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Can You Hear Me? (Prison Break/Reader)

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You held the phone to your chest for a moment before putting it back to your ear. He spoke clearly over the phone, “Y/N…did you hear me?”

“Yeah Linc…I heard you.” You nodded putting your free on your desk.”

“We need your help…Micheal…needs your help.” He spoke over the phone.

“Does he know you’re asking?” You spoke slowly shutting your eyes.

“…No, but you know he won’t ask and we need…we need someone honest on this. Someone who doesn’t need a deal to get the job done.” Lincoln explained, “Please…”

“Does he know…” You had to stop, “Does…he know…about…”

“No, I never told him.” He sighed, “This isn’t about that…You helped him. You were the first person to really accept him and see what he does as being a gift not a waste.”

You sighed looking across the cubicals at your superior, “I do have some time off…you’re sure this is simple?”

“I’m not sure of anything anymore…” He sighed, “Will you help us?”

You sighed and started filling out the paper work for a leave of absence, “You’re a bad man Lincoln Burrows…I’m going to need some assurances too.”

“Text me what you need to happen and I’ll make the demands. I’ll text you the address to meet us at after I settle it up.” You could hear the smile in his voice, “Thank you…and if you can bring anything you think might help…”

“You know I wasn’t in the field that long right?” You smirked a little, “It’s been seven years.”

“Yeah, but I think you’ll still know some tricks. You were always good at collecting useful things.” He told you smirking, “Listen I gotta go. We’ll see you soon.”

“Who was that?” Linc looked at Micheal approaching with Sarah.

“LJ…” He took a deep breath lying to his brother, “Just checking in before we can’t…”

Micheal nodded, “We just need to get the list together and Self will make sure we have it all. We’ve got the evening to just…breath for a second.”

“Right…” Linc nodded watching them walk off hand in hand. He hoped he made the right choice bringing you in. He may not have the brains like his brother did, but he knew an asset when he saw one.

Later that day after getting your demands, simple ones at that, he called Self up getting the normal song and dance before he agreed to everything. He took a deep breath before sent the text to you with the address and just hoped that you would actually show up.

I'm shook

Madi dies y'all….I cried, I died. I the fits and tantrums and I’m pretty sure the police going be knocking on my door any minute since I’ve been yelling and screaming my ass off. I’m not gone lie it was set up the whole episode. The more I saw Eleanor and Madi bonding the feeling just got nauseous. I knew Eleanor was a goner but Madi!!!! Annnnnnddd then my brain reasserted itself. What gave it a way is it’s anticlimactic end. It’s felt too…cirmcimstance. We see her get hit on the head and then it’s all about Eleanor. Even when they were bonding it seemed more like closure for her. And then her last parting words of advice about going somewhere with your love. Hmmmm too much foreshadowing and set up just for it to end like that. You just see Eleanor go Madi and then dragged herself out. No telling how long she’d been out there. And they are ying and yang to each other this season. Awww and Madi gave us her answer which fed into my initial hysteria but I have literally watched it 6 times now and confident she could easily have woken from her head wound and escaped just the opposite direction. And why did Flint need 5 men? 3 would have been sufficient but I feel for the bruh cause it was totally not his fault but man oh man is he so FUCKED. Whatever love existed died a savage and painful death. Damn it got me more than I thought it would cause I know she alive and it wasnt Flint’ s fault but man did Billy’s prophecy come true. And hit home even more that it was her contribution to maintain the alliance by putting herself in harm that have Flint the troops they need. This is rough. And Flint know it ain’t right that it’s not supposed to go down like that but he’s bout to be So giddy over getting his dream come true he’s not going to notice Hands getting in that ear. Did you SEE Silver’s face after Flint touched his shoulder???? That look was terrifying. It was like an inward fringe of disgust but he is in straight self loathing mode. He made a choice and he thinks as a result it led to Madi dying. I worried about this. Silver being the one to push the friendship and asked her to trust Flint and he knew last episode she was risking herself for what he is now viewing as Flint s war. He thinks this is his fault and that makes him even more lethal because he don’t give a fuck. He ain’t bout to give no fucks at all. The reaction though. First Flint’s when Eleanor told him Madi was dead. There was genuine sadness and that quickly turned to fuuuuuccccckkkkkk. I haven’t been able to fathom that Flint is afraid of LJS more than anything. I saw that fear for the first time in that scene. Then when he walked in the camp, poor man looked ready to pass out. I mean the man just confessed his worst fear to you and now it happened. I almost wish he had someone else drop the bomb. But I know it’s his homey but SILVER’S FUCKING FACE OMG I FELL OFF MY BED ONTO THE FLOOR AND ROLLED AROUND. THEN THAT STUMBLE. HE WAS ABOUT TO COLLAPSE. And timing you dumb as shit that I wish would die. I mean you could tell no one have a shit. Everyone clearly knows. Dammmnnnn Gunn knew????? And Silver’s look when he mentioned her name. He was like what the fuck is wrong with your. Her name is too precious to be coming out your mouth. When he said “its over” y'all I swear to God I was over. I was dead inside. And when I saw Flint open the door and saw his beautiful blue eyes a red and puffy from crying hdidmjsmckhsic8wmdpandvdks…they got darker and again when he said not his fault and he was just frozen and numb I wanted to die all over again. He didn’t get to say goodbye, he didn’t even get to bury her. Ugh and when we walked up to Queen Mother and I thought Silver was going to tell her I just yelled cause my heart couldn’t Fucking take anymore. I love that Madi admitted she loved Silver to Eleanor. Such a thing you tell a sister. Will get a second post out about their scenes too. Now I alllllreeeeaddddyyyyy KNOW people going be freaking out and reverting back to Max is LJS wife or he marries all other random African woman I’m not trying to hear it. Madi is alive until this Fucking show end. I won’t even respond and I don’t even mean that to be rude I just ain’t with the drama and this is the type of things in a show that feed some serious negativity especially in shipping wars. I will block yo ass and move on. On a happier shipper note LJS

