i just ship them a lot and they're just so simply in love

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I'm not a shipper, but @ every shippers who want a canon mlm representation, should stop erasing Keith and Shiro's relationship just because it's notp. Because from the look of it they're the ones that seems to have chance in becoming canon. People are screaming broganes! in every posts to the point of sounding like old homophobes, and even from non shipper's view, it's transparent as fuck. Like it'd be easier if people just admit that KL are not important to each other as people make out to be.

Yes, I agree with you wholeheartedly. The very earliest Voltron interview I heard was before the show even released, and when asked about providing more lgbt rep the way they did with korrasami, Lauren said: “We have those first 13 episodes and if we ever went beyond that, we would like to push the envelope.” Which tells me any gay relationship they planned to expand on has been present right from the start. Add to that comments about how “Keith latches onto Shiro,” “Keith’s always scared he’s gonna say or do something wrong that’ll cause him to lose Shiro,” “He supports Keith one hundred percent, he’s stuck his neck out for Keith a lot,” and “Keith and Shiro have the closest relationship”–if they were ever hinting at anything, I think it’s sheith. 

From onscreen canon interactions, Keith and Shiro’s relationship has always read as romantic to me. And claiming what they have is just brotherly when it’s so obviously different from Matt and Pidge’s dynamic–I just don’t understand it. So many of Keith and Shiro’s scenes are incredibly intimate. They confide in one another, comfort each other, offer physical reassurances and hold each other close. Keith prioritizes Shiro’s safety first and foremost and literally vows to save him, “as many times as it takes.” We see from Keith’s very first scene a tenderness between them that’s never replicated with anyone else. So much of their relationship reads as a veritable fairytale romance. I don’t think that’s an accident. 

It’s really transparent to me when people claim that this season was somehow homophobic for veering further towards allurance or not having Keith interact with Lance?? Like, people are literally claiming the staff don’t care about representation and never had any intention of including it, but?? The crew has already blatantly informed us that it was never their intention to tease Kl/ance, and they directly said they wouldn’t queerbait it. Because it was never there. Fans making serious accusations like this is incredibly transparent–if the only representation that matters to you is your ship, then I think you should reevaluate why. As a bi guy, kl/ance has always made me uncomfortable and I never saw any precedence for it in canon. 

Lauren literally said, “we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!” When asked about Lance’s future “Mr or Mrs Blue Lion,” Lauren responded exclusively with female pronouns. This isn’t like the bait and switch with building up leader Keith only to throw Shiro back in the pilot seat. Representation is serious, there is no gotcha moment, they’re not continually pushing aside kl/ance so they don’t “ruin the surprise.” 

Representation is a very real concern for Joaquim and Lauren, and they’ve already outright said teasing kl/ance was never their intention. They’re completely against queerbaiting. We’ve been definitively told no. If fans are unable to let go of fanon and refuse to acknowledge the narrative we’ve been given, then that’s on them. But it seems hypocritical to me to claim they were led on when they just refused to listen. As Lauren said: “they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”

And I’ve seen people claim–but, kl/ance is so popular! The fans love it so much, they shouldn’t discount it just yet! Things can change! And it’s incredibly clear to me that those fans are naive in their understanding of the animation industry. Joaquim said this best: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” He and Lauren outright confirmed they can’t go back and make kl/ance canon, because the decision to do so would’ve had to have been made years ago. Animation is not a medium conducive to major change. That’s just something fans will have to learn to accept. 

Lauren and Joaquim really seem like they actually care and they’re fighting for more representation. That means something to me. And if people expect me to feel sorry for fans who harass them simply because they didn’t make their OTP canon and are trying to focus on their own narrative, then they don’t know me. If it’s representation fans are concerned about and not just ships, then they shouldn’t see kl/ance as the only viable source for it. I’m sorry if people were disappointed and wanted representation in another form, I really am. I understand, I do. But I don’t think it’s fair to tear down the creators for it when they’re trying their best and act like kl/ance was somehow our only chance. 

Slytherpuff Romance

This took so long but it was totally worth it!

  • on their first defense against the dark arts lesson, they're paired together for the rest of the year
  • at their second lesson, they're doing dueling
  • Slytherin is expecting a weak and defenseless little Hufflepuff only to be hit with a powerful expelliarmus charm that they land on their arse
  • Everyone laughing but they don't care because holy fuck that was kinda hot
  • Hufflepuff offers to help them up and Slytherin stares at them in awe before their Ravenclaw friend snaps them out of their trance
  • Slytherin takes their hand with a small smile only shown to the most special people in their life
  • Ravenclaw already knows whats going to happen just from that smile cause even Ravenclaw, Slytherin’s best friend, has barely seen that smile
  • when they come out of the lesson Ravenclaw tease them about it
  • “got a little crush going on there, don't you?”
  • Slytherin blushing a bit
  • “that implies I have feelings so no”
  • Ravenclaw only laughing at them cause they know not to rush Slytherin
  • Slytherin being rather excited for their next defense against the dark arts lesson
  • when they’re going up to study in the library they run into the Hufflepuff and knock all their stuff everywhere
  • “Oh, I’m so sorry, I’m such a clutz”
  • “It’s fine, I should have been looking in front of me rather than my papers”
  • Hufflepuff gives the smallest and most sweet smile making Slytherin feel as if they want to melt
  • “No, it’s my fault too”
  • “If you insist, well I have to be off now, bye Slytherin”
  • when Huffle puff is halfway down the stairs they turn around and give a quick wave before walking off
  • “I'm fucked”
  • Slytherin knowing that they're already fucked because this Puff seems so innocent and sweet but is dangerous below the surface, and hell they're bloody curious

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You are the entire reason I ship terumob. They're so cute. I love your writting and it's amazing. So far my favorite is Of Nearly Letting Go. It's a damn shame ONE never got to the aftermath of the mogami arc. :o It said you were looking for writing prompts?? Maybe Chapter 9 but from Teru's perspective?? It'd be interesting to see his internal thoughts of the big reveal

Ahhh sorry it took me so long to get to this! 

I tried rewriting scenes before, but I just can’t quite make it interesting enough when all the dialogue is already established. SO. I hope you don’t mind that I adjusted your prompt a tiny bit… now it’s the aftermath of chapter 9 from Teru’s POV.

I really hope you like it, and thank you so so much for the prompt and for reading my fics!!

AO3 link

In Liminal Space

Teru has no idea what kind of book he’s holding right now. He was looking at the shelf pretending to pick one out for at least a few minutes, but if he was actually expending any energy on reading through the titles, he immediately forgot about them again.

The only thing he knows is that it’s large and heavy and shaking in his hands.

Teru is absolutely no stranger to the sensation of wanting to kick his past self right in the teeth an indefinite number of times. But it’s a relatively new twist that he would feel it this strongly about a past self that’s only a few weeks old. He was under the impression by now that he’d gotten better than that.

Yet here he is, playing through a past argument in his mind again and again, remembering this bitter, satisfied sense of superiority when he brought up the cats to prove a point.

And now it just makes bile collect at the back of his mouth.

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Can you discuss what made you positive about Jon and Sansa? I saw the trailer and I honestly didn't see anything and even though I ship them, I have the lowest possible expectations for them because of the show they're in.

The trailer per se didn’t show anything “consistent” to convince me something will happen between them, but I’m one who looks at the hints, tiny details which, I admit, might end up being bullshit or just pure coincidence, but as of now I’d like to think they’re showing them on purpose without being too  obvious. The whole trailer featured lots of Stark footage, it starts with Sansa and ends with Jon, both of them have voiceovers which are the only ones along with LF’s. Now we have Jon/Sansa/LF, anyone who ever read/listened to the cast and producers interviews, would think it’s a way to throw at us the first signs of the starkbowl: Jon vs Sansa, Team Snow vs Team Sansa, Sansa fighting against Jon to get the merits she deserves, Littlecreeper fueling in Sansa the desire to become Queen and betray her brother.

