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And it’s for my heart that I’ll live

Down the hall the vending machine hums, mixing with the muffled voices of the nurses and their shuffled steps on dull linoleum. Sparse fluorescent lights illuminate the corridor in a dim gloom. Everything seems distant and lost in reverie.
An odd atmosphere in contrast to Tooru, running on thin nerves and cheap hospital coffee for two days now. The empty coffee cup in his hands is long useless. Turned and switched between restless fingers until the thin plastic budged and snapped.

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Happy Birthday *throws confetti* ILU~ you’re the best owl ever.

I seem to have a talent for being just a tad bit late with my birthday pictures. (that does not at all imply that I completely forgot it was Bo’s birthday until I saw @franeridart‘s post on my dash… ゞ◎Д◎ヾ )

The Foxhole Court, Chapter 10 – Your Friendly Neighborhood Shrink

In which we meet Betsy Dobson who appears to be Molly Weasley’s long-lost Ravenclaw sister, some quality Renee time happens, Kevin’s Stoic and Mighty Demeanor has nothing on Dan’s doughnuts, and actual school happens at some point but who gives a shit (spoiler alert: It’s not Neil Josten).

Sounds good? Then it’s time for Nicki to read The Foxhole Court.

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i won't say i'm in love || hermione granger

Requested : Reader is Draco’s best friend, but reader is in love with Hermione and keeps it a secret.

[A/N] : I changed it into a realization kinda thing so I hope you like it! thanks for the request!!


You walked towards potions class next to your best friend, Draco Malfoy, who was busy ranting about Harry Potter and his friends. What else would he talk about? He’s basically obsessed with the boy. You were surprised that he hasn’t started stalking the golden trio yet.

You snapped out of thought when you bumped into someone, knocking you and all your books down. You propped yourself up on your elbows, looking up to see who bumped into you. Your view was covered by Draco, who was seemingly insulting them, before reaching out to help you up.

“Now get lost you filthy mudblood.”

Mudblood? Only one person was called mudblood and that was Hermione Granger. You whipped your head back to apologize before Draco dragged you away. You shot her a small smile, but instead, you recieved a scoff and a glare. You turned your head back to Draco, who was muttering about how she shouldn’t even be in this school.

“I appreciate you looking out for me Draco but you shouldn’t call Hermione a mudblood. She is a person after all..”

Draco ignored you as you turned around the corner to enter potions class. You were about to step in when you remembered that you forgot to bring your notes.

“Merlin! I forgot to bring my notes! Do you think i can make it in time before Snape arrives?”

Draco shot you a glare before laughing. Snape always arrives on time, and judging by his laugh, he didn’t think you could make it back in time.

“What’s so funny? You think i can’t make it back in time? Challenge accepted Malfoy.”

You dashed around the corner, avoiding crashing into students as you did so. You quickened your pace as you watched more students enter the classes as the hallway deserted.

Alright, one more turn and you’re there [Y/N].

You turned with a grin. You were so going to win this bet. You froze when you saw her. Hermione was standing in front of the door, staring into nothing. You walked slowly, not sure of what to say. Seems to you that Draco really pissed her off during your exchange earlier.

You went past her, deciding to stick to the plan.

Get your notes and return to class before Snape arrives.

You snatched your notes from your dorm, before quietly leaving the hallway. Thats when you heard her sniffling. Was she crying? Why was she crying?

“Uhh hey? Why are you crying?”

Her head snapped up, surprised that you heard her. You could see a blush forming and you couldn’t help but find it cute. You knew that she was in your potions class, aka where you should be right now.

“Hey.. We have potions together right? Well thats actually right now, so why don’t we talk about it while we walk there yeah?”

Her eyes searched for any clue of why you were acting so nice to her, but instead, all she found was honesty and kindness in those big [Y/E/C] eyes of yours. She nodded as she started walking next to you, not saying a word.

You grinned as you walked next to her. You couldn’t help but feel curious about the strange girl next to you. You barely spoke to her, she always escaped before you could. You never see her in any other classes either. This girl was a complete mystery besides the fact that she’s friends with Harry Potter.

“So, what’s your story?”
“You do know thats such a cliche thing to ask right? It happens in every book.”

You glanced down, hurt that she responded so harshly. If she noticed that you were hurt, she didn’t mention it. The rest of the walk was quiet and awkward. Neither of you said a word and she seemed tense about something. You just didn’t know what. You decided to mind your own business and just return back to your class, which you are now 15 minutes late to.

“Well here we are.. it was nice to uhh.. get to know you.. sorta… Well, i’ll see you later Hermione.”

You knocked on the door before walking in, apologizing profusely to Professor Snape. You, being one of the few students that he tolerated, were excused and allowed to sit down. You glanced at Hermione, who, to your surprise, was staring back at you.

You blushed, before turning your head back to the Professor’s lecture. You were snapped out of your thoughts when you were hit by a crumpled up paper that could only be sent by Draco Malfoy himself.

You shot him a glare, before opening up the note to see what was so important that he needed to chuck a ball of paper at your head. As soon as you opened the note, you recognized his messy writing that filled the center of the page.

Looks like I won the bet [Y/L/N]. What took you so long anyways? You came in the same time that mudblood did. Don’t tell me you were actually talking with her were you?

You quickly took out your feather and wrote a reply before letting the ink dry and crumpling the note back into a ball. You checked to see if Professor Snape was looking, before chucking the ball at Draco’s forhead.

You could hear his grumbling and the sound of the crumpled ball being open, and the faint sound of him muttering under his breath. You turned back around to see his glare as he pointed at your drawing of him. You laughed lightly, before turning your attention back to the lecture. You hadn’t been listening at all, and now you could see Snape’s glare at you and Draco.

While you were busy making fun of Draco, little did you know that Hermione was staring at you, softly smiling at your shenanigans. She took every detail in, the way your lips curved upwards into a smirk whenever Draco glared, the way your eyebrows would crinkle when you were confused, the way your dimples would show when you were truly happy.

Thats when it hit her square in the face.

She was falling in love with [Y/N] [Y/L/N].

And she was falling hard.

Babes! what even is this!? how are there 450 of you following me? first off, THANK YOU. when i created octavia back in july of the last year i never imagined i would ever make it to almost a year of writing her. i was just having fun for the time being, writing a character i had fallen in love with. it never even crossed my mind that so many of you would enjoy my take on her. now, i can’t imagine not being on this blog. i’ve made so many memories & strong friendships that i’ll carry with me always. i just really wanted to thank you all for being so amazing and kind & it’s a pleasure seeing you all on the dash. each day your guy’s writing inspires me in so many ways. my octavia would be nothing without you guys!

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If you're doing the prompts could you do #4 + Andreil

Andreil + Things you said over the phone which turned into ‘5 times they talked on the phone and one time they didn’t’ because I literally never know when to stop.