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Hello. I just saw that post you reblogged (about LJ days)! Can I ask what that is about?

People just always claim that fandom is a lot wankier now, and that’s not really true. It’s just done differently. I miss the good old LJ days as much as any fandom dinosaur, but there were definitely issues. They simply weren’t as in your face, what with tagging and direct reblogging and all that stuff that Tumblr employs. And that’s what this post is talking about. How it’s simply different now and made to feel a lot more personal/confrontational.

I reposted because I’d like it if people stopped claiming our fandom/pairing has gone to shit. It hasn’t. Personally I sit in a corner with a ton of lovely people, lots of enthusiasm and a hell of a lot of FUN. If your (not you personally, anon, just a general you) dash is full of negativity and fighting, I suggest unfollowing or blocking those people or leaving those FB groups or whatever. That might make it easier to see the rest of what’s going on. :)

The Vampire Diaries: Evensong Part II (Bamon)

Stefan Salvatore- Number ONE shipper of Bamon.

He even thinks mentioning Damon’s soft spot for Bonnie was a very sensitive touchy topic “sacred”.

And Damon froze when he saw the clear projection of Bonnie’s face in Stefan’s mind.

Damon just can’t deny that he was indeed keeping an eye on Bonnie too and it must’ve irritated him since his comeback was to fight Stefan.

And see! Even Matt could see it!

Gahhh, why can’t Damon himself admit this to himself too?

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Ahhh I just saw one of your anons mention LJ/GQMF and they must have been a part of ontd_startrek and I was too and IT WAS WONDERFUL. The summer of 09 was a magical time for pinto and AOS fandom as a whole. The party posts. The walking posts. The memes! I've seen a few people occasionally mention it or tag posts with GQMF or something and it's always like ohhhh you were one of us. I wish Tumblr could have more of a sense of community like that. That comm still exists. I wish it was still active.

It SOUNDS like a magical time, and I wish I could have been there to experience it! I was on LJ at the time, but involved in other fandoms, so I’m familiar with party posts, etc. and I miss those days a lot too. (Although I also ultimately ended up ultimately leaving LJ and taking a long break from fandom due to bad and unfun fandom wank…..but tbh even that was pretty tame compared to some of the wank I see on tumblr now, so…yes. Halcyon days indeed.)

