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The Waiting Game

Based on that Tumblr prompt found here. I’m sorry. This is essentially crack. Please don’t hate me.

Tommie Oliver once thought they were a patient person. They’ve dealt with enough bullshit in their life to know when to just take a few deep breaths and bite their tongue, and only seldom do they lay they’re foot down to swing a few punches. You’ve still got to stand up for yourself some of the time, otherwise who will?

“Billy, dude, you’re cheating! Where did you learn all those combos?”

“I figured them out by myself. This one is double jump, left punch, right punch, squat, circle, circle, jump, roll, left, roll, double backflip.”

“…Okay. What comes after ‘left punch’?”

Tommie smiles at the two boys relaxing on their couch, all of their focus dedicated to the game they’re playing on Jason’s Xbox.

Well maybe they can think of a few people who would stand up for them.

Jason reaches over Billy to grab a handful of popcorn, stuffing half of it in his mouth and throwing the other half at Tommie lounging in the recliner. “Dude will you text Kimberly? She was supposed to be here like an hour ago.”

“Didn’t she say she was stopping by Krispy Kreme for a coffee? Maybe it’s busy.”

“It doesn’t take that long to get a coffee Billy.”

“Relax Jase,” Tommie says, pulling their phone out of their pocket and clicking on Kim’s contact. “I’ll text her now. No need to get your jockstrap in a twist.” This earns Tommie another shower of popcorn.

“Yo dude where ya at? Guys are gettin antsy and Jasons being momish again”

“Also if youre still at krispy kreme get me a donut”

“Billy too”

“HEY YOU GUYS!” Billy and Jason groan as Zack throws himself over the back of the couch, kicking Jason’s stomach and elbowing Billy in the thigh. Surprisingly he doesn’t spill a single drop of his soda, which is good because Tommie’s certain their mother would murder them if anyone got a stain on the couch. “What level are you guys on?” He asks, taking a sip of his drink, still casually sprawled out on both the boys’ laps. Jason shoves him off and Zack manages to hold the can upright, even as his face kisses the floor. A scuffle ensues between the two (after Zack puts his drink down) and Jason’s controller gets lost in the cushions.

Billy pauses the game and turns to Tommie. “Has you’re cousin texted you yet?”

Tommie shakes their head. “Not yet.”

“Wait, cousin?” Zack gasps from Jason’s headlock, grinning. “Is this the hot one that lives in Texas?”

“Yes, my hot, very gay, cousin from Texas,” Tommie clarifies, rolling their eyes as Zack shrugs and twists out of Jason’s hold. They settle back into the couch, Zack picking at the popcorn while Jason steals a sip from his soda. “She’s been having troubles with her family since she came out to them, but her parents finally agreed to let her come up to Angel Grove to live with me and my parents for a while. She texted me yesterday when she was at the airport but I think her flight got delayed or something. She’s supposed to text me when she lands in Arcata.”

Just then Tommie’s phone beeps.

Zack laughs. “Speak of the Devil and he shall appear.”

Tommie shakes their head. “Nah it’s just Kim.”

KimPossible: “Sorry, got caught up in somethin”

Tommie frowns a little but before they have a chance to ask where Kim actually is another message comes through from their best friend.

KimPossible: “So I think I’m bi”

Tommie’s eyes widen and their jaw drops a little. “Holy fuck!”

“What? Is it Kim?”

“Uh… yeah. Dudes, she just texted me saying she’s bi.”

Jason jumps up cheering, punching the air a few times before holding out his hand to Zack who grumbles and digs into his wallet, forking over a twenty. Tommie ignores the boys as they start to argue who technically called Kim’s sexuality first and types a message back to Kim.

“DUDE! Fur realzzz?”

“Just like all the sudden right this moment? hell yeah do it!”

“I said I thought she was a lesbian and since lesbians are into women, I was half right so technically I only owe you ten bucks.”

“Zack that’s not how this works.”

“It’s kind of how it works.”

“Actually Zack, bisexuality is being sexually attracted to both genders, female and male, while homosexuality is strictly being sexually attracted to the same sex.”

“Thank-you Billy.”

“Yeah, thanks.”

Tommie’s phone beeps and everyone goes quite, leaning towards Tommie expectantly.

KimPossible: “like as in I was just with a girl and iiii”


“Zack! Language!”


Tommie shushes them and types back, “like WITH a girl or like with a girl and you looked at her and realized wow lets have sex and get married”

It takes a minute. A long, excruciating, bickering-boys filled minute, before Tommie’s phone beeps once more.

KimPossible: “like as in I PRETTY much just had sex with a girl”

For a long minute, no one says anything. They all just stare at one another with their mouths open and catching flies. And suddenly they’re all talking at once.