(Some of these situations are taken from here because why not)

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I’m trying to study! Part 3

Originally posted by avengeyourbucky

Bucky x Reader College AU 

Catch up here!


Hello lovelies, here is part three! I am absolutely stunned at the amount of feedback all of you wonderful people gave me on the previous parts. I want to thank all of you, no exceptions, for how much you appreciate this and how you encourage me to keep going. Thank you! 

Word count: 1592

Warnings: So. Much. Fluff!!!

Waking up, you felt like you were in heaven.

Not only were the sheets soft and silky, but you also felt a wave of warmth encase your body, making you feel safe and loved. Slowly opening your drowsy eyes, you saw soft rays of sunlight filtering through the curtains, enveloping the room in a warm, buttery light. Making you feel at home.

Wait a second…this wasn’t your room!

Opening your eyes in a panic, you shot your gaze around the room. The events of last night came rushing back to you, calming you down, but only just. Glancing behind you, your eyes settled on the sleeping form of Bucky.

Oh, Bucky.

Sleeping peacefully, Bucky looked more like an angel than a human. His luscious brown locks had tumbled onto the pillow and his mouth was slightly agape, letting out soft breaths. His strong, muscular arms were wrapped tightly around your waist and his legs were tangled together with yours.

You shifted slightly, your breaths coming out uneven and your heartbeat increasing rapidly. Your movement caused Bucky to frown slightly and pull you against him even more. Your breath hitched at his actions, the butterflies whizzing around your stomach at full force. You were about to try and pull away completely, but you stopped.

Why would you?

Why should you?

To hell with all of this, you thought, and nuzzled yourself into Bucky’s embrace, revelling in how deliciously warm he was and how right it felt to be in his arms. Pressing your cheek against the brunet’s pectoral, you sighed out slowly, feeling so content and in love that you wanted this moment to last forever. You knew Bucky would wake soon to go to college, but for now, you took the couple spare moments of silence you had left to think about your feelings for the man lying next to you.

Bucky and you have known each other since elementary, having met when your teacher sat you beside Bucky on the first day of school. The two of you had taken an instant liking to each other, often playing pranks and causing trouble for the others. Through Bucky you met Steve, his best friend, then went on to meet Natasha and Wanda. Through those two you meet a ton of other people that you have instantly clicked with. Yes, those days were some of the best days of your life.

Your feelings for Bucky blossomed some time in high school and have been growing stronger ever since.  You couldn’t help it; Bucky was the kindest soul you have ever met, his heart made of gold. Sure, he had some trouble with authorities in the past when he got into fights with bullies at school and outside of it, but that’s what made you love him even more – no matter what, Bucky always protected those that were weaker than him, those that couldn’t protect themselves.

Now, whenever you looked at him, you didn’t just see your best friend; you also saw a man you adored, a man you hoped to spend the rest of your life with. Even if that was thinking a bit far ahead.

You were pulled back to the present when you felt the gorgeous man shift and groan in a low voice, signalling he was awake. Shutting your eyes quickly, you evened out your breaths and pretended you were still asleep, hoping Bucky wouldn’t realize that you were awake already.

Fortunately, your plan worked. You felt Bucky shift and slowly unwrap his arms from around you, then heard his low chuckle sounding beside you. The man’s voice almost broke your act, but thankfully you caught yourself just in time and managed to keep up the illusion. You thought Bucky would just get up and start getting ready, so you were totally unprepared for what happened next.

Bucky leaned forward and wrapped his arms around you once again, then, as softly and gently as the whisper of the wind, he pressed his lips to your cheek in a delicate kiss, keeping them there for a few seconds before slowly pulling away and chuckling once again.

Pretty sure that your heart had just exploded, it took all of your willpower to stop yourself from screaming out loud. Not able to pretend any longer, you opened your eyes and let out a small yawn, acting like you just woke up. Your entire body felt like it was on fire, but you managed to keep all your emotions down, thanking your lucky stars that you didn’t spontaneously combust there and then.

Bucky grinned at you once you made eye contact with him. “Morning, princess.”

“Mm, morning”, you mumbled out, stretching and sitting up in bed.

Bucky laughed slightly and turned around to pick up fresh clothes for himself. Due to the fact that you stayed the night, Bucky had been modest and slept in a t-shirt and sweats (though you had secretly hoped he would go to sleep shirtless and let you see his toned chest. Well, actually no, it was better that he had slept covered up, as you were pretty sure you would’ve drowned in your own drool if you had seen his bare torso).

You hopped out of the comfortable bed, immediately going to make the make the bed. Bucky smirked slightly, looking at you.

“(Y/n), you’d make a good wife, y’know. Always so tidy.”

You felt blood rush to your cheeks as you rolled your eyes at your friend. “Shut up, Bucky.”

Bucky laughed loudly, causing you to chuckle as well. You turned around to face him, putting your hands on your hips. Bucky kept laughing, giving you an evil wink. You shook your head, your heart swelling at the sight.

Once Bucky calmed down, he straightened his posture and pointed to the bathroom door behind him with a smile. “Steve’s already out of here, so I’m gonna go shower. You can join me if you want, doll.” After saying that, not only did he wiggle his eyebrows, the bastard also winked.

You choked on your own spit and fell into a coughing fit, feeling like you were about to cough your lungs up onto the floor. Bucky immediately ran to your rescue, laughing the entire time.

You slapped Bucky’s chest once you had calmed down, which of course made him laugh even harder. Completely red, you muttered a “bitch” and quickly walked out of the bedroom, Bucky’s laugh sounding behind you, making you grin stupidly and shake your head.

You were in the middle of making pancakes when you felt a pair of strong arms wrap around you. Supressing your urge to jump from the sudden contact, you bumped your elbow into Bucky’s side, making him chuckle into your hair.

“It really was lonely without you in the shower, (Y/n). You should’ve joined me.”

Rolling your eyes, you pushed him away from you with a small smile and guided him to a seat at the kitchen table. “Shut up already and sit down.”

Bucky grinned, but that grin quickly turned to surprise when you placed a plate completely loaded with pancakes in front of him, along with a small plate of butter and some syrup. “Now eat.”

“W-what? That’s all for me?” Bucky looked at you in astonishment as you smirked and crossed your arms, nodding.

“Yeah. It’s my way of thanking you for letting me stay the night. You’re a lifesaver, Buck.”

Bucky blushed and looked away. “You shouldn’t have, (Y/n). This is too kind of you.” The brunet dug into his food, letting out a small moan at the taste. “Hish ish amahing!”

You laughed loudly, taking a bite of our own food. “I’m glad you like it. Now hurry up because this time you will be the one that’s late, not me. Gosh, I’m so glad I don’t have any classes until the afternoon.”