I want to believe that tumblr at its best can still have some of that! On Pinto de Mayo, for example, fandom usually really comes alive and the sense of community makes a comeback, so clearly it is possible, maybe just a little harder as compared to LJ. I think there was also more of a community feel back in 2014, when people were really engaging on the Pinto Kink Meme and fan creations were frequently spun off into new headcanons and discussions. I’m not sure why that changed, but my theory is that because it takes more work to interact on tumblr, people just get fatigued and stop trying. Btw I am not getting on my soapbox here. I’m guilty of it too. It’s tiring when you have to reach out to people one by one and there’s not centralized location to have a discussion. When some new piece of Pinto news comes out, it’s easier to just consume it and then move on, because it’s not like there’s an easy way to have a fandom-wide confab about it anyway–the only option is to have something meaningful to say about it on your own blog which then might generate more ideas and inspiration for others, and that takes much more time and work than just clicking the reblog button. I’m not sure if it’s a fixable problem as long as we’re all on tumblr and it takes extra work for the same amount of payout. 

ANYWAY, sorry this got long-winded, but I was actually just taking to someone about this last night so I have a lot of thoughts on it, haha.

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S, do you still love Jesy? I still remember your lj icon of her boobs tbh

okay lemme tell you: a of all that’s still my main lj icon i think? second of all me and @jessimond went to go see little mix open for ariana grande in april and from the second i saw her on stage i am PRETTY SURE i yelled “SHE’S SO HOT I THINK I’M DYING” (or something to that effect) right in jessi’s ear. also i started actually crying about it. to address the other components of love beyond sheer carnal physical adoration, i still love her very much a lot IN GENERAL too. my funny beautiful hot sweet girl who is so bizarrely convinced fans think her and perrie hate each other??? 

THAT SAID my love is the kind of love where i also fully respect that she and perrie are wife and wife and in deep romantic love with each other. im so proud of them my babes <33

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1. Hi, I'm sorry to be nosy and of course don't answer this if you don't want to, but what has your journey through your sexuality been like? Because way back on lj you said you had a husband, and now you and wizzard890 legit are in love (congrats!) and living together and it's not just you jokingly referring to your best friend as your girlfriend. And I just saw in your tags in that you've experienced some of what's happened in couples where one partner was asexual and the other was allosexual.

2. So, not that it’s any of my business, but do you regard yourself as biromantic and asexual? I’m just really interested in how people deal with their sexual and romantic identities and relationships because I don’t think these things get talked about enough and taught well to people who need it.

Hi! You’re not being nosy. Yes, I am biromantic and asexual! My journey through my sexuality has been, um, not very satisfying, I guess. When I was a teenager, I fell in love with a guy, racked a bunch of ‘firsts,’ and figured, you know, I guess I’m straight. I mean, I wasn’t that into the physical stuff, but I was 15 and having So Many Emotions, so I dived into it. When it was only meh, I figured that was just because…you know, I was 15, and neither of us knew what we were doing.

Then I fell in love with one of my female friends. She was straight, though, so I just had to sit on it. But I wasn’t sure what to make of it, because–I didn’t want to touch her naked-style? So I was like…am I just really really really in friend-love with you? I keep looking at your boobs, but that’s normal, right? I mean, who doesn’t occasionally sneak a glimpse down their same-sex friends’ shirts. Or make up excuses to run their fingers through their hair. Or feel their heart pound when they snuggle up at a sleepover.

This all sounds mega gay now, but the thing is–I didn’t want to do anything about it. I liked having all of those feelings, but to me there was just no connection between that and wanting to have sex. And I didn’t know that some people could have different romantic and sexual attractions! So I was just like. ????? Am I straight???? Am I bi???? Am I gay and repressed?????? why is the sex I’m having not any fun? 

I kept sleeping with guys because it was just…you know…easy. Like, dick is everywhere. It is easier to let dick into your life than keep it out, and I liked these guys. Sometimes I had serious feelings for them. Sometimes I just wanted to see if sex would feel right this time. People said that maybe I was tense, and that’s why I wasn’t getting into it, so I slept with good friends who I trusted, I got giggly-drunk, I went to weird costume sex parties where everyone looks so ridiculous you can’t feel uptight…none of that worked. This is something I don’t hear ace people talk about publically that much, but anecdotally I think it must happen a lot: a lot of aces really slut it up for a while! Because what am I doing wrong? Do I just have a weird fetish I don’t know about?? Am I only into threesomes??? Maybe casual sex will work?? no??? okay what about something kinky?? no????