The littlefucker’s voiceover during Sansa’s footage is “don’t fight in the north or the south; fight every battle everywhere. Always in your mind”, it’s cryptic, but I assume it’s one of the usual LF’s teaching to Sansa, a teaching that clearly represents Petyr’s way to operate, certainly not the Stark way. Considering we don’t have the context to analyze this line at its fullest, I’m just going to deduce he’s attempting once again to play with Sansa, just like in the first trailer where he says “your father and brothers are gone, yet here you stand. Last best hope against the coming storm”. Petyr’s words in both trailers are a constant reminder to Sansa that she’s alone in all of this, or better, he tries to manipulate her into thinking that she’s fighting alone. His words do not contemplate any family member by her side, everybody is gone (which I guess it’s foreshadowing Arya returning to Winterfell at some point). Now going into more specifics, the voiceover plays along with Sansa in the Godswood, walking away, she’s tearing up a little bit, she seems shaken, a tad distraught as if something huge just happened and she’s walking away from this. Everyone noticed there’s someone in the back, the three options are: Littlecreeper, Jon or Bran.

Now, to me it looks like the man behind her is standing, so I’d rule out Bran;  it could be the littlecreeper, but I can’t fathom why they’d be discussing AGAIN in the Godswood, when we got a similar scene in 6x10.  Unless, obviously, it’s Sansa that summoned him to privately talk to him and that’s when she starts playing with him, but I don’t see the reason why and how it’d play out; Jon seems like the “reasonable” option for me:

It certainly looks like him. LF should be a bit thinner and less slouchy.
As I wrote before, Sansa appears to be unsettled, shaken. Her red-rimmed eyes reveal she cried or that she’s on the verge to cry, holding back her tears. Why would she cry? WHO would she cry for? Petyr? i don’t think so. Of all people in Winterfell right now, only Jon would be able to have this kind of effect on her.
If it’s Jon, it means they have a scene together, alone in the Godswoods sharing an important moment that will leave Sansa in turmoil. This is certainly my imagination working, but why would two siblings, a brother and a sister share a private moment in a place that only add a romantic atmosphere? Why are they even there?
Besides, who else shared a scene in the Godswood in S1? Cat and Ned. Who knows how the conversation will go between Sansa and Jon, still the parallels keep growing and I refuse to believe it is just coincidence. We already have Jon smashing LF against the wall just like Ned did, Sansa becoming more and more like her mother as the Blackfish pointed out and do we want to leave out Jon looking more like Ned episode after episode? it just cannot be coincidence.
Furthermore, as Sansa walks away she slightly turns her head, as if she wants to look back, but she doesn’t allow herself to do so because it’d hurt too much.  My bet is that something happened. What happened? I have no clue, but it must be something…eventful and important which involves only Jon and Sansa.

So we have LF’s line and we have this Sansa in the footage. Why put this specific quote as she walks away from Jon? the Starkbowl is out of discussion, it’s a storyline both actors and producers have thrown down our throats since the end of S6, which makes it even less believable to be an actual storyline in S7. “Always in your mind”, is this some foreshadowing of Sansa’s inner struggle against rising, unwanted feelings? What could be her fight? I’m like 99% sure her main fight this season will be against Petyr himself, but given how this precise line has been put in a scene with Jon, will her inner fight be against her love for Jon??? they could have taken a random P x S scene with that quote, why this one? why as she’s walking away so distressed and almost in tears??

These hints could be all and could be nothing. Most probably many would tell me that I’m a delusional shipper who is seeing things that are just not there, which I can take it, I’m ready to admit I was wrong and I was a fucking delusional Jonsa shipper. No problem for me.

I just got this feeling they are endgame and these trailers are giving me hope. I know certain shippers have decided to keep expectations really low and I get it, I don’t blame you, I’ve done it so many times with many ships of other shows. I just chose that with Jon and Sansa I simply don’t want to keep my expectations low :)

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It's kind of obvious that if they're going to make a pairing canon, it's going to be sheith and allurance. Although k/l is extremely popular and covers the majority of the fandom. So I wonder if the staffs chose to have an no-pairing or at least arranged it so it looks equal to all pairings, so the majority of the fandom would not be upset. I feel like dreamworks will get a lot of hate if sheith and allurance becomes confirmed.

The thing is though, it’s too late to make big changes. I’ve said this a lot, but animation is just not a medium conducive to change. When asked about making Lance’s love interest Keith to please fans, the show runners literally said that they can’t, because they’re already years past that storyline

I often get questions like this. And a few fans always try to justify harassing the staff over k/l by claiming that, if they’re just loud enough, maybe they’ll listen!! Maybe they’ll change the story!! The fact aside that harassing others is wrong and this train of thought is incredibly entitled and selfish of course.  

As for the nice k/l fans who seem entirely genuine and earnest when they say, Oh, but don’t discount canon k/l yet!! It’s so popular, maybe staff will change their mind and give it a chance! I feel really bad for them, because it’s just a disconnect of not realizing that simply isn’t how animation works. 

Whoever they decided would be the love interests for Lance, Shiro, Keith, and Allura–they made that decision years ago. And they’ve done too much work in those years to go back and just scrap it. That’s not how it works.  See this interview here:

  • Interviewer: “I feel like there was a little tease? It seems shippers want to ship Lance and Keith together, so are there gonna be any hints of that at all? Or is it just more like–okay, they’re friends, they’re starting to become friends.”
  • Lauren: “I think we had a very natural arc in mind for those two. Which is, they start out at odds, but then they grow to kind of respect each other. And if that leads into people being like–they’re spending time together! Then that’s a ‘thing,’ but…We’re not trying to cater to or bait anyone into anything, we’re just trying to do what’s right for the story.”
  • Joaquim: “We also try not to be overtly affected by what popular opinion might be.”
  • Lauren: “And we’re working in animation. Our schedule is so far in advance for that–even if people shipped Keith and Lance, we couldn’t go back and just change the story–to be like and now they’re in love!
  • Joaquim: “There’s just no way. We’re already years past that storyline, you know?” (source)

So yeah. If they intended for canon allurance and sheith at the start, that’s what we’re gonna get. If that’s the case, only thing that might be up in the air is how openly romantic they’re allowed to portray sheith–because you know, they said they were fighting for it. Of course, if they can’t show it as clearly as they like, they’ll probably do what they did with korrasami, and show the two being more intimate in the comic series or some other medium. 

For context, korrasami in the show ends with the two holding hands and walking into the spirit world. Korrasami in the follow-up comics shows their romantic getaway there, complete with fond embraces, kisses, coming out to their family and friends, talking with an older LGBT family friend about another bi avatar and also historically which groups of benders have been more accepting. It’s all very sweet and interesting. So, yeah–something to look forward to if they can’t pull off exactly what they want in the show. 

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I'm really getting sick of animentality's anti ereri posts. They're the reason I'm afraid of looking up the tag for my favorite ship. Yes, eremin has undoubtedly more canon evidence than ereri, and I understand the frustration of having a ship that's obviously more meaningful than the more popular one, but to cross tag and rub it in the faces of shippers who don't outright lash at other ships involving Levi and Eren....? I honestly feel like shit rn.

I’m sorry, Anon. I know it’s hard to keep from lashing right back at them for hating on a ship that’s not particularly hurting them, but the only thing we can do is stay silent. It makes me sad and frustrated when even Ereri/Riren shippers do the same to others by saying things like, “Ereri is more canon than yours” or “The only ship that’s canon is Ereri” and I want to tell them, no I’m sorry, it’s not. Every ship in Attack on Titan has a possibility, but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be canon. Everyone has the right to ship whoever they want because they can. And as much as I hate to say it, everyone is entitled to their own opinion as well. If people could understand that you don’t have to send hate and force your opinion on someone else, maybe everyone in the snk fandom would get along, but that’s just wishful thinking. We just have to suck it up and be responsible adults. Getting angry at others would only make things worse for the Ereri and Riren fanbase.

Don’t worry, I know exactly how you feel, Anon. There were times when I just wanted to blow up and tell them that if Eren and Levi were to ever get together, that they would not be an abusive relationship, but rather a relationship dependent on constant physical contact. Contrary to popular belief, Levi and Eren would be perfectly compatible with one another. They have been through the same exact past and present. The only thing that separates them is that Eren has experienced all this at such a young age and Levi sees that. He understands. If anything, Levi is like a father/mentor of sorts to Eren. We all know it won’t be canon, but is that going to stop us from reading between the lines and wanting to warp reality into a fantasy? No.