Bucky rolled his eyes at you but followed your instructions nonetheless. In the blink of an eye, he was putting his empty plate into the sink and washing it, then running to the bathroom to clean his teeth. You chuckled at how hurried he was, feeling really happy and proud that he enjoyed the breakfast you made for him.  You wondered what it would feel like to wake beside him and make him breakfast every day. Maybe, just maybe, some day it might happen…

You were pulled out of your thoughts when you saw Bucky walking into the kitchen, dressed and ready to go. Standing up, you walked over to him with a smile.

“Have fun at college, Buck.”

He nodded and, before you could react, leaned forward and wrapped his arms tightly around you, once again gently pressing his lips to your cheek.

“Thank you, (Y/n). For everything. You’re really the best”, he mumbled against your cheek before pulling away and flashing you his dashing smile, then bolting out of the front door. You stood there in shock, your hand slowly going up and touching the place that Bucky had kissed, feeling lightheaded from his actions. By now, saying that you had butterflies in your stomach would be an understatement – instead, it felt like the whole Central Park Zoo was going on a stampede inside your body, making you physically tremble from the feelings suddenly overwhelming you. You realized that your feelings for Bucky weren’t just a simple crush anymore. What you felt for him was pure love.

This is going to be the death of me, but I’m willing to die if he’s holding me in his arms.

I hope you enjoyed this part!

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The Apple - S.K

gnere: flufffff

warnings: -

word count: 910

summary: “but i didn’t eat the apple, did i?”. The boy with the chubby cheeks and a sense of humour, funny friends and now your name card.

a/n: o no, i’m so sorry about being away for so long guys…… serious writers block and a bunch of other stuff came up, but I have a few things lined up that i hope you will enjoy… hoping to hopefully post some valentines day stuff??? no promises thooo…

xx Admin Sunny

Of course you enjoyed working at the cafe that you worked at. You were a graduate fresh out of college and really didn’t want to dive head first into the pool of working business people, you always though you were too energetic for an office job.

“Can I have that apple?” you heard a voice interrupt your thoughts. It came from this young man who had the most adorable squishy cheeks ever and a fair complexion to go with it. He was tall for the way he looked, which was almost like a middle school boy, although most anyone knew it wasn’t true.

You too the apple and passed it to him with a gentle smile on your face, “That’ll be a dollar.”

“Then, can I trade this apple for a pear?” He said again, putting the apple back in its spot as you passed him the pear. You looked at him with a questioning look, wondering what he was trying to pull with this trade.

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Don't get me wrong, I'm sorry if the ask box is closed because I can't see your whole description oTL so- I will just send this in with hope, oki? If it's closed, ignore it =w= );; My request is simple, the kidnapped s/o idea but with Genji? Thank you, I will now shamefully dissapear.

Your head throbbed. It felt like someone had dropped a brick on your head and you didn’t know why. Oh wait, maybe it had something to do with being knocked unconscious during the fight. You had been ambushed by some thugs while you were out getting supplies for the team. Cautiously, you opened one eye. The light wasn’t bright but it was enough to send another stab of pain shooting through your skull. You closed it again and lay for any other few seconds before trying again. The pain wasn’t as bad the second time, but you probably had a concussion. Looking around you saw that you weren’t on the street where you’d been attacked. You were laying on a cot in dingy, little cell with concrete walls, floor, and roof. The door was metal with two smaller doors cut into it, one to look through and one for meals.

Awesome, you thought. Other than the cot there was nothing in the room, not even a frame for the cot a bucket to relieve yourself in. You had also been stripped of all your weapons. There was no way for you to get out of there by yourself, you’d have to hope that your fellow Overwatch agents came looking for you.

Genji was beginning to worry, just a little. It was starting to get late and you hadn’t returned from the supply run. You should have returned hours ago. He knew you could handle yourself, but it was still concerning.

McCree came up to him, “[Name] still not back?”

“No,” Genji replied. Looking at Jesse he said, “Radio me if they return, I’m going to look for them.”

“You got it,” Jesse watched as Genji headed towards the city.

You figured it must have been several hours since you had woken up and there was still no sign of your captors. The throbbing in your head had settled to a dull ache, although it still send pains through your skull when you moved. So you lay on the cot praying to any listening gods that if you had to escape yourself that the pain would subside long enough for you to do so.

At that moment you heard the door unlock and swing open. Opening your eyes sent a small pain through your skull, but it was manageable. An man wearing a suit walked in followed by the two thugs who had ambushed you. All three where eastern-Asian, but that didn’t help you figure out who they they might be.

“Come with us,” the man in the suit said, and the other two each grabbed one of your arms and pulled you up. The pain shot through your skull again and you were barely able to stay on your feet. Silently, the three escorted you out of your cell and up a flight of stairs. At the top of the stairs you realized that you had been imprisoned underneath an oriental palace. You half walked (and were half carried) through a lush garden and into a richly decorated office, that you assumed belonged to your captor. The said captor was an older man who was sitting at a desk. Behind him hung a tapestry embroidered with a familiar signal. Oh no, you thought. This is a problem.

Genji had first gone to all the stores you had planned on going to, and had learned that you had gone to all of them before disappearing. He walked the path you would have taken from the base to the stores and back 3 times. He had to be missing something, but what?

“Excuse me sir, but are you Shimada-san?”

Looking at the speaker, Genji saw it was a young child, probably 9 or 10. “I am. Why do you ask?”

“A man said you would be looking for someone, and that I should give you this,” the young child held out a piece of paper.

Genji took it and slowly unfolded it. Looking at the drawing on the paper, he could have that his heart stopped for a moment, if he had been able to form a coherent thought. After a second of shock he dashed away, leaving the child behind. Grabbing his radio he said, “McCree, I’m going to need a team. We have a problem.”

I’ve been taken prisoner by the Shimada Clan, you realized. This was very bad; you didn’t know what they would do to you, but you doubted it would pleasant.

“[Full Name], what a pleasure to meet you. I understand you are very familiar with a relative of mine.” The pieces clicked in your head. Genji had told you about the distant cousin who had taken over the clan after Hanzo had disappeared, he had told you what a cruel and devious man he was. The fact that he not only knew that Genji was alive but that the two of you were intimate chilled you to the bones.”Nothing to say? I’m a little disappointed, Genji was always shooting his mouth off, I thought you might do the same.”

“What do you want?”

“Ah, he/she speaks,” he smiled, which did nothing to make him seem less intimidating. “All in good time. My cousin should be here soon, and we’ll have a family reunion. It’s been so long since we’ve seen each other.”

“Yeah,” you answered cooly. “It might have something to do with you convincing his brother to kill him.”

