing, sleeping, sometimes giving random jokes; which is… super fun! Mostly those members will pop out speaking in little random english as well, bcs Peniel is speaking in fluent english, so again, yea that’s cute to see!

8. His english is pretty cute!

Like in my opinion (from what I heard), Peniel has a lisp right? and his english is nearly perfect as well (no grammar mistake whatsoever) which makes it become very pleasant to hear.

9. Bringing camera to every where. Rather than snapchat-ting or Insta Story-ing, why not youtubeing?

Yea at the first few videos my reaction was like… oh well why does he have to carry a camera or go pro to almost everywhere? Like it’s not really the culture for Korean or Japanese people bringing Gopro with the stabiliser at public space. But.. when I think about it again, Well other artists like Jessi and Tiffany (only two that I know) very often be seen  holding their phones for snapchatting as well during events.
So, rather than filming for something that will only last for 24 hours, why not making it available for days, months, or even years? Yea Peniel’s idea is at a different level obviously saying.

10. He has manner, guys

Peniel doesn’t just record everywhere anytime out of nowhere. He often whispered, or typed, in order just not to bother other passengers or people around him. I think if he really wants to, he can just ignore those kind of situations, shoot in more places to create more fun contents. But, he will not shoot where he is not supposed to, to show respect towards other’s people privacy, then just say sorry to the audience (even when he doesn’t have to) and told us afterwards what was happening instead.

11. Last but not least, his effort in providing Korean subtitles!

I thought Peniel just has to edit videos and upload it directly so I didn’t get it at first when he mentioned about “I gotta do subtitle and stuff..”. And then… because he mention it very often (or I’ve just watched too many of his videos), just reckon that he has to translate ALL what he said (in English) into Korean to treat Korean fans/watchers.Well, job of editing and everything isn’t little already. And I can imagine, translating isn’t an easy (or fun) deal too.

But then, that’s probably why fans love his videos with all of the efforts given SO MUCH, and I hope he knows how so many people enjoy his videos and vlogging activities. And of course, including for me, I enjoy it very very much. Thank you Peniel! haaha..

Some of my recommendations (few of my most favourites) are..


-> the best part in this video is obviously… Changsub with his “OH MY CAP, OH MY CAP, OOHHHH IM SORRY” LOLL. Seriously you guys should watch it. It’s just sooo funny! haha.


-> I like the background song of this video very much, which makes me discover BTOB’s awesome Japanese songs as well. The content are awesome in this video too, lots of stuffs that makes me want to visit Japan. Anddd lastly, you can see  BTOB’s member’s randomness (with their english) popping out here and there too, lol.

// DO NOT take content away without permission PLEASE.

I’ve got enough with a random someone who paraphrase the whole content of this post, publish it at a Korean Entertainment News Portal and got noticed by Peniel on twitter -__- )) 

If you are a true writer or fan please respect the existence of copyright hence at least give proper credit to the actual writer. cheers! //

Hate Her

Originally posted by joshlerisvvreal

Pairing: Frank Iero x Fem!Reader x Gerard Way

Request: Yeah || I read your rules, I hope I’m not out of them xD Fem!Reader is famous musician and is in a relationship with Frank Iero and Gerard Way of the MCR; Where the boys’ fans send in huge amounts of hate messages, saying she was using both guys, and her fans come into the fray to defend her, causing a small “war” between the two fandoms. This causes a slight tension between the 3 at home. (Sorry if it got confused, my english is a bit bad hahah)

Warnings: SFW || cursing, a lot of hate, cyber bullying.

Masterlist: Here

Okay so I have never written three ways or polyamorous relationships before, so please don’t hate me. I have read a ton of poly relationship imagines to try this. I hope this is what you wanted. It turned out really long cause it required a lot of explanation. Enjoy loves. xx

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anonymous asked:

(If your accepting prompts) could you try writing your ideal situation for when Tim takes off his mask off for Kon for the first time

(I’m always accepting prompts, always always, and to be clear I don’t think this is the “ideal” but it’s what came into my head)

Kon hovered over a run down apartment building in East Gotham. He hated this city, in Metroplis everything was clean straight lines. You could always find your way around, Gotham the streets doubled back on themselves, and it was dirty. He wasn’t sure if he was developing some kind of super smell or if Gotham really did always smell like week old trash and wet dog. Kon has been doing this for nearly 3 months now. Dating Robin, if thats what they’re doing, if you can be dating a boy who’s name you don’t know who’s face you’ve never fully seen. Some times Robin would just show up on a roof top some where Kon hadn’t known he’d be that night and they’d hang out, more often they made out or fooled around. If you don’t talk about something it’s easier not to define what it is. Sometimes he’d get a note with a scribbled address slipped playfully onto his person, once in the bottom of his boot, tonight into his jacket pocket. he never saw Rob do it, and still didn’t know how how he’d gotten one into the waste band of his uniform with out Kon noticing. He nearly died when Bart noticed it first and pointed it out. 

