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who the actual FUCK is Cheryl? I can't check bc their blog is now gone

very long story short cheryl made a tumblr a few days ago and was already obsessed with cam @jack-o-dantern and when she heard cam was in the ogrelords she wanted to be in the ogrelords too but she couldn’t because apps are closed and then she got mad bc ppl who hadn’t applied were getting added so she sent cam hate anons with the intention of then swooping in off anon, condemning the anon and befriending cam. this kind of backfired bc we joke about everything and cheryl couldn’t take being made fun of

so she kept sending really bad anons over the next week or so and cam was getting sick of it so cheryl went to zayan who also made fun of cheryl so we then compiled a list of ogrelords for cheryl so she could come to all of our inboxes one by one and roast us bc it’s fun. she then gave a few too many hints about who she was, we found her blog and uhhhh all hell broke loose

most of the ogrelords were sending her messages and asks, she was a homophobic little shit and said ableist slurs and told us we all needed jesus and then she called me lame so i got into the fight and then cam told her to deactivate so she did? so yeah that was the wild ride of cheryl

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JNINUNIJDNIUUFIN I LOVE THIS BLOG??? Literally instantly followed when I first saw your AU god it's so well done- Anyways;; I was wondering how Ouma and Amami would interact in the AU without Saihara around them? Hooh boy-

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[Translation] QLAP November 2017: Ryosuke Yamada x Fumihiko Sori Interview (Fullmetal Alchemist)

We welcome our newest member in the blog @iohourtime​ (CeliaSee on twitter) for her first translation in this blog! Special thanks to weibo草莓要配白巧克力 for the clear scans of the magazine and instagram user aya.ry5912 for the Yamada x Sori images. Enjoy this translation!  

A Superb Work of Entertainment That Can be Sent Out to the World

— Since last summer’s filming and more than 1 year of post production, the movie “FULLMETAL ALCHEMIST” is finally completed. First of all, please tell us your impression of the completed work.

Yamada: Although I am saying this about a movie I am in, I saw a truly wonderful work. I had a similar feeling when I saw “Harry Potter” for the first time. I think that a superb work of entertainment had been made; one that should not just stay in Japan but should be sent out to the world.

Sori: My heart was full of [emotions] when it was finished. There was CG after shooting, and the production was very hard…. It was finally completed! Also, I think I have no words to describe [my feelings].

— Which scene left the most impression on you?

Yamada: I was struck by the scene where my character, Ed, was fighting with his brother Al.

— It was the scene where the guilt-ridden Ed clashed with Al, who became a suit of armor due to a tragic incident in the past.

Yamada: Yes. Actually, while we were shooting, I did not expect that to be such a good scene. Al was full CG, so I could not visualize on set how it would eventually look; [during filming,] it was the scene with Tucker (Yo Oizumi), the researcher on chimera, that was the most gut wrenching and heart-rending for me. But once you add Al and the music… when everything converged in that scene, my heart was shaken.  The theme of the movie, “brotherly love”, was overflowing; it was an exceptionally good scene that touched my heart.

Sori: That scene should be written in the history of world film! I had a picture in mind during filming, so when I saw the finished product, I was also very impressed. Isn’t it strange for the film director to be touched by what he filmed himself? Although you can think of it as this, because Al was created by CG, he was not on set. So, as a director, I could watch the scene with fresh feelings. Well, I also did the CG myself though (laughs). Regardless, it was a nice scene that stuck to my heart.

Yamada: It took two days to shoot, and honestly, it was a seriously difficult scene [to film] (laughs), but the director had been battling with the CG production and editing it for about a year since then. While I still think I could have done more to make the film [even] better, the love the director poured into this film was immeasurable. Sori-san was good as a director, on the contrary, I cannot imagine anyone but Sori-san to make this live action adaptation possible.

Sori: Likewise, I don’t think anyone but Yamada-kun could play Ed. It was because of the actor Yamada Ryosuke that the project was able to start, and the live action adaptation became reality. Without Yamada-kun, this movie would not be made.

