i just ruined sailor moon for you

group shot! they’re Drops because they were inspired by the Sailor Moon Drops game. :D

also a question: should I do Sunset in her first/second movie colors and outfit, or Sunset from Friendship Games+? I like both versions and I can’t decide. :( (I also need to figure out which SciTwi I wanna do but that’s assuming I have time for her.)


“96 is less of a garbage fire now, tell ur friends”

Because nobody can sum things up quite like @docholligay.

Today is my break from THE GIFTENING, so I’m catching up on a few things. LIKE SLEEP, but also other stuff. Something that’s been on my to-do list for a little while now is to watch Viz’s dub of Episode 96 and report back to Holligay on its absolute shittiness. The changes made to 98 were very promising, but there was so much in 96 that was bad. SO VERY MUCH. And with Holligay actually kind of enjoying Usagi for a change, she was reluctant to ruin it. I was going in as an advance scout.

Since I still had the blu-rays out from Sailor Moon Day, I sat down to completely my THE MISSION this morning. I was so thrilled to be able to report back that it better. That it was just SO MUCH BETTER.

I’m so happy and excited about the changes Viz made to this episode, I had to come in here and tell all of you. I appreciate that I’m way the fuck behind here, that the discs have been out for a while now. But just in case some of you were uncertain about the episode, or indeed about the Viz dub as a whole, I wanted to put this out there.

You guys, it’s SO GOOD.

In case you don’t remember Episode 96, or what’s so fucked up about it, it’s the episode where Mako has a crush on Haruka, and the whole thing is this terrible, homophobic pit of awful. Usagi especially comes off dreadful, as she so often does when the writers decide to pull this shit. But the Viz dub took one look at that and said “Hmm, okay, but what if we DON’T make women loving women out to be disgusting?” AND SO IT WAS.

Not every line is perfection; there are a few that come across a little rocky. But I think part of that reaction comes from knowing what’s in the original, and part of it from the fact that there’s only so much they can do. If Usagi’s looking suspiciously at Mako, there’s no way to give a line reading that’s anything but, if you want to make it actually flow with the story and animation. Even with the bumps, the dub manages to bring it all together in the end in a way that I thought was amazing and brilliant. Looking at context of the episode as a whole, Usagi comes across not as inexplicably lesbophobic for an episode, but as a sheltered teenager who’s occasionally a little awkward with her words and feelings, dropped into a new situation. Obviously mileage varies for how tolerant someone would be of that, but it is at the least not outwardly condemning as Usagi (and the others) appeared to be in the original, and I think that goes a long way.

Hit or miss though (and it was a big hit for me), I feel it’s huge that the Viz dub creators TRIED. They looked at the original, recognized it was fucked up, and put in the effort to remove the bad pieces and replace them with something better, while not losing the heart of the episode, and without having to directly contradict what was on the screen. That’s a hell of a lot of work that wasn’t STRICTLY necessary. They were dubbing the original anime, and they could’ve taken the easier path and just kept it as is.

What I see in these choices is nothing but love. Again to quote Doc, “It comes to me as a sign of loving something enough to want to make it better. Looking at the show and going “c'mon you’re better than this."” And wanting to share that love, too. To not make anyone feel excluded, like the main character of this show could be looking at you with judgment and scorn rather than the love and acceptance you know Usagi would have for each and every one of us.

I’ve barely begun to explore the Viz dub of Sailor Moon, but I’ve been nothing but impressed with everything I’ve seen so far. I don’t know how many people are still on the fence, I figure most everyone’s made their own call by now. But if you’ve been reluctant, if you’ve held back at all, then I encourage you to put your concerns aside. I feel confident that the Viz dub has nothing but love for the anime in its heart, and it wants nothing more than to share that love with everyone.

I hope, if you haven’t yet, you consider picking up the blu-rays or DVDs. I feel Viz has proved they’re the right people for this job, and I can’t wait to see the rest of the season in their hands.

[And if you’d like to read the dialogue of those scenes for yourself, check out this post.]

