i just ship it really really hard okay

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I follow you on twitter and sometimes you retweet 2 dudes that kinda remind me of Dazai and Chuuya. The small dude is blond and the tall one has red hair I think. Where are they from?

They’re actually…also Dazai and Chuuya! Tho in name only and they’re from a web browser game called Bungou to Alchemist. It’s pretty similar to Touken Ranbu if you’ve played it before.

This one is Nakahara Chuuya, Booze Fucker Extraordinaire, is very persistent on dragging Dazai out to drink with him, generally he bullies Dazai likes no tomorrow (the irony).

This one is Dazai Osamu, No 1 Akutagawa Fanboy, is bullied by Chuuya on a daily basis but oddly enough writes love letters to Chuuya and Chuuya only in the game.

My Top 10 Recommended Shoujo Anime to Watch (◕ᴥ◕)
  1. Kaichou wa Maid-sama! - who wouldn’t be attracted to that perverted alien?
  2. Ao Haru Ride - hmmm meeting your first love again huh?
  3. Kimi ni Todoke - like, kazehaya is a perfect example for the man of your dreams
  4. Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji - wondering how would it feel being a real life doggy
  5. Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun - the monster seated next to me. Ohhh wait, is that adorable war freak boy a monster?
  6. Say I Love You - yamato so hot (≧∀≦●)/
  7. Kamisama Hajimemashita - suddenly positioned as a goddess? okay. but not just that, what if, you’ll have a servant who is a hot fox as fk?
  8. Vampire Knight - i swear if you’ll watch this, Kiryuu Zero plus all those hot vampires will surely steal your heart and everything
  9. Yamato Nadeshiko - a shoujo with a dark side bwahahaha *insert nosebleeds everywhere*
  10. Diabolik Lovers - hmmm, i dont really know if i’m going to recommend this but i’m really amazed with their biting scenes with all of that ohhh-so-hot vampires hehehe, i ship ayato and yui really really hard bwahahaha
  11. Akagami no Shirayukihime - did i just say that i’ll recommend you 10? ʕ⊙ᴥ⊙ʔ Here’s an extra recommendation then, akagami no shirayukihime or snow white with red hair, oops it’s not the literal snow white that you’re thinking off. just watch it and see how pretty this anime is (〃ノωノ)

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I love your Voltron Family AU! I was wondering, when did Kuro's feelings become something more?

I wouldn’t have Kuro fall in love with Keith. Nah, Keith is Shiro’s husband so he’s not touching that because he respects that. Kuro, however, does love Keith platonically like a brother. He’s very fond of him and Keith is his favourite person. If you’re asking when Kuro started crushing on Keith? Well then… B)

[The Voltron Family] It was during Keith’s stay with the Shirogane’s for the first time. Kuro was stretching so early in the morning and then he decided to have morning tea as he sat down on the tatami floors overlooking the garden. He was enjoying the view at 6am when he felt someone sat beside him and rest their head on his shoulder.

It was Keith. He was wearing matching pyjamas and he had his eyes closed. Kuro took the time to look at his twin brother’s boyfriend. Damn. He was really such a pretty boy and his pale skin looked so soft. He couldn’t believe Shiro got this boy all to his own.

Kuro smiled. He’d love to wake up the younger man and tell him he wasn’t Takashi but Keith was sleeping peacefully, he’d rather not disturb him. So Kuro just turned back towards the garden as he drank his morning tea. After a few minutes, Keith began to move his head, looking so uncomfortable so Kuro decided to move him to his lap so his head wouldn’t hurt that much. He did this and Keith didn’t even wake up. Keith just went on sleeping and Kuro noticed that Keith’s first button on his pyjama tops was undone during the move. So he sighed and buttoned it. He turned back looking at the garden again after he brushed some strands away from Keith’s face. 

After what felt like 30 minutes, Keith opened his eyes. He stared at Kuro who stared back at him. He quickly sat up and looked around him, then went back to staring at Kuro.

“Good Morning,” Keith said, looking so confused.

“Morning, Keith,” Kuro smiled kindly as he drank his newly refilled cup of tea.

Keith looked around once again and his eyes landed on Kuro’s cup. He tilted his head as if trying to figure out something he couldn’t comprehend.

“Tea?” Kuro offered.

