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Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Spoilers

Hello guys, so today in Japan, Fairy Tail Dragon Cry released. I have seen spoilers a lot today but some I would love to share with you. 

First spoiler, is the starry sky scene. I love it, and I honestly can’t wait to see the movie itself.

Second spoiler, according to a translator on twitter, Natsu says “What do you see? (How do I look?) Lucy…” and Lucy responds with, “Natsu…” and he smiles, “Your definetely natsu” Which makes me scream because I didn’t think that would be her response actually because people were speculating this since we saw the first two trailers and natsu said, “Lucy, What do I look like to you?”

Third Spoiler… I uhh really don’t know what’s going on here but I am pretty sure Lucy was chained up by one of the royal people and Fairy Tail came to the rescue especially Natsu becayse he is the one who broke the chain and now is carrying her it seems.

Forth Spoiler, Lucy in this seems to be crying at first I thought that dude which if I am not mistaken’s name is Zash but I am not completely for sure since I have been mainly looking at the trailers. It seems as if he is threatening her and that’s when it looks like the wall is opened because of who I think is Natsu because he wants to save his bae. (Nalu shipper here duh)

So I translated this page actually! in the first panel natsu is actually screaming: ARGH!!!! Lucy see’s him and says “Natsu?” and as he is going towards whoever, Lucy says “Natsu…Your a bit late!” 

i WAS WAY TO LAZY TO TRANSLATE this page honestly but Natsu is carrying Lucy and I am pretty sure this is the scene was saw from Trailer 3. 

I didn’t translate this one either but yeah, here’s another spoiler.

I don’t know if this is the scene that people have been posting all over instagram where we do see Natsu hold Lucy or if this is just him collapsing in her arms and her confront him. It could honestly be two different scenes or like I said the one I have been seeing ALL OVER instagram that made me scream this morning, lmao.

This is the starry night scene I’m pretty sure. The first attempt of my translations for this, Natsu said “We had a relationship together, and I lost it… Lucy.” and then at the Lucy’s panel had said, “A stella Starry Sky.” and then the one with them looking off said “Love” or “It is cute.” Which I don’t know if this means anything or if I screwed up freaking bad translating but whatever I tried dudes.

The attempt to TRANSLATE this was like me trying to swim, it was drowning me. For natsu’s head and lucy looking up to it, I couldn’t get his translation but for her I got “I will do it. You guard by the guard watch…” and then I also got the translations : “There is nothing more than a crowd, so its hard to emphatize with me… and others…. oh yeah, it must be true.” and for Natsu I got :Come here, here it is/ Rescue Loya (Which is probaly actually Sonya) Actually is the code name.” Which didn’t really make sense to me but I tried. 


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It just hit me that the only reason the girl squad became The Girl Squad was because Noora would only join Vilde’s russ buss if they let Sana join. 

and now I’m just like super emotional because their friendship is so beautiful and I know she means so much to Sana. 

I feel like it’s evident that Sana may try to help Noora again which may or may not end up with her ‘tripping’ and beginning the chain of chaos as seen in the trailer. 

how much she cares and wants to help Noora is so clear and I just feel like their friendship again is another beautiful one in skam and I need more scenes like the one from season 2 asap

We have been saying a lot that the vulnerability that we have been seeing in Sana so far this season is something none of the mains have seen before. And although this scene was more about Noora’s vulnerability while Sana was her rock. I feel like Noora still saw more of the real Sana than a lot of other people see which makes me think that she might be the one Sana goes to when she is going through a tough time this season. I think she has the potential to be there for Sana and possibly is the one Sana will go to first.

But then as indicated on this season so far, the girl squad haven’t been making Sana feel very warm and understood….so maybe something happens (Sana accidentally trips Noora) that cuts this connection for a little while, making Sana go to someone she usually wouldn’t…(Even perhaps?) 

Either way i’m keen for shit to go dooooown

Has anyone seen Our Family Wedding

Well, if you haven’t, it’s a super fun film that tackles the social issue of accepting interracial relationships. The movie is hilarious, sweet, and just plain awesome so I highly recommend it! 

Aaaaaand yes, I have to annoy you guys with another AU. XD 

Undeniable Heat Chapter 13: Back to Work

Jensen Ackles x Reader

1650 Words

Chapter Summary: Returning back to work, your worried that your relationship with Jensen will change things.

Story Summary:  You’ve just gotten a job as one of the makeup artists on the set of Supernatural. Nervous on the first day, you become completely awkward, winning the affection of the divorced Jensen Ackles. You try to fight your desire for him, but he thwarts you at every turn. Will you be able you separate work and play, or will you let Jensen win?