Just stay strong, Anon. It’ll only get harder from here. Especially once the second season comes out and the Ereri/Riren haters make a comeback after being in subtle hiding for so long. I mean, we’re already witnessing it unfold. Like you said, people are sending more hate into the tags than they have been in quite a while and it’s making each and every one of us feel like shit. It’s unfair. Their ship has the same possibility of becoming a reality just like ours (except Ymir and Christa,  they’re canon) and that hurts. To know that your ship will most likely never happen, hurts, it hurts a lot. But we’re lucky enough to change that perception. We’re fortunate enough to piece and ship characters together in loving relationships, and that’s a very beautiful thing to have. And because of that, what is even remotely beautiful or innocent to one person or a group of people, is instantly ugly and disgusting to someone else. And that’s the harsh truth. The only problem is, is that no one wants to accept what has clearly been put into their hands.

There will always be people who won’t respect a person’s ship because something about it either offends or terrifies them in someway to the point that they want to tell the world about it. And I can understand that, but telling others to kill themselves and to feel like shit for shipping two characters together? That needs to fucking stop. Now, I know there are other haters who are decent enough to keep quiet about their opinion for private conversations, and that’s awesome. Keep it up. Go rant to a friend or family member about it, just don’t threaten or attack someone individually or as a whole simply because you want to rub your “canon” ship in someone else’s face because it makes your ship feel “superior” over another. What really frustrates me and gets me going is why do people keep sending so much hate to others if they, themselves, don’t particularly like getting hate either? I don’t know. It frustrates me.

Anyways, as someone who ships literally anything and everything, there are some ships that I don’t particularly like in the snk fandom, but that doesn’t mean that I like to shove my opinion down their throats. To be honest, even if I don’t like it, I still low-key ship them because I can understand why others do. I just won’t go read and write fanfictions about them. But once I see fanart or cosplay, I’m like “I don’t ship it, but that’s some awesome fanart/cosplay”.

I’m sorry for going on a rant :’) I always get carried away with this kind of stuff, but just know that I’m here if you ever wanna talk about it, okay?

I hope you have an amazing day, Anon 😊

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HC with Allura where during a meeting for a possible alliance her S/O noticed that someone was about to assassinate her, so they took the hit of a poison dart (highly lethal to Alteans) for her with no known antidote (painfully survivable for humans, but no one knows that). The pods aren't working, so how's she handling with her S/O unknowingly recovering for days thinking that they're slowly dying. Bonus points if you add the rest of the crew platonically for both her and their 'dying' friend.

I added Coran in, since I have such an aesthetic in my head for him if he was faced with this situation. Enjoy!

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Hi Miya! With the airing of Bon Voyage a lot of people have been saying that Taehyung and Yoongi have grown closer and talked out/sorted out a quite a bit of their difficulties between them. What's your opinion on it?

Hi anon! First let me remind the readers that I don’t do ships at all so I’m just talking about their real beings here and not fanservice. And it’s fine to love fanservice, of course, I’m just letting it be clear that it’s not what I’m talking about here. So don’t read it if you’d like to keep the fanservice they do define what you think of them, I honestly think it’s totally fine to choose to be that way. Just a heads up.

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Hello! Would you be willing to jot down some Dramione headcanons? They're two intelligent individuals who I really ship together.

Draco had always thought that Hermione had a special cuteness about her, even though she was far from what he’d been raised to think of as the standard. 

This mentality shifted to a full on crush after third year. He felt like a fool at the time when she hit him, but he also found it really attractive. Because no one had ever done anything like that before. 

Draco lives for competition. He gets the athletic competition from Quidditch, particularly with Harry. But it’s the mental competition with Hermione throughout their school career that he really enjoys. 

It always pisses him off when Hermione barely beats him in grades. He would so much rather have lost by a huge margin than by a point. In anything. 

It also pushes him to work harder, though. 

This follows them in their relationship throughout their lives. 

They worked together at the ministry for a few years and always tried to find subtle ways to one up each other. 

Without all the hostility that they had towards each other in school, they find that they actually really like one another’s company. 

They both appreciate having someone at the office that they can have an intellectually stimulating conversation with. Everyone else just seems to gossip or make small talk, not really saying anything of importance. 

Hermione is the first to ask if Draco would like to go out and get a drink after work one night. 

Draco agreed almost instinctively. He had been wanting to ask her the same thing, but wasn’t sure where they really stood, so he decided to wait. 

It became really common after that for them to go out, either for drinks or dinner or lunch. It didn’t matter. 

Draco kissed Hermione first. He did it at work, when Hermione was getting into one of the elevators. He had blushed a little afterward, as he’s not usually one to act without thinking. She had just beamed at him as the grate closed before the elevator took off. 

Their conversation of “what are we?” was super simple. “So, we’re dating now, yeah?” “Obviously.”

Ron was very not okay with it for a while. Harry wasn’t particularly against it, but he was mostly confused by it. Both of them did threaten Draco, saying if he ever did anything to hurt Hermione they would basically castrate him. 

He had no intentions of hurting Hermione, so he wasn’t too worried. Even so, he was still wary around the two of them for the first month or so. 

They debate ALL THE TIME! It’s actually a pretty good turn on for both of them, especially when the arguments on both sides are REALLY good. 

Hermione insists on muggle movie marathons when they don’t have to work. Draco was really unsure at first, but he loves it. 

They theorize while they watch. Hermione stays quiet and just listens to Draco when it’s a movie that she has seen. Otherwise, though, they’re the “annoying” people that just chat the whole time. (I am also one of those people…)

They like to travel and they are adventurous eaters. Hermione slightly more so than Draco. They went to China and did try scorpions, though Draco took a lot longer to work up to his. He almost screamed after trying it. It’s mostly wrapping his head around the thought of WHAT he’s eating that trips Draco up. He does not do bugs very well at all. 

They love learning languages. It’s not uncommon for them to just suddenly start speaking in a different language. It confuses company frequently, but they’re all used to it. 

Doing the whole “meet the parents” bit was interesting on both fronts. Narcissa and Lucius weren’t overly excited, but Draco did persuade them in private that she was not only a witch but the “brightest witch of her age”. He also brought up the point that maybe the “old ways” were dying out for a reason. Maybe they were wrong. With the Grangers (because they got their memories back. no one will convince me  of anything else) it went something like this: “Its nice to meet you Mr. and Mrs. Granger. My name is Draco Malfoy” *dad, shaking Draco’s hand* “Oh! So you’re the “git” we heard so much about while Hermione was at school.” *Draco simply gives a slightly awkward laugh and nods with a quiet “yup…”*

They spend Sundays quietly, staying in their pajamas. They tend to just float around their flat, reading and drinking tea. 

Both of them actually end up getting glasses. And both of them love the other in them. 

They both sort of give off the “sexy librarian” vibe when they wear them. 

Hermione always rocks the messy bun when they’re working at home. 

Draco almost always takes advantage of the fact that it exposes her neck. 

They know what the other enjoys reading and they do have quite a bit of crossover. 

Random “just because” gifts of books ALL THE TIME. 

They have bookshelves in just about every room, but there are still books stacked on counters and tables and such. 

When they lay in bed talking, Hermione will absentmindedly trace her fingers over the Dark Mark and Draco does the same with her “mudblood” scar. 

Draco kisses this scar tenderly a LOT. It’s usually followed by light kisses to her hand/fingers. 

Hermione gets frustrated when they go shopping because Draco is honestly no help. He can never help her decide between outfits she has tried on because he thinks she looks stunning in both. Hermione is just as unhelpful for basically the same reason when Draco tries things on. 

Getting him to wear jeans was one of Hermione’s proudest victories. (And the world thanks her for it. ;D )

Between the two of them, Draco is the bigger sap. 

Draco was able to convince Hermione to just try lingerie, using her go to argument of “How do you know if you like it or not if you won’t try it?”

Draco is still convinced that, on that day, his face discovered a brand new shade of red. 

Hermione only breaks it out for special occasions. Though she also gets tempted to bring it out when they debate sometimes, knowing that she’ll win the argument right then and there. 

