i just saw this today it was so funny omg

kiwi-popsicle  asked:

Uh.. Mugs.. do you need help? I can help you with that if you want.

@askbrittney:  C'mon hazel laugh away you know you want to. I am right now XD

@fluffyfang123:  Mugs have you tried doing the “hear comes the airplane” method?

@batimlover1444:  Jeez Conner, at least eat your food sweetie

@rainbow-blossom247:  why is connor is so fussy and upset.( when i saw connor’s face i thought it was funny and cute)

@ourtwistedfamily:  Why is Conor being so fussy?

@cutealexis702:  K mugs that’s a little fun for today XD

@princessdaiys101:  Omg mugs just give someone eles the spoon please i dont wnt your face to get hurt by a spoon tsunami lol

Anonymous: Oh geez, Mugs got attacked by Connor with a spoon XD Whats making Connor so angry?

I think he just wanted to see his mommy X3

(Bekkah is usually up earlier to feed Connor, so Mugs took over but it didn’t go too well. Connor only likes being fed by his mom and sister)

Highlight of my day

If you’re on my snapchat, you saw it…but it really just warrants being repeated because omg it was fucking funny.

We have this new patient form people fill out for the pharmacy. It has a spot that says “Drug Allergies” with a bunch of checkboxes for common ones and then an “other” box and a line to write on if yours isn’t listed. 

We had 3 callouts today, it’s just me and the other tech. Other tech dead stops and screams for me to run over and I’m like “oh fuck what hit the fan now” so I run over there. She shows me this guy’s paper. Under drug allergies he checked other…and on the line this bitch wrote… “my ex wife.” 

I died. 

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Omg but friends I forgot to tell you something funny

So my friend started reading Throne of Glass last week, right? I saw her today and asked where she was at, and she said the first competition had happened. And then she was like, “I really like Nox, do he and Celeana…? No don’t tell me.” And I was just… trying not to laugh. This is going to be so fun.

  • me until today: i admire matthew daddario's work on shadowhunters, he's cute and funny and i enjoy watching his interviews but it's not like i'm obsessed or anything, i just-
  • me today, after finding out that matt saw that tweet about recasting alec: I WOULD FUCKING DIE FOR MATTHEW DADDARIO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE IS THE PERFECT ALEC AND THE ONLY ALEC WE NEED PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS OMG *writes 10000 songs about matt, paints a giant portrait of him and puts it up in the louvre museum, names my firstborn after him, flies to toronto to tell matt that i love him*