Catch Up Here: Masterpost

That Monday morning, you were surprised with how nervous you were to be going back to work. After a wonderful evening spent with Jensen, he had gone back to his apartment, promising he would see you bright and early at work tomorrow. But here it was, tomorrow, and you were worried that things would be different. That people would notice the two of you were acting different around each other. And you didn’t want that to happen, you didn’t want your work relationship strained at all.

You were currently sitting in your car, your head on the steering wheel, taking deep breaths and trying to talk yourself into getting out of the car. In and out, you reminded yourself. Just go and do your work. It will be fine. That’s what you kept telling yourself. But when someone slammed their hand on the top of your car, you jumped, a squeal escaping your lips.

“It’s just me silly.” Jeannie said, standing out there, her breath creating a cloud in the air around her. “What’s got you so spooked?”

You slid out of the car, grabbing your bag and looking the car behind you. “Just a little lackluster today.”

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Fool For Lesser Things

(gif made by me)

Prompt: “I don’t care what consequences it brings, I’ve been a fool for lesser things.” The Longest Time - Billy Joel
Pairing: Misha x Reader
Word Count: 1,135
Warnings: None?
A/N: This is my entry for Angelina’s (aka @atc74) 1K celebration challenge. I feel like I haven’t written a oneshot in forever! Hope you guys like it! Anyway, feedback for this is awesome! :)

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Toxic Love

Part Seven (903 words)

Part [1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6]

Pairings: ReaderxJensen, JensenxDanneel

Warnings: Jealously, cheating

Summary: You and Jensen fall back in to bed together and Jared starts to notice a change between you.

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You wished you could say that silent understanding lasted.

But after one very long month the whole thing crumbled.  

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I seriously can’t wait til Monday. The trailer has been on my mind all day and I’m just obsessed with trying to break it down, figure out what its trying to tell us. I have a few theories:

1) Sana is the cause or start of a domino affect that goes through the group. 

  • We see the trailer backwards which has its own significance but at the ‘end’ of it we see Sana tripping Noora. I personally like to think its also symbolic of the fact that Sana is always 5 steps ahead of everything. She can see things the others can’t, maybe because they are distracted but all the teen shenanigans they go through. 

2) Girl Squad back with a force.

  • all our favorite girls back together again!! what I found interesting about them in the trailer was how they almost havent changed at all? We see Chris her usual awesome self, Eva being a party girl, Noora and Vilde still butting heads but there for each other none the less (catching her when she falls?? im 100% sure Willhelm is going to be a whole conversation between them) it felt very season 1 almost. with sana essentially pushing them together. 

3) Even??? no, not Isak AND Even. Just Even.

  • This is point 3 but honestly its the main thing i’ve been thinking about. Now I caught Even4Main fever around month 2 of the hiatus but I managed to stay realistic enough to understand it was highly unlikely. I genuinely didn’t think we’d get much of him and Isak and then… Yousef showed up. NOW I’m buzzing with ideas because the trailer made it clear: Even is connected to Sana and is the final ‘result’ of this domino affect she triggered. 
  • Even is also the only one to get hurt in the trailer as a result of this chain of events. That could mean nothing but… it is Julie. Another thing too is that the hit is a complete shock and clearly catches Even off guard and upsets him quite a bit. The way he sort of stumbles down and his just kneeling there unfocused set off sirens in my brain.
  • Last point on Even (honestly i was floored we saw him) It’s clear that whatever happens, it’s only about him. Though Isak is there, we don’t see his face at all which is pretty clear cut in saying that, This isn’t about them as a couple. I was comforted though by the fact that Isak was shown expressing nothing but tenderness and comfort. He didnt back away from Even once and kept an anchoring hand on him the whole time (he even knelled down with him, which could be symbolic of Even’s biggest fear: dragging Isak down into his dark side) Also, Even looked kinda sad, kinda lost before he got hit. my poor kid is gonna struggle.

4) The kids are partying it up! But…. where???

  • it took me a few watches to finally hit on why the trailer gave me an ominous feel and the sense that something very different was going to happen. Though we are seeing them in a familiar atmosphere (party time) the setting is completely different from run of the mill teenage rager. it is dark with red tones, the people dont seem like typical teenagers, the gang is clearly separate from them, and the walls and floor are black. The girls outfits kinda reflect this too. Like Eva wearing heels. She has a great style but def not a heels kinda girl. And Vilde. she was dressed TO IMPRESS. she looked amazing but so not what we are used to seeing from her in a party atmosphere. Maybe it symbolizes maturity or maybe they make new friends…..

5) Stop. Take it back now y’all. 

  • why. was. it. in. reverse. for one thing the song because it had an Arabic tone when played backwards. But what got me too was that we see Even and Isak first (call back to where we left off last season?) and slowly winds itself back to Sana. Are we suppose to understand that it all started with her and is now ending with her? Is it a cautionary tale? Is it trying to say that some things in life are just unavoidable??? Who knows. (Julie. Julie knows.)

