i just saw this for the first time

honestly Collection and Extraction will always be the best Shallura episode in my mind because for the first time we saw Shiro and Allura hang out without all the other Paladins and suddenly Shiro was no longer in Dad Mode and Allura wasn’t in Princess Mode and whaddayaknow they are both huge dorks who bicker constantly and grab each other by the arm like it’s no big deal and it’s just the most beautiful thing ever and i have so many feelings about it


“Just the way the mother stood by her daughter all through when the devil was possessing her.”
“Oh, I know. I love that part.”
“Yeah. I… I remember it so vividly. Um… Shane, my son, he got a stomach virus the first time that I saw that movie. He was vomiting for two days. It was just… It was awful. Poor little guy. This was when I shared custody with my former husband, and it was his weekend. So I… I was there in the car, just… Sort of bundling my son, and he’s getting sick in this bucket I brought. And he’s crying his little eyes out. And then I thought, BAM! The Exorcist. And I looked in the rearview mirror of that car, and I said, "Mandy Riddle… If the mother in that Exorcist can keep it together while Satan himself is making a mess inside that little girl, you can get through this.” So… You know what we did? We grabbed that bucket and marched right back in the house.“

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ok but how does yoongi even manage to make everything about hoseok.. he could literally be talking about taking a shit and still somehow make it about how great hoseok is??? like??

nah he’s not THAT whipped. i mean sure he was so focused on hobi when they watched their performance that he said his name even though hobi was only somewhere in the back and then he screamed jhope every time he saw him on stage to cover that up. he tried to turn into a joke but ended up getting too much into it and just kept JHOPE-ing every time. but it’s not like he was trying to make it about hoseok it just happened. and yeah he promoted hoseok’s song mama instead of first love on that one show but it was only because his own song got censored and yeah he could choose any other song but he chose mama but whatever. and sure yoongi talks about SOPE all the time but i doubt it’s only because he’s just so happy to be doing a duet with hoseok maybe he just likes the name? oh wait sope = suga and hope combined does it mean…. he likes!! how their names sound together??? nah he probably just likes soup

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what is your quarrel with yuri on ice

i don’t have one? i’ve only gotten around to watching the first few episodes, but what i saw seemed good - the fandom seems to be going through the token growing pains and slightly obnoxious phase of anything that gets popular quickly on this site, but that’ll settle down in due time

if it’s about that post i reblogged earlier, i just thought that the idea of asking how an animated character could be real was funny


Ichigo & Rukia - Bleach

I grew up reading Bleach but got lost after the Aizen arc….but when I saw the first three seasons were on Netflix I had to (re)watch the anime :’) brings back a lot of fun memories with these two. It’s weird to think I’m older than Ichigo now too :’0

Might draw the rest of the gang later but just wanted to get these done first! Hope you like!

more art herecommissions (open) | redbubble

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James Potter is such a toe rag. Just the other day, I was walking to Potions and I saw him pushing Snape around and calling him names! If anyone can stop his reign of terror it's you Lily.

That does sound like Potter.

I don’t know what I can do really, it’s not the first time James and Severus have gotten into it and it won’t be the last.

Perhaps I’ll throw a few jinxes around and see what happens.

I have officially decided that if the first part to the big kadi analysis isn’t posted before the end of March, I will post whatever I have ready on April 1st, because I think it would be funny to post it on kxk’s anniversary lmao. Plus i’ve been putting it off for so long and it’s unfair to you guys especially since lately I have time to work on it but have either been lazy or too drained from the day to work on it. But, Even if I finish it completely (I’m in the process of fine tuning some small things) before then, I might still just upload it on April 1st to be Petty I guess lol.

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hey yo. im a brand new bi (like a year now but i still feel small and new) and im dating for the first time, and im in college. and it's a guy but i keep catching myself being upset that im not gay enough and that i was a gf. there's nothing wrong with him he's really sweet and kind and i like him too but i just can't stop thinking about having a gf. and today i saw a really pretty girl and he was like, "i know you want to be with a girl someday." and i felt really bad ?? i dont know what to do?

Hi Anon,

Welcome to the bi community!! We’re delighted to have you with us. A lot of your fellow bisexuals- myself included- have been in your place. Bisexuals get a lot of flack for “not being gay enough”. This is biphobia, straight and simple. If you identify as bisexual, that is enough. That is plenty. No one else knows your inner self like you do, and no one else gets to dictate if you’re “enough” based on some arbitrary subjective measure of queerness.  

