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I came into the fandom a year or so ago so I missed the Harry and Paige drama. I assumed 'Haige' was the sort of thing where they were seen in public once and the tabloids went wild. But I did some searching and it seems that there was more to it than that? I looked for some info on your blog (I used the search function and tags, promise!) but couldn't find much. Do you remember / have links to anything about it? I'm not insinuating that I think it's real at all, just curious. ;)

This is my third attempt to make this masterpost and I’m going to scream if it doesn’t work. Anyway, here is the story of Haige.

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Ok, I don't like to post about this unless I’m clearing it up or trying to help people calm down. This post is just me trying to help people calm down and try to clear it up. So to start everything off these pictures are from today in New Orleans 9/15/16. When I saw this I started to breathe really hard because I was really overwhelmed and was stressed out, and I don't want anybody else going through that so hope this helps. I'm going to start off with Luke and Arzaylea, it shows that they were both there and apparently Luke gave Arzaylea a piggyback ride which I find adorable, AND Luke gave Arzaylea flowers PIC which a fan toke a picture of Luke walking earlier today with the same exact flowers in Arzayleas snapchat PIC. I thought that was really cute and the least dramatic out of all of this. Moving on to Ashton and this mystery girl. We don’t know who it is and there is a rumour saying that they made out on the sidewalk but the girl who said it was half drunk and only toke pictures of them walking but she didn’t take a video of them making out supposedly. Like not saying that you should take a video but why didn't she because she toke lots of other videos of them hanging out but somehow she couldn't take a picture nor a video of them making out. Basically saying that the rumour can be false. Also, there’re people saying that Ashton was also hanging out with another girl at Bye Purples gig LINK  couple days before. Meaning that this can just be a groupie and it can just be a friend. He was I think holding her hand not sure but friends can hold each other’s hand and not be dating. Moving on to Michael and Crystal ugh. Note that Crystal is a 67-year-old grandma and is way older than Michael. She’s like 13 years older, so I'm pretty sure Michael wouldn't date a grandma. There’s a rumour saying that Michael and Crystal were holding hands/kissed/Crystal rubbed Michales back but again no pictures so it’s fake. There's pictures of them walking but no holding hand pictures because “they were holding hands but I didn't get a picture yet I toke pictures of them walking” sounds totally believable -rolls eyes- this goes for that Ashton rumour as well. Now moving on to Calum and SataNia

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When I saw those pictures, I'm not gonna lie but I started to panic because Calum and SataNia drama hasn't happened in a while. But that doesn't mean my views and opinions and anything that I have said before has changed. So sadly there’s a pic of them having there arms around each other JUST LIKE months ago in New York. This DOESNT MEAN THAT THEY ARE DATING. THEY ARE CLOSE FRIENDS/BEST FRIENDS. People nowadays even take pictures at this specific time to make it look like the scene was longer so for example when SataNia and Calum put their arms around each other that could have been only for a second or a couple of seconds like how you greet your friends when you meet them, but the person who toke the picture made it seem like they put their arms around each other for like hours and such. And it does look like that in the picture, it looks like they just greeted and Calum looks uninterested as usual and SataNia is like gripping his waist while Calum is lightly putting his hand on her back. AND SataNia and Casey got matching tattoos LINK and to add on to that Casey was with them as well, so it’s Casey and SataNia, not Calum and SataNia. Not to forget that 5sos signed SataNia and her band which wouldn’t make sense if the dated and would mess things up. So all of this Michael and Crystal, Calum and SataNia, and Ashton and random girl is overly dramatic and just friends. To add on to Ashton with the mystery girl, its our first time seeing her with Ashton so we can’t just say they are dating because as of right now they are friends. Just like how Michael and Crystal are friends and Calum and SataNia are friends. It’s just a normal friends night out and here’s some videos of them hanging out 

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3 

you can see that Calum is standing next to his boyfriend Ashton and not SataNia. SataNia is standing next to Casey or infront of him. This was just a friendly friends night out. Hope this calmed things down and helped you calm down if you felt panicked about this. You can always talk to Me about this or anything, not only that but you have these 2 wonderful people as well



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South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut : Sentence Starters
  • "Now come on children, don't be shy, just give it your best shot."
  • "What is five times two?"
  • "OK, now lets try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard."
  • "I'm Sorry ________, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die."
  • "Dude, it's a lady getting pooed on!"
  • "You're too young for this stuff!"
  • "Hey! It IS ________'s mom!"
  • "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with German people?"
  • "Let's start by building a big statue of me, right over there where that fat kid is standing."
  • "Hey, don't call me fat buttfucker!"
  • "Respect my fuckin' authority!"
  • "You need to watch your mouth, brat."
  • "I know I was mean before. But don't worry - I can change!"
  • "Dog-shit taco!"
  • "Oh fuck."
  • "Who's a fuckin' bitch? ________'s Mooooooooom!"
  • "Blame Canada!"
  • "I don't listen to hip-hop."
  • "Haven't you heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?"
  • "I bet him he couldn't do it. I bet him a hundred dollars."
  • "I'm just fuckin' stoked I don't have to pay him."
  • "Oh, that's real nice! He was your friend, you fat fuck!"
  • "Remember what the MPAA says; Horrific, Deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don't say any naughty words!"
  • "Suck my balls."
  • "What the heck is a rimjob?"
  • "I transferred from Yardale where I had a 4.0 grade point average."
  • "It's this V-Chip, I hate it!"
  • "I can't say any dirty words."
  • "And you can't say Shit?"
  • "I'm warning you!"
  • "She's a mean old bitch and she has stupid hair."
  • "________, did you just say the F-word?"
  • "No, he's talking about "fuck". You can't say "fuck" in school, you fucking fat ass!"
  • "Why the fuck not?"
  • "What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody."
  • "How would you like to suck my balls?"
  • "Holy shit, dude."
  • "Get the fuck out of here!"
  • "Notice, that nothing happens."
  • "Success! The child doesn't want to swear!"
  • "Go on, honey. It's all right."
  • "Let me have some candy."
  • "Like you really need all that chocolate."
  • "We accidentally replaced your heart with a baked potato. You have about three seconds to live."
  • "What would Brian Boitano do if he was here right now?"
  • "I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two."
  • "I just want my mom to stop fighting everyone."
  • "For ________, I'll be an activist too."
  • "Some people say that I'm a bad guy, they may be right."
  • "Any minute now I will be born again!"
  • "What if you remain a sandy little butt-hole?"
  • "Hey Satan, don't be such a twit."
  • "Mother Theresa won't have shit on me!"
  • "Man, this movie gets better every time I see it!"
  • "I'll bet you a hundred dollars you can't light a fart on fire."
  • "This stick is on fire!"
  • "Oh my God, you killed ________!"
  • "You bastard!"
  • "How come you always want to make love to me from behind?"
  • "Is it because you want to pretend I'm somebody else?"
  • "Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?"
  • "Sure, hon."
  • "Wait, before we put a message out, do a search on the word clitoris."
  • "It isn't like this film is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada. Let us not forget Bryan Adams."
  • "Now, now, the Canadian Government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions!"
  • "Can I finish? Please, can I finish?"
  • "I think we're fighting Canadians."
  • "Canadians, Australians, what's the difference?"
  • "Fuck is the worst word that you can say."
  • "Fuck Canada!"
  • "Hey fuck you buddy!"
  • "Well, fuck my ass and call me a bitch."
  • "I want to know where you heard all this horrific obscenities, m'kay?"
  • "I seriously doubt that ________ ever said: "Eat penguin shit, you ass spelunker"."
  • "Well you fucked your uncle yesterday."
  • "Goodbye, you guys."
  • "You told us that windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient with better access to the internet!"
  • "What do you think this is kid?"
  • "The word is "forensics"."
  • "Cancer is killing, Texaco's spilling, the whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?"
  • "I'm super! Thanks for asking!"
  • "Looks like we may be out of luck."
  • "Don't kick the baby."
  • "Hold me."
  • "Why should we fucking have to spell forensics?"
  • "There is no hope now, you must get out of here."
  • "Were is your God when you need him, huh? Where is your beautiful, merciful faggot now?"
  • "We can't leave without you! We don't know where the hell we are!"
  • "I can't face my mother."
  • "Our freedom shall be won."
  • "Though I die... La Resistance lives... on..."
  • "SHIT!"
  • "What the fuck are they fighting for?"
  • "When did this song become a marathon?"
  • "Here I come, God. Here I come, you fucking rat."
  • "Is sex the only thing that matters to you?"
  • "I hope you've learned something from this whole experience."
  • "Wanna see the northern lights?"
  • "You burned yourself to death by lighting your fart."
  • "You MUST shut of the alarms!"
  • "I fucking hate guard dogs!"
  • "I heard you the first time you British piece of shit."
  • "This is worse than the time when I fell asleep and you put your dick in my mouth and took a picture."
  • "The sun is shining and the grass is green. Under the three feet of snow, I mean."
  • "It's been six weeks since Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars and the world is still glad to be rid of him."
  • "That movie has warped my fragile little mind."
  • "What? Fuck you guys. I wanna get out of here."
  • "I saw the __________ movie. Now who wants to touch me?"
  • "Now keep in mind, 'Operation Human Shield' will suffer heavy losses. But don't lose your spirit men! Stay until the bitter end."
  • "Ah, you'd better get packing, bitch, we're running out of time."
  • "What? No? No! You can't do that! I have to go to Earth!"
  • "Thank you Clitoris!"
  • "Careful? Was my mother careful when she stabbed me in the heart with a clothes hanger while I was still in the womb?"
  • "Man, this kid is fucked up!"
  • "Last words? How's about: "Get me the fuck out of this chair!" How's that for last words?"
  • "Did you bring the buttfor?"
  • "What, is that like finding Jesus or something?"