(Again, like Drarry, I could go on for miles. So I’m going to cut it off here for now)

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Do you have any 2na headcanons?? This ship has suddenly become my otp out of Nowhere and I'm struggling to handle,,

- 2na, the cutest girlfriends to ever exist
- believe it or not, mina is the baby in this relationship
- yeah, i said it
- sana is the one pulling mina along, leading mina with their fingers interlaced
- sana is the one holding mina close to protect her in crowds
- even if sana sort of barely saves herself from tripping over an ant most of the time
- do you see how smiley they are around each other
- they’re so happy just to be with each other it’s so precious
- sana hugs mina like she’s the most precious thing in the world
- like she wants mina to feel all the love that she has and transfer it through her hug
- it’s tight and it’s firm yet gentle and it just exudes warmth
- sana wraps her arms around mina’s neck and mina’s arms would be wrapped around sana’s waist as mina buries her face into sana’s shoulder
- it’s so warm and leaves every single butterfly in the world fluttering in mina’s stomach
- kisses are not held back by sana
- not at all
- sana kisses mina whenever she can
- they also sit on each other’s laps alot
- sana voluntarily sits on mina’s lap
- and mina is often pulled onto sana’s lap even if there’s enough space for another three people to sit
- mina doesn’t complain tho
- it’s nothing to complain about anyway
- shopping dates are a common occurrence with this couple
- it could be all domestic, where they go grocery shopping and push the shopping cart along, picking out whatever they deem necessary (they have a discussion on whether twenty packs of chips is really necessary, with sana countering that momo and jeongyeon basically eat two on a daily basis)
- ((“buying them more will just encourage them to eat more!” / “it’s better than having them complain about being hungry basically every five seconds!”))
- ((they end up buying fifteen))
- or it could be clothes shopping
- they somehow have similar yet still different fashion tastes
- they share the taste of casual wear that includes sweatshirts, t-shirts and jeans
- but they’re different in the way that mina’s style seems a little more elegant and classy (a result of how she was brought up) while sana’s style leans a little more to the sweet, casual side
- that doesn’t mean they don’t have couple items though
- couple sweatshirts? couple caps? couple jeans? couple sneakers?
- they’re actually a very playful couple
- and they take loads of selfies together
- and they both frequently take beautiful pictures of the other when the other isn’t paying attention
- mina has loads of pictures of sana’s side profile
- and sana has loads of pictures of mina looking at items during their shopping dates
- they also have lots of random walks at the park
- it’s usually for mina to de-stress
- what’s another way mina de-stresses by????
- you know what i’m talking about
- they frequently have sex, considering sana’s high sex drive
- mina prefers to help sana solve her insatiable hunger for sex
- sure, sana could solve it on her own
- but where’s the fun in that
- sana likes it when mina simply watches too
- she can see the raw lust in mina’s eyes
- lots of switch
- they don’t really have a set dom/sub in one session (what do you call these things), they could switch around in a matter of seconds
- sometimes they dont have a dom/sub at all and they’re just equal
- sana is more often a power bottom
- mina domming includes a lot of hair pulling, teasing, edging and definitely overstimulation
- one time sana gets edged for a good hour and a half before she snaps and pushes mina onto the bed instead
- she tried to be an obedient little girl
- she really did
- but making sana almost cum for over seven times in an hour is a little too much for sana’s capacity
- sometimes sana’s wearing one of her tennis skirts
- and she bends over in front of mina just enough to let mina know that she’s (a) not wearing panties, or (b) not wearing panties and has her little bunny tail buttplug in
- yeah you heard me
- ((it was a gift, courteousy of nayeon))
- ((nayeon is somehow aware of sana’s petplay kink before mina is))
- ((and let’s just say mina nearly dies from choking on her water when nayeon hands her the set of tail buttplugs, collars and ear headbands))
- ((they have an extensive collection and sana loves it))
- while mina isn’t as into petplay as sana is
- she enjoys the sounds sana makes when mina calls sana her kitty
- and besides, a happy sana = a happy mina
- when sana doms, it’s a lot of teasing, kisses everywhere and her touches are always light and feathery
- except for when she’s pinning mina down, of course
- sana tends to straddle mina as a dom
- and sana loves making mina squirm in position
- being possessive is something that doesn’t happen really often
- but when either of them do
- the other is always seen littered with hickeys (and bite marks when they’re on mina)
- i love cutie sexy girlfriends

A Detailed Explanation of Why Junghope is Amazing (1/2)

So, over the last year or so I’ve become some extreme Junghope/Hopekook (2jung, whatever you wanna call it) trash. I’ve read some of my favorite BTS fics ever featuring Junghope like @umsonowwhat‘s Lost & Found and @letitneverbeforgotten‘s Direct Me Darling series as well as many more. I’ve even written my own fics for them, but the thing is…the deeper I’ve gotten into them the more I’ve realized that…a lot of people are sleeping on one of the sweetest most loving ships there is in Bangtan and this is coming from someone who ships literally every single ship. Some people don’t know their ship name, or simply didn’t even know they were a ship! So here I am to enlighten some ARMYs who perhaps have never thought of shipping Junghope. And to my fellow shippers, I’m sure you know what’s about to go down.

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anonymous asked:

So I've seen a few opinions of ppl who say that ALL Ouma ships are bad because they are "abusive" or toxic because Ouma would "bully" the other and they're unhealthy, etc. I've read so many of ur metas so Ik that's not completely true. But as a fellow Ouma and SaiOuma shipper, what do think of this?

I think it’s an unfortunate fact that many people sometimes take aspects of a ship which aren’t always the best or the healthiest out of context and associate them with words like “abusive” or “toxic” when that really isn’t the case at all.

I’m reminded of the ask I got a while back from an anon who mentioned that people had been calling Tenko a “creepy stalker” just because she was overly eager about making friends with Himiko and needed to learn to respect that Himiko is much slower about opening up to people. Again, it’s a perfect example of a ship that does have flaws getting completely misunderstood and drastically misinterpreted out of context to make it look a lot worse than it is.

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adorable-minibot  asked:

It is alright for me to request headcanons of a poly ship between MTMTE Ratchet/Drift/Rodimus please? ^^ Also it's nice to meet you Lily!

It’s wonderful to meet you as well, darling~! Thank you SO much for this, I’m madly in love with these bots. Honestly a poly relationship would be the best possible outcome (in my opinion) and I’m rooting for it to become canon. But for now, I’ll indulge in this fantasy on here. ;D I hope it makes your day~

  • This would honestly be a really fun and healthy relationship. It would take work like any relationship of course but these three are good at balancing each other out. Plus they’re all very committed to each other, there’s definitely a lot of love.


  • Rodimus brings the fun to the relationship (not that the other two can’t be fun) because of his wild personality. When the others are feeling down, he’s always there to cheer them up. He also gets the others to relax when they’re working themselves too hard, especially Ratchet.


  • Drift, he’s the peace maker. He’s a calming presence so when Rodimus is being too over the top, he’s good at bringing him back down to earth. Or when Ratchet wants some quiet time and Rodimus is off being Captain, he’ll stay by Ratchets’ side. He also helps Ratchet relax but in a different way than Rodimus, usually by convincing him to recharge.


  • Ratchet keeps the other two from being complete idiots - well most of the time. He helps keep Rodimus on track by reminding him of his duties and because it’s coming from Ratchet, Rodimus usually listens. He also reminds these two that they’re loved when they’re feeling a little bit down about themselves. Rodimus has low self esteem and Drift still struggles with his past and Ratchet’s no nonsense “I love you damnit” moments always help them feel better.


  • Their dates usually just consist of going to the bar and getting drinks while talking. It’s easy because Ratchet is usually too tired to do more but he wants to spend time with them. He likes seeing them happy and they like seeing him relaxing. He’s also helpful for when Rodimus gets in bar fights (he denies this happens but it does) and Ratchet can always be seen rolling his eyes as he patches Rodimus up. :P

  • Drift sometimes tries to get the other two to do yoga with him. Ratchet usually blows him off saying he’s not interested in that hippie shit and Rodimus is too hyperactive. So it’s a surprise and really nice when the three do manage to get together with Drift to do yoga. He knows it’s the other two making an effort to spend time with him and do what he likes. Surprisingly the longer these three are in a relationship, the more they come to enjoy yoga with Drift. They don’t know it but Drift is quite smug about this. ;P

  • For Rodimus, the other two are a constant well of support. He doesn’t feel alone anymore and he knows he always has someone to talk to; it’s a wonderful feeling. A lot of times he’ll visit Ratchet when he’s working in the medbay and though the bot pretends to be irritated at his work being interrupted, he secretly appreciates the gesture. Drift sometimes comes along too. They might have a tendency to distract Ratchet too much and have to be kicked out of the medbay on occasion.


