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Harry Styles - “Office Flirt”

So @blueeyedsoulme and I were having a chat about working in an office and just jobs in general and then it turned into imagining someone like Ed Sheeran or Harry working in an office. It ended up in a full on swapping of ideas for what Harry would be like in an office job. We both began to fangirl so much over picturing our ideas that I decided to write it. Enjoy!

Harry Styles was the talk of the office. He always had been. He was funny, smart, attractive and a complete flirt. He was that guy that had every girl in the office wanting him and every guy wanting to be him. He would have several of the girls huddled together a distance away from him, whispering about the unique and slightly ostentatious pattered pants, silk shirts and multiple gaudy rings on his fingers. He loved every bit of the attention as he was a self proclaimed narcissist. 

He would ask female co-workers to join him for lunch, shoot the group of giggling women a smirk causing them to break into a round of whispered giggles. He lived for it all.

There of course was one person in the office seemingly unaffected by his charm and good looks. There was no denying that he was attractive but for whatever reason you didn’t seem to care. And that drew him to you even more. At first he thought he was drawn to you because of your lack of care towards him but he quickly realized it was something more. 

He was attracted to you, your smile, your drive, your dedication to your job and that office. You were beautiful and he wanted to be close to you as much as possible. 

He was acting like a teenage boy in love. He would take the long way back to his desk just so he could pass yours and take in how you looked that day, the way you wore clothes that flattered your figure and brought out the gorgeousness of your eyes and how focused you were on your task at hand, making sure it was done to perfection. 

He would make sure to take the seat beside you as often as possible in staff meetings. He was caught up in you and wasn’t sure how to go about letting you know that, if he even should. The lunch dates with other co-workers was just a past time. He never did anything more but flirt, no matter how much they all but begged him for more. 

“Hey, Y/N,” He stepped up to your desk early one Monday morning. He leaned his hip against the side of your desk, looking down at you, attempting to draw your attention to him but your eyes stay focused on the monitor before you. 

“Hey,” You would answer back, still not looking up at him. 

“Anything fun happen over the weekend?” He questioned, hoping to strike up a full conversation with you but all you did to show you were listening was glace up at him before turning to a stack of folders beside you, studying the information printed on it. 

“Not really,” You eventually answered before you finally turned towards him, swiveling a bit in your chair. You look up into his green eyes but again, he notes how unaffected you seemed to be. “Finished a book from my seemingly never ending stack.” You answered, giving a shrug. You then turned back to your monitor and Harry knew the conversation was over as you didn’t make an attempt to ask how his weekend was. Not that he did anything much, but he would have still talked about it anyway. 

“Okay, well…” He stood up straight and decided to call it finished and head back to his desk. “Have a good day.” He turns then, grimacing a bit at what you surely thought was an awkward conversation and took a few steps towards his desk that was across the large open space. 

“Oh hey, Harry!” His heart skips a beat when you call after him. He turns back immediately, noting the group of girls standing a few desks over, eyeing the interaction but offers them no sign that he cared. 

“Yes?” He questions, giving you a small smile. 

“I accidentely grabbed these from the printer when I got my things earlier, they are yours, right?” You hold out a small stack of papers that Harry had in-fact printed out earlier when he saw you heading for the printer. He had planned on meeting you over there to to strike up a conversation but got held up by the boss coming over to ask what was going on with a certain client. 

“Oh yeah, righ’, thanks.” He grabs for them and you turn back to the computer after offering him a smile. He sighs and heads back to his desk, feeling a big dejected. 

It was a few days later, after a few more short encounters, that he finally decided to make an actual move and make sure you were aware of how he felt. He went to Starbucks that was next door, ordering the drink you got every morning - yeah, he had memorized your order. Was that creepy? Possibly, but he hoped you would see it as a kind gesture anyway. 

He saw you there when he walked in, drink in hand, seated at your desk already. You were pouring over a file, a small crease formed between your brows as you also bit at your lower lip. He came to a halt a few steps away from your desk, his heart beating rapidly against his ribs as he thought about what he intended to say. He finally took a few deep breaths, building up the courage to do this. 

He simply places the drink beside your keyboard and waits for you to notice. When you do, you turn towards him, a frown on your face as you glance down at it. 

“What is this?” You question. Harry, or anyone in the office for that matter, had never gotten you coffee.

“You’re favorite.” He comments with a small shrug of his broad shoulders, offering you up a smile. 

