i just saw this for the first time

Game of Thrones S7 Trailer

Just watched the Game of Thrones S7 trailer for the 10th time and I can’t stop fangirling! IT LOOKS SO GOOD! The people I’m rooting for right now is Tyrion, Dany and Jon. So here is my wishlist for them this season. (I could write pages about what I want but I’ll keep it short)

First of all Tyrion Lannister. Maybe it’s just me but I really want Tyrion to ride one of the dragons, I think it would wipe the smirk off Cersei’s face if she saw him on one. The way he stares at the dragons is a look of pure awe, he doesn’t see them as a key to power (I mean in a power hungry way.) he just thinks they’re beautiful creatures. (which let’s be honest they really are.)

Daenerys Targaryen. Let’s just say that it looks like she is just going to completely kick ass this season. I hope she gets to King’s Landing but I think it would be better if she had the support of the North and I know that there has been pictures of Emilia and Kit filming together so hopefully they are going to do that. I just hope that when she meets Jon Snow somehow Jon gets the other houses to at least support her to get the Lannister’s off the throne. So my wish for her is that she has the loyalty of some of the houses in the north.

And finally Jon Snow. I hope this season they don’t reveal that is a Targaryen. (Well half but still.) I know that Little Finger probably knows the whole story and I have no doubt he’ll use that to his advantage. But I hope that Jon continues to be King of the North but I have a feeling that he’ll leave to help Team Dany take over the Lannister’s and I know this is never going to happen but I wis hthat if someone was to tell Jon about his mother and father that it would be Dany or Tyrion with him or maybe even Arya. Someone to who it wouldn’t matter who he is. Arya wouldn’t care she still sees Jon as her brother. So I hope Jon joins Team Dany and helps kick ass at King’s Landing.

I had to talk about Game of Thrones because I love it so much so if you want to talk more about it such as characters and the story just message me and I’ll LOVE to talk about it with you. Some of my imagines will be uploaded by the weekend.

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Hi! I saw your reply on the meth post, and what you said was really helpful. I'm a novelty person, but I want to be safe with what I do. Can you give me any tips or advice on just trying out recreational drugs also? How much I should take at first? I haven't done any yet, but I wanna try smoking marijuana and coke someday, along with some other drugs.

First and foremost is to know where you are getting your drugs from and who you are doing them with. Try to avoid doing spur of the moment drugs, and be responsible with your timing. Also never ever drive on drugs, its just as bad if not worse as alcohol and you’ll be putting yourself in a situation where you and others are in danger.

I guess the best way is to just kind of throw some tips out for each drugs so uh here we go

Look for green or purple buds with reddish hairs and frost like crystals. Should be moderately pliable and not crumble, and not seriously discolored (Mexican brown weed doesn’t exist). There are two types Indica and Sativa. Indica will give you a sleepy lazy high (in-da-couch), and Sativa will give you a mental more do-things high. Ask what type it is, it takes a bit to learn the difference but it is pretty huge. I would recommend smoking it the first time, as edible and dabs are pretty crazy even for experienced stoners. No risk of OD, but if you do too much your first time you’ll likely freak out and think you’re legit dying so I would recommend smoking more than a couple hits your first time. Keep water and snacks on hand, you’ll want them. A high can last anywhere from 45 minutes to 4 hours. Remember to blink. Like… Honestly remember to blink.

Look for a white powdery substance with no discoloration or large bits as this is a sign of cutting. Cocaine in of itself isn’t super dangerous, but dealers cut it often. If the coke is super super cheap, its probably cut with baking soda, meth, or local anaesthetics among other things you don’t want. Make sure your doing it from a reliable source. I would recommend doing a “bump”, or tiny dot about the size of a pea first. Personally I don’t like coke since the “high” is like drinking a lot of espresso and doesn’t last that long, is expensive, It tastes like shit, and the health effects are shitty. The high lasts like 20 minutes at most and the comedown makes you SUPER tired and lethargic. Try it once or twice or whatever, but its not worth it.