At first the mask had been fun. There’d be a wild thrill in meeting a boy in a mask. A thrill in being two teenaged boys with out restrictions or limitations. No worries about parents walking in or disapproving. Well at least Kon didn’t have parents he didn’t know if Rob did or not, Batman wasn’t his father he’d made that clear once. At first the mystery had been part of the fun, the boy he was kissing could be any one, be doing anything when they weren’t together. It was the kind of fun danger Kon suspected normal people got from riding roller coasters. At some point though Kon stopped wanting Rob to be any body behind the mask. Now he wanted one boy behind the mask, with a name, and his own bed room that wasn’t in one of a dozen boring safe house apartments. He wanted to know where he went to school, if he went to school, Kon wanted to pick him up off the street and fly him to a roof top dinner date. He’d thought he didn’t like, didn’t want that lovey dating crap. He was Superboy after all, too cool for holding hands and bikes built for two. He’d gotten what he wanted, they skipped the romanic stuff, but no matter what else came off the mask stayed on. Kon had agreed to that the first time he’d kissed Robin, the mask wasn’t coming off and he wasn’t gonna get his real name, they weren’t going to define what they were. He’d agreed because he thought thats what he wanted, but after everything else came off the mask was still there, the last and biggest barrier between them. Kon thought that taking that mask off and seeing Rob’s eyes for the first time would be more personal and intimate than anything they’d done together. He’d tried to take it off, but no matter what they were doing Robin would gently but insistently stop him, they didn’t talk about those moments but Rob had to know Kon wanted to see him with out the mask. The first time he’d realized he wanted more Robin had been kissing his neck and Kon had wanted, needed to say his name, but it wasn’t there. Robin wasn’t his name, wasn’t any body’s name, it was a mask, a codename, a costume. You can not love a codename, a costume, a mask. 

Kon pulled up the window to the apartment Robin had told him in the note. He slide inside and saw Robin sitting on the couch, his cape was off dropped over a chair. Rob’s face broke into a huge smile that made Kon’s stomach do flips. He got up and crossed the room to Kon cupping Kon’s face in his green gloved hands and kissing him. Rob’s kisses were always soft, never pushing or demanding to be more than a kiss. “Hey handsome” He said with a smile that broke Kon’s heart, he knew he couldn’t take one more night like this, one more night with out saying it. Kon bite his lip “I don’t think I can do this” Robin pulled away with a confused look “what? why?” 

“Because I want to be your boyfriend?”

Rob turned away “shit. Kon… you know I can’t” 

“yeah I know, and I know its stupid to be in love with a boy I know nothing about, hell I don’t even know what color your eyes are, but I like you, I think I love you, and I know you can’t do that and its stupid and not fair for me to even ask you that, but you know I can’t keep doing this, ever time we’re together it hurts more, so this is it, goodbye.” he turned to leave trying to fight back the tears rolling down his cheeks. Robin looked at the floor and whispered “they’re blue” 


“my eyes, they’re blue” Kon had imagined Robin with every color eye, but he’d never really thought they’d have the same eye color. “well I’d really like to know that for myself” Robin looked up at the ceiling tears starting to run down his face now “Kon, shit you know its not that easy”

“why not”

“You don’t have a secret identity, hell a year ago you didn’t even have a real name, you wouldn’t get it, every one you know, they became friends with a superhero intentionally, they knew the risks and did it any way. The people in my life Kon they didn’t sign up for this. Besides its bigger than me, I tell you me I give away Batman and Nightwing and Oracle I can’t do that”

Kon nodded “yeah I understand, thanks for letting me know I had a blue eyed boy, I’m just gonna… go” he turned slowly and walked toward the window, his hands were on the frame when Robin said “Timothy Jackson Drake” Kon turned around “What?” 

“my name, my name is Timothy Jackson Drake” and with that he reached up and pulled off the mask, blue blue eyes met Kon’s and they were beautiful. He crossed the room half walking half flying and swept Timothy off his feet kissing him deep and slow. When they broke apart he whispered “Timothy” and thought there really couldn’t be a more sexy sounding word in the world, the boy in his arms giggled “most people just call me Tim” Kon kissed him again longer this time and whispered “Tim” which some how sounded even better. 

stealing @bratsims format because i need a less ugly way to mass answer your messages which will hopefully motivate me to stay on top of this! at least i can say i tried

so if you sent me an anon message in the past…idk MONTH (i’m bad i know) it might be here. (older ones are near the bottom) if not, check my faq because it’s probably answered there. (and if you’re the person/people who sent the twin flame & 7th house asks, i plan to answer those separately because i have a LOT to say. get ready)

game of thrones, nuclear war, real life santis, lou theories, i’m evil, HERE WE GO!! i literally had to cut it off at the last one because it was just too much for now. i’ll try to answer some more later ok

we’re starting off on a great note

Anonymous said: gaddamn rooney’s tiddies lookin’ hella ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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