*He had been acting suspicious the last few days, he was constantly out even more than normal and barely spent any time with you, so when he was in the shower you checked his phone and saw some text messages to your friend, and didn’t notice him come out the bathroom*

K: “Jagi, why are you looking at my text messages?”

*He grabbed the phone*

Y/N: “Why have you been texting my friend, is there something going on, you have been acting strange lately”

K: “Y/N, I would never cheat on you how could you think that, if you must know we were meant to be planning a surprise birthday party, but I guess it’s not much of a surprise anymore”


*You were together at a party and you noticed Sehun keep glancing over at a girl close by, you had the feeling something was going on because you noticed a difference in his personality lately so you confronted him*

Y/N: “Sehun, why do you keep looking at that girl?”

SH: “What girl are you talking about jagi?”

Y/N: “Don’t play dumb with me, is something going on, are you cheating on me?”

*He didn’t know what to say because the thought of cheating never came into his mind*

SH: “Of course I’m not, why would you even think that, I can’t believe you would think I’m am like that, she is just an old ex of mine and I can’t help but feel awkward that's all”


*You had noticed that your best friend had been texting Suho a lot lately, and you didn’t mind at all until it started happening really frequently and he would often hide his messages away before you could see them, so when he said he had to pop out for a bit you decided to follow him, and he walked inside a jewelry store*

S: “So you think Y/N will like this one best?”

Y/F: “Definitely!”

*You turned around and walked home half happy because of what you had just found out, but then sad too because of what you had just done, you decided to come clean to him later*


*The world had no idea of you and Chanyeols relationship even though you had been going out for almost two years now. The company had decided to make a fake relationship for publicity between CY and another idol, and he had been spending so much time with her it made you worried. He arrived at your apartment after practice to see you*

CY: “Hey Jagi, I missed you, it feels like I haven’t seen you in ages”

Y/N: “Probably because you are too busy dating another idol”

CY: “Hey, what’s that meant to mean, you know it’s completely fake”

Y/N: “Are you sure CY, because I’m really starting to have doubts”

CY: “Listen to me I know it difficult, I don’t want to do it either, but it will be over soon, and I promise that once this fake relationship blows over I will announce our real one to the world, because there is no one whom I love more than you”


*He had been asked to feature on another idols new song, and therefore he was spending a lot of time rehearsing with her. You had turned up to surprise him one day and he didn’t look too thrilled about it, and you weren’t thrilled either when all you saw was her flirting with him the entire time. Your blood was boiling as she continued and BH didn’t do much about it so you walked out, and he followed you*

BH: “Jagi, why did you leave so suddenly?”

Y/N: “Are you cheating on me BH, is there some kind of connection between you two, I mean you didn’t even  look like you were happy to see me earlier”

BH: “Listen, I understand why you are mad, I didn’t want you to come because I knew you wouldn’t like it, she is flirting with me but I don’t want her too, I just don’t want to her hurt her feelings, but I will tell her straight up to stop because your feelings are much more important”


*You had recently had an argument with him and the day after it happened all you could see was a picture of him looking like he was kissing another woman pop up on the notifications on your twitter. He had saw them too but the camera man had just caught them at a bad angle. He frantically rushed over to your place to explain but you didn’t want to let him in*

D.O: “Y/N, please let me in I can explain everything”

Y/N: “They all say that, why don’t you just leave me alone and go back to that other woman”

D.O: “Because I don’t want the other woman, I want you, I promise you the picture just caught us at the wrong angle we didn’t do anything, I never would”

*You could feel the sincerity in his voice and so you opened the door*

D.O: “Please believe me jagi”

Y/N: “I do”


*You noticed that Chen had been spending a lot of time with  one particular idol, and you being an idol yourself witnessed this first hand when it came to thing like SM town concerts, he noticed you giving him and her a look after he tickled her and decided to stop. Baekhyun noticed and started teasing Chen until he pushed him out of the way to  walk over to you*

C: “Jagi, what was that look back there?”

Y/N: “Well sorry if I’m not particularly in favor of you getting too close to another idol”

C: “You know nothing will ever go past friendship with another woman, but I get what you are saying so I will stop with the tickling”

*Tickles you instead*


*He spotted you looking through his texts, and immediately realised what you must have found by the look on your face*

Y/N: “Why do you have these kind of texts from another woman on your phone?”

T: “Listen, another idol got my number and she was nice at first then she started to get too flirty, so I told her to stop and when she didn't I just blocked her number, I just forgot to delete the texts off my phone that's all”

Y/N: “Promise?”

T: “Of course I do, anyone who isn’t you isn’t right for me baobei”


*He never used to have a password on his phone because he never cared if you went on it as he had nothing to hide, but nowadays he did and he was very secretive about who he was texting and where he was going, until you had had enough and just decided to ask him directly what you were thinking*

Y/N: “ I have a question for you, and I want the truth Lay”

L: “Sure baobei”

Y/N: “Are you seeing someone else behind my back?”

*He was at loss for words for a moment because he never thought you would say that*

L: No, I would never do such a thing, what makes you say that?”

Y/N: “You just seem to be really secretive lately, about where you are going and what you are doing, not to mention the fact that you never go on your phone around me”

L: “Listen to me, I am not cheating on you, and I never will, as for the secrecy well you will find out what that is for soon enough I promise, and trust me you are going to love it”


*He had been extra busy lately due to his upcoming film, and you noticed that he was spending much time with his fellow cast member, which made you nervous about the situation. Deep down you knew nothing was going on but you couldn't get the thoughts out of your head. You were both at home when he asked you what was wrong*

Y/N: “Are you cheating one me?”

