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I think the biggest thing that Colin Kaepernick has done through his kneeling protests is show that nothing will ever be good enough for oppressors.

Conservatives love to point the finger at boisterous protests and scream about how they’re the reason they don’t listen to what those groups have to say. “If those darn minorities would just protest peacefully, we would listen to them!”

Colin Kaepernick and other players take a knee during the anthem, the most peaceful and debatably inoffensive form of protest, and these same people, including their beloved president, lose their collective shit.

Colin Kaepernick and the other players aren’t burning the flag. They’re not giving it the finger. They’re not leaving when the anthem is being sung. They’re literally kneeling. They’re offering it more respect than 90% of the people who step out the concession stand at a football game during the anthem do. I rarely see people there even take a breath between ordering their chilli dogs and their popcorn while the anthem is playing in the stadium.

But yet, kneeling during the anthem is, according to the president, worth being fired over. It’s worth boycotting the sport over. Literal white supremacists can be “very fine people” to the president, while the most peaceful protesters I think I’ve ever seen are “sons of bitches” who should be fired.

Conservatives love to bring up the constitution and the freedoms it guarantees until those same freedoms make them sad. I’m so glad to see many veterans supporting the protests publicly because they don’t enjoy being used as a weapon against people defending the freedoms the military is supposed to be defending.

Even if you don’t like football, watch it this season. Hell, just turn your TV on, hit mute and let it play in the background while you watch what you like on Netflix if you have to. If right wingers are serious about this and boycott the NFL, it could seriously hurt these players and that’s what they’re hoping will happen. These players deserve support, and it’s sad to know that they won’t get it from those who pride themselves on supporting free speech while falsely claiming the left wing doesn’t.

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I was surprised reading the actual quote in context re: Camille and Polanski. It's been taken so far out of context that I imagine most people haven't read it? In no way was she condoning him, or saying she loves him? Funnily enough everyone's fave white gays Zach quinto and miles mcmillan (along with half of the Cannes festival) signed the petition to allow him back into the us and no one cares. Yet she's demonized for saying as a child she would have seen him in her dads restaurant? Wild.

Wild. I wonder if any of those actor’s agents are trying to destroy them and have contractually prevented them from speaking ill of Polanski, who is an actual criminal and not just like a slimy businessman who runs reality TV talent shows.

And I’m not at ALL suggesting that Harry would do such a thing, but if he had, it would be wall to wall outrage that jefe wants to murder his fledgeling career in its cradle, when will the contracts end, free him, he’s surrounded by monsters, btw he wore a gucci bee so he’s the biggest larrie he loves his larries anyway free him from everyone around him who makes him associate with the mob.

Okay, stydians, because I’m seeing that some people think that Jeff actually wrote a five minute stydia sex scene and they didn’t have time to film it because of Dylan’s schedule allow me to just say:

Lol. You guys are so gullible. That was a joke, clearly. The whole thing.

I get that emotions are high and a lot of people are disappointed. But really guys he’s joking. Coming from someone who’s taken five screenwriting classes at this point, I can tell you that just the phrase “five minute sex scene” would be a joke to any screenwriter. Any filmmaker really. I know we’re used to our 10,000 word sex scenes in fanfiction but movies and tv shows usually don’t have sex scenes that last longer than a minute or two (unless they’re 50 shades of grey. I presume. I’ve never seen it). And when have we ever had a sex scene in a finale?? It’s not the time, dude!

Plus it’s totally hyperbolic humor - he went for the most ridiculous thing that he knows Stydia shippers would KILL for as the punchline.

So I’m just putting this out as quick as I can that he is JOKING 110%. Please, do NOT let this become part of stydia fandom lore (like that incredibly fake quote about the series ending with Scallison and Stydia’s kids playing in a field or some shit - in case some of you don’t know that was not a real interview yet people cite it all the time!), that Jeff cut a five minute sex scene from the finale just to fuck with stydia shippers. Because I will face palm ever time I see it. HARD.

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What was so bad about The Return of Slade?

1) it was a clickbaity title, clearly meant to draw the attention of old fans. Since Slade’s name was only used in the original show.

2) I shit you not it was made in a day. So the writing was atrocious

3) The show creators have never seen the original teen titans, so they assumed the fans only hated the newer show because it wasn’t Serious Enough™ . And that people assume that anything silly is bad.

4) This is just my assumption, but I’m honestly convinced that if this episode never existed and writers stopped looking so poorly at their own show, we wouldn’t of had such a massive downgrade in writing quality.

It’s not the worst episode this show put out (Wally T and TV Knight are waaay higher up on my shitlist) but it’s the first time people have seen a show literally forget it’s own damn audience to go “hahaha you guys don’t like anything neeeeeeeew. our show is better than your dumb original :P”

= WHO IS BTS ? THE KPOP BAND THAT TOP CHARTS ? I’m impressed, BTS. I’ve never seen a Kpop band on french television so I’m… Just wahou. For them to be on BFMTV (it’s like CNN, I believe) it’s huge ! Obviously, BTS is now a worldwide Kpop band who won a billboard award. But I’ve never seen them on my television, in France ! THIS IS A FIRST. I hope with the recognition they’re gaining not only in France but in Europe, they will come. Because I know some members of ARMY that are dying to see their favorite band perform live. Anyway, BRAVO BTS ! J’apprécie votre musique, vos clips et vos chorégraphies travaillées et parfaitement exécutés. Ce sont des gars talentueux, il faut l’avouer et ils ont l’air cool. BRAVO ! 👏🏾 = Anyway, BRAVO BTS ! I appreciate your music, your clips and your choreographies worked and perfectly executed. These are talented guys, you have to admit it and they look cool. BRAVO ! 👏🏾 (I don’t consider myself as a member of ARMY but I’ve got to give credit where it’s due.)

uhhhhh i finally just watched louise’s vlog (on the tv with my parents) and that “what are you doing?” moment is the softest most intimate thing I’ve ever seen

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Also have you seen YOI? If so, thoughts?

