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A Matter of Time

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Summary: (Soulmate Timer AU) Steve awoke with a start. A baseball game was playing softly on the radio. He sat up, incredibly disoriented. He looked to his right arm. 3 Years, 84 Days, 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 5 Seconds. He’d woken up 70 years in the future. 

It was a surprise for Mr. and Mrs. Rogers, when on July 4, 1918, their son Steven was born with ‘95 Years, 14 days, 10 hours, 22 Minutes 35 seconds’ on his forearm. Steven Grant Rogers, sickly boy that he was, wouldn’t even meet his soulmate until well into old age.

Steve did his best to not let it bother him. Ever the optimist, he believed that it just meant that whoever he would meet in 75 years would be so special, they’d wait their whole lives to find one another.

Bucky had a different outlook. As one of the rare few without a timer, James Buchanan Barnes was basically the definition of ‘playboy.’ He saw it as 75 years for Steve to be with whoever the hell he wanted without having to settle down. The two friends weren’t really that alike when it came to matters of the heart.

Both philosophies faded into the background when they entered the war. Steve gave up the theories of finding love in favor of striving to survive. After the serum, Steve had more women (and some men) throwing themselves at him than he’d ever thought would.

The only person he even thought he might have a shot with was Peggy, but after Bucky fell he was far too consumed by his grief to do anything. As his timer slowly ticked downwards, he fought the good fight. His last hopes were winking out as he flew the plane into the ice.

Steve awoke with a start. A baseball game was playing softly on the radio. He sat up, incredibly disoriented. He looked to his right arm.

3 Years, 84 Days, 2 Hours, 0 Minutes, 5 Seconds. He’d woken up 70 years in the future.

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Punk (Chap. 3)

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Summary: You’re head over heels for your best friend Bucky and hate the nickname he gave you as it doesn’t exactly scream romance.

Word count: 3324 (I know, long.  But it’s because idk when I’m gonna have more time to write the next chapterssss)

Warnings: Cursing, low-self esteem, chubby!reader x bucky, idk….

A/N:  I’m overwhelmed with the feedback on the first 2 chapters!  love you guys and i can only hope to live up to your expectations with this and all future installments!

If there was one thing you hated more than anything else in the world it was clothes shopping.  OK, that’s not entirely true.  Hydra was definitely up there…and commercials’ whose volume was louder than the show you were just watching so you had the crap scared out of you by some lady who was dancing and trying to get you to buy tampons so you’d ‘have a happy period’ (no such thing)… you really hated when you stepped in puddle on the kitchen floor while only wearing socks…any sort of insect…when you bought a book series but, for some unfathomable reason, the individual books weren’t the same height, because that’s just ridiculous.  Why would anyone think it’d be acceptable to have books 1, 2, 3, and 4 to all line up perfectly on the shelf then have 5 be slightly taller only to then revert back to the original proportions for 6 and 7?!  It’s was utter nonsense and the people responsible for inflicting such depravity on the literary world should—

Rap! Rap! Rap!  “Get dressed!”  Nat hollered from the other side of the dressing room door.  “I’m going to pay for these.  Meet me at the register.”  The clinking of hangers and rustling of clothing signalled her departure as you hopped back into your jeans and slipped your “Talk Wookie to me” T-shirt back on.  You let out a sigh at your reflection.  Can’t wear this anymore, you thought dejectedly. It was your favourite shirt. Faded, thin, and baggy from having been thrown into the wash so many times it was a shadow of what it once was.

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Testosterone Boys pt. 2

Reader x F*ckboi!Yoongi
An agreement of sorts is reached.
GENRE: Angst, Fluff.

(Second part to Testosterone Boys)

AN: the italics are a flashback lmao, just a quick head’s up! <3

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“I’m not playing, asshole. Give them to me.”  

Around this time is when people surrounding you guys including, Hoseok, Namjoon, and even Jimin started listening in on your conversation but you didn’t mind an audience. Oh no, you wanted the world to see you knock Kim Taehyung out cold.  

“I’m serious, babe. I don’t have your undies. I sure wish I did though, they were fucking adorable.”

“Alright, Tae. Humor me. If you don’t have them. Then who does?” You sighed. Your anger was at the back of your throat now and your fists clenched. You were sure your knuckles were almost white.

Taehyung laughed once again, bringing his fingers to your chin to turn your gaze to his.

“Min. Yoon. Gi.”

“What?” You scoffed, your eyes automatically rolling, “Yoongi doesn’t have my underwear. I just talked to him.”

“Are you sure? ‘Cause, I handed them over to him earlier. Lord knows how badly he wanted those. That pathetic little crush of his. On you! Of all people.” He sighed.  

His words might have hurt you if you were actually paying attention to them. But no, he lost you at “Pathetic little crush”. Yoongi had a crush on you? Min Yoongi? The Min Yoongi who skipped classes, or showed up high, fucking girls left and right Min Yoongi? Could have fooled you.  

You felt your face heat up. Of course, he was gorgeous and you’d be lying to yourself if you said you’d never thought of him in that light but he wasn’t your type… Was he? Did you even have a type? And if you did, did fuckboy fall into that category?

“Aw, don’t tell me. You have a crush on him as well? The good girl falling for the burnout. How 2003 chick flick of you both.”  

You winced at Taehyung’s tone. What happened to the nice, good guy he came off to be? Was that all just a facade? And you didn’t have a crush on Yoongi, did you? I mean, yeah, he looked amazing tonight and yeah, a butterfly or two may have fluttered around your chest any time he was near you, but that’s not a crush, right? That’s just how you felt around Yoongi normally.

You vaguely remembered one of the first times Yoongi spoke to you. You’d known of his reputation because who didn’t? Not that it ever mattered to anyways. Honestly, you didn’t care if he slept around or smoked pot all day. That was his business and if he treated you with respect, then you’d treat him nicely back. Simple as that.  

It was your Sophomore year, nearly two years ago that you met Min Yoongi in your world literature class. Of course, he was failing and of course you were top ranked so it was a no-brainer to the teacher for you to stay after class and tutor him; everyday.

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My best friend’s girl (Chapter 6)

(Steve Rogers x Reader) (Bucky Barnes x Reader)

This story is nearing it’s end, I think the next chapter might be the last one (7 often seems to be my magical number for some reason)

Thank you all for reading this fic and giving it so much love. This will not be the last story I write that involves Steve and Bucky ;)

Story: Bucky’s been in cryo for a year now, during that time you and Steve have grown closer together. You both want more but are scared to give into your feelings, until one night…

You and Steve arrive home after the party, both crippled by guilt when you find Bucky in the kitchen waiting for you.

No warnings for this chapter, this is just one big Angst fest. I’m sorry…


Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5


My best friend’s girl (chapter 6)

You hadn’t spoken a word since Steve had abruptly pushed you out of his arms after your close encounter in the elevator.

It was a gentle but firm push and it cast you both back into reality and wishing there was a way to turn back the clock.

But there was no way to take back what you did.

Steve had been giving you the silent treatment ever since. He opened the car door to let you step outside and followed you up to his apartment.

When you were close to his door you slowed down your steps.

‘Maybe I should…maybe I should just spend tonight at my place,’ you hesitated.

‘No,’ Steve insisted,’ If I know Bucky at all he will be up waiting for you.’

You knew Steve was right. And for a second the thought of Bucky waiting up to see you brought a smile to your face, but then reality hit and suddenly you were fighting tears.

‘Steve,’ your voice broke.

‘Hey, stop it, okay,’ he turned to face you and carefully took your hand in his,’ You can do this, everything will be fine.’

You nodded your head firmly. You wanted to believe him so badly, believe everything could still go back to normal and all three of you could come out of this unharmed. But how could it?

You slept with Bucky’s best friend, not once but twice now. There was no excuse for the second time.

Nothing would ever be fine again.

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You Are The Music In Me (Star-Lord x Reader)

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WARNING: Some mention of sibling death. 

SPOILER ALERT: It’s fluffy af and literally Peter is a huge fucking nerd.

You looked up from your book as the soft sound of music filled your ears. It was upbeat and cheery, the type of thing that felt somewhat inappropriate for the current setting, yet, a relief to hear. Beside you was a man you’d never seen before in a red leather jacket, sitting on the grass. In front of him was a pair of worn down looking headphones that he was using as a makeshift speaker to pump out music from the Walkman he held. It was a peculiar sight. You’d certainly heard people play music here before, whether it be from an instrument, or a phone, or gentle singing. But the songs had always been very mellow. And now here was this man, playing music from a device you didn’t even know they still made, in front of a plot that you’d never once seen anyone pay attention to.

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Of Books and Dirty Cash pt 17


Yoongi x Reader

Before you moved to live on campus for college, you had never heard of a librarian who had a reputation for yelling. But not only does Min Yoongi yell, he’s also dangerous, and part of something much, much darker. When curiosity gets the better of you, you end up involved in much more than you bargained for.