K: “Woah where did this come from?”

Y/N: “I really don’t know I have just been feeling paranoid lately that's all”

K: “Well there is no need to okay, I am not cheating on you I would never even dream of doing so”


*You walked in the studio to find Luhan with another idol, laughing together about something, you couldn’t help but feel jealous as you did every time you saw them together. It was mostly the fact that because of your busy schedule also, she had been been spending more time with him than you*

LH: “Baobei, I didn’t know you were coming I’m so happy to see you”

*The other idol also greeted you kindly but you didn’t feel like being kind back*

LH: “You should have heard what (Idol name) just said it was hilarious, did you also know that she loves football just a much as me”

Y/N: “Well why don’t you date her then”

*You walk out of the room, regretting what you just said*

LH: “Hey whats wrong, why did you say that?”

Y/N: “I don’t know, I didn’t mean it, I guess I just want to spend more time with you but I can’t at the moment”

LH: “I miss you too baobei, and remember that I love you okay”


*You were sitting on his bed when you looked down to see a pair of panties peaking from underneath the bed and you picked them up, thinking the worst and asking Xiumin why they were there, and he looked at your face and knew what you were thinking*

XM: “How the hell did they get there, jagi, they are nothing to do with me I promise, they must have belonged to the girl that stayed with (members name) the other night”

Y/N: “You better not be lying to me”

XM: “I never would, I love you too much to do that”

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How about Hinata is holding a gun point at Komaeda for posing a threat & Komaeda urges him to shoot, stepping so close that it's right at his chest, but Hinata couldn't open fire. So Komaeda takes the gun & points it at his head but Hinata stops him

Holy hell, this took me a long time to write. I’ve been stuck on this one for about a week because I wasn’t sure of characterization, but eventually I managed to finish it, thank god.

Obvious CWs for #Guns, #Suicide #Self Harm and a bit of #Gore, not much.

He couldn’t believe he was doing this. He really, really couldn’t believe he was doing this. But they had had to resort to desperate measures, and Komaeda was forcing them into this, and it wasn’t like he was actually going to kill him with this fucking gun. No, he was just supposed to threaten him, and if he ran at him, Souda had said it didn’t really matter where he aimed, but Hinata knew it’d probably be best to aim for the leg.


God, he was fucking shaking. How could he even think about shooting Komaeda? Hell, even about shooting a gun at all? He knew Komaeda had been off the rails since they’d escaped the FunHouse, threatening to blow them up just to find the traitor, but this was…


This was way too extreme.

But, he’d been the one who’d drawn the marked stick, just like Komaeda back when all this insanity began. Back when he trusted Komaeda, liked him, wanted to get close to him, wanted -

Wanted anything to happen but what had happened. Why couldn’t my luck have kicked in, and I could have gotten that marked stick a month ago? Things would be so much different, wouldn’t they?

It didn’t do well to ruminate on the past. Even if it had never happened, Komaeda would still be crazy - just, no one would know it, which would honestly probably be worse. At least this way, they had warning.

What if he runs at me and I panic? What if I shoot him? And what if it’s not in the leg?

He pictured blood pooling across Komaeda’s shirt that already had that ugly red pattern on it. Pictured Komaeda’s smirk briefly falling as the pain registered throughout his body. How would his face react after that? Would he go back to smirking, having died for the sake of hope? Would he look up at Hinata with a look of unwilling betrayal and confusion?

I really loved the hope inside you, Hinata-kun.

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Pairing: Stiles & Lydia

Summary: Stiles & Lydia Role Reversal. Lydia has the dream when Stiles is in her bed, based off of the dream Stiles had at the beginning of 3b (it’s a little different & full of my headcanons so you’ve been warned).

“All of those times when you see him and you cannot breathe until you’re with him, don’t you remember what that’s like?”
“What do you mean no? You’ve had boyfriends.”
“None like that.”


It wasn’t the first nightmare she had. She was all alone, dreaming about reality, dreaming while she was awake. It was called sleep paralysis. She usually woke up screaming so loud it caused her mother to come in. Sometimes she woke up in tears, and sometimes she was in the middle of class, when the nightmares occurred.

Needless to say, after Allison had to take her out of class and prove to her she wasn’t dreaming, that’s when everyone started to worry.

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Preference #83: You're self conscious about your body
  • Michael: Your eyes scanned the computer screen in front of you, pictures of girls with the perfect bodies staring right back at you. You couldn't help but wonder what it would be like if you looked like that, what people would think of you, or even how people would treat you. You sighed and stared down at your own stomach, poking at it. "Babe..." You heard a voice from behind you as you quickly shut your laptop. "Why are you looking at those pictures again?" "Because I wish I looked like them..." You admitted quietly, trying not to cry. Michael engulfed you in his arms and smiled down at you, poking your stomach. "I don't care about that. You're beautiful and you make me happy. I would take you over any of those girls any day. You're healthy and your body is perfect the way it is. Alright?" You nodded your head and cuddled into his chest, smiling the rest of the night.
  • Ashton: "(Y/N), you've been in the bathroom for half an hour, what's wrong?" You heard Ashton's voice from the other side of the door. You quickly wiped your tears and opened the door, revealing Ashton with a worried look on his face. He looked down at you and frowned once he saw your pants. "They don't fit. I'm too fat to wear them." You started to cry once again and he grabbed onto you, stroking your hair. "You're not fat, please don't say that. You're beautiful. I love you and everything about you." He made you look into his eyes and he wiped your tears. "You are an amazing girl and you shouldn't let a pair of jeans ruin your day. You're beautiful, don't let anyone else tell you otherwise."
  • Calum: "I look disgusting." You frowned as you walked out in the bikini you had just bought. You hated wearing bikinis because it showed literally everything. Calum looked over at you and frowned back at you. "You look amazing." "You're just saying that because you're obligated to." You looked at yourself once more in the mirror and groaned, throwing a shirt over top of your body. "No, I'm saying it because you truly do look amazing. You have curves and I love that you do. It makes you adorable and beautiful and I don't know why you can't see that." "But-" "No ifs, ands, or buts, you're beautiful, babe. Always will be."
  • Luke: "If I looked like her you would love me more!" You yelled at Luke and he tugged at his hair, shaking his head. "No, I wouldn't love you more. I love you the way you are now. I fell for you for you, not because of your outer appearance." You turned to him and glared. "So, you do think I'm fat?" "NO!" He groaned and got up and began to walk towards you. "You're beautiful inside and out. You have cute chubby little cheeks and you have an amazing body, regardless of what you think. I love you and will even if you gain or lose weight because my feelings for you aren't because of your weight."
  • A/N: Idk if this is good or not, but yeah. I know how it feels to be self conscious because well we have been there. I used to stare at myself in the mirror and basically pick out every part of me that I hated, but that doesn't help or fix anything. I have just come to terms with my body and learned to accept it. I don't think that weight should be a factor for beauty. If you're a bigger girl, good for you. If you're a thinner girl, good for you, too! Your weight shouldn't define who you are, or even define if you are beautiful or not. Everyone is beautiful in their own way and weight shouldn't be a factor if you are beautiful or not. I know how hard it is sometimes, but honestly it is so much better learning to love your body rather than hating it every day. ANd if you are unhappy with it, do something about it! Eat healthy, workout, maybe go on a diet? Who knows, but if you aren't happy with how your body is then it's up to you to make yourself happy. I feel like I am babbling now, but that's all I really have to say. I love you all and again if you're ever feeling down on yourself send me an ask and we can talk there or if you want my imessage just ask for it (off anon I don't wan't it out there) and we can talk. :)

Ashton Imagine: He Pranks You

Author: Rhine


You think you would’ve seen this coming by now.