It was like my vagina was a damn Rubik’s cube. What arcane, bullshit combination of factors would make me actually want to sleep with someone?

By that point I was in my early twenties, and I fell in love and got married. I’m not gonna really go into that because I think he still checks my blog sometimes, but sexually it was a really bad match. I finally realized that I just didn’t like sex. He felt hurt and rejected, understandably. I wanted to talk to him, to figure out some way he could get what he needed in a way that wouldn’t leave me feeling miserable, but he closed off and didn’t want to talk about it. I felt guilty and ashamed for being “broken.” We had sex anyway, for a few years, and I hated it, and resented him for initiating it. He decided the problem was that I didn’t find him attractive anymore, and withdrew even more. He wasn’t comfortable talking about sex, and I wasn’t comfortable having sex.

So yeah, eventually that was that. The sex stuff wasn’t the only thing that killed the relationship, but it was a big part of it. 

But with my girlfriend now, things could not be more different. She knew I was ace before we got together, and she told me she was fine with that. She’s a lesbian, romantically and sexually, but she has a pretty low sex drive. And we have a good sexual connection! I mean–we have really solid, open communication about sex, and we’ve found ways of connecting sexually in ways that don’t involve having sex. It takes some creativity, and compromise on both our parts, but she’s satisfied, and I feel safe and respected. And I know that if she ever wasn’t satisfied, she’d bring it up and we’d talk about it and figure something out. 

tldr: the whole journey of discovery was a huge drag that involved having a lot of sex that I hated and feeling broken and undeserving of love for a long time. But I’ve ended up in a good place. Hopefully hearing me go on and on about all this will shorten the trip to “a good place” for somebody else.

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Firstly, u don't have to be so condescending & I actually ship Rose/Ten & Eleven/Clara. I just respect canon!! AlsoI was just curious since I really love ur blog & saw ur last ask. Secondly, I LOVED the commentary & never said he DIDN'T love her, I just don't think he loved her MORE. Rose crossed worlds to be with her Doctor again ye the still sent her to live the life he couldn't give her with someone else bc he didn't want to see her die... He saw River die, and "she is always there to him."

Hey Nonny. OK first off — your ask really read to me like an Eleven/River shipper who was denigrating Ten/Rose, and I do believe my response was commensurate with the overall theme of what came across to me. Lord knows I’ve seen that before, on here and on LJ. That said, of course I didn’t mean to patronise you, so if I did then my apologies.

I’ll address the last part of this Ask first — regarding Eleven witnessing River’s death. Since my response was at 2:30am, there were of course a couple of things that are Huge Deals to me that I left out, and this is actually one of the biggest. Ironic, no? In short — and I know you’ve doubtless heard this before, and from people far more eloquent than myself, so I won’t soapbox — what else exactly was Eleven supposed to do?  You’re right—he saw her die. He SAW it. And in a context where she was intimating “handcuffs” and “rawrrrr tiger”. He’s the keeper of the universe— the only thing between the universe and doom on a daily basis. Paradoxes are a nono. And here’s this woman—and she’s intimating quite a relationship between the two of them. What exactly is he supposed to do?

So let’s play a game for a minute, Nonny - please humor me, even though I know you ship them. Pretend for a minute that he DOESN’T love her. That all he does is tolerate her. That maybe he knows she loves him and finds that endearing, but that’s really the extent of it. That his role as keeper of the universe means he needs to marry her, bed her, and then knowingly send her to her death, and he feels really guilty about that bc he’s the Doctor and he’s got a conscience, and she’s an innocent.

… how different would it look on our screens than what we actually got?

My response to this exercise is that it would look the exact same as what we got. Because really, canonically, that’s all we got. Someone who reblogged my earlier response phrased it excellently in their tags (not calling them out unless they want me to - in that case, lemme know and I’ll edit this with your username lol) — for the Doctor/River relationship to be seen as romantic at all, it needs to almost entirely rely on the viewer’s headcanon. Which is fine— but headcanon is not canon, and there is a wide gulf there that a lot of us (a **lot** of us) are not ever going to feel comfortable jumping.