Just some of my thoughts. I’m curious to see everyone elses theories while we wait to start! Happy finale Season 4! 

**(update)I got few comments that this is A2, because of her eye color…gah! When I thought I finally drew her lol I gotta draw another picture now =.=

I saw the new trailer for Nier so I got the urge to draw her. She is 2B from NieR: Automata. This was supposed to be a doodle, but I ended up putting more detail than I originally intended. I just roughly colored this, so please don’t mind the messiness!>< 

|T h e O n e| Part 1

Overall Summary: Finally, they actually plan on having a female character join the supernatural cast. A long term female is something they haven’t really experienced before.  But here you are, down to earth and prepared.

Chapter Summary: Finally, your agent calls you back! You got the gig! You did it. Finally after a week of waiting you can break into your happy dance and call your parents. You finally were on the official cast member list. Now, just to meet the guys you have heard tons of hype about. Off to Vancouver you go!

Warnings; None in this Chapter?

Word Count : 1583

~ Master List ~


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So I saw that Tom and Jerry/Willy Wonka trailer... I have no words, apart from "what even IS this" and "just what the HECK were they thinking?!"

EXACTLY!  And here’s what drives me completely crazy…

At VFS, we were taught that if any project is going to be animated, you have to ask yourself, “why should this be animated?  Can another medium be used to create this more effectively?”

So then… why does this crossover exist at all?  Yes, Tom and Jerry are ICONIC LEGENDS, and to have them be anything BUT 2D animated would be seen as a cash-in.

… and yet, the only thing being done with Tom and Jerry IS BLATANT CASH INS?!

What’s even MORE amazing is that this movie is copying the live action original, practically shot-for-shot, line-for-line - SO WHY BOTHER ANIMATING IT ALL OVER AGAIN.

With how “INVOLVED” the cat and mouse seem to be in the actual plot of Willy Wonka, they might as well have animated them into the background of the live-action original!  The technique HAS been done before - AND WITH JERRY, NO LESS!

And THIS is legitimately entertaining to watch!!

I mean HONESTLY..!!

Married in-game?

Note: A two sentence love story I heard in passing.


They met in-game.
She was a mage.
He was a knight.
Naturally, they needed each other.
‘I see you’re not part of any team,’ came his message after they had both fought off the pixies attacking them. ‘Join mine.’

Oh, she thought. I didn’t expect to be asked to be part of a team so soon.

But when she checked his stats, she found out his was new too, and he didn’t have a team. What was he, twelve?

She agreed. She didn’t do well in big groups anyways.

It was just the two of them since then. They began talking over headset to coordinate better attacks. She found that he was a grown man after all, two years older in fact. He insisted he was just checking out the gaming system ‘for business reasons’.

They would log in every weekend and complete missions together.

A movie based on the game came out. There were massive advertisements throughout the game, and she fangirled everytime she saw one. He complained, but he always listened.

‘I wish we were in the same country. I’d have liked to watch it with you,’ she told him.

She sent him a link to the trailer. Then a meme. Then another. Then another.

'Stop spamming’ came the message when he finally came online.

'I was in a meeting and everyone stared at me when the notifications came. What’s with these funny photos?’

'Omfg they’re memes, Eisuke!’

She explained the concept of memes, and he declared them a 'good marketing strategy’ even though they were made by people, not the business.

He sent her a link.
'Open it. The password’s tjishkueei900’
'Secret code to a red room?’ She typed back before clicking.

It took her to a new tab. She typed in the password, and gasped.

'It’s a private link to watch the movie before it comes out’ came his message. 'We can watch it together.’
'I mean, at the same time.’
'I’ll call you, and you can put me on speaker. So I’ll still hear you when you get unnecessarily excited, like you always do.’

'Is hearing someone fangirl like, a kink for you?’ She asked when they connected.

She could hear Eisuke’s deep chuckle. 'No, it’s just interesting seeing someone so calm lose their mind over something so mundane like that.’

'Compliment or insult?’ She wondered outloud.

She sent a gift as thank you. She knew his business address thanks to his Facebook account. She put in game merch, and for a homely touch, she baked some biscuits that would survive the journey.

'Did you send me something?’ He asked when he came online a few days later.

For some reason, she blushed. 'Did you like it?’ she mumbled into the microphone.

'The cookies,’ he said, his voice sounding lighter, happier. 'Make them for me again someday.’

One time, he mentioned it was his birthday. She chided him for not telling her sooner, and offered to video call him.

They talked for hours. He told her about his life, and she told him about hers.

They started to video chat routinely.

Many months later, she sat talking to him while he finished his dinner. He had problems with not having time to eat, so she insisted he eat during their calls, joining him sometimes to make him feel comfortable, despite the fact that it was midnight at her end when it was dinner time at his.