It was regular, almost expected for the boys to pull harmless pranks on one another – and on you, their honorary member as Ashton’s girl – while they were touring.

It’s why Michael always checks the shampoo and conditioner every time he washes his hair after that one time Calum exchanged his products for a slime yellow-green hair dye that refused to wash out for three days. It’s why Luke adamantly refuses to eat Oreos even if it’s the last thing on the bus – it took the poor boy five hours of gentle coaxing to even brush his teeth after the first time. It’s why Calum guards his phone like it’s like all the treasures of the world after the time Michael changed all of his songs into soundtracks of Ashton’s laughter in retaliation. It’s why Ashton absolutely refuses to blow-dry his hair after the flour incident.

You’ve heard every reaction, seen every panicked rush, quietly laughing at the boys’ antics.

My hair looks like I swam in the sewer Calum what the hell –

Guys why does everything taste like toothpaste I don’t understand –

Ashton I think I hear your giggles in my nightmares –

I can’t believe you sacrificed the well-being of my silky locks for a prank –

It’s rather common, actually, to hear the familiar chorus of oh, you are going to regret this and I’m going to kill you and I hate this stupid band dotting your everyday routine.

And while you laughed at the tangled limbs of Luke walking into another prank – literally – or the shrieks of Calum in the washroom or Ashton’s curses in the middle of the night or Michael randomly sprawled on the floor for some odd reason – you knew it was only a matter of time before it was you.

You hardly expected to be spared by the boys’ mischievous antics, but you never thought it would be like this.


It happened when you were the most vulnerable.

It was how all the best pranks were executed, the prime time for prankers and the highlighted danger and suspicion for the victim.

It was when you expected the least, when you were the most alone, the most vulnerable and prone to large responses for even the smallest things.

When you were in the washroom.

You had just finished showering, stepping out with steam fogging the mirror, humming lightly to yourself as you busied about with your normal routine.

It wasn’t until you were done that you realized the pile of clothes you had left on the counter was missing, gone as if it was never there in the first place.

And almost immediately, your system spikes up in fear and suspicion because that means somebody was there.

While you were showering, curtains drawn, oblivious to the world.


Someone must’ve sneaked in despite the locked door and smuggled your clothes out – along with your dirty laundry, you noted – and you can only pray that it was Ashton. He would be the most acceptable culprit – you don’t really want to imagine anyone else with your underwear at this point – but he’d still get a little hell from you, that’s for sure.

Wrapping the towel tighter around yourself, you peek your head out of the door cautiously, scanning the small hallway for any signs of life.

“Ashton? Cal? Luke? Michael?”


The coast looked clear, but you’d be surprised at the many places the four giants could squeeze themselves into.

You knew for a fact that Michael and Calum were out restocking snacks – and by experience, you knew that meant they wouldn’t be back for another four hours or so.

You ruled out Luke, since the boy got nervous at the sight of your shaving razor on the bathroom counter alone – Luke, it’s not going to bite you, it’s just going to get rid of the hair on my legs.

So by process of elimination, that only left Ashton – you prayed that you haven’t forgotten about any surprise serial killers or delusional stalkers, but at this point you could only hope that it was Ashton stealing your clothes and not some creep.

You walk out cautiously, eyes darting everywhere for signs of life, careful for every turn of a corner, clutching the towel around your body tightly.

You skitter over to your little cubby designated for your clothes, hoping to snatch whatever was closest and run back to the washroom before anything else popped out at you – like a psychopathic  clown or a mass influx of balloons filled with beer.

You couldn’t forget the Calum incident of October, not that easily.

But you knew something was wrong from the moment you reached the cubby.

Neatly folded clothes – that’s a first – and material that was clearly not from your well-worn shirts and rough jean shorts.

You pull out the first shirt from the pile, unraveling it in confusion, the shirt unfolding to reveal –

Ashton’s face.

His wide, cross-eyed, goofy grin printed right across the white t-shirt, obnoxiously obvious and painfully high quality.

You nearly scream a little when you see it, the sudden picture of your boyfriend’s face blown up on a shirt what you might call a surprise, to say the least.

And then you’re tearing through everything in the cubby – shirts, shorts, dresses, skirts, tights, tanks – everything had Ashton’s face plastered across it.

And it wasn’t even the same design each time – it was a different derp face for each article of clothing, some with a collage-style layout, some stuffed into grids, some paired with unicorns, you noted.

But all horrendously obvious and well, tacky, to put it lightly – there was no way anyone would go out wearing these in public, not with the obnoxious print and vividly neon colours, the farthest thing from subtle or tasteful, for that matter.

Your clothes – you socially acceptable clothes – were nowhere to be found.

And then you’re frantically searching through the other boys’ cubbies for anything wearable, but they’re empty when you fling them open – except for Calum’s, which held a questionable cardboard cutout of Ashton’s face.

You’re left clutching the towel around your body in a tired rage and desperation, with nothing but pictures upon pictures of Ashton’s twisted features of silliness staring up at you from the clothes crumpled on your bunk.

You curse his name and reluctantly pick up the closest shirt to you, sighing loudly.

You swear you can hear a giggle.


When the boys come back, they can’t stop laughing.

And you’re there, arms crossed and glaring at their hunched figures, unimpressed at their breathless wheezes of the sight of you wearing a shirt decked out with Ashton’s face.

“Not. Funny.”

“You really are Ashton’s number one fan, huh?”

“Shut up Michael or I swear to god I’ll – “

Your sentence is cut off by the loud giggles that apparently haunts Calum’s dreams and would be fuel to your irritation.

Ashton. Fletcher. Irwin.

“It’s nice to see how supportive you are of me, babe.”

There’s laughter in his eyes as he barely chokes the words out underneath heavily suppressed chuckles that occasionally slip past his tightly closed lips, cheeks red from trying to hold it in.

There’s something mischievously sharp about his dimpled smile, and you knew from the moment you saw him that he was guilty.

“You are a dead man, Irwin.”

“What? I thought you loved my face.”

His voice is peppered with smug confidence, a little too low, a little too teasing as his fingers trailed up your exposed arm.

No! It’s a distraction!

The boy had charms, and he knew just how to make you flustered even while you were trying to be mad.

“You always did seem to like my lips the most, don’t you, babe?”

“I’d love to ram your face into a wall and wipe that smirk off that face, Irwin. Where are my clothes?”

“I quite like you in these ones.” He murmurs, breath tickling your cheek. “Makes me feel a bit closer to you.”

“Irwin, I am going to fucking launch you to Jupiter if you don’t tell me where my clothes are.”

You hear Michael snorting behind Ashton, muffled quickly – and badly.

“Don’t think I forgot about you four –I won’t hesitate to javelin-throw you to the moon, Clifford. And for the love of god, stop recording Calum! If this goes anywhere – oh, what I have on my phone is nothing compared to what’s in yours.”

Ashton just grins, raising an amused eyebrow at you.

“You don’t like it? I designed each and every single one of them just for you.”

“Just like how I’ll be slowly designing your death?”

You think you see a flicker of fear in his hazel eyes before they cloud over to their usual sunny gold, suddenly intimidated despite your ridiculous clothes.

You close the gap between the two of you, standing practically nose-to-nose.

“You better watch out, Irwin.”

“I think I’ll see you coming a mile away with those clothes.”

“I think I’ll make you think twice about pranking me ever again, Fletcher.”

“Bring it on.”

You just brushed your lips across his cheek, feeling him shudder slightly at your cool lips, red on his cheeks for the way your hot breath dissolved into his ears, the words echoing in his mind as his mouth curved into a smirk

“Oh, I will.”