“Oh,” You noted how he had in fact gotten you the correct order. You were slightly flattered as you reach for it but also more so confused. “Thank you.” You take a sip of it then. “Why, though?” You ask him, eyeing him over the rim of the cup as you take another drink. 

“I wan’ to talk to you about somethin’.” He reveals, moving a stack of papers from your desk to take a seat. You eye him cautiously, not sure what he was getting at. 

“And what is that?” You look up into his green eyes, feeling yourself needing to suddenly take a deep breath of air as you got short of breath. You wondered what he had to say and why you could basically feel the nerves radiating off of him. Harry was always so confident with the other girls in the office, you saw how he was with them, had seen him flirting with them and having lunch with them, making them laugh and giggle. He had even asked you to lunch multiple times but you had said it was going to be a working lunch that day and simply couldn’t. You didn’t want to just be another one of those girls he flirted with, that just wasn’t you. 

“Come to lunch with me today.” You sigh but he continues on. “I know, I know, I’ve asked before and you don’ wan’ to, but I’m no’ askin’ you like how I do anyone else in the office. ‘m askin you because I wan’ to spend time with you, I wan’ to ge’ to know you. I like you, Y/N, I mean truly like you.” 

“Harry,” You shake your head, giving yet another sigh. “Even if you like me more than how you like the other girls, I don’t want to get involved with the office flirt.” Harry knew he deserved that reputation. There was no reason to deny such a thing, that’s what he was. 

“I told you, it’s no’ like tha’ with you.” He tries assuring you but he could still see the hesitancy. “Okay, jus’ one lunch with me. Give me the chance, at least to ge’ you to see it.” You sigh then, staring up at his face, seeing that he was seemingly being completely sincere. 

“You’ll stop flirting with everyone if I agree to go to lunch?” You question. Maybe not seeing him constantly flirting with every girl he passes would help you see he did have feelings for you. Maybe. You did like him, you were attracted to him, and he was sweet and funny, it wouldn’t be the worst thing to maybe do this with him. 

“O’ course. It will jus’ be you.” You give him a smile then, seeing his face light up with hope at the sight of it. “You’ll go with me?” 

“I mean,” You shrug. “You seem pretty sincere so I’ll give you a chance. I’m not promising anything serious but we’ll see how it goes.” He grins then, that adorable boyish grin that actually made a flutter happen in your chest. 

“So how abou’ dinner tonigh’ instead?” He questions, it turning to a slight smirk but you laugh and shake your head as you stand from your chair. 

“We’ll start with lunch, don’t push it.” You tell him but offer him a smile. “And then we’ll see about dinner.”

“I’ll take wha’ I can ge’.” You give him a small smile, shaking your head. What had you just gotten yourself into? Whatever it was, you were excited for it. You smack him playfully on the chest before you turn and walk away, turning back to shoot him one last grin, seeing him still smiling widely. 

Many girls had gotten lunch with Harry, but this was more than that, you felt. This was somewhat of an actual date, Harry had feelings for you. And the idea made butterflies flutter in your stomach. 


just saw this scene on live tv. i laughed.

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Just saw your answer to what instruments the egos would play and I can't stop laughing at the idea of Wilford busting out Careless Whisper on his saxophone at the most inappropriate times send help

I’m imagining him in the middle of an important meeting or in one of his own interviews and he brings out his big ol case and the person speaking is confused because the hell? And wilford encourages them to keep speaking even as he puts it together, wets his reed and swings the strap around his neck. 

And he starts playing and the speaker is so confused, but Wilford says, “no keep going, I’m just adding some ambiance.” His producers hate it, but whatever keeps him from murdering people, they guess. 

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I just wanted to say that the Teletubbies episode with the Bear and the Lion scared me so much as a kid and seeing that you were unnerved by the show made me feel so happy and made me laugh so much. The whole episode was amazing, so thank you for that ^-^

The bear and lion never personally bothered me but then I saw it when it was redone to not be as creepy as the original airing - too many complaints. In fact there were so many complaints on the original voices that there was a whole fucking creepypasta inspired by it, lol

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I should have seen it coming. Of course ABC/DWTS would pull us in for views, it's something they would do tbh. This shit is fucking stupid. ValMani are the real winners here. When I woke up a couple minutes ago and saw the results I yelled. We voted our asses off for them just for them to be 3rd place? No honey, I saw people post the points they got. They got the most points. This shit is more rigged than the fucking claw machine at Chuck E. Cheese.