“She blew us off-”


“Jesus Zack, chill.”

“No! You know what, gimme the phone!”

“Wha- Zack! Hey! No stop!”






“Sorry Kimberly that was Zack. This is Billy. Tommie currently has Zack pinned to the ground.”

“Ouch. That looked painful.”

“Yo Kim its Jazon. Thank you for coming out cuz I won twenty bucks from Za”

“PLe asE”




“Fucking Zack keeps stealing my phone and running away”

“But seriously??? Dude like what!!”




“Hi Kim. It’s Billy again. Jason’s holding Zack hostage in the bathroom. Tommie’s nose is bleeding which is why I’m texting you. Just wondering where you are.”

“Uh oh”

“Zack broke down the door. Tommie’s pissed.”




“Kimberly its Jase. Dude please text back zacks gone nutzo”

“and wed all like details ;)”

“Okay it’s me again. so like whatisgoing on!! please just answere”

“dude don’t make us come over there”

“*sighs* we’ll wait”


“Alrigt done waiting what is the deal whats goinf on I s2g Kimberly”

“why are you doing this to us??”

“Did you fuck your phone into nonexistence”

“did you tumble headfirst into a black hole of bisexuality”

“and if you did can me and Zack join i”


“Well technically Zack’s pan so I gue”



“Fucking zack”


“Oh My God for Fuckks sake KIM”

“Okay you bitch its been almost an hour and we’re all dying what the hell”


“Jason 1 moree, seriously holy shit where did you GO”

“You cant just sAy that and then disappear????”

“Kim these boys are killing me pppuuuleeaseeee!!”

An hour later and they’re all lying on the living room floor. Jason’s got a bag of peas pressed against his left eye and Tommie’s got a wad of toilet paper shoved up their nose. Zack has too many battle wounds to count. He might also be unconscious but the excitement from Kim’s first message has waned and left all of them too drained to check.

“When was the last time you texted her?” Jason whines. Billy walks into the room carrying two zip-lock baggies filled with ice; one he switches out for the peas and the other he lays across Zack’s back. Both boys grumble their thanks.

“Fifteen minutes ago.” They all groan in unison but it’s cut short when Tommie’s pocket dings.

KimPossible: “46 TEXTS”

“Finally! The pillow princess has arisen!”

Tommie rolls their eyes and frantically asks said ‘princess’ where she’s been. “Zack don’t make me pin you again.”

Zack snickers. “You know I don’t think that’s as punishing as you’re hoping for m’lady.”

Another ding. Tommie reads the message before bursting into laughter. Billy asks what she said and Tommie merely holds their phone out for the others to read.

KimPossible: “I was… SHE WAS STILL HERE”

Jason groans again as Zack holds up a finger, face pressed into the carpet, huffing out something that sounds similar to “called it, that bitch”.

“Laughing now cause I was right you were still banging her omg”

KimPossible: “a black hole of bisexuality?! haha”

KimPossible: “yes”

Jason groans again, tossing his ice bag on the coffee table. “Tell her to cart her glowing arse over here so we can tell her how much we hate her right now.”

Tommie salutes him but just as they finish relaying the message, another one comes through.

Baby T: “Hey Cuz! How surprised would you be if I suddenly showed up at your doorstep in the next, say, five seconds?”

Tommie gasps. “No way!” The boys look up at them just as the doorbell rings and Tommie’s sprinting for the front door. And when they open it they squeal. “Trini!”

“Hey!” Trini drops her bag as Tommie pulls her in for a hug, rocking back and forth in place and giggling.

“What the hell dude, I thought you were gonna text me when you got in? And I thought your flight got delayed? Bitch how are you?!”

Trini scoffs, pushing Tommie away to glare at them with mock anger. “Ay, hermana, give me a second to breathe. Geez you’re almost as bad as my mother.”

Tommie winces and tries for an endearing smile. “Sorry. How did that go anyways?”

Trini shrugs, picking imaginary lint off the leather jacket that seems oddly familiar but Tommie doesn’t know why because they’ve never seen Trini wearing it before. But then Trini sighs and says, “Eh, you know how my parents are. Angry they don’t get to control me anymore, but glad I’m out of their life,” and then Tommie’s too focused on wrapping their cousin up in a tight hug.

“Well you’re here now, that’s what matters.”

Someone coughs behind them and Tommie smiles before pulling back. “Oh yeah, my friends are here. They’ve been dying to meet you.” Trini picks up her suitcase and follows Tommie through the doorway into the living room. “Trin, these are the boys: Jason, Zack, and Billy. Boys, this is my cousin Trini.”

Zack jumps up from the floor with newfound energy and vaults over the couch again, bowing before the two of them. “Enchanté mademoiselle Trini,” he says, looking up at her and winking.