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Hey! I don't mean to bother you, but from the stuff you reblog, pretty cure looks pretty cool! But where do I start? Are there different series? Thanks!! 💕

I totally understand why Pretty Cure seems overwhelming, there are 12 different series now!! (or 14 total series!!)
Each series has a different set of characters, villians and theme: e.g. Kira Kira Precure a la Mode has a theme of sweets and imagination, while HeartCatch Precure has a theme of flowers and fashion. :)

You can literally start from ANY of the different series that takes your interest! And there is absolutely no need to watch them in order, and you can skip ones that don’t interest you. ^^

Also just to note, Pretty Cure is a set of magical girl series’ aimed at japanese girls aged around 3-10, primarily to sell toys. But like most modern cartoons, or like Sailor Moon, it has a large older fanbase as well! Just take it with a pinch of salt- the stories can be very simple and the villians are rarely threatening until later in the stories (kinda like RPGs where enemies get more intimidating as you level up haha). It’s just a simple, cute and fun show to watch.

Also this is commonly misunderstood by a lot of people, but Pretty Cure is not a ripoff of Sailor Moon. It’s made by the same company (Toei) and continues the magical girl legacy in its own way, yet also remaining loyal to the tropes people love! ^__^

Series that I would recommend to newbies would be:
- Heartcatch PreCure (often considered the best or most approachable series by fans)
- Smile PreCure (the characters are very popular. Just avoid the Netflix “Glitter Force” remake, that ruined it akin to 4kids editing)
- Princess PreCure (high quality battle scenes)
- Kira Kira Precure a la Mode (the current series. Since it’s just started, it can be fun to join in on the hype and feel involved!)

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What version of sailor moon are you watching? if it's sailor moon crystal, then stop. It ruins Usagi's character for the reason you just described. And yeah, makes her completely incompetent as well as love obsessed. You're probably better off reading the manga.

I’m watching the original series and I’m watching it straight through. I am still very unhappy with it and it really just makes me frustrated rather than invested. I made it to the beginning of the second season and Princess Serenity’s huge sacrifice was really powerful but lacked the weight I think it intended to have because GOD why do so many magical girl shows that try to talk about how ~*important*~ regular life is always manage to make Regular Life the most BORING part of the whole show?

Steven Universe does this, too. And I’m not buying it really.

Random Soymilk observation:  The crossover games and expanded content seem to favor showing off the water armatization above all others.  I mean, look at the Tales of Zestiria the X OP.  It would have made sense for them to show the fire, earth, and wind ones too since it’s focused strictly on Zestiria-verse, but all we get is the water one.  If you watch the 3rd Tales of Asteria OP, they reuse the same sequence from the Galahad Ruins where they unveil the water armatization (anyone else think it looks like Sorey is transforming into a Magical Boy a la Sailor Moon?).  It’s like they’re going out of their way to go *hint hint wink wink nudge nudge shove!* Sorey and Mikleo are very important to each other, as is their relationship.

For reference re: Asteria (not going to post the ToZ the X OP since I figure you all know what I’m talking about if you’re following me, lol):

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I request a close reading of the dub theme

Okay I was really not in my proper state of mind when I rashly promised this but I’M GONNA DO IT ANYWAY

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
Never running from a real fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon

This opening stanza appears to be focused on the Nietzschean ideal of the power of the individual. By specifying the word “one,” the audience receives a subconscious message about the singularity of the subject. In listing her accomplishments first and her name last, it emphasizes her deeds over her identity, indeed that her actions define who she is better than a name can. 

She will never turn her back on a friend
She is always there to defend
She is the one on whom we can depend
She is the one named Sailor…

One may say that the inverted construction of the phrase “on whom we can depend” is a poor phrasing only used to fit the rhythmic and metrical scheme, but perhaps it is deliberate; it sounds unnatural to English speakers, hinting at the otherworldly nature of Sailor Moon’s true identity as a reincarnated space princess. The paralleled construction to the first verse leads the listener to think that once again Sailor Moon is the unnamed “she,” when in fact it is referring to:

Sailor Venus
Sailor Mercury
Sailor Mars
Sailor Jupiter
Secret powers
All so new to her
She is the one named Sailor Moon

In a sort of apo koinou construction, this stanza represents the dramatic reveal that “she” could be referring to any number of strong female role models; what we thought only applied to Moon is also attributed to these other girls. “So new to her” and “Jupiter” is a bold attempt at a rhyme, especially when the monosyllabic “Mars” is an option. And, yet, this this line represents exactly the same philosophy as our heroines: though they may not win every time, the important thing is that they never stop trying. 

