i just saw this irl it's amazing

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JENNY YOU MET BILLIE FUCKING PIPER!!!! OMG I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU !! :D:D:D How did it feel? What di you say to her?? And what drawing did you give to her?? Ahhh I want to know everything! :D Congratulations, my friend <3

It was surreal, maaaate so surreeaaaal ;AAAAAAAAAAAA; but omg probably the most amazing thing that ever happened to me so far. 

A long recap of my meeting with Billie at the stage door of National Theatre (London 14.07.12) under the cut :’D

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About the four quads....Yuzuru Hanyu performed a four quad routine for his FS in the NHK Trophy 2016 (though he slipped in one jump). It's very phenomenal. IRL is catching up with YOI's level of difficulty.

OMG I just saw the video AND HE DID IT! He is so amazing omg, I cant imagine how difficult it is (also he’s so precious ahhhhhh)

I agree tbh, it’s sport anime (and anime in general) ofcourse there’re some things that unrealistic.

YES! And that’s what brought Victor to Japan in the first place, bc Yuuri’s performance and Yuuri’s gonna be so phenomenal