'We’re the best two person team in the game,’ she boasted. 'I checked the stats this morning.’

Eisuke, who had been unusually quiet, sipped his coffee and put it down.

'Listen,’ he said. 'Do you want to get married?’

She gasped. 'Omg yess! I really want to unlock that cute bride outfit, just because of the glass slippers-’

'No, no, no,’ Eisuke interrupted, shaking his head vehemently. 'Not married in-game! I meant, in real life! You stupid, idiot otaku!’

'Oh.’ She blinked. 'Well. Okay. Why not?’ She buried her face in her hands.

'We’ll have to meet first,’ she whispered.

I’ll come to you,’ he whispered back.

She peaked at him through her fingers. 'You seem embarrassed,’ she commented.

Eisuke covered his webcam with his hand. 'I’m not. You are.’

Cheating but there is no way I can choose just one role that is my favourite so here goes…

1. The Guest. My first thought seeing the trailer was who is this bad ass Ryan gosling lookalike that is burning up my TV, then I saw the film and OMG I fell in love!!! Dan as David was just magnificent! A total bad ass that you should by all rights be rooting against but who you are glad at the end to see he survives another day to move on and terrorise another innocent family.

2. Lancelot in (k)night at the museum. From the second he punched the dinosaur in the face I was hooked and his chemistry with all the huge (ackman) actors in the film sold me on his incredible acting ability and I knew this was just the beginning for him.

3. James in The ticket…. I.. just… it’s such a beautiful film he’s just so emotive and wonderful I broke down when he broke down I just wanted to reach through the screen and reassure him that everything was going to be ok. Honestly just a superb film and Dan was a tour de force. I don’t think anything has moved me so much as Dan saying the prayer 😭😭😭

4. The beast in Beauty and the beast… I mean what can I say? He’s beautiful but an ass in the beginning then he becomes a stunning person inside and out. He sings a mesmerising tragic ballad that has been haunting me since I first heard it and he is the reason I have seen the movie four times in the cinema. He’s just the perfect beast.

Bottom line is Dan is just the best and long may he continue reigning over the big screen!!

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Hey you, I found a another sonic force trailer and I know who new hero is.... the answer is, YOU, that right, YOU, you can make your own custom design and new hero whenever you want, is that fun?

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Yeah, I saw the trailer this morning on Twitter. ^_^ I think it looks like a fun feature, for players interested in Character Creators. I think I would enjoy the concept! 

Some people are concerned with a custom character creator “opening up a can of worms” by making people’s Sonic OC’s ‘canon’, but people should just go and have their fun. ^_^

Living With Regrets - Part 7: Lost Girl

Characters: Reader (Y/N), Jensen Ackles, Rebecca (OC), Michael (OC), Misha Collins, Jared Padalecki, Cliff Kosterman, Detective Ramsey (OC), unnamed detective, unnamed uniformed officers.

Pairing: Jensen x reader

Warnings:  past abusive relationship, kidnapping, arguing, blame, self-blame, language,

Wordcount: 5600ish

A/N: This was a one shot - due to interest I worked on a storyline for a part 2 - it now has 10 parts planned.

Thanks a billion to the amazing and wonderful @blacktithe7 for being the world class beta that she is! And thanks to her for being patient and listening to all my whining over this one.

No hate towards Danneel. Let’s just pretend she is happy with someone else. This is fiction.


Jensen felt the blood run cold in his veins as he stared blankly at the photo in his best friend’s hand. It was as if the world around him disappeared. All thought left his mind, and he just stared at his little girl in Michael’s arms. She didn’t look hurt, but the dried tears on her cheeks were the first thing Jensen saw. He didn’t feel anger. He felt cold and scared. Jensen saw his daughter’s dried tears, and he wanted to scream for her. He need to feel her in his arms, but he knew he couldn’t. He could barely breath and he could hear his own heartbeat through his eardrums.His body was locked in place, paralyzed. He didn’t know for how long. It could have been seconds or it could have been hours. Y/N’s cry was what brought him too.

Jensen quickly wrapped his arms back around her shaking body before his eyes found Misha’s.

“Call the police. now!” Jensen ordered before his eyes traveled back to Jared with Misha already halfway out of the door. “Get Cliff. Hurry.”

Jared’s only response was a small nod. He didn’t need to say anything. His emotions and pain were written all over his face for Jensen to see before he left the room, leaving Jensen alone on the floor with the crying woman in his arms.

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Too Slow

Tom Holland x Reader

Summary: Reader is RDJ’s daughter and she comes to the set of CW and meets Tom

Warnings: None, but after writing this I’ve noticed it kinda focuses more on your relationship with RDJ than with Tom but both relationships are cute so it’s okay


You and your father had an odd relationship. He was more of a friend than a father figure. Most of that came from his personality, but the rest of it comes from the fact that he only became part of your life 8 years ago when you were 10.