Mushrooms: For the two primary mushrooms people eat are peyote cactus caps and liberty caps. There’s a couple others two, but chances are you’ll be dealing with liberty caps. To identify liberty caps and be sure your not sold non-psychoative (or worse, poisonous) mushrooms check to see online that what your getting looks like an actual liberty cap. They are tall and scrawny with a tiny cone shaped head that will bruise blue when handled or pressed. These can be eaten as is or made into tea. Personally I like the tea because they taste like dick sweat, but its just faster to eat them whole. A standard dosage is an 1/8th ounce, but for a first timer you could split an eight with a friend. It is VERY important that you do mushrooms with a friend that you trust and do not feel uncomfortable around. Preferably two, another one to be high with you and another as a caretaker. Mushrooms will make you extremely emotionally open and vulnerable, so be sure to be in a safe and comfortable environment, turn off your phone, and relax. Drink plenty of water as its easy to be dehydrated. Don’t go out in public, even though you may want to because you don’t know what can happen and its not worth the risk. Fun things to do are have different consistency candies, fidget toys, fluffy things, things with repetitive patterns, coloring books, color changing lights…. Anything to stimulate your senses. It can also be fun to meditate on mushrooms and it is the drug of choice for people interested in spirit walks. A mushroom high lasts 4-6 hours, and there isn’t too bad of a hangover the next day but I would suggest having a free day for recovery afterwards. If you start to have a “bad” trip, have a friend identify what’s causing it to go bad, remove it, and comfort you. Marijuana will counteract the mushroom high, and even though I don’t smoke, cigarettes are really nice to have on hand when doing psychedelics too since they look cool and help you relax. Mushrooms are fun, but they can be rare in some places and can be costly.

 LSD: LSD is a LOT like mushrooms so I’m gonna keep this section shorter. There’s two types, liquid or predosed. Liquid is arguably better because you can control your dose and better know what you’re getting, but predoses, normally on paper, is cheaper and easier. LSD is sometimes cut with cocaine, which IMO is fine but just know that if the tab tingles on your tongue or numbs you, it was cut. Beginner dose is 1 tab or one drop, half if you want to be really safe. Personally I control myself better on LSD since its more of a visual high than a mental high, so i walk outside when i do LSD but its better if you stay in your first time. Everything else goes though, about having a friend and what activities are fun. High is about 12 hours and you will be exhausted afterwards.

 Molly/MDMA/Ecstasy: This is my favorite “hard” drug. Can be bought either as a brown sugar like substance or pressed into tablets. Beginner dose is 2 points. (1 point = .1g) the tablets are predosed into points, but the powder you kinda just have to guess or measure. Wrap them up in a bit of toilet paper and swallow them. If you get it in your mouth it is the grossest shit ever and it will hit you WAY too hard. Molly is almost always done at raves or public parties, but it can also be fun to go out in nature on molly. You will want to touch and feel everything, and colors are very vibrant, smells extremely strong…. All your senses are jacked up to 100%. Molly makes you VERY sexually promiscuous but also like… Emotionally promiscuous. You’ll want to compliment everyone on everything because everyone and everything is just so beautiful. You will probably kiss someone you wouldn’t think you would, but its cool because at a rave everyone else is on it too. The biggest thing on molly is to DRINK WATER AND REPLENISH ELECTROLYTES!!!! You can DIE if you don’t. Hyperthermia happens to lots of people at raves which is why you should make sure to go get water every time you think about it. Set alarms on your phone for every 30 minutes. Buy coconut water or Gatorade and drink that too. Its super super important to stay hydrated on molly. Afterwards you should also pick up some niacin, vitamin A, potassium, magnesium and vitamin C to replenish chemicals that you’ve lost and prevent serotonin syndrome, which I equate the the most hopeless suicidal depression you will ever feel and it lasts for like a week. The high lasts like 4 hours, so its best to spread out your doses for long nights.

 NOTE ON PSYCHEDELICS: give yourself at least a two week break before doing another drug, preferably a month. They lose efficacy and your risk of serotonin syndrome skyrockets. 

Prescription Painkillers/Heroin: Not to be grandma here, but don’t fuck with these. If you want to have a painkilling high go smoke some weed or take some ibuprofen. The risk of physical addiction here is just too high, and it does horrible shit to your body. Just… Smoke Indica weed..

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Favorit movie you watched recently? And favorite movie of all times?

i only just saw before sunrise for the first time and i’m so in love with that film, can’t wait to see the others! my fave movie of all time is probably rear window. xx

as promised to @irongoldie , Galra-subspecies theory and Curious Galralogy that stretches too over the canon frame already.

I thought it over for almost the whole day to make it as short as possible

and it’s still so long


So why I don’t necessary use the term subspecies (unless I need to explain smth very quickly) for the Galra:

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I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.


i know eurovision is amazing and some of the performances are totally incredible, but whenever someone mentions eurovision around me all i can ever think about is that one time Ireland sent out a mechanical turkey that just screamed “give Ireland 12 points” for the entirety of the song

“Band names are just made up!”


