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Absolutely Smitten

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Prompt: Inspired by Dodie Clark’s song of the same title, which you can listen to here

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1,642

A/N: I just really love Dodie’s music and this song is adorable and you should all go check out her YouTube channel/EP’s for some great music.

Also, this gif doesn’t really fit the story at all, but it’s the only good one I could find with Peter in the same outfit as he’s in in this imagine. So yeah.

Anyway, hope you enjoy!

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You gazed idly out of the airplane window at the dazzling skyline below. There were tall skyscrapers surrounded by calm waters that reflected the blue in the sky. You took a deep breath. This was it. Goodbye long beaches of Los Angeles, California, hello busy streets of Queens, New York. You didn’t like the idea of moving away from the only place you had called home, but you understood that this move was for the better. Your parents’ business had just partnered with the infamous Stark Industries, and moving to Queens just made everything a lot less stressful on your mom and dad. Nevertheless, the journey to NYC was a difficult one for you. Saying goodbye to all your friends was the toughest part. You weren’t necessarily the “popular” kid in school (you were more of the geeky, yet kind of cool one), but you still had some great friends that you hated to leave behind.

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Personal Assistant Part4

Previously: Part3

Seb slammed the door shut and screamed in anger, he punched the wall, making a hole and dropped to the floor sobbing an angry mess. He was angry with himself for not telling you any sooner and he was angry at Chris for liking you and angry at the woman he fucked.

“I gotta fix this”

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Can I get a Valentine's Day peter Parker x reader please???

Peter Parker X Reader –  Don’t Tell

A/N – For me, this works best with Tom Holland (Avengers Spiderman) but an older version of Aunt May & Uncle Ben (like in the original trilogy.)

Warnings – None.

Rating – T

Based off this imagine by @thefandomimagine

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High school is an unusual society where the students follow unspoken rules and the teachers let them in order to maintain an easier, quieter life. The rules are simple enough: stay within your group, don’t become the teacher’s pet, keep fights within your year, and above all, never tell on another student.

Unfortunately, that last rule came with its own consequences for you on a Friday before school let out. Toby Garfield had accidentally broken one of the windows for all the students to see but since nobody, including yourself, was willing to tell the teacher, Mr Maguire, you were blamed for being the closest to the scene of the crime. It meant that after school, you had been given glamourous job of scrubbing graffiti off the walls; you had even been given the janitor’s keys to put the cleaning supplies away afterwards.

After an hour and a half of scrubbing, you checked your watch yet again, sure that it must finally be time for you to go home. When you saw it wasn’t, you were sure time must be passing agonisingly slow just to taunt you.

“That’s it.” You growled irritably, throwing the scrubbing brush back into the bucket and inadvertently soaking yourself with water. “No more. There’s nobody here. I’m going home.”

You continued to chunter to yourself down the hallway until you reached the supply closet where you grew even more frustrated as it refused to unlock.

“OH, COME ON!” You exploded angrily.

“Hello?” A muffled voice sounded from inside the closet.

You frowned at the door, puzzled. “Hi?”

“Hey um, I’m kind of trapped in here, do you think you could let me out?”

“Oh!” You burst into action, trying again to unlock it. The door remained stubbornly shut, even when you leant against it with all your might. “Door’s jammed.” You grunted, pushing harder.

“Yeah… Flash dented the lock so I wouldn’t get out.”

“Flash? As in Flash Thompson? Why would he- Hang on, you’re not that guy are you? The one he always picks on? What was it? P- P- P- Percy? No, uh-”

“It’s Peter actually.”

“Right, Peter, sorry about that. This is (Y/N) by the way, if you know me that is.”

“Yeah, we’re in most classes together.”

“We are? My bad, I don’t pay much attention. Well, when this is over I’m gonna kill Flash. Okay, move back from the door, I have an idea.”

Peter moved as far back as he could in the tiny supply closet, waiting for your master plan. There was a loud thud against the door, followed by a pained groan.

“H-hey, are you alright?” Peter fretted.

“That was… That was a stupid plan.” You cringed. “New plan. I’m going to get some of the tools from workshop. Sit tight Peter, I’ll be right back.”

Peter sat down, leaning against the wall as he had before you came along. He debated what he’d tell Aunt May and Uncle Ben this time, after all, there would be no explaining the- Loud scraping of metal on metal interrupted his thoughts.

“You’re back.” He declared happily.

“Uh-huh.” You answered distractedly, attacking the door hinges with a screwdriver and hammer. It took just under half an hour of hacking inexpertly at the tight metal before you managed to remove the hinges completely. You grabbed the door quickly, easing it to the floor to let Peter out.

“Done.” You panted tiredly, staring at the mess you’d made.

“Thank you, I’m sorry I put you through so much trouble.”

“It’s no big deal, I’m just glad-” You turned to Peter, “Good God man.” You stated, appalled at the sight before you.

Peter’s face was covered in cuts and bruises, his left eye was swollen and purple, and there was dried blood, which had made its way from his nose to his shirt.

“Did Flash and his gang do this to you?” You whispered incredulously.

“Uh yeah, sorry.” Peter apologised, hating the worry on your face. “It’s fine really. I’m sure Flash just has his own troubles and-”

“No. This isn’t okay so don’t go acting like it is. Come on, we have to get you cleaned up before your cuts get infected or something.”

“Are you sure we should be doing this?” Peter questioned apprehensively as you tried each key on the bunch for the nurse’s office. “Isn’t this breaking the rules?”

“Peter, I just broke down a door, I think this is acceptable.” You pushed the door open. “Now sit down, I need to get a cloth.”

Peter perched on the edge of a bed while you rifled through some drawers, “Cloths are in the second drawer and saline solution is in the cupboard on your right.” he explained.

“I’m guessing you spend a lot of time in here.” You got the items, moving back to him.

“A little more than I should.”

You prepared the solution on the cloth, “This may sting a little.”

You dabbed his face gently, clearing away the blood where you could. Peter sat silently, suddenly bashful at your proximity.

“So, where do you live anyway?” You asked while you worked.

“What? Uh, w-why?”

“It’s late, I don’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“What about you? If you walked me home, who would walk you home?”

“Look, just tell me where you live, who knows? It may be right next to me but I won’t know until you tell me.”

“I live in Forest Hills but you don’t have to-”

“No way, I live in the street around the corner.” You lied, doing whatever it took to get Peter home.

“Really?” Peter lit up excitedly.

“Yeah, come on, I think I’ve done all I can here. I’ll lock up and we can go.”

“Uh (Y/N), what about the supply room door?”

“What the principal doesn’t know can’t hurt us, he’ll probably just assume it was just some vandal; God knows the school’s full of ‘em. Now let’s go, it’s bad enough walking through New York in the day, it’s even worse at night and I don’t know about you but I don’t have any bus money so I’d rather set off now.”

“Where could he have got to May?” Ben Parker paced restlessly around his living room, waiting for the phone to ring.

“Ben-” May started, looking through the net curtains.

“I should be out there looking for him.”


“It’s been hours now.”

“Ben!” May raised her voice slightly, startling her husband. She smiled serenely, “Peter’s outside and it looks like he’s brought a friend.”

“What?” Ben joined his wife at the window. Peter’s back was facing the pair but they could just see you in front of him.

“Do you think he’s been out on a date?” May gushed ecstatically.

“Now May, it could just be a friend.”

“Either way, our little Peter hasn’t brought many people over before.”

“What do you suppose they’re talking about out there?”

“I don’t know, oh let’s invite them in, I’d love to meet Peter’s new friend.”

“Do you really think that’s a good idea?” Ben asked a little too late, May was already heading towards the door.

She threw it open enthusiastically, “Peter dear, welcome home. Come now, why don’t you introduce us to your friend?”

Peter blushed awkwardly, “A-aunt May-” he stuttered.

You looked behind Peter to see his aunt and uncle in the doorway. They motioned you inside, “Come now dear, no need to be shy.” May cooed at you.

“Sorry about this.” Peter whispered, nervous that you would hate his family and think him a loser. In truth, he loved his family more than anything so if you disliked them he knew he wouldn’t have anything to do with you from then on.

You walked past Peter to the front door, “Hello, I’m (Y/N), it’s a pleasure to meet you.” You stuck your hand out which Ben shook amiably.

“Please dear, come inside, we’d love to hear how you know our Peter.” May beamed.

“Oh, um- I wouldn’t want to impose.”

“Nonsense, it wouldn’t be a bother.”

“Uh, well I suppose, if Peter doesn’t mind.”

Peter finally joined you, “No, not at-”

His aunt gasped, “Oh my, Peter what happened to your face? It wasn’t those boys again was it?”

“Uh, no. No, it wasn’t, it was actually um-”

“No, I can tell you, I saw the whole thing.” You jumped in, saving Peter from whatever mess of an explanation he’d come up with. “Peter actually slipped on something at the top of the stairs and fell down half a flight. It was reported to the principal and I took him to the nurse’s office; it was all just a clumsy mistake.”

“Peter, you really must be more careful.” May chastised mildly. “Still, it’s good you had such a nice friend to help you. Now come on in out of the cold you two, I’ll make everyone a nice cup of tea.”

Over the next twenty minutes, you were asked all manner of questions which you answered gladly, knowing that if your family met Peter, they’d probably do the same to him. You found May and Ben to be lovely people who clearly adored their nephew. It almost made you reluctant to announce you had to leave.

“Are you sure you won’t stay for dinner?” May offered.

“No thank you, I should be getting home ASAP.”

“Where do you live dear? I wouldn’t want you walking home alone in the dark.”

“Aunt May, (Y/N) lives just around-” Peter started until you gave him a look and shook your head.

“I um, I actually live in the city, but if I start walking now I can be home in an hour or two.”