You can also read part 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18

Warning: This chapter has guns and violence, if you are concerned that it might bother you, please message me! I’d be happy to give you more details or a summary of what happens <3 

You could hear sirens outside. The florescent lights were blinding in the building, especially after being outside. A police officer walked over to you, kneeling down so he was level to where you sat. He was young, a little unsure. He was also the first person to take you seriously. 

“My name’s Jay.” He said. “I just looked over the form you handed in. It says you have hard evidence?”

You nodded. When you walked in, you had tried to talk to the lady sitting behind the counter, and she had handed you a piece of paper to fill out.

“Fill it out and bring it back up. We’ll take it from there.” 

You had tried to tell her it was important, and she had given you a blank stare until you took the clipboard. 

“You’ve been through a lot, haven’t you?” Jay looked sympathetic, and you nodded again. “Look, I’m going to take you into the back and ask you some questions–”

“I want full immunity.” You interrupted, and Jay gave you a small smile.

“You’re not in any trouble. Reporting a crime isn’t committing one.”

You shrugged. “Some of the things I tell you might be incriminating, I don’t know. I want full immunity.”

Jay sighed. “Okay. Wait here, I have to talk to my supervisor.”

It wasn’t long before you found yourself in a room with a one-way mirror, sitting at a table across from Jay and another officer. The women looked bored as she looked at you, the files you brought in with you sitting in the middle of the table.

“I’m sure you understand, we need a recording of what you tell us for the court—“ Jay started, and the women rolled her eyes.

“Quiet, new kid.” She snapped at Jay. “Now you,” She said, looking you dead in the eyes. “You better have a good reason to be here. It’s a felony to report a false crime.”

You fidgeted nervously, hands clasping and unclasping. “Before you look at the files, I want to explain myself.”

“That’s fine.” Jay said, giving you an encouraging smile as he ignored the glare his supervisor gave him.

“I never meant to get involved with any of this. Not gangs, or mafias, or whatever it is that I’ve recently found myself in the middle of.”

“Get to the point.”

You cleared your throat. “I wouldn’t have done this if I thought there was any way around it, so I’m hoping you won’t make me regret that decision. This should count as probable cause to arrest them.” You pushed the files towards the two officers. “I just want to be left alone. I want to know that the people I care about aren’t in danger because of me.” Your thoughts were going a mile a minute, and the silence of the room felt deafening. Would Yoongi forgive you for this? Would he understand that you didn’t have a choice? No, probably not.

Jay opened the file on top and his eyes widened. “How did you get all of this?” He asked. His supervisor finally looked mildly interested and took the paper from him.

“It’s a long story, but I don’t think you need to know that to arrest them.”

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Time Flies (5/10)
Written by: @ilovebeingjoyful
Posted: Feb.17th, 2017
Warnings: The warnings will give away the plot of this part! Arg! Just trust me–it isn’t super bad–but as we get to the “warning” part I will place a * for those who aren’t comfortable reading it–and will place another after the “scene”. 
Pairing: 1940′s Bucky x Reader Rogers
AN: We are at the halfway mark!! I am not going to lie, this has been one of my favorite series I have ever written. 

~~ = scene switch

(Time Flies Masterlist)

Chapter 4 Review *In case you missed/forgot this dialog between Bucky and (Y/N), because it is the main focus for this chapter*

Bucky rolled his eyes, “(Y/N). We. Were. Kids. It didn’t mean anything!” Throwing his hands in the air, “We aren’t kids anymore We aren’t running in the woods playing war–grow up.” 

(Y/N) took a step back, “What about this past summer–when we were in that fort–was that nothing too?”

Bucky nodded, “I didn’t mean anything by it, doll. I am not that type of guy to settle down or be in a relationship–Skyler gets that. You don’t. So, please–just drop it and move on. I am sure you will find yourself a nice fella to grow old with–I am just not him.”

Chapter 5:

Bucky watched Dot who shook her head at him, “I am not mad at you.” Bucky raised his brows–stunned at her answer, “You are right about (Y/N), she needs to grow up–and realize–you aren’t a one lady fella.” Bucky smirked at her.

“I am no fool, Dot. I know you have had your eyes on me for as long as she has.” She blushed and shrugged–not denying it. Bucky looked over Dot’s shoulders at the doors–his smirk slowly fading as Dot and Skyler began chatting with one another. The words Steve said, just hit him–

“Don’t ever speak to me or my sister again, James.”


Steve called him James and–he just lost his two best friends.

Peggy and Steve followed (Y/N) out to the schoolyard and found her sitting on the side of the building with her knees pulled up to her chest, sobbing. Steve was first to move and sat down in the grass next to his little sister before wrapping his arm around her and tugging her close to him and kissing the top of her head, “Shhh, it will be okay.” He whispered soothingly into her hair. Peggy smiled softly at the sight before moving to the other side of (Y/N) and rubbing her back soothingly. 

(Y/N) sniffled, “I shouldn’t have made a scene like that. I just–I was so angry–hurt–confused.” She muttered, “Last summer just–he used me.” 

Steve watched (Y/N) before glancing at Peggy who was already watching him, “What happened over the summer, sissy?” Steve asked softly. 


Bucky sat in the classroom, not really paying attention to the lesson. No one has seen the Rogers or Peggy since they left during lunch. He chewed on his inner cheek, mentally going over everything he said to (Y/N). As he thought looked back–it made him physically sick to his stomach thinking about the pain she had in her eyes–because of him. He quickly got up from his chair, and left the classroom holding his stomach before making his way to the bathroom and into a stall. His hand was pressed against the wall as he slouched over the toilet but nothing came up. After a few moments he got up and went to the sink and splashed his face with cold water before looking into the reflection–his last sentence he spoke to her playing on loop in his head. 

“I didn’t mean anything by it…I didn’t mean anything by it…I didn’t mean–” He pressed his palms to his eyes. His mind flashing back to that summer night…


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‘let this moment be the first chapter’ - phan

Summary: dan has a crisis about whether or not he will be a good father after they receive the confirmation letter that their adoption application has been accepted.

Word Count: 2.1k

Genre: Angst, Fluff

Trigger Warning: some swearing, a panic attack, talks of medical drug use, night terrors

Additional Tags: adoption, future, angst, anxiety

Author’s Note: this is the first of three one-shots based on three songs from ‘Hamilton: An American Musical’, based on the song 'that would be enough’

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Barnes’ Books - chapter 5

My fics: distinct lack of any actual action.  Here, have something pretty instead.

Barnes’ Books masterlist

The shop emptied out not long after Bucky had left, as if it was giving up already.  I locked the door, and tidied up slowly, finding myself patting some of the books as if in apology at what they might be facing next. I fed Steve, and gave her an extra pet too, as much for my own comfort as mine.  If I wasn’t going to be coming back here, I was going to have to face up to the mess of my own life. I’d been putting it off under the guise of helping James, but an empty flat, no job and no friends was all waiting for me to deal with.

I put the biscuit tin and notebook out on the desk, so I could show Bucky that I was being honest, then packed up my painting things, putting everything in a bag by the door. I couldn’t settle to reading anything, being too distracted to concentrate so eventually I sat myself down in one of the chairs in the shop with a sketchbook and pencil, and started to sketch.  I drew Steve, sitting on a pile of books, thinking it might be nice for James to have in hospital – or wherever it was he ended up, if he couldn’t come home. I sniffed a few times and had to wipe my eyes, then cursed myself for being soft.

Just after six, I heard a knock at the door, and on unlocking it, found Bucky outside.  He was carrying a suitcase, and a bottle of wine, and his face looked softer than it had done earlier. He had bags under his eyes, and I wondered how far he’d flown today before getting to the hospital.

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anonymous asked:

I just wanted to say that I love Aelin and I get what you mean by her "vanity" being her defence mechanism because I have my own defence mechanism too. And it hurts so much when people hate on her because she's such an inspiration to me. She's brave enough to say what she means and for years now whenever I'm in doubt I always go like, "what would Aelin do if she were in this situation?" And it always works out in the end. Thanks to her I've braved myself to do so many incredible things now.

That’s wonderful! I totally understand you–people need to think about others before they rip a fictional character apart, because, there’s a very good chance someone out there heavily identifies with that character, and…it can feel like a personal atack. And I’ve been kind of wanting to talk about my love for Aelin for a while now, so forgive me, but I’m going to use your ask to do it. 

When I first picked up Throne of Glass about four-ish years ago, I put it back down after chapter 5 or something like that because I hated Celaena. It’s worth it to note that four years ago, I was sixteen years old, and every single character trait I hated about Celaena was a trait that I hated in myself. I hated her arrogance. I hated her vanity. I hated her selfishness (and yes, CELAENA is all of these things). I hated that she was so afraid of failure that she only focused on the things she felt like she was almost guaranteed to succeed at. 