Your mom had kept a secret from your dad her whole life. The fact that he wasn’t your dad. She had gotten drunk one night and had a one night stand with a stranger in a bar. The stranger just happened to be Robert Downey Jr. So when your parents died in a car crash, you went to your biological father.

At first it had been awkward. You and a complete stranger all alone together in a big house. Robert had even considered putting you up for adoption at one point, but that all changed when a thunder storm hit one night. You stayed in your bed for as long as you could take until a lightening bolt lit up your whole room. You sprinted out of your bed and ran down the big hallway into your father’s room and jumped into his arms. He held you tightly as you cried and let you stay in his room the rest of the night. After that, your father became your best friend.

You were upset that he couldn’t come to your high school graduation but you knew he was filming and absolutely couldn’t get out of it. He was in charge of helping them find the new Spider-Man. You FaceTimed him at night and he told you about a British boy he had done a screen test for named Tom Holland. He told you about how he was absolutely the best choice for the part. You smiled at your father and he wished you good luck at your graduation. The screen then went black and you decided to head to bed. After your graduation on Monday, you were getting on a plane and heading to the set of Civil War.

—–Time Skip—–

The plane landed next to the set. They had sent a private jet to pick you up from your graduation and fly you directly to the airport where they were filming at. You ran off the plane and saw your dad standing there waiting for you.

“There’s my favorite high school graduate!” Robert yelled when he saw you.

You smiled and ran into his open arms.

“I missed you so much, dad!”

“I missed you too, kid. Hey! That Tom Holland kid is here. You know, the one I told you about? He got casted! He’s around your age so you should try and befriend him. Lighten him up a bit. Make him feel more comfortable. I can tell he’s really nervous. Maybe if he saw someone closer to his age here, he’d be more relaxed.”

“Yeah, of course! I’ll go find him after I say hey to everyone else!”

“Alright, kiddo. I’d find Evans first, he’s been basically bouncing off the walls ever since I told him you were coming.”

You smiled and took off to find Chris’s trailer. Chris was one of your closest friends. You told him all the things you didn’t tell your dad. You talked to him about boy advice and things like that. You had tried to talk to your father about stuff like that once and it just resulted in your dad punching the guy in the face and getting banned from your school campus or any school events. Another reason he couldn’t go to your graduation.

You finally found Chris’s trailer and knocked on the door.

“C-Crap, okay. Hold on!” Chris yelled after you heard some things being knocked over.

You giggled and the door opened to reveal Chris. He smiled when he saw you and pulled you into a hug.

“Y/N! I’ve been waiting on you to get here!”

“I know! That’s why I came to find you!”

You and Chris spent the next 30 minutes catching up in his trailer. He wanted to hear everything about your graduation and the end to your senior year. After you finished catching up, you excused yourself to go say hi to the rest of the cast.

—-Time Skip—-

“Alright, bye Sebastian. I’ll see you around!”

You and Sebastian barely knew each other but he was always really friendly towards you. You had only ever met at cast parties and past Captain America premieres that you and your dad attended to support Chris.

Now you have to find that Tom Holland kid. You walked around and searched the names on the trailers until you saw his. You walked up and knocked on the door.

The door opened a few moments later to reveal one of the most beautiful boys you had ever seen in your entire life.

“H-Hi… are you Tom? I’m Y/N, RDJ’s daughter.”

“Oh! Hi! Yes, I am Tom. He told me he was gonna send you by me. Here, come on in.”

Tom stepped aside and let you enter his trailer. You threw your purse onto the couch and then sat down next to it.

“So, my dad says your nervous? I get that, I guess. Those guys can be pretty intimidating at first, but they’re all really cool and relaxed. If I had a dollar for every time Chris messed up somehow, I’d be richer than my dad.”

Tom laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“Y-Yeah, they aren’t what really makes me nervous. It’s the part. I mean, Peter Parker!? Think of all the people that have played him! I’m worried that I won’t do the part justice or people will hate how I play him cause everyone else before me has been so fantastic and that scares the shit out of me…”

“Yeah… well, I FaceTimed my dad all throughout your auditions and he and Chris both agreed that you were fantastic. And I trust their opinions. But, you need to hear this too. While I’m sure you’re gonna kill the role, there are gonna be tons of people that don’t like you. Ya know, the Andrew Garfield and Toby Maguire stans… just play the part how you would want to see it. And I’m sure, if people have any good taste in movies, they’ll see how amazing you are.”

Tom smiled at me.

“Thank you, Y/N. That actually calms me down, surprisingly.”

“And plus, if anybody says anything bad about your acting around me, I’ll kick their ass.”