Fighting evil by moonlight
Winning love by daylight
With her Sailor Scouts to help fight
She is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one named Sailor Moon
She is the one … Sailor Moon!

This final stanza emphasizes once again the shift from individualism to pluralism. Sailor Moon is now defined in tandem by the Sailor Scouts; just as her deeds define who she is, so do her associations and relationships. Her friends are given equal importance to her dedication to justice. 

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Kureto also has the moon crest thingy btw :DDD

….Are…you fucking serious? Oh. My. God. 

Oh, yes he does. 

I am dying from laughter imaging Kureto chasing Guren around asking him to be loved, in a very ‘notice me Senpai’ manner. 

Still, could it be that it every important family from the Japanese Demon Army has such a crest? You’re observation made me think whether it could be possible for the Hiragi family to have a Moon symbol crest, and so on….Fuck, dear anon now I feel like we must dig digger. There must be more! 

For this matter I remembered a particular manga moment, when Shinoa goes to confront Guren after Yuu’s rampage in Shinjuku. 

It is clear that the clock is a symbol for the Hiragi family, convincing the guards in a instant that she is part of their blood line. Considering this, the theory is very plausible, though I don’t remember any moment in the manga/anime/interview where family crests are mentioned, or is made any reference their symbolic meaning. On the other note, there is the fact that neither Aoi nor Mitsuba have a crest, insignia or symbol to say this theory can be 100% validated as canon. Also there’s that neither Tenri nor Seishiro Hiragi, in their small screen time, displayed any objects to confirm the matter further. Now I am a little confused to be honest, as we can easily interpret that only the individuals that are high-ranking or important from a family can wear symbols like this, but then is the fact that neither Aoi, Tenri nor Seishiro showed anything similar, and that leaves too much to interpretation for me to be content with. This makes me think that maybe the mangaka and the anime adaptors did this on purpose to single out these four characters (Shinya, Shinoa, Guren and Kureto) for symbolic reasons, considering the importance all of them have to the plot. 

If we would say that the Hiragi family crest is a Moon, I will still find it fitting, looking at the way the family members deal with things, how shrouded in mystery they are at all times, a characteristic similar in all of them (even Shinoa that displays her cunning at times, and not often does she say what she really thinks, masking her serious self through jokes and a light-hearted attitude…like Shinya, in a way). Also, there is a big irony in the fact that those that are symbolised by the ‘Moon’ hunt down vampires that originally where at their safest and strongest at night (but the manga is full of such small ironies, from the fact the the Cursed Gear is derived from vampires turned into demons that are possessing humans).

Kureto is Sailor Moon. I am dying imagining him now in a magic girl transformation. ‘In the name of the moon, I will punish you filthy vampire.’ I am so not sorry.

Or be that person and say it’s a fashion choice and ruin my fun.

Also, to go on assuming further, I could easily put this from a different perspective (I will ignore from this point on the possibility that it could mean something else). The fact that both Shinya and Kureto have this symbol, just furthers the implications in the triangle they make with Guren. Since Shinya is one of the only other people (until now at least; feel free to correct me) to display such a symbol, could be a metaphor for the hold the Hiragis have on him, a thing that has been exemplified in the manga through Kureto’s meddling and interest in his ‘brother’, him being one of the most controlling people in Shinya’s life. In a way, it could be said that Kureto is keeping Shinya back (keeping him from ever achieving freedom), making him do mostly anything he desires, and Shinya is unable to respond or defend himself. On the other hand, we have Guren (that for the sake of the argument we’ll say that his insignia is indeed a ‘Sun’). He is the person that gives Shinya purpose and comfort. From the fact that is canon that Shinya considers Guren his ‘Sun’, we can say that he is looking up to the black haired man. Following this path, we can say Shinya aspires to evolve, to break the chains his life has put him in, and reach his ‘Sun’ (in symbolism, the Sun is a symbol of superiority, revealing another dimension, and those that aspire to touch it mean they wished to transcend to a superior plan of existence, even though such desires are mostly unattainable), represented through Guren, but he is held back in his current condition, hidden, in the dark, and even feeling more than a little miserable, by the Moon, symbolised through Kureto and the Hiragis (on the same note it could explain why Shinoa keeps away from the family politics and does not want to wear a symbol that would affiliate her with them). 