“Peter,” Ben scolded, “you let (Y/N) come with you all this way even though (s)he lives in the city. How could you be so irresponsible?”

“It’s alright, really. Peter didn’t know where I lived, I didn’t tell him.” You explained. “It was nice meeting you both, I hope I’ll get to again. See you later Peter.” You got up to leave.

“Hey now, it wouldn’t be right to let you go out alone in the pitch black. What kind of person would I be if I allowed you to do that? Come with me and we’ll go in the car.”


“No buts, come on now.”

You knew there was no way you would win the argument against Ben Parker; he was the very image of how a guardian should behave. You followed him out of the house apologising for the inconvenience.

When the car pulled away, May turned to Peter, gushing, “(S)he is a lovely one, that (Y/N). You should ask him/her out before someone else does.”

“Aunt May-” Peter blushed.

“Now, now, I saw the way you looked at (Y/N), it’s the same way your father looked at your mother when they first met.”

“(Y/N)’s just a friend.”

“For now maybe but that can change quite easily.”

Peter shuffled awkwardly on the sofa.

“Alright.” May relented. “I’ll drop it for now but we both know I’m right.”

She walked away, leaving Peter to his thoughts. You were one of the first people to really acknowledge him in school and you’d met his family all in one day, how could he not have a crush on you? Despite that, he was sure you were just being polite and that everything would go back to normal on Monday because who would admit to liking him in front of the other students?

Much to Peter’s amazement, you didn’t ignore him on the following Monday. In fact, from then on you made extra efforts to sit with him in class, work together on group projects, and even meet him when you could outside of school. Your friendship endured even when Peter started acting unusual, disappearing on occasion, and making peculiar excuses not to meet you. Although you wanted to know what was wrong with him, you stopped asking because he became fidgety and uncomfortable whenever you did. After a year as your friend, Peter decided it was finally time to ask you out; as soon as Valentine’s day rolled around he was going to visit your house, take flowers, and hope you wouldn’t reject his affections.

Peter checked himself out in the mirror. He had a million questions right now but nobody to ask them to. Was his outfit okay or would a suit be better than jeans and a t-shirt? Were the dozen red roses he was holding too much or not enough? Should he slick his hair back? How would he ask the question? Would he suddenly blurt it out in a moment of clarity or would he stand gawkily spluttering clumsy words? His multitude of questions were interrupted by the phone downstairs, he ran to get it since his Aunt and Uncle were away on a day-long date.

“Hello?” he answered.

“Peter, where are you?” You asked. “You said you were coming over to work on our Science project today or did you forget?”

Peter cursed himself silently, he’d been so busy getting ready that he’d forgotten the excuse he’d made to visit you.

“Uh… yeah. I’m on my way now, it’s just that to make our uh presentation board we’ll need tacks and I went to the store here but they don’t have any.”

“Oh, no problem, you just get over here when you can and I’ll pick up some tacks at our store.”

“Great, I’ll uh, see you soon (Y/N).”

“Okie doke, see you soon, bye.”

The phone clicked off. Peter looked at the clock on the wall, he’d have to hurry if he wanted to ask you out before your family got home. He ran upstairs, grabbing his backpack. There was only one thing that would get him to your place in good time; for this job, he would have to be Spiderman.

You threw the tacks in your bag on the way back home from the store, absentmindedly taking the shortcut through the back allies to your apartment block as you always did when it was cold.

“That sure is a nice lookin’ bag you got there.” A lanky man in a cut off denim vest and jeans croaked.

“Excuse me?” You turned to face the man.

“I’ll bet it’s worth a pretty penny or two.”

“W-What do you want?” You demanded shakily.

“That depends really don’t it. How much do you have?”

He pulled a switchblade out, grinning maliciously. You took a few steps backwards, keeping an eye on him until two meaty arms wrapped around your chest.

You screamed and bucked, craning your neck to see your attacker, another man who was clearly in league with the first, sneered as you writhed against him. The first man came closer, swaying his knife around, “I think this is going to be a fun day.”

“Wait.” You shrieked. “I’ll give you everything I have. Please, you don’t have to do this.”

“Have to? No. But I do want to, I like hearing people scream.”

“Wow.” Sarcastic clapping brought everyone’s attention to the vigilante Spiderman, who was stood only a few feet away. “Real great show everybody but it won’t make it to stage if someone dies in the first scene.”

“What the hell are you on about?” Denim jacket waved his knife in Spiderman’s direction.

“Wait! This isn’t a play rehearsal? Damn, if it was I was gonna add a scene where the two idiots got arrested and the victim goes free… Oh well, I guess I can do that anyway.”

You watched disbelievingly as the other thug let go of you, ready to go head-to-head with Spiderman. You didn’t know what to say about the scene in front of you as you stood, paralysed, watching it unfurl. It took only about two minutes for Spiderman to incapacitate the two men, leaving them stuck against the wall, presumably for the police to find.

He approached you, completely relaxed. “Are you alright? Did they hurt you?”

You swallowed thickly, your suspicions confirmed, then in a low voice you whispered, “Peter?”

Spiderman stumbled back, stunned. “Wha- Who? I don’t know any-”

“Stop. Don’t insult me like this Pe- uh Spiderman.”

You turned to leave the way you’d came but were stopped as Spiderman grabbed your wrist. “Can I… Can we talk about this?”

You hesitated before nodding uncertainly. Spiderman grabbed you around the waist tightly, using his web slingers to take off into the sky. Cold air whipped across your face as you clung tightly to him, both exhilarated and terrified until he stopped at the top of a nearby building, about 20 stories off the ground.

“How did you know?” He asked, sounding less confident than before.

“No matter how you disguise it, I know your voice by now.” You kept a safe distance from the friend you thought you knew. “How- I mean… You were always the guy who took photos but like… Were you born like this? Hell, are you even from this planet?”

“You’ve definitely been reading too much Superman.”

“Okay, drop the sarcasm mister or I’ll uh, very slowly climb down the fire escape, I guess.” You peeked over the edge of the building dubiously.

“It’s a long story with a radioactive spider and I know it’s weird but this is new to me too. Do you… do you accept me as Spiderman?”

“I don’t think I have much of a choice.” You replied sardonically, then switching to concern you asked, “Do you get hurt a lot?”


“Is this where you’re always disappearing?”


“Okay.” You clambered onto the fire escape.

“Wait, (Y/N) where are you going?” he asked, alarmed.

“I just need some time to figure this out because I’ve just found out my best friend is a vigilante superhero who disappears often to get into fights with strangers.”

“Hang on, please don’t be like this, I- Just stay here for two minutes, can you do that for me?”

You exhaled tiredly, rubbing your forehead, “Sure, fine, whatever.”

“Great, I’ll be right back.”

Spiderman zipped away, leaving you on the fire escape to survey the city below; it seemed peaceful to be above it all. You could almost see the advantage of having powers like Peter’s. The peace didn’t last long however as Spiderman flung himself back onto the roof, landing behind you. When you faced him, you saw that his hands were behind his back and he was shuffling nervously.

“I uh, I planned to do this properly but considering everything… here.”

He pulled a very wilted bouquet of roses from behind his back, the heads had fallen off a few and the rest had shed most of their petals from the journey up. The sight of them made you smile wearily as you took hold of them gently.

“Thank you?”

“It’s Valentine’s day.” Peter blurted.

“That it is. So, is this you asking me out?”

“Yeah. If you don’t like it though, I can try again, we could do it a different way, or-”

You put up a hand to stop Peter’s babbling, “I um, I still need to get my head around everything so I’m just going to head home now.”

“WAIT!” Peter put his hand out. “Uh… Look, I understand if you don’t want to see me again but please, I’ve gotta ask you, you won’t tell the police about this will you?”

“Excuse me?” You said, affronted by the question. “What kind of cretin do you take me for? I would never in a million years, tell the police that my boyfriend was Spiderman.”

The whites of Peter’s mask widened in surprise, “B-boyfriend.”

You grinned. “Yes, boyfriend. Now, either you give me a lift to my apartment block or I climb this fire escape. Either way, it’s an adventure.”

Peter ran over to you clumsily; he was too lost in his ecstasy to speak. Instead, he simply grabbed hold of you and vaulted confidently off the roof to take you home.

Five Reasons to Say "I Love You" (Chapter IV)

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Reason: They Stand Up For You

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader, feat. Tony Stark

Warning: Cursing, mentions of death

Summary: Peter and Y/n are best friends and have been ever since they were in kindergarten. Due to their close friendship, Peter has never said how he loved Y/n since they were children. But, as Y/n and Peter get older and Peter starts to have stronger feelings for Y/n, he can’t keep the words on the tip of his tongue.

Author: Dizzy

A/N: Holy shit! Two chapters released in one day? This is the fourth part of my new Peter Parker series. There’s two more coming soon.

Masterlist Request a Prompt

Y/N sat at a lab station, her chin rested in her hand as she watched the little robot she created run across the table. Her beautifully lit e/c eyes could not be seen due to the swollen nature of one and the pained glisten of the other.

Purple was most definitely not Y/n’s favorite color at that moment in time.

Her hair covered most of her stained face, but the curtain of h/c hair could not hide the upset look that crossed her soft features.

Peter watched from across the room as Y/n’s rose colored lips were turned into a pout, her little robot seemingly more energetic that she was. He had not heard her quiet voice at all that day and he was starting to miss the habit of leaning into her to hear the words fall from her lips as if they were the most important thing she was to ever say.

He felt terrible. No good. God awful for what had happened.

It wasn’t his fault that she had been hurt, he knew that. It was her own anger that had caused a quarrel to be undone between her and Flash. It was her own stupidity that caused blood to rush from her nose and her eye to swell like Peter’s heart when he realized what she had done to stand up for him.