And therein I think lies the difference between you and me, Nonny. And that’s cool, but it is a difference.

OK now back to Rose. You’re right, Ten didn’t want to watch her ~wither and die~. That’s hugely traumatic for him, obviously, and in that way, you’re right—part of the reason he left her on Bad Wolf Bay in JE was very selfish.

Yet she’s the “love of his life” per Tennant in The Runaway Bride confidential. He lost her. He can’t get her back - it would be a paradox!! And as we’ve discussed above, he can’t do that. But he runs towards her on the street in TSE/JE, Nonny, with that smile on his face from ear to ear, running as hard as he can—- and in that moment, there is no paradox. The universe is being kind to him. And when he’s shot and collapses and thinks he’s dying, he falls with her name on his lips. And he has every eventuality open to him, even when TenToo comes into being — he could take them both! Or he could ditch TenToo and just take her along. He could do anything he wants to—and, just a couple of episodes later, in Waters of Mars, doesn’t he prove that he’s capable of just that line of thought?? (Btw, it’s Tennant’s head canon per that confidential that Ten’s first thought was totally “how do I get Rose back and stop that dalek from shooting me in the street?”)

But then he does something selfless. He gives her the best part of himself. A part she wants, who can give her a lifelong commitment. He lets her keep her family. And he does it knowing he will sacrifice her and never see her again. Because that’s a big part of what love is— it’s about sacrifice for the other person.

And for whom did the Doctor—any regeneration—sacrifice the most over the past few seasons? In terms of having to regenerate in s1, in terms of overall time spent mourning in s3, in terms of risking heartbreak for fleeting happiness in s2 and having his happiness forfeited in s4 and the specials—that’s Rose. Only Rose. Nine and Ten’s entire character arc was Rose.

And I don’t want to rehash my previous post more than necessary, but that’s a huge—huge—difference between Rose and River.

Seoul Fan Meeting 10 Sept 2016

Note: Please do not repost this outside tumblr. If you want to share it elsewhere, please just share the link. Thanks. I did not check the recordings and I just relied on my one week old memory when I typed this. There can be errors in my recall.

I have struggled in my heart for like a month- to go or not to go, since the FM was announced. I couldn’t go to Korea for more than 63 hours because of work problems, it would be so tiring and I couldn’t get tix on yes24 on the first day, together with all the bad things that happened in the week when I wanted to go. And then all the what-ifs in my heart after I decided not to go… Seeing Kang Chul weekly made it worse. And it looped over and over in my head until the end of August when i finally decided, ok, I would go and asked my colleagues for the day off back… I am so sorry for all the troubles I have caused.

My seat was far away from the stage, and this year, the hall is so much bigger and with the lighting, LJS was practically just a bright dot in my eyes. I was sitting near the back last year but I could see his face clearly with my eyes, this year, he was just a bright dot. However, even with that and someone screaming like crazy non-stop right next to me… Seoul FM is still the best. LJS is not good in languages, not that this is any secret, but that is a fact, and he got stage fright. Even though I can only understand about 60% of what he said with the screaming right next to me (the Korean fan sitting right next to me kept screaming and shouting throughout the FM) and my far-far-from-good Korean listening, it feels really warm to be there. He is much more comfortable in talking in Seoul compared with other FMs, and the noona MC is the same one in all these years, she knows him and she can get him to talk and she can understand him. I remember there was a moment when she asked him something, and he didn’t reply anything, she said something like, “I am not a mind-reader, you need to say something before I can translate it.” (She didn’t really mean translation, but she would try to elaborate after he said a few words and ask him questions to lead the interview along.) When LJS was just stuck there without an answer, I was thinking, haha, this is so Jong Suk. A non-fan would probably be demanding for the money back, but I think it is so cute and so him.