Keith shook his head as he quickly stood up. He gripped the end of his pyjama tops and slowly said. “Pee. I need to pee.”

Kuro chuckled. “Okay, go and pee then. Two doors on your right.”

“Right,” Keith nodded as he blinked repeatedly. “I knew that.”

Kuro shrugged. “No harm reminding you.”

Keith turned to leave but stopped as he looked back to his boyfriend’s twin brother. “Oh, and Kuro?”


“Thank you,” Keith smiled. 

And with that he went off to go to the bathroom leaving Kuro blinking to himself, looking so flushed, heart racing for some apparent reason.

“Oh shit,” Kuro whispered to himself. He looked up and he saw Shiro emerging out of his room to see Keith walk past him, only to pull him back to hug him tight. Kuro smiled. They were so adorable.

A few hours later after breakfast, Kuro decided to sit beside Keith. “I have a confession. I think I have a crush on you.”

Keith’s eyes widened in surprise. “Y-you what? But I’m—”

Kuro chuckled, clearly amused at Keith’s reaction. “Don’t worry. I’m not going to steal you away from my brother and marry you.”

“Gee, thanks for telling me how desirable I am,” Keith grumbled sarcastically.

“No, that’s Takashi’s job to ask your hand in marriage.”

“What?” Keith gasped.

“I’m telling you, he’s too in love with you. I’m betting my $500 for this. He’s going to ask you to marry him.” Kuro nudged Keith by the shoulder.

“Y-you can’t be that confident. We just started dating, it’s way too early to be thinking about marriage!” Keith whispered back. “Plus, I don’t think he’d even want to be with me for more than 6 months. I literally cannot offer him anything.”

“Yeah? Well I don’t think he even needs anything else if I’m just being honest, Keith,” Kuro smiled. “Act natural. Your crush is coming!”

“Wh—” Keith furrowed his eyebrows and then suddenly Shiro joined them. “Oh, h-hi.”

Kuro just started laughing and that didn’t go unnoticed by Shiro. “Kuro, are you okay? You’re like dying or something.”

“Ignore him,” Keith rolled his eyes. “Did you want something?”

Shiro leaned in to give Keith a peck on the lips. “Just a morning kiss, really.”

“Sap,” Kuro coughed and Keith rolled his eyes fondly as he playfully punched Kuro on the stomach. “Takashi! Control your boyfriend! He’s too violent.”

“Keith was part of the yakuza, Kuro,” Shiro laughed. “Old habits die hard.”


English subs, hurray! Omg, stop this boy. I try so hard not to ship real people okay, but a fujoshi is a fujoshi. So Yuzu pls, can you effing not and just leave me to my principles. *crying*

But lol at Japanese TV shows! Honestly, the things they feature. Team Japan is too cute, though. What can I call this anyway - bromance? Nope. Sempai/kohai-mance? (Lol, if I see another “notice me, sempai” joke, I’ll just flip.) Really though, they are all such sweethearts and they are too pure for my poor heart. Keep working hard, guys! I want Shoma at Yuzu’s right-hand side next time! ♡

Also, English subs! We really don’t get them enough. Thank you to whoever translated this!

Kado Episode 10

Saraka [spoiler]ed Shindo.
My throat hurts from screaming.
And my arms hurt from beating up my pillow.
I cried.

I’m so upset.

The only thing that can console me is at least zaShunina staying true to his love for Shindo. At the least, creators, give me that.

Before you hate me and call me a delusional fujoshi:
- It’s not just about ships. zaShunina was my favourite character. I was aware his morals and goals were questionable from the human point of view. But he was kind of precious. At least they showed him really shocked by Shindo’s blood, so he’s not 100% villainized.
- I really enjoyed watching zaShunina and Shindo interact. I tried really hard not to ship them, but the creators just slipped in more and more moments that could easily be interpreted as special. And episode 9 took the cake and I let the ship go full sail.
- Saraka annoyed me by blushing and turning tsundere at every little thing. Grown women who blush=okay. Grown women who blush and get super flustered and loudly deny obvious things=annoying and not cute. My dislike for her started before I ever started shipping. Her point of view and emotions when it comes to humanity is totally valid and reasonable. But she’s still annoying af.
- I don’t need zaShunina’s love to be reciprocated. I just need it to be blatantly canon so that no one can deny it.
- I never specified what type of love zaShunina feels.