Tom laughed and sat down next to me. I laid my head on his shoulder.

“I can tell we’re gonna be great friends.”

—-Time Skip—-

You and Tom spent just about every second possible together over the next few days. You told each other everything. The sad part was, tomorrow was his last day. You and Tom were devastated that you would be apart from each other until the premiere because both of you were too shy to admit your feelings towards each other. But everyone in the cast seemed to notice the growing chemistry between the two of you. Including your dad…

“So, Y/N, Tom seemed a lot less tense on set today.” Robert said as he shoved some Chinese takeout into his mouth.

“Yeah I talked to him. Peter Parker’s just a tough role to take on at such a young age.”

“Yeah… I also noticed him staring at you, like, all day.”


“I’m serious! He’s a nice kid! And you’re an adult now.”

“Is this just you trying to make up for punching Daniel in the face?”

“No! I just, if you’re gonna date someone, I would just prefer it to be a good kid like him. Not a piece of scum like Daniel.”

You felt your cheeks burning at the conversation.

“I mean he’s cute and all but he’s really shy and-”

“So maybe you should ask him out! Ya know, take a stand! Guys like that.”

“Dad! Enough! And ya know, maybe I will.

"Good… wait… this means we have to have the talk doesn’t it?”


“I’m serious, Y/N.”

“Okay, dad, I’m a virgin!”

“Ahh! Okay, okay!”

“Thank you! And I don’t intend on changing that any time soon so, unless you wanna scar me anymore, I’m going to bed.”

“Brush your teeth!”

“Yeah, yeah.”

—-Time Skip—-

“Cut!” Anthony yelled.

Tom backed away from my dad. My dad placed a hand onto his shoulder in approval of his acting. Tom smiled at my dad and then ran to get changed into more comfortable clothes. Shooting the for the day was now over. I followed Tom to his trailer and without thinking, walked in on him with his shirt off and standing in just his jeans.

“Jesus!” Tom yelled in shock.

“Oh god! I should’ve knocked! I’m so sorry, Tom!”

“Damn, Y/N, if you wanted to see me naked you could’ve just asked.” Tom said, sending me a wink.

I felt my cheeks turn pink and laughed lightly.

“Actually I wanted to talk to you… would you maybe umm… wanna catch a movie right now? I mean, since shooting is over and all…”

Tom smiled at me.

“That sounds amazing. Hey, aren’t I the one who’s supposed to ask you out?”

“You were too slow.”


This is another idea I’ve had for a while… I don’t think I’ve ever posted twice in one day before but Tom is just that cute.

Okay, I almost make myself as a center of attraction in SM cinema couple of hours ago. My best friend and I went to SM to catch the new awesome marvel movie which is Guardians of the Galaxy volume 2. He decided to watch the 3d version of it since it was about to start after we got there instead of waiting another hour for 2d version beside it was just 50 pesos difference. So yeah, I haven’t tried 3d like ever so I was like a kid who was very excited to see his favorite cartoon show in tv. Seriously, I am trying to calm myself inside the cinema because I saw this video online he was like shouting and all like he was also the character in the movie. After minutes of waiting, cinema gave an attention to wear the 3d glasses. I wore mine and some trailers started playing. It was Pirates of Caribbean 5 and the first scene in its trailer was smokes and after I noticed that there were smokes everywhere, I somehow panicked before I realized that I was wearing 3d glasses. Good God, he didn’t allow me to shout “Sunog!” because believe me, it was so real. Hays.

I was just now thinking, what if I shouted sunog at the top of my lungs inside the cinema? Will I get kicked out? Hahaha.

I Don’t Approve: Tom Holland x POC Actress

AS requested by the lovely @msperry717 Reader is in another movie that contains an intense sex scene, Tom just happens to visit set and doesn’t like the idea on bit.

Warnings: Fluff, Sorta Angry Tom, Jealous Tom, Cursing, and other stuff


“Hello Mr. Holland. Right this way.” Your assistant said to Tom leading him to your trailer. Tom was taking a break and decided to visit your set. Your assistant knocked on the door. “Come in!” You yelled. 

You saw Tom come in and you jumped up to hug him,”Babe, I didn’t think you’d make it.” You said kissing him. He smiled and kissed you back, “I know but they put me on a different flight.”

You sat back down, “So what scene are you doing today?”

“Oh the love scene.” You said casually, while reading through the script. “The what?”

“The love scene.” You said slower like he was a child. “Oh, so I just happened to be on set the day you snog another man.”
“Actually it’s a man and a woman.” You said. “Great!” He said sarcastically. 

“Um, Ms. Y/N, They need you to change and to be ready in 30 to go to makeup.” Your assistant said. “Okay.”