Yamada: Thank you very much! I am very happy to hear you say so. Since I am a fan of the manga, so of course I respect the original, but I did not just want to replicate the original faithfully. [Aside from that,] I also wanted to perform with care to convey the meaning of the work. I do not want to play [the role] by [consciously] erasing myself when building the character, rather, I would ruminate on the reasons why for which I was chosen for the role, I wanted [to show] that because I am Ryosuke Yamada I could play Ed.  So, I made it a goal to observe what was happening spontaneously on set and learn how to purposefully react to them.

Sori: Yamada is really a movie star. Even when we were together, I did not feel anything commonplace from him, his presence as an actor was not of an ordinary person. That was why he was playing Ed and he brought out the imagination in me and our staff. He himself did not think so, but because the extraordinary actor Ryosuke Yamada was there, we could make such a movie. I am very grateful for Yamada-kun.

Yamada: No, I’m so happy (looking at him). I also reconfirm that it was a lot of fun making this movie with Director Sori, I learned a lot of things….. The director’s shooting style is slightly sadistic (do-S), isn’t it?

Sori: Maybe so (laughs).

Yamada: Even if he had to cut the part where the actor was crying, the director absolutely did not waver. I think that is a very important thing in the project. When the director is steadfast, the actors and staff can keep up with ease. Director Sori did not waver in his vision of Ed, he held onto the core concept, and I think that the film was made because he held the role of a director.

The main character that makes you think “I want to follow [him]!”

— As I am talking to you, I feel that you two respect each other very much. How was this trust established?

Yamada: It was during the Italy location shoot, while we were in the car, the two of us bonded over conversations about the magnitude of our love for “Hagaren”. Anyway, our love was enormous!

— What did you talk about?

Yamada: I do not remember exactly, but the director told me, “Hagaren is a work I have always been interested in”, and then told me, “Only Yama-chan can play Ed”.   In response to that, I answered, “I won’t let anyone else except me to play Ed”.  Since I also love the original, at first, I had resisted playing the hero of my favorite manga, but I did not want anyone else to play it even more! It was a strong feeling. That was what the two of us talked about. It was short, but it was passionate!

Sori: It was passionate … (laughs). In that conversation, I felt Yamada-kun’s passion and masculinity. I knew of his acting but I did not know the real Yamada-kun.  Is he cool [and distant]? When I talked to him, the word “man” came to mind.

Yamada: I do not know if it is because of this face, but I tend to look cool [and distant]. But that was not the case… was it? (Laughs)

Sori: No, it wasn’t (laughs). I’d say he was full of humanity, so I felt that he would be able to express Ed, and I looked forward to him using his wonderful acting skills to compound the enjoyment of the movie. I sensed his youthful passion and my instincts told me that he would be okay with anything.

— So, is that why he [Director Sori] is do-S on set? (Laughs)

Yamada: Is that so?! (Laughs)

Sori: Maybe so (laughs). Since he would meet expectations perfectly. However, Yamada-kun was not someone who would do whatever I said without making a face. He would just do it while giving me a look of disdain (laughs).  He would say “Eh?!”, then the next moment, he just went for it. He was full of manliness, it was really cool.  So, it led me to think “should I have asked for more?”  

Yamada: Ahahahaha! I really tried not to show [my distaste] on my face.  It came out anyway (forced laugh).  But, [I could do it] because there was a relationship of trust with Director Sori.

Sori: Yeah. I like that feeling very much. There are not many actors who would give the director the stink eye.

Yamada: (Laughs) As I mentioned earlier, because Al was full CG, I was filming the scene where only the director had the complete picture in his head, so during the shoot, I felt that I had to work at a level beyond the director’s imagination! I was driven by not wanting to lose to the do-S demands… (laughs). Maybe because [our styles] matched well, we were able to complete the film.