Idiocy that lead to injury, it was a new phenomenon for the century.

Tony, in an attempt to salvage the dignity of his young friend, pretended as if her perpetually horrific injury was a new fashion faux pas that she hadn’t realized was an issue at all. He used his humor to bring light back into Y/n’s eyes, but when the laughs died down, he noticed the lights had not returned and the young girl was still weighed by guilt.

For someone who had won the war, Y/N was acting as if she’d lost it. She single handedly fought off a boy with nothing more than her fists and intellect only to sit and pout when it was all over and done.

Peter wondered if it was the five detentions for fighting that she received or the injuries she sustained that was bothering her or the overwhelming fact that she had done something she swore off.

When Y/N and Peter were both just twelve years old, Y/N’s father passed away. He was an undercover cop, a man who ran with gang members and felons while all the while he had a badge under his shirt. But in the end that badge didn’t do him much good and he died on the scene of a cartel deal gone wrong, only to cause heartbreak to young Y/n.

It was after his funeral that Y/N felt that she had not done what her father had wanted her to do, to clean up her act and receive the honorable grades and reputation like Peter. She had told Peter that day, in her soft voice that was threaded with guilt and anger and broke under the weight of her words.

Peter could still remember the way her hand gripped the back of his collar as she cried on his shoulder and whispered in his ear the promise she wanted to make to her late father. He could recall the way her lips felt as they brushed against the skin of his ear as she whispered a broken apology and-

“You should really go talk to her, kid. She hasn’t said a word to me even though I’ve tried to speak to her.” Tony’s voice pulled Peter far from his daze of remembrance.

Peter nodded slowly, the fear rose in his back of his mind and a lump pressed against the back of his throat. He walked around his work station and walked towards Y/N’s as he counted every step he took as if it would be his last. He wasn’t scared of her, he was petrified of the idea that she wouldn’t speak to him about what she was feeling.

“Hey, bug.” Peter’s voice threatened to crack as he took a seat across from her.

“Please, just leave me alone, Peter.” Y/N’s sweet voice was tainted by a pain Peter couldn’t quite understand.

“Bug, please talk to me. I just want to help.”

“You can’t help anything, Peter. Okay? Just give it up.” Y/n replied.

“Is this about the fight with Flash or something else?” Peter asked. “Is it about your father?”

Y/N’s eyes were rolled and Peter noticed. There was a stain of red on her rose shirt that seemed to shine against the color that had complimented Y/N’s eyes that morning when Peter saw her.

“Of course it’s about my dad. Of course it is. I made a promise to him, Peter, that I’d never get in a fight again and now I feel like I need to follow his footsteps, to live and die by a .45.” Y/N said, her tone too in favor of the dramatics for Peter’s taste.

Peter’s hand shot forward and found its way on Y/N’s. His calloused fingertips massaged the pure skin of the back of her hand as he clung to the muscle memory he would hold this in.

“You know you didn’t have to break a promise for me, bug. I never want you to do that.”

“I had to do that for you.” Y/N replied, her eyes running over the lines of their tangled hands. “I just had to. I can’t stand to see Flash doing what he’s been doing to you. I can’t take it anymore. I’d rather get a black eye and a bloody nose than for you to go day after day carrying the weight of his bullshit.”

Peter was touched. No, touched wasn’t the correct word to explain how Peter was feeling and flattered wasn’t suitable either. Peter felt, overjoyed at the sounds of all her words. He could feel his hands start shaking at the sound of her voice, the unbroken strength that laced the sweet ring of it as she spoke to him once again.

“You mean everything to me, Peter. I don’t want you to have to deal with the pain anymore.” Y/N confessed as her lip found its way between her teeth.

It was her way of saying she loved Peter and the concept of that flew high above his head.

Y/N had known that Peter may never catch onto the hints that were regularly thrown his way, that her attempts to get him to notice her the way she wished to be seen may end up failed.

But, she knew that this one slip up, this one minuscule glitch in her life would catch the attention of Peter’s lacking romantic mind.

She was the kind of girl to throw her head back, laugh and allow her fist to make contact with your arm as she called you a dork to only mean the insult in a way one might say that they loved you.

Her voice may have been sweet and soft, perfection in the ways of romance, but the poetic lines of the romantic were something she left unspoken and the three words that were thrown around people like confetti were not something she would allow herself to say.

“Thank you, bug. But please, leave the fighting to me.” Peter’s voice slowly pulled Y/N from her dream

“Why can’t I be the hero of the story for once?”

Y/N’s lips curled into a smile, the first Peter had seen since he retrieved her from the principal’s office after school that day. She was still beautiful to him, even if her makeup was a bit smudged, her shirt was stained and her eye was swollen. Yes, it was true, Peter held true love in his heart that brought him to believe that even in a time of pure pain lined by happiness, Y/N was as beautiful as she was in his dreams lined by gold.

“Oh, bug, I-“ Peter paused as he rubbed circles into Y/N’s hand. “I’m so glad that you’re my best friend.”

7.05, The Good, The Bad, and The Worse

Only Game of Thrones can get me from “yeah, I quite like this!” to “oh, fuck off” in thirty seconds. Overall, this episode worked hard to avoid action, did a few good things in a few places, spun its wheels in a few more, and in yet others reaped the negligence of seasons past.

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Meant To Be (part 4)

A/N: Guys it’s been sooo long and I really am sorry for haven’t posted anything - I have my reasons, but I promise I’ll do my best in the future. Tell me if you liked it!
| masterlist | part 5 |

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Sirius Black

The dinner continued in silence. Y/N hasn’t told anything, her jaws moved so slowly that was almost annoying, and she only looked at the others when she said good night and went to their room with Lily. When the two girls turned right and disappeared, the three of the boys gave me a puzzled look; their facial expression told me everything. I acted like haven’t noticed their faces and kept eating, but I casted a quick glance from the corner of my eyes once more and I met each of their gazes.

‘What?’ I asked after a heavy sigh since I’ve already known they will keep asking me until I tell them why I was left earlier. But this wasn’t the part of the plan – unfortunately, so I had to repeat myself to don’t say anything more than what was necessary.

‘So when will you tell us?’ James asked in an easy manner.

‘There’s nothing to tell you.’ as soon as the lie left my mouth I realized this was the second time I lied to them. My first one was just a small thing before the start of the winter break that I’ll travel home just like them. But they got to know the truth when arrived back to Hogwarts and they didn’t mind it; since I had the chance to finally speak with Y/N.

I used to ask Remus about her when I saw they get along really well, and he told me just the same things I observed during the winter break. Maybe I was asking too many times and they noticed my interest in Y/N but the three of them forgot it soon because of James and his trying to get Lily. Until this year when Lily started to talk more and more with Prongs so the fact that I might feel something for Y/N came up again. And when I told my jerk friends that Y/N and I finally talked and even spent the whole winter break together, they teased me every day about it.

After I tried to prove there was nothing I didn’t tell them, they looked at each other meaningfully and talked with their eyes something that they don’t believe me and will definitely gave me another opportunity to talk about what happened and why I went to the forest.

‘You’re welcome for the saving, by the way.’ Remus said in a sarcastic tone and stood up, so did James and Peter.

‘Are you comin’ or not?’ said Prongs, waiting for me next to the table. I remembered they planned something for this night but totally forget about it in the afternoon in the forest. I was walking near the Black Lake and just thinking about Y/N and my family. Just about Y/N at first but when my thoughts started to wander, I somehow ended up thinking about her as my girlfriend. My real girlfriend I’ve never had, not just my pathetic relationships. I couldn’t help but liked these thoughts pretty much until my horrible mother and the whole family popped into my mind. They’d be terrified if got to know the truth that I feel something for a muggleborn girl. And this almost killed me inside that my family wants to ruin my life at this level. It’s not like I even cared about them but that was simply horrible to think about it.

I wanted to forget about everything I was thinking about in the forest, so I stood up and followed James to our room to talk about the prank they planned against Severus Snape – who else, of course. Playing with Snivellus was one of the best things we could do when felt bored and even if I wasn’t in the right mood for it, I told my friends I’ll come with them just to not to be alone.

We’ve easily found Snape on the Marauder’s Map; he was walking on the 7th floor corridor when suddenly stopped on its left side.

‘What is he doing there?’ Peter asked, most from himself than from us.

‘It’s time to figure this out!’ James shouted in an excited manner and almost ran away from the room without thinking or even without bring his invisible cloak.

‘James, could you please act like someone who’s up to nothing bad?’ Remus sighed heavily and whispered to James as careful as always. He was just like our mother when we were doing something bad but he never missed one of these events.

‘Shut up, Moomy.’

We all laughed - except Remus - on that nickname James used so many times on him. This one fitted so well on the werewolf. He whispered something like “Screw you” but I didn’t really listen as I saw Snape in the near distance. He was standing next to the Troll Tapestry and looked pretty focused. Prongs and I almost jumped into the scene but Remus grabbed our shoulder and pulled us back.

‘Wait, I think I know what he is up to. And I want to know if the door appears to him.’

‘What door?’ the three of us asked Remus but he hasn’t got time to answer because Snape stopped and looked into our direction. We were squatting behind a huge statue that almost hid us and we could be invisible if didn’t speak too loud.

‘Who’s there?’ Snape approached us. ‘Show yourself!’

A door appeared opposite the Troll Tapestry without any previous sign and when Snape noticed it too, he turned back, grabbed the doorknob and disappeared.

We went back to our room and Remus told us everything about the Room of Requirement, something Unplottable that our map couldn’t show; that’s why we didn’t know about its exist before. But Moony has read about it in some old book – of course.

The next day James told Lily and Y/N about everything we saw, just because he wanted to prove to Lily about Snape bad actions. Lily didn’t pay too much attention to the whole thing since she hasn’t spoken with Snape too much already, but Y/N seemed pretty interested.