This hit a very sore spot for me. I grew up with insecurities, of course, but I also grew up with incredibly loving parents who never failed to tell me I was beautiful, so I saw myself that way. They never failed to tell me how talented I was, how smart I was, so I saw myself that way. I, and always have, march to the beat of my own drum, and I have never had a problem with embracing my own personality. I have always been very grounded in myself, and even if it meant other people didn’t like me, I am very confident in who I am as a person. 

As a sixteen year old who struggled to keep (girl) friends, who never felt like she quite fit in, who told herself that people hated her because she was (essentially) better than them, I read Celaena’s character and almost immediately identified all of her problems. And therefore identified my own problems. And it grated on me. Later that year, my parents sat me down and basically called me out. I was arrogant and cocky. I was incredibly vain. When someone tried to correct me or tell me I was wrong, I brushed THEM off for being ignorant and stupid instead of examining myself. And even later that summer, I went to a camp for art students (Idyllwild Arts) and THAT’S what knocked me down. Every single person there was better than me at singing, and that was something that had never happened to me before. I’d never met someone my age who was better than me. I was better than most high schoolers as a seventh grader, and going to this camp floored me. 

I did the exact opposite of what I should have done. Instead of calmly evaluating myself and trying to work on my flaws, I plummeted. And I gave up. Incidentally, I was diagnosed with ADHD that year (NOT a good year for Susanna health-wise…mentally AND physically…). Eventually, I went through my own journey of healing and am now in a spot where I feel like I’m confident in who I am, but without being…too much. HOWEVER. I make jokes ALL THE TIME about how beautiful and smart and talented I am, because I’m comfortable enough with myself to poke fun at myself. 

And then I re-read TOG last summer, and plowed through all the rest of the books, and was surprised by how similar I felt to Aelin, how her journey felt similar to mine. I noted that she wielded sarcasm as a weapon, which is something I do. I noted that she also wielded wit and humor as a weapon–another thing I do. I noted how deeply she felt and how hard she worked to hide it. Her temper. The way she snaps at people. And it made me realize why I hated her so much in the beginning, and why I love her so much now. 

When I was little, almost all the way to high school, I wanted desperately to be a princess. I read all the fairy tales. I read everything that had princesses in them, but I never felt like I could be a princess because I wasn’t quiet and demure and perfect and obedient. And now here I am, nearly 21, and here’s this princess with a personality so strong that it pisses people off and makes them not like her, who is loud and abrasive and unashamed of who she is. Here’s this princess who isn’t afraid to get dirty and who also loves clothes and shoes and getting her nails done. Here’s this princess who does so many things wrong and has so many flaws, so many flaws that I see in myself and think ‘who the HELL wants to deal with that’–and she is still so loved. 

And damn if that doesn’t make me want to be a princess. 

All I Need Is You (Intro)

Summary: Dan has always been a goody-two-shoes wallflower. He’s never gone out of his comfort zone once in his life, always living in his happy world bubble. Phil is a realist, a punk with an agenda, never one to settle down. When these two troubled souls finally collide, their lives just might change forever.

Paring: Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil

Genres: Teenage!Phan, Drama!AU, Fluff, Smut!

Word Count: 963

Warnings: Mentions of violence, blood, fights, crimes, illegal drugs (marijuana), underage drinking, cursing and mentions of depression.

A/N: Hey phamalam! I’ve come up with a new fic idea that’s been bubbling in my head for quite sometime now, and I’m finally ready to post the intro. I hope this is enjoyable, this is the kind of stuff I love to write, and because I’m better at it than third person, this will be a first person story, going to diff perspectives of dnp. Please let me know what you think by liking, reblogging, and feedback! :) (also, this is pretty short bc it’s only the intro! future chapters will be longer!)

~ story under the cut~

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5 ways to say “I love you”

Fluff drabbles with Hanamiya, Murasakibara, Imayoshi, Midorima, and Kuroko.(´ω`♡)Please smile, I give you all the hugs, my awesome readers! ♡♡

The weather was warm and sunny, you had a long break, and you ended up loitering at the school rooftop. Himuro was sipping on his orange juice, you were playing with Murasakibara’s hair, and Murasakibara himself was napping with his head on your lap.

“Did you know that Atsushi talks in his sleep?”

“Does he?” You frowned, trying to decide whether Himuro was joking or not. You looked at Murasakibara’s peaceful face. “I’ve never heard anything.”

“That’s because you have to talk to him first,” Himuro explained. “Watch.”

Himuro leaned down, bringing his face right above Murasakibara’s ear.

“Atsushi,” he whispered, “did you filch Liu’s mochi yesterday?”

For a moment, there was silence.


Your jaw dropped and you stared at Himuro with wide eyes. Murasakibara didn’t open his eyes and he went back to his light snoring right after he muttered that confirmation. There was no doubt that he was asleep.

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Enchanted: i. Rose

A Valentine’s Day special set in my Professor Sherlock and Student Molly AU :) This is part one of a two-part fic. The second part will be in Sherlock’s POV, I think.:p

Molly Hooper stared at the rose, and it stared back -or at least that’s what it seemed like to her.

When she opened her locker door that morning, she definitely did not expect to see a glass-encased rose, its petals pale as ivory, nestled among her books and sundry school supplies.

Sure, it was Valentine’s Day, but never in her sixteen years of existence had this day been anything other than an ordinary one for her. The only time she has ever received a Valentine was back in nursery, where a dark-haired boy whose name she could no longer recall gave her the ratty Valentine each of them had to make during art class, under their teacher’s supervision.

She looked around.

Students were milling about on the hallway, since it was a good ten minutes before the first bell, but she could not detect anyone who could be surreptitiously observing her.

She looked back at the rose, and noticed for the first time a small white square of paper at the foot of the glass case. Biting her lip, she took the card and flipped it over. On it, were two simple verses:

before he knew it

the Beast was enchanted by

the lovely white Rose

like the glass, he vowed

to shelter her innocence

and love from afar

Molly read the verse another time, then another, her cheeks heating up.

Could this really be for her? Surely there was some mistake. How could anyone even think she was lovely, much less be enchanted by her?

And for goodness’ sake, who could possibly know her locker combination?

Once more she went over the verses, and with a jolt realized that they were in haiku form. She counted the syllables in each line, and sure enough, they were in 5-7-5 counts. Just yesterday, Professor Holmes discussed haiku in class, so the lesson was still fresh in her mind.

Professor Holmes…

Molly shook her head. She was starting to think ridiculous thoughts again. That night at the party was a mistake, the mysterious stranger someone she is unlikely to ever meet again, and he could not possibly be who she fancied him to be.

She took her books, slammed her locker door shut, and headed to her first class, which was, as luck would have it, Literature.

As she neared her desk, her steps slowed down.

Thomas, the tall, dark-haired kid who sat behind her in most of her classes, was standing by her desk, holding a heart-shaped box. He was looking down at his shoes, fidgeting, his ears red.

Molly cleared her throat, and his head shot up. Upon seeing her, a flush crawled its way up from his neck to his cheeks.

“M-Molly, hi!”

“Uhm… Hello, Tom. Erm… You’re at my desk.”

He looked down at her desk as if seeing it for the first time, then, recovering himself, blurted, “Oh! Right, of course, right… I just… Well…” He thrust the box at her, and Molly stepped back to keep it from hitting her in the face. “W-will you be my valentine?”



Tom’s eyes kept darting back and forth between her and the ground, his face now violently red. Their classmates were staring at them, some of them jeering.

“Uhm…” She hesitantly reach out and took the box. She should be happy, really. Flattered, even. But why did her emotions feel so much like… disappointment?

“So… You must be the one who left the flower in my locker, then…”

This surprised him into looking back at her.

“Flower? What… I don’t know… I didn’t leave a flower at your locker.”

“Oh, but then…”

“Settle down, everyone.”

Molly’s spine stiffened at Professor Holmes’ deep, commanding voice. Around her, her classmates started settling into their desks. Tom shot her a look that was half worried, half hopeful, before shuffling off to his own desk.

For a moment, she stood there awkwardly holding the box of chocolates, not knowing quite what to do with it, before realizing that she was the only one not yet seated.

She look over her shoulder to see Professor Holmes regarding her with an amused expression. His gaze fell to the box in her hands, and his lips slowly set into a straight line, as all amusement faded from his eyes.

Was it just her imagination, or did his expression darken?

She took her seat, and chided herself for being silly.

“Today, we are going to discuss Cupid and Psyche, and draw the parallels between this work and Beauty and the Beast.”

Molly looked up to see Professor Holmes staring right at her. She frowned.

For the rest of the lesson, she couldn’t help but wonder, her rioting thoughts going places she knew were bordering dangerous territory.