@rainy9 and I guessed the guest might be Yoon Kyun Sang before the FM, I was surprised when Zion T appeared singing JS’ fav songs. Haha, but then later YKS did really appear, and that fan girl who was selected to be on stage by the game was so lucky hahaha. The screaming for YKS was so much louder compared to that for Zion T. How unfair it is for Zion T… He should be much more famous. LOL

It just feels so good to see them together. YKS and LJS. Seeing JS with his friends made me feel warm and fuzzy, like how it feels like when I saw his instagram updates yesterday with YKS and LSK. Only more so when you were there in person. 

Some of the things I would like to record down from the FM. The scene when the Oh Sung Moo and KC first met in the real world, initially it was like an episode’s length, but they cut it. (I checked out the script last night, it was in ep 6 and that scene stretched for almost 2/3 of that ep.) And he often practises his lines with his friend Park Key Joon (his friend as YJ). MC asked him to try doing one of the scenes from the drama and after a short pause to choose which scene to do, he did the lines from bathroom scene in Ep 3, he said he could still recall the lines because he is the type who needs to memorise the script well before filming. And he rates his look 3 out of 10 and his acting in W 8 out of 10. And he needs to get fat with the new upcoming movie. And when he mentioned his close friends, he included YKS, KWB and PKJ. He drinks with YKS. He said he could drink a lot before getting drunk because he could still remember things after drinking a lot, but noona MC told him if he feels dizzy etc, he is already drunk. I remember the one and only time I got drunk and I asked my friend the same thing why I could remember and think clearly when I felt this dizzy, I should not be able to remember if I am drunk right? LOL

Of course the best thing for going to FMs is being there with friends. @rainy9 whom I have known for so long and we think alike on many things, but just meeting her for the first time, @hitoritabi who lives just one metro station away from me, but we meet more in Seoul than here where we live lol, sobaniitezutto​ who shares so much JS memory with me, and we just didn’t have enough time to chat this time, and rainyfox​ whom I met for the first time, you draw amazing fanart and I feel really touched by the messages on your ins, I should have chatted with you more, hope we will meet each other again!

And we ended our day by going to see the place where Kang Chul jumped off the bridge. It was just so much fun with you all.

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I send you this last night "I think my messages didn't send, i'm sorry, the reception here sucks. The letter is definitely not from JHell, that was all PR team. They are waking up. So sad, 3 weeks later. But now is when the real fun starts, we need to be more than loud, they are gonna start to speak and try to interact with you, all of this because Wcon they need to know how is going to be out there. So guys, be careful with what you said." See? Make the connection. - LJ

Reminder: This is not a confirmed source!

I actually saw this one yesterday. I thought I had replied to it but I just looked and I didn’t. My bad!

PR is kicking in and we need to do the same. If they’re actually getting some real PR in here we need to be twice as smart and go three times as hard or they’re going to kill this. 

Pinocchio 06 - Fluffy fluff!

The Fantastic Four are together!

No serious commentary here today, just fun stuff~ 

1. Dalpo being the darling of the police station was surprising, given that he can feel like a misanthrope sometimes. From small things like him buttering up the police officers or later taking a video of the CCTV, we can see that he treads a slightly dangerous line where he has no particular regard for rules when it comes to getting news.

2. Beomjo, don’t you dare steal Uncle’s egg yolks. Creepy mom aside, Beomjo’s dorkiness is finally warming me up to him. Took him four episodes but we are getting there. I particularly liked his stunned (ಠ_ಠ) expression when he saw Dalpo-Inha in the reporter resting room. And I would just like to say if two guys like KYK and LJS came to ask me for news, I wouldn’t need to be bribed with food… JUST SAYING.

3. Speaking of that, who knew on-call rooms can be so romantic! God, my heart raced so much when Dalpo took care of Inha. When no one is watching, he let himself express the affection – every little movement, stroking her face, brushing her hair, even the little tightening of his fingers when he covered her up in a blanket. You can imagine this is how he always took care of her… *__* Plus, there is really nothing quite like when Jongsuk decides to turn on the love in his eyes. You buy it. You buy all of it. /hugs self

4. On-call rooms can also be disgusting. (Ew smacking a cockroach and then eating with the same hand.) There is a lot of reporter language today, and the 24-style countdown worked for me. It certainly gave me more urgency feelings than any episode of DS ever did.

5. Ahn Chan Soo is married, and completely unmoved by Inha nowadays. I like that Park Hye-ryun just got rid of a loveline without fuss. Don’t need more lovelines messing up the fun.