Comparison between Guren and Kureto have been made a constant in the story, putting them in antithesis. Kureto is cold, calculated, ruthless, ready to sacrifice anything and anyone for the sake of his goal, which is not only to save the world from the vampires, but afterwards to  subjugate it under the JIDA. Guren on the other hand, despite some of his actions, is warmth and kindness, always preaching about protecting others that are ‘family’ and doing so himself, with the risk of damaging or endangering his life. It is implied that his purpose is much kinder than Kureto’s, thus making the other consider him weak and purposeless. Both of them can be called ‘Kings’ and in a way they are at war, their conflict influencing the fate of humanity itself. 

And then comes Shinya in discussion. Tbh, I understand why some ship kureshin. It is clear by now that both men have a hold over Shinya: Guren through the emotion and loyalty Shinya harbours for him, and Kureto over his physical body, through the pain or death he can bring for any insubordination. Shinya is caught between them, a constant battle between his heart and his safety, duty and love (because be it platonic or romantic, Shinya loves Guren very much so). Kureto wearing the same Moon symbol like Shinya, could be just a blatant display of his hold over him, a jab at Guren to show him which master Shinya belongs to (I can see Guren wearing a Sun emblem just to piss Kureto off). I think this insignias are quite important and weren’t put there just for aesthetic diversity. In a way it shows the inner conflict Shinya struggles with, that no matter what he cannot escape from… 

(And now I feel like crying for my pure cinnamon roll)

Keeping up the metaphor with the two kings, Shinya is the lionheart, caught between two opposing forces, that have defined him for a lifetime (It isn’t clear what Shinya would have been like if he did not have to adapt to survive the abuse he lived in the Hiragi household. There is the possibility that he would still be the same, but it seems heavily implied that the main reason he hides under so many masks is because of them. This way we can say how Shinya is still under the influence of the Moon, the characteristics I have explained in my earlier post coming from this influence. On the same note, when he is with Guren he is a much more lighter, warmer self, showing us that under the ‘Sun’s’ influence he could be someone else, that he keeps a hidden persona hidden deep inside him, perhaps wanting to let it out).

Let me thank you dear anon for pointing this out to me. Now I feel like I have discovered even more into this matter, and honestly whether you agree or not that from such small details I can take out a whole theory, I think anyone can agree how beautifully complex the relationship between Shiny/Guren and the Hiragis is. Please anyone, if you think there is more and you have to add, feel free to do so. Thank you for reading xD.

Part II of the “we are all fans” images. Someone pointed out on the last one that dub fans “didn’t count.” Wrong. 

It doesn’t matter if you watched it dubbed or subbed - we are all fans. Different strokes for different folks, guys. Why do you care if someone likes it in a different language or a different adaptation? Will it really ruin your experience?

Again, we are all fans. Peace, love, and moon prism power, all.

(Also, forgive me if I got any of these wrong - please just send me a note and let me know the correction, and I’ll update it.)

Are you kidding me?

So in today’s Sailor Moon Crystal episode, Act 25, we get this amazing and beautiful (not to mention cute) 2D transformation of Sailor Chibi Moon!

This part here:

(GIF by senshiofserenity)

I absolutely love it, a lot of us in the fandom do - but, of course, some people decided to ruin it. 

I was looking trough the SMC tag, and see this screen/still shot of that animation - making fun of it, of course:

In the GIF/animation, YOU HARDLY NOTICE IT. Or you might not even see it at all! It only lasts for a damn millisecond

People in this fandom really need to stop trying to find EVERY MISTAKE in a great animation scene - to ruin it just for the heck of it. I know Sailor Moon Crystal has a lot of animation mistakes, but geez, seriously?

God this is annoying.

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We had an ask on how to make the pleats in the sailor skirts. I have been waiting to answer that till this weekend, and then I forgot to take pictures while I was working.

We are doing the manga look of the pleated tops with a circle on the bottom. Basically that means you are pleating the skirt when the fabric is seen in, but not actually pressing the pleats into the fabric. This method will also work for the pleated skirt look, you just need to take more time to make your pleats look even. I however, am doing the anime stripes over the colour gradient that super sailor moon has in the manga just because I do not want to have to make the trek back to Toronto to pick up more white satin should I have one drop of dye ruin everything.