Sori: I was most surprised by the opening fight scene. There was a cut that required him to dash 25m and then leap from a spot several meters high. It was so tall that my feet trembled as I stood there, but Yamada-kun did not even rehearse and just leaped. And he did it in one take. What kind of person is he?! The staff was also stunned. Yamada-kun said that he followed me, but I think it was the opposite. Yamada-kun’s performance drove what happened on set. He was a lead who made me think “I want to follow this person!”

Yamada: I’m really glad to hear that. Actually, there was a time when I asked myself, “What is the meaning of being the lead?” At that time, I was watching the movie “The Great Gatsby” and I suddenly realized, “ah, the lead actor should be like this”. Although Leonardo DiCaprio was the lead, he did not appear until 20 minutes into the first half [of the film]. When he did appear, the first words he said were, “I’m Gatsby”. Even though that was all he said, I thought “ah, he is the star”.

— It was an overwhelming presence.

Yamada: That’s right. Perhaps until now, I had not been able to do it, but I wonder if I could do it this time.  Even though there are some areas where I lack confidence as the lead, I have confidence in this film.  I would like everyone to see it soon!!

Message from Sori (to Ryosuke Yamada)

Your intuition is very sharp, there is nothing more I could say to Yamada-kun, whose performance is more than I could ask for.  I am not the type who make few requests of the actors, but I didn’t even have to ask and you completed [the task] perfectly in 1 try.  I would like to talk with Yamada-kun about doing the sequel if the film is well-received by the audience. There are lots of scenes that I want to include! I am expecting that desire!

Bonus Corner: Do-It-Yamada-Self

I like crafts such as making snow globes (domes), but recently, I did not make anything.  Right now, I am interested in shoes.  Picking the material, the colours, etc and then get it custom made, then I will have [a pair of shoes] that is my own design.  Perhaps boots that can be used in the fall / winter season.

Stewed hamburger:
I still cook as usual. What I would like to attempt is stewed hamburger.  I have made ordinary hamburgers before, but I have never tried to make a stew.  Stewing is easier than grilling, so I look forward to making it in winter.

Translated by @iohourtime

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You are so salty! So much sass. I'm sorry you feel alone, and I'm sorry that people are careless with their words. I am also careless with my words, so I won't try and say anything meaningful.

Believe me, I’m old enough to know that sometimes words are just shifting sand, and it is often impossible to gain footing. I’ve learned to be satisfied with the effort, because I know how impossible it can be. As much as I adore language, it is sometimes rubbish at communicating all that should be said, or conveys too much. Humans have to divulge so much that is unnecessary just to convey a tiny piece of information. You’d be amazed how much time it takes for proper words to be arranged to meet a new situation for the first time.

The other day I saw an old woman who had obvious difficulty walking. She was carrying a shopping sack and hobbling with a cane. One of the store clerks came over to her and said “Hello ma’am! I don’t want to presume anything about your mobility, but I know that shopping trips take a while. Would you like to use one of our scooters so that everything is easier? It holds your groceries for you too!” And I could see that the old woman had intended to become defensive, but the “I don’t want to presume anything” made her realize that it was merely an offer that respected her difficulty and offered a solution. She said “I wouldn’t know the first thing about driving one of those!” And the clerk laughed and said “They only have three controls, and as long as you can use your thumb, you can do it! If you want, I can go around with you and help you get things off the shelves? Or I can just show you how to use it!” The lady took a training course on the scooter, got the hang of it, and then the clerk followed along beside her chatting, as if he had somewhere else he was going, but was just having the conversation to have it, but he was actually watching her very carefully and waiting for her to get her confidence. As soon as she appeared to have it, he excused himself and went back to his other tasks. It was beautifully handled, and I’ve seen such a thing seldom in all my years. Especially from strange young people.

It’s taken that long, hundreds of years of combined and aggregated education for humans to learn to use words in a way that isn’t condescending.