‘Sounds like something we should probably look at.’ she winked at me with that irresistible smile that always brought butterflies into my stomach. I hated that I loved it so much. But she convinced me of course, so we decided to go back there and try to find out what room Snape needed.

I sneaked out after curfew and met with Y/N in the common room.

‘So Moony told me the door will only appear when we’re in a very great need for something. Do you need anything?’ I asked half-smiling.

‘Well, I’d like to have a huge hamburger.” she laughed but I didn’t understand what she was talking about.

“Is this some woman thing? Something like a dildo?’ she suddenly burst into laughter so I realized I might said something dumb.

‘No… it’s…’ she almost couldn’t breathe. ‘It’s not like a dildo, Sirius. It’s a muggle food, actually.’

Oh. That was awkward. I fell silence for a long moment then started to laugh too on myself.

‘Okay, so it’s not a big thing then.’ I finally could speak while Y/N was still smiling at me. On the other hand, her smile made me feel calm and less stupid, because it was not a despising smile, more than a very happy one.

‘You know, you are funny sometimes. I love this about you.’ she said and the butterflies came back again.

‘Thanks.’ was the only thing I managed to say. I felt so stupid for being such an idiot and for couldn’t control my emotions around Y/N. I was completely distracted by her beautifulness, and when the word “love” left her mouth I couldn’t help but got so stunned that I was unable to move for a moment or think what to do next. It looked like she noticed it so started to laugh again.

‘Sirius? Cat got your tongue?’ but before I could lost even more in her smile, I heard a noise and the door appeared just how we saw earlier. ‘Wow, how did you…’

And then, I understood why the room showed its entrance for me.

‘Y/N, please, come with me. We need to talk.’

And So We Wait

A Guardians of the Galaxy fanfic. One-shot.



Peter isn’t sure how long he hung in space clinging to the body of what had been his captain. Time twists, bringing memories of the past to soothe the pain of the present.

Spoilers for Vol. 2.

He floats, and floats, Yondu held in front of him because like damn he’ll let go now. 

He’d stopped crying a while ago, though he’s not sure if he can trust his sense of time. His tears don’t fall through the space suit, the moisture deciding to float around in the zero gravity. Most of it is stuck in his hair.

He still mumbles, though, whispering “No, no,” until his throat goes raw. He never gets an answer, and at some point he accepts that he won’t.

It’s a little difficult, keeping hold of Yondu through the field the suit offers. He has to be careful. The Centaurian had a layer of ice across his skin that had pushed it’s way to the outer edges of his clothing. He felt brittle, almost like he could snap in Peter’s grip.

Peter had thought many many things of Yondu through the years, but fragile had never been one of them. 

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Top Ten Films of 2014

Last year, I made my first video top ten (which you can see here), and while that was fun, as it so happens I’m a bit too busy right now to go through all the trouble of making a video at the moment. So here we are, back to the old way of doing things.

On an interesting side note, I found an unintentional theme in my list this year. Many of my films are in some way about the creation of art, as well as the price paid to be a great artist. Also, many of these movies could be seen as “coming-of-age” films. Once again I find myself astonished at how many great films came out in a single year (and I haven even seen all of them yet). So as usual, you can find my long list of “honorable mentions” at the end. 

Like always, this is just my personal top ten films of the year. Even if we share the same tastes, I guarantee you that my list would be different than yours. It’s just too subjective.

So starting at number ten and counting down… here we go!

10. Mr. Turner

As far as pure craftsmanship goes, “Mr. Turner” is perhaps the most well made film of the year. Mick Leigh is a master, and every shot is purposeful and completely stunning. The film itself looks like an old beautiful painting. Timothy Spall sinks deep into his role as J.M.W. Turner, and it’s probably his best performance to date. The deliberate pacing and lack of traditional structure might turn away some viewers, but “Mr. Turner” is nevertheless a great work of art, and a portrait of a fascinating man.

9. Frank

I knew very little about this film before seeing it, and I think that’s a good thing. From the opening scene, I instantly fell in love with this darkly funny film. At it’s core, there’s some rather deep subject mater, and yet “Frank” cleverly offsets this with some truly hilarious moments that keep the film entertaining throughout. Domhnall Gleeson is outstanding here, but of course, the real star of the show is Michael Fassbender, who gives an incredibly expressive performance despite the fact that we can’t see his face. I enjoyed nearly every moment of this picture, and it’s definitely one that you need to see.

8. Ida

Some films just belong in the Critrion Collection. Ida is one such film. It’s haunting and artful and features the best black and white photography I’ve seen in years. The sharpness and contrast of every shot is remarkable. The narrative is beautifully simplistic. In fact, the minimalistic nature of the film as a whole is part of what makes it so special. “Ida” is sparse, gorgeous, and masterful. Certainly one of the best foreign films of the year.

7. Only Lovers Left Alive

Vampires are cool, but Tom Hiddleston and Tida Swinton bring it to a whole new level. These old lovers have seen it all, and while they still appreciate art, science, and philosophy, they’ve grown tired and indifferent while mankind continues to make the same mistakes.  Jim Jarmusch’s film is a special kind of vampire story, because it may be the first one to really capture just how lonely, dangerous, and exhausting being immortal really is (or would be).  "Only Lovers Left Alive" has a deliberate pacing that glides slowly along with it’s characters. Along the way, we learn how they live and what they’ve grown to appreciate, and it’s all quiet fascinating. It’s my opinion that “Only Lovers Left Alive” ranks as one of the very best vampire films ever made. 

6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

A Wes Anderson film can always put a smile on my face. His last few films have been some of his best, and “The Grand Budapest Hotel” is certainly no exception. This film is so beautifully stylized, and so hilariously funny, I find it hard to believe that there’s anyone who wouldn’t enjoy this film. The cast is fantastically entertaining (especially Ralph Fiennes), the colors are vibrant, the humor is clever, and the filmmaking is flawless.  When I saw “Moonrise Kingdom”, I said it might be Wes Anderson’s best film yet…. when I saw “The Grand Budapest Hotel”, I said the same thing.

5. The Duke of Burgundy

Captivating and visually arresting, Peter Strickland’s “The Duke of Burgundy” is one of the most compelling films I saw all year. It’s beautifully shot, colored, and textured with elegant pacing and precise direction - I really can’t say enough positive things about this film. It’s surreal and challenging while retaining a soft and gentle nuance of love and tenderness. “The Duke of Burgundy” certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I found it extraordinary and deeply inspiring.

4. Boyhood

I know many cinephiles will probably place “Boyhood” as their number one film of the year, and I wouldn’t fault them for that. Richard Linklater’s “Boyhood” is one of the most innovative and uniquely profound films ever made. Shot over the course of 12 years, we literally watch Mason grow up before our eyes. It’s a remarkable experience unparalleled by any comparisons I could make. We owe it to Linklater for having the guts to push our medium forward in such a beautiful way. This will probably win Best Picture at the Oscars, and it’s easy to see why. 

3. Birdman: (or The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

Simply one of my favorite cinematic experiences in a very long time. In the first scene, I made a mental note that we were in a long take, but to my wonder and astonishment, that long take never ended. There are, of course, cuts and interludes (this isn’t a “Russain Ark” situation) but the effect is very much that Alejandro Iñárritu’s film is one singular shot. It’s remarkable, but could be called nothing more than an impressive gimmick if the film itself wasn’t so strong. 

This is the best cast ensemble of the year, and the cinematography is gorgeous (made more impressive again by the long takes). But “Birdman” also has some interesting things to say about the creation of art, as well as the criticism that always accompanies it. It’s an intriguing film, and one with something to say. I loved every minute of it.

2. Vi är Bäst! 

Every year, there are films that just seem to come out of nowhere and surprise me. Before it was released, I knew nothing of “We Are the Best”, nor was I familiar with Lukas Moodysson’s previous work. However, this film was perhaps the most enjoyable film I saw all year.

If you know nothing of this film, it’s the director’s adaptation of his wife’s graphic novel “Never Goodnight” (by Coco Moodysson). It centers around three young teenage girls living in 1980s Stockholm who start a punk band - despite two of them not knowing how to play an instrument. While the band plays an important role in the film, some of the most interesting scenes are when the girls are simply hanging out. The performances from these three young ladies are perhaps the most natural I’ve ever witnessed from anyone their age. At times, it seems that they’re not even acting at all, as if the cameras just happened to be there to catch these authentic moments. These girls are so funny, enduring, and most importantly, real. This film understands what it really means to be a hardcore punk. And that is a rare thing. I really can’t say enough good things about “We are the Best”. You just need to see it.

And my number one film of the year is…

1. Whiplash

This is not the most ambitious film of 2014. It’s not a space epic. It wasn’t shot over twelve years. It doesn’t give the illusion of being one continuous shot. It’s not even by a famous director. Yet, “Whiplash” was the single most thrilling  piece of cinematic art I saw all year.  

“Whiplash” tells the story of a young ambitious drummer who dreams of being one of the great jazz musicians of our time. He soon finds himself under the mentorship of a cutthroat teacher who is willing to do whatever it takes to push his students to the limit. The film shows painful abuse and heartache, but then just when you think the film will find contentment in an obvious solution, it aggressively charges forward into the single most intense, passionate, raw, violent, and beautiful final scene of the year. A scene that made my heart race until it finally cut to black, and the credits rolled. Then, and only then, did I finally catch my breath. This film bleeds with a passion that’s visible in every aspect, from its photography, to its editing, to the stellar performances. Enough can’t be said about Miles Teller and J.K. Simmons. They both give 100% to their roles, and it’s both beautiful and heartbreaking to watch.

