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What is your fav headcanon for Shiro? I have one that he loves rock gardens and he has a bunch of mini ones that he uses when he's upset or anxious cause they help him calm down,,, but since they're mini he's rly gentle with them cause he's afraid or breaking them or messing them up,,,, it's just so cute to think abt to me!!,

I LOVE THIS okay headcanons for Shiro because I love him and any excuse to gush about him:

  • Mini rock gardens? I’M SO DOWN
  • Also consider: Shiro keeping bonsai trees and taking care of them and very carefully pruning them and looking after them
  • Pre-Kerberos Shiro was really friendly and kind but like… lowkey a perfectionist who could get really stressed out about exams and things
  • When Shiro was in the Galra prison, he did pushups and squats and lunges in his cell everyday to try and feel in control of what was happening to him
    • That’s why he was doing pushups in his room in 1x02: force of habit
  • Shiro has adapted different coping mechanisms for different moods:
    • Scared? Go to the gym and punch a bag for an hour
    • Anxious? Run laps of the castle
    • Sad? Glom onto one of the other Paladins. Usually Hunk, who’s a very comforting presence
    • Insecure? Goes and sits in the Black Lion’s cockpit and bonds with her. She always makes him feel better.
  • Everyone gradually starts to learn how to decode Shiro’s mood, so now when he’s sad, someone just… turns up
    • Pidge will just lean against him and work on her laptop and not say anything
    • Lance entertains Shiro with wild stories from the garrison days, and Shiro always ends up laughing
    • Keith is Terrible At Emotions, so he just sorta… lurks around trying to be supportive until Shiro bursts out laughing at how ridiculous it is
  • Allura finds Shiro in the cockpit of the Lion looking forlorn and he admits why he’s there and she just hugs him and tells him what a great leader he is and she’s so happy she met him
  • Shiro Will Not Cry in front of anyone - anyone - except Allura.
  • Coran basically adopts Shiro as his son

So yes as you can see my favourite Shiro headcanon is Shiro getting the love and support and validation of his team to help him pull through his terrible PTSD and anxiety :)))

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do you have any taz fic recs?

boy do i

ok so first and foremost i have to DEFINITELY recommend the crytpid zone (cryptid hunting au) and the resplendent puzzle (post-canon, angus hangin out with Cool Aunt Lup) by the wonderful amazing @bureau-of-benevolence

LITERALLY EVERY FIC that @anonymousalchemist puts up is absolutely worth reading (and undoubtedly loving) but a few Pretty Choice faves of mine are and there will be no more sorrows in the worlds to come (which i dont really know how to describe but Hungee Boy John and also so fucking incredibly beautifully written), the garden, never tended (a rly good merle character study), and Refraction (some Sweet Sweet taakitz)

teacuptaako is also a fucking INCREDIBLE writer like holy shit i cannot BELIEVE, and definitely my Most Favorite fic of theirs is because that’s what love is (equivalent exchange) which is a super super good character study about barry & taako & kind of just the whole ipre? 

(are u noticing a pattern here. the pattern is that i fucking love character studies.)

Still Here is one of my favorite fics in one of my favorite genres, that genre of course being Taako And Lup Actually Dealing With Emotions Kind Of (fuck its good i almost got distracted reading it again instead of finishing this list gfkjdhgj)

i dont even really know how to describe Taako the Nasty Crime Boy other than like, taako steals dogs and kravitz pretends to be a cop and this is maybe the best au?

i feel like a lot of ppl have already read an old sad song (you heard it all before) by the incredible and Brilliant @yahooanswer but if you haven’t then like go do it now right now its a roleswap and i dont want to give Too much about those swaps away but like ? what else does anyone even to know other than Best Adventuring Trio lucretia/lup/julia i mean come on

five ravens’ feathers, ten nightshade berries, a silver bangle (taako asking the raven queen a Very Important question) and my heart, my whole heart (another taako character/relationship study bc i cannot help who i am) by @anonymouspuzzler are Pretty Fuckin Choice too