I’m not surprised that it takes humans a while to figure out what they should mention, how, and in what context. They often tend to be unsettled by me, afraid, or they assume things about me that put them on edge. I can only behave as I’ve always done, and wait to see if they gain their feet.

Patience is the curse of the aged. There’s no other choice but rage, and rage can be toxic for all concerned. It has its uses, but seldom solves anything on its own.

I am resigned to it.

I scrawled on a paper today
Without any intention to write
I scrawled until none of it made sense
A mess as furious as my mind
I let my ink speak
What my mind sounded like
And for the first time,
It meant absolutely nothing
Just ink on paper
All syntax and cohesion lost
Lacking the perfection
That comes of Grammar and civilization
But then my mind has
Never been a school
It never was the garden you saw
But a swamp where a few lilies sprouted
On their own
Which I pulled out
To show the world that
I might be beautiful too
Maybe if they saw what
It actually looked like
Inside my head
They would know why
Poets make the best liars
—  Liars

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I always wonder what could have been before the bad happened. I am now in an extremely happy relationship. Married. And things couldn't be better. We are stable and have been together many years. I still wonder what would of happened if my ex didn't cheat on me. I never allowed myself closure. I just shut the door. I never saw her again or spoke after she told me. I was 17. I think first loves never go away. You always remember the first. How it felt at the time. But you always go on to better.

I love this. 

Just an exasperated friendly reminder that if Seifer ever comes off as too abrasive or too closed off, if he or I make you uncomfortable or offend or upset you, please talk to me in private. Please tell me if you take issue with how I write my muse. Please give me a chance to fix an issue before it becomes a problem or escalates into something worse. 

Some people can like a character and just want to write with them for a while but I’ve bonded with my muse. There’s a LOT of us out there like that. He’s a fictional character, he’s not a real thing but he is a character I love and I enjoy writing. I grew up with Seifer from the time I was twelve years old and playing VIII for the first time. I saw him, read his dialogue and said ‘that one. That one is my favorite.’

So because of this, I share traits with my muse where I can be too blunt with my wording. Some of us, we just do that. I can go a little too far over the edge and push people’s buttons. And these traits can grow prominent when accompanied by others who do the same. I’m abrasive at times. No, I’m not my muse, but I do have commonality with him. It’s why I think we get along so well, he and I.

I’m not perfect and neither are you or the next person. We all have our flaws and our strengths. If I’ve ever offended you OOC, or if I have done something untoward or my muse has made yours upset in a way that wasn’t intended – I need to know. 

We can’t fix or correct these problem areas if we’re not told there’s a problem in the first place so, please. Please communicate this.

I’m begging you guys here. I can’t interpret silence.

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Negaduck kidnapping Gladstone Gander and forces Gander to use his luck for Negaduck's own gain and criminal agenda.How will it turn out?Do you think Scrooge,Donald, and the kids would rescue him again after everything has happened in "The House of Lucky Gander". (Lets just say Negaduck has done research on the McDuck family tree for potential hostage opportunity because he seem like the type to do it).

I don’t know anything about Gladstone and “House of the Lucky Gander” was the first time I ever saw him in action, so it’s hard for me to determine how it would play out. Based on what I do know from the cartoon, my guess is that whenever Negaduck tries to threaten and physically harm Gladstone, something ridiculous would happen (chainsaw bolts come undone and the blade like… falls off and rolls away, bomb fuse won’t light, big red buttons jamming up when pushed). 

The lack of success on Negaduck’s part would only make him angrier and more determined to get the job done (completely forgetting his original plan of using a LIVE Gladstone for his luck). Every failure would take him up to a newer, deadlier level. So the hydrochloric acid shark tank didn’t cut it, eh? Then how about the electric garrote of doom? …No? Okay, then how about this giant bomb strapped to your chest? ….Blast! Why isn’t it detonating?!?!?! (Negaduck removes it to tinker with it and it explodes as soon as he’s within safe distance of Gladstone, turning the villain into a charred mess). 