Then I’m not surprised that Panic! At The Disco came from the lyrics of “Panic” by Name Taken (Panic at the disco/Sat back and took it slow).

Mikey Way used to work at a Barnes & Noble. While stacking books during his shift, he saw a book by Irvine Welsh called Five Tales Of Chemical Romance. He wrote the title down and showed it to his brother Gerard after he came home. Gerard agreed with the name for the band - he just added “My” to make it personal.

While performing for the first time, Fall Out Boy was nameless at that time. The band asked the audience to give them name suggestions. One of the audience yelled out “Fallout Boy”, who is the sidekick of Radioactive Man in The Simpsons. The name stuck.

Green Day is actually a slang for someone who does nothing but smoke marijuana all day. 

AC/DC was an acronym for “Alternating Current/Direct Current” on a electric sewing machine. Kinda fits the rhythm of the band if you think about it.

Black Veil Brides is a Roman Catholic term used to describe a woman who gives up her pleasures after getting married in a church so she could devote her life to God. Since marriage is the happiest moment of one’s life, the opposite of it is be having to attending a beloved’s funeral. 

Imagine Dragons is an anagram of letters from different words. The band kept a secret of revealing the words.

Joy Division is the name of a prostitution wing of a Nazi concentration camp from the novel The House of Dolls.

Avenged Sevenfold was mentioned in Genesis 4:24; “If Cain shall be avenged sevenfold, Truly Lamech seventy and sevenfold.”

Coldplay was originally called “Starfish”. They renamed themselves after another friend’s band, who had named themselves after a book of collected poems, Child’s Reflections: Cold Play.

The Beatles misspelled their name to describe their music “beat”.

Nirvana is a term of Buddhism for a person who succeeds into transcending the human suffering and rebirth through many spiritual practices and meditation.

Linkin Park is the change of name of Lincoln Park, the same park where Chester used to drive past every day for band practice.

Pierce The Veil was a social term that Vic learned in his Sociology class. According to his professor, “piercing the veil” is a fancy term for cutting the root of a problem before it influences you.

Twenty One Pilots got its name when Tyler was in theatre class. The play he was studying was All My Sons which involved the main character allowing the flight of various planes after finding faulty parts. Due to his actions, the protagonist becomes responsible for the deaths of 21 pilots.

There are a couple reasons how The Who got its name. The most popular was that Pete Townshead’s grandmother often called popular bands “The Who?” due to her impaired hearing.

Of Mice & Men named themselves after the novel by John Steinback.

Paramore is a respelling of paramour which means “secret lover”.

Iron Maiden is the name of a torture device.

Foo Fighters were used by the Allies during the WWII to describe UFOs.

Evanescence means a disappearance/dissipation like vapor. The band chose this as they find it as the description of the temporal nature of life. 

Asking Alexandria was named after Alexander the Great.

All Time Low was mentioned in the song “Head On Collision” by New Found Glory.

Led Zeppelin refers to the Hindenburg disaster. Before the band was formed, Keith Moon and John Entwistle made a joke of how a supergroup containing themselves, Jimmy Page, and Jeff Beck would be a “lead balloon”, a British idiom for disastrous results.

Muse originates from the fact that the bandmates heard someone from their hometown suggested that a muse is hovering Teignmouth, England to explain why many of the town’s populace are becoming members of band.

The Misfits is the name of the 1961 film.

Yes, there are some bands whose names are inventive and original but seriously. There are many musical groups that I can count whose names come from something. So if you say any band names are just “made-up”, I dare you to do some research like the members did before you could say it right in my face.


Benedict touching/using his lips appreciation gif set <3

Benedict Cumberbatch as Vincent Van Gogh in “Van Gogh: Painted with words”

Okay so my sister and I were discussing this mess last night and then we ended up seriously considering a theory I have seen come up a few times but now I’m gonna walk you through it

Here it is: 

It’s all a lie – Yousef lied Mikael lied. They are lying.

Yousef said that Even kissed Mikael which caused Mikael to be distant and Even to hate himself..

Well tell me Yousef

If Mikael is so ashamed, then why does he bring up Evens name? and why is he laughing when he does?

and why are you Yousef looking so mad and sad and guilty?

Why does Yousef have a pride flag next to his message to Sana?

Why does he say Mikael is super religious when he clearly isn’t that religious because he drinks

why does Elias declare Yousef as the “most Muslim person he knows”

Why was the Even thing big enough to impact Yousef so much but not Mikael?

Why does Yousef avoid the fight and send Sana off into it alone?

Why does he go and kiss the first girl he sees after witnessing the fight with Even and his new crew?