Transactive Memory is super good too, focused on taako and, you guessed it, Losing Memories

Tea and Cookies by @terezis is a fuckin Top Quality meet the family in which taako introduces kravitz to lup & barry and lup just kinda fucks w/ everyone and its great

standing guard over what didn’t happen by @punkwixes is a rly good fic about the potential of the recovery game back in tsg and just….that’s where i’ll leave that but Please read it

aaaand last but not least bc this is getting SO LONG, Journal Keeper by @obvious-apostate which is i think The First taz fic i read, which takes place throughout the course of the stolen century and makes me cry over lucretia every day of my life

i….i read a lot of taz fics okay. i have a lot of love for all of them. let me Live.

stan uris x bill denbrough

stan remembered the summer of 1958,
he relived it every time night fell and the
wind’s whistling transformed into a haunting
flute melody. it was torture and the faint scars
that only he and the other kids could see were
the only physical remnants of his almost death.

not that it would’ve been bad. he’d already felt
like dying was the best option.

until beverly was officially living out of state and
bill, having gotten over his rose-tinted crush on
her, was standing on his front porch. and then
bill was in his room. and then bill was in his arms
and his words fell out of his mouth like a man
confessing all his sins.

bill didn’t remember the monster that was derry
and it’s sewer clown. but he remembered how
he felt during the summer of 1958. how he’d
thought bev was who his heart was yearning
for when in actuality it was another curly haired
loser. one that had methodically cleaned up
blood without batting an eye, one that had
gotten back up after being pushed to the brink.

stan had always known he loved bill. more than
he loved the others; in a UFO kind of way where
he couldn’t really explain it & at times he couldn’t
quite believe it.
bill had always loved stan. he was just unaware
of how much that love grew until he was itching
to be near him; a brush of a shoulder here, a
hug lasting longer than usual there.

if there was one good thing to come from the
summer of 1958, it was stan & bill.

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Who are your most favorite blogs?

` nonssi! i honestly don’t want to name just a few. it breaks me. there are lots of good people with good content right there and i’m just straight up shy to tap them and invite them to have tea with me inside hell. i’m sure they’ll get stuffy and uncomfy in here. lolol kidding someoneshootmenowlolol. i don’t remember everyone and i follow p much lots of the best people here so if failed to tag u pls tap me on this post!!
i’d love to add u in the list~

` so for the record, here are some of the blogs ( a mix between hcs, fics and art and graphic blogs ) i love and plan to love since i just discovered ‘em and also some of the usual bloggus u see in this fandom:

  • HC, FIC and General MM bloggers:

— @rikas-fundraising-assholes ( i wish they revive it tho )



` okay forgive me nonssi. i know i should put more but i forgot some of them sghfgklsfjg there are so many and do forgive me for not putting everyone. i def lov lots of blogs and just wanna chu their faisus but aaah i’m rly sorry!

Car Desperation things

Since there seems to be a lack of my dear fav, car omo, I thought I’d step in:

1. Imagine Person A on a long roadtrip with their friends. About halfway there, they start to feel the urge to pee, but they squirm and decide that they can wait. An hour later they are already sweating, mentally screaming for relief, when the driver, person B, asks if anybody needs to take a break. Person A opens their mouth a little too late, and just as they stutter a small “please, can we- ” they can already feel their pants getting wet.

2. Person A is on a road trip with their family, and is trying hard to keep up a good image, trying to impress their little brother/sister by being a grown up. All that goes down to the drain, when they suddenly realise that all that soda they drank was not a good thing, and start begging their parents to pull over.

Person A then goes to pee in the woods with their little brother/sister, and blushes furiously when they say: “Wow, you really had to go ! ”

3. Person A has been desperate for a long time, and as soon as they reach their destination, they jump out of the car, and start wetting. They whimper and blush while trying to cover it up, but the driver, person B, just hugs them, and tells them it’s okay.