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please, climbing class shippers, hear my plea. i came up with an au that i would love to see someone write! it’s a soulmate au, but with a twist. more under the cut! (no, but seriously. it’s really long. if someone would be so kind as to write this that would be AMAZING but… also i guess technically this is long enough to be a fic on its own now, cause it REALLY got away from me)

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  • Luke: Luke was waiting for you at the airport, finally getting to see each other after two months. Flashes of the cameras from paparazzis and fans were at his face, but he couldn't careless - missing you way too much to think about anything else. You dropped your bags once you saw him, both running towards each other and wrapping your arms around each other, tears streaming down your face. "I missed you so much", you whispered before giving him a kiss. "I missed you too", he sighed, putting his head on your neck. The next day pictures of you kissing passionately and hugging each other were in a gossip magazine: "Luke and (Y/N) reunited!" was the name of the article.
  • Ashton: You were both a little dizzy as you left the club, showing a lot more PDA than necessary. You were so caught up in each other, that you barely noticed the cameras flashing - too worried about getting home. "You just wait to see what I'll do to you", Ashton whispered in your ear smirking, hand squeezing your bum, "You won't be able to walk for a week". And that was the picture that made front page on many magazines the other day, along with 'So, (Y/N), do drummers actually do it harder?'.
  • Michael: Michael was trying to teach you how to play video games while at the tour bus, but you weren't really interested. You were on his lap, head resting on his shoulder while the control was in your hand, but it was Michael who was using it, who had your hands on his, only moving your fingers. "Aww, look at you two", Ashton cooed, taking his phone out and snapping a picture, "That one is going to instagram". "Ashton, no!", you and Michael exclaimed simultaneously, dropping the control. "Oops, too late", he shrugged, "It was time for you to tell the world. "Oh shit", you sighed. The next day, 'Michael Clifford and the mysterious girl' were front page everywhere, the photo Ashton had taken attached.
  • Calum: You and Calum were enjoying the nice weather to go to the beach. The one problem was that you forgot that going out with Calum meant going out with paparazzis, and you really didn't want the world to see you in a bikini. "C'mon, (Y/N), it was your idea to come to the beach and now you don't want to go to the sea?", he questioned. "Yeah, I'm just kind of cold", you shrugged. "It's like a fucking oven right now!", he exclaimed and you shrugged, not moving. "Oh wait", he began, "You're not embarrassed of your body are you?". "Well", you shrugged. "Oh no, you're going into the sea right now", he started to walk closer to you. "Wait, Calum", you stood up and started to run away, only to have him chasing you. You couldn't go very far, seeing as his long legs caught up to you quite quickly. "Now we're going to the sea", he smiled proudly of himself and put on on his shoulder. "Calum! Put me down!", you started to laugh, hand in fists and hitting his back. "No way", he laughed as well. The picture of that moment was the one on The Sun the next day: 'Calum and girlfriend, (Y/N) (Y/L/N) enjoy a nice day on the beach.'.
Christmas Morning #1
  • Niall: You wake up to the sound of a loud crash. You look at the clock *4:30 a.m*. "What the hell is that boy up to?" You say to yourself as you walk into the living room.Nialls tangled in tinsel and Christmas lights while trying to balance a tree in the corner of your living room "what's going on babe?" He turns around quickly "Y/N!", obviously startled by you and forgetting to hold on to the tree it falls over landing on top of him and knocking him over. You giggle and lay next to him on the floor and kissing his forehead. "I was trying to make it just like the pictures you showed me...it was supposed to be a surprise. I ruined i..." You kiss him mid sentence "It's perfect Ni. I love you. Let's get this tree off you now." You both stand up and set tree in the corner and spend the rest of the morning cuddled on the couch watching Christmas movies and eating cookies that you had set out the night before. You thought to yourself "Best Christmas Ever."
  • Liam: You told liam that you didn't want anything for Christmas and you meant it, you were just happy that you finally got to spend some time alone together. You woke up and could smell something delicious when you realized that Liam wasn't next to you. You slipped on your slippers and ran to the kitchen. You expect breakfast but instead it was what looked like a buffet. Every single one of your favorite foods all over the place, it was a delicious mess. "Y/n! Good morning love." He turned around from the stove for a split second to give you a kiss on the forehead and then back to cooking. "Liam, what is all this? I told you that you didn't have to get me anything.." He smiled "I know, but I love you y/n. I want you to remember our first Christmas together so we can tell our kids someday. Now go sit down and I'll bring everything to you!" You went and sat on the couch and couldn't help but just smile and laugh at your adorable boyfriend trying to carry a million plates at once. He's a keeper.
  • Zayn: "y/n..baby..wake up, I have a suprise." You open your eyes to a smiling zayn laying on top of you and he is obviously giddy about something. "Come on! It's in the living room! Come on, come on, come on!" He's pulling you out of bed and not giving you anytime to adjust and wake up but you love to see him so excited so you get out of bed and follow him down the hall to the living room where you see your present. "Zayn..It's...it's beautiful." It's a painting, not any painting but a painting of you and him on the beach where you had first meet. "Do you really like it? If you don't I can get you something else, you just had said th.." You kissed "I love it more than you could imagine. This is the best gift you could have possible got me. I love you so much." You had told zayn months ago that you love when he paints and that you wished he would paint something happier. You thought he had forgot but apparently not. This kid knows you to well.
  • Louis: You woke especially early today, you love Christmas more than any other day and couldn't wait for the day to begin. "Lou! Louis! Lewis! Looouuuiiisss! It's Christmas! Get up!" You were sitting next to him on the bed bouncing up and down trying to get him out of bed. "What? Y/n it's to early..one more hour love." You began pulling his arms and messing with him "nooope! Come on cutie, it's only one day a year." He smirked and began getting out of bed. You stood at the bedroom door waiting for him so that you could go out at the same time and you could see his face when he saw his presents. You finally got him to come out of the room and as you walked down the hallway something was wrong, you couldn't see his presents anymore, you turned the corner and you stopped dead in your tracks. At first you were upset thinking all the presents had been stolen and then you saw on the wall there was a piece of paper and wrote on it was "Dear y/n, I know how much you love Christmas and so I wanted to make this one special, one you would never forget. You are the only person I need in my life, you're like a present I get everyday. So turn around so I can ask you to spend the rest of your life with me. Love, Louis." You turn around there he is on one knee with a ring in his hand. Let's just say, it wasn't a hard decision.
  • Harry: This is your first Christmas away from your family and your first one living in your new apartment with Harry. You were happy but something felt like it was missing. Living in England was great but you missed your family more than anything plus harry isn't home all the time due to the tour. You woke up and harry wasn't in the room, you looked around and found a beautiful dress,shoes, jewelry, and a note that told you to get ready to go. You did as it said thinking even though your family wasn't there you were still glad you had an amazing thoughtful boyfriend. You got ready and began to walk out of the room when harry grabbed you and covered your eyes right away, you laughed "what going on kid, you're going to mess up my makeup! Haha" he didn't say much and walked you to what you felt like was the living room. He uncovered your eyes and you immediately began to cry, he brought your family and your best friend all the way to England. "Harry.. I don't know how to thank you..you're the best boyfriend in the world." " I know how much you missed them and I know you said it was fine but I could tell this is what you really wanted y/n. I love you." You hugged everyone and then hugged harry and cried for a bit. You had the best Christmas and knew you would be having more with the same people for the rest of your life.
  • P.s. This was my first try so I'm sorry if it's not very good. If you have any you would like me to do for you I would more than love to! I also will do specially made preferences. Thanks for reading(:

So…today I went to see Hedwig again (matinee show) and as usual, Darren was beyond amazing. I saw him one month ago (May 16th) and the difference between that Hedwig and today’s Hedwig was mind blowing. I thought he couldn’t get any better, but I was soooo wrong. The last time my favorite song was Wicked Little Town (reprise), this time Midnight radio was THE song! Also, I finally witnessed the ‘Col-fur’ joke and I have to admit that I squealed with anticipation , obviously trying not to make it obvious since a lot of people didn’t know about it, and it’s amazing to see the reaction of the audience. (A huge *face palm* to that small group who already knew that the joke was coming and started to cheer before Hedwig even said it *sighs*). Anyways, there’s no much I can add about his sublime performance; I think I already said a lot when I saw him for the first time. He’s just pure perfection. So if you haven’t, please go and buy a ticket (any ticket is a good ticket, trust me on this) and go see the man do his job because he’s just brilliant in it.