At least Hanamori’s romantic feelings are confirmed. Not that he has a chance. :/


If there’s one thing I want,it’s the bsd fandom not breaking apart.I apologize for my bad english but I just had to get this off my chest.I’ve been caught on an artblock recently and just browsing ig.
And so I noticed just how much skk antis are there.They bash about how much the ship is overrated,some of the shippers are annoying,or that the existence of the ship itself has made the other main characters go unnoticed.
I won’t lie,I myself am also a skk shipper,but I also really love all the other characters (even though I don’t draw them much) and also a bit sad that they don’t get appreciated as much as they deserve to be (for example: kunikida).
It’s like there’s a war going on within the fandom,between the antis and the shippers (or maybe I’m just paranoid or it’s just lowkey whatever).And I’m so sick,and also so scared because I’ve been in a fandom like that once.I just don’t want people to leave the fandom because they feel sick about it.
So please,please please let’s just respect each other okay?let’s just respect each ships,let’s just respect every people.Heck,do it for the fandom.
I remember when bsd used to be a small peaceful fandom,please,don’t let your immaturity ruin the peace,know the boundaries.
I doubt that anyone would bother to read this from a small blog (lol) and I really appreciate for every one of you that took the time to read this,thank you,really.

(Also I don’t know where I’m going with this because I have a hard time saying my thoughts out loud so yeah ^^“)

List Of All CP Ask Blogs I Know Of And That You Need To Follow

@justawittlepookie I used to not be a fan of pookies but after I found this blog I completely fell in love with it, it’s adorable.

@ask-jetpackguy Stays very in-character and it has a terrific sense of humor. (It looks like it implies the JPGxRookie ship a bit too so if you’re into that then go for it)

@official-herbert-p-bear So funny. The reactions it gives to the asks are just hilarious.

@thedisguisegal It’s really charming! I’ve always really loved Dot (because she used to remind me a little of my older sister) and this blog has such a friendly feeling.

@askgreena I don’t ship this but it’s a cute blog and I can see why people would see it as a good ship. But if you do ship this then it’s PERFECT.

@askingblog3000 Really nice blog! I felt that they got down Gary’s personality and world down well.

@ask-the-penguins VERY nolstalgic blog. Nolstalgic is all I can think of to describe it but seriously check it out.

@skipthebellhop So far all it’s focused on so far is his good bellhop side. It makes it really cute though and hard for you to remember he tried to kill you, dangit.


@penguin-agent-wertercatt Haven’t seen much of this blog yet but it has so much potential. Looks like it’s going to be really good! 

 Hey why are you still reading this and not following any of these blogs yet? Go! If you think I missed some good ones then feel free to list them in the comments/reblogs.

  • *Hobi just send you a message*
  • Hobi: Hyung... Where are you?
  • You: I'm in the practice room
  • Hobi: oh... And what are you practicing?
  • You: the new dance, is really difficult
  • Hobi: oh...
  • Hobi: and, what part is most difficult
  • You: idk, i think that all the dance is really hard
  • Hobi: I see...
  • Hobi: Wanna some help?
  • You: no, no, it's fine, I can do it by myself
  • Hobi: Sure?
  • You: yeah.
  • Hobi: okay
  • You:
  • Hobi: okay, send me a video, and maybe i can help you
  • You: I'm fine baby
  • Hobi: yeah, I know that you are fine honey🌻
  • Hobi: now
  • Hobi: go out of the bed and come to the practice room
  • Hobo: we've been like 3 hours waiting for you
  • You: What?!
  • Hobi: Suga. Here. Now.
  • *Suga in the room*
  • Suga: OH DAMMIT

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What ships in SU do you like and dislike ?

ahhh okay so the ones I love are definitely 

- Ruby and Sapphire. cause come on how can you not adore them, they are the epitome of a healthy and understanding relationship , and being tiny and absolutely adorable doesn’t hurt 

- Lapis and Peridot. honestly they are just super cute to me and i think they work really well together and have shown to be comfortable around each other, which is something both characters have struggled with when it comes to others. Aside from in a romantic stand point I think they just work really well 

The ones i like are probably

Mystery Girl and Pearl. I think they can grow into something special , their first interaction was sweet and I would like to see more of it. I also think it’s really important to see pearl taking the steps to move on , even if it doesn’t work out

Amethyst and Peridot . I really love their interactions, and the few episodes that showed their dynamics proved they would probably be pretty good for each other, I love the little teasing from amethyst and how they find each other hilarious, overall a pretty sweet ship 

Steven and Connie. I don’t necessarily ship these two in the way i ship the other characters, they are kids, and they are good friends. I could see steven’s little crush on connie growing though , and if they become a couple i would have no complaints, it’s always cute being with your best friend  . 