4. Person A has been begging to stop at a gas station for a long time, and all the people in the car are already very aware of their need to pee. They stop, and Person A hurries to the bathroom, only to realise that they can’t pee in a public bathroom, they are too bladdershy. No matter how hard they try, nothing comes out, and they have to go back, and lie that everything is good now. They eventually start crying because they need to go so bad.

5. Bottles. Enough said.

I just rly love car omo okay?? >///



tags: little spoon!bill, also a sad bill, a lil angsty i guess, short

A/N: okay i didn’t mean for this to be angsty im sorry but it got out of hand and all i can write is angsty sad stuff so pls forgive me it isn’t rly that angsty its just got sad emotions. i also wanted it to be longer but writer’s block :). also i dunno if this is what you wanted anon but i hope its okay!!!

Word Count: 583

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Oh, I thought the animal designs came from Anarcute. >A< Sorry, I got them confused!

Oh okay!now i understand ! mah bad ! (*´ω`)o

i rly like Anarcute but the youtubers! animal stuff was created before i had the chance to play to the game . 

Basically,the Anarcute fan arts  were only an opportunity for meh to draw a fan art of mah fav’ game and the youtubers i like the most ! O3O

their original design:

their Anar”-kyote” design (they literally, just have another outfits/t shirts)

The confusion is completely understandable ! (/ ‘з’)/ sorry if it wasn’t clear ! 8A8

Everything that makes me love sehun even more
  • the lil scar on this cheek
  • he has the cutest laugh ever
  • his braces
  • his lisp
  • his canines
  • When rests his head on other members shoulders
  • “I’m the youngest” ™ 
  • e.x.o
  • Airport fashion !!
  • His bubble tea love
  • That he made alot of selfies with fans in concert
  • that one clip of sassy 14 year old sehun dancing
  • “I’m gonna be a star” - 12 yr old sehun
  • his pre debut story about running away and hiding in a bathroom
  • Baby photos
  • His long legs
  • Vivis dad !!??!
  • The rap in lightsaber ohhhhhhh goood
  • yehet ohorat ™ 
  • That he had the most lines out of all of them at exactly 1:20min in Love me right  !!!!!!!!!!!!! ( I’m not lying ok look at the line distribution and fast forward to 1.20 ,,, he had the most)
  • His dancing
  • #sebooty ™ 
  • When he performs Baby don’t cry
  • His hands ( i lov hands okay )
  • rainbow hair ™ 
  • broccoli hAIR ™ ™ ™ 
  • His habit of sticking his tongue out
  • sebaek
  • That one time he was hosting that one radio show with chen and the fan said she likes chen the most no he went like “the call has been disconnected due to bad signal”
  • Overall that time he hosted that radio show my little bub did such a great job !!he also looked really cute that day
  • *points at his socks* “This is the main point of my fashion”
  • Whenever he tries to wink
  • “should we make this a 19+ brodcast”
  • “ I’d like to do a 19+ concert”
  • His freindship with all the members
  • especially the cute friendship with suho
  • and the dumb and dumber ™  kind of friendship with chanyeol
  • His instagram updates w/ the members
  • His acting in Exo next door
  • The posibility that he might be a lgbt member as he said suggestive things
  • His selfie with lgbt icon hong suk chun
  • the “do it together” rap
  • when he wears pink !!!! Soft sehun is !!!!!!!!
  • Hes sassy
  • When he hugged the air the becuase the fan couldnt be there but asked for a hug
  • “Thats right my type”
  • Whenever he speaks chinese and then looks at yixing to ask if he was correct and he allways is (I’m such a proud mom)
  • when he hits the person next to him and stomps on the ground when he laughs
  • That he can be super serious and professional
  • That hes always confident and pleased with himself
  • Handsome Model!hun
  • abs
  • “If there was an angel in this world………. it would be me”
  • arm and neck veins
  • That he took ksoo to jeju after he couldnt go to hawaii
  • sesoo
  • 11 MINUTES !!,,,!!!
  • his little pink nipples
  • That one time on the airport where he had his jacked over his head looking like a turtle
  • When he wears a suit
  • His 50cm shoulders
  • “ U like orange??”
  • His favorite colors are black and white and I think thats relatable
  • He said that he likes to cry and I think thats even more relatable
  • His beautiful natruAL NON WHITEWASHED SKIN
  • Pinku pinku
  • When he makes that one particular face,,,you know what i mean
  • When he said “ Hello I’m sehun” in english and then clapped for himself
  • When suho asked why he hugged the blanked when he slept last night and he got offended like “How could you ask the youngest member something like that?”
  • Chapstick ™ 
  • His perfect eyebrows ( i cry)
  • “how are you.. ?
  • cola, coke coke please ? yah yha yha thank you
  • chocolate icE CREAM ? yahahy ah thank u
  • PIZZA PEPERONI yahhh thank U “
  • When he meowed cutely and then angrily
  • ik i mentioned that before but !!! hiS SMILE!! HIS LAUGH!!!
  • he,, half man half cat,, everybody loves cats
  • When he was gossiping on The Viewable Sm
  • Hes so tALL
  • “you should ALLWAYS ask for MY opinon”
  • Hes super clingy and thats adorable
  • w/ grey hair he looks like zen from mystic messenger ngl
  • eomAYYAAAA
  • He has rly pretty eyes
  • okay but his personality, i think he would be such a fun person to be around with.
  • He said that we do not have to buy the albums if we can’t afford it, all we have to do is like them and he’ll be happy
  • He’s honeslty just so sweet!!!! he’s an angel okay!!!!
  • How he really always tries his best !!
  • His fluffy hair ahhh i really want to tuch his hair !! it always looks so nice
  • When he read that “Damn good advice” Book
  • He’s such a meme
  • (fun fact: every sehun stan i kno is a meme hoe)
  • When he copy and pasted “byebyebyebye..” like 1000 times because thats #mood af
  • His angelic voice in sing for you !!!! AHhhhh
  • vegetable ???
  • i lov my lil bub so much