What does this mean in terms of dating? It is one thing if you want to date girls because you want to explore that part of yourself. That’s awesome. It’s another if you feel obligated to date girls. If you feel the latter is truer than the former, here is what I have to say: 

1. You do not need to prove your bisexuality. Anyone who looks at your dating history to determine if you’re “bi enough” is a biphobic asshole. A person’s dating history does not automatically reflect their patterns of attraction or their overall identity. It’s ridiculous to expect bisexuals to date an equal number of women to men (not to mention all the other dateable genders out there). It’s okay to have never had a girlfriend or even to never have one. Your bisexuality is defined by your feelings, your self-identification, not your actions or the gender of the people you happen to meet/date. 

2. You do not need to like all genders equally. Bisexuality is a spectrum (or a circle, or a squiggle)! Maybe you find yourself naturally attracted to men more; maybe you’re feeling the effects of compulsory heterosexuality (aka, society expects you to like men so you try to/notice your attraction to men more than other genders). Maybe in the future when you’ve started dating girls, you’ll find yourself mainly attracted to women. Or maybe your attractions will bounce back and forth on a weekly, or daily, or hourly basis. As long as you feel any amount of attraction to multiple genders, to a level that feels significant to you, you are bisexual. 

3. Bisexuals, especially baby bis, can deal with a lot of internalized as well as externalized biphobia. This is not your fault. It comes from being raised in a society where biphobic messages are shared and maintained in a variety of ways, some more subtle than others. Part of the experience of identifying as bi is recognizing those damaging messages you’ve heard that previously you hadn’t noticed or had taken for immediate truth. It doesn’t make you a horrible person or an inherent biphobe to have believed them. Be gentle with yourself as you unpack your beliefs regarding bisexuality, biphobia, etc.

You say you felt bad after your boyfriend acknowledged that you would like to be with a girl someday. I think it’s important to figure out why. Do you feel worried that your boyfriend thinks you don’t care about him, because you want to date girls in the future? If that’s the case, it might be beneficial to have a very open conversation with him. Assure him of your feelings for him. Ask him if he is upset by the idea of you liking anyone else. Ask him up front if he is intimidated or upset by you liking girls specifically (Tip: do not stay with someone who cannot handle your bisexuality!!! You deserve better). Talk about what this means for your relationship, together. You don’t have to go at this alone.

But maybe your feeling bad doesn’t have to do with your boyfriend at all. Do you feel bad because you feel guilty about wanting girls in the first place? That would go back to point #3 about unpacking internalized biphobia, which you can do from reading about biphobia (online/books/movies/etc), talking to other bisexuals, or just spending quality time enjoying being bi. 

Perhaps you could discuss having an open relationship with your boyfriend, so that you can try out dating other genders right away. You can set boundaries if it helps- for example, “We can make out with other people at parties, but we need to talk if serious feelings develop” or “We can date other people, but have to keep each other updated on who” or something else entirely. 

Keep in mind also that there doesn’t need to be something wrong with someone for you not to want to date them. It wouldn’t be fair to either of you to date him when your heart just isn’t in it and you can only think of dating other people. Maybe you need to take a break from dating him to see if he’s right for you or if you’d rather be single at the moment to better explore your options. 

Have you been to any queer centers/lounges/clubs on campus? It might help just to talk about dating other genders with other queer people who get it.

You have done nothing wrong here, and you don’t have anything to feel bad about. But it’s okay if you do, and a lot of bisexuals go through it. You’ve got a lot of exciting new things going on, and I wish you all the best in your journey!


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I was 16 the first time I saw a grown woman's pussy. My mom's. We would have several first's. She was standing at her dresser naked. I just froze there my eyes locked in on her big black bush. She just stood there for a good bit then said "apparently you like seeing your mom's pussy judging by that big bulge in your shorts. What have you got in there anyway? I said well you're my mother so this is really weird but the big bulge is because I've got a pretty big dick and you made it hard! P1

Part 1

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Hi!! I don't know if you heard about this but Jared posted a picture of an empty plate on Instagram and deleted it. This made me really concerned because I've noticed that Jared looks a lot thinner compared to how he looked a few years ago. During my photo op with him at Jaxcon the first thing I noticed was that he didn't look healthy. Do you think he posted the picture to hint at something? The fact that he deleted the picture only makes me more curious.

Hello, dear anon!

I only saw the post once I got on Twitter - it had already been deleted by the time I woke up. It’s very difficult to say if it means anything at all. No hashtags, no explanation… just a picture. I guess it could’ve been an accident or he could be messing with us. :P

I hope the next time he posts a plate picture, it’d look more like this. Like you, my dear anon, I also worry about his weight sometimes. I wish I could send him a ton of chocolate and potato chips! His weight is really none of my business, but I would be lying if I said that I hadn’t thought about it. I hope it’s only the consequence of not working out a lot and not something more serious.