Hahaha I laugh with the Chuck E Cheese thing lol 😂 and yes they used us 😡

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im in the same boat as you brendon, i just drank a monster and i havent slept more than 3 hours this week and im extremely hysterical and everything is funny,,,,i laughed at the word bologna for 5 minutes,,,,,and then cried when i saw a photo of jon smiling,,,

right,, my mum was like “dont drink that its the devils juice” and i was like H A and then look at me.. I am a Wreck, What is a Word?

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What if Harry's daughter was a lesbian? Maybe she has a female friend over to study and theyre up in her room and harry goes up to ask something or just to check on them and opens the door to see them making out on her bed. He'd slam it closed so quickly and walk straight back to his bedroom where you're sitting on the bed 'how are the girls doing?' You'd ask and he'd just stutter for a bit 'well, no reason to worry about that boy we saw drop her home last week. Don't think he's her type'

“Don’t think he’s her type” oh my god I am laughing

Upon getting older

And tomorrow I grow older
These anniversaries
Make me pensive
Do I grow wiser
Or just more like my parents?

My friend told me he took his
Total years and subtracted
What he’s spent and chose to live
The difference

But I disagree-
Ha ha
I do (really)

You see, I’m doing life better
Living her more intensely
Richly than ever before
And I have come to the realization
That I’d rather live
My slender years bravely
Than parcel out time favoring each
Sand in the hour glass

I’m better for having lived
And happier still for having laughed
Loudly and cheered with people I love
And when a student saw I was distraught
She said,
“Let me give you a hug, dear!”
Oh my God, I taught her
It seems
Life has far more to feel
And I can’t wait to turn
The bottle upside down and live
Life fervently and vigorously
As just
For me


Ok….please don’t laugh at me. This is the first I’ve ever written something going this far into explanation. I hope it doesn’t make you cringe.

I will try to get a Ravi chapter out soon. Expect fluffy fluffiness and a bit of sexy Ravi….maybe.

Anyway, here goes nothing…


“What do you mean by ‘a green light’?”

“Just exactly that. After I saw you sink to the floor, I freaked out and screamed. I was going to push him away but I hadn’t even touched him before this green light came from my hands and knocked him into the wall.”

“So, basically you "Kamehameha’d” him?“

"I’m being serious!”

You slapped Taekwoon’s thigh next to you. You both had woke up early and, thankfully, the power was back on. You started explaining to Taekwoon what you had done after he’d been stabbed. He had brought you over to sit between his legs and pulled the comforter around you both.

“I know. I’m sorry. Please continue.” His arms came around your waist and rested there.

“There’s not much more than that. After all that, I panicked and ran to Unni’s apartment. Is that something that goes along with hybrid stuff? I’ve been feeling weird since then, too.”

“I’ve never heard of anything like that. Maybe I can ask JangPil. "Are you feeling really bad?”

“No, I just feel….off. I don’t know how to explain it. Like it drained my energy or something.”

“I’m glad you got a lick in on him, though. Little bastard deserved it.”

You played with the hem of the comforter and snuggled in further.

“I never thought he would be like that. He used to be so nice.”

“Oh, yes, we need to talk about that. I believe you said you liked him?” His legs squeezed around you, causing you to smile slightly.

“Used to. Past tense. He was one of the first guys I met when I came here for school. At the time, he was so sweet and helped me learn Korean. He would always do this thing where he would grab my face, look into my eyes, and tell me that he was going to download Korean into my brain. I used to think it was the cutest thing. Now, I know he was just trying to connect my mind to his. I should have known though. He never really showed much interest beyond that. I held onto that crush for a good three years before he stopped all contact with me.”

When Taekwoon didn’t say anything, you turned to look at him. His eyes were narrowed and red. He seemed rather pissed off.

“Taekwoon?” He snapped out of it when you said his name. He looked up at you and smirked. Well…that was a dangerous look.

“Taekwoon, are you okay?” You turned around and sat on your heels.

“I’m fine. Just controlling the urge to tear him apart.” He smiled but it was edged with something else fatal. “Now I’m kind of pissed that I didn’t get to beat the shit out of him.”

“He probably would have liked it anyway.”

“Sick bastard. You were right, you know. He wanted someone to hit him. His whole body was humming with anticipation.”

“He probably wouldn’t have stabbed you though if I hadn’t called him out on it.”

“He would have found another reason anyway. Don’t dwell in it.” He tucked your hair behind your ears and pulled on one of your ear lobes.