I found “Whiplash” to be painfully relatable at times… and I’m sure that contributed to my fondness for the film itself. Nevertheless, I think everyone should see this amazing work of art. Damien Chazelle has crafted a challanging look at what it truly means to be a young artist with high ambitions. The road to greatness is filled with suffering, pain, loss, frustration, blood, sweat, and tears… and it seems the filmmakers here understand the price that is paid. 

So there you have it - My top ten films of 2014. Please let me know what your favorite films were! Now, some of you may have noticed that a certain favorite director of mine not on this list…. so please see my honorable mentions below.

Honorable Mentions 


Inherent Vice - I know! I know! I can’t believe it either. P.T. Anderson is my favorite director, and I do love this film…. it just didn’t move me like his other work as done in the past. “Inherent Vice” is great. I just like 10 other films more.

Gone Girl - Yet another one of my favorite directors. David Fincher is to the point where he really doesn’t make bad films anymore. The craftsmanship is just too good.

Calvary - This is a touching and somewhat heartbreaking portrait of a priest genuinely trying to live a good life. A thankless job to be sure. It’s bleak but Brandon Glesson gives a wonderfully tender performance.  

The Babadook - Rich with metaphor, this is easily one of the best horror films in years. Love it so much, and you really need to see it.

Under the Skin - Who could forget this surreal work of art from Jonathan Glazer? Scarlett Johansson does wonderful work here.

Jeune & Jolie - “Young & Beautiful” was an underrated French film from François Ozon. I really loved it a lot, though I might be in the minority.

Snowpiercer - Joon-ho Bong is a crazy good director, and “Snowpiercer” is a thrilling sci-fi action movie far more worthy of your time than most summer blockbusters. 

Top Five - Chris Rock made an excellent film with a deep Woody Allen influence. I really hope he will continue this style into future projects. 

Foxcatcher - A remarkable film. Bennett Miller is on a roll. There’s really nothing to complain about with this film. See it.

The One I Love - A fantastic little gem from Charlie McDowell. Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss are great.

The Imitation Game - A very sharp screenplay, and a brilliant performance from Benedict Cumberbatch.

A Most Wanted Man - The last leading performance from my favorite actor. 

Guardians of the Galaxy - Finally, Marvel made their finest MCU film yet. It’s fun and fast and a really great watch. 

Unfortunately I did not get the chance to see “A Most Violent Year”, “Winter Sleep”, “Goodbye to Language 3D”, “Leviathan” and serval other foreign films. I’m sure they all could have made my list if I had seen them. 

Ecstasy (X Men x reader) Part 5

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4

SERIES WARNINGS: Strip club, language, sexual assault, angst, mentions of abuse, eventual fluff, eventual smut, underage drinking, underage sex, other possible trigger warnings.

THIS PART WARNINGS: Sex shop, mild smut, fluff, language, shameless flirting, stealing a car (does that even count?!)

This part ships: Peter Maximoff x reader, reader x OFC, mild Scott x reader, mild Jubilee x reader, Jean x reader.

A.N: Got this idea from a post by @goawayimreadingbeach you can find the post here. Please tell me what you think! This is my first series so don’t be afraid to be too critical!

Words: 1746

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16 Days of Outlander - Day #15 Wentworth Prison

I think this is the toughest episode of the season for me personally. As bad as things get in To Ransom a Man’s Soul, I have a really, really difficult time with orthopedic injuries (breaking bones are just not my thing) - plus, the narrative structure here is linear while the other includes flashbacks which allow for a bit more distancing from the material at hand (it’s a small difference but for me, it helps). So lets see what I can come up with for favorites in this dark and horrible but wonderfully put together and acted episode…

Favorite Minor Character, Favorite Line: Taran MacQuarrie and “Put in a good word for me.” If we hadn’t spent the time getting to know Taran MacQuarrie back in The Watch, this entire opening sequence with the prisoners’ executions wouldn’t carry the same weight (which it has to, because it’s actually a rather long sequence). I’m still not completely sure how MacQuarrie - whom we last saw in the back of that British wagon having been captured - managed to end up at the very same prison as Jamie - who had escaped and wandered around the countryside for some unspecified amount of time before being recaptured - and beyond being at the same prison, having their executions settled for the same day. At the same time, that plot hole is inconsequential because if gives Jamie a somewhat familiar face and kindred-ish soul at the “end.” MacQuarrie’s resignation and yet vocal defiance, even as he mounts the scaffold steps shows just how much he truly has in common with Jamie. His quip about his only regret being that he would be hanged before Jamie so that he won’t have the benefit of Jamie’s putting in a good word with him with Saint Peter is the epitome of gallows humor (yes, that was intentional) and it’s something that I, at least, appreciated. 

Favorite Scene, Favorite Location: the tavern. It is one of the only truly lighthearted moments of the episode and it’s desperately needed. I couldn’t think of any other location in the episode I could call a favorite because as well dressed as the Wentworth sets are - and Sir Fletcher’s room is quite interesting - I couldn’t pick any place that was part of the prison. It’s not a scene we get to see play out in the book itself, but the events are heavily hinted at and anything with Rupert and Angus is great in an episode as dark as this one is.

Favorite “That’s not in the book” Part: Black Jack’s “offer” of a better death to Jamie. While Jamie is waiting in line with Taran MacQuarrie, he makes a suggestion to try and fight the Red Coats. It’s obvious, even to Jamie, that they won’t be able to break free; all they can manage is being shot, MacQuarrie says they’d be shot like dogs but Jamie disagrees - “not like dogs; like men.” Even when his name is called, Jamie can’t help putting up a bit of a fight. I think this is at least in part because he knows he is innocent of the crime he’s been convicted of and fighting is his way of showing his insistence on his innocence. Later in the cell, Black Jack offers Jamie a more noble death than hanging which he describes as “ignoble.” It’s only an echo of the conversation that Jamie had earlier with MacQuarrie, but it is perhaps the first thing in his interactions with Randall in that cell that truly gets under Jamie’s skin - that Randall understood that bit about Jamie that resists that kind of death so vehemently. I think Randall knows Jamie isn’t afraid of death the way most men are, that its more a meaningless death he fears - and being executed for something he hadn’t done certainly fits the bill. 

Favorite Jamie and Claire Moment, Favorite Book-to-Screen Adaptaion: Jamie and Claire say goodbye. This is the only part of the episode I can watch repeatedly because it is so heartbreakingly good. The subtle smile and calm that descend on him as he tells her, “I love you, mo nighean donn” and the way she cradles his head…  the way she begs to say goodbye only to declare that “I can’t leave you”… It’s all just completely rip-your-heart-out-of-your-chest level heartbreaking. 

Favorite Performance: Sam Heughan and Caitriona Balfe as Jamie and Claire Fraser. As with The Wedding, this is an episode where I can’t really select one of their performances over the other because - even though they’re not on screen together for as much of the episode as in The Wedding - so much of their performances are almost interlocking and the few minutes they are on screen together are the strongest of the episode. Balfe in Sir Fletcher’s office as Claire only just barely holds herself together, losing the struggle for control as she’s given Jamie’s personal effects; the dead/numb expression Heughan adopts as Black Jack drags Claire out, promising to return shortly (and that tear when Black Jack touches his back). 

Favorite Music Moment: Claire curses Black Jack. It’s not a very prominent track but I just love the music in this sequence - and it’s my favorite as far as the shots of Claire whispering the date of his death to him. It’s the first and possibly the only time I think we see Black Jack genuinely taken aback in a frightened/unsettled/scared way. He was surprised to see Jamie appear in the window at Fort William and the gun not firing was shocking, but I don’t think we see him so visibly affected by anything the way Claire’s words affect him. *Was anyone else a little bothered by the fact that they don’t have that death date audible? I really just don’t understand why they kept that from the audience. 

Favorite Costume: Ellen MacKenzie’s pearls. Yup, I’m going with another accessory for a costume but Ellen MacKenzie’s numerous suitors really gave her some pretty impressive jewelry. The only other time we saw the pearls was on Jamie and Claire’s wedding night when he told her about how precious they - and she - were to him. If their rescue attempts truly were to fail, the pearls would be one of the few things Claire had left of Jamie (except for Faith in this timeline) but she’s willing to give up everything for a chance to save Jamie, especially having come so close already. 


A Little Fall of Rain(Les Miserables 10th Anniversary Edition)

Warning: Death

In the place you unwillingly call home, feelings were never truly discussed. Your parents had spoiled you as a child and you grew up to help them out whenever you could. They couldn’t afford to send you to a good school, but that didn’t stop you from trying your best to learn. You might not be smart in the sense of education, yet knowing your way around and where to get stuff came to your advantage.

How you met Peter was peculiar. None of the boys who went to the fancy schools paid any sort of meaningful attention to you. They would hit on you and that was it. Peter looked past your upbringing and way of life and actually got to know you.

Peter was incredible in your eyes and it didn’t take you long to fall for him. Instead of admitting your feelings, you only teased him in an endearing way and hoped that he could realize. He just never saw you as anything more than a good friend.

Your friendship with Peter went far enough for him to reveal his superhero identity. Having Spiderman as a friend had its perks, like when angry “customers” of your parents threaten you for solely being their offspring. 

Of course, you weren’t entirely innocent always, but Peter had protected you from many people and it became routine. He had gotten a protective feeling over you when he realized how many people wanted to hurt you. Sometimes, your pride got in the way, although you were always safe in the end.

Your parents “stole” from the wealthy and the righteous. It was only what they gave them as charity. Saying their baby was hungry goaded the people to give more than usual. Poor people pay them for services, and you for information. You might not have a good education. You didn’t need it when your information was much more precious to you. There’s a lot of things you know.

In the middle of one of your parents’ lies to get more money, Peter found you near the street, looking out for the police. They were talking to an elderly man and a girl. “Hey, SpiderBoy,” you said with a playfully mocking tone.