“A pity the fool didn’t succeed,” he dropped all pretense of amicably. “It would have made things so much easier. But I can’t let let them run free, so I’ll finish what Hanzo started and then kill him too. I’ll even take a chunk out of Overwatch while I’m it. Your organization has been nothing but a thorn in my side.”

“We’ll be a bit more than that when they come for me.”

“A bit more dead, certainly. Now lovely as this chat has been I have things to attend to. Take her back to her cell!” With that the thugs who had taken you from your cell walked you out of the room and back across the garden.

You head still throbbed but your anger was stronger. It was obvious that the men with you didn’t expect you to fight. Not surprising, since you weren’t exactly in the best condition. You sneaked a glance up at the walls, and saw that the guards on them were looking out, not in. If you were to stand a chance you had to act now.

You waited until you reached the top of the stairs that led to your cell, then kicked the man in the suit down them, and used that to leverage yourself out of the grip of the other men. Your foot hit one in the head and you spun to face the other. The man was skilled, but you were an Overwatch agent, but just because the organization was illegal now didn’t mean the quality of the agents had dropped and you made short work of the thug. Taking his weapon  you hit the other in the head and dropped him back on the ground. The one who had fallen down the stairs hadn’t gotten up yet.

The fight had left you dizzy, there was no way you were going to be able to drag the unconscious men somewhere to hide them, so you left them where they lay and began searching for a way out.

15 minutes later you were still sneaking about. You had only seen a few guards, most of them seemed to be waiting for Overwatch to arrive, but you didn’t let that stop you from being cautious. As you skirted the edge of one of the gardens, you heard a thump-thump-thump-thump. Looking up you saw three large helicopters flying over Shimada Castle. The Overwatch symbol was painted clearly on them.

The next moment chaos erupted. The Shimada troops opened fired on the helicopters and the Overwatch agents returned fire, several of them jumping down to fight in cluster quarters. You saw Tracer come out of one followed by Winston. Hanzo stayed on the helicopter they had just vacated, firing arrows into the fray.

Relief washed over you, they came. You knew they would, but it was still nice to see them. Stepping out in the middle of the garden you waved your arms, “Guys, I’m over here!” A glint of metal shone in your peripheral vision and you turned right as your boyfriend ran up beside you.

“[Name], are you alright?” He cupped your face in his hands, and even though his face mask was still on, you knew he was looking for signs of wounds or torture.

“I might have a concussion, but other than I’m ok,” you assured him. “Let’s just get out of here.”

“I agree,” he said and radioed for one of the helicopters to pick them up.

45 seconds later every agent was on a helicopter and you were flying away. You quickly told Genji, Soldier 76, and a few others what had happened while Angela looked you over. Genji sat next to holding your hand. His face mask was off and concern showed clearly on his face. When you got to the part where you met his cousin you felt his hand squeeze yours tighter.

“I can’t believe he was bold enough to target an Overwatch agent,” he said. “He had to know we’d come. Did he underestimate our strength or is he planning something?”

“I don’t know, but we’ll make sure no one follows us back to base,” said Soldier 76 before getting on the radio to pass the message to the other helicopters.

Sighing you leaning against Genji, listening to soft wirrs of his body. Letting go of your hand he wrapped his arm around your shoulders. You stayed there until you reached the base, where Angela took you to the infirmary so she could properly treat your head.

It took several weeks for Genji to be comfortable being more than 20 feet from you, not that you minded. There’s perks to always having your boyfriend around.


MISAWADAY 03 (02/20) - Smile or Diamond
► Flowershop AU: part 1 part 2 part 3

Sawamura has just finished his lunch and was eating a pudding that his mom packed for him that day, while making a list of the flowers that needs re-ordering, when the shop’s door opens, a customer walked towards the counter where Sawamura is still engrossed with his list.

“Excuse me, hey!” The customer called.  

Sawamura jolted, answering a muffled “Yes” as the he turned around, the spoon still on his mouth, he was a bit surprised, blinking at the customer infront of him. Blond with blue eyes, almost the same height as him. The customer stood proud, confident.

He took the spoon out of his mouth. “Sorry.” He put down the pen and clipboard and greeted, “How can I help you?”

The blond customer was staring at him. Observing, then he asked, “Is this where Kazuya bought the Red and Variegated Tulips?”

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I'm Here

It’s going to rain soon.

You sighed, bringing your gaze down to your feet, and kicked a pebble on the sidewalk. You’d been waiting for Jay for thirty minutes now.

The wind blew the dried leaves, leaving crisp sounds as they tumble on the road, and you picked up the scent of the rain. You glanced up once again at the overcast sky–heavy, gray clouds guarding the city. Give or take a few minutes before rain fell down from them.

It’s not like you could get mad at Jay. You were the one who asked him if he could pick you up. Of course he would say yes even though he’s flooded with work. He had always been like this. Making sure that you’re okay while also taking care of his label and artists, only to forget his own welfare in the end.

A young couple dashed past you to their destination, afraid of getting wet by the imminent rain. You thought of leaving as well, but two things stopped you.

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anonymous asked:

I'm really sorry if I'm being an inconvenience but can you write about 76 and McCree getting into a verbal fight with their s/o and they say something that makes their s/o cry. Like sort of a hurt/comfort thing I guess? I'm sorry I love for angst *dashes away*

you are absolutely not being an inconvenience! requests are what make this blog work! so never feel bad about sending stuff in, i love to write (also hurt/comfort is my fav thing to write so ur awesome for asking me to write this)

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Thank you for all the Robots!

Gosh, I’ve been feeling rather crappy about my art skills lately, especially with the way I draw Mettaton, but instead of being a mopey moop, I decided to do some quick fanart of people who’s art I absolutely adooooreeee~ I tried mimicking their style in the below pieces and sadly I can’t do them justice, but these are just little tiny ways of me saying thank you for doing such wonderful wonderful arts! 

First off here’s me trying to draw MTT in @thaidraws style:

Gosh, I really couldn’t do their art justice. I absolutely am inlove with how they draw Mettaton (as well as the skelebros, ahh! ♥ ) and they draw like the best mouths and mouth expressions and the first time I saw their art I yelled at my friend about how good everything there is for a solid half an hour at least! Thank you so so so much for all the lovely things you draw!

Next up is me trying to draw in sin station’s  @toddnet‘s style:

I adore his human AU designs and he has such a cute fluffy style and it always amazes me how he has the time and patience to always add those little strokes! Everything on his blog is top tier! So much good arts, so much interesting headcanons! Yes! Adore!