Anyways, there’s something else I would like to share with all of you, it’s kind of personal so I’ll just put it under the cut so you don’t have to read the whole thing if you don’t want to. I’m sharing this with full authorization from the person directly involved in it and I’m doing it just because I think that sometimes with all the turmoil of seeing Darren almost naked every night and all the stage door pics, we forget the true meaning behind this show. Today I was an eyewitness of what this show can do for a person. 

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inspired by this post and also by a song and if you can guess it (It’s so obvious toward the end ok) points to you

You were finally thinking you were over Calum, sure you hadn’t gone through all your things and pulled his stuff out or deleted all the pictures or even gone into his music room. But you didn’t think of him as much as you used to. You kept yourself occupied to keep thoughts of him bubbling up. You were over him, which is why you’re currently sitting at your favorite bar in a booth with a your friend and boys sending drinks your way only for you to hand them off to a friend. You didn’t want to drink tonight.

Th  night is rolling smoothly until Calum shows up and approaches a girl sitting alone at the bar. You were drawn to him the moment he walked in and you couldn’t take your eyes away. Maybe coming here wasn’t such a good idea because you knew this bar was his favorite when he was off tour. How wee you supposed to know he’s off tour, though? Every time you empty your bottle another one is handed to you. You don’t even realize you’ve finished the first, or the third. You don’t even know what number you’re on now. Your mind was so rocky you didn’t know when you started drinking, only that it was after he arrived.

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Preference #57: Another One

Jack: You saw how they looked at one another. Those lingering stares of intrigue angered you so much you thought you might go mad. The other girl-Maureen-worked in the same office building as Jack; she carried this hippie, tree-hugging lifestyle around with her. He told you they met in the cafeteria there and began talking. You remembered how you both met: School cafeteria where you started talking. It bothered you. Instead of keeping the distant-acquaintance-relationship or a work relationship, Jack and her befriend one another. She enters the circle of friends. At first you didn’t mind, but you started noticing. He gave her too much attention, which she thrived in. You saw her flirtatious smiles, her trailing fingers going up his arm, and hearing her occasional shameless flirtation. Jack said nothing. He sometimes responded. This propelled you into being in his life more: You made your presence known to this girl by constantly stopping by the office, hardly leaving his side at parties, and kissing him as often as possible. You even started having sex with him more often. Jack thought nothing of your behavior. ‘Babe, I’m gonna be staying at the office a bit later today, alright?’ He told you early that morning. ‘What do you mean later? You stay there until 4am anyways.’ He laughed, ‘I know, but I mean, this time I’ll actually be working on something.’ ‘So, what have you been doing the other times you’ve stayed late?’ ‘Procrastinating as usual.’ Yes, with her. Maureen. ‘I suppose Maureen stays back with you, does she?’ ‘Well, she stops by on her way out of her office. Why?’ ‘Hm, nothing. Just…wondering, is all.’ He sensed the resentment in you. ‘Y/N…do you think Maureen and I have something going?’ ‘I may have a suspicion or two.’ Jack began laughing, ‘Oh baby. I would never even…why would you think I would? I love you far too much to think about anyone else at this point.’ ‘It’s…You look at her a lot. You don’t look at me like that anymore. She appeals to you because she’s all artsy and creative and pretty. She doesn’t work a silly, stuffy, nine-to-five corporate job, wear suits and have her hair pinned up all the time. She’s spontaneous and fun. I’m….I’m not. I tried being like that, but I can’t.’ ‘Is that why you’ve been acting so funny? You’re trying to be like her?’ ‘No, not like her, just…something you would like.’ Jack wrapped his arms around you and hugged you tightly. He kissed the top of your head, and then your lips. ‘You’re everything I like. You’re organized, sensible, grounded, and hardworking. Yeah, Maureen’s cool but her head’s like in the clouds most of the time; she’s always going on about animals, the environment and the government, which-don’t get me wrong are all super important-can turn into stale conversation. It’s like, when she realizes that I’m not interested, she starts flirting with me. I told her I have a girlfriend, so she sort of backed off.’ ‘So, you don’t mind me being a crazy workaholic?’ ‘Psh, I’m a crazy workaholic. Why would I mind another one? We can be workaholics together.’ He kissed you softly, nuzzling your nose a bit, and then took off.

Finn: ‘Why the hell did you do that?! I don’t recall Sarah doing anything to you.’ You couldn’t believe him. Leave it to Finn to turn everything on you. He’s the one sleeping with a hapless intern. Why was he taking it out on you? ‘Oh come on, Finn. I’m not stupid! I know what you’ve been doing with her behind my back!’ You walked into the living room, throwing your purse on the bed as you turned to a mirror. You saw the redness forming along your cheek, though thankfully the break in your bottom lip stopped bleeding. You hadn’t meant to hit the girl, though you couldn’t help yourself. She was so sleazy. ‘What are you talking about?!’ ‘You’ve been fucking that little bitch! I know you have! I see you two all the time! Talking and laughing and being a buddy-buddy together! The way she throws herself at you! ‘we should go hang out sometime, Finn’ ‘you’d really like this place Finn!’ ‘Oh, Finn, please leave your girlfriend and be my boyfriend forever and ever!’’ You mocked the intern in a high pitch, girly voice. He watched you go about the living room, your rage fueling your foot steps and hand gestures. ‘She fawns over you like a stupid school girl! It’s like she can’t help herself around you. She reminds me of those silly fan girls of yours that just HAVE to come up to you. They HAVE to have your picture. They HAVE to tell you how AWESOME you fucking are when they don’t know a thing about you! It’s pathetic! I’m sick of it! I’m sick of other girls all over you! I already compete with the rest of the world for your attention, the last thing I’d do is compete for it with an intern!’ He gazed at you. Finn remained silent as he walked towards you. Sadness filled his green eyes, the ones that can comfort you and arouse you with a single glance. He rung his arms around you; he hugged you to his chest and rested his head on your shoulder. You broke down in tears. All the pressure crashed down on you, making your injuries ache and sting a bit more. ‘You don’t have to compete with anyone. You’re the only woman in my life. I’m not seeing Sarah, I’m not seeing any fan girls. There’s nobody but you.’ You kissed him back. ‘I’m sorry. I just…It makes me crazy sometimes.’ ‘I know,’ He smirked, kissing you one more time, ‘Does this mean you’re going to apologize to her?’ ‘Pfft, no.’