“I do love your teasing, Y/N,” Peter replied smoothly, almost used to your words. He smiled and started talking about the new technology he acquired. Out of the corner of your eyes, you saw your parents scamming and conning. Not wanting Peter to see, you stated, “I got to go. You’ll be safe here. Just don’t interrupt, okay?”

You took a few steps before you heard Peter yell your name and a fall. You quickly turned, hoping it wasn’t someone who would break Peter for it. It was only the girl who was talking to your parents. Normally, you would shrug it off, but the look in Peter’s eyes made you stop suddenly.

It was different from any look you had seen on him. You swallowed the feeling of dread and continued your lookout. By the time the girl and her father left, Peter came up to you. “Who could she be?” He almost muttered to himself before asking, “Y/N/N, have you ever seen her before?”

“No, but I don’t think you should waste your time with her,” you answered, your jealousy seeping in. He was never yours. He could have been, but you didn’t act.

“Oh, but she was beautiful. So so beautiful,” he swooned, “I won’t be able to sleep if I don’t see her again.” Peter brightened up. “You could find her! Y/N, you must know someone who knows her.” He started pulling something from his pocket.

You forced a laugh. “Look at you. You’re getting yourself worked up over a girl. Never thought I’d see the day.” Your fake smile left your face when you saw the money in his hand. It only reminds you of the people who only cared about the service you were completing for them. They didn’t care about you. “I-I don’t want your money, Peter.”

He put the money away. “Y/N, please do this for me,” Peter pleaded with a hopeful smile. You only nodded with a slight smile. He returned the smile joyously and left to go back home to dream of the girl. You bit your lip and began walking home alone.

Over the next few days, a new villain was causing chaos in the city, making your days busy with frantic and kind people willing to pay for information or charity. You had found the girl and told Peter, who immediately went to her building to find her. Apparently, she had been thinking about him as well.

Peter finding this girl only reminded you that he will never be yours. You’ve never met anyone like Peter and you never would again. People like him don’t socialize with people like you. He was very unique like that.

Interrupting his constant talk of his new girlfriend, he began talking about the new villain and how the Avengers were asking him to help later that night. Peter began talking about the plans that they came up and the building they chose as a base of some sorts.

You only smiled at his excitement and let him have his moment. Peter’s eyes widened with excitement. “And Y/N, would you take this to her?” With that, he placed a envelope in your hands. “Aunt May took my phone away and I want her to have it.”

The words were harmless, yet each and every one of them felt like a stab in your stomach. “Sure,” you answered, “Just don’t die out there.”

“Hey, I’m Spiderman,” he said cockily, “No one’s dying tonight.”

You were reminded of those words when you managed to get to the Avenger’s base through the rain. The villain had his minions outside, ready to fight. They were just discussing plans. The men started shooting blindly at the sight of you, but you somehow got into the base. “Y/N?” Peter asked when he saw you, “What are you doing here? It’s too dangerous.”

Your breaths turned heavy as the pain in your stomach increased. “I delivered the letter to her,” you stated, “She seemed happy.” Before you could continue, your feet gave out and you groaned in pain. Peter caught you quickly and knelt down with you.

“What’s happening? You’ve managed to get yourself wet. Is it raining outside? You’re freezing. Would you like a blanket?” Peter’s questions stopped when he saw the blood on your shirt. There was a hole in your stomach and the blood spot on your shirt kept growing from it. He looked at the scene breathlessly. “I need help!” He yelled out to his fellow Avengers, who wouldn’t be able to hear him.

You smiled sadly and leaned against him. “Don’t worry about me,” you insisted, “The rain can’t hurt me anymore. You’re here. That’s all I ever wanted.” A tear escaped your eye as you looked at Peter panicking.

Peter said while hyperventilating a little, “No, Y/N/N, you won’t die. You’ll be fine. No one’s dying tonight. Remember? I’m not letting you die. You can’t die.” You ignored him and held onto him as tight as you could muster. He sensed your calmness and began whispering, “I’m here. I’m not going anywhere. I’m here.”

“Don’t cry over me, Peter Parker,” you begged as you saw his tears, “I’m with you. I’ve come home. Just keep me close.” He desperately tried to warm you up. “The cold can’t make this any worse.” At your words, Peter stilled, feeling very helpless in the situation. “I don’t feel anything.” Your lips began to quiver. “Tell me, genius. This rain will help the flowers and plants grow, right?”

Peter nodded. The look in his eyes, the look of a broken heart, almost made you want to close your eyes and make it easier for him, but you wanted to finish your sentence. “So rain-”

“-rain,” he repeated.

“-will make the flowers…”

He continued, “-will make the flowers…” Peter waited desperately for you to finish. He saw the vacant look in your eyes and lack of movement from your body. Peter pressed his ear to your chest to try to make out a heartbeat. You didn’t die. This is one of your jokes. You didn’t die. You didn’t. It’s not possible.

Peter hugged you close and whispered in your ear, “Grow.”

♫In2 (Kehlani Remix)- WSTRN// Marauders Era: Remus x Reader

Request:  Could you do an imagine where you go clubbing with the marauders???(please let Sirius help pick out her outfit because I feel like that would be so cute and funny) and you (usually pretty innocent) Starts dancing with some other guy and Remus gets extremely jealous and ends up telling the guy to leave and Remus admits he fancies you???

“Not that one,” Sirius shook his head at Y/N, as she turned around and raised an eyebrow.

“I don’t recall asking for your opinion,” she retorted, hands resting on her hips.

“Then you’re lucky enough to get it anyway,” a childish smile spread across his face, “Not that one.”

“Why not?” she took another look in the silver edged mirror placed in her dormitory, trying to see what was so wrong with the long sleeved, dark blue dress that hugged her hips.

“Because it’s got a massive bow on the back. It’s a club, not a bloody wedding,” he reminds her, and surely enough, she sees the silk bow gracing the back of blue velvet as she takes a glance over her shoulder.

“I forgot that was there,” she sighed, stepping away from the mirror and back into the wardrobe, charmed to be about three times the size it looks.

Slipping out of the soft velvet, she scans the hanging clothes for another option, frowning at the lack of inspiration in her head. Finally, she spots a dark crimson dress, surrounded by the dark fabric of her uniforms. She slides it on and steps out again, positioning herself in front of the mirror.

“Nope,” the forgotten presence of her best friend makes her let out a little groan, only met by a chuckle coming from the boy leaning on the headboard of her bed.
“I don’t own and endless supply of dresses, you know,” she turns around, frowning at him before she looks over her shoulder in the mirror.

“It’s silk. It’s too fancy,” he explains, matter of factly, his smile never vanishing from his face.

“Maybe you’re just not fancy enough,” her remark is followed by her tongue being stuck out at the lounging boy, who then put a hand over his chest, feigning a hurt gasp as she rolled her eyes and entered the closet once again. 

Vexed by the process at this point, she grabbed the first thing she touched when her hand reached for the hangers, putting it on without even noticing what it was. She stepped into the room again, not even managing to take a peek in the mirror before Sirius gave her an approving nod: “That one. I like that one.”

Turning around to look, she found herself in a y/f/c dress, slipping gracefully from her waist to her hips, just barely reaching the middle of her thigh.

“It’s so short!” she exclaimed, looking at her friend, who gave her a simple shrug before paraphrasing his earlier statement: “We are going to a club, not church.”

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“Just In Time”

Summary: A regular day at school changes for the worse when a mystery villain shows up at Midtown High asking for Spiderman. Though you are both super powered, you allow Peter to go by himself, since you trust that he can take care of himself. But you never know what could happen…

Note: This is very actiony and quite intense, I thought it would be interesting to write something where the reader saves Spiderman rather than the other way around! 

WARNING: Injury, Blood mentions, Violence (I was quite a bit detailed but the fight parts were inspired by actual scenes in the comics so I hope I don’t seem too morbid haha)

     “What do we have next?” You asked, popping a grape into your mouth. It was currently break time between your first and next two classes, and you were standing at your locker having a conversation with your best friend.

     “English and then chem,” Peter Parker replied, kneeling down to get his books from his locker. Gathering a couple binders and a text book and then shutting his locker, he straightened up and leaned against it. “Come on, I need to talk to Mr. Taylor before class about the project he gave us. I’m gonna need an extension, what with all the extra curriculars we’ve been doing,” he said with a smirk. 

     You and Peter both had double lives as a super-heroes: Peter was Spiderman with the powers of a spider, and you were Voltage, with taser-like abilities. Though you were mainly solo acts, once in a while you’d team up, especially if a villain showed himself while you and Peter were hanging out as regular people. Being super powered best friends made you two closer than ever since you understood each other like no one else could. However, being a hero did have its drawbacks, as stopping bank robberies all night left little time to write an essay on The Great Gatsby. 

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Merry Christmas Indeed

A/N: I’m on mobile so I’ll have to go back in and add the italicized words later.

Request: I totally am in love with how you write! Since it’s the holidays, could you write an au with Peter in storybrooke; someone always has to watch him, since he’s a threat. Y/n’s family drew the short stick, and pan has to spend Christmas with them? ❤

Rating: K+

Pairing: Reader x Peter Pan


“I’m not taking him.”

“Well neither am I!”

“I say let’s let ‘em starve to death.”

“Leroy, that’s rude.”

Currently, several of the more “important” families in Storybrooke were debating (maybe “debating” was too nice of a word?) which unlucky family would be housing none other than Peter Pan for the holidays.

Your family was on the board, thus, you got to attend the meetings. Of course, you were less than pleased about being included in this topic of discussion.

Pan had to be watched at every moment of everyday. Special cuffs had been fashioned - ones that he couldn’t break with blood magic - to keep his powers at bay. Still, he was no less sadistic or rude.