Request: Hey love could you write a rly fluffy Oliver wood imagine where she is like the mom of the quidditch team even tho she doesn’t play quidditch? Like she’s dating Oliver and she’s always first to cheer them on (even tho she’s ravenclaw), she gets them water while they practice, & she’s just rly supportive of her boyfriend and his team? :) thx I love u! 
A/N: I love you too! Thank you!

Originally posted by youcannotblamemetho

“Okay, does everyone have water? Robes?” you ask the Gryffindor team from the bleachers. 
“Yes, Mum,” the all responded in unison. 
“Don’t act so happy,” you said with an eye roll. 
“Cheer up (y/n),” Fred chided. 
“You know we love you,” George added. 
“Hopefully not too much,” Oliver said with a smile, kissing you quickly on the cheek. 
“Okay, get a move on,” you said, pointing to the field. The team began practicing and you watched most of the time. You couldn’t help from reading for a bit of it, though. In between pages you would look up to find the team hard at work, or occasionally being hit by bludgers

When practice was over the team went into their locker rooms. You worked on cleaning the robes with magic while everyone got dressed. Oliver finally emerged and the two of you walked through the halls together. The two of you walked around talking for ages. “It’s getting late. We better get to bed,” you finally said. Oliver kissed you goodnight and the two of you parted ways. 

Even though you were a Ravenclaw, you always found yourself in the Gryffindor section during a Quidditch game. Sitting beside Hermione, the two of you cheered on your team. “Come on Fred, I know you can hit harder than that!” you scream from the bleachers. “Get ‘em Angelina, you can do it!”

“Go Harry!” Hermione yells. You sit back and watch as the team gets another point. 
“Go Oliver!” You were winning now with Hufflepuff far behind. Lee Jordan was commentating and he had an obvious bias. 
“Ooh, not the best work, Puffs. Gryffindor has their groove on with Oliver obviously showing off.” 