Last but certainly not least is me trying to draw in @catnippackets style:

The purest, sweetest cinnamon roll. Their art is just so soft and round and was absolutely a joy to try and draw and is even a bigger joy to see on my dash! Even the quickest and simplest of doodles look so pro they make me so happy, gosh! ♥

In short, thank you to these three wonderful people and thank you to everyone else out there who create and enjoy art and just make this community a wonderful happy place to be and and and gosh, sorry, I’m being an embarrassing weenie looser, I’m sorry /)w(\;;; but thank you, really! ♥

Haikyuu!! Recs - Rarepairs

amarillion by keptein
Bokuto Koutaro/Kuroo Tetsurou, E

“So you and Kuroo finally dating?”
“What?” Koutarou said, sure that he’d misheard.
“Dating,” Akaashi said again, leaning forward slightly, his frown deepening.
“No, no,” Koutarou said. “Haha! What? No.“Or, the story of how Koutarou falls for his best friend.

Chikara/Keiji series by Crollalanza
Akaashi Keiji/Ennoshita Chikara, T

The thing about beauty, Chikara’s worked out, is that after a while it becomes the same as everything else. Shimizu-san will always be beautiful, but … but … it’s like staring at your reflection in a mirror, stare for too long and the face becomes a blur. Every face becomes a fuzz of colours, no longer delineated - smudged.

And then he sees him.

I could watch the dreams flicker in your eyes by Veto_power_over_clocks
Ennoshita Chikara/Michimiya Yui, M

The making of Ennoshita Chikara’s first love story, with the help of one Michimiya Yui.

Different Strokes by Karasuno Volleygays
Akaashi Keiji/Kageyama Tobio, T

Broke-ass art school graduate Akaashi Keiji couldn’t turn down a paying job in the art world, even if it meant sitting naked in front of strangers. However, one of them wouldn’t stop staring, but meh … what the hell. He was kind of cute.

Art student Kageyama Tobio didn’t realize that his upcoming lesson on live models would change his life.

Ask a stupid question by darkmagicalgirl
Futakuchi Kenji/Ennoshita Chikara, G

Captains Futakuchi, Ennoshita, Yahaba, and Shirabu are interviewed for a TV spot. Futakuchi has a little too much fun.

Say you love me by utsu (all of them but especially chapter 3)
Oikawa Tooru/Kuroo Tetsurou, E

Kuroo came to him in sweatpants with hair mussed and eyes heavy, every inch of him a screaming cacophony Oikawa doubted and ignored, but when they stepped out onto the stage together Kuroo Tetsurou touched him like a symphony.

the yeah yeah yeah song by keptein
Bokuto Koutaro/Kuroo Tetsurou, T

And the light from the stage catches in the guy’s hair, so blond it shines white like a beacon, like one of the stars overhead. Tetsurou leans over and yells in his ear, hand on one solid shoulder, “Cool hair!”

“You too!” the guy yells back, “I dig the sex hair look!”

It’s Quiet by EzzyDean
Kageyama Tobio/Tsukishima Kei, G

Away from that, when they were alone, it was quiet. A few words here and there. Shared smirks and soft huffs of laughter. Warm arms pressed against each other. Color high on their cheeks when they exchanged kisses.

Cloudy with a Chance of UFOs by masi
Ushijima Wakatoshi/Oikawa Tooru, M

Ushijima wakes up one morning to find a crop circle in his wheat fields.

Mutually Assured Distraction by memorde
Konoha Akinori/Akaashi Keiji, T

Konoha likes Bokuto. Akaashi likes Bokuto. Bokuto’s just looking forward to a great day out with two of his best friends.

End Quote by nylie
Ikejiri Hayato/Sawamura Daichi, T

“Win. Then win some more. Win for us, too.” “Yeah. You got it.”

Winning and losing are not easy things. Parting ways, finding each other again, from friends to strangers to… Ikejiri leaves InterHigh Day 1 with his eyes red and sore, and a promise from an old friend. Ikejiri comes back on Day 2 to watch Karasuno’s game against Aobajousai and deals with loss and hope on the next few days.

(Or, Ikejiri still has it bad for Daichi, even if he doesn’t know it).

From The Gutter To Forever by tookumade
Hanamaki Takahiro/Oikawa Tooru, Hanamaki Takahiro/Iwaizumi Hajime, G

Hanamaki watched the way Oikawa’s eyes lit up whenever Iwaizumi appeared, and the way Iwaizumi seemed to come alive a little more whenever Oikawa was around, and he felt his chest tighten every single time.

How did I not see that coming? he thought. It was so obvious.

Snips and Snails and Puppy-Dogs’ Tails by Icie
Kuroo Tetsurou/Yaku Morisuke, T

Kuroo’s life is suffering, professional witch Yaku Morisuke is duty bound to help, even when that makes his life suffering, too.

And The Words Just Spilled Right Out by trashwriter
Tanaka Ryuunosuke/Ennoshita Chikara, Kinoshita Hisashi/Narita Kazuhito, T

“What? No!” Tanaka protests, “Obviously I was in love before that but I only just figured it out!”

homeward slow by roisale
Ennoshita Chikara/Nishinoya Yuu, T

“Do you mind,” he begins, abrupt, forgetting their status as strangers, for a moment, “I mean, would you mind if I took your picture?” His hands hover just above his camera with a sort of restless impatience that doesn’t belong to him.

“Seriously?” Nishinoya’s eyes go huge, and Ennoshita starts to think that maybe he’d made a mistake, or stepped over the thresholds of what common sense usually dictated, not that societal norms would be of any use here -

Nishinoya breaks into an enormous smile. “Cool! Yeah, go ahead!”

Well, that’s that, then, Ennoshita thinks, already raising his camera, and the shutter blinks a second later with a click like finality.

Lose, Lose by aroceu
Kuroo Tetsurou/Oikawa Tooru, E

If someone had told Tetsurou last year that he would fall in love with Oikawa Tooru in his first year of university, he wouldn’t have believed it.

or, Kuroo annoys his way into Oikawa’s tiny personal bubble, and eventually into his heart.

anonymous asked:

I'm curious on your thoughts about where to draw the line between Will-under-the-influence-of-encephalitis and Will's-base-characterization in season 1. I always read his relative un-trembly calm and adept, v competent manipulation in season 2 as a result of curing the encephalitis (with a dash of getting-used-to-murder-tableaus), moreso than any change due to Hannibal. (I see Hannibal's influence more in the realm of inspiring Will's lust for revenge, rather than changing his demeanour.)

Oh wow, what an interesting question! I feel like there are lot of points being brought up here, which I’m excited about because it probably means we’re getting to the roots of some things.