Yuri on Ice is… it’s good.

I mean, I feel like it’s getting so overhyped just for the fact that it has canon gays. Which, yes, big deal and huge step and all.

But if you take the gays out and just view it as a sports-anime… it’s actually kind of weak.

I like the approach that, for a change, the main character is not super über-powered and an extra special snowflake who loves the sport more than anything. That Yuuri is such an utter mess is really adorable.

But on the other hand, compared to other sports-anime, it’s not holding the same kind of suspense.

In other sports-anime you got them having their games, you sit there at the edge of your seat rooting for them and the games drag on for episodes on end that you got to binge-watch to see the outcome.

In YOI, you sit there and watch character A do their performance, then you get told the score, you get chracter B to their performance, then you get told their score and then you compare the scores and… legit, on the sport-excitement level, it’s the most moring of them all. It lacks the suspense and the interaction between the competitors.

Yes, it has very strong characters and I love how they’re all individuals and due to the limit of one characters per “team”, you get to know them all far better than if you had a dozen teams with each a dozen teens on them.

The thing is, I just have like half a dozen sports-anime I’d rather rewatch first before going back to YOI because I know things like Haikyuu!! which I’ve watched six times by now will still hold my attention more with every game than the dancing on ice here. Sure, it’s beautiful to watch and has an aesthetic appeal, but just not an exciting and suspenseful appeal.

The only thing that truly bothered me about YOI is how they retconned the gala thing in.

I was very fine with the “Victor frustrated with life sees this video of someone doing his performance passionate and loving it and reevaluates his own life because he’s missing that passion and love for his sport”-thing that it was in the beginning.

To retcon it in that a year ago, during a gala, Yuuri got so shit-face drunk that he stripped and declared that he wants Victor to coach him and that Victor knew that… was just too much? And unreal? I mean, how did none of his friends tell Yuuri about this, how did the press not leak anything about that party? How did Victor think “Hey, that kid that got so embarrassingly drunk a year ago! Maybe I should teach him after all!”. I found the original approach far more appealing and sweeter than what it turned into in the end.

Yes, the show has a very nice art-style, it has great characters, great dynamics between the characters and the first sports-gays that are actually canon. It’s a good anime, if you see it as just that and on its own. It’s just not a very good sports-anime, in my eyes, if you put it into the same category as other sports-anime like Haikyuu!! or Kuroko no Basuke or even Free!.

Because what makes the sports-anime genre so great are the team-dynamics and the suspense of the games, both things lacking in this sport and singling Yuri on Ice out. It was a nice, fresh thing with a huge surprise in the gays-department and it was pretty to look at, but just not enough to get me overly invested in.

Yurio, by the way, is the best.

OH man am I loving the new Star Trek Discovery.

The costumes are great.  The sets.   The story they’re setting up.  The characters we’ve seen so far.

The one thing I hated was   ****spoilers*****

What they did to Captain Philippa Georgiou at the end.  Goddamnit.

Oh and CBS’s stupid streaming service that you have to paid for and still get ads.  And like I only want to watch this one show.  I literally do not care about anything else.  Plus everything else is on TV anyway.  So you’re just paying for one show.  WHYYY


2017 World Championships || Yuzuru Hanyu, “Hope and Legacy

126.12 TES + 97.08 PCS → 223.20 (world record)


my malec comic of how Alec went from clean-shaven face to keeping a stubble xD!!! because Matt himself once said that he wants to see Alec keep a beard (in a livechat with Emeraude Toubia at 2:45) and i am HERE FOR THIS!!! i mean, have you seen Matt with a stubble ;U; (i’m sure you have, he has it almost all the time when they are not filming the show xD!) the other thing i wanna see in the next season is Alec just coming back home (to magnus’ loft, bc lets be honest, he already moved in xD!) and just COMPLAIN about the clave and his work! haha GIVE ME ALL THE DOMESTIC SCENES THERE CAN BE! please OwO so hope you like it! <3

Tips for debating

I’ve debated in high school and have been seeing a lot of arguments stem from discussions about sensitive topics recently. So, I figured why not help others by giving tips so they can have an informative discussion. 

  • Be respectful - your opponent’s opinion may seem ridiculous even wrong to you but they also could believe that about your opinion. So try not to make your opponent seem dumb or inconsiderate because their views are different.
  • Try to use legitimate sources as much as possible when using facts.
  • Listen to your opponent - their side of the debate is just as important as yours, no matter how idiotic or frustrating it may seem to you.
  • Stay calm - try as much as possible to not get angry, no matter how ignorant the other person’s view may be.
  • Ask questions - if you don’t understand certain aspects of your opponent’s argument then ask.
  • Admit when you make a mistake - this is the hardest part of a debate, admitting when you were in the wrong. 

hopefully, this will help those of you who wish to change someone’s opinion.

just wake me up when Jessica Jones season 2 is out