Dan: ‘Darling, I’m telling you, there isn’t anyone else. You’re being crazy.’ 'I’m not being crazy, Daniel!’ You only called him Daniel in angry moments. He simply stared at you as you waved around your phone, displaying a picture of some girl kissing his cheek at a party. You’ll admit, you’re going a bit overboard about a cheek kiss, but can he blame you? He’s always gone nowadays. He stays out longer and he hardly calls you. He says it’s work, though you’ve had others ideas for a while. Now, this office party at the radio station, and this random woman kissing his cheek. It sent you raging. You threw things at him, you yelled accusations and insults his way and didn’t stop until even your phone screen cracked. In the end, Dan simply stared at you. 'Yeah, I’m not putting up with this behavior from you. You want to go be a jealous, crazy bitch, be my guest. Call me when you’ve gained your sanity back.’ He walked out of your apartment without a word. Dan always did that. He never liked being confronted with problems. You crashed down onto your sofa, your thoughts racing in your little break. You were crazy. Dan loved you. He’d never dare hurt you in such a fashion. You overreacted. In a few hours, you called Dan. You prayed you hadn’t completely ruined everything with your outburst. 'Hey gorgeous,’ He said. 'Hey…Listen, I wanted to talk to you about today. I’m…I’m really sorry. I shouldn’t have bursted out at you like that. You didn’t deserve it, and most of it wasn’t even because of you. I just…I love you so much and I hate the thought of losing you to another person.’ 'Sweetheart, you wouldn’t lose me to anybody. Why the hell would I leave somebody out of my league? There’s no way I’m ever getting a girl like you a second time; I’m not THAT lucky.’ He always made you laugh. 'And, it’s partly my fault for being so distant. I shouldn’t put you in the backseat like that…unless I plan on shagging you in the backseat…’ 'Dan!’ 'What? Just throwing that one out there, as usual.’

What Could Have Been, Chapter Twenty Four

A few years after the events in Neverland, a new spell has been created to finally send everybody home to the Enchanted Forest. Something goes awry, and this time it’s up to Killian to break the curse.

This is the final chapter, apart from the epilogue, and this makes me feel very nervous and emotional to post this. I hope you enjoy it x

Also available on ff.net and AO3.

Chapter Twenty Four

It didn’t matter that Emma could barely make out anything except for the shapes of her family as they watched her leave; she still took strength from that moment. They were here for her, here with her, and as she turned and took her first step into the forest, she took in a deep breath, feeling their support in every part of her.

She felt like she was walking into battle, and it wasn’t quite like she’d expected. She’d fought in battles before, both magical and physical, in this world and the other, but it didn’t feel the same. Adrenaline was pumping through her veins as though she was ready for a fight, but there was a nervous feeling in her stomach that made her feel like she could be sick any minute. This wasn’t a test of armies or physical skill, or even of magic. This was a test of deception, of strategy, and all she had to put her faith in was their plan, and themselves.

She felt like she could use a hell of a lot more armour. Instead, she was dressed in her most feminine riding dress, doing whatever she could to make herself look unthreatening. Any small effort counted, right?

Henry’s hand slipped into hers after a minute or so, and she looked up at him, a new kind of concern starting to eat away at her. Was she completely stupid to be doing this, to be letting him into this mess? He just met her gaze evenly, smiling at her reassuringly. Somehow, his touch seemed to be more to comfort her than to take comfort for himself, and she wondered when the hell he’d grown up so much.

Despite their solidarity, Emma could feel a tension in the air, a stillness. It was cold, the morning air bright to her tired eyes, but she wasn’t surprised that she’d barely been able to sleep the night before. There was so much that she had to say, to Henry, to Neal, so much to sort out, but now wasn’t the time for any of it. When she felt fingers curling around her free hand, though, she squeezed Neal’s back tightly, offering him a grim smile.

They were in this together.

They’d do what had to be done.

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Day 1: It was a midnight text and I wish I could go back to that moment. 

Day 14: You were so drunk you don’t remember seeing me, but I remember you.

Day 21: I could write 1,000 letters to you about the feeling you gave me that night.  

Day 25-40: Night after night spent doing anything but sleeping  by your side had me drifting into a future I craved with you.

Day41: Spontaneous trips to the country  for a weekend filled with concerts was the greatest gift you could have given me.

Day 42-44: 7am hangovers and cut open skin couldn’t have stopped me from loving you more than I did.

Day 54-58: The log cabin in the woods and days spent playing in the water made me wish time would stop just for one minute.

Day 59: I had 3 days before leaving.

Day 61: Our last night was spent on you wiping tears from my silent sobs, wishing we had more time together.

Day 62: I should have turned that car around before I even left.

Day 66-90: Some mornings I would wake up holding my pillows so hard my knuckles were white, hoping one day they would turn into you.

Day 91: “Im moving to New Zealand.”

Day 130: The inconsistent silence hurt more than anything else ever would.

Day 147: You asked if I was home for Thanksgiving, you told me you were excited to see me.

Day 154: Was that all you needed from me? The one night 2am refresher?

Day 162: “Don’t ever fucking talk to me again.”

Day 163-176: The hole in my heart made it hard to capture my breath whenever I heard your name.

Day 177: Im sorry for texting you and apologizing, I knew you wouldn’t reply.

Day 185: I saw you while driving past your neighborhood, Im sorry for crying. 

Day  186: That plane took you to a place further away than we could recover from.

Day 209: The only reason you texted me was for work.

Day 229: 8 men touched the places you had, but your hands had burned me and I could still feel the pain.

Day 256: You sent me a picture of us, we used to be so in love. 

Day 279: I accidentally got sent a picture of you fucking another girl, thanks for that.

Day 280: I spent the rest of my trip sick in bed, I told my friends it was food poising but I was too sad to do anything.

Day 294: You got a new phone and said you needed contacts, but apparently you already had mine when I texted you; I still wonder if it was memorized.

Day 305: “I miss you” with no reply.

Day 314: Happy Birthday my love, why do you hurt me so bad?

Day 326: We were both home again, and you said we should hangout sometime. Do you even know what that did to me?

Day 329: Fuck you for inviting me to hangout and then never following through.

Day 334-345: Random hookup after the next, Im sorry I feel in love with you all over again, I couldn’t help myself.

Day 347: Your excuse was that you wouldn’t be a good boyfriend, but the truth was that you got scared and you were too much of  coward to say it to my face.

Day 362: You wanted to catch up, I should have told you to shove it where the sun doesn’t shine. 

Day 365: Happy One Year. It could have been a real anniversary. 

Day 400: You invited me to a party and I went but had to leave because I couldn't let you see me cry.

Day 409: Our concert weekend once again, but this time I was still in love and you were not.

Day 433: I finally stood up for myself, I wish I had done it sooner.

Day 498: I don’t know why we went to a Halloween Party together but it was the worst decision I have ever made.

Day 533: You said that somehow you managed to get over me but the worst thing was that I had never felt anything you did in the process.

Day 549: Our last hookup.

Day 588: We talked about going camping this summer, I have no fucking clue why.

Day 609: I took a pregnancy test, don’t worry your life isn't over. I can’t believe you were so sweet about it. 

Day  610: Thanks for the birthday wish. 

Day 623: Today. I saw you at school and my entire brain stopped working. I couldn’t breathe and I couldn’t think and I had to call my mom laughing hysterically so I wouldn’t cry. I miss you so much even if I tell my friends I’m getting over you. I hope some day in the future we can be extraordinary again.