  • Really, they all lean on each other and are there when one of them is struggling. Whatever it is, they are good about talking things out. Ratchet takes a little more time to open up than the others but he trusts them both unequivocally so eventually he does.


  • Ratchet doesn’t like PDA and if either of the bots are too flirty or give him kisses in front of others, he’ll end up blushing and yelling at them. So sometimes they do it simply because they love getting a reaction out of him. ;3

  • But when they’re all alone, it’s cuddles galore. Rodimus and Drift are both very affectionate. They help Ratchet open up and he over time he does return their affection ten-fold. When he’s particularly tired and all three want to do something together, they’ll go back to their shared habsuite and cuddle. A lot of times Ratchet falls asleep in the middle of their cuddling session, but the other two don’t mind. They’ll stay up, on either side of Ratchet, talking to each other. Mostly about how much they love each other and Ratchet.


anonymous asked:

i just realized what would eventually be a big (and oh so very human) problem in the post-war society. copyright claims. the rate of yeerk infestation among musicians, showwriters, and authors must be quite high as they're prominent and influential and their work reaches a big audience. but who do the works produced by a controller actually belong to? the yeerk? the human? how do you even prove who the idea originally belonged to? let's face it: people would sue for that.

Honestly I don’t foresee it being a problem at all, for several super-cynical reasons.

  • First of all, do we ever see any alien species put out work that any other species considers ‘art’?  Ax alludes to a bunch of different andalite jokes that mostly fly over his human friends’ heads, Dak Hamee describes some of the hork-bajir communication as ‘music’ whereas Aldrea considers it ‘noise,’ the andalites have a bunch of artistic structures on their Dome ships that to the Animorphs and Loren just look like trees near ponds, and if humans and hork-bajir ever manage to share any kind of artistic experience during those ~4 months they’re living together near the end of the war we never hear about it (#49-#54).  Similarly, most aliens don’t seem to get human culture: Ax loves “these messages” and says “[human music] is awful. All of it” (#8).  Yeerks probably have their own art forms, but Visser One describes television as “artifice and deception” and music as “screaming” (Visser).  We rarely see controllers watching or reading stories unless it’s as a cover for something else, never hear them listen to music, and the only mention of television in a yeerk-runs setting are the human voluntary hosts watching a human sitcom while their yeerks feed (#1).  Even Elfangor, who is the biggest human-culture nut in the series (and a little bit of a weirdo for it, Andalite Chronicles strongly implies) thinks cigarette ads are more beautiful than the actual content of magazines.  This motif actually makes a ton of sense when you think about it, because there’s no reason that extremely different cultures would have similar enough music for cross-pollination to occur.  As it is, there are tons of jokes and songs and shows within human cultures that get labeled as “I guess you have to be American [Japanese, Irish, etc] in order to find it funny,” and that’s just within cultures on the same planet.  Standards of taste vary by geography, and there is a LOT of geography separating the alien species in this series. Anywhoo, it would strike me as relatively unrealistic within the series as a whole and within our knowledge of sociology for a yeerk to put out something that many humans consider art.  
  • Secondly, this question raises a lot of bigger (messier) questions about the respective power dynamics of the yeerks and human hosts after the war.  We never know a single goshdarn thing about what happens to the yeerks after their surrender, so this is all speculation, but… The human hosts are the ingroup.  The yeerk invaders are the outgroup.  The humans win; the yeerks lose.  There are five billion humans on the planet at the time, and maybe 100,000 yeerks.  All of those factors suggest that the yeerks are going to be awfully low on the pecking order of human society, if they’re in communication with human society at all.  There are other possibilities, including them being moved “elsewhere” on Earth as the taxxons are, including them being culturally annihilated, including them being barred from mainstream communication.  Let’s assume for a moment, though, that they simply go to live among the humans.  (I consider that possibility wildly unrealistic, for reasons I outline here, and no I’m not discussing it anymore for reasons I outline here.) They’re still a group of outsiders who have an extremely nasty cultural history with the humans.  When these kinds of questions arise, it tends to be the individual with more cultural power that wins: we talk about “Watson and Crick’s Theory of DNA” even though they blatantly stole from Rosalind Franklin because the alternative would be respecting women in science, about “Darwinism” not “Wallaceism” because although those two genuinely discovered approximately the same concept at the same time Darwin had better social connections, and about Archimedes more than Hypatia because Hypatia was yet another woman with power violently erased from math texts for millennia.  AND THOSE ARE JUST THE ONES WE KNOW ABOUT. Historians have hypothesized that entire libraries’ worth of literature both scientific and artistic have been published by women using their husbands’ names, people of color using white fronters, and otherwise disenfranchised geniuses forced to rely on better-connected backers.  Anywhoo, I honestly don’t think there would be a fight even if a yeerk did make art, because I’m pretty sure the human would win.
  • Third: let’s talk war reparations.  Humans tend to suck at them, and tend to prefer revenge to reconstruction, but generally speaking people tend to try to help other people who have suffered as a result of war (as long as it comes at minimal inconvenience to themselves, of course) which is why we’ve got the G.I. Bill in the U.S., which is why Germany has outlawed NeoNaziism, and which is why the phrase “never again” strikes such a chord with so many groups.  Ergo, assuming that the war happened and the humans came out the other side, it’s probably safe to say that the humans are at least making a half-assed effort to acknowledge that “oh lord what the yeerks did was OBJECTIVELY TERRIBLE” and therefore would probably just err on the side of granting rights to the humans.  
  • Fourth, copyright law might not work like that.  Now, I don’t know shit about copyright law, but what I do know is that once a copyright has been filed and is on record, it’s heckin hard to get that copyright changed.  Generally it would involve a GINORMOUS civil case and some really strong evidence that someone currently uncredited with a particular output definitely inarguably beyondallreasonabledoubtedly contributed to the process of creating that output.  The few cases of Person A suing Person B for rights to a piece of art that I’ve ever read about have tended to go with the “Possession is nine-tenths of the law” principle (AKA if Person A’s name is on the piece of art then everyone defaults to assuming it belongs to Person A) with a side of “Can we all just exchange money and stop fighting?” (AKA everyone loves out-of-court settlements because generally speaking everyone benefits).  So if a yeerk was challenging a human over the rights to a piece of art that would have the human’s name on it anyway (because yeerks putting out art in their own names that would be recognized by humans enough to have legal issues would be hella suspicious), and if the human and the yeerk were both like “dude, I wrote this”…. Then I would assume that 99.99% of cases would end with the judge being like “go away and stop wasting my time, yeerk claimant,” or saying “take a little money and then go away, yeerk claimant” and at some point there would be enough precedent that the yeerks would get screwed.  
  • Fifth… Sorry to the yeerk fans of the world, but I don’t give a crap if the yeerks do get screwed.  If the host was voluntary and working with the yeerk to put out art, then there shouldn’t be an issue.  If the host was enslaved to the yeerk and being used as a puppet to make stuff the yeerk wanted to make, then the yeerk kinda deserves to get screwed out of anything they used a slave to make.  

Tl;dr: The issue of copyrighting assumes a) that yeerks put out art humans can appreciate, b) that yeerks have enough status in human society post-war to even attempt any claims, c) that any judge wouldn’t just say “the human deserves the rights” and call it a day, d) that there’s enough ambiguity left in the authorship of a piece of art with the human’s name on it to create space for conflict, and e) that there would be any “justice” in letting an involuntary host and a human-assaulting yeerk share credit for a work.  I’m not sure any of those assumptions is necessarily backed by sociology, history, jurisprudence, or the Word of Our God and Savior K.A. Applegate.

anonymous asked:

But Lunami is just like Narusaku, Ichiruki & GoBulma. Where Nami, Sakura, Rukia, Bulma are the main heroine (or appear in the manga first). Not to mention those ships are always contain violent where the women always hit the hero. While women who appear later like Hinata, Orihime and Kiki end up with heroes and they're also in love with them. While main heroine end up with their friends like Sasuke, Renji and Vegeta. Nami might be with Sanji. No matter what, Boa is just like Hinata and Orihime

You are wrong in so many places, anon, that it’s not even funny. 