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I'm used to it - Chapter 5

Reader x Jaebum , Reader x Jungkook

Warnings: Swearing

Words: 4,773

Chapters: 4 ,


I woke at around 7am and made my way downstairs. The first thing i saw was a sleeping Jungkook on the couch and the glasses of wine from yesterday. I went and picked them up, pouring the wine out into the sink, what a waste. I decided to make breakfast for Jungkook as he was still asleep, i didn’t bother with my own.

I turned around when i heard a yawn and saw Jungkook who was rubbing his eyes as he yawned. I had to admit he looked cute. “Morning sleepyhead”, i said gaining Jungkook’s attention, he gave me a small smile before he replied, “morning beautiful”, i felt myself heat up at what he said. I told myself to keep calm before i continued, “i-erm…i-i made you breakfast”. Smooth.

He lightly chuckled before slowly getting up, only then i realised he was shirtless, as before he had the blanket covering him and the back of the sofa. I looked away from him as i was now definitely embarrassed. “I-i’m gonna go get dressed”, as i was about to climb the steps Jungkook grabbed my wrist making me turn to face him, “aren’t you gonna eat”, i shook my head and smiled, “i’ve already eaten”. With that he let me go and i rushed up stairs to get dressed.

I got changed into a black cropped lace off the shoulder top and wore a pair of black high waisted jeans to cover my stomach and then topped it off with a grey oversized cardigan. I skipped downstairs to see Jungkook sat at the table finally with his top on and eating whilst reading something on a piece of paper, “what you readi-”, “You’re going to school”. I furrowed my brows and stared at him, “what are you talking about?”, he didn’t even answer instead he turned around the piece of paper he was previously reading. I looked at the later and immediately noticed what it was, ‘ABSENCE NOTICE’. “I’m not going”, “(y/n) i get everything that happened, but trust me hiding away from your problems won’t help”, i grabbed the paper from him and scrunched it into a ball before tossing it into the bin. “Jungkook i’m not going, okay, leave it at that”, i heard him sigh loudly, “(y/n) come here”, he held out his hand for me to take.

I walked up to him as he turned in his seat to face me, he took his hands in mine and gripped my chin so i was now staring at him, “hey listen”, his voice was soft, “i do get it honestly, but this is what happened to my friend, he didn’t face anything, he let himself believe that if he hid away it would go away but it didn’t. Trust me when i say this, if you face the problem head on and show that it has no affect on you, it will go away”, “but-”, “no buts, just go into school okay, if anything happens, just remember what i told you”. I hesitated for a while before i nodded my head and agreed to go. Jungkook smiled and stood up, “it’s 7 now, i can drop you off and then i can get to work, what time does your school end?”, “erm…2:50”, “okay, go get your things”.

I arrived outside of school at 9:25, lessons had already started and i was sat out here in Jungkook’s car. Say if everyone tells me i’m repulsive or say if they physically hurt me.“Hey”, Jungkook brought me out of my thought, his hand rubbing up and down my arm, “it’s gonna be okay, you have my number so if you need me, call”, “but how far is your work”, “closer than you think”, as he finished speaking the bell went catching our attention. “Go now you’ll be there for second period”, i nodded before moving to get out the car, but before i completely got out Jungkook grabbed my hand and placed a gentle kiss on it, “it’ll be fine beautiful”, i began to heat up, god why did he do this to me, i’ve only known him for a day, well less.

After saying goodbye to him i walked into school, the hallways were empty. The lesson i was walking to was the one i now dreaded the most, psychology. I stood outside the door eyes closed, taking deep breaths preparing myself, once ready i opened the door. “Thomas, Jaso-”, Miss Kyle stopped doing the register to see who walked in, “S-sorry i’m late miss”, she smiled and told me it was fine before telling me to quickly sit down. I was fully aware that as i was walking, people were staring at me and were whispering about me. I moved behind Jaebums chair and sat in my seat as i did miss Kyle continued with the register and i got my things out, ignoring Sarah’s comment, “ugh she could have at least showered, fucking repulsing”. After registration miss kyle had an announcement, “alright class, because of the amount of you asking for help during lessons i nagged the principle and he allowed me to get a helper. He-”, she was cut of by some of the girls squealing saying they hoped he was cute or hot, “he…will be joining us after he’s done talking with the principle which should be soon and will be with us for the rest of the year, okay now get out your books and turn to page 164, we’re looking at how the society someone grows up in affects behaviour”.

After talking for 20 minutes she handed us a work booklet to get through for the rest of the lesson. I focused on my work ignoring Marrie’s calls for me and ignoring anyone else who had something to say. As i was working someone slipped a note under my work booklet, i looked up and saw Jaebum taking back his hand and continued writing as if he didn’t just do that. I picked up the note and read what he wrote:

I need to talk to you, meet me in the school gardens at lunch


I put the note in my pocket and stared at him, he could have just spoke to me and told me, but he probably wanted to keep his image, of course that was a lot more important, to people like him. I carried on with my work, another 10 minutes passed when i heard the classroom door open i stayed focusing on my work, ignoring the girls gasping and comments, ‘OMG hes so hot and cute”, “ugh, i want him”. “AH, you’re here thank god, i’m sorry but right now too many students need help, could you start with Jaebum over there he’s been waiting for a while”, “sure thing”. My head popped up at that voice, the dick! He never told me his job was here, maybe that’s what he meant when he said it was closer than i thought. Jungkook walked over as he did he noticed me and decided to start winking and smirking, “Jaebum right?”, Jungkook asked to which he replied, “uh, yeah, i don’t get this about the kids and their backgrounds”.

Jungkook explained it to Jaebum and ensured that he understood it before moving over to me, but before either one of us could speak, someone decided to interrupt us, “erm..excuse me…sir, i need help”. Of course it was Sarah. I turned back to look at her, she had undone some of her buttons to show cleavage and was twirling strands of her hair with her finger. She noticed me staring and gave an annoyed look, “what are you fucking staring at, charity case”, she snarled before turning back to Jungkook, “sir, help please”.

I turned back around, closed my eyes and tilted my head down, telling myself to ignore her and not to cry, not to show her she’s hurting me. “Erm….”, “just go Jungkook”, I whispered, he stared at me for a few seconds before walking off to Sarah. “Right what is it that you’re stuck on?”, “I don’t really get this part about the poor people”, “what don’t you get about it?”, “i don’t get why they should even get a chance, like all they do is take our money and complain when they can’t get a job, even though it’s their own fault as they don’t do anything about it”. I heard Jungkook scoff, before letting out a bitter laugh, i turned to face him and he looked pissed, “i’m guessing you’re one of those upper class people right?”, Sarah nodded twirling her hair again, “that’s good, that means you can pass this message onto anyone else as ignorant as you”, he spat out. “Those ‘poor’ people are also human like you, if you get given chances so should they, yes some people may take the benefits they get for granted. But there are also people out there who get up early in the morning, look for work, look for any opportunity out there to earn money, whether it’s to provide for themselves or their families. So don’t say they don’t do anything, because the majority do and as well as that the majority of you rich snobby, narcissistic people, get the money passed down to you, so what work are you doing?”. Sarah sat there, her mouth agape, i couldn’t help but snicker at what Jungkook said, he looked up and smiled when he heard me. Unfortunately so did Sarah, “ugh,i don’t know one why you’re laughing, you’re still a dirty, fat peas-”, “I’d appreciate it if you didn’t talk to my girlfriend like that”.

Not only did my eyes widen so did, Sarah’s and Marrie’s, “girlfriend? Her?”, “yeah…”, he looked over to me, a soft look on his face, “my girlfriend”, he gave me a small smile, to which i respond with one back, but soon turned back around and hid my face, as the blush on my face was very evident.

Soon enough the triple we had ended, everyone rushed out to lunch. I took my time, as usual packing away, “(y/n)? Come on answer my question, when did you get with him?”, Marrie nagged, i ignored her and just continued packing away, “ugh, fine don’t tell me, but I’ll find out soon enough”, she said as she walked off to Jackson who was waiting outside. “Thank you so much Jungkook, you are literally a blessing”, Jungkook chuckled at what she said, “no, it’s fine, i honestly enjoy doing things like this”, “but still thank you, right you should get some lunch….ah (y/n)?”. I looked up at her, “yes?”, “you wouldn’t mind showing Jungkook to the cafeteria and just keeping him company?”, I looked over to Jungkook, who was smirking again, “oh… Sure, i don’t mind”, i smiled at Miss Kyle, before picking up my bag and walking out of the classroom.

Jungkook rushed up beside me, “so, will you be buying me lunch as well?”, he asked shoving his hands into his pocket, “well you’re my boyfriend, so should you be buying me lunch”, i gave him a big grin, “you got me there…can we go out to eat?”, I nodded, “only teachers and the upper 2 years can”, “great, let’s go”, he held my hand and was about to drag me to the entrance, but i stopped him, “wait, i…need to go tell Marrie where I’m gonna be”, “oh, okay be quick”, I nodded and ran off to the cafeteria.