You quickly locked eyes with Oliver who winked at you before returning to the game. You blushed fiercely. 

Suddenly, the wind started picking up and the air got colder. You looked up and saw the cause: Dementors. One was going straight for Harry. He began leeching onto him and Harry couldn’t take it. He began falling. You ran to the stairs and raced to the bottom. Dumbledore had slowed his fall but he was still hurt. 
“Is he breathing? Is he going to survive this?” you asked Dumbledore who had made it down to all of you. 
“Yes, he will be fine. In the meantime, Hufflepuff caught the snitch. They win the game,” he announced. Cedric had made is way down and was talking to Dumbledore and Oliver. 
“- we don’t want to win like this.” 
“Come on, Harry, let’s get you up,” Madame Pompfrey said, taking Harry to the medical ward. 
“-can’t redo it-”

“Is everyone else okay?” you asked the team. 
“Would’ve been better if we won,” Katie said glumly. 
You rubbed her shoulder. “You guys did your best. You would’ve won if someone didn’t let the Dementor in.” 

The team nodded before shuffling off to the changing room. Oliver was storming away from his conversation, obviously angry. You caught up to him and grabbed his wrist. “Oliver, you can’t do anything about this and you know it.” 
He rubbed his face. “(Y/N), you know this is my last year. We have to win.” 
“I know, Oliver, but this won’t help. Try to breathe.” 
Oliver agreed, taking deep breaths in and out. “Better?” you ask. 
“Not even a little bit.” 

jimon week day 2   //   valentine’s day

i had another idea so here have some more headcanons (i wrote these at 3am but had to wait until this morning to format them @tumblr mobile why)
again, i’m not a writer…pls forgive me i know these are bad i tried okay

  • so jace normally spends the day with alec and izzy on valentine’s (bc family time is important okay)
  • and simon and clary usually hang out too even though it got awkward when everyone assumed they were dating (just let clary be a lesbian okay jeez)
  • but alec and magnus are obvs off doing something together this year and clary and izzy are busy being adorable together
  • so jace and simon agree to chill together bc why the heck not
  • anywho they decide to go sightseeing (gotta do something on your day off right) and just wander around brooklyn together
  • jace struggles not to get caught staring at simon
  • people keep assuming they’re dating and it gets rly annoying to keep having to explain the situation every time so in the end they just pretend they are
  • they keep trying to come up with more and more ridiculous lies of how they met / got together without the person getting suspicious
  • jace seems to be better at it
  • simon isn’t a very good liar (also jace is rly pretty and he keeps getting distracted)
  • anyway izzy and clary are in the same area and see jace and simon holding hands while they’re telling one of their stories
  • so obvs they’re rly confused and happy and ‘why didn’t you tell us sooner!!’ for jace&simon bc everyone knew they liked each other
  • also they have the role of embarrassing sibling/childhood friend so immediately try to tell jace and simon about the other one pining for an embarrassing amount of time
  • simon by this point is p much on fire with embarrassment
  • he’s ready to just start running and hide somewhere far away for the rest of his life
  • jace is kind of dumbstruck like cute boy??????? likes me back??????????????
  • simon is yet to process this fact due to being wholly consumed with embarrassment
  • izzy and clary notice that something is Not Quite Right and then realise that these idiots were not holding hands and sightseeing on valentine’s day bc they’re dating but instead bc they’re idiots (like I love them but they’re so silly)
  • so they just awkwardly back away (what other solution is there to this) and hope that this will end well and they won’t need to do any damage control
  • simon starts apologising and saying he’s made it weird by spending valentine’s day with his unrequited crush (he’s rly stressed) he didn’t want to take advantage of his&jace’s friendship ahhhh
  • jace is just looking at him like ‘unrequited??????? tf??????? did you not hear what was just said about me pining after you for literal months’
  • simon just freezes (he struggles to process these things he is pure anxiety okay)
  • and then he realises
  • on their next valentine’s day they are unanimously voted #1 sickly sweet couple by their friends (and they love it)