1. You just need a basic skirt pattern for this, I am using my blocks I have. As long as it goes to your waist and has a waist dart it will work.

2. Trace off just the middle of the pattern (other wise known as center front and center back) then rotate your pattern piece to close the dart and trace off the eat of the pattern.

3. Then you draw your line on for the V on the front of the skirt. For the back we did at slight scoop from the waist so that we could elongate the backs too. This won’t be noticeable when you wear it :)

4. Next draw off your pleats how you want them to look when they are closed. I took my length measurements and just divided it by 3.5 because we were doing 7 pleats to a side. This is how you plan to make both the front and back pleat into the middle panels. Also I should note that like Jenn’s classical super girl skirt, the front is 8.5 inches long and the rest of the skirt is 12.

5. Trace off the first pleat, now is when you decide how big you want the insides of the pleats. I wanted all 7 to be the same size, so my front pleats insides are slightly smaller than the rest. For my first pleat a measured off 2, 1 inch sections at the top and 2, 3 inch sections at the bottom. Then you fold up those like you would a pleat and trace off the next section. Do not cut the extra paper away until you are done. When you have it all folded up its hours look like photo 7 with all kinds of extra paper on the top and bottom.

Note: wanna know how we have both the from and back pleating into a front panel? On your sides you want to do a box pleat (photo 8) on your side seams for both pieces. It even hides the seams making it look like one giant skirt.

6. Add your seam allowances to the skirt while it’s all folded up, and then tape them all in place with painter’s tape. Then cut away all the extra paper. And now you can remove the tape and reveal your pattern.

As you can see in the last photo our skirts are huge! All the crazy jagged edges on the front will pleat up nicely and make a clean V at the top. If you are being super sailor moon, once you have the skirt pattern done, then you need to go in and add in the lines on her skirt and then trace off your new three pattern pieces!

“I don’t really like Crystal.”


I really need to stop going into the Crystal tag

- Supersonic Wave (the “crying attack”) appears in both the original manga and the 90s anime. It appears in the first story and again in the funny dentist story (as a MotW plot in SuperS and an arcless short story in the manga). Both Usagi and ChibiUsa can do it, and the 90s anime had ChibiUsa doing a variant of it constantly during the R season. While never outright stated, it’s implied to be a kind of inadvertent Royal Moon Family defense mechanism for when their children feel really helpless and aren’t fully grown into their powers.

- Mamoru wears the Tuxedo during the day in the manga as well. And yeah, Usagi doesn’t recognize him, and yeah that’s hilarious and requires a little bit of suspension of disbelief, but Usagi is also not the most observant little fish. Bless these two dorks. In either case, it’s not new. It’s straight from the manga. You may address all complaints to 1991.

- Moon Tiara Boomerang is the name of the attack in the manga.

- Usagi has the exact same voice actress as before. Same one. This is not a new actress with a more annoying high pitched voice. It is literally the exact same voice. It has always sounded like this.

- The plot is practically beat for beat the exact same plot that appears in both the first episode of the original anime and the first chapter of the manga. It’s okay if you don’t like it, but if you think it’s worse plotwise than the original anime then you confuse me. Because it the same plot. The same things happen. In the same order.

- The story cannot be cliche if it invented the cliches. If you’ve never seen Sailor Moon but seen lots of Mahou Shoujo and now you are watching SM for the first time and thinking “it’s so standard” - this show literally invented that standard. It was revolutionarily unique and groundbreaking, so much so that now an entire genre of anime owes itself to this story’s existence. You are not seeing a rehashing of old tropes, you are seeing their invention.

- Not seeing exaggerated goofy faces and instead expressing emotion using real movement is the opposite of lazy animation. Those big goofy faces are frame saving animation shortcuts. It’s okay to miss them, but that doesn’t mean Usagi is inexpressive. Manga has even fewer “frames” to work with to show character emotion, and so also uses shortcuts and big cues to get feelings across. Usagi in Crystal has weird loopy eyebrows when she’s upset and presses her faces against jewelry store glass in a face that’s even funnier than the manga. She may not go into caricature mode, but she does make funny faces.