I walked out of the back of the cafeteria into the gardens. I looked around, but did find anything, as i was turning to leave i heard someone, “(y/n)…”, I turned and faced Jaebum, looking good as per usual, “erm…Hi", “h-hi”, I stuttered out.

We just stood there in silence after, he did want to talk to me about something, right? “I’m sorry Jaebum, but do you actually need something or-”, “ah yeah, i wanted to talk about what happened, you know at the party”. I closed my eyes and sighed at the thought of it, it was the last thing I wanted to remember right now, “i know you probably don’t want to talk about it, but i want to apologise”, he walked closer to me and continued speaking, “i swear to God I never invited you so that could happen, like i don’t even know half the shit that Sarah does. I am so sorry for everything that’s happened to you since, like the death threats, the horrid comments, i wish i could stop it”. I smiled and shook my head at him, “it’s fine, besides I’m used to it all, it’s been happening for so long that it just seems like part of my daily life”, i let out a little laugh. “(y/n)..-”, “no honestly it’s fine, I’m used to it all…anyways if that was all you wanted to talk about can i get going, Jungkook’s waiting for me”, i wanted to get out there as quiet as possible,“Jungkook?”, Jaebum said, confusion spread across his face, “the-the teaching assistant”, he let out a sound of realisation, “is he actually your boyfriend?”, “yeah he is, i know what you all are thinking, how can he be with someone like me?”. But Jaebum shook his head, “i don’t think that, i just think that he’s one lucky guy”, his eyes were looking directly into mine, there was something in them making it hard for me to tell whether or not what he said, he meant. “I-i should get going, bye”, i rushed off back inside to get to Jungkook, “yeah…Bye".

“Hm…So where does my girlfriend want to eat?”, he asked as we got into, “you know you don’t need to call me that, we’re not in school anymore”, i know, but it feels right when i call you it”. I looked at him quite shocked, before laughing, “shut up you idiot”, as i continued laughing, i realised that he wasn’t doing the same, so i stopped. “Jungko-”, “i know, we’ve just met, but honestly i don’t know what it is, but i can’t stop thinking about you and i have this urge to protect you from everyone and beat the living shit outta all those arseholes”, he tilted his head backwards against the headrest letting out a sigh, “i get that you might thinks it’s because of my friend, but there’s something different about you, i’ve…i’ve just never felt this way about someone, especially so quickly. I’ll understand if you don’t want the s-”, I cut him off by doing the one thing we both didn’t expect, i kissed him.

It lasted for a very long time, getting quite deep, before i pulled away slightly, resting my forehead against his, “you talk too much”, i said in a hushed voice, “hopefully it won’t be a problem”, i added, making Jungkook’s eyes widen, “does that mean…”, i nodded my head a slight smile on my face because of his reaction. Jungkook pulled me in for another kiss, this time a lot shorter, “god….(y/n) you won’t regret it, i promise you”, “i know”.

After lunch the two of us walked back into school, Jungkook insisted on holding hands, although i was against it. He said it will show everyone that I’m him and if they mess with me, they mess with him, i couldn’t help but giggle at him. “Ugh, why couldn’t you be with me last…”, he whined, resting his head on my shoulder, we were in the maths pod, which was currently empty. “Jungkook…we have spent practically the whole day together, I’m sure one hour won’t be a problem”, “hmm…true”, the school bell rang, indicating that lunch was over and that the last lesson was starting. “Well i guess it’s time for you to go”, i said to him, moving his head up, off my shoulder, “yeah. We’ll meet after?”, he asked, i nodded, “obviously, i mean who else would give me a ride home”, “oh so, I’m just your ride home?”, be questioned with an amused look on his face, again i nodded, making him laugh. “Right, i really need to go now”, he said after noticing the students flooding into the pod, “if anyone says it does anything tell me okay?”, “okay”, with that he leaned down and placed a kiss on my lips, he tried to deepen it, but i stopped him, “you’re gonna be late, go”, i mumbled out.

This time he listened and went. I closed my eyes as soon as he did, as i knew people were staring. I eventually opened my eyes, but kept them glued to the floor as i made my way into class.

Throughout the lesson, all i heard was people talking about me and Jungkook, ‘she’s probably paid him’, ‘he must really like her personality’ or ‘he’s just straight up blind and stupid’. I tried to block it out, but it was impossible thanks to Sarah, “hey (y/n)”, she said as she stood in front of my desk, “let’s work on a group together”, she say across from me, her two friends sitting either side of me, “i was actually going to work with Marrie”, “well she’s working with Jackson, Jae and Youngjae, so you’re stuck with us”, she gave me another one of her fake smiles.

Once Mrs Lee explained the group task, everyone got to work, “okay so first we need to-”, “how did you end up with sir?”, Sarah questioned, her and get minions staring directly at me, “w-what? Sorry, but I don’t really think it’s any of your business”, “oh, but it is, see Alex here really likes sir and if you’re with him, she isn’t and that’s gonna be a problem for me because i need my girls with guys who are on the same level as them. You and sir are on two completely different levels, he’s hot and you’re not, so the relationship won’t last anyways”. Gosh the things that i wanted to do to her right now, did she really believe that because her minion wanted to be with my boyfriend that I’ll drop him like that?

“I’m sorry, but I’m not leaving him”, i said back, my voice was slightly hushed, “oh really? gosh (y/n), you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah and her friends got up to leave, but not before throwing everything on the table off, “oops”, she said with a smirk spread across her face as she walked away. I ignored everyone’s eyes and got down in the floor to clean up the mess, “if you want I’ll go smack that smirk of that face of her”, Marrie said as she helped me clean up. I gave her a quick smile before shaking my head, “it’s okay, she’s not worth it”, “true, besides you’re better than her and smarter and prettier and honestly…quite sexy”, she began moving her eyebrows and winking. I laughed out and slapped her arm, “shut up and help me”.

“See-ya later (y/n)”, Marrie said as her and Jackson walked off together, I walked in the opposite direction as I needed to pee.

(y/n): I’ll meet you outside, I need to go to the toilet first.

Jungkook: okay, be quick, please :)

I rushed to the toilet and did my business and felt so much better. As I was walking out, I bumped into someone, as I was on my phone. I didn’t even get the chance to apologise as someone grabbed hair and dragged me, so I was now on the floor. “I told you, you always make it worse for yourself”, Sarah smirked, whist she stood there, her arms crossed, “Alex, show her how annoyed you are because she won’t let you have your man”, with that Alex continued pulling my hair, adding in punches and slaps.

I pleaded for Alex to let me go, but she alone with Sarah and their other friend just laughed. Even when I began crying, they didn’t stop, what made it worse was that the place was empty, so no one could help me. “Please, please stop”, “hmm”, she put her finger on her chin to make it seem as if she was thinking, “nope”. Alex then began yanking at my clothes and I prayed for one thing not to happen whilst she did it, but obviously things never went my way. “Oh, my, god, that is gross”, Sarah said in disgust, her eyes glued to my stomach. I tried my best to cover it with my torn clothes, but it was no use, “are those stretch marks…oh wait no I forgot you’re a mental bitch who deserves to-”

“Oi, what are you doing”, Jaebum came rushing towards us, he was about to grab Alex, but Sarah stopped him, “baby, what are you doing? We were just-”, she held onto his arm, but soon he was shoving her off himself, “don't”, he pointed at her before pushing Alex away from me. “Go”, “but Jae-”, “go now or we’re over and trust me I can get my parents to find me another girl”, she stared at Jaebum for a while, gave me a quick glance before storming off, her minions trailing behind.

Jaebum crouched down next to me, moving my hair out of my face, “hey, you okay”, I flinched back when he tried to touch my face, “you’ve got a cut and your nose and lips are bleeding”, he whispered out, “do you want me to get someone”, at that moment I heard someone shout my name, the one person I needed more than anything right now.

“(y/n)”, he stopped calling once he saw me. Instead he started running towards the two of us screaming, “what the fuck did you do to her?!”. He pushed Jaebum far away from me, before then grabbing his collar, “I swear to fucking god, I am going to beat the-”, “Jungkook,s-stop”, I stuttered out, trying to stand up, “he-he helped me”.

Jungkook saw me struggling and helped me, not letting go when I was up right, “then who did this?”, “It doesn’t matter”, “(y/n), baby-”, “please”, I whimpered out. He sighed and cupped my face with one of his hands, “I just want to go home with you and forget everything, please”, he contemplated for a while before letting out a faint okay.

He noticed my torn clothes, so took off his jacket and put it on me, “come”, he said leading me out of the school, “wait”, I said and turned to Jaebum, “thank you, for stopping them”, he smiled at me, “make sure you get home and take care of the cuts and bruises”, “I will”.