The subject of the discussion was residing in one of the small cells at the police station until further notice. He would have stayed there had it not been for some idiot with a heart who decided it would be “inhumane to let him spend the holidays alone”.

“I have an idea, ” Mary Margaret spoke up, clearly getting frustrated with all of the arguing, “Let’s just draw sticks.”

Nobody seemed to dislike this arrangement, as everyone nodded slowly in agreement.

Little Popsicle sticks were passed out after being randomly broken, and everyone took their draw.

Your father selected a stick carefully, and you prayed that your family would not be graced with the presence of Peter Pan over the holidays.

Apparently, the universe decided to have a good laugh at you, as your family had drawn the shortest stick.

Around you, the other townsfolk sighed, clearly relieved, while you scowled at the ground.

Several days later, Pan sat lazily on the couch in your living room, watching you closely watching as you checked social media on your laptop.

“What?” you hissed, catching him staring.

Raising his eyebrows at you, Pan chuckled. “Nothing, love.”

This was what it was like for days on end as the holidays quickly approached. He would annoy you by simply breathing, you would get angry, and he would laugh at you. And what did your parents do about it? They’d simply tell you to “deal with it” because “it would be over soon”. Yeah. Right.

One day as you arrived home from school, you heard two voices speaking. One was high-pitched and juvenile - it was definitely your four year old sister, [name]. But the other? Masculine and British.

Your eyes widened as you dropped your backpack, quickly rushing to the scene of the (potential) crime. If Pan even harmed a hair on her little head…

But as the two came into view, you saw that it was not your little sister’s head that was being harmed - it was Pan’s.

There sat your little sister on Pan’s broad shoulders, sticking bows and stickers into his dark, tousled hair.

You made no noise, your heart filling with an odd warm feeling at the sight of the immortal convict actually being soft with your little sister.

“Which one now, Petah?” the little girl asked, pointing to a jumble of stickers, bows, and the like on the floor.

“Which one do you like the most?” Peter asked, his voice surprisingly kind.

“The pink sparkly one!” she replied, clapping her hands with glee.

“Then the pink sparkly one it is.” Pan said, chuckling lightly as he bent down to select the bow for your sister.

Clearing your throat, you stepped out from hiding, your arms crossed and an amused smirk on your face. “Didn’t know Peter Pan could be so…soft.”

After letting your sister place the bow in his hair, he picked her up off his shoulders and set her down. “There’s a lot you don’t know about me, love.”

“Oh?” you asked, quirking an eyebrow.

He merely smirked in response.

Two weeks from Christmas, you were helping your family set up the Christmas tree.

Boxes of lights, ornaments, and garland lay around the house, as Christmas music blared in the background while the fireplace blazed with flames.

Glancing over your shoulder, you saw Pan looking quite uncomfortable as he fidgeted nervously on the couch, averting his gaze from the rest of you as you all gleefully hung the ornaments and lights.

“Hey, Pan, ” you called, tossing him a strand of garland which he caught with ease, “Why don’t you come help us?”

Turning his green eyes to your Y/E/C ones, he grinned at you. “Sure thing, love.”

Soon, Christmas Day rolled around, and your family (plus Pan) was huddled around the tree, hot cocoa in hand as you began to unwrap your presents.

Surprising you all, Pan had bought you and your little sister presents. You hadn’t even known he’d left the house to go buy them. How he’d snuck past your watchful eye was beyond you.

He gingerly handed you each of your presents, averting his eyes as he did so.

You let your sister unwrap her present first, watching as a huge grin spread across her face as she unwrapped a box of several pink bows, ranging from plain, to sparkly, to polka dotted.

She threw her little arms around Peter’s neck, taking him by complete surprise. After recovering from the initial shock, he hugged her back.

“I love them, Petah!” she cried gleefully.

Pan laughed softly, a small smile playing on his lips. “I’m glad. I’ll help you put them in your hair later.”

Pulling back, your sister gave him a toothy grin. “Will you wear one with me?”

“Of course.”

Your parents shared amused looks back and forth as they watched the scene unfold. Clearly, they hadn’t expected Pan to be so…kind and…likable either.

Turning to you as your little sister sat back down, Pan nodded to you as if to say, “Now you open yours.”

Raising an eyebrow, you lifted the lid to the little Christmas box.

Inside was a wooden instrument consisting of several tubes. It was a pan flute, you realized.

“Oh, very funny.” you said, pulling the instrument out.

“I could teach you. It’s quite fun, you know.” Pan said, a boyish smirk on his lips.

“Well…if you say so.”

After Christmas dinner, you pulled Pan outside on to the little porch outside your house. It was completely dark out, except for the lamppost that illuminated the snow that was coming down at a steady speed.

“What you did for my sister was really sweet.” you said, smiling up at him.

“I suppose she’s grown on me.” he said, quirking an eyebrow.

“I guess I misjudged you, Pan. I’m sorry.” you said, biting your bottom lip.

“It’s not the first time that’s happened, love. Don’t worry about it.” he replied, his tone softer.

There was an awkward silence, and an overwhelming urge to…kiss the green-eyed boy in front of you.

It was if your body acted completely on its own. One minute you were thanking Pan, the next you were kissing him.

Pulling back, your face flushed, you stammered, “Um…Merry Christmas!” You ran back inside, somewhat embarrassed by your impulsive actions as you slammed the door behind you.

Pan chuckled to himself lightly, shaking his head at your antics, which he found quite adorable, if he was being honest.

“Merry Christmas indeed.”

A/N: I hope you enjoyed this! It was super fun for me to write…so…yeah!


Lost Boy ~ Ruth B

A/N: I know the song choice is so stereotypical, but I literally just heard it on the radio and came up with an idea that kind of relates to this. Another thing is that Peter Pan might seem unusually cheery in this. That is explained, rest assured.

It was always sunny in Neverland. No rain nor snow appeared near the island. Perhaps that added to its charm. The magical beings there made it sunny. The Lost Boys would not be able to get anything done if it rained or snow.

Although you acquainted yourself with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys, you were never given the title of Lost Girl. You knew who you were, yet Peter always acted weirdly about it. Tinkerbell welcomed you to her tree house until the Lost Boys made you your own.

Power did strange things to people. It ruined your mother, who ravished terrorizing villages and raiding people with her witchcraft. The community only knew you as the witch’s daughter and never dared to come near you. You were very lonely until a boy’s silhouette appeared in your window. His smile was genuine and his words were kind. “Do you believe in me?” the boy asked after hearing of your sad life alone.

“I only ask for your name,” you requested, “I have told you mine.”

“I’m Peter Pan.” His green eyes sparkled in the moonlight.

You took his hand. “Then I believe you.” Peter Pan sprinkled a shimmering green powder on your head and gestured for you to follow him out of your window. You hesitated until he said, “Believe in yourself. After today, you will never be lonely again. I promise.” The grip on your hand tightened protectively as you followed him away from your room.

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PLL: All Eyes on Alison: So What if Alison Could be A.D.? What if She Has Serious MPD? What if She was Once Charles? Will Anything Ever Be Explained About this Girl??

so a wild theory came to mind. we all know theres alot of things that dont add up about alison. where she comes from is questionable, who she is is questionable, her record at the police station is questionable about who she really is, who her dad is, her age etc.

With everything thats happened so far, you can pretty much connect ali to every odd thing thats been happening, like the use of realistic masks, being a different person, all of that connects to the root which is alison, ali started all that. But does this go deeper to ali having MPD? the SYBIL connection? if anyone shows the signs of this the most it has to be alison. even her being the innocent nice ali now could be one of her many personalities.

Check this video out, forward to ali and spence at radley.

Alison: was it just me or was sixth grade the best year ever?

Spence: i didnt even know you then

Alison: oh hunny, you didnt even know me when you knew me.

clearly , spence didnt even remember alison from the 6th grade, why would ali even say this? unless perhaps she was once charles.

Alison: cmon give it up spence, lets pretend that your getting ready for your first boy girl dance party.

why would ali even start dancing with spence? it was almost like ali was trying to jog spencers memory about something, maybe that spence knew charles back then, perhaps they danced together at a litte kiddie party. now we know in the dollhouse, charles had a connection with spencer, much like in this scene here with ali and spence. ali even mentions “ i left alot of stuff at your house” which could imply that ali spent alot of time at the hastings house, because maybe peter is her real father! ali knew alot of secrets about the families, she even know stuff before spencer did, what else could ali possibly know? im almost betting she already knew about mary. “ alot of things are (toxic)” -alison

Now before i go over board, lets think. now weve been given some hope that cece’s/charles storyline is false, because too many things dont add up, doesnt seem genuine. Now, if thats the case, the whole charles storyline could be something completely different from what we know. if ali is charles, perhaps charles is one of her personalities OR ali was really born a boy and transitioned….and still have mpd ( lets be real, as much as ali has disappeared and gone missing, and her connection to doctors, she would have more time to fully transition than cece, which marlene wants us to just accept her transition magically happened). This would also leave the door open for hanna being the baby  in the video, which many of us have theorized that hanna is adopted, that she is not a real marin , the yellow clues etc. also it could be both mpd and transgender both very well can connect with ali. lets not forget the mean jokes shes made about lucas “hermi”

so what kind of toxic relationship ali and cece have? if ali was getting cece to dress up like her and go to radley  “i cant believe that crazy bitch did it” - alison) whos to say ali didnt get cece to pretend to be charles for her in the dollhouse? somebody that ali once was. wearing ali’s many personalities? did ali plan all that and cece carried out the tasks? if anybody is working for ali, it would be cece and mona. (hence the name tag connection in the vid above)

Another clue that ali has MPD, is this scene with jason, fast forward a bit. jason asks ali ,remember this? ali says, it was a good day. ok well this was not a good day, ali clearly doenst remember things as they were, she remembers things differently, “she has a knack for this” says jason. perhaps she doesnt remember because maybe one of her personalities was present that day. this has to be a significant clue about ali not remembering things right.