- That being said, manga Usagi is not nearly as over the top as 90s anime Usagi, so yeah, she’ll probably reflect that in Crystal. But doing a loyal adaptation of the original character is not watering things down (similarly, manga Mamoru is not nearly so much of a jerk, and they do not start out as antagonistic to each other). This isn’t watering down the characters or relationships, it’s rounding them out and giving them more nuance and treating them as the manga did.

- I think people are overestimating the budget on this, and if I had my laptop I could more easily type out my long reasoning for it, but since I’m doing this from my phone I’ll just say that 1. The distribution method (twice a month only online) indicates this isn’t being backed by a tv channel or getting additional funds that way, 2. they’ve already proven they can make money off of older nostalgic audiences just by releasing merch with no need for a new series so there’s not much financial incentive to invest there and expect much of an increase in returns, and 3. newer anime series (like PreCure) are much better formatted to take advantage of the marketing to kids “buy all our play sets and toys!” model than the series on which they were inspired. I don’t think this is being made with an expectation that it’ll bring in much additional revenue for the franchise, and so is budgeted to account for that. I think it’s being made because a whole lot of adults working in the industry now remember and love it and want to make it because it’s special to them. Which is why it has the slower production schedule, because they want to do it right with limited resources.

- Considering the above, and given what’s been said in interviews (it’s for the women who grew up with the series), I don’t think this anime is for everyone. And if it’s not for you that’s okay. The more someone has been dissecting Sailor Moon to pieces since they were a baby, the more I tend to see a positive response from them so far. I get the feeling (reinforced by the fact that the transformation sequence has so many direct homages to the old series, including nail polish that’s just going to be covered by gloves anyway) that this is a passion project for almost everyone involved. It’s not the blockbuster reimagining, it’s the “let’s put on a show” version by a group of fans. So comparing it to shows with prime time TV slots and the budget to accompany them isn’t fair. And I think it’s being designed so that you can watch it without knowing anything, but not particularly being reimagined to try to bring in more people. I get the feeling that everyone involved is trying to do, essentially, the version of Sailor Moon that would have existed if the whole scope had been understood from the start, if Naoko had had time and space to flesh out more of her ideas, and if the anime adaption had been more loyal to the manga (and the manga that Naoko wanted to make).

- This isn’t the new Sailor Moon for a new age, it’s the execution of the original Sailor Moon that it always deserved but never got. If that’s not interesting to you, that’s okay. But the last thing this is is a betrayal to the franchise, as every moment and every choice so far has shown so much knowledge and love for the franchise it came from. The water color pallets, the prettiness (which is absolutely Naoko’s whole aesthetic - she LOVES making things impossibly pretty), the story beats and script. Ikukos hair, Sailor V, the inclusion of the video game motif and dreams. If this ruins your childhood, then your childhood was already ruined by Naoko Takeuchi in 1991, because so far the biggest feeling I get from this is that this is trying to be what Sailor Moon was always really designed to be. And it’s okay to like other versions better, but this is the sweetest love song to the source material I’ve seen so far, and I don’t see how the source material can ruin your favourite adaptation of it. Again, you don’t have to like it, but they aren’t “ruining” it or “messing it up”. So far I have only seen them honoring the original vision that never got made.

I mean, that could change; we’ve only had one episode. They might make a decision that seems to run counter to everything in the original story, but that hasn’t happened yet, and I don’t see any foreboding omens so far. It’s okay not to like it. It’s okay not to like the style. Just don’t hold the illusion that that means something sacred is being ruined. Naoko always wanted Sailor Moon to be flowy and pretty. Not liking the style isn’t the same as it being bad. And the plot is direct from the manga. Nothing from the source material is being neglected here. This is a good adaptation of the manga so far by every metric I know. You don’t have to like it, but don’t pretend your opinion has any basis in loyalty to the series when this is the most loyal adaptation ever seen so far.

So yeah. Them’s my thoughts.

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You're so ugly, stop doing sailor moon cosplays you are ruining it.

Hey Anon! FUN FACT: Cosplay is for EVERYONE! Regardless of their age, race, gender, AND GUESS WHAT ELSE? PHYSICAL APPEARANCE!! Anyone can cosplay however or WHATEVER they want, and should be able to do so without any scrutiny. 

FUN FACT #2: It’s people like you, anon, that are ruining things. The people that go to some random’s askbox ~anonymously~ to tell them they’re shit. That negativity is the only thing that “ruins” cosplaying. So please, take your nasty comments and be cynical elsewhere.