Okay I love Rhack but I also love Rhys leaving an abusive Jack and ending up with Zero and Zero being like “By my blade he died/Please let me kill him again/He is an asshole.” And then a rly cute Zerhys relationship that kinda keeps Jack at bay cause wow Zero can be scary, especially when you fuck with their human. (At the same time tho jack is like “he’s mINE, BANDIT!” And Zero just flashing a “>:(” because Rhys asked them not to re-kill Jack.)

(They might try to anyway.)

BUT ALSO certain things being left with Rhys from the abuse, like flinching and expecting his significant other to lash out at random shit and tiptoeing through some conversations and since I like Alien!Zero one of Zeros buddies has to let them know that stuff isn’t just regular run of the mill human shit which leads to Zero like, trying to make their presence more obvious around Rhys so they don’t startle him, but then that’s super hard for Zero so they end up sending small messages to his echo eye like “I’m in the kitchen/Kindly do not be alarmed/I am not a threat.” Then a pause and “Not a threat to you*”

And maybe they try to notice when Rhys seems to be cautious and then says “I am not upset.” Or some haiku to express that and Rhys is embarrassed cause he feels like an irrational idiot but he really isn’t and if he tries to apologize Zero just flashes a “♡"

Gaming Buddies ¦ Jungkook x Reader (Part 3)

* (Y/F/D) - Your favourite drink

Online gaming is all fun and games until your group of online friends ask you; hey, should we meet up?

parings; jungkook x reader, namjin, yoonmin, taeseok

fandom; bts

genre; humor

Part 2 ¦ Part 3

“Hey, should we meet up?” Taehyung asks, sounding quite nervous but excited at the same time.

“Ehhh” You, again, stutter. You start to think about all the things that could go wrong if you guys met up. This causes your mind to cloud up with these thoughts, forcing you to go silent.

“Tae, I thought we were gonna ease it in” Jimin states, sounding quite surprised whilst his Hanzo character model abruptly staying still. This made it seem that we was looking at Taehyung with an angry expression from across the room.

“Well, you guys were taking too long” Taehyung complains, whining down his microphone. However, it sounded quite distant as you assume he was looking at Jimin.

“Well, I…”

You try to gather your thoughts to try again.

“I have no idea what you guys look like, I don’t know where we live in comparison to each other-”

“You live in Seoul, right?”

“…” You pause, thinking about the fact that Taehyung only knew because of your phone number. You knew you shouldn’t of gave it to him.

“Yes” You end up answering making your retort short and simple.

“Well, so do we. Meaning we should meet up soon, right?” He tries to convince you, by making his voice sound cute and irresistible to deny.

“Come on, you don’t want to pressure (Y/N/N)” Hoseok tries to reason, sounding quite serious from his normal happy-joy-joy attitude.

“Sure, tomorrow at 1pm, should be fine” You say without thinking.

“I told you guys” Taehyung shrieks, his microphone could pick up him bouncing up and down in his chair. His chair has always been quite squeaky.

You sit there in shock from what you had just answered. You were always quite nervous meeting new people, even in this case of speaking to these people for 2 years, online. So you don’t understand why you had the nerve to agree to Taehyung’s idea.

With your shock, it made you lose focus on the game as you would miss shot after shot on enemies, or being out in the open making it easier for people to kill you. This was never good in competitive Overwatch matches.

“Guys, I’m gonna go off at the end of this round” You state, it was the first time you had spoken since saying yes to the ordeal.

You decided to have an early night as you knew you had to go through with tomorrow.

Your last competitive map was on the map Nepal. Nepal was always hard to hide when you were playing Widow as it held multiple opening for people to spot you.

However, you went with playing Widowmaker anyway.

Hoseok was playing Sombra (As you find out when first playing with him that Sombra was his main character).