Lars and Sadie. Now I wouldn’t have a problem if these two stayed friends. There is just obvious love between both of them that i could see actually turning into something real. Honestly these two just need to get their shit together lmao  .

I’m indifferent to:

Rose and Pearl . Okay , out of all of these (besides ruby and sapphire ) , this is the most canon pairing, at least when it comes to feelings. We know how much pearl loved and adored rose, almost to a fault really , which is part of the reason she had such a hard time with greg and Steven and still has yet to completely move on . I don’t dislike the ship , but seeing how we don’t necessarily know how Rose felt about Pearl , (I’m sure it’s a lot more complicated then just her loving or not loving her back ) I don’t really know what to make of them together as a dynamic or a couple, or how healthy and stable their relationship would be, especially with rose being pearls whole world, and possibly rose thinking of pearl as just part of it. That’s something that pearl took like a dagger and kept with her until she finally realized she needs to let that out , and not blame greg or Steven for rose not being her’s anymore.  

Rose and Greg . sooo..these two. They very well could go under a couple I like or even love , they seemed to work great together, all those videos of them just on vacations or going on adventures were all so sweet . It’s obvious there was love there . The only thing that rubbed me the wrong way is rose’s feelings for greg. They came off as more of an interest, a fascination with an overall species and one member of that species that seemed particularly fun . I don’t want to demonize rose, I don’t want to imply that she didn’t actually fall in love with greg for who he is and not just what he is . I know rose , and all the gems really , were ignorant at first to what humans actually are, and how they actually think and feel . It’s not to say that They didn’t fall in love. The way Rose thought about greg , (maybe just at first and her views changed, idk ), just rubbed me the wrong way . 

Pearl and Amethyst. Im ultimately indifferent on these two because I like their dynamic , i just don’t really see anything happening . Not to say it wont. I just have yet to see many hints of it? aside from the beginning of the show with the slight blushes and teasing, I think I shipped it more back then . I still have really no problem with the ship, and it would be pretty cute to see them develop into a couple, I just don’t see it really happening that way . I don’t wanna stomp a foot on ppl who ship this lol , i genuinely would be happy to see it develop . 

Garnet and..(insert all the crystal gems here ). So . Garnet. ..Honestly , i love garnets dynamics with the pearl and amethyst, and i get why people would take a liking to them , especially after seeing that both pearl and amethyst are probs a kinda gay for her ( i mean yea who wouldn’t be ) or at least admire the shit out of her . And i guess I’m pretty indifferent, but im leaning towards not liking it . not because i think the dynamics don’t work or they would be unhealthy or any of that , but because of garnet herself being a fusion . Now I am all here for consensual polyamory ( i mean in the way that all parties agree and know about the everyone involved ) . But , I’m not sure if garnet is ? And my reasons for saying this are her talk with Jamie , her main reason given is that she is a relationship , she is made out of the love of two gems , she is already taken . Her turning down Jamie with that explanation pretty much tells me she believes herself to be a single monogamous relationship , and she does not want to be with anyone else . 

ships I dislike :

okkkaaayy here we go

Jasper and Lapis : Okay , before I actually analyze why I dislike this ship , I don’t hate Jasper, I don’t hate Lapis . But , It is obvious to me why I shouldn’t ship them together, as a couple . One of the main reasons is what their relationship was telling the audience, juxtaposed  to Stevonnie or Garnet, other fusions , fusions that are about trust and comfort and safety , and utmost compatibility with one another . Lapis and Jasper , were completely and undeniably a metaphor for an abusive relationship . Their forceful fusion dances, their monstrous and unstable form , their constant battling of one another to be the one in power . Not to mention the language used in the episodes that discuss their relationship .  Garnet outright saying “ they are really bad for each other” . Not to mention the entirety of alone at sea, Lapis admitting she misses the jasper , and the control , Jasper begging for lapis to fuse with her again , saying that she never felt that way before about fusion , that she needed the power, that they have both changed , using the excuse that it would be “better this time” Lapis shocked to find Jasper would want to be something so unhealthy again and saying “ I never wanna feel like I felt with you , never again “ Everything about their relationship is the epitome of an emotionally abusive and manipulative relationship , resulting from attachment that came from enjoyment of control and power on both sides, something neither of them have had. 