Note: i still think that guy in the photo is pastor ted! lol and the guy holding the baby up , the back his head looks like peters 0_o

so those are just a few to wrap this theory up with. Now your wondering could ali be this crazy , i think so, marlene knows alot of fans want the old ali back the mean bitch back, to think of it it would be pretty awesome for ali to change her tone all of a sudden and shes mean again and evil. this whole innocent act could be a build up to a huge reveal. like really, she plays the mean girl to PERFECTION, and since shes been the innocent ali , its almost feels like she can explode any moment , it jsut doenst suit her to be this innocent imo.

Now mar said uber A.D. is working with mary. now if ali is A.D. perhaps ali played along with her hubby and mary why? to target EMILY, see how ali has lured emily back in, now emily is fully falling into alis trap again. maybe this is what ali wants. we know how ali can lie really good when it comes to emily, weve even seen ali play on emilys emotions back season 5, we saw that smirk on alis face during that scene where emily confronted ali about being A. at that scene, we kinda saw a glimpse of how ali can play emily so easily. she could be doing it again now.

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Tell Me You Love Me

 Tittle: Tell Me You Love Me 

Pairing: Robbie Kay and Reader 

 Rating: G 

  Warning: None 

  Requested: Yes 

  I panicked as I ran into the studio we were filming “Heroes Reborn” in, and prayed Robbie got my text and had covered for my being late. Even though I knew he would cover for me without the text, I still couldn’t push back the anxiety coursing through my body. This was my first TV show, as well as my first big role, I didn’t want to lose it, and any other role I may get, because my alarm refused to go off. 

  Breathing out a sigh of relief, I gently pushed the door to the filming studio open, and quietly made my way in. Trying not to draw attention to myself, I hurried over to Robbie at the snack table, shooting him a small when his eyes turned to me. 

  “Where the hell have you been?” He whispered yelled, as I got close enough to him.  

  “My alarm didn”t go off because the power went off during the night.” I answered, pushing the slim green jacket off my shoulders as I pushed my way behind him, into the costume department, stripping my shirt off to slid my baby blue dress on. Reaching up I fixed the black spandex shorts I kept on, before returning back to the set. 

  “You can move now. Thank you.” I giggled when I noticed Robbie was standing in front of the costume door, making sure no one came in. We usually never changed in the room, but I was running out of time. I had to be on set, ready to start filming scene 22. 

  “Your welcome, and hurry.” Robbie chuckled as I ran past him, blowing him a kiss as I ran. 

   “Okay I need, Y/N and Ryan on set now please.” Our director yelled, shaking his head as I came running on the set. “Just Ryan now please.” 

  “I`m here.” Ryan laughed as he walked onto the set, his eyes meeting mine. “Late start?” 

  “Yes, but I`m here!” 

   “Good thing. We kind of need you for this scene.” He laughed, throwing his arm around to give me a side hug. 

  “Yeah, someone has to make you look good.” I giggled, playful slapping his chest as he gave me a playful stare. 

  “You have it the wrong way kid, YOU need ME to make you look good.” He laughed, his comment earning another playful slap. 

  “Alright you two, lets get started. And Ryan, she`s right, we need her to make you look good.” Steven, our director, laughed. I giggled and walked over to where I need to stand for the scene. As I reached my spot, I smiled at Robbie. He had came over to watch me film my scene, something we always did. 

 “Quiet on set!” Steven yelled, all conversations pausing as he yelled. “And we film in 5,4,3,2 ACTION!”   

  Two hours later and my scene was finally done. We had to re take it a few times because Ryan would make me giggle or one of us screwed up on the lines causing the other to burst into a fit of giggles. Now I stood on the sidelines, beside Steven watching as Robbie and Gatlin work through the scene. 

   In all honesty I was nervous about this scene. It was the scene were Tommy and Emily kiss. Despite knowing that it was just acting, that Gatlin had a steady boyfriend, the idea of Robbie kissing her hurt. He was my best friend, and I have been in love with him from the moment I first met him. Sadly I am pretty sure if he doesn’t feel the same way. 

  I sighed as I forced a smile in return to the one Robbie was sending me now. I waved at him, giggling as he instantly waved back.  

  “Alright so get the scene ready in 5,4,3,2 ACTION!” Steven yelled, causing me to jump. Taking a deep breath I watched the scene play out, getting more anxious as it got closer to kiss. 

  “It felt pretty good.” Robbie said, a smile on his face. I breathed in another deep breath, watching as Gatlin closed in closer to Robbie, quickly pressing her lips against his. 

 As I watched them kiss, tears stung my eyes and before I turn and left the studio. As I pushed my way through the crowd trying to keep the tears in. I knew it was just acting but seeing her kiss him it still hurt more than anything. 

 I swallowed the lump in my throat and ran into my trailer.  Sitting on the leather bench that was used as a couch and let my face fall into my hands and finally let my tears fall. 

 Robbie`s P.O.V 

  “Great stuff so thats a wrap!” Steven yelled as Gatlin and pulled apart. 

  “Good I have to go talk to my boyfriend!” Gatlin said happily, smiling at me before running off, pulling her phone from her pocket. I smiled at myself before I shook my head, turning around to scan for Y/N, frowning when I couldn’t see her.

  “Anyone see Y/N?” I asked. 

   “Not since you guys began shooting the scene, Last I saw she ran out looking pretty upset.” Ryan said with a shrug, 

  “Try her trailer.” Steven said with a frown. 

   “She probably didn’t like watching you kiss another girl, acting of not. I`m telling you, she is in love with you.” Jake said with a laugh, causing me to groan. He and Ryan were always after me, telling me she loved me, the same was Gatlin was always after her, telling her I loved her. It was times like that, when I regret telling her about how I felt about Y/N. 

  I never meant to, it just happened. Her and Jake were joking around on set, Jake spinning her around with his arms wrapped tightly around her waist, as she squealed. As I watched them, jealously coursed through me. I wanted to make her laugh, I wanted to hold her. I was so consumed in watching them that I didn’t notice as Gatlin sat down beside me, until she nudged my arm. 

  “Your turning green.” She giggled, as I frowned. 

  “I am not.” I sighed, turning my attention back to Y/N and Jake as they continued to mess around. 

  “You so are.” She laughed, resting her head on my shoulder. 

  “So what if I am.” I muttered. 

   “Tell her.” 

   “Yeah cause that will work out so well. “Hey Y/N I just wanted to say that I`m in love with you.” Yeah she`ll jump at me and tell me she loves me to.” I sighed, turning to look over at Gatlin with an apologetic look on my face. “I never should have snapped. I`m sorry.”

   “Oh don’t worry about it. But you should tell her, she loves you too. You can tell.”

   “No she doesnt. I`m just Robbie, her best friend.” I sighed, remembering the day she introduced me to her friends, how easily “my best friend” rolled off her tongue. 

  “Maybe she just doesn’t want to say anything for the same reason you do. She`s scared.” Gatlin said softly, her hand squeezing mine.I just shocked my head, not convinced. 

  From that moment on, she was always telling Y/N how I felt, insisting that she was not kidding. Y/N just always rolled her eyes and laughed before walking away, heading to her trailer for the rest of the day. It`s where she went when she wanted to be alone, to collect her thoughts. Thats where I was heading now. 

  I snapped myself out of my thoughts as I reached the silver trailer with her name tapped to the door. Knowing she would just yell at me to go away, I pushed the door open, knocking as I walked in. 

  “Want to tell me whats wrong?” I asked when I spotted her sitting on her couch, head in hands, her y/h/c falling across her face. She looked breathtaking, even despite the tears rolling down her cheeks. 

  “Robbie!” She squeaked, her eyes meeting mine. “I thought you were filming.”

  “I`m was, I just finished.” I answered, knowing that she was trying hard to drop the topic. I wouldn’t let her though, I would make her answer me. “So are you going to tell me what’s wrong?” 

  “Nothing is wrong.” She sniffed, whipping her eyes as she looked at me. 

   “Yeah and I`m Tinker Bell.” I laughed, rolling my eyes at her. 

  “No you`re Peter Pan.” She sassed back. 

  “Ahh well if I`m Peter Pan then you have to tell me what is wrong because Peter Pan never fails.” I laughed, watching her groan. 

   “Well he will this time.” She sassed, leaning back in her spot. 

  “It will, please tell me. I care about you, a lot. I just want to help you.” I sighed, sitting across from her wrapping my hand around hers. “Please.”

   “It`s stupid anyway.” She huffed. 

   “Nothing is ever stupid when it comes to you.” I said gently. 

   “It is. This time it is.” She sighed. “I was upset because I fell in love with you, and seeing you kiss Gatlin, broke me.” She whispered, her hand clamping over her mouth as she realized what she just said. 

   “Its not stupid, because I feel the same way about you.” I said gently catching her by surprise when I pressed my lips gently against hers. She froze for a moment, before kissing me back. Her hands wrapping around my neck, pulling be closer. I smiled as I kissed her back, letting my hands wrap around her waist. 

 When I pulled back, I chuckled, leaning my forehead against hers. “Maybe next time we should listen to our cast mates.” I laughed, my heart fluttering as she giggled. 

“Yeah maybe we should.”

Long Ass Post about Stiles and Sciles

Long post is long, and a bit rambly and all over the place and not complimentary to either Stiles or the Sciles friendship, so be forewarned and avoid if that’s gonna piss you off. Its mostly just my musings on what my problems are with Stiles and Sciles at this point and why this season is exacerbating them so much.

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