Taehyung playing Reaper with his no mercy attitude.

Jimin as Hanzo, always going with the Japanese characters, the weeaboo of the group.

Yoongi was Ana, you always thought it was funny as her character liked to sleep people and Yoongi was always sleeping, unless he was talking to Jimin (You had always shipped them together).

And Jungkook was Roadhog, as we needed a tank type character.

It was then start of your losing streak began, as you were too busy thinking about the negatives with meeting up.

“Thank God, I can play Widowmaker again” The youngest of the group of boys practically screams.

“Namjoon said he’ll come on anyway” Jimin quietly mentions, inviting said player to the game.

DANCEMONSTA has accepted the call.

EDGELORD has left the call.

All is quiet when you leave.

“You know (Y/N/N) is nervous about tomorrow, right?” Yoongi states offhandedly.

“Wait what? Taehyung asked (Y/N)?” Namjoon questions in utter confusion, only just joining the call. In the background, there was a crash followed by: “What?”. As Jin makes his way towards Namjoon’s computer.


Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung were the only ones with access to your number.
So when you check your phone in the morning, your phone was blown up with messages from them each. You see;

Hoseok | 22:23 | are you okay?

Jimin | 22:30 | it’s alright to be nervous
Jimin | 22:31 | im rly nervous too

Taehyung | 23:10 | im sry for exposing where you live
Taehyung | 23:12 | i just want to see my best friend face to face
Taehyung | 23:43 | please do meet w/ us
Taehyung | 23:44 | all of us want to meet you, and we already love you
Taehyung | 11:45 | meet us in the Starbucks by *****


You thought meeting them would change their opinion of you whether that be because of your clothes or real life attitude. But you knew you had to do it as you did agree to it.

You grab the cutest clothes you could find as you only had 30 minutes to get changed, as you realize you didn’t set an alarm with the worry coursing through your body.

When you were ready, you were dressed in your new grey jumper, ripped black jeans and fluffy brown boots as it was quite cold in Korea, this time of year.

You end up grabbing your phone, and leaving towards the cafe. It was quite close to your apartment so you would often visit there.

You were also surprised you never bumped into them before as you would recognize their voices straight away after hearing it constantly for two years and leaving in the same area as them.

After your slow walk to the Starbucks, you check your phone to see that it was: 12:50.

Deciding to order your favourite drink before they come, you order it under the name of Edgelord.

However, just as you were about to make your way to a large table with (Y/F/D). That’s when most of it’s contents ends up on the guy standing right behind you.

“Are you fucking serious? This is a new shirt!” He exclaims, looking down at his shirt with a scowl.

You knew that voice any where.

The guy, you knew, that had always made it seem like he hated you. But you always still played with him.


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You should just write a whole list of why Inej and Kaz are the cutest, and greatest couple. I live for them.