I hope you have a splendid week, good anon! I’m sorry I failed to come up with an interesting theory.

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Sooo I just watched 7x10 (I couldn’t see it live bc of our connection…. ugh) and I have some thoughts….

-first of all: Melissa McfuckingBride oh my god. When she opened the door and saw Daryl… She deserves so much more credit for her acting than she gets..

-I am not going to lie; the episode was a bit underwhelming for me. We were promised plenty of Caryl time, and it turned out to be what, 5 minutes? Don’t get me wrong, what we got was amazing, but to me, it just feels like Gimple is afraid to make caryl happen or something? He probably thinks if he gives just enough ambigious Caryl per season, he will keep us content while also keeping the haters hooked. All while patting himself on the back for being such a genius.

-Enough negativity; Carol’s ‘shut up’ was the cutest I have ever heard?? Everything, the sobbing the relief the adorable smile… again so well acted by melissa.

-Carzekiel is ??? I am starting to believe the people shipping this are just plain trolls

-Daryl threathening Richard was very well done, and also not that ambigious! When I read the spoilers, I thought this was going to play out very lowkey, but they actually showed his reaction and stuff… nice

-These couple of caryl minutes pretty much ruined me.. i need a life

-What did norman say on TTD? Everyone seems to be angry at him. You know what, I don’t even want to know, his comments are always based on nothing anyway.

So that was it… now i can go back to thinking about if we will get something caryl on 7x16  studying

Take care carylers (:


am i going to regret this? of course! lmaoo but i was tagged to do this like 359648965 years ago and its time, its time for me to finally do my tags asdgfhjkl, anyways this is yo gurl laura, whos going to be 21 on march 22nd but still looks like a 17 year old… tragic (@ god…..why?!?!!?) also these pictures dont make sense bc i literally just put here the first two i saw so excuse me

i was tagged by @3c279 @1aeil @bfsicheng @onyourmarklee @bbykino (on my pentagon blog i know but im lazy) @jung-yoonoh (last year sfkfgdkf sorry) and i think more people but that was decades ago

and im tagging @freakydeakytaeyonq @healingsmiles @princeyoungho @boomingty @wishlistbyfx @94wnd and everyone who wants to do this!!! (:

A couple weeks ago, I decided to pick up a bunch of Wii U games while they’re still readily available. I mean, if Nintendo’s gonna be pulling the plug on the console, now’s probably the best time to get them. I picked up Paper Mario Color Splash, Kirby Rainbow Curse, Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze, and Yoshi’s Woolly World. People complain about the poor selection of games for the Wii U, but I dunno… I have a pretty respectable collection of games for it now. I feel like they, like the system itself, were just really badly advertised. The only reason I knew these games existed is because I saw them on store shelves. I really miss Nintendo Power magazine…

Yoshi was the first one I decided to play, and it’s actually really good. Like, surprisingly good. It’s not a difficult game to play if you just want to breeze through it, but there’s a good level of challenge if you actually want to collect everything and 100% it. The puzzles here and there are nice, platforming is great, things are well hidden but not impossible to find, and the special stages at the ends of the worlds are actually pretty hard and require more skill to get through. It reminds me a lot of Yoshi Story for the N64, but bigger and better.

I’m only up to world 3 so far, but I’m having a good time playing it. If you have a Wii U collecting dust somewhere because you have no games, this is one I’d recommend.

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Yeah appart from one pic why almost each of Louis' family, there is nobody from his side involved, and that is what kept me convinced even when I was doubting... even is he just wants privacy, a pic with one of his brother, liam or niall at the beginning, or even steve now, it would shut people up and change a lot (as long as it is convincing) and yet every time this baby was/is brought up everyone becomes so uncomfortable...

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:What kind of friend wouldn’t do anything they could to see their best friend’s first born as soon as possible? H was in LA, and money for the plane shouldn’t be a problem for N and Li I think? N arrived too late but still saw L later and went partying with him, L just said he was going but then 😶… (add that N went to see BW’s child the day after she(?) was born…)

Harry, Liam and Niall have been to LA countless times. Louis lad crew too, with his family we can’t really pressure since we know why they weren’t travelling - but that still could be easily solved if he asked for a better custody agreement that would allow him to fly his kid home. But apart from that, there are no excuses for the behaviour of everyone around Louis towards his kid. It simply doesn’t fit, doesn’t make sense  

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Guardienne's first time withe the main boys? ~ ♥

A/N: Hello dear anon!! Everything was done~






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would as he like kravitz or angus tho

These are both very good and important questions

Kravitz is a pretty chill guy, I think Ashe would like him okay, if they had a good first impression. However, considering how many times she died??? He might not be her biggest fan. I think they could grow past this though. Charoth likes Kravitz a lot though so Ashe would probably like him for that reason

I really like to think that Ashe would adore Angus ala her tendency to be a Mom. He’d be an absolute gentleman to her and she’d just adore him. chances are he’d be lowkey scared of her tho if he saw her in action. but you know she’d be protecting him

I’m back from Katsucon!