Suddenly, an embarrassing thought crossed your mind. Taekwoon noticed and smiled.

“What’s going on in that pretty little head? I can feel the gears turning.”

You mustered up all the courage you had in you and asked.

“D-do you have any?” You couldn’t make eye contact with him. If you did, you would lose your will to carry on the conversation.

“Any what, love?”

“You know…”

“No, I don’t.” He joined his hands behind your back and pulled you a bit closer.

“Any, um, you know…..k-kinks? Things you like….like that?” Your face was burning. You still couldn’t believe you asked that. You heard him chuckle so you finally looked at his face. His eyes took on a lovely glow and he smiled sinfully. Your heart kicked up and it only served to widen his smile.

“Why do you want to know?”

Your eyes widened at his question. Was it too foward? Did he not want to tell you? Maybe he wanted to keep it a secret.

“You don’t have to tell me. Honest! I was just curious! We can talk about something else.”

“Well, if you really want to know, I have a couple. Wanna guess what they are?”

“I have no idea….uh…oh! I know! Biting!”

He nodded and laughed. You had to bite down the urge to crawl under the floor after saying that outloud.

“I think any Starlight could guess that though. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had that conversation with another f–”

His eyebrows raised at what you had said. You had never talked about being a fan before you’d met him. And he never asked.

“What kind of conversations?”

Your mind searched for ways to change the subject.

“Oh, nothing important. Just how nice your voice was, how well you danced, and the musicals you did. Stuff like that.”

“No, you said you had conversations about me biting people.”

“J-just in passing. Whenever there was a photo released or something, usually with JaeHwan as the victim. We just noticed is all.”

He sat there for a moment, turning things over in his brain. A slow smile spread on his face.

“You like it too.” You gave up. He was too good at reading you. You buried your head in your hands and collapsed on his chest. This conversation had gone south, really quick.

“So, basically, you like my animal side. The eyes, growling, and biting.”

Worried that he might think that was all you liked, you raised back up.

“No! Well, I do. But thats only part of what I love! I love all of you! I swear, I do! Oh goodness, this was supposed to be about me learning more about you and it flipped around on me!” You flopped your head down on his chest again and you could feel him chuckle. You groaned at his amusement.

“I know, sweetheart. I was just messing around with you. I love that you like the animal side of me. It certainly responds to you.” His hands found their way under your shirt to lightly caress your back. You smiled and snuggled into his chest.

“Do you really want to know another one?” You looked at him and nodded. “Promise not to think I’m a freak that should be avoided at all costs?” Again, you nodded. “Promise never to run away from me again?” Rolling your eyes, you nodded for the third time.

Suddenly, he grabbed your waist and lifted you. When he set you down, you were straddling one of his thighs. You looked up at him, curious. His eyes slowly started to glow as he lifted his leg at a low angle. If it weren’t for his hands on your waist, holding you steady, you would have fallen forward.

“Hands on my shoulders.” You quickly obliged, confused at his actions. You looked down at your position but still couldn’t figure out what he was doing.

“Look at me.” You brought your eyes up to meet his still glowing eyes. Your eyes widened when you could feel him tense the muscle in his thigh. You hadn’t changed from the previous night so you still had his oversized shirt on over just your underwear.

Finally, he pulled you towards him and you inhaled sharply. The feeling of your barely-clad center moving slowly over his thigh had you gasping for air. He moved you until you were flush against his stomach. You swallowed hard and looked up at him. Your hands were clenched on his shoulders and your lower half ached. His eyes met yours and your desire increased ten-fold. He must have sensed it because he smiled.

“Good?” His voice was gravelly from his own desire.

“Yeah.” Your own voice came out breathy and you had only a second to recover before his lips took yours. He moved his lips excruciatingly slow over yours as his hands moved you back across his thigh. He swallowed the gasp you released before bringing you quickly back down to rest at his stomach. You held onto his shoulders for dear life as he released your mouth and traveled down your neck. He repeated his torture for a few more moments as he flicked his tongue over your tattoo before moving down to bite your collarbone. Desperate for more, you rolled your hips experimentally over his thigh. The movement earned you a deep growl as his arms wrapped around your waist. He quickly flipped you so that you were underneath him. You whined a bit at the loss of contact with his leg.