- okay i wanna start off with something that’s totally obvious but is never rly discussed/mentioned? but kanej is a beautiful, healthy, AMAZING interracial pairing that’s written in a way that doesn’t constantly showcase inej’s ethnicity just for the sake of pointing it out but that doesn’t mean it’s any less valid or important or special and leigh doesn’t give a fxck about other people’s whitewashed white mysteries so it’s a bit like ‘this is inej, she’s a woc, don’t EVER whitewash her but also don’t forget who she is and who she’s in love with bc that’s important and rare and must be treasured and appreciated’
- they bring out the best in each other
- and by best i don’t mean they compliment each other well (which they do but that’s beside the point), i mean they literally heal each other’s wounds, mend each other’s weary hearts and are there for each other 24/7 no questions asked
- kaz “my father is profit” brekker, the boy who literally breaks people’s kneecaps with his crow cane if anyone so much as looks at him wrong, went OUT OF HIS WAY to fulfill inej’s dream (which is kind of ironic bc inej IS the girl of his dreams so… fulfilling the girl of his dreams’ dream?)
- like you know those het couples that are like… “you’re my happiness” blah blah blah “i know you have other interests and imma let you finish but i bring me so like be grateful” which is smth i absolutely DESPISE in any shape way or form but kaz was just like?? hey inej i heard you like ships so here’s a ship, captain ghafa and oh by the way your parents are on it
- he threw away his one shot at happiness just bc he knew what inej wanted and that was his top priority
- he’d go to hell and back for her (he almost did)
- kaz “ketterdam is full of monsters i just happen to have the longest teeth” brekker’s biggest weakness is inej’s SMILE?????? name a more iconic & pure duo than kaz and his teenage crush?? i’ll wait
- inej, fully aware of kaz’s ptsd, NEVER rushed him for anything and their love was literally never sexualizied therefore breaking the status quo that a pairing is only interesting when the people involced they have physical contact and/or are intimate. intimacy runs so much deeper than (having) sex
-kaz, fully aware of inej’s past and her own anxiety, never rushed her for anything and never demanded anything from her and was the perfect gentlemen despite his bad boy talk that portrayed him as this cold emotionless antagonist like you’re not fooling anyone son we see right through you and honestly bless your wicked barrel boss heart ily
- kaz’s only attempt at “winning” inej was when he said “you inej, you” and even that was super pure  (esp given the fact that it was probably the most honest thing he’s ever said & admitted - not just to inej but to himself) bc yes OFC he wanted to overcome his ptsd and wanted to be able to touch inej in some - any - kind of way but he also meant her presence? actually scratch that, that’s all he meant
- inej’s always been his beacon, his idol, his goddess, his salvation, his anchor, his emotional tether if you will and it was inej who brought him back when he started to slip back into his dark memories, inej was the one who pulled him out of the murky waters licking at his feet
- kaz would literally kill & die for inej a.k.a kaz is all of us
- inej, a kind, beautiful soul who yields not just one but seven knives, all named after a saint, would do anything to help kaz
- inej wanted kaz to become a better person, a better version of himself but it was never for her? like, she never had any personal agenda or subplot that connected her with kaz’s path to greatness, she wanted him to become better for his own good and that just makes me start crying on the spot tbh catch me bawling my eyes out bc of these two (usually at 4am when no one can hear the ugly dying pterodactyl noises coming out of my mouth)
- kaz softens around inej while inej hardens around kaz and that, too, makes me very very emotional b y e
- the peak of their relationship development was to finally be able to hold hands
- they might not be together right now but that’s fine by kaz bc he just wants inej to be happy and sail and help/free slaves and that’s fine by inej too bc she knows kaz has a business™ to run and she knows the dregs need him more than she does
- and that’s okay bc it doesn’t mean they love or need each other any less. it just means later.


Attempted a screen redraw but gave up half-way because I suddenly thought of more Black Sun things to draw.

Also what no I haven’t watched this scene, like, fifteen times pfft what are you talking about.

im having a kick for how cute alderheart and sparkpelt are to me [seriously the fondness i have for them is…huge] but honestly, i love thinking that alderheart is like,,, sorta still rly innocent and v attached to his parents, hes a little grumpy and anxious but he still is just

VERY VERY attached to his mother and father okay, ESP squirrelflight and sparkpelt thinks its kinda cute, a little funny, and sometimes shes just like “alllderhearrt”

“i mean u do u my twin but c’mon, you still call mom mommy.”

“…..ur point”

“like. ur a medicine cat now. shes just….mom.”

“no shes still mommy. leave me aloneee”

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KEL could you please please do a tutorial on how you draw fay's wings in the angel au !!! they're so pretty and fluffy sobs buT it's okay if you don't want to and THANK YOU for making such lovely art 💙💙💙

omg OK but just FYI this is not a 100% accurate wing, it’s just how i personally draw wings 

HERE IS A MORE anatomically accurate tutorial on wings if you are interested and I also recommend looking at bird wings in general. I hope this helps!! Wings are rly fun to draw I LOVE THEM