For my part, I’ve usually seen the encephalitis as something that primarily affects the *pitch* of Will’s character, not so much altering who he is in any significant way. And I’d say we’re meant to consider the Will we first meet to be pretty base-line, at this stage in his life. Yes he’s popping aspirin from ep 1, which is surely meant to indicate that the encephalitis is already on its way, but I don’t think the brain fever is supposed to go BOOM until 1x05, when Hannibal’s fine nose first smells it on him. That’s also the first episode where he sleepwalks, and the first episode where he starts experiencing hallucinations, largely related to the Angelmaker. Sure he’s been seeing the Ravenstag all along, but before now only in his dreams. Which, frankly, is more than I can say for encephalitis-free Will in S2 and S3, who sees his nightmare buddy while ostensibly awake multiple times, in prison and on European railroad tracks, and even a freaky flayed version in a church. Actually I guess this just brings me back to the start of this paragraph: I think the encephalitis largely heightens what’s already there? Because Will still sees visions without it, just not as intensely. And he still gets panicky and trembly without it, again just not as intensely (tbf, no one, not even Hugh Dancy, has ever matched the key of Panicky & Trembly he achieved in Hannibal Season 1).

The main difference I think the brain fever works on Will is to make him more confusable. If he’s already losing time, it’s easy for Hannibal to slip into that gap and make things worse with whatever potions he’s plying him with, and then bundle him straight off to gaslighting town. So much of the first season is concerned with Will Not Knowing What Is Happening. He’s calling Beverly to crime scenes because he doesn’t know if he can trust what he saw, he’s begging Hannibal not to lie to him, he isn’t sure if he killed Abigail Hobbs or not. And this is very much a product of the encephalitis, since he honestly can’t remember. His overactive imagination filling in the worst, however, that’s tied in to the fear that Alana talks about driving Will’s life in 1x01, the same fear of the dark workings of his mind that has created the weird loner we meet in the pilot.

Now, S2 Will is in a different set of circumstances. His brain is no longer on fire, so he’s no longer struggling to remember his own actions. This makes him more confident overall, because he has regained a foothold on reality (his doubts are now less about what he’s done than what he might do). But for my money, almost all the changes in Will in S2 are direct reactions to what happened to him in S1, mostly defensive ones. Will was too vulnerable to Hannibal, so now he’s trying to be closed off, that sort of thing. He is certainly, as he’ll say to Hannibal later, adapting, but it’s very usual to learn new coping behaviors after a huge trauma, especially toward the person who caused it.

But although I would say the manner Will takes on towards his enemies in S2 and S3 comes from within him, is native to Will, part of his ~reflective abilities~ etc, I don’t really think this is more natural to him than who we met in S1. Again, because I think this different demeanor is largely reactive, and also because of the Will who quietly tells Hannibal in 3x07 that he’s not cut out for this, and goes off to build a life with a lovely, non-murdery woman. The Will we see with Molly, the “sweet man” she’s known and lived with for years, bears more in common with the Will we first meet: weird and sarcastic, yes, but also warm, and caring. More weary now, worried in different ways after what he’s been through, but there’s no indication that he’s been spending the last three years all cool & sinister like he plays at with Hannibal in late S2.

But ultimately, throughout the whole series Will has been different around Hannibal than with the other characters (with whom he’s broadly more consistent, adjusting for however he’s positioned to them based on whatever horrific situation is currently unfolding). So the MISSION, should you choose to Hannigram it (and we do), is to figure out what things Hannibal truly does bring out in Will that no one else does for him, for good and for ill, as opposed to what things Will is projecting at Hannibal in an attempt to bamboozle him. And then you’d also need to turn this lens on Hannibal, because wow is his behavior ever altered by Will’s influence in turn!

(n.b. this is surely because I’m in the Tome-wan/Mizumono thick of it right now in my rewatch, but I just have to mention that I think “v competent manipulation in season 2” COULD be arguable, given, well the disaster) (am I saying that Will’s just always a failboat, yes probably)

anonymous asked:

tiltheendfanproject. com/about/ can't log on to my account right now, but it's malikcuddles. hii! how are you? well, before you even asked I was already skeptical so I went looking for it. their twitter is @FansTilTheEnd and the most 'personal' acc they have that I found as off right now (I don't have much availability to look atm) was this @2DirectionsBlog... I had never heard about either before, but they seem to have some support. I'm still not completely buying tho. too weird.

Hey babe. Yeah I saw the twitter referenced in one the articles about it. Personally, I’m pretty well convinced this is the work of the incoming team and isn’t an organic fan campaign. If it were, more of us would’ve known about it.

The first red flag is that these mysterious Australian fans have yet to show themselves or shoutout their personal twitter, tumblr, Instagram or Snapchat accounts. This would certainly be the time to gain more followers and become individually influential voices in the fandom. But instead this is all we got:

Called “#TilTheEndFanProject,” the ad was the result of several months of fundraising. As explained on the project’s website, “This was just an idea back in May” from three “girls in our 20s from Brisbane, Australia.” PayPal and GoFundMe accounts were set up for fans worldwide to raise money for the ad, but it was admittedly “hard going.” The organizers say, “We ended up spending plenty of late nights coming up with how to raise money. We sold fairy floss at our nephew’s school fair. We started an Etsy store… anything we could. There were tears, tantrums and plenty of laughs.”

“We had some of the most passionate and amazing Directioners who supported and believed in the project as much as we did, and to each and every one of you THANK YOU,” continues the message. “It never would have happened without you! Being a 1D fan changes you and makes you believe you can do anything… And we did.” The cost? A whopping $5,000.

Obligatory fandom ass kissing? Check. Adult fans (1D’s future target audience)? Check. “Tears, tantrums and plenty of laughs.” Who talks like that?? It reads like a fanfic summary. They also can’t keep their story straight regarding the cost of the ad. One source says $5,000. Another $6,500. In reality a full page black and white ad in Billboard costs a little over $7,000. Why wouldn’t they know that? I think they figured lower price points would be more convincing.

Next, they’re 20-something and call themselves Directioners??

Again, who are these nerds? LOL Most of the adults in this fandom loathe that nickname. That is well known–to those in the fandom.

Another thing is that their tweets about the project have been quite unpopular.

From the beginning…

…to the end. This was right before the articles about the project starting rolling out:

No wonder they covered their butts by saying they sold stuff on etsy.

The next shady thing is that @FansTilTheEnd claims 33,000 tweets.

The account has been around since May. So they’d need to tweet around 5,500 times a month to get to that number. In September, they tweeted (including retweets) around 100 times. The numbers have to be bogus. They probably got twitter to put up fake numbers (including followers) so they could blend into the 1D landscape without attracting suspicion. Twitter claims to be cracking down on this, but I think it’s safe to say it’s still happening. Especially if you’re very well connected.

Also the response they got from 1D was unusual:

As we know from other fandom organized projects, you don’t always get acknowledgement from the guys–even when it’s for CHARITY.  But ¾ are all over this random as hell Billboard ad with less creative fan art than you can find on your dash at any given moment?? Nah son. The timing of this is probably meant to distract from the cancelgate shitshow and the “Liam meltdown” articles. I feel them.