—  1 year, 8 months, 13 days/ 623 days/89 weeks/14,952 hours/897,120 minutes/53,827,200 seconds and counting since you changed my life 
377. Articles
  • Harry: As soon as you walked into the house and made eye contact with Harry you felt a tension in the air. You took your heals off and walked over to Harry who was on his phone reading through Twitter not obtaining anything he was reading. His eyes continued to scan the screen ignoring your presence until he threw his phone onto your lap. "do you think I am dumb?" He asked after your eyes skimmed over the headline which read '[Y/N] spotted with a hot boy who isn't Harry Styles.' You shake your head at the nonsense displayed on the screen. "You honestly have to be kidding me Harry. Are you believing is garbage?" You asked locking his phone and putting it on the side table. "I see no reason not to since you aren't denying it." He says crossing his arms. "Babe, this is the same website that started the rumor that Zayn was actually a transgender." You laughed and he didn't seem to amused by your poking fun at the website. "babe, I would never cheat on you." You sighed standing up trying to show your assertiveness to the boy who towered over you. "Pictures don't lie [Y/N]." He stated anger beaming through his green eyes. "your right those photos aren't lying because I'm hugging my fucking cousin you complete dumb ass! Remember he came to visit like 3 months ago and he literally stayed in the house." You said raising your voice at the end of each sentence. His face dropped in embarrassment, he should have realized the all too familiar face of your cousin in the picture. "Damnit baby, I'm sorry." He almost whispered to you, defeat in his voice as he uncrossed his arms. "Yeah, you should be." You said crossing your arms. "If anyone, I thought you would know not to trust everything you see on the media." He wrapped his arms around you in attempt to hug you. "I know that was just so dumb. I'm so sorry." He mumbled into your neck. "It's okay. Just ask me first and let me explain, okay?" You said uncrossing your arms. "deal." He snickered.
  • Niall: He was fine all morning, the night before replaying in his mind as he got dressed to go to band practice as you slept in the bed, which he wished he could still be in. When you woke up alone you couldn't stop thinking of last night and sent a few cheeky texts to Niall. He didn't answer but he did open them so you just assumed he was too busy to reply. You clean up around the house for a while the stared to cook dinner as Niall came home. He marched his way to your shared bedroom as soon as he saw you. You brushed it off but once the meal was done and you didn't hear a noise from upstairs you decided you should go check on Niall. As you walked into your room you saw your blond boyfriend spread eagle on the bed with his head buried into the pillow, face down. "Baby, dinner is ready." You whispered, he answered with a hiccuped breath. "Babe is everything okay?" He didn't answer. "Ni, baby turn around and talk to me." He turned his head and you were greeted with blood shot eyes and tear stained cheeks. "Whats the point of me even being in the band." You cocked your eyebrow at him. "There's a rumor that I left the band and some fans are like happy about it." He sobbed "I'm not good enough am I?" He asked as he chocked out another sob. "Nialler, you shouldn't let the fans get to you like this. You shouldn't read the negative stuff, you and I both know you deserve to be where you are more than anyone else. So don't let a few fans with the clear unpopular opinion ruin your day." I said as I slid my hand up his shirt to scratch his back lightly. "It just hurts, yanno." You continued your scratching as he continued to rant. "You probably think this big man who dominated last night is so sensitive and weak." He said after his rant fully rolling over. "oh no baby, your sensitive side turns me on so much." You said causing him to chuckle. "There's that smile I love to see." You said kissing his cheek and running your finger along his stomach. "Now come eat, and forget about what those dumb girls say." You said kissing his temple. "God I love you." He mumbled as you walked away.
  • Zayn: You were fuming as you sat there waiting for your best friend to arrive back at your shared flat. The hook up in your car made you want to break everything that he owned in this house. You stared at the paused tv screen which showed Zayn laying with a girl in the white Mercedes Benz that your father gave you and you still owned. You were not really mad that he took your car without your permission it was more about the fact that he slept with some random girl in the car. You looked at the picture of you and Zayn standing with Mickey and Goofy at Disney World which you flipped faced down. Even looking at his photographed face made you want to knock yourself out with a rock. Another hour rolled by before you heard a few masculine laughs that wasn't his and then heard him tell his company he will meet them upstairs. He strolled into the main room and looked at the screen which is almost impossible to ignore. "Whatcha doing [Y/N]?" Zayn giggled at the screen. "You think this is funny?" You asked, anger evident in your voice. "you think stealing my car and sleeping with a random girl is funny?" You were now standing, meeting eye to eye with Zayn. "You don't re-" you didn't give him time to finish his sentence. "That's my car Zayn and just because you are some famous person now doesn't mean you get to dick around with whatever you like!" You yelled. "[Y/N] calm down." He said putting his hands up in defense. "how dare you tell me to calm down!" You were so angry, your eyes were budging out of your head. Zayn took the yelling for a few more minutes until he finally interrupted you. "that's you!" He yelled, causing you to stop. "what?" You asked clearly confused. "that was after Niall's party, you got shit faced so I brought you to the car and laid with you. See, you can see your pink dress with the black bottom." He pointing to the dress that was clearly yours. You covering your mouth, hating yourself for everything you just said to him. "I love you [Y/N], you're my best friend. I would never do anything like that... Especially in your car." He said smirking at you. "I love you too Zayn, and I'm sorry I just lost my head." You signed wrapping your arms around his waist as he immediately swallowed you in a hug. "It okay, you were jealous." He giggled. "I was not jealous!" You said hitting his chest. "it's okay, I get jealous sometimes too." He said letting you go and retreating to his friends.
  • Liam: He was wrapped up in your arms sobbing, all the articles about his break up and the whole scandal tore him to pieces. His most recent girlfriend admitted to cheating on him more than once the night before their 2 year anniversary, this day was more than 3 months ago. The media just caught up with the news and having the whole incident thrown back in his face made his heart hurt more than anything. He thought he found the girl of his dreams, he was ready to spend the rest of his life with her, but she evidently had different plans. Soon enough he calmed himself down and tried to rid his eyes of tears. "It kills me, just thinking about it." He sighed keeping his head in the crook of your neck as you two continued to lay down. "Thank you for always being there." He said kissing you neck lightly and looking up to you. "Anytime Liam." You smiled as you traced the tattoo on the forearm that lays across your body. You loved Liam, always has and always will. You two grew up as neighbors and vowed to stay friends right before his first audition for the X-Factor. "[Y/N], do you think I will ever meet the right girl?" He questioned causing you to chuckle. "There are so many girls out there, and one day you will find the perfect girl and live in a little suburban area with your million dollar record label and pet chihuahua." You joked causing him to spit out a laugh. "And if all else fails we live together and grow happily old together with Mr. Whiskers and a tall glass of whiskey." The tears were completely gone and substituted with his infectious laugh. "Part of me wishes she never told me yanno, I mean sure I've read the articles over the past few months but I never thought they would be true." He said crossing his arms. "She really got me." The room fell silent as we watched the ceiling fan spin. "Liam, you deserve the world, and don't you ever forget that." You whispered. "I promise I won't." He smiled his eyes shifted close.
  • Louis: Louis was currently sitting across from you with his arms crossed. The stare down between you two was so intense that you could feel it in your bones. "This is a waste of my time." You said standing up and going to walk away. "isn't everything?" He questioned. "what's that supposed to mean?" You snarled biting your lip. "According to everyone I'm a waste of your time." He said pulling the box of death sticks out of his pocket. "and apparently these are more worth it." You gasped at the box of cigarettes that now sit in front of you on the table. "You and I both know those aren't mine." You use to smoke, a lot more than your average teenager should, but you went cold turkey last year on your 20th birthday. In no way was that your decision but Louis wanted you to, so you did. "This box may not be yours, but this is exact type of cigarettes which were in your hand when these pictures were taken." He slid his phone across the table. You scoffed at the picture and read through the article that claimed that you've been smoking since you were 14 and the article stated that you had no intention of stopping. "You know what these things can do to you [Y/n], are you trying to die?" He asked. "I can't even bare the thought of having to lose you, and I read all these tweets and see all these photos of you smoking it makes me sick." He was now squeezing the bridge of his nose. You had no idea why he was getting so bent about this. "Louis I haven't smoked in a year, and not to mention this picture was taken before I even met you." You explained sliding the phone back at him. "So next time know your facts before you come to question me and stress yourself out." You then threw the pack of cigarettes back at him and walked away.
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