The car ride was quiet, with Jungkook’s music in the background, at some point I began dozing off, but was stopped by Jungkook, “we’re here”, I looked outside and noticed that I was not on the farm, “no we’re not”, “ah, yeah I thought maybe, I could take you to my place…we could go back to yours if you want”, he added quickly, his head going to the keys, ready to get the car running again. “No, it’s okay, it’s just that Prince and Romeo, my dogs, I need to make sure they have food and water”, “ah yeah, I need to talk to you about them, I kinda gave them food in the morning and I may or may not have spilt half the bag”, i laughed at his stupidity, “how do you manage to do that?”, “Special talents”, he gave me a wink before getting out the car and helping me.

On the way up to his flat, we did get a few looks, because of my current state. But soon enough those looks were gone and we were in his flat, it was quite big and the walls were painted a light grey colour. The one thing that caught my eyes the most was his balcony, I walked towards it and opened one of the doors. He could see everything from here, though the distance from here to the road was frightening, it was still amazing, “do you like the view?”, I nodded my head, “well, you can continue to enjoy it, after you’ve cleaned up, come”, he held out his have for me, I took it right away. He lead me down the hallway, into a room at the end of it, the room was painted black, but another balcony, to the left of the bed, that helped light it up. There was also a built in wardrobe to the right of the bed and a TV directly across from it on the wall.

Jungkook set me down on the bed and got the first aid kit and cleaned and bandaged me up. “Right that’s finally done”, he got up and walked to the wardrobe, getting out a pair of sweatpants grey and a white t-shirt, “you can change into these, they might be a little big on you”, he handed me the clothes and stood there.

I stayed on the bed, holding the clothes, looking at him, waiting for him to realise. “Oh, I-i should leave, right”, I giggled as he walked into the door, trying to leave.

It took me a few minutes to change into Jungkook’s clothes, though they were big like he said, they were very comfortable. I walked out of his room, into the living room, the TV was on, but Jungkook was nowhere to be seen, so I just sat down on the couch and watched what was on.

“Ah fuck!”, I jumped at Jungkook’s voice, which I’m guessing came from the kitchen. I got up and went to see what happened to him, when i did see him, he was at the sink, running his fingers under the water, “what did you do!?”, I exclaimed rushing over to him, “I was trying to cook…”, I shook my head, “do you have any cream, it’ll stop it from getting worse”, “er…yeah, go to that cupboard, there should be something in there”.

“You are an idiot you know, how on earth do you burn yourself on a pan”, I save dabbed the cream into his fingers, “does a pan not get hot when you put it in the stove?”, “Well,yes-”, “exactly so, hush”, I giggled as he stuck his out. I wrapped his 3 fingers in a bandage, “be more careful”, “I will, promise…can I have a kiss now, you know because they make everything better”, I rolled my eyes at him, but he didn’t see as his eyes were shut tight and his lips were puckered. The sight was quite amusing.

I leaned forward and gave him a small peck, but as I was pulling away he put his hands and my face and pulled me forward again, our lips slamming together. Instead of getting the kids he wanted he got me groaning out in pain as I pushed him away, “shit,I forgot, your lip, are you okay? I am so sorry! (y/n)-”, “i-it’s okay, honestly”, I could feel my lips pulsing. “I am sorry”, Jungkook pulled me to him, his hands resting on my waist, mine were playing with the hem of his shirt as I looked down, “(y/n)…can we talk about what happened”, “I don’t want to”, he sighed loudly, “was it that Sarah girl?”, “I said I didn’t want to talk about it”, I got out of his hold, “it was wasn’t it?”, he followed me as I walked to the living room, “Jungkook”, “could you just tell me, I am trying to help you”, he snapped out. I stopped and turned to him, “yes! Yes it was Sarah. Her and her fucking friends, they beat me, do you want to know why?!”, I shouted out, tears beginning to fall, “because i didn’t want to leave you. Sh-she wanted one of her friends to be with you, because you’d both be on the same level, whereas I, I was nowhere near, so whatever we had it wouldn’t last”, I sobbed out. Jungkook pulled me into his chest, combing down my hair, trying to calm me down.

“Whatever i have she takes away from me”, “hey”, he pulled away slightly and cupped my face, wiping my tears with his thumbs, “I promise that I won’t leave you. And I’ll make sure that Sarah knows that if she or anyone else touches you again, they’ll regret it”.

Sorry for not posting for a very long time, but I’ve had four assessments to do at once. And scars I will try to get out as I am half way through the chapter thank you bibs 😊😊


When I Met You, Chapter One

Summary: High school AU in which Phil is the football pride of the school and Dan is just someone people vaguely remember passing in the halls. What will happen when these two meet?

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1213

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Scorbus Coming Out rec list

So last Tuesday was National Coming Out Day and I didn’t really do anything to mark the occasion. I came out to my friends and family when I was 13 and I’m about to turn 31. Being in a monogamous relationship with a man gives the illusion that I am heterosexual, but I was once very open about my bisexuality, I even founded our high school’s GSA. However this post isn’t about me, it’s to celebrate the wonderful Scorbus coming out stories that have come out post Cursed Child.

Most of these are one shots but there are a few chaptered stories at the bottom. If you know of any other Scorbus fics that feature coming out as an important part of the plot please reblog to add on to this list. While I personally see Albus and Scorpius’ coming out to their families as a pretty easy process (I assume the parents figured it out before they did) I like that authors have explored different dynamics. I hope that anyone struggling with coming out themselves can take courage from these stories. I’m also always available to chat.

Albus Severus Potter/Scorpius Hyperion Malfoy 

Coming Out Stories 

*Coming Out- rainystreetlights
Scorpius and Albus have been going out for a few months now. It’s probably time Draco knew. Scorpius, however, would be happy to put it off forever.

*Albus Comes Out- albvsxscorpy
Short, sweet and funny. Hopefully a sequel will be coming soon :)

*Coming Out to Ginny- torestoreamends
Albus comes out to his mum. Short sweet ficlet.

*Best Mates- picascribit
Part 1 of Pica’s Scorbus Arc (G)
Albus comes out to Scorpius. Confessions, realizations and getting together.

*Hogsmeade Outing- picascribit
Part 2 of the Scorbus Arc series (G)
First date and coming out to the school.

*Protego Club- picascribit

Part 3 of the Scorbus Arc series (G)

Hogwarts’ own LGBTQ club and it is amazing!

*Albus Day- picascribit
Part 4 of the Scorbus Arc series (Teen and up)

It’s Albus’s birthday! Lot’s of cousins, cuddling and kissing. Plus Protego Club, LGBTQ themes and conversations about consent and waiting. This is so rich and wonderful!

(Note that Part 5, ‘No Distractions’ isn’t really a coming out story so I haven’t included it on the list, but if you haven’t read it by all means do, just a warning that there is a mature sex scene at the end.)

*The Talk-picascribit
Part 6 of the Scorbus Arc series (Warning Rated Mature)
Harry and Albus have “the talk” and it’s awkward and wonderful and hilarious

*Missing Pieces- picascribit
Part 7 of the Scorbus Arc series (Teen and up)
Scorpius comes out to his father and it *hurts* but it gets better.

*In Spades- Jillian Bowes
‘When Scorpius learns he may be asexual, he worries he will never get to be in love. Albus is determined to convince him otherwise.’ Wonderful fic exploring sexual and romantic identity, and of course love.

*Coming Out to You- scorbus394
Two boys. One closet. And the cutest way to come out of that closet. 

*Studying- writeitininkorinblood
“So, this is what the kids mean when they say ‘studying’ nowadays, is it?” Ginny finds Albus and Scorpius kissing and it’s more than a little awkward.

*Talking- writeitininkorinblood
Ginny is pretty determined that Harry talk to his son about his relationship. Harry is less convinced but Ginny is in charge so here he was, sat on the edge of Albus’ bed and trying to make an awkward conversation as non-awkward as possible.

*The Potter Thing- writeitininkorinblood
Scorpius knows he has to come out to his father eventually. It wasn’t the male thing Scorpius thought his father would be mad about, it was the Albus Potter thing. The /Potter/ thing in particular.

*We’ll Be Okay- c_hristine_s 

‘Albus’s embarrassment always seems to rub off on Scorpius.’ 
End of six year, planning to come out over summer break.

*After Breakfast- BookofSpells
‘Albus is nervous about he and Scorp’s first night alone in their new flat. Harry is clueless’. Cute and funny.

*pride- nova of scorbusdrabbles
‘Harry discovered that Albus is gay when Ministry business led him to Hogwarts on what was coincidentally the school’s Pride Day’. Short, slightly crack-ish drabble.

*Firewhisky- amorae
‘Albus Severus Potter isn’t nearly as dense as his father, but if there were a competition for “The Densest Potter Boys Alive”, it would be a very, very close call.’ This quite long, but full of supportive characters and one very clueless Albus.

*When did that start?- smolbirbplant

‘Albus and Scorpius have been keeping their relationship a secret all year. As they get off the Hogwarts express Scorpius decides that he wants to share that secret with their families.’ 
Short, cute, easy. Supportive, yet teasing James.