“There will be plenty of time for that later. Right now, I want you underneath me.”

i don’t know what to feel rn. i feel like crying and at the same time, i feel like laughing my ass off. ghad my aunt just saw my diary when i was young. tbh i can’t remember my diary that much. she just said what’s inside it to my fam and guess what i wanna be eaten by the floor y'know it’s such a shame! but yeah, it’s funny that i had a diary once in my years of existence. and btw, am the only one who keeps such thing or stuff like that in our fam lol. and i think i’m deciding to stop journalizing bc i might misplace it and someone might find and read it. i’m afraid my secrets will be spilled lol i just have to be careful from now on. just gotta have virtual journal, i guess? like this. uhm idk.

ps: dear diary, i missed you but now you’re gone forever!

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omg I need to vent (note: just saw raw) at first when yousef came in and you can see his face drop, I laugh cos yeah you should feel guilty or wateva feel you feelin then i just kept laughing (read insane & awkward laugh not happy) then it got really uncomfortable and i just want him to get out of the room quickly aarrrrgh my poor sana <3

omg I just watched it and god my heart broke when I saw yousef coming and sana trying not to look at him and his face drops but like I don’t know if he’s sad ‘cause Sana doesn’t look at him or because he feels guilty


and Noora left the bus and is asking about how Sana is but at the same time I don’t know, I still need an explanation



Dear Charlie,

I’m starting to believe that maybe I am bisexual. The other night I had another dream I saw someone in black hoodie, and when I slowly took their hoodie off it was actually a girl who has cancer. Somehow she looked familiar, and the next thing I did I kissed her, and when I did memories started flashing as if I we knew each other in another lifetime. She had beautiful smile, laugh too. Although all of this was just a dream still I felted more like memories than a dream.

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Are you secretly a DC employee and/or a magician? I just saw the Outlaws annual solicits and had to laugh at it. I know alot of Dick fans are worried about Lobdell writing Dick, since people don't think he likes him very much, but I'm freaking excited. My favorite two characters from my favorite rebirth books and all I'm hoping for is that they are similar to the way my favorite fanfic author writes them lol.

Haha, it is getting a little eerie. There’s some Lex as well in the other August issue, Artemis loves girls, I’m really happy. 

I’m quietly excited for it too, anon. I hope it’s good. Hopefully Lobdell’s improvements extend to Dick. Dick and Jason are my Robins I love them so much. 

Don’t screw this up, DC. Please.

(Warning: discourse) So I joined the VLD fandom a bit late. And I already kind of figured out that I liked the idea of Sheith in episode 1. I had no idea there was this whole “anti shaladin” drama going on when I followed like. 300 Voltron blogs. I just wanted to see more art and meta. :’D After discovering that this ship war was somehow a Thing, I cleaned up my feed a little bit. I’m on mobile and I’m not entirely thorough, but I tried. It wasn’t a terribly huge surprise when I saw in my feed an ask that read something like “what if we ship Shaladin, but they’re older?” And the answer was “But they’re not.” I laughed. These charaters don’t exist. How many people are guilty of gay ships with heterosexual characters? I bet there are a lot of them. You can make characters older, different genders, different races, and headcanon different sexualities. We’re not limited to what is canon (or in this case, assumed). But I digress. I ended up scrolling through the ask drama because I was curious, and turns out this girl is only 14. So I can get not wanting to see like. NSFW stuff. I mean it’s still really strange for me to think that there are minors on this site. I remember being like, an awkward 19-year-old and using tumblr to search for porn so I wouldn’t get viruses. XD And I guess I just sort of associated Tumblr with adult content. Especially with all the porn bots floating around. Well anyways. Here are my thoughts. A lot of antis seem to be at an impressionable age. So they probably heard the whole “Shaladin = pedophilia” dogma and it just. Stuck. There’s not going to be a lot of reasoning with that, so there’s no point in facilitating fights. Just remember to tag your NSFW creations, follow good supportive blogs, and don’t reply to antis and I think you’ll have a good time. I certainly still have a lot of fun in this fandom. You guys make my day with your art, and funny chats.

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Just wanted to say--as the original requester of the de-aged jason prompt, hi--i've been evil laughing from day one, this prompt monopolizing your time? all apart of the plan

How dare–

Nah lmao. I don’t really mind. It’s nice to stretch my brain and experiment a little and deconstructing tropes is fun. For me anyway, idk about you guys.

I’m glad that you’re around and enjoying it though, anon! I always wonder with the anon prompts if the prompter saw and liked the fic XD

My honest review of Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Dark Side of Dimensions