As a result, I don’t think he’d even make it onto the second phase which is ‘use Gladstone’s luck for own evil plan’ because he can’t even properly threaten or intimidate Gander (who knows it’ll turn out okay for him in the end). The whole time Gladstone is tied up and threatened he’s just being his usual smarmy self, maybe even encouraging Negs along the way, “Whoa-ho nice try that time! You almost got me there!…but not really. At all.” “SHUT. UP.”. 

BUT if Negaduck captured the triplets? Or Donald? Someone who has terrible luck and might actually be at risk for seriously injury? Maybe Gladstone would agree to Negaduck’s terms, if it meant keeping his family safe (I know he doesn’t seem all that altruistic in the show, but I get the impression he genuinely cares about his family and would help them if they were in serious danger). 

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I just read the first part of 'Misguided Texts' for the first time and I clicked the link... The hands and shirt made me take a double take like... Holy shit I actually thought it was Dylan for a moment until I reminded myself he'd never do something like that

Right!!!! First time I saw it too I was like “wait what?!” But exactly, Dylan would never do that and I would never share a leaked photo of him if he did.

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My friends hate cats but LOVE dogs

i love dogs but i’m really afraid of them :((( which is sad because i wanna hug all the doggos but also wanna run away from all the doggos :( just so you see how ridiculous i can get, my best friend owns a chihuahua and our first time meeting irl was this summer, as soon as i saw her dog i started screaming and crying and it was a mess jkhskjfhdj they had to lock him and he started crying I FELT SO BAD I WANTED TO HUG hIM SO BADLY i even had pics of him as my phone lockscreen before but,,, wHEN THE TIME CAME,,,,,

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What were your first thoughts when you found out that one of Thunderbird Two's duties would be to transport Thunderbird Four long distances - along with her pilot?

Ah, this produces a chuckle. “I knew when I first saw the ship designs that Thunderbird 4 would be transported by Thunderbird 2. However, back then, no final decisions had been made about who would pilot her.”

“It wasn’t really a surprise though that Gordon got the job, but yeah, I’d be lying if the decision hadn’t had a little forebodingness attached to it,” he replies with an amused grin. “But, in all seriousness, we make a good team. …most of the time.”

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I played midcin in 2015 i hate other otome games but this game sigh*Tbh i played alyn's route just becuz of byron sorry alyn lovers but my first suitor was louis and when i saw byron's entry i was like "omg he is so hot (and scary)why he didn't have a route?"i played that part uncountable times i like his cool,enigmatic and intimidated aura and at the end of alyn's route byron said INDEED to albert who questioned something about mc so i want to ask did he have feelings for mc in alyn's route?

There’s a common theme that at least one of the suitors has feelings for MC in a route that is not his own- I feel like it’s frequently Nico, Leo, Byron, and Louis … I suppose if you look hard enough everyone does.. it’s sweet, and kind of sad…

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hey there! so just wondering who are you tumblr friends on here? the ones you have met through the fandom? because i saw your post saying that most of the time you are friends with people because they approach you first? i was wondering who those tumblr people may be?

Hi there! If we’re just strictly speaking of tumblr, I actually don’t have many friends on here. I have some mutuals whom I would really like to get to know better, but as far as friends go, I’d say I’m closest to @ariyah-v and @hufflepufflovespizza. @nesi-world gets a special shout out too, because she was the first person in the fandom to ever interact with me. And, even though we don’t talk as often as I’d like, I would count @marinavermilion as a friend too because she’s always been super sweet and nice and HAVE YOU SEEN HER ART??? I should post a pic of the painting that I got from her - it’s amazing!


I don’t need to show, I think we all know it

But just to be certain I’ll say it again:

Marinette Dupain-Cheng is in love with her friend…

…and his name is Adrien Agreste.

I have this silly crossover idea in which Jagged makes a song for Marinette the same way Ruberiot did for Star. And like, he is too very observant and thinks he is doing her a favor lol.