She left you to change. You stripped your clothes in front of Tom, who was trying to contain himself. He tried to grab your bare ass but you slapped his hand away. After putting on the brown nude colored underwear set, you threw on your robe and grabbed Tom’s hand. 

“Do I have to watch?” He whined. “Yes, I watched you kiss plenty of women.” 

“But those were just kisses, not full sex scenes.”

You rolled your eyes and got into the golf cart and started driving to Make-Up. 

You had an intense love scene (Favorite Female Actor’s Name) and (Favorite Male Actor’s Name). 

You guys rehearsed it a couple of times, “You guys ready?” The director asked. Everyone said yes and he called action. 

Tom stood watching shaking his head, you seemed so into it and his skin crawled. “Cut!” He yelled. The director looked back and saw Tom. “What the hell?” The director asked. 

“Sorry. I didn’t really think I was going to say it.” Tom turned bright red and covered his face. “Tom, what the fuck? That was almost perfect!” You said. 

“Well not almost but close.” The director said. You looked at him and rolled your eyes. “Sorry, it won’t happen again!” Tom yelled apologizing to the cast and crew. 

“It better not.” The boom mic operator said. 

The next couple of takes were ruined by Tom either “sneezing”, “coughing”, “farting”, or talking loudly. “I swear to God Y/N, if you don’t get him I’m gonna throw him out.” The director yelled. “Take 10 and Y/N get him together or I’m cutting you out of this scene.” The director stormed off to take a smoke break. 

You stormed over to Tom and grabbed his arm,”Tom could you please stop!” You yelled. “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Oh grow up! You’re coming in here and playing with my career! I have never done anything like this to you! Sure I hate seeing you kiss other women, but I have never purposely sabotaged you!”

“I think you need to go back to the trailer!” You said pointing towards the door. “Scott!” You called for your assistant. “Yes ma’am?”
“Can you escort Mr. Holland back to the trailer, please?” You said. 

“Yes, ma’am.”

“And that’s a wrap!” The director called. After another 6 hours of different angles with the same scene, you were finally done. The director pulled you aside, “Look Y/N, Tom is a good dude, but he can’t keep doing that shit.”

“I know I told him.” You nodded. “Okay, then great job. See you tomorrow!”
“Bright and early.” You walked out and drove your cart back to the trailer. 

Tom was still sitting on the couch watching TV. He jumped up when you came in and tried to hug you but you just walked to the bathroom to change. 

“Where do you want to go to eat?” You asked walking out of the bathroom. “Y/N I’m sorry.”

You didn’t respond, you just gathered your things, cutting off the TV and lights in the process. 

He ran behind you as you walked out of the trailer. “Honey, please talk to me.”
“Where do you want to eat?” You asked again. 

You two sat across from each other eating your food in the sorta fancy restaurant. “Can you say something?” He asked. “Pass the salt.” You said. He groaned and handed you the salt. “Why are you always mad at me?” He asked

You looked up at him like he was the stupidest person ever for asking that question, “BECAUSE-”
You caught yourself yelling, and saw everyone turning your way. You leaned and whispered, “You always do shit to make me angry. I swear I wasn’t like this before I met you!”

He rolled his eyes, “I really am sorry for acting like that.” He grabbed your hand, you tried pulling it away but he was quicker and stronger. He kissed it and held it for the remainder of dinner. He managed to get you to laugh with a stupid joke, “So are you still mad at me?”

“No, but I’m pretty sure you are going to do something later on or tomorrow to piss me off.” You said smiling. While waiting for the car, he wrapped his arms around you and kissed your neck. “Maybe when we get back to the hotel we could, you know.” He whispered in your ear. 

“Can’t, I’m on my period.” You lied. “Bullshit, your period was like 2 weeks ago.”

Damn it, You had forgotten he knew your cycle almost done to a t. “And how would you know that?” You asked. “So I can know when to avoid you.” He laughed. You turned around and playfully smacked his arm. “And so I can get some?” He winked. 

“You’re disgusting.” You mumbled. “And you don’t deserve any of this sweet ass after nearly ruining my scene!”

He groaned and opened the car door, “I said I was sorry.”

“Sorry ain’t gonna cut it, bud!”

dunkirk || part three

(part one) 

(part two)


y/n’s always been there for harry, so why does he want to take little miss kendall jenner as his date for dunkirk’s premier?


Agreeing to not return home was one of the dumbest decisions you had ever made. Here you were, wandering through the streets of London at night, basically freezing to death in this 3°C weather. You had never gotten in a fight with Harry to this degree before, where the two of you screamed at each other over the phone. Maybe this was your fault? You did leave without any sort of explanation as to why you were upset.. But then again, wasn’t it obvious? How was it, in any way, fair that Kendall got to tag along as Harry’s date when you had been the one following Harry around for the past couple of months? You understood that Harry liked her, but it just.. It hurt. 

