i just saw this today it was so funny omg

Omg but friends I forgot to tell you something funny

So my friend started reading Throne of Glass last week, right? I saw her today and asked where she was at, and she said the first competition had happened. And then she was like, “I really like Nox, do he and Celeana…? No don’t tell me.” And I was just… trying not to laugh. This is going to be so fun.

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I met Niall today and yesterday and just a few things: one, his hands are SO DAMN SOFT. and two, he answered my question at the 107.3 event and he stared intently for two solid minutes while he did it and I swear I saw the light. He's SO funny and he doesn't even try to be. The video is on the 107.3 site at like the 15:40 mark. Three, I gave him a list of songs I think he should cover and he looked so intrigued I hope he reads it fuuuuck

STOPPP IT OMG YOU ARE LIVING THE DREAM!!!! omg what songs did you write down??? and did you hold his hand?? GAH im so jealous! how did he smell? 🤔  

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Omg i was thinking the exact same thing today. You're sooo right. I feel upset when I saw your post and just wanted to tell you I love your blog and appreciate your work. So I'm sending you a big hug and lots of love. 🙆🏻💕🌞💫♥️

aww thank you!!^^ so sweet

finally smtg positive, nice and respectful. My ask box is filled with stuff like “rec my a drama”, “tell me a site where i can watch dramas with no ads” or “whats a funny drama to watch not too dark must be romantic too but not too cheesy” ugh. no hi, no please and not even a thank you. and im the rude one for demanding a minimum of respect hah. anyway thanks for the good vibes i dont want to ruin the mood so ill stop here with my lil rant! hehe hope you have a good day and sending you lotsa love too :)) xx

  • me until today: i admire matthew daddario's work on shadowhunters, he's cute and funny and i enjoy watching his interviews but it's not like i'm obsessed or anything, i just-
  • me today, after finding out that matt saw that tweet about recasting alec: I WOULD FUCKING DIE FOR MATTHEW DADDARIO I LOVE HIM SO MUCH HE IS THE PERFECT ALEC AND THE ONLY ALEC WE NEED PROTECT HIM AT ALL COSTS OMG *writes 10000 songs about matt, paints a giant portrait of him and puts it up in the louvre museum, names my firstborn after him, flies to toronto to tell matt that i love him*