1. Comparing ships is an absolutely stupid and lazy way to make an argument. Every single ship in the whole anime/manga community has to be different and stand out in some way. If every ship is easily predictable and readable, then people wouldn’t be shipping so passionately. You are not comparing Lunami to Narusaku, Ichiruki to make a valid argument. You are simply using the fact that those pairings didn’t become canon to drag Lunami through the mud.

2. One Piece, Bleach, Naruto, and Dragonball are all written by DIFFERENT people with DIFFERENT ways of writing! You can’t seriously tell me that Kubo just straight copied what Kishimoto did and made Ichihime canon because Kishi did it with NaruHina. Both pairings were planned from the beginning by two different people. Using the “everything is the same now and will be the exact same in the end” is nothing but an insult to these series and what makes them stand out from each other, period.

3. You are wrong again because the time in which someone appears doesn’t make them the main hero(ine) like Orihime. She was the first to appear before Rukia. It is up to the author to decide if a character truly is the main hero(ine), not the placement order.

4. Hancock’s love is nowhere near Orihime and Hinata’s level. It’s over-hammed love at most because at first, Hancock wanted Luffy dead, but the second Luffy does something kind for her, suddenly it’s love at first sight. LuHan is not genuine love like NaruHina and Ichihime. It’s the “from enemies to lovers” type of love which is exactly what Gruvia from Fairy Tail is. Until I see Hancock wanting to help Luffy because she wants to pay him back for his kindness instead of wanting to fuck him, she ain’t on Orihime and Hinata’s level.

5. Unlike Narusaku, Ichiruki (don’t know what you think this for this pairing), and GoBulma, Lunami sometimes has a justified reason as to why Nami gets so aggressive towards Luffy. Luffy’s headstrong and reckless mentality causes him to challenge opponents that we all know he can’t beat and there are times that Luffy thinks something can’t hurt him but will definitely hurt others. For example, at Water 7 when Luffy was carrying around Nami and jumping from building to building, he didn’t think that he would get hurt, but Nami was freaking out because she had no control of what was happening. The second they landed, Nami got angry and beat the snot out of Luffy because she could have died. Sure, the fact that Nami gets aggressive and attacks the men can get annoying, but you have to look at it from her perspective. You too would get angry if someone dragged you around jumping from building to building without any knowledge that you are scared out of your freakin mind. Now that doesn’t mean Luffy is inconsiderate, it’s just that he doesn’t understand that Nami is not him. She can’t survive the stuff that Luffy can and Luffy’s failure of not understanding that fact leads to him getting punished.

If you are getting so pissed at the fact that someone gets justifiably angry towards another person’s actions and rightfully punishes said action, then odds are that you might have lived a spoiled life.

So at the end of the day, all of your points were wrong. Most of them were just points pulled straight out of your butt just to drag Lunami through the mud and make it out as this awful toxic pair when it really isn’t. If you really want to criticize Lunami, then make factual and intelligent reasons why you hate the pairing alone instead of relying on other failed and flawed pairings to make artificially flawed arguments.

To everyone, please refrain from using other pairings from other series and comparing them to Lunami, because in this reply I replied with my original blog’s persona and I was a lot more vulgar in this post. I would rather not be vulgar on this blog, but if you push my buttons, you might see something ugly.

anonymous asked:

Parksborn prompt: Spiderman rescuing Harry from an attempted rape/assault whatever, while they're flying through New York on spideys web Peter lets it slip he's Spiderman.

{so, um. this isn’t exactly what you asked for. awk. but there is cute fluffiness and lots of love so yeah. i hope you enjoy!}

Warnings: armed robbery, and lots of miscommunication

Harry had known for a while that Peter was Spider-Man. Peter was careful about keeping his secrets, and he rarely spoke of things that weren’t lighthearted and sweet when around Harry. Harry had enough going on, with the company and his life, that it took more than a year of them being best friends for Harry to notice.

There had always been signs, of course.

{read the rest under the read more}

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fuukagishi-archive  asked:

SMACKS HAND DOWN ON TABLE. Hello hey I'm here for Killua/Gon when they're older for that ship meme.

You’ve got it Soar! Older KilluGon just for you sweetheart!


  • Who wakes up first?

Killua without a doubt when they’re older because whether this is them in college or as adults I can see him taking morning classes of his major of choice which I haven’t give much of a thought too [I was thinking of some Psychology or for his career choice to be a counselor for one of the local high schools]. However Gon’s not up much longer after him when he realizes Killua’s not in bed anymore.

  • Who is grumpiest in the morning?

Killua still! Just let him get some coffee in him and he’ll be in a much better mood. So one those rare days where Gon’s up first and he lets Killua sleep in he usually brew up a pot for when his boyfriend gets out of bed finally. He also makes sure to leave out the sugar where Killua can find it because he knows Killua likes a lot of sugar in his coffee.

  • Who cooks breakfast?

They both do! Its become like a ritual for them to make breakfast together even if that means they eat a late breakfast. It just not half as fun without the two of them in the kitchen, but they also honestly work so well together that Gon can take over what Killua was doing without having to ask what still needs to be done. Its the same the other way around and lets be honest they cook together to see who can flip the pancake the highest without hitting the ceiling, which ends up with a few of the pancakes stuck to the ceiling but the time they’re done.

  • Who serves the other breakfast in bed?

This would be something that would only be done on birthdays and on anniversaries because they prefer to cook together. However its usually Gon who does it on those rare occasions except on his birthday where Killua refuses to let him out of bed until he makes him breakfast and brings it to him.

  • Who suggests the skip work and stay home?

Killua, all the time, though he’s really joking when he says it, but there’s been a time or two where he’s been serious and they kind of just dump whatever they were going to do that day and just stay in. Whenever Killua’s serious about it there’s usually a reason besides just wanting to stay home and be lazy so of course Gon is more than happy enough to stay home on those days.

  • Who falls asleep on top of the other?

I see Gon as more of a person who tosses and turns in bed than Killua so he def would just in the middle of the night roll over and sleep on top of Killua who always complains about being suffocated but he really likes it because Gon’s really warm and it helps remind him he’s not alone in the house when he wakes up from a nightmare.

  • Who always has to be touching the other?

Killua always has to touch Gon, their touches are soothing to the each other. Killua finds comfort in his boyfriend’s skin, for reasons said before, because it reminds him he’s not alone and that there’s someone who just simply loves him with no dark ulterior motive. Its just pure and simple love from someone who knows him better than anyone else ever could.

  • Who stays up until 2 reading?

Neither of them really read much so neither of them. However if they do stay up reading, its usually the two of them together because it’d be a book they were both interested in, not just one of them.

  • Who kisses their partner while they’re sleeping?

Killua definitely, especially when they’re still pretty new to their relationship because Killua wold certainly be a little embarrassed about kissing Gon. After all he’s never had a friend much less a lover so he doesn’t really know what to do. Though as they progress through their relationship this wouldn’t change much, they would turn into little wake up kisses when the normal wake up routine isn’t working or Killua’s looking to start something first thing in the morning.

  • Who is most adventurous?

Gon, he’s a real wild child okay, Killua’s all fine to go along with Gon on his adventures, but he’s not the person to plan them or to even think about them. Well he does later on, but its more of a trait that Gon brings out in him when they’re already doing something.

  • Who is most protective?

Killua’s much more protective, while Gon gets his own protective streak especially when it comes to Illumi and Killua, but for Killua its other people in general, because of how he grew up he doesn’t trust others very easy because he learned not to do so or he could end up with a knife in his back. That’s more than enough reason for him to be protective of Gon and be wary of other people around them until he believes he can trust them.

  • Who cares too much?

They both care too much, Gon is an overwhelming bright presence in his life who’s saved him from what he used to be, and a lot of who he’s become may very well be on his shoulders so of course he cares very deeply about Gon, but sometimes its way too much and it often appears to be a relationship that borders on co-dependency. For Gon he cares a lot about his friends and the other people around him a bit too much and sometimes that causes problems for Gon and Killua.