Let cosplayers have their fun. 



“We all have unshakable wills
We will fight on our own
Without leaving our destiny to the prince.

Shiny make up
We are gonna shine bright under the starry sky
We are not helpless girls
Who need men’s protection”

Okay, can we please just talk about these lyrics for a second?

Let us be reminded that this is a series about strong independent women, who are totally badass, each in their own way.  Each character describes the many different types of women, and that we’re all unique, but regardless of whatever characteristics you may have, you can stand up and fight for yourself.

Yes, the old anime kind of ruined this dynamic in the beginning, when all Usagi would do is cry and just wait for Tuxedo Mask.  Which is what I LOVED about this first episode.  It was reflective of the first manga chapter, in which Tuxedo Mask just happened to be there and stayed there.  He went with the intention of stealing jewelry to find the crystal, but Sailor Moon just happened to be there, doing her thing.  He didn’t intervene, but was just a shadow.  And thus Sailor Moon was able to save herself and everyone else on her own.

So, I hope that this is indicative of what’s to come.  Help will be needed, I’m sure, but not because “I need a man to save me”, as the old anime sometimes perceived, especially early on.  I hope this gives more room for Usagi to mature as a sailor senshi, and that her relationship with Mamoru matures as well. 

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Prayer circle for the Dragon Ball fans [Not one myself, tho].

I’ve just learned about this and let me tell you that I can already feel it’s gonna be amazing (and not in a good way),

The 90s kids are really living their dream since all these amazing anime are coming back to life and it would have been a dream come true if it hadn’t been for TOEI.

We all already know about TOEI’s greed so the fact that they’ve ruined the legacy of huge franchises like Saint Seiya and Sailor Moon is a dead giveaway that no franchise is safe from the ~TOEI’S CURSE~.

TOEI has already proved that they don’t really care about delivering a good show regardless of the importance of the franchise (why try when long time fans will watch anyway and buy new stuff?) so I don’t think Dragon Ball Super will be saved from this. Also, this new show shares too much similarities with Sailor Moon Crystal.

  • Biggest shonen franchise in the world & biggest mahou shojo franchise in the world.
  • Made by Toei Animation (of course, lol)
  • Premieres in July (just like Crystal did last year).
  • Theme song performed by Momoiro Clover Z.
  • The anime is pretty much an excuse for new merch

Looks like they’re exactly following the same formula they did with Crystal (and that’s no good tbh).

The only difference is that Dragon Ball Super will be aired on TV instead of being a crappy Web Series and then aired on TV 8 months later with so-called ~fixes~.

It’s no good news tbh but hopefully Toriyama will keep this show from being a mess.

Anyway, we’ll have to wait for an actual episode to judge (but judging from the previous ~reboots/remakes~ made by Toei Animation, this isn’t looking good).

Prayer circle for the Dragon Ball Fandom which has always been our counterpart (in a good way!)

(Digimon fandom we have you in our prayers too but since your anime got delayed -not a good sign- we’ll have to pray even harder when the time comes).

BTW another sign that Dragon Ball Super could be is gonna be a mess:

The fact is called ~Super~

We all already know about ~Super S~ so I’ll just leave this here…

Lots of thanks to mozillokingdarian and uchiyo-oujo for their flawless pics!.

Also, lmfao at everyone who’s shrieking that their childhoods are “LITERALLY RUINED” or that Sailor Moon “HAS BEEN MURDERED”

Number one, if not liking the new animation of the reboot has actually ruined your ~*~childhood~*~, you probably didn’t have much of one to begin with. I don’t know about you, but I’m able to look back at my childhood years with love and nostalgia that's not dependent on what shows I enjoyed back then.

Second of all, Sailor Moon isn’t “dead.” If you don’t like Crystal, that’s totally fine, but the franchise isn’t dead just because you don’t like the animation that’s featured in the newest installment. And if, like the childhood example above, if your enjoyment of the entire series (the original anime, the manga, PGSM, etc) has been actually tainted because of Crystal, you probably weren’t much of a fan to begin with.