I think you know where I’m going with this: Yousef is questioning his sexuality and is ashamed of it. Him and Even kissed which caused a lot of disaster with Even and when it was threatened to come out to everyone and the balloon boys Mikael took the fall for Yousef. Mikael stepped up and pretended it was him that Even kissed.

What could possibly hint that Mikael would do something like that for Yousef?

Remember that youtube video where they went to Mikaels job interview and Yousef took Mikael aside and they had a secret conversation?

this wasn’t there for no reason. This was almost foreshadowing that Yousef and Mikael have secrets, they have each others backs. They share a special connection.

Now this is what we’re thinking. Did Yousef see Even and panic? Did he see that the truth could come out right in front of everyone? Was he frightened?
Remember we saw him go up to Elias and looking outside.

What if…what if Yousef somehow started the fight to avoid the truth…to make sure nothing slipped about what actually happened and that’s why when it did start he ran off sent Sana out to stop it and kissed the first girl in sight…proving he is straight.

Also he kisses Noora similar to how Isak kissed Emma

The girls hands wrapped around their necks while they have their hands by their sides. Both boys wearing snapbacks backwards and standing on the same side.

I know this seems far fetched but maybe this is the twist we have been waiting for.

The trailer is reversed – this season is reversed and as we saw Friday night, it is the roles that are truly reversed. Just like I’ve been saying Mikael and Yousef are reversed this whole time.

Is Yousef truly the Mikael in this story and Mikael is the Yousef?

Omg if Julie does this my mind is literally going to be blown apart.

(Side note: to clarify I am not saying this is going to happen - it’s a theory, nor do I personally believe this will happen. I have just had this theory been addressed with me by multiple people (including my irl sister) and I wanted to outline why this theory is actually totally plausible and could be done and actually hinted in the show already….Do I think Julie will go down this route? no but could she? hell yeah.)

Okay… This has been in my head since a while now, and I haven’t seen anyone pointing this out so…..

Remember Mavis from Stone Age?

Since none of the ‘’ Ankserham immortality curse problem ‘’ happens in this alternative universe……. We can assume that this is an older looking mavis, right? That’s Mavis all grown up look, right?? 

It might just be me, but she does look a bit older and a bit taller.


On the topic of layers:

In the “Imagine” clip, we had a very open and comfortable Sana. Comfortable with where she was in life, with how (she thought) the two sides of her identity were at peace, with her friends and family. This is reflected, partly, with her clothes and hijab.
She chose, for the first time on screen, to wear her hijab wrapped only around her head (turban style) with visible earings. She’s also wearing a lighter makeup with light lipgloss instead of her traditional dark lipstick (Sana using her makeup as a shield was discussed before in a meta by @evenandsana here).The style makes her outfit look more open than usual.
She’s also wearing a cream coloured top which is unusual for her. We usually see her rock black and mainly black (although she sports colours sometimes, like that killer orange hoodie) but here, she is wearing a lighter colour as well and not just that: it creates an opening in her outfit.
A “white door” in her black outfit. Straight to the heart.

In the “Ikke Snakk Til Meg” clip, however, she reverts back to the style we saw her in first. Hijab tight around her chin, all black clothes with no top with a personalised type of message on (like BOY BYE) that we can see. Her outfit is entirely closed. Her makeup is the heaviest and darkest we’ve seen her in, I think (at the exception of the first time we saw her on the show, like I said). Heavy smokey eye, really dark and opaque shade of lipstick. Her expression is closed too.

I just felt like pointing out how her state of mind is reflected visually in her choice of clothing and makeup as well. And how obvious the details become when the two most opposite outfits are directly compared.

Sana is now back to being closed-off. Back to trying to protect her broken heart with as many literal and figurative layers as she can.


#okay but this scene?? #isak initiating their first eskimo kiss?? #and like you can tell Even is a little surprised at first #but then he returns the gesture and smiles with so much fondness #probably thinking how cute this boy lying next to him is #and how happy and in love he feels at that moment

❄️ The Hero and the Fairy ❄️ this piece has been a long time coming~ i originally posted the initial sketch back in December, in fact! so, if anybody still remembers that, and helped choose this piece’s direction - thank you! and i hope it turned out to your liking! and i also hope that everyone who is seeing it for the first time enjoys it as well! (-^   v ^-) i feel like this is they Otayuri piece i’ve been waiting to draw since the first time i saw episode 10. i’ll be posting the WIP shots for this in the next few days, so for anybody who enjoys those types of things, keep an eye out! (^   w ^) <3