Aside from the fact that everything about their relationship was unhealthy and not anything anyone should strive for, it hit too close to home for me to see any potential of them working it out. Being in an abusive relationship in the past, I recognized everything right away, not just the obvious tactics, but the begging , the missing of the abuse, the confusion on whether or not it’s actually something bad. Alone at Sea literally triggered my anxieties from what happened because they hit the nail in the head so hard of how it’s really like, at least how it was really like for me. I thought i deserved my abuse , and i thought I loved the person who was doing it , and i believed them when they said it would change , or nothing bad was really happening. I was relieved when lapis said no , and acknowledged how unhealthy they were together. 

The show would have to do a hell of a lot to convince me they both grew and could actually work out something that’s not dependent, not emotionally damaging, something healthy and understanding and supportive. If they don’t convince me , I don’t have it in me to look at the two of them and see a dynamic that deserves support . For me I see a warning, this is what not to strive for ,these are some of the signs you need to look for if you think you’re in a bad situation , and get out of it in anyway you can . 

I don’t want to demonize those who ship them , I know a lot of people ship them in a scenario where they actually talk , they actually work it out, they actually help each other with their insecurities and fears and become something okay .  But that’s not what their relationship is like at all right now, it’s the opposite, and I personally can’t support it . 

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Peter Quill + Gamora

Oooh good one. Okay so, in the first movie I would have said mostly just platonic/unrequited because, imo, the romance was really forced and a little creepy on Peter’s part but I was a little more convinced in the second movie, so I’m going to officially say that I definitely ship them as platonic, because I really enjoy their rapport, and as familial in the “found family” vein, and as romantic. Most specifically within the parameters of a headcanon that Gamora is hard ace and she and Peter provide each other with all the romance and love and domesticity of a committed relationship while he mostly handles any carnal pleasures he’s after on his own or separately.


TL;DR Yes, I ship it in many, many ways.

(If anyone else wants to play, this meme is here.)

“Of course it looks like a cat. Look.” She nudges at your knee and before you can think better of it, you move aside on the couch to make room for her.

- this fic, by spockandawe

I know it's a lot to ask, but could we just maybe be in love again?

If soulmates are a thing
I think that thing might be you
Reading me books aloud in a park,
Showing me the color of
Water when it
Runs off of mountains and straight into
The time it rained on you in New York City
Or somewhere like that.

Is it just me or did it feel like a dream
Back when we said everything
Three times in a row
To make sure it was real,
My name fit in your mouth
Like a cherry stem when
We’d had too many circles and squares
But maybe it wore out
Like a cheap piece of gum
Or poems you forget to take out of your shorts
Before you put them in the washing machine.

If I was a storm you were the ocean,
But I’m still a storm
Just without a place to land
And I really think I tried this time
And the one before that
And the one before that
And the one before that
To walk from here to
Wherever that daydream started
To make realities out of
The happiness I ship to parallel universes
Without becoming just
Shreds of paper in an unmarked box
I tried really hard to make the earth just a mile long and
I think I’m just walking in all the wrong circles
So if you wanted to stop me sometime
I think I would be okay with that.