On to the next red flag. They also managed some Maroon 5 promo:

Why does that matter? Business stuff. Maroon 5 is managed by Jordan Feldstein. His management company is called Career Artist Management. Guess who owns a stake in that company? Irving Azoff.

“I got approached by a whole bunch of [management companies] to come in with them, but I wanted to try it on my own and see how that felt. When Irving presented the idea of retaining a piece of my company and my name and identity, that was appealing. It was the first offer that made sense, where I’m not just another cog in a big wheel. And I get to learn from Irving, which was really the most enticing thing.”

Jordan Feldstein on partnering with Irving Azoff

Guess who mentored Jordan? Irving Azoff.

“Return every phone call, reply to every email… That’s an edict throughout this company. And I really admire that he’s so powerful but still able to maintain ­relationships and treat people with a level of respect. Everyone is his friend, everyone comes to his house for dinner and looks to him for advice. He’s tough, and protects his clients like I’ve never seen, but he seems to do it in a way where everyone wins.”

Jordan Feldstein on what Irving Azoff has taught him

Where did those quotes come from? Billboard magazine. Welp, connect those dots. Yeahhhh, I’m not mad. This is actually clever and good fandom management. It’s just that as a fandom, we have a tremendous amount of experience with sniffing out lies. Don’t underestimate us. It’s almost go time after all. ;)

sjfldlffw9888889899898989898989  asked:

i'm glad that the panel turned out so well and i wish i could've seen all three of you do your thing, but i have to ask: how was dashcon itself? i know its a bit of an elephant to address but tumblr is EXPLODING with drama concerning the emergency $17,000 fundraiser, poor treatment of the staff, minors being let into 18+ panels, WTNV walking out, and various other unpleasantries. were you, sasha, and mark treated well? did you see anything happen there that seemed strange?

Here is my two cents:

1) I’m not sure why tumblr is mad at Dash Con about the $17,000.  When a large corporation (Mariott) totally screws over a smaller and less powerful group by demanding money NOW because its in the fine print despite a contract that outlined a staggered payment plan, I’d assume tumblr would side with the little guy.  

Should Dash Con have had a lawyer look over that contract?  HELL YES, but lesson learned.  It’s like adjustable rate mortgages.  Dash Con got screwed by a big multinational corp and for some reason tumblr is siding with Mariott.  It’s gross.  They are getting a lawyer now to see if what Mariott did was legal but there is nothing they can do about the damage to their reputation as a con.  

Also staff have been emphatic at the event that this $17,000 was a loan.  If you go to the staff office and say “hey my name is Joe Blow and I gave you $200 last night” they are claiming they will get you the money tomorrow or Monday.  They are not requiring proof since most people gave cash.  Just your word.   If that’s a scam, I have no idea what kind of scam it is.  

2) I know nothing about poor treatment of staff.  All the staff I’ve met with and worked with have been wonderful.  

3) I know nothing about minors in 18+ panels.  My 35 year old roommate was carded for an 18+ panel and not let in until she produced an ID.   When we opened Homoerotic Subtext up for questions staff actually came up to remind everyone to keep the questions PG13.  I saw nothing but staff being serious (to the point of being annoying) about the 18+ requirements.  

4) I don’t know all the details about the WTNV walk out, but I had won a raffle for priority seating so I was in the third row when the organizers told 1000+ people that the Night Vale people were demanding cash payment RIGHT NOW BEFORE THE SHOW despite a contract that said they would be paid tomorrow after their Q&A was done.   They said they offered to go to the bank and get the cash and WTNV walked rather than wait for someone to run the errand.  And this was after WTNV were over an hour late to their own live show, blaming “traffic”.  A few hours later, I bumped into a staff member that told me they had almost all the cash on the table as WTNV were leaving and begged them to at least stay for the Q&A tomorrow and they refused to take the money.  

I’ve also seen people complaining “WTNV interrupted their european tour for this!” when Dash Con was booked MONTHS before they booked their european tour.   It certainly colors my impression of the WTNV people considering some of them were singing and chanting along with everyone and declaring the Mariott’s actions bullshit the night before.   *side eyes them so hard right now*  You be the judge. 

5) I can’t speak for markdoesstuff and sashaforthewin, only myself.  The staff and organizers have been exceptionally kind but clearly overwhelmed by these curve balls and sometimes disorganized.   Some of it is standard first con issues.  Some of it is not their fault.  Some of it they’ve handled poorly, especially on the communication end.   It’s been a mixed bag.   I did two other panels (LGBTQ Support and LGBTQ&A) and I don’t know of anyone on those panels who had a bad experience either, but you would have to talk to them.   

But you asked me what I’ve seen.  I’ve seen some phenomenal people.  

The art in the dealer’s room is GREAT and almost entirely small set ups with homemade stuff by the artist.   I’ve been to A LOT of comic cons where big companies drive the merch.  Here it is some fantastic stuff at a good price where the artist is happy to chat with you and you know these people are doing it because they love it not just to take your money for some made in china crap while looking down their nose at you.    It was almost worth going for that alone.   PEOPLE HERE HAD BI PRIDE STUFF!!  More than just one vender!  Stickers, chainmail, tags, mini comics!  I’ve never found bi pride stuff at a big comic/fan con!!  I may have bought all the things……

I’ve not seen anyone be rude or nasty — no bronies or fedora-lords dominating q&as like I saw at C2E2 this spring, and damn some of the most unique cosplays I’ve seen in a long time.   The crowd is 80% women under 35 so keep that in mind when someone bitterly is like “ugh tumblr con is sooo stupid”.   Cuz when young women do something it’s always stupid don’t you know.  *eyeroll*

I’ve met up with some people I’ve known on the internet in fandoms for years and that alone for me was worth it, plus the amazing experience I’ve had on panels.  

And yet for some reason, everyone on this site is cheering for them to fail.   I do not understand that.   It’s worth it to ask some questions about all this since there have been issues, but the amount of flat-out hate is staggering as a person who is here having a good time.   People here are sometimes irritated but the mood is overwhelmingly positive.  

This was something put on by tumblr users for tumblr users.   All the panels on LGBTQ issues were by LGBTQ people.  That’s a hell of a lot better than the LGBTQ panel I went to at C2E2 last spring where it was 4 straight people congratulating themselves on all their great queer characters in Marvel and DC in a giant hetero circle jerk while Rachel Deering was treated like a utter token.   That was disgusting.  I didn’t see tumblr revolting against that.

TLDR: Yeah there have been some serious issues but people are really being asshats about it.  

- Sarah 

I'm Your Normal

Writing prompt by Tardiswithwings

Steve and Bucky’s first kiss.