*Buried Memory- ssJono
‘Albus is fed up with his Dad’s attempt at setting him up and comes to a realisation.’ Featuring Fantastic and fierce Ginny.

*The Unfortunate Consequences of Talking to Oneself in the Mirror- TheRogueHuntress
'In which Scorpius attempts to tell his grandfather he’s dating Albus Potter.’ Probably not CC compliant, probably don’t care. It’s short and funny.

*One Beat- threebroomstickz
'Scorpius released a long, defeated sigh. It was true, he had insisted that they keep their relationship secret. For the sake of their families. The media would have a ball when they find out about the gay sons of the savior of the wizarding world, and ex-death eater.’

*Together- KillianJones32
Well, preparing to come out anyway

*talk to me for hours-clohvers
Perhaps more of a confessional than a coming out, but it has a similar nervous energy.

*Albus Potter and the Crush on His Best Friend- ablondeweasley
‘Harry’s battles, in the original seven books, were always simple, and with two outcomes: beat Voldemort or die. Albus struggles with something much more complicated…’ Veritaserum, confessions, rainbow cupcakes and Poppy Pomfrey, oh my! 

*Only Love- cinderblocklynn
‘Albus doesn’t have much interest in girls and he doesn’t feel like he needs to, he has Scorpius and he’s more than enough for him’. Getting together then coming out to the Potters.

*One Step at a Time- teenagewasteland
Pure Scorbus fluff because we can never have too much of that
Part one is getting together, part two is coming out

*In Which Scorpius Malfoy and Albus Potter Come Out- Ravenclaw Scientist
Part 1 of ‘In which… Scorbus is cannon’ series (Teen and Up)
This is a bit all over the place, but as the title suggests… Scorpius comes out to Albus is chapter one, Scorpius comes out to his dad in chapter 3 and Albus comes out to his parents in chapter 6. In between there are drunken house parties and weirdness.

*A very important conversation- Ravenclaw Scientist
Part 4 of 'In which… Scorbus is cannon’ series (rated Mature)
Harry and Draco sit Albus and Scorpius down for “the talk” *together*. Much awkwardness ensues. Scorpius is adorable. Warning for well you know, wizard sex education. Works as a stand alone.

*Love Dorks- pommedeplume
Part 4 of the Albus and Scorpius Series
Albus Potter discusses his gender with his boyfriend. Kissing and dorkiness ensues.

*Someone My Mother Would Be Proud Of- ScorbusDeservesBetter 
Note that I have only read the first three chapters (Scorpius comes out to his dad in the third) but it is a complete story.

*A Knack for Trouble- CoronaAustralis
This is a WIP and promises to have a rather complex and intriguing plot. The boys come out in chapter 2 or rather Scorpius comes out and Albus makes a muddle of it.

*Adventures of a Transgendered Wizard
Note that this is a WIP. It’s written in first person, and while it is not really my thing, I thought it should be included here.

The House of Beasts, part 5

This part has like direct paragraphs I took from the book because I legitimately had no inspiration at all to write this chapter… And I realized I had quite a few plot holes, so I’m here to make a change that’s EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: HYBERN IS NOT THE PRINCIPAL, HE’S THE PRINCIPAL OF HYBERN UNIVERSITY. I will go back and make the necessary corrections, so for all those who’ve read it up to now, sorry! But I make mistakes lol that’s what happens

Summary: Prythian University, the grounds where frat houses wage wars and throw the best parties yet. Feyre, an art student and girlfriend to the Head of House of the Spring House, discovers secrets everyone’s been keeping from her for the last year and a half. An ACOTAR/ACOMAF AU, which begins as Feylin then evolves into Feysand. Begins as ACOTAR, includes AU of Under the Mountain, but will focus more on Acomaf.

Word Count: 2749 words

Once again, thank you all for withholding any hate and supplying only constructive criticism (I really need it!) and sending any requests, suggestions, etc.  Disclaimer: All characters and some direct and or modified quotes belong to Sarah J Maas, as well as some of the plot points. I take no credit for them whatsoever

Part 5: Bargains

Under the Mountain was definitely what I thought it would be.

The place was littered with thugs, crooks and criminals. The stingy smell of weed clung to the air and made me wrinkle my nose. Few heads turned to my direction once I reached the bottom of the stairs, and I clung to the wall to keep from drawing attention to myself. The room was strangely built, all corners and squares attached to each other with no definite shape or pattern. It was all open though, yet the bodies made it seemed more cramped than it was. To my left was a bar, and to my right a dance floor littered with grinding and public displays of affection I could have lived the rest of my life without seeing. There were strippers and prostitutes, both male and female, and to my surprise I even recognized a few students from school. Overall, it was rancid. Despicable.

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Rewarding Moments

A Joshaya Fanfiction

Story By: @hoffkk

Requested by: Anonymous

Prompt: Can you do a Joshaya fanfiction with Maya and Josh dating and she is 18 and they get caught by Cory, Topanga, Riley, Shawn etc “studying”

Summary: Josh helps Maya study for her psychology final and finds a creative way to get her motivated that’s fun for both of them! ;)


Maya felt a rush of relief when her phone pinged, signaling an incoming text.  She’d take any excuse she could to get out of studying for this psychology final.

Riles: Where are you?:P

Maya: BFs.  Studying.

Maya couldn’t help but smile as she typed her reply.  It took barely half a semester at NYU before Josh asked her out and they officially became a couple.  College couldn’t have gotten off to a better start, especially since her best friend was her roommate in the freshman dorm.  Yeah, life was pretty good.

Riles: Okay! :)

Maya was about to type back a response when a teasing voice broke through her thoughts.

“Phone away.” Josh said as he handed her a fresh cup of coffee. “You need to focus, young lady.”

Maya just grunted and took a long sip of her drink while Josh laughed and continued.  "I know this psych final is stressing you out, but if you just apply yourself and get through all the chapter reviews, you’ll be sure to ace it.“

"I guess.  It’s just soooo boring.  Who cares about Skinner and his operant conditioning psychobabble?” Maya whined, starting to regret asking Josh to help her study. He was being helpful and all, but almost too helpful.  Josh was acting more like a drill sergeant than tutor.

“Come on, it’s not that bad.  Tell you what, how about we take a two minute break then try some rapid fire flashcard Q&A?”

“Okay, it’s cute that you care so much and all, but are you serious?” Maya questioned.

“What?”  Josh retorted, slightly confused.

“For one… two minutes is not a break, two… rapid fire flashcards sounds like the worst game ever, and three… if you are gonna be such a drill sergeant about this, you could at least wear the uniform.”

Josh blushed as he quirked a brow at Maya who just shrugged and added, “I’m kidding… kind of.” before taking another mouthful of coffee.

Smirking, Josh shook his head and tried a different approach with Maya.  "You know, Skinner had the right idea with the use of reward systems. For instance, if you stay focused and study hard, you will be rewarded with a good grade.“

"Yeah, that was all fine and dandy about three hours ago when we first started, but I don’t think the stress is worth it anymore. ”  Maya answered.

“But… you’d also get the pride of a job well done.”  Josh replied, attempting yet again to motivate his girlfriend.

“Eh, I guess.” She shrugged then put her drink on the side table.

“Come on, I think that is something worth working hard for.”  He said honestly.

“And I think it is adorable that you think that.”  Maya noted with a cheeky smile.

Josh tried and failed to stifle his smile before giving in and saying, “Okay, so maybe for your last final, those rewards don’t seem like much…. but it’s what you’ve got, and we can’t change it.”

Maya sighed and said, “I know, I’m just sick of studying.  I don’t know how Riley did this all through middle school and high school.”

“Well, what if we made it more interesting?” He offered with a mischievous glint in his eyes.

“What do you mean?” She queried.

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Sirius Black x Reader.  Part 2  Part 3   Part 4   Part 5/End

______ = your name

(L/N) = last name

You’re in Gryffindor and Sirius seems to not know who you are. This is going to be a long series of chapters. Is written in first person. Reader is female.

Originally posted by your-harry-potter-imagines

I’ve seen Sirius Black around the school. Quite often, he’s always making a ruckus with the teachers and other students. Especially some poor sap named Severus. I’ve heard of the Black family and Sirius was certainly a strange one. Our years together, he never seemed to notice me.

The first year at Hogwarts, we were in the same grade. Both first years. Both sorted into Gryffindor. But of course, he was too entranced by the others, he didn’t even notice me.

The second year was normal. He was going around with his trouble making group although it was mainly him and the Potter boy. James. His friends Peter and Remus always were in the background whenever they were around.

The third year Sirius and his friends started picking on kids more frequently, sure he picked on people the first two years but the third year was when things picked up. I think it had to do with them all turning teens and the girls going head over heels for them. All except for Lily, who always seemed to be around to criticize them and their demeanor.

