i just see this shit far too often

I just want to make something very clear about feminists. Most people who are against feminists or chose not to identify as one, are actually unaware of its actual meaning. A feminist simply means you believe in gender equality. Seriously, look it up.

There’s this horribly twisted view of feminism that I see far too often. They see feminists as man haters who believe women are better than men and women should be superior. Now we all know groups that are defined by their extremists. Take religion for example. How about the “All Muslims are terrorists” shit. That is a common one. In reality these are a few extremist individuals that call themselves Muslim. Their actions are not in the interest of the religion. This is not what a true person of Muslim faith would do right? Well it’s the same with feminism.

There are some ‘femenazi’ (as many refer to them as) women out there that despise men and think women should be superior to them. They call themselves feminists, BUT THEY ARE NOT. Please, I cannot stress that enough. A true feminists recognises the issues and stigmas both genders face. Just because they put a stronger focus on women’s issues doesn’t mean they don’t care about the male gender. It just means we acknowledge that globally, women are not equal to men and that women’s issues are often swept under the rug or put as of lower importance. This is why feminists will often put more of a push on women’s issues.

Even if you feel that men and women are equal in this country in your experience, don’t forget that there are billions of women in other parts of the world who are still oppressed and living in male dominated countries where they have little rights. Please just remember that the next time you say “but we don’t need feminism”.