I’m sure you guys saw the Snorlax cosplay, but that was pretty much the only cosplay I took a pic of >.>

It was my first Katsucon, so I just wanted to enjoy it :D

There was a Pokken Tournament and I competed in it…and actually won!

The prize was a free ticket to Katsucon next year [: So I will definitely be going again.

I’m so excited!! I’m so happy I had such a good time!

Hope to bring some more content to the blog now that I feel refreshed from my vacation

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Hey just letting you know your tags made me cry for my fic bc that's literally the nicest shit anyone has ever said about my story thank you. Honestly ;~; thank you

…. okay i’m not going to scream but oh my gosh

@kimseokjinsthighs first of all thank you for writing such an amazing fic!! words cannot express how much i love it, 10000/10, my favourite taejin fic by a mile and in my top 5 bts fics of all time for sure!

 it’s the first fic i’ve actually wanted to actually tell people (like not just people who like bts but like, everyone) about and discuss with them like seriously i was so hooked. for that whole entire week the first thing i did when i got up (like literally as soon as i opened my eyes) was check to see if you had updated and every time i saw i new chapter i nearly cried (idk what i would have done if you didn’t update as quick as you did, probably cry some more). i would read your fic sneakily in lectures (which i never do bc i’m hella shy and scared of being caught) but dude,,,

i usually don’t get this way over fics (i’ve read it three times now which is impressive considering i barely ever read the same fic twice) and i wish i actually commented on your story (something i also never do bc i’m trash) but i’m so glad i have a chance to tell you now how i feel bc damn i have so many emotions i literally wasn’t joking when i said i could probably write an essay on your fic that’s how much it affected me. i write too so i could tell a hell of a lot of effort went into the fic and it shines through in every chapter. i swear to god there were moments i got chills and had to stop reading for a minute (this has literally only happened when i’ve read like proper novels and omg i just realised i must sound like such a kiss ass but oh well this is your fault anyway so sorry for the word vomit)  the characters were so compelling and unique i’ve never seen a relationship like theirs before and i found it so so enthralling. and i think you also wrote one of my favourite version of jin i have ever seen. i write bts ff too and i read a lot of it and i feel jin is usually the one who gets stereotyped and kinda forgotten or dismissed and poorly written jin is one of my pet peeves and you made him so interesting and complex (it was so interesting to see the one who is usually stuck in the ‘motherly’ roll act the way he does in your stroy and it made my heart sing) and tae omg my poor baby he was hurting so much, they both were and you did such a good job of getting in their heads and letting us understand why they acted the way they did (i saw you explained jin’s charcater and motivation at the very end but personally i didn’t need that bc i thought it was very clear from the way you wrote but it was interesting to read none the less) you had me rooting for them to work out (which is quite a feat considering how messed up everything was) 

your writing style was quite simple imo but so so effective and at times really beautiful and atmospheric and idk how to describe it but it felt clean and neat like it wasn’t cluttered with needless words which is how good writing is supposed to be, you take out the unnecessary fluff and you’re left with the best bits. i loved jk in this and his relationship with taehyung. it was plotted so well and i was so happy with the ending seriously i don’t think i wanted it to end any other way. it was just so satisfying and perfect like i hate when ending so get it right like an itch i can’t scratch and it bugs the shit out of me.  

like i said i write too so i know how important feedback is and how rewarding it is to get comments (well for me anyway) so i am sorry i didn’t go out of my way to tell you how incredible your fic is but i hope this embarassing mess of a reply gets across how i felt and yeah

just thank you and everyone go read this fic~ 

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what an amazing parents, they're never alone with that kid, bribri always has olivia, her mom or trashley and louis always has oli and used to have this body guard, like???? you can't go outside just on your own without all your friends???

Ikr is so weird. One can’t go out with the girlfriend without the bff glued to them, the other always need a nanny to watch over her when she’s out with the kid… like lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I saw there are even two pics (for now) (on twitter) from those pap pics after the X factor performance and even if it’s just Louis and Lottie hugging is still makes me feel so uncomfortable

Yeah, they were not in the mood for pics 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:lool, this time i`m thinking they`re actually gonna end it, first day of spring see you later …

Let’s see, anon. Let’s see… 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:Olivia is abandoning the ship before it sinking lol

lol she is