Trini’s brow raises. “Yeah that ain’t gonna work on me homeboy.”

“Yes, he knows that but he’s also an idiot so you’ll have to excuse him,” Tommie sighs, shoving past Zack and nearly knocking the lanky boy off balance. “We can throw your stuff upstairs in your new room later. Right now, I wanna know how you’re doing. Why didn’t you text me when you got to Cali?”

“Well you know my flight got delayed yesterday afternoon and we didn’t board until practically three a.m. this morning, so I basically slept the entire plane ride to Arcata. And then I wanted to surprise you so I grabbed a cab and got a ride up to Angel Grove and here I am.”

“So where have you been?” Trini freezes and everyone looks over at Billy who blushes sheepishly. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to be nosy.”

Tommie smiles. “That’s okay B. Did you want to ask something?”

Billy fidgets a little in his seat before starting one of his long winded spiels. “Well a flight from Dallas, Texas to Arcata, California, is approximately 1,590 miles—or 2560 kilometers if you prefer metric—and depending on airline, departure time, and air turbulence, the flight time should have been six hours and eighteen minutes—twenty-two to twenty-five if you include actually getting off the plane. And then the ride from Arcata to Angel Grove is approximately seventy miles—one-hundred and twelve in kilometers—and then depending on traffic and the speed of the vehicle you traveled in, it would have been another hour and twenty-nine minutes to Angel Grove from Arcata airport. So combining all those times and estimating your plane left Dallas at four this morning, you should have arrived at Tommie’s house,” Billy pauses to look at his watch and mumbles a few numbers, “three hours, forty-six minutes, and thirteen seconds ago.”

Tommie glances at their cousin, confused yet intrigued. Trini laughs, an awkward sound that comes out pitchy and painful. “Smart one, isn’t he?” She clears her throat and wipes her hands on her jeans. “Well I did get here a few hours ago but I stopped downtown for some food annnd…” she drags out, peeking over at Tommie, “may have shared a coffee with someone.”

Tommie gasps. “Nuh uh! Dude you’re not here a full day and you’re already hooking up with some chick?! Fucking hell dude! Do I know her? Please tell me I don’t know her. What was her name? Ah! It better not have been Samantha Brow, that girl is super trashy. Or was it Eliza Fitzwilliam… wait is she gay? She’s gay right? Oh hell, If you say ‘Amanda Clark’ I might cut a mother-”

There’s a knock before the sound of the front door opening. “Guys?”

It’s Kim.

Tommie’s brow furrows for a second as Jason calls to Kim, watching as Trini’s face tinges red, fiddling with the leather jacket she’s wearing that Tommie knows they’ve seen before but on someone else, someone taller, with shorter hair…

The alarm bells begin to ring along with the sound of Kimberly making her way into the living room, saying, “Okay before anyone says anything, I just want to say-” And it’s like the oxygen gets sucked out of the room and everyone’s holding their breath as Kim notices the girl sitting beside Tommie. The girl currently wearing her leather jacket.

“Hi,” Trini says with a gentle smile.

And Kim laughs a little breathlessly. “H-hi.”

The moment lies on a tipping point, silence encompassing the room as everyone suddenly connects all the dots, and then…


Black kpop fans: we just want idols to stop using our culture as some costume they can put on and off as they please. We want them to stop using us while at the same time shitting on us.

Non-black kpop fans: wow this is such an ethnocentric view not everyone knows abt how something may or may not be offensive wow its korea they have no idea how things work stop being so sensitive

dykerose  asked:

Art request: Peter in an ao dai

yes!!! yes!!!  shan has been tryin to get me to draw short! peter and my brain still can’t wrap around that concept, but vietnamese peter is an idea i can fully accept and support 

[on a mostly unrelated note, i’m trying to revisit my nureyev design so he’s not as fair-skinned. when i constantly draw pete lookin fresh and elegant next to the frumpy mess that is juno steel, it starts to look kinda like i’m equating light skin with poise and beauty, and that’s icky, so im changing it up] 

check your brightness!

PSA: now that season 15 has given us the Gift that is locus back on our screens, i just wanna remind artists to check your screen’s brightness settings, so that you don’t accidentally whitewash him in your work!!


We don’t know what crimes Dabi committed, we just know that they were ‘minor crimes’ so I’m going along with something like this, kinda Stain-esque? I hope it’s okay! Not super angsty, but beware just in case!

“Everyone, get down on the ground.” Dabi’s voice was assertive as he spoke. It echoed off of the pristine walls of the building. He wasn’t yelling, but it was still loud.

Most of the people in the lobby of the TV center building turned around to face you and Dabi. Your appearance practically screamed ‘villain’, so a handful of people did as told and got down on the ground. The others followed when Dabi threatened them with a growing flame from the palm of his hand.