  • Who is most competitive?

They’re both competitive especially with each other, they’re rivals before they’re lovers and the never stop having playful little competitions with each other even after they move in together and have been dating for years.

  • Who sings in the shower?

Probably Gon, lets be honest Killua probably does it sometimes too if a song is stuck in his head, but Gon does it just about every night. The only time this would be different was if Killua was showering with him, but even then sometimes they just get into duets together like the dorks they are.

  • Who is more likely to get naughty in inappropriate places?

Killua for sure, I mean just look at Killua from the 1999 anime and that would tell you everything you’d need to know, he’s certainly someone who’d seem to be pretty adventurous in that aspect and it does seem like something he’d be pretty into.

  • Rate this ship:

I’m giving it a 10/10 because honestly I’ve never shipped something where I refuse to ship either of them with anyone else. This is the only ship where I’m like ‘Nah just Gon and Killua no one else pls’ cause I’m usually shipping trash so that’s a big thing for me.

StarkStrange Headcannon - Part 2
  • Zhou: I'm so in love with this pairing. Just, holy shit. I can't stop thinking of ways for them to get together and all the little ways they make each other happy. Also really want a scene where for what ever reason Rogers n his team are in the other room n they hear Tony n Stephen kinda muttering to each other then they just hear Tony gasp/moan "Stephen!" They aren't even having sex, maybe Tony just got pinned to the wall n kissed senseless. I just want the horrible discomfort the team feels while Rogers now knows what it's like to hear Tony call his name but knows that he'll never be calling foe him. (Am I petty for this? )
  • Me: Of course not!
  • Let's add to it, the team is all gathered around and Tony walks in and calls for Stephen and both Stephen and Steve turn to look at him but Tony only gives his attention to the sorcerer.
  • Or when the team is giving Tony a hard time, making request for stuff and not being very grateful (even though Tony has a full plate righty now) So Stephen joins Tony where ever he is (living room, lap) but puts up a barrier with out Tony knowing so Tony can't see people approaching (basically puts up a mirror image of the rest of the room)
  • Anyway so say Clint's being a dick and the second he comes off the elevator he's ranting at Tony "What the hell man ! You said you'd finish my new arrows yesterday and-" that's when Clint walks into the force field.
  • "What the fuck!?" And then he starts kicking and yelling at Tony who has no idea he's there and Strange is standing there staring at Tony who's looking at his holo screens. Strange never looks at Clint or the others that show up but his smile does turn a little smug every time someone does show up.
  • Zhou: Stephen is hella causal with affection. Always kissing Tony, hugging him, pulling him down to sit on his lap.Tony never accepts any invitations from the others to "reconnect." He's always got plans with Stephen.
  • Tony starts to notice that the others are leaving him alone more n more n happens to see Steve walking face first into the barrier in the Windows reflection. It's so hard for him not to laugh.
  • Me: Ugh yes ! I am a firm believer of second chances but I'm also very committed to keeping "bad" people out of your life.
  • Like for intense Natasha could be given a second chance. She supported him and believed in the accords but she also played neutral when she realized something more was going on and let Steve and Bucky go.
  • Where Steve and Clint or even Sam and Wanda never gave Tony a chance. Although they did take his money, gadgets and such yet when he asked you to compromise or listen you turned your cheek. Those kind of people don't deserve second chances.
  • Bucky could, he was innocent and just try to get better. I believe that Tony (after some good time adjusting and just getting a chance to grieve) would be a bigger person and extend a hand to help Barnes, seeing him as the victim that he is.
  • Scott is just a person that jumped on the band wagon cause everyone else was so he don't really matter. But really Tony is done with letting these "toxic" people leech off him.
  • I just need more Tony moving on, a lot of people write him as someone who would crave that connection with those people or he would forgive them and let them back into his life.
  • Where's the Tony that sees these people as ungrateful and no longer wants to be used while they call it Friendship and Team Dynamics
  • Give me Tony who is fed up with people who use him so he cuts them from his life. And when they need to be around each other he is simple Civil. You don't have to be friends to work together.
  • So while Team Cap is trying to be "the team" again or having "team bonding" or just do friend stuff Tony just looks at them like "I'm not your friend and I am no longer an active Avenger, simply a consultant to SHIELD. If you need anything SHIELD related you may send me an email but please do not try to things when we are just coworkers."
  • And then leaves a surprised Steve, Clint and Sam behind.
  • Zhou: Second chances are great, but you have to be careful with them. Natasha is going to have to work for her second chance, and that will be shot when Tony learns that she also knew about his parents and didn't tell him.
  • Sam Steve Clint n Wanda have been nixed. They're toxic and l think he's ready to move on. He deserves more than they gave him.
  • While I can sew Tony being the bigger person n offering help for Bucky, I think it'd be more of a "here is this person, they're the most qualified to help you." But I can't rally see them being friends. Because no matter what he saw Barns physically kill his parents. Do want matter that he was controlled, Tony saw him do it.
  • Yes! It's time for Tony to move on. Surround himself with new friends (or old ones. I'm a sucker for Strange n Tony having known each other for years and have a deeper friendship before they hook up) and Tony is done with trying with the old team. He doesn't want to be a part of it and he's happy where he is.
  • Me: yeah I like that Natasha has to work for it and then it be shot to hell. And I only like the idea of Bucky and Tony having a small friendship because it makes Steve SUPER jealous . Also I see Tony reconnecting with "old friends" like T'Challa, Hope Van Dyne and Bruce Wayne since their all in the superhero community.
  • Or all the new (teen) Avengers Peter, Kamala, and Donnie being little ducklings around Tony and he's a great mentor for them.
  • Sharon Carter is pissed that Steve hurt her favorite older cousin and refuses to talk to him.
  • Zhou: All of that. And he has biweekly chess games with reed Richards. Reed is determined to win at least once. And Doom comes by once every week or so to talk science and/or magic with Tony n Stephen.
  • Last thing she says to him "I need to gargle a gallon of bleach..." ((Sharon))
  • Me: Tony and Logan go to get beers together.
  • Zhou: Yes. I can see them being friends n playing pool while having a few drinks.
  • Me: Like they don't have deep meaningful conversations but they both know that the other would do anything if the other asked.
  • Like they have that relationship where Tony just looks at Logan , "I need a favor and you can't ask any questions."
  • Logan calmly says "I'll meet you in 10."
  • Also thinking about friendships Tony is friends with the Fantastic Four, him and Reed love to challenge each other and then often Sue will join him and Pepper for lunch. Johnny completely fanboys over Tony and is constantly taking selfies and posting them online, it irritates the hell out of Steve. And with Ben he just lends an ear to the man when he needs to vent his frustrations.
  • Zhou: Tony now has this huge support network. He regularly hires Gambit to break into various stark industries buildings to test the security. He talks science with beast and business with Angel
  • Me: Social Butterfly Tony that actually has a lot of friends that he keeps contact with and is well loved among a wide variety of people.
  • He even gets along with Loki so when they fight each other they keep a playful banter going and Loki doesn't kill people just fucks with the Avengers. (Aside from Tony)
  • Him and Xavier have a telepathic game of Chess going all the time. ((I always think about RDJ playing Sherlock Holmes and he plays chess with the bad guy and they don't use an actual board or anything))
  • Zhou: I love it!
  • He's one of the only outsiders that's welcome in the thieves guild. Mostly because of his friendship with Gambit.
  • He also has Matt Murdoch on speed dial. Never calls him for legal help. Just with random ass questions.