“It’s his fault. Not mine.” You muttered to yourself, wrapping Harry’s coat tighter around yourself. You shivered slightly, looking around to see if there were any cafés or diners that were still open at this time of the night. A sigh of frustration slipped past your lips when you saw a shop owner click the lights off before locking the front door. 

Luckily, none of the fans had recognized you just yet, considering you were dressed in a huge coat and had a tattered baseball cap upon your head. (You passed by your reflection in a shop’s window earlier and you literally looked like a homeless person.) You yawned in exhaustions as you continued walking towards the direction of the benches near the public park - If you looked like a homeless person already, you might as well sleep like one. 

“I’m sorry, you what?!” Harry winced when Niall began to raise his voice, before reaching up to scratch the back of his neck. 

“I- I obviously didn’t mean it! It just slipped out!” Harry stammered, sucking his bottom lip in between his teeth. It had been about an hour since his phone call with you, and he was getting a little more than worried. He had texted and called you countless times, but you didn’t respond, or didn’t pick up. Nothing but guilt was simmering inside of Harry for what he had said to you. 

“How does ‘I don’t need you anymore’ even slip out?!” Niall groaned, plopping down on the couch before rubbing at his face. “You’re an idiot. It’s as plain as day.” 

“I was.. I was jus’ frustrated with her! She was yellin’ at me cos I didn’t know why she was mad, so I jus’ yelled at her back! Which I know wasn’t the best response, but I couldn’t help it! Even after all of tha’ I still don’ know why she’s upset!” Harry tried to explain himself, the boys staring back at him with a mixture of anger and disappointment.

“You’re a selfish person, you know that?” Liam snapped, crossing his arms as he began to pace back and forth. “Taking advantage of poor Y/N all the time and-” 

“I don’ take advantage of her!” 

“Oh, really? You’re her weakness, Harry. She does everything and anything for you. Anyone with a brain can see she’d jump off a cliff for you.. But I’m starting to get the feeling you wouldn’t do the same, would you?” Liam clicked his tongue, shrugging casually. 

“No one ever said anything about jumpin’ off cliffs! And Y/N knows I’m scared of heights, she’d never let me-” 

“Exactly! Y/N knows everything about you! She knows your schedules, she knows when to pick up your dry-cleaning, she knows what your favourite kind of smoothie - For the past few months, you’ve been treating her like.. a little slave! And she doesn’t care, Harry! She doesn’t care, because she loves you so much and wants nothing but for you to be happy.” 

“I don’ see how this relates to why Y/N’s mad at me.” Harry mumbled stubbornly, checking the time on his phone. Nearly 11:30. He really hoped you were somewhere warm.. 

“Because you don’t appreciate her, you piece of shite!” Niall groaned loudly, throwing a pillow towards Harry. “Jesus Christ, you’re as thick as a brick! Let me break it down for ya, make it easier.” Niall leaned forward, his eyebrows knitted together in frustration. “Who encouraged you to go for Dunkirk?” Harry paused before clearing his throat and speaking. 


“A’right. And who was waiting right out t’e door for ya during your audition? Who was the one who told you t’ey’d be proud o’ ya regardless of if you got t’e part or not?”  


“See, you’re gettin’ better at t’is. Who was the one who woke up in t’e wee hours of t’e mornin’ wit’ ya jus’ to help you get ready for the day? Who’s the one who does your laundry? Your stupid green juice runs? Who-” 

“I think I get it, Ni.” 

“And what have you done for her?” Now that got Harry to thinking. What had he done for you in the last couple months? He drove you to Whole Foods once.. To pick up his snacks. No, there was that one time he.. Or what about..? “T’at’s what I t’ought. She’s done everything for you and you can’t even take her to t’e premier with you.” 

“This would make more sense to him if we just told him about..” Louis hinted, Liam quickly shaking his head. 

“That’s not for us to tell him. It’s Y/N’s business.” Liam shrugged, glancing towards Harry. “She’d kill us if we told him.” 

“Told me what?” Harry furrowed his brows, checking his phone once again to see if you had responded. Still, nothing. God, he felt bad. He basically kicked you out on your ass and told you not to come around anymore. 

“You’re going to have to find that one out on your own.” 

“He’s going to be so surprised. I mean, the premier’s not for another couple months, obviously, but I figured I’d pop by and see how he’s been doing. Plus, I’ve missed London!” Kendall giggled, her phone phone sandwiched in between her ear and her shoulder as she picked up her bags and headed towards the private car that was waiting patiently for her. 

“He messaged me, like, last week, and just asked me how I was and if I saw the trailer for his movie. Harry’s a sweetheart! I’m excited to see him again.” 


you guys.. the response to this series has been so overwhelmingly positive you have no idea how happy you’ve made me! thank you to each and every single one of you!