You waltzed up to one of the ladies at the reception, though she, too, was cowering beneath her desk. “Where does the filming take place?” You demanded. “F-Fifth floor.” The lady squeaked, and you relented, happy with the answer.

You turned to Dabi to usher him along, but he was already at your side. You smiled at how well he could read you. Together, you rushed to the stairs, quick in your actions. But just as you were leaving the first floor, Dabi picked up on a noise. He grimaced.

“Someone’s called for heroes already. That gives us no more than five minutes to finish what we came here to do.” He told you.

You shook your head, “We’ll make it! We’re almost there…”

The fifth floor was emptier than the first. All the filming equipment was there, but it seemed that it wasn’t in use right now. You walked over to an expensive camera sitting on a desk and smashed it. Screw those so-called heroes who only cared about fame. Seeing them in advertisements on TV, the internet, in the metro, it made your blood boil. Fucking capitalism. You and Dabi set out to send them a message - destroying the TV center seemed like a good way to send it across.

The sound of a sudden commotion from downstairs reached your ears. Both you and Dabi shot to look at each other, sharing that same, knowing look.

The heroes were here.

“We have to go-”

No!” You cut him off, “We’re so close. If we leave now, the media will be able to cover up the story and no one will ever know it happened. We’re too close to go back now.”

Dabi sucked in a breath through his teeth. He agreed with you, but was it worth the risk? With pro heroes storming the place as they spoke, it would not be possible to destroy the equipment and air the recording they made before to the public.

“[___],” Dabi repeated, “We have to go. We’ll find another way.”

Still you shook your head. “I’m going to air the message. Burn the rest of the place down, and we’ll escape as soon as I’m done.” You pulled out the USB with the pre-recorded message and plugged it into one of the computers in the room.

Dabi glanced towards the stairs. He could hear rapidly approaching footsteps now. They were almost out of time. Feeling heat rush to his fingertips, Dabi set his hand against the wall closest to the stairs and let out a gush of flames. They began to lick at the plaster, and Dabi retreated to the window from which they would escape. Again he called your name. “There’s no more time! We have to go, now!”

“I can’t leave now!” You cried back, “I’m almost done-!”

But you never got the chance to finish your work. Heroes broke through the wall of flames and stormed the room. They did not see Dabi. You could barely react before one with a long range quirk threw you against a wall. Another hero tied you up with their quirk, immobilised.

Dabi could not wait around any longer. Soon the building would be consumed by flames anyway, and he had to get away before the heroes noticed you had an accomplice. The image of you, bruised and bloody and slung over a hero’s shoulder like a trophy made him sick to the stomach.

Hang on, [___], Dabi thought, I’m going to rescue you.

okay let me try to do a Roundup of notable events from the last couple… days? some time

- finnish man at the breakfast today and yesterday complaining about the coffee being too weak. we’re making the coffee the finnish way here - even some norwegian customers need to water it out which means we can’t start making it stronger. at this point i suspect he might just be too finnish for his own good……… also why does he add so much milk if he thinks it’s so weak

- the card reader losing connection to pretty much all the major credit card companies just as a large group of chinese bikers roll in. that was a fun time

- there’s always gotta be something Wrong. on popular demand we got the coffee machine up and running again, and it took one day before it stopped being able to make hot chocolates and two before it stopped working altogether in the middle of making cappucinos. currently the lamp above the counter has stopped working, shrouding whoever’s at the cashier (me) in shadows.. we were gonna get new stock today but it never came. COOL BEANS

- camping reception worker hailed me down so i could use my Norwegian Speaking Expertise to make a phonecall to ask if someone haven’t forgotten to deliver their room keys. i found said keys on the desk in the shop, but only after making the phonecall.

- please imagine your five foot one haiz going up to a german giant to ask if he has the breakfast coupon

- the breakfast is held in the dining hall, separate from the counter with all the cake and waffles and the cash machine, because the cakes and waffles are for sale and not part of the breakfast buffet. somehow the french always think the waffles are included in the breakfast.

- i keep having NO TRACK OF TIME whatsoever. i thought a customer was joking when he wished me a happy weekend on saturday. i kept telling people to visit the convenience store on sunday to get [item we don’t have] - the convenience store is notoriously Not Open on sundays. on friday,  in a moment of realization, i startingly said ‘it’s friday!!!’  to a coworker and she was equally startled and confused. my new wristwatch keeps going wrong every once in a while. help

- i was refilling stuff at the breakfast table when i thought an old lady was yelling a Certain Spanish Insult at me but she was just asking for more butter in a very thick french accent

- i missed out on receipt #9999 and #111111 so i guess that’s that :T