6. Already spazzed a lot about Inha, but it must be said… love her deadpan reaction at her own hiccups. She even took the button back afterwards – just woop, thought I was over you but turns out I ain’t kthxbye. Luff. Her. Her kissing Dad made me melt a little too. >_< She turned it on the head when she said she wanted to be a reporter because of Dalpo. And Dalpo wanted to be a reporter because of her. What a symbiotic duo. DALIN.

7. Well I must talk a little about Yoorae as well, since I have dwelled on all the other three. She is just a ball of spazzy emotions, an energizer bunny that never stops – loved her using a stethoscope to listen in on Inha and steal her exclusive. Would love more backstory pls.

Just a bunch of messy thoughts because this episode made me too happy and I just want to go make gifs. ♥

Recreational Meta, July 2014:  Fan perspectives on the fourth wall

Episode 25 of the Three Patch Podcast considers the fourth wall, the barrier between the show and the audience. We’ll be posting transcripts of recorded thoughts on the subject from emmagrant01, methleigh, avawatson, and mid0nz.

Link to other meta from this episode: mid0nz

Meta on the Fourth Wall - by emmagrant01 (transcript)

My name is Emma Grant, and my first online fandom was on a Yahoo group. This was back in 2002, around the time LJ was just getting started and fic archives and even discussion forums were owned by individuals and frequently ruled with an iron fist. That Yahoo group WAS the fandom, basically. All the fics, all the discussion, and yes, all the wank, came right to your inbox every day. Many of those Yahoo groups and mailing lists had moderated memberships – you couldn’t just join; you had to send a statement saying yes, I am really a fan of this and I know what slash is, and so on. If you go back just another decade to the early 90s, it wasn’t uncommon for mailing lists to be nearly impossible to get into with a recommendation from another fan. You actually had to know somebody who knew somebody on the list, and they had to vouch for you – to get you into the fandom!

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I told you I can share some info, but rn I'm a little busy. I heard someone about a Spinoff, but then again I'm busy. (Can't tell you my name but you all can call me LJ) Also Lindsay.... PR!

This is the same anon who confirmed they were buying Judy’s twitter followers and who talked about the network meeting last week. 

If they give this stupid fucking show a dumb fucking spinoff I’m going to start flipping actual fucking tables. Unless it’s Lexa’s own show and Jangles can’t touch it with a ten foot pole NO ONE CARES. The only people who were calling for a spinoff was the Clexakru and it was about the Grounders. The Blarkes have always said it was a stupid idea and that no one cared about the Grounders/Polis. Now who are you going to sell this to?

Honestly, I’m just so suspect about Lindsey’s motives and this message makes me want to be even more careful. They get her to say exactly what we want to hear, people swarm over, and then they get her to flip the story. It’s a typical bait and switch. I’d be very careful on whether you start stanning her or not and that advice has nothing to do with what this particular anon says. The moment I saw she changed her tune I got weary. 

I hate when I can't wrap my head brain around stupid and illogical mess.

And TVD this season was one big bowl of hot mess. Before I get into what is definitely going to be a rant, I want to first acknowledge that since watching TVD back in S2, I’ve become more socially aware of my surroundings and myself as a black woman in this world. This is going to be long, so bear with me.

When I first watched TVD, Damon was about to get his kiss from Elena who was actually Katherine. For that one night, I was a Delena shipper. Yeah, I admit it for all of one day.That night I went in search of more Delena scenes on YouTube and low and behold, all thoughts of Delena were wiped away as Bamon videos popped up and I saw the chemistry that was between Bonnie and Damon. It was those videos that led me to Tumblr and fanfiction and I’ve been hooked on both ever since. I loved their push/pull dynamic and watching Bonnie sass Damon or one up him. Because of these two, I downloaded the book series, written by LJ Smith (not that ghost writer bs) and devoured every scene there was Bamon. In TV land, the writing was so logical at this time I just knew in the end that Bamon would end up together.