I pointed out how unproportional sailor moon looks here on the teaser they released via YouTube, (Uranus too but it’s not as bad as SM) and some asshole assumed I was going frame by frame looking for problems.. Like, I didn’t have to go frame by frame, I fucking saw it the first time I watched it, it’s that bad and in your face. I’m sick and tired of the pride side defending this sad excuse of an animation team simply cause they have extremely low standards when it comes to animation.. It’s fucking sailor moon.. This shit has to be flawless like the 90s anime, if not BETTER.

MESSAGE TO PRIDE SIDE: if you love Crystal. awesome. congrats. go buy the 100$ bluray and shove it up your ass, just don’t get all psycho and bitchy when someone criticizes the animation. EVERYONE HAS DIFFERENT EXPECTATIONS WHEN IT COMES TO ANIMATION and that is OK


SMCF says: To be fair the trailer has a fair amount of derpy moments but I don’t want to ruin anyone’s excitement so I’ll wait to post those lmao.


I found this walk through the ruins to be really interesting!  In the manga, I never got the impression of how big the Silver Millennium was, it was hard to tell just how far the castle grounds really went, but here… you can see they’re pretty damn big.  You don’t see a lot of it, but you get a better sense of scale and you see that these ruins stretch out quite a ways.

And Crystal does a really lovely job of showing just how empty this whole place is, how there’s no life left here at all.  It’s so quiet, even sound sounds weird to them here!

As for how they can walk around on the Moon just fine, well. We know they have Sailor Crystals and Sailor Crystals are associated with the growth of a planet/celestial body. I got kind of sidetracked with this in this post, but basically my point is:  Sailor Crystals are associated with the growth of planets/celestial bodies, so having five of them there (when I theorize that it took only one to support the moon kingdom in the first place) means they have plenty of support to breathe and stuff. Usagi literally could have restarted the whole kingdom there if she wanted, so giving them air enough to breathe for just the handful of them, that’s no biggie.  :D

ANYWAY, the lovely thing about seeing this in color and animation is you really get a sense of just how lifeless this place is, that seeing the Sailor Soldiers walk in there, it’s these bright spots of color against the endless, lifeless gray everywhere.  It’s kind of eerie just to look at the surroundings, until you focus on these girls and how BRIGHT and FULL OF LIFE they are next to it.  And I really kind of loved that!

The Portrayal of Tuxedo Mask in "Sailor Moon Crystal"

Appearantly we as a fandom need to set the record straight, because people are getting pissy about “Sailor Moon’s recent feminist vibe”.

I’m gonna start off with a question, are we all watching the same show?

Because, as far as I’m concerned, Sailor Moon has always been about female empowerment. Besides, you cannot say that Naoko Takeuchi’s feminist views are ruining Sailor Moon because well, didn’t you know that Naoko Takeuchi created Sailor Moon?

Yes. Sailor Moon started off as a manga, in case you didn’t know, and Naoko Takeuchi is not some random person who snuck their way into Sailor Moon and started changing it. She’s the creator.

Now, to the point of this, people are saying that they feel sad about the portrayal of Tuxedo Mask in the reboot “Sailor Moon Crystal”, because they feel he’s just ‘creeping around’.

I need to stress this, but Sailor Moon Crystal is a new adaptation that’s based off the manga’s storyline. So the portrayal you’re seeing was present in the manga as well, and let me tell you, Tuxedo Mask is not creeping around.

And since these people have got it so wrong, I feel the need to explain him.

Mamoru Chiba is a high school student who, at the age of 6, suffered a car accident where his parents died and he got amnesia. In the manga’s storyline it’s never cleared what happened between that moment in his life and the starting point of Sailor Moon.

What we do know is that, he constantly dreamed of a Princess begging him for the “Legendary Silver Crystal”. I suppose that a time came when these dreams convinced him that if he found the Legendary Silver Crystal he would regain the memories of his childhood.

It’s never been stated what the inspiration was, but Mamoru decided to start looking for this crystal dressed up in a tuxedo, mask and hat, hence giving birth to his secret identity as Tuxedo Mask. What had happened was, he became a jewel thief.

When Usagi was awakened as Sailor Moon by Luna, he still hadn’t found the Silver Crystal. It is both Sailor Moon’s mission and the Dark Kingdom’s desire to find the Crystal, which is why Tuxedo Mask got caught in between them, and the reason why Tuxedo Mask always appears whenever Sailor Moon is being attacked by a monster is because all those times he’s been looking for the Silver Crystal.