The fourth year, they started hexes. Giving people warts, jelly-jinx legs, you know, all that good stuff. By this time, I’ve noticed a pattern with this group. At the end of the month, the book nerd/nice one. Remus. Always disappeared. And I could hear them sneaking out at night at this time of the month. It wasn’t until we learned about werewolves that I had a suspicion. Didn’t change my attitude towards him. But it did cause me to become closer to Lupin. Not voicing my thoughts about the matter, however. If he wanted to tell me. He would. We would still hang out in the library until his friends whisked him away, completely ignoring my existence. He was a good book buddy.

The fifth year. I had gotten closer to Severus, and Lily. Severus always seemed to know what he was doing in potions and I was absolutely atrocious at it. So he tutored me since the second year and Lily came with the package deal. Till one day, the boys. Bored I guess? After their O.W.L.’s, they came up to Severus and hexed him. No reason besides ‘the fact that he exists’. Kept picking on him, even after Lily had banished their friendship and left. I wanted to move forward and stop him but my own thoughts held me back.

“they’d hate me.” My mind spouted. “as long as they don’t hurt him he’ll be alright. right?

But both were the wrong answers. Once the boys had their fun, they left. Dropping poor Severus onto the ground from a horrible height. I rushed forward and helped him up and gathered his things. He kept shrugging me off and telling me to leave but I couldn’t. My guilty conscious wouldn’t rest till I at least did one thing nice for the man I abandoned. Once Severus was all set, we left to go to the castle. He seemed like he was regretting something but held back. He probably regretted what he said to Lily. But it was too late.

After that, he canceled his tutoring lessons and ignored me from then on. Lily doing the same. I was left alone, once again since the first year.

I made another observation of the ‘Mauraders’ As they started calling themselves. There was at least a month where they spoke as if they had something in their mouth. And at the end of the month, they all had left to somewhere, longer than usual. This pattern went on for a couple of months. By the end of the school year, they were annoyed and relieved. As if they had to do something over and over again until it was perfect. And they were finally finished.

This is the sixth year. I just boarded the train to go to Hogwarts. I sat alone in my compartment, no surprise since I’ve been doing it since the first year. The seats were comfy as I laid back on top of them, sleep threatening to take over. I held a book and was re-reading the same passage over and over. The words not processing in my head. I resisted skimming along and skipping paragraphs. I let out a sigh and set the book down on the floor next to my bag, a bookmark slid between the pages. I sat up and settled into the corner, my back to the outside window showing the passing scenery. My eyes flickered to movement outside the door to my lonely compartment. Low and behold, it was the Mauraders. James took the lead, talking to somebody I couldn’t see, he leaned against my door and messed up his hair. Sirius was behind him. His back leaning against my door as if it was a wall. Remus had a book in his hand and a bag on his back. And Peter was timidly taking up the rear. I made eye contact with Peter and waved. He blinked a couple times before he registered that I had greeted him before he waved back. He went on to stare at James and Sirius, also ignoring me.

My knee bounced with agitation. What if I wanted out, how was I supposed to do that if a certain pretty boy, was leaning against it. I rested my cheek against my fist that was propped on my non-bouncing leg. I stared at the ceiling in irritation.

I was tempted to get up and open the door and make the playboy fall in when a familiar click sounded, and the door to my compartment was opened.

And in leaned Sirius Black.

“Well hello.” He purred, looking at me up and down. I forced a blush away and thought of the annoyance he’s caused me.

I waved and sat straight up, pulling my bag to my legs.
Hoping that he wasn’t planning on flirting with me like he had with every other girl. News flash, I’m not like them.

He took a step into the compartment, making it feel less lonely. James must have felt his best friends presence from him disappear or something because he turned around. Stopping his conversation with someone, and filed into my space. Followed by Remus, who finally looked up from his book, and Peter.

“So, you new here?” Sirius asked, his hands stuffed into his pants pocket. His shirt untucked and messy, cloak curtained behind him. His Gryffindor tie draped around his neck, untied. I realized that I hadn’t changed into my own robes.

I can’t believe he just asked that.

“No. I’m not.” I made my voice as calm as I could almost failing. Remus stepped forward, confused on what his friend was doing. Probably thinking ‘has he really never noticed her?’

James sat into one of the seats, Peter taking his side instantly. Both watching this with amusement.

“Oh. What house?” Sirius asked, taking a step forward. Biting his lip, causing his already handsome face to double. I almost blushed but processed what he said.

“Gryffindor,” I said plainly, ignoring his good looks and focusing on the anger that has been following every single question of his.

“Hey, me too! What a coincidence. What year?”

Are you kidding me? He hasn’t realized who I am, did he even try? Remus opened his mouth to intercept the final question. But was stopped by an amused James.


He really hasn’t noticed me. It’s been 6 years, we’ve been in the same classes, the same common rooms. The same table at lunch. For 6 years.

“Oh.. I’ve never seen you around.”

‘Oh really, how about the time I had to have help from Severus on the sleep potion and you interrupted our study by making the cauldron explode on him. Or the time Lily and I were by the lake and James led you guys to talk to her. I slipped away since it was extremely awkward. Or how about the time Remus and I were in the library having a pleasant talk about the newest P.C cast book when you demanded notes from the history of magic from him. That was just the 3rd year. Shall I go on?’ My mind screamed at him. I so badly wanted to say this out loud but refrained. I didn’t reply, I pulled up my bag from the floor and onto my shoulder, then stood.

I kept a fake smile on my face, he seemed confused. Questioning why I stood and had my things. I answered his internal struggle by fleeing to the door. stopping halfway through the doorway when he shouted yet another question.

“Wait! What’s your name?” I glanced over my shoulder. Disappointed at how calmly he’s taking this. More disappointed at how he didn’t even know I existed till now.

“______” I whispered angrily. My facade falling and my loneliness showing through. I rushed off the way the came before they could stop me with any more questions. Not realizing I had left something behind.

Sirius blinked in confusion before turning to his friends. Two of them red-faced with suppressed laughter, the other red-faced with rage.

“______. ______, (L/N)?” Sirius asked, his eyes widened in realization. Remus came up and started hitting his friend in the arm with a book.

“You’re. An. Idiot.” He punctuated with every hit. Sirius slid to the side, raising his arms, trying to protect himself while saying “okay, okay.” Till Remus stopped.

“How did you not recognize her?!” Remus’ eyes narrowed. Sirius raised his arms in an unaccusingly way.

“Hey, in my defense. She looks way different.”

“No. No, she doesn’t. Perhaps she got a haircut over the summer but it’s very clearly her.”

“… We’re talking about the same ______, right?” Sirius looked at his friends. Two of which weren’t holding back in her laughter, finally letting it out and rolling on the floor clutching their sides. “The same weirdo that followed Lily and Snivilus around for like 3 years.”

Remus let out a loud groan and twirled around and hitting his head against his book in the same movement. Sirius shrugged and stuffed his hands into his pockets.

“You have to apologize.” Remus declares from behind his book. His voice coming out in a groan. Sirius’ face twists.

“I don’t have to do anything.”

James finally gets a control on his laughing and sits back up, leaning against the seat to stand.

“Mate, I can’t believe you forgot ______. You were only just telling us how much you fancied her.”

Sirius suddenly looked away, his voice going quiet. “I don’t know what you’re talking about. ______? I didn’t forget her… I just…  besides. She’s weird, couldn’t fancy her.”

“Oh really? That’s not what you were saying in your sleep.” Peter joined in. Helping James stand. Both looking like they might be on the verge of laughing again.

“Oh bug off Wormtail.” Sirius rolled his eyes. He turned around and sat in the seat you sat moments ago. His foot hitting something. Capturing his attention, he ignored what the boys were saying and picked up the thing he ran into. It was a book. The cover was faded and it seemed well read. He slid a hand across worn words on the cover and flipped it open. The first page had your name on it. He grinned at the handwriting. It seemed to fit you so perfectly. The slopes and edges. Before he knew it he was snapped out of his trance by a certain werewolf.

“Oi Padfoot.” Remus looks at the book in Sirius’ hands as he yanked on it. Then read your name inside the cover. A grin taking his face. A plan forming. “This is perfect. You can deliver ______ her book and apologize.”

James slid into the seat next to Sirius then takes a turn to look at the book. “Whoa, this thing is old. Think it’ll rip as easy as it looks?” He grins. Remus shakes his head and reaches to take it out of James’ hands, But James yanked it out of his reach and flipped through. Noticing different notes written in sticky notes in the margins.

“Quote, this. Loneliness can be considered an emptiness to some but…” He read the first sentence out loud his mouth gaping as he took a breath to continue on but Sirius yanked the book back with a huff.

“Whatever. I’ll return her stupid book.” He set the book beside him and stared out the window. The others following along and falling into silence. Broken after a few moments by the same person who started it. “Has… Has ______ always looked that … Good?” He forgets the proper word but replaces it with another.

No one answered him.