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1) I love your metas. Even when I don't agree with everything you say, I can still appreciate them, because they're well thought out. I also think that's why you get more hate from other fandoms, because they'd like you to write for their own fandom, lol. Would you mind explaining what makes Bonkai work for you in terms of Bonnie's characterization compared to other ships, like her with Enzo, Damon or Jeremy? There are a lot of people who criticize those of us who aren't settling for Enzo and

“ I love your metas. Even when I don’t agree with everything you say, I can still appreciate them, because they’re well thought out. I also think that’s why you get more hate from other fandoms, because they’d like you to write for their own fandom, lol. Would you mind explaining what makes Bonkai work for you in terms of Bonnie’s characterization compared to other ships, like her with Enzo, Damon or Jeremy? There are a lot of people who criticize those of us who aren’t settling for Enzo and there’s this attitude that “real” Bonnie fans have to accept and like her with Enzo (or anyone the writers throw at us) bc they have her saying that she loves him and I find it hard to verbalize/explain why that’s not something I agree with. Shipping a character “with happiness” has just never worked for me. To me a pro-Bonnie ship isn’t even necessarily a ship that makes her happy in that traditional sense. But saying that leads to accusations that you’re not a “real” fan because you don’t want her with the guy who the writers say makes her happy. I just felt like Bonkai had something that I didn’t see in other Bonnie-ships, that there was a certain kind of chemistry there that was different and that, while definitely problematic, their dynamic felt more equal because they were not supposed to be friends and every time either of them hurt the other, it was not within the disturbing context of them being best friends or something that was swept under the rug. final part (I hope you got the other three parts): in short, could you write something about that (bonkai vs. BD, BE and BJ in terms of being pro-Bonnie) with gifs? I like it when you do that with your Stelena metas. :D”

Hi, anon, thank you for your ask! I completely understand what you mean about not shipping a character with happiness and accepting what the show presents simply because the writers say that that makes the character happy. I think you and I have the same idea of what a pro-character ship means, which isn’t necessarily a half-assed ship meant to make Bonnie happy but a ship that brings out complexity and growth and development in Bonnie, which in my opinion isn’t something that Bonenzo, Bamon or Beremy really does or did. 

OK so we can start with the issues with Bonenzo. And I’ve said all of this before in various posts so this will be repetitive for some but anyway. The major issue is the context of their relationship. Enzo is completely in love with Lily:


And Bonnie is there helping him through all of it for absolutely no provided reason considering that she and Enzo never spent any time together before season 7, but she’s there either berating Enzo or helping him with his cause:

And Enzo spends this time mocking Bonnie’s mocking by telling her she doesn’t know what it feels like to be fought over. And Enzo is just so far gone with Lily that the only way there could ever be an opportunity for him to even view Bonnie as something more than a pesky sidekick is that she has to die:

And just in case we don’t get it, it has to be reiterated that Enzo’s love for her was unrequited:

So Enzo has to be absolutely alone in the world, they have to be in a cabin for three years, secluded from society, for any type of romantic relationship to form. 

And in relationship, Enzo may say the words, like “The only thing I can’t do is leave you” but he’s very muted and doesn’t really do much whereas Bonnie is doing the most, like the onus is on her to show how happy she is with him instead of on him to show how he makes her happy:

But with Bonkai, the relationship is inherently about Bonnie and not in a way that seems like the writers are trying to placate fans, not in a way that makes Bonnie “earn” the right for a few monosyllabic declarations of loyalty, Kai’s storyline actually leads him there, he wasn’t preoccupied with anyone else [on the show] before her and he has conviction i

Obviously, Bonkai’s dynamic is problematic but the reason why that’s OK is because they’re antagonists, Bonnie put herself in Kai’s way and Kai retaliated in return and what was really interesting about that dynamic too is because even this was inherently about Bonnie, Bonnie was fighting Kai for herself not so she can sacrifice herself for her friends.

With Bamon, as I said earlier, it’s terribly interesting to me that the moment Bonnie doesn’t do something his way, he treats her like a villain and gets physically violent:

The moment she doesn’t do something that he wants, he manipulates her because his needs are greater:

People love to bring up how Kai gave Bonnie PTSD but Damon is the one who triggered it by knowingly bringing the person she hates to her so he can get his way.

Damon also constantly uses Bonnie as his emotional punching bag when he’s angry and she’s visibly upset by what he says and just takes it:

[While Kai is actually encouraging]:

It’s true that Damon comes through for Bonnie when she’s literally on her deathbed and it’s also true that Damon wants to protect Bonnie from physical harm but it seems that that’s only true when it’s other people and when it doesn’t hinder his own plans.

Furthermore, no one has yet been able to tell me what it is that Damon does for Bonnie on a day-to-day basis when her life isn’t on the verge of ending; what about this friendship is reciprocal, how is her constantly making allowances for Damon’s bad behaviour any better than Elena, how does that help her grow, what does Damon actually know about Bonnie besides the fact that she’s strong and loyal?

It can be countered that Kai doesn’t really do anything for Bonnie either but a) we didn’t have many Bonkai scenes to begin with whereas Bamon had entire seasons b) there was potential for character development in Bonkai. That dynamic could’ve been an access point to Bonnie’s darker urges, which is what I explore in my fanfictions. For instance, no one talks about the fact that Bonnie has never killed before but she was somehow capable of killing Kai.

Bonnie actually took vengeance upon Kai for herself not on the behalf of other people while Kai was completely torn apart by the feelings he had toward Bonnie. Basically, they both became different people because of each other:

and putting those two transitions in play with one another — Kai becoming obsessed with Bonnie because his emotions are overpowering his killer instinct and Bonnie coming into contact with that through the lens of becoming a colder, darker person who’s moral centre has now kind of been skewed would’ve been very interesting. And I think this is what you mean by a pro-ship not necessarily meaning happiness but meaning adding layers to a character, making them more dimensional because Bonkai had that potential since Bonnie is an individual in that relationship and not a sidekick.

As for Beremy. I think season 2 Beremy was good because Jeremy was the one person looking out for Bonnie, going “what about Bonnie?”, he risked his life for Bonnie, those two fought over her martyr tendencies and he was selfish for her on behalf of her and I think it worked at the time because it was the second season and the characters were still growing, still new and Bonnie hadn’t quite become the sacrificial lamb yet it was more like “I have all this power and I can take on all these people” and Jeremy being there like, you’re human, relax and I also thought we were going to go somewhere with the fact that the witches said she was abusing her power. However, season 3 rolled around and it’s made clear in no uncertain terms that it was always Anna for Jeremy and he cheats on her and he only cares about her when it’s too late much like Damon. Obviously Bamon chemistry allows for moments that I find well-done and Beremy has moments I actually find really intense and Bonenzo’s near-death scene in 7x22 was probably my favourite scene of the episode but I think all of those ships do a great disservice to Bonnie whereas the potential of Bonkai would’ve provided her with so much development.

Hope this is what you were asking for ;)

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What do you think is an important aspect of Ritsu and/or Shou many seem to skip over? And what's your headcanons for them? (In my opinion Ritsu is actually pretty shy haha, he's a sweet boy... Shou is a sweet boy too... They're precious children)

AH thank you for this ask, formulating an answer for this really took a long time, aha. head canons are so important, and ONE has created characters that are multifaceted, dynamic. we can all feel this complexity, but sometimes its hard to pinpoint why, simply because its not narrated for us in big easy to read letters. it takes a lot of attention to understand who these characters are, and even then it can be contradicting, and once we think we have a grasp on them, we’re show another side. imo they’re so alive in that respect. that also causes some to force certain characters into archetypes, or ignore parts of their characterization. There is nothing wrong with that either, but personally i love the flaws associated with each individual character, i love that depth.  

i feel ritsu is loved very much by the fandom and is characterized well, with the exceptions that he tends to be demonized a bit? thats not my problem tho. what i try to keep in mind when i characterize/write ritsu is that he’s selfish and anxious under a hundred defense mechanisms, but at his center, is a kid who loves his brother, and is learning how to love himself. i think he’s opening up a lot in recent chapters. ;;;

shou shou shou shou. A Tough Guy. we don’t get to see a lot of shou, but he’s just as dynamic and round as the rest. i’m kinda particular about shou, mostly because he’s not done proper justice. 
shou is outspoken and crass at times, and i agree, shou is sweet, amazingly sweet despite his surroundings, but he’s his father’s son. what is obvious is how naive he is, and his perception of reality is warped a bit (no, shou, you really cannot impose yourself on people like that.) manipulating people/his environment to suit his goals, no matter how noble the cause is just??? the opposite of who shou wants to be, but he is honest and can recognize his own mistakes, rather than playing the victim.

i could really drone on about shou all day, and not make a lick of sense, but i think one important aspect of ritsu and shou, is that, regardless if they’re shipped or not, that is ritsu has little ambivalence towards shou. they are friends and peers and foils.
(do these count as headcanons)