Steve had never really thought about it before, because he liked girls, didn’t he?

Both of them did, that’s why he went out on all those double dates with Bucky, even if he always ended up alone in the end. Even if he had more fun when it was just the two of them, dancing at the club to some tunes or drinking in the pub. Even if his heart beat right out of his chest when Bucky tried to teach him how to swing dance. It was normal, it had nothing to do with the way his hands felt on his body.

Same with that gut wrenching feeling he got when he saw the gals hanging off of Bucky. That burning ache in his chest he got when he watched James lean down and kiss a pretty girl on the cheek. It was just jealously, which was completely normal considering how Steve looked.

He was no idiot, he knew he wasn’t all that. Certainly not date material, much less someone a girl would want to kiss. He wasn’t rich, either, which meant he couldn’t afford the nice digs most men had or the fancy dinners most girls wanted. Heck, even his clothes were hand-me-downs his mother gave him. The only thing he bought on the past two years was a hat. It was a band new, tan Fedora with a black band around it. He wore it the very next night to another double date. Not a single girl even commented on it.

Oh, but Bucky did. He said it looked smart, dashing even. He then stole it and wore it for the rest of the day, laughing at Steve’s feeble attempts to get it back. When Steve finally got home, he wore that hat around the house until he went to bed, smiling to himself all the while. It was normal, it had to be. Because if it wasn’t, Steve was in trouble.


“Buck up, it’s only six. They’ll show.”

“They know it’s me you brought along, so I doubt they will.”

“Come on, don’t be like that,” Bucky said, shoving Steve with an elbow.

They were perched on the stone steps of the museum, in the same place they had been for the past hour. Their dates were very late, and Steve’s mood had plummeted the longer they waited. It didn’t help that he had been denied joining the US army, for the tenth time. It didn’t help that Bucky had been accepted, and it really didn’t help that his friend was going to ship out in a week.

“I’ve ruined your night out, again,” Steve said with a sigh. He took his hat off and rested it on one knee, leaning back on the steps to look up at the stars. Even in the city, some places were still dark enough to make them out. “I should just go.”

“Don’t go.”

“Why not? No one wants me here, Bucky.”

James leaned over and blocked his view of the stars, making a face and muttering, “I want you here.”

“Why? All I’m good at is getting into fights and getting ditched by girls.” Steve frowned up at his friend and tried to ignore the stab of pain in his chest. Even his own words were making him miserable. Maybe he should have just stayed home, even if this was one of the last times he would see Bucky.

His friend leaned over him more, one hand propping himself up on each side of Steve. If his heart wasn’t already pumping faster, it sure was now.

Normal, he reminded himself, it’s just your average nerves.

“That’s not all you do,” Bucky said with a smirk, “sometimes you fall down.”

Steve leaned up and gave his shoulder a shove. “Sure, i’m good for some slap stick! I’m going home, I don't—”

One hand pushed him back down against the steps, and Bucky followed him down, their faces inches a part. “Stay.”

“B-Bucky… I don’t want to ruin your—”

“I want you here, what part of that don’t you understand? This is one of my last nights in the city and I…” He paused, his eyes widening slightly. “I want to spend it with you.”

Steve opened his mouth, but nothing came out. His brain had finally given up and decided to leave the building. Bucky was looking just as startled by his words as Steve was feeling.

Really, it shouldn’t have been all that surprising, they were best friends after all. It was normal to want to spend time with your friend when one was about to leave.

“I’ll miss you,” Steve choked out suddenly, a hand flying up to cover his mouth. Oh hell, what was he saying? He sounded like a girlfriend being left behind.

Bucky was smiling and the hand that was still resting on his chest trailed up to brush Steve’s hand away from his mouth. “I’ll miss you too, buddy.”

Steve was more than sure Bucky could feel his heart, now. It was beating so loud he nearly missed what he said next.

“Give me something to remember you by, while i’m away.”

“W-what? What do you w-want?” Steve mumbled nervously.

Oh god, his face was so close. He’s too close, I can’t breathe.

“Something I’ll never forget, okay?”

“Bucky…” Steve whispered, his whole body starting to tremble. The hand holding his chin in place was shaking just a little, and there was something about that that made Steve’s heart race a little faster.

He was out of time to think about what James wanted, because a second later their lips met. They were kissing, on the steps of the museum, where they were supposed to be waiting for their dates, with girls. But that really didn’t matter anymore, because this was exactly what Steve had wanted for a very long time, and he had never known it until now.

One of his hands had found its way through Bucky’s hair, combing through it and pulling him closer. James answered with a soft groan against his lips and shifted down onto his elbows, pressing his body against him. Steve wasn’t shivering with nerves anymore, his entire body was in some sort of shock or bizarre state of calm.

Maybe it was because it felt so good, so right. Maybe because it was Bucky, and he was always good with Bucky. Maybe it was because he really didn’t give a damn if it was normal to want this anymore.

His fingers curled against Bucky’s neck as they broke the kiss and suddenly the shakes were back. He couldn’t help it, he just knew that as soon as Bucky pulled away, everything would go wrong. So he held on a little longer, and forced himself to look up into his eyes.

“Steve…” Bucky breathed, his face still close enough for his breath to warm Steve’s skin. “Steve…”


“Steve,” he repeated, his cheeks growing pink. “I think I found something else you’re good at.”

“I… what?”

“You’re really good at kissing,” he answered, and swooped down to steal another one. This one was shorter, and both of them were smiling against one another’s lips. Steve broke it with a laugh and ran his hand down Bucky’s cheek.

“This isn’t normal, is it?” He asked quietly.

“No, probably not,"Bucky replied honestly, his eyes sparkling with amusement. "Then again, I always knew you were special.”

Steve snorted and let his hand drop from Bucky’s cheek, still unable to take his eyes off of him. His heart was still racing, but for a different set of reasons now. He felt confident, happy even.

“What do you say we ditch our dates and go home?” Bucky asked, sitting up and offering Steve a hand up. He accepted it gladly, and squawked when he got pulled into a hug. “I’ve only got a week left to enjoy you, I don’t want to waste a second of it.”

Steve rested his face in the crook of his neck and smiled sadly to himself. It wasn’t fair to discover something like this, only to have it taken away so soon. Well, he would just have to do what Bucky asked.

“Don’t worry, I’ll give you something to remember me by. Before I meet you out there, anyway.”

Bucky laughed, pulled him up, and dusted them both off. His lips were curved into a shy smile Steve had never seen before. They joined hands for a moment, their eyes fixated on one another for a long moment before the museum doors opened behind them. They dropped their hands, but held the gaze for a long time, even as people filled past them down the steps.

It wasn’t normal, but it was exactly what Steve wanted. Because he didn’t like girls, he liked Bucky.