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Goal: Tag 10 people you want to know better

Relationship status: perpetually single lol

Favorite color: light blue or yellow I cannot choose

Last song I listened to: 96000 from In the Heights 

Top 3 TV shows: Merlin, Stranger Things and Downtown Abbey (they are not really what I post about but they are just s o  g o o d) 

Top 3 characters: Merlin, Neville Longbottom and Leo Valdez (okay this was really hard but I gotta go with my boys) 

Top 3 ships: Adrinette, Plance and Bughead  

I’m tagging @13-septembre @justpidgance  @rememberozzie  @gods-little-punk  @thylovelylionheart  @forever-painting-roses  @jayykesley ​ @justpond–eringtheuniverse ​ @mydearpudding ​ @friendzone-level-eponine ​ @fillosophie  and anyone who wants to do it :D 

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/sorry if this has been asked before, but what do you think about the Shiro and Allura ship? I used to be okay with it because I thought Allura was in her 20s/an adult (and she really came off that way to me) but then I saw someone say they confirmed she was a teenager and I was like uhhhh whaaat? teenager? I wish they'd just come out with an explicit canon age for EVERYone in addition to "shiro's around 25 and the paladins are late teens" tbh

Don’t want anything to do with it until the staff gets their head out of their asses and gives us clear fucking answers.

It’s not that hard really

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I'm neutral with Soriel, but I'm curious since it's more or less your NOTP with Errorink what do you feel about AUs that are basically revolved around the ship in Canon like Reapertale, Altertale and Undernovela for some examples despite the shipping? I know you love the AU Sanes but what about the AUs themselves? *3*

Okay so I don’t like Soriel by itself but Reapertale is a fucking masterpiece just it’s less sickeningly sweet stuff and more like focusing on creating a deeper bond between the two that’s not just shallow romance that I really really love. PLUS, the whole story with the kids - Chara and Flowey as well as Frisk - it’s amazing and I love it.

And Undernovela is more comedy so the Soriel doesn’t bother me - I’m laughing too hard to care.

I don’t like Altertale too much, though. The AU itself doesn’t really interest me that much. I usually go for Storyshift or StorySwap. 

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for the salt asks, could you answer 1, 9, 16, and 22 , please?

Of course I can, since you asked so nicely, anon! <3

(1.) What OTPs in your fandom(s) do you just not get?
This is a tough one since I kind of ship everything. But if I had to pick, I guess anything with England and his former colonies because, just the way I tend to characterize him, I find it would be really difficult for him to think of them as anything other than siblings or “children.”

(9.) Most disliked character(s)? Why?
Oh…god. Okay. So, I want to preface this with the fact that I am partially Italian, I love Italy, I love Italian culture and history, but…good lord…I cannot stand Italy’s voice actor and how annoying they make him in canon. I have tried really hard to not let it make me dislike his character but it’s difficult sometimes.

(16.) If you could change anything in the show, what would you change?
To be honest, some of the nations’ appearances kind of bugged me from the beginning. Like I always thought of England as brown-haired? I don’t know if it’s just me. I figured America would be brown-haired too, but since they seem to go for the stereotypical high school jock look, it makes more sense. And I already complained about Russia’s voice before, so…

(22.) Popular character you hate?
I don’t really hate any characters, although I used to be annoyed by how often I’d see the Nordics on my dash, but that was a while ago. I…I’m sorry, I know they’re popular, but I really don’t like 2ptalia. They just seem kind of dumb. I’m sorry. Especially 2p England.

tanasuga headcanons for the needy aka me

SO in all honesty some of these are really bad and cliche and sappy n just silly (and maybe a little ooc hAH) but fly me to the god damn sun and call me crispy i love this ship. 

please ship tanasuga with me 

Headcanons under the cut! (there might be typos and stuff because it’s really late and i should be passed out right now)

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the phil in ur fic is becoming my little anxious baby and i just want to wrap him up in a blanket and kiss his forehead and protect him forever but i also really want to know what charlie did! but i like that youre not telling us right away and some chapters just have subtle little clues, and i just wanted to let you know im always really excited when i see you've updated it!!

[In reference to my fic Ships that pass in the night]

Awh thank you so much, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 

Precious anxious Phil is my small child at the moment. I am relating to him so hard, and I can’t stop writing it as I want things to be okay but I know I’m going to put him through stuff before we get there. 

okay,I have to admit that Narry is really cute,even…HOT….bc Harry Styles decided to say “I’d do Niall” in public.

I think Harry really adores Niall for a long time.

watch this

1:45 Harry looked like he was so confident for Niall to choose his tattoo.

but unfortunately,little Nialler chose Zayn’s. (of course) and Harry pulled his face immediately.

then turned to Zayn,even pouted,his reaction was just like"is this tattoo really better than any of mine?!“

actually,I ship ziall really hard but I can’t stop to heart Narry posts. They are just too cute to resist. :D