Then Kevin Williamson stepped down and handed the reigns over to Julie Plague and everything went to hell in a hand basket from there. Her obvious dislike for the Bamon pairing and the character Bonnie was clear and evident. It was during this time I became a Bonnie Bennett Stan. Here this woman was the most powerful witch in canon and they treated her like a cheap parlor trick magician. This is where my social awareness really kicked in. TVD became a cross section of our society of how beautiful Black women are under valued in Hollywood. And Julie Plague represented everyone who feels threatened by our strength, our beauty and allure. Bonnie was reduced to a plot device, forced to wear plain Jane clothes and her dialogue became non existent as Damon and everyone else disrespected her and all she could do was roll her eyes. The show became accepting of the only PoC being willing to give her life for those who were not of color. The lack of gratitude from the other characters seemed to suggest an attitude of “well isn’t that why she’s here?” And I think this is what frustrates me with TVD the most. The lack of desire on anyone’s part to speak up and change what’s happening. I even read the same shit happening to Candice Patton on Twitter. Kat Graham Is beautiful and extremely popular. Why wouldn’t you capitalize on that? It would be a benefit to you in the end? I just don’t get it!!!! Are you that uncomfortable with having a beautiful black woman in your cast. Are you unable to write for African-American actors? Then hire writers who do and let them do their freaking job. How in the world does this woman continue to get work? I digress. Plague really chafes my butt!

Anyhoo, like every one else, Shrek had conditioned me to be grateful for the scraps of Bamon she would sprinkle throughout subsequent episodes and seasons. Kat and Ian kept the fire of my loyalty burning during Comic Cons with delicious photos and sound bites that talented fan artists turned into gifs, memes and fanfics. It appeared we were finally getting somewhere when Ian allegedly during a dinner with the Scourge fought for more Bamon interaction. The end of Season 5 left me excited and looking forward to S6 all summer long. Hell, I even downloaded the song that was playing while Bonnie and Damon held hands as the Other Side collapsed upon them. The little video they played during Comic Con…hilarious! Oh happy day!!! Rumors began to circulate that Bonnie would have a love interest. Would it be Damon or some new character? Oh please Lord don’t let it be Jeremy.

Then season 6 came around and I was too stoke to see my bbs stuck together. But then that damn Kai bust on the scene and I felt like Jacob from Twilight when he imprinted with Renesme. The love that I had for Bamon was still there but it was eclipsed by the intense chemistry that was pulsating between Bonnie and Kai. I knew in my gut that this was the relationship Plague was building, if not a romantic relationship, a dark one that showed just how powerful our witch really is. And in all honesty she was until Nina Dobrev decided to hoist anchor and everything became convoluted just so Plec could create her stupid sleeping beauty storyline for Elena. And when Damon came back to the real MF, he was reduced to this whipped guy who forgave his weak girlfriend for erasing her memories of him. They wrote Damon totally counter to the badass Damon I know and love and it was not character development, just to feed into Plague’s god awful finale storyline (still haven’t watched that mess!). Additionally, when Damon returned, Bonnie was reverted back to 30 seconds of screen time. I mean the writers tried to make those 30 seconds about something but they missed so many opportunities to explore Bonnie’s PTSD and the dynamic of having another powerful witch in her life even if he was a sociopath. Instead screentime was wasted on Enzo, Sarah Salvatore, that one girl who pretended she was Sarah and Mama Salvatore. TVD has a great story to tell but they often push it aside in lieu of weak, amateurish plots that attempt to slake some adolescent fantasies of Plague. I won’t be watching it in the fall. I’ll sit back on Tumblr and watch the final train wreck occur in live blog posts. If Plague hasn’t treated our girl right these last four seasons, I’m almost certain she’s not going to do right by Bonnie in S7.

Regardless of how anyone feels, the BonKai dynamic was a great storyline for Bonnie. It was compelling and entertaining. It showcased her magic and her strength against a worthy adversary. They could’ve kept Kai around if they wanted to but because of spite and hatred she kills the one villain that made TVD interesting a long time. Hell, there could’ve been a crossover show that dealt solely with witches trying to defeat heretics. OMG! It would’ve been DELISH! *sigh* Yes BonKai is dead in canon, but not even a fictional death can destroy the fact that these two made a powerful and sexy as hell team. Looking forward to Bloody Night Con and hoping these two will have some interaction at Comic Con in San Diego.